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red reaper

What is mob to a king, what is a king to a god, and what is a god to non believer?


Dark Prince, the descendant of King Sombra, stole the dark amulet of his ancestors, Now the Rainbooms must team up with new heroes and become The Canterlot Guild, to stop the dark prince and his dangerous warrior Sunset Shimmer.

A story of Niclove, lightheart101 and red reaper

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The three girls loved the new town

Wait, what ?

I just copied what was on the docs

You should ask Light

Flash noted.

I think we mean

Flash nodded.

He was the father of six kids. My guess is that they are elementary or collage age.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have a story featuring Sombra's son be in Equestria?

Oh that isn't FIM Sombra's son he is a descendant of Equestria girls Sombra

Is there going to be a sequel? Because if there is I want to know.

We are working on other stories right now

Oh this is so good! Great job!

Sure, just try not to kill me with those. Flash, I’ve got you an auto-piloted drone to help you out with teleporting. I made it to where it’ll tend the transmission to a pair of (the color) shades I made so you’ll be able to see the whole battlefield at once.” Fuze explained as the small drone flew next to Flash.

Normal glasses = Dark Black

Super glasses = Navy Blue

Well, this was a great read! Thanks for writing it! :twilightsmile:

Did we post the other stories ?

no, we should do a comeback


Ask Light

I'm mot going to be on for the next 24 hour

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