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The Canterlot Guild - red reaper

When a new villain is going to rule the world, old and new heroes must team up to save those they love

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Midnight hunt

Prince walked through the castle as Iron Will ran towards him, “Sir the beast escaped.” To the news, Prince only sighed disappointedly.

“Let’s go get him.” Prince wore his coat and he with Iron Will and Dust walked out of the castle. The group walked through the forests as they heard a howl turning into a cry, and they spotted a green boy in his pants crying and sitting on a rock next to a tree. “It’s been days Mr. Moon, admit it! They forgot you.” Moon turned to see Prince as he started to get afraid.

“Please, I didn’t mean to escape, I don’t control…. Ahhh!” Moon shouted as he fell on his knees, and transforming into the wolf beast again.

“Now there, my hound,” Prince smiled, “You have a mission to attend to. Iron Will, take him and prepare the armor.” Iron Will nodded and he chained the beast again. As Iron Will left the area, Dust came.

“Do you think they would be there?” Dust asked Prince as he took his sword and decided to practice a little.

“Did you told mother?” Prince asked as he started to cut down trees.

“Yes, Brother.” Dust answered.

“Then we have nothing to worry about.” Prince smiled as he put a hand on Dust’s shoulder, “Soon enough we will have the kingdom we deserve under my command, and he will bring what you wish for sister. Go try your new armor.” Dust bowed and walked away as Prince looked over the hill to see where his pet wanted to leave, and he saw a gravestone with the title “General Black shield.” And he smiled.

The next day, everybody was at school. They were hanging out by the statue as they were waiting for the first bell to ring. Sadly enough Applejack was having an interesting argument with a toy dog.

“That is not an excuse to take AppleBloom’s bear!” Applejack turned to Light, “The poor girl is terrified now, thinking there are ghosts in the house.”

“Wolfy was the one who brought it downstairs. All I was trying to do was sew up the tear on it.” Light tried explaining.

“And what about Big Mac, he saw Wolfy talking with the horses!”

Wolfy blushed a bit. “What? I got bored. I’m a toy and I don’t need to sleep, so I had to find something to pass the time.”

“But horses?” Wilde raised an eyebrow.

“Light took the other toy I was playing with to fix it, so I needed something else to do,” Wolfy said.

Book moaned a bit as he got up. “Alright, the court is in session, what’s going on?”

Applejack looked ticked at the toy. “Light’s living toy was walking around the house last night. How am I supposed to explain this to them?”

Light shrugged. “Sleepwalking?”

Book groaned a bit. “Just let doubt take care of their accusations. Who’s going to believe them?”

“Alright kids,” The group turned to see vice-principal Luna walking towards them, “Have any of you seen Full Moon? He needed to be at my office a half-hour ago.”

“Full Moon?” Wilde asked, and he came up with an excuse, “Yeah, he had to leave for a family trip to his father’s place, you know the usual.”

Book rolled his eyes at him. “You do know that there was a police report. She’d call his folks who have already been notified by my dad.”

“You didn’t know?” Luna asked Book

“What? About what happened to Moon? My dad is handling that. We’ll have him back soon.” Book said calmly.

“About Moon’s father, I thought you would know it.” Luna put a hand on Book’s shoulder.

Light lowered his head a bit. “He was… too busy with our grandpa’s death to have noticed. I tried telling him, but he was too busy.”

“Book’s father, Black Shield died in a military project.” Luna comfort Book as he shocked.“Just tell me when Moon is back.” Luna walked away as she looked back at Book and sighed.

“That was the place where he found the wolf,” Applejack told Book.

Book’s eyes widened a bit. “B… but what about his mother?”

“Calypse is fine Book,” Wilde told him, “But it was hard for them both.”

As Book stood in shock Light patted him on the back. “When you are too busy with your life you tend to forget that other people have lives too.”

Book lowered his head. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Why didn’t he told you?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Light lowered his head. “When Grandpa Sterling died Book put all of his time and energy into being able to take his place. He isolated himself. The only reason why he kept talking to me and Fuze was because we helped him, hoping that it could help him find some peace.”

“What is going on?” The group turned again to see Shimmer walking towards them, “You don’t know how weird it is to walk in another’s shoes and being greeted by everyone. Usually, I would be chased right now.”

Book raised an eyebrow. “Well, Sunset was a pony who came into this world… apparently. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how weird this place is.”

“Please,” Pinkie laughed, “This isn’t the weirdest thing that happened here, there was the sirens, the two Twilights, the giant woman, the time loop.”

“What time loop?” Wilde asked.

“Ya, Sunset, the other one, was stuck reliving the first day at _____-Crush.” Pinkie explained. “Those it is a bit weird that we met the siren there.”

“Ahhh,” Wilde nodded, “Weird.”

“How has this town not blown up by now?” Book asked, shocked to see all of the chaos that goes on around in this town.

“Because we are here,” Rainbow Dash answered, “We are awesome.”

“I’ll give you that,” Book said calmly. “Maybe tonight you can teach me how you handle magic after I show you some real fighting styles.”

“But first,” Wilde returned Book to reality, “We must find out more about Yearling’s little psycho, how you’re going to do that?”

“Well, the first step should be running over here soon…” Book said as Fuze came over.

“You will not believe the pains I had to go through this morning. I had to sneak several boxes of gear to the base which is impossible with Luna around. I had to hack into the server and find an alternate entrance.” Fuze complained.

“Poor unfortunate soul,” Wilde smiled, “Take it easy, I broke my hand last night.”

“You dislocated your shoulder, Wilde. Did you find anything about the key?” Book asked his brother, “Like what does it open?”

“No luck there, but I found out the real name of the guy we’re up against after going through all of the files on Yearling.” Fuze explained.

“Yeah, Edmond Sombra,” Shimmer answered, “He is the son of Yearling.”

“Exactly. My guess is that when his father passed Yearling was so busy being the E.M.P’s best agent that he wanted some of that power for his own.” Fuzed explained.

“But why?” Applejack asked, “No one ever wanted power for the sake of power.”

“Tell that to Book and he’ll argue it with you. Greed is a criminal’s fuel.” Fuze shrugged “We also do have some proof about him being related to king Sombra, so maybe the dude was upset that he didn’t get anything from that.”

“He had enough power to take Canterlot back,” Twilight answered, “He had super strength, he is immune to any sort of attack, and he has an army. So why would he want some box and armor?”

“Security? When I first fought him he seemed to know about you all, so maybe he was afraid that people like us would show up.” Book theorized.

“No,” Wilde told to himself, “This man doesn’t afraid to do things by himself, he has enough power to do whatever he likes, but what all rulers need?”

“Well, my only plan is to have a stern chat with Yearling, after we make sure that Dust is out of the way.” Book explained.

“I forgot!” Fuze remembered, “Yearling had another child, guess who.”

“If you say Lightning Dust then Yearling’s not getting the mother of the year award.” Light quipped.

“She never was the mother of the year,” Shimmer told them, “She left them alone. Sombra told me, we bonded over this. His father was for him and his sister. Edward Sombra was the one who found me, and he trained me with them. He was a father figure for me.”

Light looked hurt when she said that. “Where are all the good parents nowadays?”

“It wasn’t his fault!” Shimmer defended her father figure, “He told us about the day the name Sombra will return when all the realms would acknowledge it, and the four reapers would bow.”

Book started to think about what she said. “Maybe that’s it. You grow up without a dad and a mom who doesn’t care, so you want to get noticed. You want to feel like you’re worth loving or respect.”

“What are you talking about?” Shimmer asked, “I told you Edmond had a father.”

“What happened to him?” Book asked.

“He was murdered by agents of E.M.P, his loving wife was nothing more than a spy against him, and she sold him out.” Shimmer explained, “One night, after 20 years, she came back, and all of us were excited, I thought that we will have a mother, but no, she just wanted information about the amulet. She came, asked questions and she left. The next day we were at an orphanage.”

Light now looked extremely nervous. “I think I’m going to turn in my resignation.”

Book had a cold look on his face. “That spineless witch! I think when we ask the hard questions we should make sure that we all live through it.”

“What are we waiting for?” Applejack asked, “Let’s go ask the witch about her son.” Before they could do anything, the bell rang. “Okay,” Applejack corrected herself, “After school, we will ask the witch!”

“Fuze, can you sneak our gear back up here during recess?” Book asked.

Fuze sighed as he nodded.

“Good. Dash and I will talk to Luna about starting our club. I mentioned it to Yearling before, so that’ll bring her to us. We won’t have time to train, so if things go south then we’ll need to be smart. We’ll equip ourselves as the teachers leave.” Book said calmly.

“Well,” Shimmer smiled, “I would take Sunset’s schoolwork, lucky me.”

“Do you prefer jail?” Wilde asked, “Because I wouldn’t mind if you do.”

“Take it easy,” Shimmer turned to Wilde, “I am not your enemy.”

Wilde walked towards Shimmer and he got angry, “While you are here learning in the classroom my friend is in danger! As long as you’re here and Sunset and Moon are in danger, you are my enemy.” Shimmer and Wilde got close to each other ready to fight.

Fuze took the opportunity to hand Book a small phone-like device. Book looked at it then grinned. “Wilde, stand down. If you’re not as good as I am at hand to hand then she’s going to beat you up.”

“I could kill her with an electric blast right now, she is dangerous.”

Book grabbed his jacket and pulled him back. “One, we don’t kill! Two, we need her!”

“We know where Prince could be, we can go right now and save Moon.” Wilde turned again to Shimmer, “Unless she lied as well about this.”

“I won’t lie to you,” Shimmer gritted her teeth, “I have no reason to lie to you.”

Book pulled Wilde close to him and whispered to him. “I now know exactly where Sunset is, and Moon has to be close to her. Relax a bit.

“Then why do we still talking?” Wilde whispered back, “If you know, let’s get him!”

“We’ve got to go to school. Yearling has already got me working independently from the group. While you guys protect the armor I’ll save the others.” Book explained.

“Fine, but I am coming with you,” Wilde told Book, “You will need any help there is.”

“And I am coming too,” Shimmer told Book and Wilde, “I want to see Sombra dead, and I want to make amends with my hopeful sister.”

Book rolled his eyes. “What part of no killing can you murder hobo’s not understood? Sombra will be focused on the armor. I doubt that I’ll run into him at whatever cave he’s got our friends inside of. I need you two to make sure that the armor stays safe, understood?”

“Do you know how the castle work? What about the traps?” Shimmer asked, “You need me!”

Book sighed a bit. “Fine, but this is a stealth mission. No killing, and you both, namely Wilde, will follow my orders.”

Light cringed a bit. “Yeah, he can be controlling at times.”

“Fine!” Shimmer rolled her eyes, and Wilde rolled as well. The group was ready to go to class as Principal Celestia’s office called for them.

“And I was going to be able to play with a car battery today.” Fuze complained.

Book looked a little concerned. “Yearling might be a step ahead of us. Keep sharp. I don’t trust murderers.”

“Shimmer,” Wilde turned to the redhead girl, “You will be quiet, as long as Yearling knows, you are Sunset Shimmer.” Shimmer rolled her eyes and nodded. The group arrived at the office where Yearling was waited for them, with a familiar agent.

Book grinned a bit as he sat down in front of them. “How’s it going ladies?”

“Mr. Knight,” Yearling leaned over the desk, “I am aware that you lost the weapon known as Night Beast.”

“His name was Moon!” Applejack shouted as Rainbow Dash held her.

“Well, we were just having a snack when we were attacked, almost like it was planned,” Book said.

“Usually I would be disappointed, but for our fortune, we have Mr. Heart over here to take its place,” Light was nervous as Dust gave the team flies with the mission, “The armor would be transported tonight, and Mr. Heart would replace the place of the beast.”

“Sure, the autistic kid who’s still trying to learn how to trigger his power.” Dust said marking the ideal.

Book glared at her. ”Tell me, who’s in charge of the plan for the transportation of said armor?” He asked with a grin.

“That would be me,” Dust smirked, “I know better than anyone about Sombra’s artifacts, and I would be nearby if anything would go wrong.”

Book chucked a bit as he motioned to Fuze who pulled out a tablet. “Funny, I thought you’d be too busy shopping.” Book pulled up the screen to show Dust’s bank account. “You just did win the lottery, didn’t you?”

“My saving is none of your business!” Dust gritted at Book as she took the tablet.

“No, but the fact that we were ambushed, not in uniform, in a place where only the people in this room knows about is my business

“Are you blaming me?” Dust raised an eyebrow, “Just for your information, I was in the E.M.P all night.”

“Why not? I’m not a believer in coincidence. Tell me, how is big brother doing?

“What are you talking about?” Dust asked, “What brother?”

Book grinned as he turned to Yearling. “You didn’t tell her? Shame, you were so close to the mother of the year.”

“That is enough!” Yearling started to be annoyed, “Sweetie, it seems that Mr. Knight is aware of our secret.” Yearling sighed and she removed her glasses, “It’s true, Edmond Sombra, A.K.A, Dark Prince is my son, and Lightning Dust’s brother.”

Book grinned a bit. “I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about you. I did learn to play detective as well as a hero. You’ve got a bad parenting streak.”

“So you would know that Dust was a spy for me,” Yearling raised an eyebrow.

“Actually,” Dust smiled, “I am loyal to my brother.” Dust pulled a knife out of her boot and she pulled it to her mother’s throat, “He is right mommy, you are the worst parent.”

While the others got to their feet Book was still sitting calmly. “I can see why your kids went crazy, you burned that bridge and left them hanging.”

“That wasn’t what happened,” Yearling sighed, “Their father brainwashed them, manipulated them to be like him, to gain the power he knew that would turn them mad, and could kill them.” Yearling turned to Dust as the girl’s hand started to shake, “I know I wasn’t there, and it broke my heart to let you two go, but you know it’s true.”

“I don’t know.” Dust dropped the knife on the floor, “I don’t know.”

Twilight’s hand was a bit shaky. “Listen, you are not beyond repentance. We can help you. We can give you the family you never had. Just let us help you.”

Shimmer smiled as Dust hugged her mother. She wanted to join, but she needed to keep quiet. If Dust is now with them, then she is now a target as well.

“Now what?” Wilde asked as everyone smiled and was happy.

Book closed his eyes as he started to think. “The truck plan is compromised, and the Rich family’s house was already robbed.” Book then had a large grin on his face. “But Sombra doesn’t know that we know. Wilde, I think it’s time for us to cheat at poker a bit.”

“Now you are talking,” Wilde smiled.

Fluttershy was now curious. “So.. What’s going on?”

Book grinned brightly. “Team two now has a new mission. Also, I need Wilde’s and Sunset’s skills. Having a mind reader with me will get me more info if I find one of his lieutenants, and if Sombra shows up then I’ll need a big gun with me.”

“Very well,” Yearling nodded, “Tonight, you three would invade the castle, while the rest would protect the truck.”

Book still had a sly grin on his face. “Well, that’s the thing. We need them split into two teams, and we’ll need two trucks.”

“Why do we need two trucks?” Pinkie asked

“Sombra most likely knows that we are shipping the armor in a truck and the route that truck will take. We need one truck to spring Sombra’s trap, and one to ship the armor.”

Wilde grinned at that plan. “I think I’m a bad influence on your Book.”

“Very well,” Yearling nodded, “We can get the trucks.” Dust looked at her mother and Yearling sighed, “Book, I am asking you as a mother, please try to reason with Edmond, that thing out there, that is his father inside, please tell him what happened. He is a good guy inside.”

Book nodded. “I hope that he doesn’t end up confronting me. He’s a tank and I’m a pain in his neck. I’d have to play it stealthily and talk from the shadows.”

“Very well,” Yearling understood, “You are dismissed.” The kids left the office as they had a new task, protect the truck and stop Sombra.

Golden was going through the reports on his desk. He was now looking at another attack that happened at the Rich residence. This was the third robbery, and he was starting to see the pattern. “Hey Silver, come here and take a look at this.”

Silver made his way over to him. “I thought we agreed that this was an E.M.P investigation.”

“They couldn’t find their way to the doughnut shop. Look, all robberies took place in places with extremely valuable artifacts, but only one was taken from all of them. Tell me what pattern you see.” Golden said as he handed Silver the files.

Silver looked at them for a minute. “They are all related to some old king named Sombra.”

Golden grinned as he pulled out one more file. “And the armor is being shipped tonight. This guy has a pattern, and we found it.”

“Very good,” Golden and Silver turned to see agent Dropps clapping her hands, “You finally figured it out.

Golden raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “You mean… you already knew about this?”

“Of course we knew,” Dropps smirked, “We are the E.M.P after all.”

Golden looked ticked as he walked up to her and got right up to her face. “You had the info all this time. What were you thinking when you kept it from me? The Rich family was robbed, and this Prince person could have killed them! You’ve been playing with people’s lives when you should have been saving them!”

“The attack on Rich’s house was a mistake that happened to us,” Dropps admitted, “And soon enough the key will be returned to us.”

Golden slammed the filing cabinet next to him. “You and your people are incompetent! My nephew’s life is on the line, and you’re too pig-headed to share this important information with us! You’re a disgrace to the badge!”

“You care about your brother’s son?” Drops asked, “Where were you when he needed you?”

“In a truck moving my family here. I wasn’t there to save him then, but I’m not going to let any more of my family die!”

“That is enough!” Silver defended his partner.

Golden pointed at the girl. “I’ve had enough of your people’s incompetence. I’m taking charge of this truck!”

“Take it easy rookie,” A new agent came, grabbing Agent Dropps and cuffing her.

Golden reached for his gun. “What’s going on here?”

“We found the mole,” Another agent Drops came by and pulled the arrested Drops’ mask off, revealing the face of a changeling warrior. “This is the one who killed Phyrax. And he is the one who stopped us from helping with Rich.”

Golden looked slightly confused. “So… I’ve been working with fraud the whole time?”

“Yup!” Agent Drops answered, “He was undercover for some time, and M wanted me to pick an eye behind the scenes.”

Golden walked up to the fraud. “Well, you’re pretty clever. You conned me pretty good. Before these people drag you away, where’s my nephew at?”

“You don’t know your nephew when you look at him,” The fraud laughed and he started to howl, “Search the woods, that’s usually where the monsters are hiding.

The cops took the changeling away as he laughed, “Goodbye officer! I would see you at your family’s next funeral!!”

“Hold it!” Golden stormed over to his desk and pulled out a live rattlesnake. As of the officers jumped back from him as he stormed up to the changeling. “My father locked a man in with one of these once, you want to learn what happened to him?”

“Golden!” Silver shouted at his partner, “Are you insane? We must be better!”

“Not so smart,” The changeling asked, “The true king’s plan is already moving as we speak, better catch the truck!!!” The changeling laughed as his face turned blue and froth came out of his mouth and he fell on the floor.

Golden checked his pulse, only to find another dead criminal. As the other officers watched Golden toss the snake into the desk he clarified something. “No fangs. It’s harmless. Alright, we know that next target, meaning we can get ahead of them. I want two swat trucks and two squad cars ready to go. We’ll be using the high caliber gear. I want us ready to move in ten minutes! We’ll secure the perimeter until the truck is ready to move. After that, we’ll ride alongside it the whole way.”

“Let’s go,” Silver smiled to Golden, “Ready partner?”

“Let’s show Prince what happens when the family gets mixed up with this. Drops, I don’t care what your people say about this. You can either help us or stay out of our way.” Golden said as he walked past her.

“Very well,” Drops got a phone call, ignoring Golden and as she finished she turned to the cops, “Alright everyone, the team moved to protect the truck.”

“Backup, finally something we can use. Alright, let’s roll people!” Golden ordered as everybody there getting ready for the coming war.

Book, Shimmer, and Wilde waited outside of the Everfree patiently as they waited for the others.

“You know, I’ve been trying to figure out how Light’s magic can breathe life into a toy and also deliver a crushing right hook, and I have a theory,” Book said as they were sitting around.

“We some time until they would get the truck to move,” Wilde shrugged as he wore his hood on his head, “What do you have?”

Book closed his eyes as he meditated a bit. “Think about a car battery. You hook it up to a car and it sparks to life. It adds functionality to the machine, but if you apply it to something like human skin…”

“The battery would burn the skin,” Wilde looked confused, “I am afraid I don’t follow.”

Book sat up a bit. “When Light used his hand on a toy, he gave that thing magic and life. He took something personally and made it real. When he punched people his hand became a cannon against things that he couldn’t or wasn’t trying to bring to life. So, maybe it’s some form of a violent mythical reaction.” He theorized.

“So anger is the key to his power?” Shimmer asked, “And I thought I have a problem.”

“You have problems,” Wilde grinned, “More than one.”

Book shook his head as he smacked Wilde across the head. “No, I wouldn’t think that he would have been angry when he brought Wolfy to life, and he was stressed out when he made the crater in the training room.”

The three thought about it as they saw three motorcycles coming out of the forest. “Alright,” Shimmer nodded to the two, “Tell the others that Prince sent the sirens as he planned.”

Book nodded as he pulled out his new earpiece. “Fuze said that these would still block out their song and would allow us to talk better. Shadow to Fuze…”

Fuze’s voice interrupted him. “Call me M.O.A.B., mother of all bombs. I’m a pyromaniac, I want that to be my codename.”

“Moab?” Wilde laughed, “Is that the best you thought of?”

“I’m not taking name advice from Mr. Fist.” Fuze replied.

“That’s Electro Fist for you,” Wilde told the boy through the earpiece.

“Cool it! Now… Moab, the Sirens are on the move for the truck. No sign of Prince yet.” Book said softly.

“We have to move,” Shimmer turned to Book, “We need to take Prince down if we face him.”

Book nodded. “We’d need a lot of luck to do that. The prime objective for us is finding his plans and saving Sunset and Moon. Fuze, are the others ready?”

“They’re equipped and ready at their posts.” Fuze said.

“We are, egghead,” Rainbow Dash’s voice was heard in Book’s earpiece.

“Good, now stick to the plan. When the sirens attack set off the speakers in the van to give the police a chance to not be affected by their magic. Move fast to take the girls down.” Book said with a grin.

“Got it,” Applejack answered, “We will stop these no good sirens, and Book, if you see Moon…”

“Trust me, We’re going to save him. By the way, Moab, why is there only one target on the toy you gave me?” Book asked.

“Because Moon’s was broken as soon as he transformed. They should be both held close to each other, so don’t panic.” Fuze explained.

“Don’t panic? Our dad is escorting the truck that I’m helping to protect. How am I supposed to panic?” Light asked on the radio.

“What we have here?” The three heard a deep sound behind them and they turned to see a muscular big blue guy with short black hair looking at them, “Some kids come to die here?”

Book stared blankly at him. “Hello again. Fist, take him down.”

“I thought you would never ask,” Wilde grinned as his hands pointed at Iron Will and he started to send lightning at the big man, sending him back at the trees.

“Now I am angry!” Iron Will shouted as he got up, slightly burned.

Book straightened his mask a bit. “I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t fight me again. Well, time for another lesson.” Book said as he threw a couple of throwing stars at him.

“I got you now…” Iron Will ran towards Book as he started to slow down, realizing that his heart wasn’t working.

“Works every time,” Wilde smiled, “Like David, I defeated goliath!”

Book looked a little worried as Iron Will was struggling to breathe. “What did you do him?”

“I send shock waves at his body, making his lungs burn a little, so oxygen wouldn’t go through the bloodstream and he would go to sleep.”

“You stopped his heart?” Book asked, now looking scared. “Are you trying to kill him?”

“No?” Wilde asked, “I’m pretty sure he would be fine.” Iron Will started to breath a little as he was unconscious.

Book quickly restrained Iron and he checked his pulse. Book sighed in relief as Iron was going to live through this. “Moab, in two minutes let Yearling know that we have a lieutenant who needs a medic.”

“Shimmer are you a doctor?” Wilde asked and Shimmer nodded.

“I am,” Shimmer smiled, “My adoptive father wanted someone to keep his children safe.” Shimmer took Wilde towards Iron Will.

Book nodded. “Light was the better medic for me. I had a couple of times when he had to walk me through stuff on the phone. Will he be okay?”

“I don’t know,” Shimmer shrugged, as she put Wilde’s hands-on Will’s chest, “Now Fist, give a small dose of shocks to jolt his heartbeat.” Wilde nodded and he started to send small electric shots. After three shocks, Will was awake.

Book twirled a throwing star in his hands. “Don’t try breaking the ropes, they’re tougher than even your big muscles can rip. Tell me, where’s Prince?”

“Like I would tell you!” Iron Will laughed.

Book raised an eyebrow. “First, how many times can a man have his heart stopped and restarted?”

“I think three” Wilde grinned and crossed his arms.

Book leaned over Iron and stared at him, letting him the fiery rage in his eyes. “Do you want us to test that number?”

“I am not a doctor... But” Wilde looked at Will with a sinister smile.

Book kept his eyes locked on Will. “Now, you’re either a guinea pig or a rat. Choose wisely.”

“Do you think that Iron Will would talk?” Iron Will asked with a cocky smile, but the smile faded as he saw lightning came from Wilde’s hand. “Okay, Iron Will would talk.”

Book grinned under his mask. “Good, now let’s try this again. Where’s Prince?”

“Prince is in his castle!” Will cried, “He is waiting for the armor, and he kidnapped the last owner of the heart.” Iron Will begged for mercy, “I tell you the truth, let me go!”

“Sounds good to me,” Wilde looked at Book and Shimmer, “What do you think?”

Book raised an eyebrow. “Who is the last owner of the heart?”

“I don’t know, some rich boy name Blue Blood,” Will told them.

“What is the heart?” Wilde asked with interest.

“It’s an artifact the key open.” Will explained, “That’s all I know.”

Book nodded. “Now wait right here. They usually collect the trash in an hour.”

“Maybe they don’t know where it is,” Wilde suggested.

Book leaned over to Wilde and whispered into his ear. “If they do find the key then Moab is in big trouble.”

“They don’t know,” Wilde told Book, “But why would Prince need a heart?”

“The heart of Discord,” Shimmer turned to the boys, “Some says that the heart controls the minions of Discord, the reapers.”

“Well, we can’t have that happen, but now we also know that the most dangerous person is still at the castle. We need to exercise extreme caution.” Book explained

“Guys, do you copy?” The earpiece worked, and they heard Twilight’s voice, “The trucks are moving.”

“Understood, the prince is still at the castle, and he kidnapped a new hostage. We’ll make our way to the castle immediately. Stick to the plan.” Book ordered. He then turned to the other teammates that were with him. “Are you two ready?”

Wilde and Shimmer nodded as they heard Rainbow Dash’s voice talking.
“Good luck egghead,” Rainbow Dash told Book, as Wilde shocked Will unconscious and the three started their way to the castle.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack led the team inside the trucks as they heard the sound of the wheels running out of air.

“What was that?” Rarity asked.

Light could feel his part of the truck lowering a bit. “Feels like a flat tire. Can we not tell my dad about it?”

“Stand ready,” Applejack told the group, “Ah going to check it.” The group nodded, and Applejack got down from the truck and she lit up the wheels with a flashlight, “Yup, Someone shot out tires,” The cowgirl bent to check the problem as she heard the sound of motorcycles, “Do someone heard it?” Applejack asked via the earpiece.

“I’m hoping our escort show up now.” Light muttered as he tried to get his right arm glowing.

“Guys, the…” Applejack’s voice cut out, and the gang started to get worried for them, “I am going out!” Rainbow Dash turned to the group, “Are you coming?”

Light was trying to slap his arm to get it to work. “Just a sec. I just need my magic to work for me.”

“Take your time,” Fluttershy put a hand on Light’s hand, “I’m with you.” Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes as she and the others got out. The group went out of the truck as they saw three girls in biker suits. One was blue with a blue long ponytail, one was purple with two ponytails, and one was yellow with orange curly hair and next to them was Applejack with green eyes.

“I thought Moab’s earpieces were supposed to work.” Light moaned.

“That’s why we had to break it,” the purple girl smiled, “Now, the armor.”

Light felt Fluttershy hind behind him in fear. He gritted his teeth as his arm started to glow. “Alright, I’m ticked now. Come at me girls.”

The group stormed at the sirens, but Applejack blocked them, and she used her strength to tear apart a piece of the truck and threw it on the gang. Twilight held the piece as Rainbow Dash tried to take Applejack away from the sirens, but Applejack held her by the neck as she came towards her. “Applejack!” Dash cried as the brainwashed girl looked at her with dead eyes. Applejack threw Rainbow Dash at the group, making Rarity protect them with her shields, and Twilight held Rainbow Dash.

“Sorry, Jack!” Light yelled as he ran over and punched Applejack in the face. As Applejack stumbled back a bit Light turned to the others. “Stop the sirens. I’ll try to wake up Applejack… and the rest of us seriously need codenames.”

The group nodded, and they ran to attack the sirens. Flash teleported with Pinkie to the high ground on the top of the truck where she threw explosive candies, trying to get Sonata to go blind.

“You think candies would stop me?” Sonata laughed until she felt a sudden strike on the head, knocking her down. As she was blacking out she saw that Flash stood behind her with a bat.

“No,” Pinkie smirked, “But a bat would.”

Rarity and Twilight took Aria. The purple girl took out a pocket knife and she ran to attack Rarity, swinging it against Rarity’s shield as Twilight tried threw rocks at her. Aria dodged the rocks, but Twilight used them a distraction so she could take the knife with telekinesis. Aria now stood without a weapon, and she knew that her song won’t help, but she didn’t go without a fight. As the purple girl was ready to last fight, she was knocked out by a blue blur that turned out to be Rainbow Dash with a wounded arm.

“You got Dashed!” Rainbow Dash cheered to herself as if she was striking the final goal.

Flash cringed a bit at what she said. “I’m saying this, to be honest, but you need a different catchphrase. Should Applejack have snapped out of it.”

They all turned to see Light trying to keep her in a headlock. “Come on! Night night! Go to sleep!”

Fluttershy looked at her friend in worry, as she noticed a line of ants and she asked them to go on Applejack, and the ants did as she asked them. The ants walked on Applejack, biting her and making her scratch herself, giving Light the chance to strike.

Light took the distraction and used it to lift Applejack over his head. “I always wanted to try doing a suplex.” Light grunted as he slammed Applejack into the ground headfirst. It failed to knock her out, but her eyes stopped glowing green.

“What is going on?” Applejack asked as the group helped her to get on her feet, and they turned to see Adagio in fear, and Light noticed a familiar remote on her wrist.

“Dash, isn’t that the remote that dust used?” Light asked.

“Yes it is,” Adagio smiled as she pushed the button, and the group heard a shiver crawling scream coming from the truck with the armor, The scream grew stronger and stronger, until it stopped and the truck started to break, as if something punched it from the inside, tearing a hole from inside.

Flash stared in fear as he switched on his radio. “Good news Shadow, we found Moon. Later.”

“What do you mean?” They heard Book’s voice. Flash had no time to answer as the truck broke and a green beast with the face of a wolf and red dots came out of the truck walking on four legs and ready to kill.

“Moon?” Applejack asked, but the beast grew angry at the mention of the name.

“No Moon!” The beast shouted in rage with a savage voice, and he ran to attack the guild as the sirens ran away.

Light jumped in the way as he tried to hold Moon back. “Get the remote. I have no clue how it works, but it sounds like it’s the smart thing to do.”

Night beast held Light by the leg, and he threw him away as he chased Rainbow Dash, and his speed was a match to her’s. Twilight tried to hold him, but he threw a stone at her trying to smash her. Rainbow Dash lost the chase and she ran to save Twilight, and Beast chose to go after Applejack. Flash tried to find Adagio with the drone, but she was a goner, nowhere to be found.

“I’m sorry,” Flash sighed, “The remote gone, we have to kill it.” Flash got Applejack from the beast as the rest tried to restrain the monster.

“Ah can help with him,” Applejack told Flash, “Let ma try to talk to him.”

“It’s too dangerous,” Flash declined Applejack’s request, “You could get killed.”

“Ah did it before,” Applejack told Flash, “All Ah need is you holding him for some moments.” Flash sighed, and he agreed, teleporting her to the fight, there they saw Rarity trying to defend unconscious Twilight and Fluttershy as Rainbow Dash with a giant shield as Beast tried to smash her with his paws. Light jumped from the truck and he punched the beast away, getting his attention again.

Light tried to talk with Moon. “Come on big guy. I seriously don’t want to hurt you, Moon.”

“No Moon, Only Beast!” Night beast shouted and he leaped at Light. The two got ready to go at it. Beast held Light in his hand, ready to eat him as he heard someone calling to him

“Beast!” Applejack called for the monster, “Come here!” The beast looked at her, and he threw away Light away, Flash teleported to cash Light, sending them both into the truck. “Beast, ah know what ya want, ya want to be free?” Beast nodded as he looked at Applejack and she seemed familiar to him, “Moon is not your enemy, and neither do we, we here to help.” Applejack started to cry as Beast looked at her. The monster raised his hand at her. Light was ready to attack, but Beast didn’t harm Applejack, he cleaned the tears from her eyes.

“Sorry,” Beast told Applejack as he looked at his friends, and he got on his four legs and he ran away into the distance.

“Goodbye Moon,” Applejack whispered as she returned to her friends, “Are ya’ alright?”

“Well, now we know why Book wanted us fully geared up.” Light moaned as he tried to help Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash wake up gently.

“Let’s see if the armor is safe,” Rarity told them, the gang agreed as the police arrived, and Golden came out with his gun ready to fire.

“Light?” Golden asked confused.

“And this is why Book also insisted on masks for all of us.” Light whispered. “Hi, dad… I can explain… would you believe me if I said that this truck was being robbed by some teen girls and a giant wolf?” Light said as he raised his hand, noticing that it was still glowing. “Uh… this is body paint.”

Golden smiled as he hugged his son, “No, but I’m glad that you are okay. But what have you said about Moon?”

Light cringed. “And I thought the lie was far fetched. He’s… the giant wolf… and he’s gone.”

“I know, Light, where is he?” Golden asked, “Where did he gone?”

Light shrugged. “I have no clue… WAIT! YOU KNEW?!?”

“Yes he did,” a female agent came by, “We met, I am agent Drops.”

Light stared at her for a moment. “Aren’t you in my math class?”

“Bon Bon,” Applejack turned to agent Drops, “Yearling told us that you have a cure for Moon, if we find him could it help?”

Agent Drops sighed, “There is no cure, M wanted him on the mission, so she made a lie to help herself.”

“What?” Golden asked, “You’re telling me that M is Yearling, and she manipulated my family?!”

Light nodded nervously. “Sort of… By the way, how much did Drops tell you?”

“Not much,” Golden told Light, “Is there something more? And where is your older brother?”

Light chuckled nervously as he took out his earpiece. “Fuze, you tell him.”

Book, Shimmer, and Wilde hid behind a bush as they watched the castle, and they saw enough goons to fill an army.

“Great, I knew I should have brought Flash with us,” Book muttered to himself.

“You wanted to go alone,” Shimmer smirked as she looked at the army, “I think I can fool them that I am with Prince.”

Book nodded. “It’d be a distraction. While you head in I’ll take the world’s worst ninja and find another way in.”

“Or,” Shimmer suggested, “I will take you as prisoners, and we could enter without a struggle.”

“That’s a dumb plan. I’d lose all of my gear and Prince would look for us if we try to split.” Book whispered back.

“Then I would take only the worst ninja, and we see would enter faster,” Shimmer took Book’s hand to shake it to confirm the competition.

“I always did work better alone. Wilde, let her tie you up. Be sure to use something that isn’t conducive.” Book said as he took some of Wilde’s gear.

“Can I say something for my defense?” Wilde asked, not comfortable with either of the plans. The two looked at him with anger, and he shut up and gave Shimmer his hands. Shimmer smiled and she tied him up, and she took him to the guards as Book watched.

“Who is there?” The guard asked as he pointed his gun at Shimmer, “Oh my lady,” The guard took down his weapon, and he noticed the prisoner and let her in. Shimmer smirked to Book from behind the door as she and Wilde entered in. Shimmer and Wilde walked to she untied him and he rubbed his wrist.

“Well, I think that’s one point for us.” Shimmer said with a grin.

“Good for you,” Book said from behind them.

“How?” Shimmer asked, as Wilde grinned, “How did you do it?”

Book pointed to an open window and an unconscious guard. “Some guy was taking a break, and I decided to relieve him of duty.”

Before Shimmer tried to kill Book with her sword, Wilde called for them, and he pointed at a cell. “Shimmer found you!” Wilde smiled.

Book and Shimmer quickly ran over to join him.

“Does anyone have a master key?” Shimmer asked, “Prince never gave me keys.”

Book pulled out a lock picking kit. “This is how I usually got around. You forget that I’m a vidualaty.”

Before Book could do anything, Wilde just decided to break the lock with an electric shock in 300,000 volts, melting the lockdown, “You are slow.” Wilde told Book as he cleaned his sweat, and opened the door.

“And you are subtle as a broken leg,” Book muttered as he walked in.

The three found Sunset chained to the wall as she was sleeping. “Who is it?” Sunset asked as she woke up, and she saw Book, Wilde and herself standing in front of her. “Why did you brought her!?” Sunset shouted at rage, “She is evil!”

“She’s with us now, and we’re your ticket out of here, let’s get you away from this place,” Book said as he started trying to unshackle her.

“Take it,” Shimmer gave Sunset a chocolate bar, “An apology card.” Sunset rolled her eyes, but she was hungry and she took the bar and ate it.

“It doesn’t mean anything,” Sunset told Shimmer as they walked outside the prison and they walked towards the room of Prince.

“We’ll talk about these reformations that you and your friends are so good at later, right now we need to get you out of there safely.” Book explained as he carefully leads the team with Shimmer.

The group walked outside as they saw the guards coming, “Follow my lead,” Shimmer told them as she kicked Book in the face. The guards pointed their guns at the group as Shimmer pretended to fight them.

“You are a traitor!” Book shouted at Shimmer, trying to make the scene believable.

“I’m afraid you are right,” A familiar voice behind the guards spoke, “But she is a traitor to the house of Sombra Mr. Knight.” The guards moved to reveal Prince coming in with the sword aiming at them, “Take them to the dining room, let’s give them one last meal.”

Book looked a little ticked as the guards cuffed him. “Is this a family dinner? I have nothing to wear.”

“I believe that you refer to my excuse of a mother,” Prince glanced at Book, “No, Mr. Knight, your suit is enough.”

“I was talking about daddy. How is the old man?

“Do not mention my father!” Prince shouted in rage and punched Book in the face and he took off his mask, “You have no right to speak of him!”

Book spat out some blood as he looked up at Prince. “It hurts, doesn’t it? He always raised you and your sister to give him his crown.”

“He wanted me to be the king that was promised!” Prince looked at Book in rage, “He trained me in every way to become the heir to my ancestor!”

“But did he ever treat you like a son? Did you ever play ball with you? Did he let you play with other kids? Did he let you decide your fate? Did he even tell you that he cared about you and loved you?”

Prince started to smile as he took Book’s left arm and he broke it, “You have no idea who you are talking about! My father was a saint, he took the waste of others and he made me a better man, an example of a king and a warrior, what did your father do?”

“A real man can stand for himself, but a better man will stand for others. That’s what my father taught me. Your father tossed down on others, using you and your sister as his tools.” Book said, grunting through the pain. “You know that your mother sent me to save you, not kill you.”

Tears came of Prince and he looked at the guards, “Release him,” The prince told his guards.

“Sir, are you..” A guard asked only to be killed by Prince’s sword.

“Release him!” Prince shouted and the guards released Book, taking his gear and gadgets from him. “I would teach you respect!” Prince Shouted he dropped his sword and took his coat off.

Book grunted a bit. “No magic, no toys. Admit it, you want to fight me like this. It’s… more personal.”

“You are an insect, and I shall release you from your pathetic existence.” Prince ran towards Book, and he kicked him back.

Book grunted as his new wounds were taking a toil on him. “Your mom kept you from her because she didn’t want you to be corrupted by magic. She still believes in you. She made sure that I’d never kill you.”

“She is a murderer!” Prince shouted at Book as he blocked his attack, “She didn’t care for me, for Dust, for anyone but herself. She murdered the man who loved her for her job, and then she threw her children to an orphanage!” Prince kicked Book again, but Book dodged the attack and he kicked him in the legs making him fall.

“Love doesn’t care about a job! It doesn’t even care about a crown. I agree that she was never suited to be a mother, but maybe that’s why she left you. She was hoping that you’d find parents who would love and care about you. Flash did that for his sisters, gave them love when they didn’t find any.” Book grunted.

“Then you are a fool!” Prince leaped at Book punching him in the face and the chest making him fall, “You have no idea what it is for a kid to protect his sister alone, to keep everyone at command to keep themselves from killing each other, the world needs a king to keep order!”

Book spat out more blood from his mouth. “You’re wrong. A king can always be corrupted, and become the evil which he hates. The world needs people who learn from the mistakes of the past and look for a brighter future. They don’t lead by power, but by example. Tell me, did your dad love you like you “Love” Shimmer? Or is it more of an Adagio love?”

As the two continued the fight, Wilde looked at the guard, smiling at him, “What’s so funny?” The guard asked as he got closer to Wilde.

“Oh, it’s a private joke,” Wilde told the guard as his eyes turned blue, and he shocked the guard who held him, taking the gun and shooting the guards that held the twins in their legs. The guards left the two and they ran to help Book.

“You have no right to speak,” Prince told Book as the Shadow Knight was behind his boots. “You are nothing to me, and nothing to the rest of the world

“Just like Shimmer and Adagio are to you! They are your tools, just like you and Dust were your father’s tools.” Book spat out.

“Shut up!” Prince shouted as he was kicked by an enemy from behind, and he turned to see double. Both Shimmer and Sunset stood in front of him as Book and Wilde were behind them. “You will never kill me!” Prince shouted as Shimmer took her sword and she aimed for the head.

“NO!!!” Book yelled as he blocked the sword with his now bare arm. The blade sliced halfway into it as Book held his arm up.

“Book!” Shimmer shouted as she stopped the sword, and she threw it away, “I am sorry.”

Book held her with his other arm. “We… are better… Never… kill….” Book said as his breathing became more taxed.

“He is a monster, he used me, I thought he cared about me.” Shimmer cried.

“That’s why... You can’t... Kill him... You need... To become… better… than.... Him… Be… a… hero…” Book said as he started to pass out from the blood loss.

Shimmer nodded as she helped Book to get up on his legs, and she turned to Sunset and Wilde, “I know you don’t trust me, but please help me.” The two looked at each other, and they agreed.

“We trust you, sister,” Sunset smiled at Shimmer as she helped her to Carrie Book.

Book mustered up the strength to look up at Prince. “This… is… how… to… change… the… world… Let… go… of.. The.. Pain…”

Prince was in pure shock at what had happened in front of him. The man whom he had beaten the living daylights out of just saved his life. He had no reason to expect his values. Sombra looked at the sword on the ground. It would be so easy to grab it and take those kids down, but he started to see the real leaders in the room. Sombra lowered his head and knelt on his knees. “I yield to you and your guild, Shadow Knight.”

The police showed up as the four kids were out and Prince was cuffed. Golden ran towards his wounded son as Book was being wheeled out on a stretcher, heading towards an E.M.P. Van.

“What happened?” Golden asked his son as the cops took Sombra.

Book looked worried as he was now facing his worst nightmare. “I… I guess I can’t lie this time, can I?”

“No,” Golden smiled, “No you can’t.”

Book knew that this was most likely the end of him being the Shadow Knight and the end of his dreams. “I… I just wanted to be like grandpa… I wanted to be a hero.” Book explained as he was trying to hold back tears.

Golden understood what his son had gone through, and he hugged him, “I know what you feel, Book,” Golden told him, “After dad and Shield died I still wanted to be your hero too. I won’t stop you from the job you took on yourself, but never lie to me, okay?”

Book nodded as they stuck an IV in him. “In that case, there’s a long list of stuff that I did with my part of the inheritance, but at least I saved half for the future.”

As Golden smiled, Book noticed the cops taking Shimmer away.

“Hold it!” Book yelled as he pulled out his E.M.P. Badge. “She is one of my teammates and helped me save her twin. She goes with my team.”

“Book, she killed people,” Golden tried to explain, “She needs to go for a trial.”

“Dad, I understand the risk, but at least let me hash it out with Yearling. This isn’t a normal town. This is where magic lives and lives change.” Book tried to plead.

“Okay, I would give you five minutes,” Golden told Book, as his partner took him aside.

Book winced in pain as he switched his headset back on. “Moab, get me Yearling on the line.”

“I am already on the line, Mr. Knight,” Yearling’s voice answered, “And I believe you would like to ask me to pardon The doppelganger of Sunset Shimmer?”

“She helped us and could use a second chance. Do parole or anything you like. My team can handle her.” Book said.

“Done,” Yearling answered, “And I changed her name as well, I would see the guild in 3 months at the E.M.P for a new assignment.”

“By the way, while I’m healing, my team needs some stuff. Fuze needs better tech to make new gear. I also want my medical bills completely covered. I’ll probably be recovering for a month with the wounds to my arms.”

Yearling sighed, “Very well, I would see you all in three months, I’ll have a new mission for the guild.”

Book took a deep breath. “Moab, What’s the status on Moon?”

“There is news about wolf-like figure walking around Ponyville, but I’m not sure.” Fuze answered, “It could be some fake news.”

Book sighed a bit. “Keep the team updated. I don’t want to lose my cousin now.”

“Book, I am not sure if Moon is in there anymore, maybe the beast is in charge,” Fuze suggested reluctantly.

“I hope not. I need to go to the E.R. Shadow out.” Book said as he painfully took the earpiece out. He closed his eyes as he tried to calm down. He knew that he was a far way away from finding peace in this town, but he found comfort in one thing. He wasn’t alone anymore.

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