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"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Twilight, visiting her human of choice, makes a suggestion for what they should do that particular evening. It's not unreasonable, but it is unexpected.

Still, worse things have happened.

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Well, those were words that depicted a series of events.

Higher praise I have never received.

This, too, shall pass.

Neece #4 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

This was delightfully fluffy and cute. A nice set of words indeed.

Kind of want to know how the trip to the science museum turns out now. :twilightsmile:

aww... horse words make feel fluffy!

So many fluffy words!

*le ded*

paul #8 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

And London science museum is great. I think she will live there at least for a week :)

I’d have gone with the Shining personally. Movie not mini series.

Good thing he didn’t show her Insidious. She wouldn’t have slept for days.

He found Twilight stood in front of his

Hmm think it would be better "standing"

Rokas #12 · 1 week ago · · ·

I've always wanted to show them Alien and freak out their pony minds.

Nice story.

Could have been worse. Could have been A Serbian Film. At that point I think this idea might have stopped being fun.

Will we get a sequel of Twilight at the Museum?

I'll add it to my ever-growing list of things people think I should do sequels of.

Watched Hereditary on a whim after reading this, then went to imdb and holy shit what a polarizing movie it apparently is. People in the review section disagree on it harder than on politics. I personally enjoyed it. So something good came out of this after all!

It's very much a Marmite film. Personally I was like "eh" then watched the Half In The Bag on it and figured I'd give it a shot.

At the start I wasn't really paying attention and then the instigating incident happened and got my attention and it just got to my level of batshit. Big fan.

Kill List is...not quite the same? But I was reminded of it. I fucking love Kill List. I'd eat a mile of Ben Wheatley's shit.

Everyone! Go watch Kill List!

Last time I went they had a big section on WW1 medical techniques and prosthetics and stuff. It was fucking great.

I like slow-paced stuff and inducing subtle paranoia instead of jump-scares and people being in active danger from a known-ish source. Though it wasn't really scary - but then again I rarely get scared of stuff that isn't Blair Witch. The one scary part was when the mother was frantically banging her head on the attic hatch while somehow sitting on the ceiling, and holy shit that part was small and insignificant but nightmare-inducing. I rewound back a few times to see it again.

I can imagine where the movie audiences might have laughed at the movie (like the grinning dad ghost in the closet) but it makes me kinda angry because I think it must've took a very simplistic and primitive outlook on movies to have that mindset about it.

Overall though I mainly watched it as a mystery instead of horror, and that's kind of what I like about horror films - potentially interesting stories about mysterious, sinister things. Honestly, for my taste, even this movie's ending was a bit too straightforward and clear (which made it extra funny to read imdb people being confused about it), like, by the end you pretty much know what's been going on and why, and I always prefer stuff that I think is more japanese style (maybe?) with simply unexplained and unexplainable phenomena instead of attributing everything to a demon. If I may use game terms, this movie felt like a Silent Hill among Resident Evils, but then it did a Resident Evil at the end anyway. But maybe it wouldn't have worked at all without it. Anyway, thanks very much for mentioning the movie here, it was certainly really refreshing compared to my usual disappointment in horror movies. For some reason, I now want to go rewatch Deadgirl, even though it has pretty much nothing in common with this.

I'll google Kill List too.


but then again I rarely get scared of stuff that isn't Blair Witch.

The Blair Witch... scared you...

I should drop you into the middle of the NJ Pine Barrens at night sometime. :trixieshiftright:

Watch out, we've got an internet tough guy here, lol

9507703 You've got a guy who went to college in Camden, NJ in the mid-90s.

If that didn't phase me, nothing can.

You’re coming to bed when I do tonight, I am not going to sleep on my own,” Twilight said

Sounds like the bonding experience was a success, Twilight.

Perhaps not quite in the way she intended, but still - success is success, right?

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