The Canterlot Guild

by red reaper

Testing Trust

As the group walked to Sugar Cube corner, Moon walked to Twilight, angry about what she said at the room, “You seemed interested in machine that almost made me kill someone, Twilight.”

“I’m sorry Moon,” Twilight apologized, “I know what is like to have this power and not being in control.”

“It’s starting to be a hobby for some of the people around here.” Wilde quipped, before getting a jab in the ribs from Moon.

“Don’t tell Applejack, but I’m starting to fear that I will not control the beast anymore.” Moon said somberly

Twilight nodded and their followed the group to their cars. Soon everybody was gathering their backpacks and sleeping bags and were making arrangements for their sleepover. Flash’s girls were excited about the idea of a sleepover, but they were disappointed when they learned that only Flash was invited. As for Gentle, she was glad that the boys were making friends, and trusted Moon to make sure that they were taken care of. Her main concern was the fact that Light looked out of it, and needed help from Book and Fuze to get his stuff together.

As everybody got to the Sugarcube corner, they were met by an excited Pinkie Pie. She quickly led them inside and showed them around the shop. There were so many baked goods and ice cream flavors. The team soon settled down and relaxed to some treats. Light kept to himself, not speaking to anybody.

While they others were enjoying their food, Wilde Shock took some treats and walked towards Rarity, “How are you sweetheart?”

Rarity looked at Wilde, and turned her head, unhappy to see his face, “I have nothing to say to you.”

“Come on,” Wilde smiled, “I have your favorite, Chocolate with vanilla diamonds,” Wilde showed Rarity the cupcake, and the girl sighed “Fine, we can have a moment or two.”

Wilde smiled as he took a seat by her side, “I know we have our differences, but we must learn to forgive if we will work together. So I forgive you for ditching me for that guy.”

“You forgive me?” Rarity laughed, “I should forgive you for forgetting our day.”

“You are adorable when you think I’m wrong,” Wilde smirked as he took some whipped cream from his cupcake and put some on Rarity’s nose, “But I am not the one to apologize.”

Rarity smiled as she cleaned her nose, and she took the cupcake from Wilde, and she pushed it on his face. “I am always adorable.”

Flash looked intrigued. “So… you both care about each other, but why did you break up?”

“She always cared about her clothes before all,” Wilde told Flash as he cleaned his face.

“He always tricked others to pay our dates,” Rarity complained as well.

“She tried to post us as the couple of the year, after one date.”

“He wanted me to just relax and watch a stupid movie for our 3rd date.”

“It sounds to me like you two were so focused on what the other person was doing wrong that you didn’t ask yourself the most important question that needs to be asked when you care about each other.” Book said with a grin.

“We did have our moments,” Wilde nodded, “And she did was pretty in her outfits.”

“And it was nice to be treated like a queen by others,” Rarity agreed.

“I think you two were more concerned about what you were getting out of it. That’s not love. Love is asking how can I change, how can I help the person I love? Love is selfless, and isn’t greedy.” Book explained. “I’m willing to bet that if you both tried again, looked for your own flaws instead of your partner’s, and focused more on helping each other, you’ll find if the chemistry between you is real.”

Wilde and Rarity looked at each other. Neither one of them wanted to think about what they had done personally to bring them to breaking up, but the guilt inside of them told them the truth. They both wanted to see this work between them, so maybe a few changes would work.

“What do you say?” Wilde turned to Rarity, and smiled, “Would you give another try?”

“Why not,” Rarity smiled, and she held Wilde’s hands and the two got up on the table, “We are officially back!”

Dash looked interested as she looked at Book. “How do you know about this stuff?”

“My dad would give me and my brothers talks about how important finding the right somebody was. I won’t date for an experience. I’ll date to see if it leads to something… real.” Book explained.

FlashTruth was thinking back of what happened when he got home to pack his bag for the night.

“So it true, Truth?” Flash turned to see his little sisters at the opening of his small bedroom.

“What is?” He asked them. Hoping that they weren’t thinking about what he was thinking.

“That is our room, was your room...” Shy asked timidly.

Flash sat down on his bed. Originally this room was supposed to be ShyStone’s, but will he was trying to convince his parents to also adopt FastFox, they pointed out that the room wasn’t big enough for both of them, that’s when he offered to take the small room, and give up his large bedroom.

“Yes, I did give up my large bedroom so that our parents would adopt both of you girls.” Flash knelt down to tell them this.

Both girls want and hugged him.

“Now I have to get packing, I have... A… a party to go to!” Flash said trying to avoid the hole magic thing.

“Ohw… With who?” Fast asked with a grin.

“Umm… Light Heart.” Both girls jumped with excitement when Flash said that. “Oh, oh, Can we came to?” They both asked while pleaded.

“Um... No, it’s... It’s… just for them one in somewhat the same class.” Flash told them that. It wasn’t mostly true, then did share some classes together.

“There’s also Pinkie Pie.” He said matter-of-factly.

“Oh...” Fast winked. “Ok”

Flash turned to look at her. “What does that mean?” He asked both curious and worried.

“Nothing.” Fast said while running downstairs with her sister.

Flash was getting nervous, he was getting worried that they were going to say something they shouldn’t. After putting his old Neon Red coat, a Yellow safety shirt & Orange pants, a glow-in-the-dark Halloween mask and some long black cloths, he went on his belly to get out a board game that was under his bed, ‘D&D’s Fantasy Detective, if they ever say something, he could try to bluff and jest say that they will be playing this game tonight, he was planning to have this be the cast.

When he was done packing, he went down stairs to let his parents know that he wasn’t going to be them for dinner, and not to wait for him tonight.

When he got to the living room, his sisters were there with their mom.

She turned to him and asked. “So... You’re having a Party with some of your classmates?” She asked him.

“Umm... Ya!” he replied, “And we are sleeping over at a friends house.”

“And some of them are girls!?” she told her son. “And one of them is that girl Pinkie Pie?”

“Y... Yes!” He said, not knowing where she was going with this.

She started to walk towards him, and places something in his hand. “Well, good luck.” She winked before walking away.

“Hey silly! Whatcha thinking about?” Pinkie asked him, snapping him out of his trance.

Flash turned to see a Pinkie Pie one millimeter away from his face. “Umm… n... Nothing.” He blushed profusely, as he looked into her beautiful blue eyes, eyes that he could stare into it for hours.

“Okie dokie! Well, I hope you’re having fun.” Pinkie said excitedly.

“Um... Yes, I am.” Flash told her. Every day was fun with Pinkie Pie.

“Um, hey.” They both turned to see Light sitting next to them. “I… I forgot to give this to you earlier. Here you go.” Light handed him a toy dove with a hat matching Flash’s.

Pinkie gasped when she saw this. “It looks just like you Flash! It’s amazing!” She proceeded to hand it to him while hugging him.

“Thanks Light!” Flash told him before pausing and looking at Light then at the toy, then back to Light. “Ummm... Does the toy talk?”

Light lowered his head. “No… I still don’t know how that happened.”

Wolfy’s voice spoke up from his backpack. “At least I’m still here.”

Light cringed when Wolfy spoke. “I couldn’t leave him at home. What are my parents going to say when they see him?”

“That... Your little brother help you put some... Robot parts in toys?” Flash asked Light.

Light sighed as he leaned back. “With an AI smart enough to respond to whatever they say to him and mechanics so smooth and precise to move around freely, but stuffing thick enough so that the mechanical parts can’t be felt. It’s not that easy.”

Wolfy shrugged as he peeked his head out of the bag. “I guess I need to watch some more Toy Story and see how they do it.”

“Andy is coming into the room!” Pinkie told Wolfy.

“So… I just go limp, right?” Wolfy asked.

“Pretty much.” Pinkie said cheerfully.

Wolfy then did his best to go limp and not move. “How’s this?” Wolfy whispered.

“Mhm... I can see your lips move, Mr. Ventriloquist!” Pinkie told Wolfy

“Mhm... Maybe you could pretend that you are ventriloquist.” Flash told Light and Wolfy.

“I used that line on Yearling. I don’t think she bought it.” Light said disheartened.

“I think it’s because of the super duper magic detective that she was.” Pinkie said.

Both guys looked at her.

“I’ll just leave you two to talk.” Light said somberly.

Flash was afraid that ever him or Pinkie said something wrong. Light seemed distant from everybody, but Fluttershy went to sit down next to him.

“He’ll be fine. I think he’s still upset over what happened. I’m sure that Shy can help him out. She’s dealt with more anxiety than either of us. So, how have you been doing with your new magic?”

“Oh... Um… I just found it.” Flash told him will point to his new pin he got. “Look at it, If I’m not mistaken, this is the symbol for the teleporting-gateways in the game ‘The Revenge of the Tirek’.”

“I heard about it, but I also heard that the actual fight with the other Twilight was more epic.” Pinkie said, oblivious to the fact that he had no clue about the mirror world.

“I’m ya…” Flash was about to question her, but got sidetracked by her eyes. “Um... Well, I would seem that when I teleport, I expand to the point I am going to.”

Pinkie nodded. “Well, I think your power is cool. Mine tends to make things blow up.” She looked a little embarrassed when she admitted that.

“W... Everything?” Flash asks with worry.

“No, it has to be made of sugar.” Pinkie explained.

“A.” He said related. “But wait, does that me I would explode!?”

Pinkie tilted her head, both confused and worried. “Why?”

“Because” Flash said while putting his sunglasses on. “I’m a sweet guy!”

She giggled as she hugged him again. “Don’t worry. You’re safe for snuggling.”

Flash could feel her heartbeat will her two softly moaned pressed on his body. “I’m... I’m glad of that.” He smiled while thinking of what his mom gave him before he left.

“Guys, something’s going on” Wilde called for them, “Moon said he smelled something, and there are people who are not here for the ice cream!”

Pinkie let go of Flash to go see who were the ‘new friends’ coming in.

Flash was disappointed to getting blocked by this new arrival. But he got, straightening himself up, and join them to see what was going on outside.

The group followed Wilde outside where they saw Night Beast out with the others as they stood in fighting position.

“There are at least 30 people here” Night Beast told Book. “And a familiar smell, but still new.”

Book looked concerned. “You think that it’s a threat to us?”

Flash was wondering if he should put on his Halloween mask on.

“I don’t... Haaa!” Moon fell on the ground in pain as a group of criminals led by a female masked woman approached them. Moon fainted away, and he turned to his human form, unconscious.

“I will take him” Sunset told her friends as she carried Moon with her to the store.

Book nodded. “I’m unarmed. I’ll… need you all to stall for me.” Book quickly grabbed a bag off of his bike, leaving the others to face this group.

Light looked nervous as he was looking at the large group heading for him. “I’m guessing that you don’t want to talk about this?”

Dash cracked her knuckles. “If they want to fight, they’ll get it!”

Flash was looking around to find a place to teleport his friends, especially Light.

“Take them out!” The lady ordered. Suddenly a couple of thugs drew out some tasers and fired them at Light, only for Fluttershy to step in front of him. She screamed in pain at all of the electricity coursing through her. As she fell to the ground, Light caught her. He quickly pulled the wires out of her, not feeling the electricity.

As she passed out in his, arms Light’s arms started shaking. “No… I… I can’t…” As everybody was thinking that Light was going to have a mental break down, he turned to the others in anger. “You… GET… AWAY… FROM… HER!!!!” Light’s arm glowed brightly as her charged the criminals.

One of them reached for his sidearm, but the lady stopped him. “Don’t kill him! He’s too valuable!”

Almost instantly after she said that Light reached one of the thugs, punching him straight in the face and knocking him across the street.

“Ooooooo! It’s just like the other hero with the glowing fist.” Pinkie pointed out.

Everybody was shocked to see this, but Dash quickly realized that this was still a fight. “Let’s take them down!” Instantly she ran towards the crowd of criminals, quickly disarming them and throwing a few punches.

Applejack quickly handed Fluttershy to Flash. “Get her out of here. I’ve got some much-needed punching to do.” She then turned to the larger criminals and started charging them.

Without even thinking Flash teleported to the only place he could think of to rest, his new bedroom. Seeing where he was, he placed her on the bed and checked that she was still breathing and her heart was still beating. Seeing that they were both stable, even though she was panning. He sneaked out of his room, and looked at the outside window and started to teleport back to the fight, so that he could help out.

As Flash got back to the diner, he saw that everybody was already fighting. He backed up the store front and started wondering how he could actually fight.

“Never threw a punch, have you?” Flash turned behind him to see Fuze messing with a pair of shock paddles.

Flash looked nervous as a few thugs noticed them. “What made you think that?”

Fuze quickly handed him the paddles. “I messed with the charge on these, so just keep holding down that button and just punch them with those paddles. Easy as pie.”

As Flash was about to ask him what he meant, one of the thugs tackled him. Flash was trying to push him off with the paddles, but nothing was happening.

“Press the buttons!” Fuze said.

Flash quickly looked down and pressed the buttons, shocking the guy and knocking him off.

Rarity quickly put up a shield to protect herself from any ranged weapons while Twilight stayed next to her and used her powers to disarm those foes.

The masked lady groaned. “I guess I have to do it myself.”

“You know, if you weren’t greedy and hired some trained muscle, you’d have a chance.” The lady turned to see the Shadow Knight right behind her.

She grinned as she swung a knife at him. “DO you think that I’ll go down without a fight.”

Book blocked her swing with his gauntlet and held onto her arm. “No, but now I get to test my new toy.” Book flipped a switch on his belt, sending electricity into his gauntlet and charging his punches. “Now, you may find this shocking, but for the sake of science, tell me how this feels.” Book and the girl started trading punches as the fight raged across the street.

While the other kept the fight outside, Sunset tried to wake Moon up, but for no use, Moon was still unconscious. “Wake up! We need you, Applejack needs you!” With no other choice, Sunset used her power, trying to bring herself into Moon’s Mind and wake him up. She held the green boy’s hand, and her eyes started to glow. Soon enough, Sunset found herself inside a dark forest, as she saw Moon fighting a green beast with red dots and purple pants. Sunset saw moon fighting Night Beast.

“Moon,” Sunset called for her friend, “You need to wake up, we need Night Beast.” Moon looked at Sunset with shock and confusion as Night Beast saw her and started to run towards her.

Moon took Sunset by the hand and the two ran away from the beast.

“What are you doing here?” Moon asked Sunset, “How are you inside my head?”

“I can read people’s minds, so I tried to talk to your mind.” Sunset sat down next to Moon as they heard the howling of the beast, “What is going on, I thought you can control yourself.”

“The sound,” Moon looked at Sunset, “Until then I thought I am Night Beast, but I just controlled the other side of me, a side with a will of its own. When Night Beast broke free from me, he won’t come back.”

“But you changed, I saw you changed minutes before”

“And when I turned back, it was the beast returning into my body.” Moon walked away from Sunset as he looked at the direction of the howl, “There is no “just me” now, there are me and it.”

Sunset looked at Moon with sorrow as she noticed her hand started to fade. Sunset found herself again at the sugarcube when a yellow woman with hair just like her, clothes just like her and a face just like her, looking at her.

“Time to go, sister.” The woman told Sunset in her own voice.

“Who are you?” Sunset asked and she was ready to fight.

“I am Sunset Shimmer,” The other Sunset told her counterpart as she copied her fighting position. Sunset leaped on her doppelganger trying to punch her face, but the other dodged the attack and kicked her in the back. Sunset fell on her back as her counterpart held her and cut her in the arm, making an identical scar to her own. Sunset screamed as the other sunset smiled.

“Twinsies,” The evil Sunset smirked as six thugs entered inside the building, “Take her and the boy.” The thugs nodded, and they took Sunset and moon, leaving the evil Sunset to take her place. Sunset looked at rage at her doppelganger as she waved to her, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of your friends.”

Book was still locked in combat with this strange lady. She was clearly trained professionally, but seemed to be arrogant. He decided to try using her emotions against her by playing the guessing game. “Who are you? I doubt you got up this morning and said “I’m going to lose a fight to a bunch of kids.” What brought you to this neck of the woods?”

“The true king sent me to bring him a hunting hound,” The lady smiled behind her mask, “And he paid well for it.”

“Really? Why this group?” Book asked as he sent a kick flying at her. “You’re trying to get thugs for free? You have no real standards.” The two fought as the communicator of the old lady started to talk.

“Miss. Tsud, we have the beast, ready to return to base, over.”

Book’s eyes widened when it said that. He quickly threw a couple of throwing stars at her legs. “Eye for an eye! You’re not leaving this place!”

“Maybe you should check on your cousin,” The lady laughed as she threw a smoke bomb, blinding Book, and she and the thugs ran away.

Book was shocked as he lost them, but not at the fact that they lost. He just got the most shocking clue. As a few police sirens started heading for them Book quickly ran off. As he ran past Wilde and Applejack he spoke quickly. “Moon has been taken, and possibly Sunset. There’s a spy here too. I’ll explain later.”

“What?!!” Applejack asked Book, before falling on her knees, and tears fell from her eyes. Wilde helped her to rise.

“What do you mean a spy?” Wilde asked as the girls surrounded him and Applejack.

“I can’t explain now, I’m a vigilante, remember?” Book yelled as he ran off into the alley.

“Guys!” The group turned their heads from Book to see a wounded Sunset, “They took Moon, I tried to fight them, but they were too many.”

Light Heart had tears going down his face as he heard this. “I… I failed him?” Light’s glowing hand shook a bit before he punched a light pole with his glowing hand, knocking the whole thing over. Flash ran over to him to comfort him as he started crying again.

“We will find him,” Twilight told Flash, and she turned to Sunset, “Have you seen their faces, anything that would help us find Moon?”

“No,” Sunset sighed, “I’m sorry.”

They soon turned to see Book exiting Sugarcube corner, quickly changing clothes. Light was concerned when he didn’t see Fuze. “Where’s Fuze at?”

“He ran off during the fight to call the cops.” Book explained. “Alright, let’s keep the story straight, they were trying to rob the store with extreme prejudice, and we locked ourselves…” Book stopped when he saw how beaten up Sunset was. The main thing he took notice of was the scar on her hand. It was in the exact same spot as Shimmer’s was, and looked like it had been healing for a couple of days. So my brother was right. Now we have two spies working with us.

As they were all standing in front of the store the police showed up in force, checking the others for injuries and assessing the situation.

Moon woke up in a dining room of a medieval castle, he was chained to a chair, and in front of him, on the other side of the table, there was a young boy in his age, with an orange skin and grey hair, his eyes were yellow, and he wore black coat and green shirt, and the amulet that was taken.

“I assume that you are the Dark Prince?” Moon asked as he tried to get free of the chains.

“Please, call me Edmond Sombra,” The Dark Prince smiled as three thugs and the masked lady came in, the lady put down her mask to reveal the face of Lightning Dust. “Well done, miss Dust. The money is already in your bank account.”

“Nice,” Dust smiled, and she handed Sombra the wrist controller that was on her hand, “This would make it easier to control him.”

“Thank you,” Sombra said as he put the wrist on his arm, and Dust left the room.

“So she was a traitor?” Moon asked, “Of course she was.”

“She was loyal to me, and not to my mother,” Sombra told Moon, “You can be loyal to me as well.” Sombra pushed the button and Moon started to scream in pain as he tried to break free, the green boy grew fur on his body, claws extracted from his fingers, he started to grow sizes, and he broke free of the chains. “The Night Beast.” Night Beast looked in Rage at Sombra, and he threw the table away, as he started to run towards him. Sombra stood in silence as the beast ran to kill him, and as the beast stood in front of him, he pushed the button, and the beast stood there silently. “My own monster.” Beast looked in fear at Sombra as Iron Will came into the room with chains, “Take it to the garden, and give it some bones to eat.” Iron will nod, and he chained Beast as Sombra walked out of the room to a hall that led him to the dungeons where a yellow girl with a red hair looked at him in hatred.

“What did you do to Moon?” Sunset asked Sombra.

“The boy is dead, there is only the beast at my command,” Sombra smiled as Sunset tried to choke him, but her hands were chained to the wall.

“My friends would stop you!” Sunset told Sombra as he walked away from her.

“Why do you think that?” Sombra giggled, “You’re double is in your place, they would never tell the difference. You and your friends lost.”