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The Canterlot Guild - red reaper

When a new villain is going to rule the world, old and new heroes must team up to save those they love

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Turn of heart

At the slumber party, Rainbow and Applejack continued the fight as Fluttershy and Rarity talk about to a double date with both Light and Wilde, as the two returned with Book and a pizza plate. “Miss me?” Wilde asked Rarity as he walked to hug her, but Rarity stopped him.

“We’re just started to date,” Rarity smirked before hugging him.

Dash ran over to Book, but he held out his hand to stop her. “Sorry, but I have a cut on my chest that needs healing. Sorry it took so long, but Fuze told us when we got to my house that Prince was robbing the Rich family. We were close, so we tried to stop him and his new gang.”

Dash’s eyes widened. “Why didn’t you call for us?”

“We didn’t have your gear ready and we had to move fast. Sadly, in spite of saving the Rich family, we lost the key. Now we only have the truck to protect.” Book explained.

“But we have some royal gossip,” Wilde smirked and he turned to Book, “It’s a good one.”

Book held up a case with a disk in it. “We have footage of the fight. He’s working closely with a gang known as the Sirens, so this is a chance to learn how our enemy fights. We only have what Flash recorded, so it’s mainly the girls fighting, but I still think we can learn about how Prince works.”

“It seems that the prince has a new girlfriend.” Shimmer’s eyes grew wide as she heard this.

“What did you say?” Shimmer asked Wilde.

“Book should we tell her?” Wilde grinned, “It could break someone’s heart here.”

Book chuckled as he wrapped an arm around Wilde, gripping his bad shoulder. “Don’t forget the long game!” Book whispered harshly to him.

Stop touching the bad arm!” Wilde whispered to Book as he kept on smiling.

“When I first fought Prince there was another girl with him, who seemed to be pretty close to him. Now he has a new girl by his side. Watch closely, and tell me how he manipulates people.” Book said as he walked over to the TV and put the disk in.

“It seems that the girl’s under his spell,” Applejack chuckled, “So ya’ think that we could do the same thing?”

Book was pointing out how he was treating her. “This isn’t a laughing matter. This man is a powerful manipulator. With his high power level and a goal to be a prince, we can gain allies easily.”

“Like who?” Shimmer asked keeping looking at Prince and Adagio, and she was filled with rage.

“With male leaders, it’s a matter of dominance, but for some, not all, ladies, it takes a soft tongue, sweet words, empty promises, and knowing how to play them. Research shows that most men respond to visual seduction while women respond to audible seduction. If he tries to talk you to his side, keep your morals strong and block out your desires.” Book explained.

“I don’t think anyone of us would join him, Darling,” Rarity pointed out, “We are with you.”

“That’s the drive and loyalty that you all need to keep. Glad to know I can trust all of you.” Book said with a smile. “Now, do any of you know how the Siren’s powers work? They are inexperienced fighters, but still masters of their magic.”

“They have magic songs that can turn you into a rage monster,” Rainbow Dash explained, “We beat them with the help of a magical princess that looks just like Twilight.”

Book’s jaw dropped. “Are you saying that there’s more than… I mean, Twilight has a double?”

“Yeah, I met her in her world,” Twilight smiled, “She is a nice girl, well pony.”

Light dropped his drink in shock. “World?!? Pony?!?”

“Trust me,” Wilde gave Light another drink, “Don’t think about it, as all we know, everyone of us has a pony-double. We won’t meet them, so why should we care?”

Book looked at Shimmer for a second. “Tell me about this other world. Does this have something to do with all of the magic here?”

“Yes,” Twilight nodded, “That’s the source of the magic. Sunset is actually from that place, so she knows more than me.”

“Well… I’ll be sure to ask her some questions about it… keep watching the film. Observe how they fight and tell me what you would have done in that situation. Fuze is incorporating tech to combat this, but try to think about how you’d fight without the tech.”

“I would run around them and tied them up,” Rainbow looked at her fingers in pride.

“But how would you handle Prince? He has super strength and dexterity. Moon was our best shot at beating him, so now we need a few new plans. Which of us could take him in a fight and win?”

“He was a big wolf, I could beat him!” Dash told Book, but she turned to Applejack, “Sorry.”

“Wilde fired a large electric blast at him to no effect. My current gear isn’t going to work against him. Light’s glowing fist is currently uncontrollable and unstable. We still don’t know what it does, so how can we beat Prince?”

“So maybe we could find Moon and send the beast on his flank?” Pinkie asked, “I mean we have his…” She was stopped by Wilde.

“Have some candies,” Wilde took a pack of toffees and gave them to Pinke.

Book quickly tried to change the subject. “Do any of you know where the Sirens hang out at? Tomorrow night I could hunt them down and get some answers.”

“I would come with you!” Shimmer turned to Book, “You know for help.”

“Sorry Sunset, but there’s another mission that has your name on it. I’ll be going solo tomorrow. He won’t expect me to be gone from the group, and I can deal with them my own way.” Book said. He had no plans on finding them and had to deal with Yearling’s mission on sneaking into the castle. He had to keep it a solo mission.

“I know where they are, and I will tell you if you let me in.” Shimmer smirked.

Book stared her right in the eyes. “You’d have to play by my rules. I’m in charge. We do things my way. We don’t kill, and I ask the questions, understood?”

“Fine,” Shimmer smiled, “I will do it by your rules,” Shimmer took Book by the arm and she whispered to him. “I know you are on to me.”

And then you must know that I’m five steps ahead of you. You’re our wild card. Something bad happens, then you’re going down faster than Dash can run.” Book said calmly.

Shimmer nodded, “But you leave Adagio me.”

“If you kill her, you’re going to be locked up in no time. Applejack, Dash, you’re coming with us. I don’t play into somebody’s hands that easily.” Book said coldly.

“You can count on us,” Dash grinned as Book turned to the rest.

“Playtime is over. We will talk strategy later. We all sleep in the same room with two-hour watches. Wilde and I will take the first, Applejack and Dahs will take the last, and work out the other ones on your own.” Book ordered.

“Relax man,” Wilde smiled, “We are not at the army. We can have some fun.”

“No…” Light said as he got up, arm glowing. “She knows our game, and I’m done playing!” Light then grabbed Shimmer with his other arm and pinned her against the wall, ready to punch her with his glowing hand. “Where is Moon?!?”

Flash jumped up when his friend did that.

“What are you talking about?” Shimmer asked Light, “Are you mad?”

“Mad? This is my family you’re threatening! I’m ready to send you back to Prince in a body cast! Now, where is he?”

Flash was starting to get worried, he had never thought he would ever see Light acted like this.

“I don’t know!!!” Shimmer told them, “Prince is always moving, never stays in the same place!”

“Oh really? Does your lover care if I punch your teeth out?” Light asked angrily.

Flash was about to go to Light to stop him.

“I telling you the truth!” Shimmer cried, “I don’t know where is your cousin, but Prince wants him for a reason, and I want prince dead!”

Light’s eyes widened a bit. “What?”

Book motioned for Light to lower his fist. He looked into her eyes, looking for any tell of a lie. “You’re mad at him for betraying you, aren’t you? You thought he loved you.”

“I will help you against him, but it doesn’t mean I would save you!” Shimmer told him, “Or that I would save my other self.”

Book sat down in front of her. “Shimmer, I’m not going to lie to you. I never planned on finding the Sirens. I’m playing my own game to find my people. I’d all honesty prefer it if I could lock you up right now, but the girls tell me that this is a place where magic villains find redemption. You’re standing here right now because I know if Sunset will die if Price finds out that your usefulness to the group is gone.”

“Shimmer please, we are not prince,” Twilight put a hand on Shimmer’s shoulder, “We don’t manipulate you, and I’m sure Sunset would love you as a sister more than prince pretended to love you as his bride. Help us find our friends.”

Flash nodded eagerly. “We’re just trying to keep our family safe. Help us, please.”

“Do you really forgive me?” Shimmer asked them, “Do you think she would forgive me?”

“I don’t know,” Book admitted. “I’m trying to get a read on you, but a part of me can’t tell if I can trust you or not. I can only tell by how you act. May I ask you a question?”

Shimmer nodded.

“Who is your spy in the E.M.P.?” Book asked.

“Dust. Prince sent her to spy on his mother, keeping her out of his business”

“And who is his mother?” Light asked curiously.

“A. K. Yearling.”

Dash’s eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. “She has a son?!?”

“That is what you’re amazed by?” Wilde asked, “Not that she was married to royalty, or her son is a psychopath?”

Book looked at Shimmer for a minute, his eyes seemingly burning into her soul. Finally, he stood up. “Alright. I’ll let you stay on the team. I don’t know why, but for now, I believe that you’re on my side. Just know that you’re still taking orders from me. Don’t stab me in the back.”

Wilde still looked skeptical. “Are you sure about this?”

“Everybody who agrees that Shimmer should have a second chance, raise your hand,” Book ordered.

Twilight was the first to raise her arm, “I agree.”

Pinkie was immediately after her, and so was Flash, “We agree.” The two said at the same time.

Rainbow shrugged, “If you trust her, I trust her.”

Fluttershy raised her hand as well, “I agree as well.”

Light wasn’t sure, but he trusted Fluttershy, “I trust you.”

Rarity nodded and raised her hand, “I trust her.”

All raised their hands except Wilde.

“The hands have it, Wilde. I know that it’s gotten to the point where I’ve been shoving the team around, but we are still a team, and this is our choice. Understood?”

“Very well,” Wilde nodded, “But you must stop these speeches, we are not politicians.”

“He’s always like this when he’s being the Shadow Knight. He loves being dramatic in that suit.” Light explained.

“That is adorable,” Shimmer smirked, “You need the suit to feel like a leader.”

Book turned to her, then simply grinned. “How’s your hand?”

Wilde grinned as he gave a fist bump to Book, “You got burned Shimmer.”

All the teens went to their sleeping bags to sleep, all but Pinke and Flash.

“So what did your mom give you to eat?” Pinkie asked Flash before she took out what Flash’s mom gave him before he left.

“Um… I…” He gulped as she pulled out the container.

She opened it, and then took it out. “Oh… minutes.” She took one and placed it in her mouth. “Mmmm, yummy, you want to try one?

Flash was now sweating. Pinkie leaned over to him and then she placed the breath-mint into his mouth.

She kept a finger lingering on his lips for a second while she smiled brightly. “Don’t worry, this will be fun.”

Flash know what was going to happen. As Pinkie leaned over to his face she giggled a bit before leaning next to his ear. “It’s alright silly, I love you.” She whispered as she suddenly kissed Flash.

Wilde and Book chuckled as Flash blushed, and his head turned red.

“Now it’s just you and Rainbow Dash.” Wilde turned to Book, “Then it will be a full set. Do you want to play cards?”

Book looked at Dash for a second. “Just so you both know, I never kiss on the first date.”

“You’ve never been on a date in your life.” Light said with a grin.

“So cards and dating tips?” Wilde asked, “It seems you need some distraction.”

Book chuckled a bit. “I don’t know if it’s wise to be taking dating advice from a guy who broke up with somebody when I got here, but go ahead and deal those cards. You tell me what you think you know, and I’ll fill in the blanks. It’s my father’s wisdom vs yours.”

Wilde started to set the cards and they started to play as Wilde looked at Shimmer, and he didn’t trust her. “Okay first thing you should be yourself with her. No matter how hard it might be you must stand for yourself, and you must give her the life she deserves.”

Book nodded. “Understanding when to compromise, and respecting her morals and purity. Keep going.”

“That’s all I got.” Wilde shrugged, “And I win.” Wilde showed the cards and took Book’s cards well, “About what did we bet again?”

“I don’t play with cash. I’m not a gambler, but we had plenty of cookies here.” Book said calmly

“Very well, next time about the cookies,” Wilde grinned and before he could take one of the cookies, Pinkie took his arm and stopped him.

“No one touch the cookies.” Pinkie hissed towards him.

“Never mind,” Wilde turned to Book, “Let’s just waste time.”

Book grinned as he nodded. “While we’re at it, let’s make it a fair game and stop hiding cards in your sleeve.”

“Why.. I never…” Wilde tried to pretend he was honest, but his smile stopped it, “Alright you got me.” He shook his hands and cards of jokers and aces fell.

“I’ve seen you fight. I saw it coming. You’re the guy who was talking about honesty.” Book said as he took the cards and started shuffling them.

“Trust me, one day I would surprise you.” Wilde smirked, “When you think you got me, I would surprise you.”

“So it’s a chess player verses a poker cheater, sounds fun,” Book said as he dealt the cards.

“That’s life in a nutshell,” Wilde said as he got his cards. “Luck is not fair so you must make it fair.”

“I believe it’s about getting ahead of the storm before the tornado comes,” Book said calmly. “I now wish I had something to bet against your hand.”

“If I win,” Wilde’s eyes turned to Dash, “You will call Dash for a date, what if you win?”

Book gave a cruel grin. You go to bed… in only your underwear. I’m sure your girl will love looking at that,”

Wilde thought about it for a moment, “Agree to the terms.” The two shook hands and they started the game.

While the two of them kept playing cards, Light and Fluttershy kept talking to each other. They had spent the whole time talking while the guys were gone earlier.

Fluttershy blushed a bit as she looked at Light’s eyes. “So… do you think I’m… nice?”

Light looked like it was the simplest question in the world. “You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You’re tied with my mom and Flash, but you… care about me. When I’m with you I feel at peace, like my life has meaning. My only question is why do you love somebody like me?”

Fluttershy gave a small smile. “Because you’re kind and considerate of others. You can be fun at times, and you aren’t forceful with anybody. You… make me feel confident around you.”

Light and Fluttershy stared at each other for a minute before Wolfy jumped out of his bag. “Will you two kiss already?”

Both of them blushed but slowly started to move closer to each other while turning away every few seconds in embarrassment and nervousness.

“Roll up your sleeves you lousy cheater!” Book yelled as she glared at Wilde.

“Hey, this time I didn’t cheat!” Wilde defends himself, “Maybe the Shadow Knight cannot lose in honor.”

“I had a full house, and somehow you got four of a kind. Let me check!” Book said as he walked over to Wilde

“I play this game since I was eight years old,” Wilde said as Book checked his sleeves and found nothing, “See, won fair and square.”

“Lucky little spark plug…” Book muttered to himself. “Hey Dash, when we get a chance, want to go on a date?”

“Romantic,” Wilde smirked, “When you get married just throw the ring to her.”

Book sighed a bit. “Well, you should have included that in your dating tips.”

Light and Fluttershy both giggled at this but soon lost track of the idea of a first kiss.

“Oh for Pete’s sake.” Applejack muttered as she used her bare foot to shove Fluttershy into Light.

“What did Moon found in you?” Shimmer asked as she was shocked by Wilde, “What?!”

“A little something called thinking, copycat, try it.”

While the others were distracted Fluttershy found herself on top of Light and an inch away from his face. Both of them blushed as she slowly closed the distance between their lips before kissing. They were both gentle at first but soon started hugging each other as they leaned into the kiss more.

Applejack sighed as she looked at the bear and tears dripped, “Ah promise ya’ we will find ya’.” She hugged the Bear and Dash comforted her. “Ah miss him.”

As Book walked up to Dash he noticed Light and Fluttershy kissing passionately. “Um… shouldn’t you two go up for air sooner or later?”

Neither of them noticed as they stayed locked in the kiss.

Wilde walked to Rarity as well, “Well, if we’re in Rome,” Rarity nodded and the two kissed each other as they held their hands. It felt weird, but it was right for them both, and electricity came out of Wilde’s hair and it passed down to his hands, and from them to Rarity’s hands.

Book was now blushing as three couples were now kissing. He looked at Dash for a second. “Um… I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.”

The group went to sleep as Wilde and Book stayed awake, “Do you really trust her?” Wilde asked as he looked at Shimmer asleep, “She is still an abductor and could be a killer.”

“Trust me when I say that I’m treading carefully around her. You let me worry about her.” Book said.

“I know, I trust you, but she has kidnapped your cousin and my friend, I don’t kno..” Wilde stopped speaking as he noticed a sound of a howling outside the forest, “Did you heard it?”

Book nodded. “What are the odds that’s a normal wolf?”

“I don’t know, but I think the girl is lying about something.” Wilde looked at Shimmer, “I am sure she is aware of the place Moon is.”

“We don’t need her to find it out. By tomorrow morning I’ll have a location.

“Where are you going tomorrow?” Book heard Flash waking up, “What location?”

Flash reopened his eyes, Pinkie was fast asleep next to him. He looked at the time and saw that 30 minutes had passed since the kiss.

He looked next to him and saw that Light Heart and Fluttershy were sleeping next to one and other, both holding on Wolfy, like it was their child.

“I don’t know precisely yet, but I’m hoping that my…” Book turned to see is Shimmer was awake, then he slowly pointed to his watch to where Shimmer wouldn’t see it. “... Ace in the hole works out.”

“If you think I lied to you, I didn’t,” Shimmer crossed her arms, “The howl you heard is not from the wolf boy, Prince wouldn’t be dumb enough to stay in the same place, but maybe your friend left you clues in the last hideout, that I am aware of.”

“And what place is that?” Book asked.

“The Castle of Sombra, out in the ever-free forest,” Shimmer told the group.

Book nodded a bit as he thought back to earlier that morning. “That’s where Yearling was sending me.”

“If Yearling knew of the place, then he must be in another.” Shimmer looked at her arms as she took another bottle of cider, “He will be prepared for the night after he will get the chest and the armor.”

“That’s why we can’t afford him getting the armor. Tomorrow night it’s going to be moved, and our team needs to escort it. I’ll be elsewhere, so it’s going to fall to everybody else to take care of this. If Prince shows up we’ll need the biggest and badest guns on him.” Book explained.

“You do not know Edmond as I do,” Shimmer told them, “He will be prepared for the truck, and he will bring everything to gain the armor.”

Book started thinking for a bit before a grin came over his face. “I’ll have to strategize with Yearling.”

“Are you sure?” Pinkie asked, “Didn’t we just said the Yearling is Prince’s mother?”

“Why gather a team to take him down if you’re trying to protect him?” Book asked. “I think we need to ask her about her relationship with her son.”

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