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red reaper

come to see death, come to see madness, come to see other side of a story


When Starlight planned her revenge her on the mane 6, she made a deal a reptile unicorn called Dr Mephist, he will teach her how to change time and she will give her soul to him. Years later and the Dr returned to take what belongs to him, and with him two friends that have their interests.

A story of Red Reaper, NicLove, and Light heart101.

Chapters (4)

When Twilight fought Starlight over Equestria's future, they were sent again to the timeline when changelings conquered Equestria, but this time is different, this time a new general is leading the changeling's army, and his name is General Eclipse.

Happening in the events of season 5 finale.

Chapters (6)

The knights of Sombra. Loyal servants to king Sombra, has risen again after the King took over the Crystal Empire. But when the elements defeated Sombra, his knight had to run away. Now the knights are looking for a way to finish their master plan. Purge Equestria. A story of Red Reaper and Night Storm27

Chapters (1)

A new hero is in town to get rid of criminals and evil magic. Only he doesn't spare the user's. The main 7 teams up with her pony doubles to know if this new hero is really a hero or something more sinister.

Chapters (7)

Chyrug Moonburn was a prouduct of a love between a royal guard and changeling. Months after his birth, Celestia and her guards took his father as a traitor and banished his mother to the hives, and the boy was sent to live in an orphanage. Years past and the basterd is coming back for revenge and he brings old enemies as his allies

Chapters (18)
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