The Canterlot Guild

by red reaper

The first day

Light Heart was nervously trying to get his school bag together. He was trying to think about anything he could possibly need. He had never been to a public school before and with good reason. He was autistic and had a nervous breakdown when he first went to a public school. Ever since that day he went to a more private school.

He used to enjoy the one on one help that he got, but then his dad got transferred to Canterlot city, and they didn’t have a private school. As much as Light protested the idea out of fear, there was nothing he could do. He wondered if this had anything to do with the fact that he had no social life whatsoever.

He was getting ready to walk out he saw his favorite toy on his bed. It was a stuffed dog with a superhero costume. He always found a bit of comfort with his toy and even came up with a personality for it. Light nervously placed the toy in his bag. “Just in case, right Wolfy?”

Light quickly ran down the stairs to the dining room. His mom, Gentle Heart, was making breakfast while his dad, Golden Blade, was putting on an officer’s uniform.

Gentle smiled as she saw Light. “Hi Light, are you ready for school?”

Light gulped at the thought of it. “Why can’t I just stay here? I’m good with being home schooled.”

Gentle sighed a bit as she gave Light a hug. “I wish we could, but money’s too tight right now. However, I am applying for a position as a school teacher in your school, so I might still be able to help you/”

Light was still nervous. “B-but what if the other kids pick on me?”

Golden smiled as he patted Light on the back. “Don’t worry, I know your brother is going to be looking out for you.” Golden looked a little ticked as he looked out to the backyard. “Speaking of which, where is he? He’s going to make you late.”

“I’ll go find him. I-I’ll see you later.” Light said as he quickly made his way outside.

He made his way to the nearby forest. Their house was at the edge of town and pretty close to the hillside. Light knew that ever since he found a nearby cave his brother’s been spending all of his free time there.

Light walked into the cave, and he found Book Knight in there. He had dark gray skin and dark blue hair. He also wore a pair of thin glasses during the daytime. The main thing that stuck out was the large bruise on his chest.

Light sighed when he saw this. “Book, did you get hit by another car while trying to do your hero gig?”

Book pulled a shirt on as he winced a bit. “It’ll be on the front page today because I messed up. Somebody known as Dark Prince stole an amulet from the museum. I tried stopping him, managed to wound his accomplice, and save a guy.”

Light looked confused. “So what went wrong this time?”

“The amulet did something to him. It’s beyond scientific understanding. He became stronger than a truck and my throwing stars did nothing to him.” Book explained as he got a cup from his portable coffee maker and took a long sip of it.

Light sighed in frustration. “I don’t know how this new town works, but this isn’t something you can keep doing under dad’s nose. This is something that the police… that dad should handle.”

Book shook his head. “I didn’t spend half my share of Grandpa’s inheritance on hoping that some cops can get the job done. I can do a lot more good being the Shadow Knight and I don’t have to wait until I’m an adult.”

Light never did feel comfortable with it, when their Grandpa passed he wanted Book to use his skills to help people. Book put half of the money into investing in college. When Book started investing in tools for him and his brother to use Light just thought that he was just sharing his good fortune, but soon they started making body armor and throwing stars. They even had to google how to make some crazy stuff like grappling guns and smoke pellets.

Fuze was rather cool with it, but Light never did feel comfortable Light knew that this was illegal, but if their dad found out then they’d have a lot more to worry about.

Light took a quick look at his watch and realized what time it was. “Book, we need to get going.”

Book nodded as he tossed his suit into his footlocker. “Alright, just let me get some stuff from my room.”

The two boys made their way towards the house Light started wondering what he needed to fear more. Being bullied or Book’s deadly hobby.

As the brothers got ready for school, Gentle heard knocking on the door. She opened it and saw a young green boy with red hair, wearing a blue hoodie with headphones on his neck and purple pants. “Good morning Moon,” Gentle smiled.

“Good morning aunt G,” The boy smiled back as he walked inside, “Are the boys ready?”

“They in Book’s room, maybe you can hurry them up, and maybe talk to Light?”

“Of course, auntie,” Full moon raised his thumb up as he walked upstairs.

“I still don’t know why when we have an AC and heating your oldest boy wants to sleep in a cave,” Golden mumbled as he walked towards the door.

“Honey, he’s going through a rough time,” Gentle tried to explain to her husband, “After your dad died, and trying to fit in a new school.”

“I know that he’s a teen, but he’s finding ways to be late for everything,” Golden replied. “You know that I love our kids to death, but it’s getting harder for me to even talk to him.”

“Well, maybe meeting with the Apple family will help out all of our kids.” Gentle suggested.

“Maybe, but you know that I still need to talk to those two kids about their relationship. I want to make sure that they know what they’re getting into.”

Gentle hugged her husband before he could leave. “You do know that the kids care about you, right?”

A grin came over Golden’s face. “What about my wife?”

“Keep smiling and I’ll tell you. You’d better get going or you’ll be late for work.” Gentle said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s up cousins?!” Full Moon smirked as he entered through the door, and saw Lightheart and Book, and he noticed that Book was bruised, “Rough night cous?”

“Rolled out of bed and onto my helmet.” Book lied. He didn’t tell Moon about his hero life for the sake of keeping him out of trouble.

“Next time, just don’t kill yourself, call Light Heart and Fuze. Didn’t you tell me that they both were learning first aid?”

“Why would I need them for a bruise in the middle of the night? I’m fine.” Book said calmly. “How are you doing?”

“You know, life and stuff,” Moon smiled, “The Rainbooms giving me hell.”

“You should try the whole life thing Book. You might like it.” Light quipped.

“I’m not taking social advice from an introvert,” Book said as he was trying to get his books together.

“No, no,” Moon smirked and pointed at Light Heart, “I think the kid is up to something.” Moon walked towards Light and hugged his cousin, “How are you cous?”

Light knew that he couldn’t hide his nervousness. “I’m getting ready to go to a public school for the second time. Considering the fact that the first time had me hiding in a broom closet, how do you think I’m doing?”

“Here it will be different, here they don’t pick on anyone anymore, well not since Sunset Shimmer stopped being mean.”

Book’s ears perked up when he said the name Shimmer. “Shimmer you say? What did she do?”

“Oh, she is one of the members in the band I told you, The Rainbooms,” Moon explained, “She was a bully, but then something with friends and horses. I don’t know, I was at your house for a vacation at that time. But she a nice one.”

Book felt a little skeptical. “Well, we’re new to this town. Tell me, why do the Rainbooms give you trouble?”

“They are nice girls, but they’re kind of annoying together, keeping intervening with others. Especially Pinkie Pie, she gives me the creeps.”

Book was curious. “Well, maybe we’ll learn something about them. What does Sunset look like?”

“Oh, okay.” Moon took his phone, and he gave it to Book, there it was a picture of him and his girlfriend Applejack, and her friends, including Sunset.

Book started seeing the similarities between and the girl he fought last night. Well, next time you fight me you should wear a mask like me. Book thought as he looked at the photo. “So, I remember you talking about a farm girl in this group that you were… interested in. Which one is she?” Book asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, Applejack, the girl I am hugging, she’s my girlfriend, and she’s great. She is smart, calm, and funny,” Moon sighed as he talked about his love life, “You know, I could talk to her, she has friends.”

Light didn’t seem interested. “Right now my only goal is to not mess up or get targeted.”

Book chuckled a bit as he wrapped an arm over him. “Relax. If anybody tries to hurt you then they’ll have to deal with me and my black belts.”

“And you have my protection as well, no one messes with Full Moon, and his family,” Full Moon smiled, “So where is Fuze?”

Just as he asked that Fuze walked in with his cell phone out. “Hey guys, check this out!”

Moon took the cellphone from the kid’s hand, “You know, it’s really dangerous to keep such things like radiation and stuff I’ll keep it for you.”

Book took the phone from Moon. “Forget it Moon. You know he’d just make another.”

Moon nodded, “Alright everyone here, let’s go.”

Book noticed the article that Fuze was trying to show them. Apparently, the guard never saw the extreme strength of Dark, but he gave a clear report of his two attackers and the vigilante that saved him. The police had no current leads on whom these suspects were. Book knew that the police equipment was out of date because of the low crime and poor budget.

Light shoved Book’s arm a bit. “Dude, are you coming?”

Book quickly snapped out of his trance. “Um, sure. Let’s go.”

On another part of the town, a boy named FlashTruth was helping out his newly adopted little sisters to get ready. “Come on.” He told them softly. “Cousin HottenBright will be here in a few minutes.” He told them through the bathroom door.

“W... We are almost done.” ShyStone said from inside of the bathroom. “We just need to finish brushing our hair.” She liked her new adopted older brother, he was a very nice guy, and the fact that he had managed to convince his parents to not only adopt her but her best friend FastFox was a plus.

Flash heard a knock at the front door, he went to open and greet their guest. I’m willing to bet that she’s here early. He guessed as he opened the door to see a nicely dressed girl.

“One of Rarity’s new styles?” He asked his cousin will give her a hug.

She nodded. “ Of course, It always pays to be fashionable. Now, where are the new additions to the fami...” Before HottenBright could even ask, they could hear feat steps rushing to them, followed with an orange-ish Red blur.

“I’m ready.” FastFox said with excitement.

Flash leaned down to adjust her 3 feather hair-pin. “You know you should stay with ShyStone, at least for today so that she doesn’t feel so lonely.”

Fast nodded. “Will do.” She said before greeting Bright. “So... Are we going or not.”

Bright giggled. “Like you brother said, you should stay with Shy for the day.” She turned to face Flash and saw that Shy was behind him. “Aww... Are you nervous?”

While staying behind Flash, Shy nodded.

Flash knelt down to be at her level. “Don’t worry. You know where to find me.” He reassured her.

Shy managed put a small smile on her face, happy that he was there for her.

“I’ll tell you what.” Flash said will get up. “How about I hold one of your hands while Fast holds the other”.

Now Shy was grinning.

So they all want off to school, FlashTruth’s right-hand holding ShyStone’s head left hand, and her right-hand holding FastFox’s left hand, and finally HottenBright holding Fast’s last hand.

Light Heart, Book Knight, Short Fuze, and Full Moon arrived at CHS, and they entered the hall. “Alright guys, I will take you to the principal’s office, and from there, you’re on your own. If you need something, you know my name.” The group arrived at the office of principal Celestia, then Moon waved to his cousins as he walked to find his friends and his girlfriend.

Light felt extremely small as all of the students were moving around him. He kept silent as Book took the lead and opened the door. Light didn’t feel any better when he saw the lady at the desk. A part of him feared that if he said anything that he’d be punished.

Book spoke softly to be respectful. “Are you Principal Celestia?”

“Yes,” Celestia smiled, “You three must be Book, Light, and Fuze, please have a seat.” The three boys did as they were told, “So where are you from?”

“Big town in Tennessee.” Book answered. “My dad moved us down here for the better job opportunities and a slower pace.”

“It sounds lovely,” Celestia smiled, and she took three schedules out of her desk and gave it to the boys, “Here’s your schedules for this semester, Fuze you have been assigned to the gifted program, so you will come with me, and I will introduce you to the more mature students.”

Book was a little intrigued that Fuze actually qualified for it, being the youngest of the three. Then again, Fuze was a tech genius, even if he had a bit of a temper, If this principal could look past his past incident with the firework display then Book guessed Fuzed earned it. His only problem was that she didn’t seem to make any accommodations for Light Heart. He knew that once they got to written reports that Light would start struggling.

“Light and Book, I have called for two of my best students to show you your classes.” A knocking on the door interrupted Celestia and two girls came in. One was a yellow girl with pink hair. She seemed just as nervous as Light was as she gave a little wave. Light didn’t know why, but there was something about her that made him a little more comfortable. However, the other girl managed to leave Book’s jaw open. She was a yellow girl with red hair and yellow lines, the girl that attacked him last night with Dark Prince.

Book’s main comfort was the fact that he wore a mask the other night. Adding the glasses on his head made him sure that he was the only person who recognized anybody from the other night. Book regained his composure and offered to shake her hand. “I think I’ve heard about you. Sunset Shimmer, right?”

She nodded as she shook his hand in return. “That’s right, and you must be Moon’s cousins. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Book was caught off guard when he felt her hand. He was certain that his throwing star went right through it, but he couldn’t feel or even see any signs of a wound. Is this a trick of that amulet? Book now realized two things. He had no clue what kind of supernatural power he was up against, and now he couldn’t even be certain if this was the girl he fought.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy walked up to Light Heart. Both of them looked nervous of each other. Somehow Fluttershy was the first one to speak. “Um… Hi. I-I’m Fluttershy.” She managed to whisper.

Light gulped nervously as he was trying to decide if he should be the first one to extend his hand. “Um… Light Heart… Nice to… um… meet you.”

She was a little shocked to see somebody more nervous than her when it came to new people. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Sunset looked a little confused at Light. “Is your brother always this shy?”

“Only for the first few meetings. He’s autistic, so he’s pretty socially awkward.” Book explained.

Fluttershy felt sorry for Light and offered her hand. “I-It’s okay.”

Light nervously reached his hand out and allowed her to shake his hand. He somehow felt a comforting aura coming off of her. She looked kind and gentle. He felt safe When he felt her hand.

“Um, is it alright if we give you a tour of the place before the first class starts.?” Shy asked.

“... Oh, sure.” Light said, starting to feel more comfortable.

Book nodded as well. “Might as well.” Book knew that he might be a few feet away from one of his most dangerous enemies, but until he was sure he had to play it cool.

As Shy and Fast were trying to go through the school they found the crowded halls hard to navigate. All of the bigger students weren’t noticing them and made sticking together hard.

“Um, should we hold hands to stay together? Guys?” ShyStone soon noticed that she was completely lost.

She started to panic as she tried to find her family. It felt like wandering through a maze while trying to find the other people in it. Her heart raced as she felt a hopeless feeling come over her. She started to hyperventilate, the world spinning around her, she couldn’t take it anymore, and sat there on the ground in a ball covering her ears, eyes and head.

“Hey, are you alright?” Shy looked up a bit to see Light Heart looking concerned as he offered his hand to help her up.

She sniffled before saying. “I want my brother.” She told him keeping her hands over her ears.

“Alright, who is he and what does he look like?” Light tried to ask.

“He is as tall as you, had an orange coat, a hat covered with buttons and pins, …” As Stone described her brother, Flash was frankly looking around for her.

He nearly knocked over Book as he was running through the halls. “Hey! Where’s the fire?”

“NoTimeLookingForMyLittleSister...” Truth rapidly said.

Book grabbed Flash’s arm and kept him from running. “If you keep panicking then you’ll get nowhere. Take a deep breath and tell me what’s going on. Maybe I can help.”

Flash took a very big deep breath. “I Lost my Little Sister.” He said word for word. “I Am Looking For Her.”

“Alright, what’s her name and what does she look like? You’ll cover more ground if more people are looking.” Book said as his phone buzzed a bit.

“Um... Ya… She is a bit big, is gray, have blue hair, with gray streak, was wearing a Red Bobo, with yellow highlights and details, Big grass green glasses, with blue earpieces.” He wants on with everything about her.

Book found the description a little confusing with how he was speaking, but after looking at his phone he decided to cut him off. “Excuse me, but is your name FlashTruth?”

“Um… Ya, how did you know?” Truth asked. “Does my name precede me?”

“Nope, but my brother found a little girl who’s looking for a student matching your description.” Book said while holding up his phone. “Sunset and I will take you to her.”

“That’s her.” Truth said excitedly. “Is FastFox with her?”

Book looked at his phone for a second. “No. Don’t panic. I’ll just have Sunset take you to her and I’ll ask the Principal to use the soundboard and have her meet up with where Light Heart and Fluttershy are at. They’re outside of the south side of the gym. I’m sure Sunset can help you find it, right?”

“Oh..” Flash looked down feeling bad that he only knew where one of his sisters were, but then he paused and looked back up to face Book. “Wait, what’s the name of the girl with your brother?”

“ShyStone. My brother said that she’s very scared, but he and Fluttershy are trying to calm her down. Good thing is that Light’s good with kids. He says that they’re easier to talk to than people his age. Speaking of which, and forgive me if I’m wrong, but are you autistic?”

Truth pause. “Is... Is it that obvious?” He asked filling a bit ashamed about the obvious way he’s been acting. But was still finding it a bit funny that SHYstone was found by flutterSHY.

Book shook his head. “Not to people who know what it is and what it looks like. My brother has Asperger’s Syndrome, so some of the signs were more obvious to me. The way you talk, the way you panic, your sensitivity to certain scenes that require certain accommodations, and a few small things. Admittedly it was a calculated guess.”

“And the fact that I’m wearing sunglasses inside didn’t help to hide it.” Truth asked Book.

“I’ll admit that it’s different from Light in some ways. Light had sensitive hearing. I know when that bell goes off he’s going to be covering his ears. Don’t get upset over it. Not a lot of people would notice.” Book said calmly.

“Mhm... Which grade is he in?” Flash asked.

“He is in ninth grade. He’s amazing at math, but horrible at writing stuff. I’m seriously hoping that the teachers here will help with that. Light hasn’t had a good time with his first attempt at public school.” Book explained

“I can try and be there for him...” Truth offered to help.

Book chuckled a bit. “You’ll have to get him to trust you first. He’s… had a hard time meeting new people and is very afraid of offending people.”

“I’ve been told that I’m quite approachable, but it would help if you let me know something that we could possibly socialite about.” He asked. “Games, music... ?”

“Light makes toys for a hobby, and is very good at it. He’s a bit of a kid at heart. He likes certain musicals like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and a bit of that Gilbert and Sullivan stuff. He likes comedy, and does ventriloquism. Does any of that help?” Book asked.

“Well...” Truth thought about it. “He could make some toys for my little sisters, they both don’t really have any. I’m also a kid at heart, and I like the Mmiserables, but… in french.”

“That’s good. Light cares a lot about kids. He has a major soft spot for them. He needs a few friends to help him out, and I can’t always be here for him.” Book explained. “I’ll trust you for now, but don’t make me regret it.”

“I promise.” Truth say. “Or my name isn’t Flash Skull the crusher the second Truth.”

Book raised an eyebrow at that name. “You need a nickname badly.” Book started making his way to the principal’s office.

“Just call me Truth.” Truth told Book.

“Sure thing Flash-Truth.” Book said as he walked off.

“Why not Flash?” Sunset asked as she started guiding him to the gym.

Truth turned to face her. “I would think you would know, especially that we now call your Ex Sentry.”

“Oh? I didn’t know that.” Sunset said, a little embarrassed.

“We can’t have two Flashs going to the same school at the same time.” Truth told her. “It gets confusing.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Sunset said.

Back where Light was at, Fluttershy was helping Light keep ShyStone calm. Light even offered her his toy to help her out. Light smiled a bit when he checked his phone. “Hey, my brother found your brother. He’s on his way here and your other sister should be here soon. It’s going to be okay.”

Stone looked up at Light. “Ok, Thanks Mr. Heart.” She badly wanted to play with Wolfy.

“Just call me Light. Tell you what, you hold onto Wolfy for me today, and tomorrow I’ll make a new toy just for you.” Light said as he offered it to her.

“Hu!” Stone’s eyes widened as he held the toy in her hands. “Really?!?” She asked, flabbergasted.

“Sure thing. I promise. Of course, I’ll make sure to ask for your brother’s permission. Um... Can I ask you something?” Light asked, trying not to sound weird.

“Yes M... Light, what is it?”

“Are you autistic? I’m not going to judge you if you are, and I apologize if you aren’t.” Light explained.

“Oh...” Stone look to the side for a second, before turning back to face Light. “Yes, that’s the main reason he adopted us.” She said softly. “What gave it away?”

“Because when I first went to a public school I hid in the broom closet. I’m autistic too and I… know how hard it is to be in a new place and to feel alone. It’s alright. Just… keep growing and life will become easier.” Light said, remembering all of the times when his mom would say that. “So, you said us. Who’s your other autistic sibling?”

“Attention all students. May FastFox please make her way to the south side of the gym. Your brother and sister are looking for you. If you can’t find it then pleases ask a staff member. Thank you.”

Stone pointed up. “Her, FastFox and I have both been adopted by our new older brother, FlashTuth, he also has Asperger.” She explained. “His parents were planning to just adopt me, but he managed to convince them to also adopt my best friend as well.”

“I’m glad to hear that you have a new family to care for you, and I’m glad to see that we have something in common.” Light said with a smile. “Well, the Aspergers, not the adoption.”

“Maybe you two could talk to each other. I’m sure that he’s a nice guy.” Fluttershy suggested.

Light looked a little worried at first, but he saw ShyStone’s eyes pleading him to say yes. Light gave a small smile. “How can I say no?”

Fluttershy smiled as she was learning more about this guy. He had a soft and gentle heart like her. She loved seeing how well he worked with kids and how caring he was. A part of her wanted to learn more about him and who he was.

Truth turned the corner and was spotted by Stone. “Truthy!” She softly yelled at him. She grabbed the wolf doll, and quickly walked up to him.

Truth leaned down to cash and hug her. “I was so worried.” He spotted the wolf in her hand. “What do we have it here?” He looked up to look straight at Light’s eyes.

“I promised that if she took care of it for the day then I’ll make her a new toy… if that’s okay with you.” Light said a little nervously.

Truth looked back down to his little sister. “What do we say to the nice young man?” He asked Stone.

She turned around, looked Light straight into his emerald eyes and said. “Thank you very much.” She told Light.

“You’re welcome. It’s also nice to meet you Flash. I’ve already heard so much about you from your sister.”

“Oh, did you?” Truth turned to see Book running back to them, before looking back at Light. “And according to your brother, we are one and the same... Somewhat.”

“Autistic? Yeah, she told me. Small world, isn’t it?” Light asked.

“That we are in the same school, or we meet in her first day at this school?” Truth ask Light. “Tho... I don’t think I have seen you before.”

Fluttershy nervously waved. “He’s a new student.”

Book nodded. “We just moved here, so we aren’t familiar with this place or anybody here. I’ve heard about my cousins… special somebody, if you know what I mean.” He said, trying not to say girlfriend in front of ShyStone.

“Oh... Ummm can I... Ask what she has.” Stone asked think that Book meant a special need person.

Light nervously chuckled. “Um… my brother didn’t mean that. He meant that she was very special to Full Moon.”

“Oh...” Stone thought about it. “Li... Like my sister?” She asked both confused and curious.

“Uh…” Light looked very nervous as he tried to think about what to say. “A little closer than that… I’ll let your dad explain it when you’re older. This is a talk for him.”

Sunset chuckled a bit. “You mean Applejack? Yeah. They’re really something.”

“Applejack...” Truth thought about it. “Let me guess, she farms Oranges.” He said as a joke.

“That was my guess Flash.” Light quipped back. Both of them chuckled a bit.

“I don’t think so.” Stone said, laughing with them. “I think PAIRs!”

“That was my second guess. Your family is too smart for me.” Light said, now laughing with the siblings.

Book rolled his eyes. “Oh great. They’re multiplying.”

Their fun was cut short when both Stone’s and Truth’s watches started to vibrate. “Oh no, that’s the 10-second heads up for the first warning bell to ring!” Truth warned.

“What bell?” Suddenly Light was answered by a loud bell. He gripped his ears in pain as he fell to the ground.

The bell stopped as Book ran over to help Light up. “Light! Are you okay?”

Light looked dazed by the loud ringing. “My ears. Who needs a bell that loud?”

Fluttershy looked worried as she tried helping him. “Do you need to go to the nurse’s office?”

“No, I just need a minute.” Light said as he sat down and rubbed his head a bit.

Truth seemed calm, in the 10 seconds that his watch had giving ed him he had been able to mentally prepare himself. “Maybe I should lend you my watch for the day.” He offered. “It’s programmed to vibrate 10 seconds before any school bell rings.” He looked down to see Stone clutching his leg, and taking deep breaths.

Light looked a little shocked. “But this is your only one. I can’t let you suffer that horrible sound.”

Truth shrugged. “I’ve been here for more than a year, I am starting to get used to it. And I already started to know when each bell ring and what time and for how long.”

Light still felt shocked that a guy he just met was willing to give his watch to somebody he didn’t know. Light did do that with Wolfy, but this was different to him. He always cared about other people, not about himself.

Light was speechless for a moment before he could speak. “T-Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Truth said while taking his watch off and passing it to Light. He then moved his flip-phone from his back pocket to his front side one.

Book felt comforted to see this person helping his brother. He did want to see Light make new friends, but a part of him knew that this was a chance to put some more time into his investigation.

They started to hear somebody running towards them.

“Based on the sound are the speed it’s going, I will deduce that it’s Fast coming from over there.” He pointed to a corner just before Fast made her entrance.

Fast saw Stone and ran to her. “Are you ok, are you fine? I heard the bell ring and was scared that you were not ok, and... And...”

Stone hugged Fast. “I’m ok, our older brother’s new friend helped me out.” She said while showing off the wolf doll.

“Mhm... Would better if it was a fox.” Fast said before turning to Light. “Hey, I’m Fast!” She said while shaking his hand.

Light smiled as he took out a pencil and paper. “Nice to meet you. So, you’re her sister. I haven’t gotten to meet you yet, but I can tell that you two care about each other a lot.”

“Fast speak more softly please.” Truth pleaded.

“It’s alright. The pain in my head is wearing off. So, what kind of stuffed animals would you two like? I made ShyStone a deal and it would be unfair if you didn’t get to be a part of it.” Light said as he got ready to draw a small picture.

Fast eyes widened. “I would...” Truth gave her a look that said to go ahead. “A fox with my brother’s sunglasses would be nice.” Fast told him.

“A ok.” Light said. “And what about for you ShyStone?”

“Oh... Well any animal with... My brother’s… nice hat would be nice, if that’s ok.” Stone said shyly. “If not, his coat would suffice.”

Light had already made a sketch of Fast’s toy, but Stone’s would be more of a challenge because of the unique hat. “Okay... Does a teddy bear work for you then? Those are my specialty.”

“Oh umm... Yes, I like bears” Stone said with glee.

Light took his phone and took a couple of photos of Flash’s complex hat. “And there. That should be good.”

Flash went on his knees. “Can I please also have one? Plleeease?” Truth was asking like he has the same age as his sisters. “I’ve been a nice good boy.” He said trying to best to not crack and laugh.

Light felt pretty embarrassed to see Flash on his knees. “I’ll do it, but you don’t need to bow to me. I’m not a prince.”

Truth got up, finally cracking up. “Ha ha... Ok. Well seen each are having an article of clothing from me, I would like… a... Dove with whichever one ShyStone dosen’t get on her toy.”

Light quickly drew up the last drawing. “Dove with a vest, got it… Or maybe I’ll switch them. It’d make the hat easier to make.”

“Thank you very much.” Truth said while looking for his wallet.

Light motioned for him to put the wallet away. “This is a gift from me to you. Trust me. I’ve got several boxes of fabric and arts and crafts supplies in my closet to go though. I want this to be a gift.”

Truth nodded while putting his wallet back, he felt bad, feeling like he was taking advantage of his new friends generosity.

“Ummm should we…?” Truth was about to ask.

Book nodded. “We should get to our class. We don’t want to be late for our first day.”

They were walking over to the class as Fluttershy was thinking more about Light. He was so gentle and loving. She had never met a boy like him before. A part of her wanted to learn more about him, but she felt like she wouldn’t have the chance. “He probably wouldn’t be interested anyways.” She thought as she followed behind them.

While the others were going around the school, most of the other girls were over by their lockers. Applejack was hanging out with Dash and Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie was excited as she was learning that Applejack’s boyfriend’s cousins were coming. To her they were now basically family. “So what kind of cakes do they like? Do they have magic yet? What kinds of toys does Light make? Did Fuze really make his own computer? How much does Book like Batman comics? Do you think…”

She was soon cut off by Rainbow Dash. “I don’t think that it’s that big of a deal. From what it sounds like Book Knight is just another egghead, Fuze is a mad scientist, and Light is a… what even is Asperger Syndrome?”

Applejack shrugged a bit. “All ah know is that it’s something to do with the learning part of the brain. I’ve actually questioned if a few people here have it.”

Rainbow started to wonder who she was talking about, but she had another question on her mind. “So, is your family still having that get-together with Moon’s?”

“Well, ah told him that it’s a bad idea to...” Applejack talked with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash next to her locker as she saw Moon listening to her and smiling.

“Oh don’t let me stop you sweetie,” Moon smirked as he walked to hug Applejack and give her a rose, “But I still think that the family weekend with both our families will be great, now that my cousins in town.”

Applejack gave a nervous chuckle at the idea. “Trust ma, Moon, your family will eat them alive.”

“Nonsense. Here’s what they are going to do. Ruby, Mystic, and Rose will all be having fun with your sister. Golden will probably ask me questions about our relationship while Gentle will probably talk to your granny about the town and all of our families embarrassing stories. Your brother will call Fuze a nerd and will tick him off until Mac realizes how cool his little blacksmith setup is. Light… he might need a little help with getting to talk to the others. He’s always like that when he meets new people. Aunt Gentle told me that if he starts acting like he wants to run off to hide it means he thinks that he did something wrong to upset somebody. As for Book, I was told that he’s been finding ways out of stuff like this. He has been spending a lot of time to himself nowadays.”

“Oh! Is Book a superhero that relies only on his skills and gear that Fuze makes him to fight criminals?” Pinkie asked excitedly.

“What?” Moon asked, “No! If he is a superhero then I am a giant monster.”

“But you are a-” Moon panicky covered Pinkie’s mouth as student pass by.

“We are not talking about my ‘body issues’. Remember Pinkie?” Moon whispered.

“I don’t understand why you’re afraid that people will know, they will think that is awesome!” Rainbow dash said.

“Yeah, when you use your powers you don’t transform into a wolf like monster that the police try to shoot anytime you want to go free,” Moon protested, “If anyone would know, then I will be hunted by scientists and more.”

“Like in E.T.” Pinkie said and Moon nodded.

“Exactly like E.T.”

“Well, ya can trust us Sugarwolf,” Applejack smiled as she put her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder.

Dash faked a gag it the sight. “Ew. You two are gross!”

Applejack grinned a bit. “Are ya jealous?”

“No. I just haven’t found the right guy yet.” Dash said with a bit of a blush. “It’s impossible to find somebody who’s not interested in you just for your body. I’m also constantly dodging Shy’s lazy brother all of the time.”

“Well… maybe I could hook you up with Book? He’s about your age and has… no… social… life.” Moon said, realizing that ever since his grandpa’s funeral Book’s been moving further and further away from the outside world.

Dash scoffed a bit at him. “Seriously? I do have some standards. I’m not looking for somebody with muscles like Bulky Biceps, but I don’t want to date some lazy nerd.”

“Com’ on Dash, the man needs something to do with his time. Can you do it for me?” Moon asked, “Don’t make me do the puppy eyes.”

“No!” Rainbow Dash put her foot down, “There is no way I am going to be with this egghead,” Rainbow took her books, and she and Pinkie walked from the couple to the classroom.

“So,” Applejack asked Moon, “Are we going to make Dash to love Book?” Moon smiled and kissed Applejack on her chick.

“I love you.”

“Ah know.”

As they walked inside they saw Book and Sunset inside. Book was trying to figure out what the amulet really was, and social media wasn’t doing any good for him.

“You know,” Moon took his cousin’s phone, “Miss Cheerily doesn’t like phones in her class.”

Book gave a small chuckle as he tried hiding his phone. “Sorry. I’m just taking your advice and learn more about the Rainbooms.”

“Smart boy,” Moon smirked, “But let me do you a favor, you see the girl with the rainbow hair?”

Book looked at her for a second. She was leaning back in her chair and relaxing a bit. Book turned back to Moon. “You mean the overconfident jock?”

“So, I believe she’s into you. Show her some fighting styles. Maybe ask her to show you the school, and let nature do its job.” Moon winked to Book that rolled his eyes.

Book grinned as he glared at him. “Never on a first date, and I hate egomaniacs.”

“Well, time will say its words.”

“I’m got more important things to do with my free time than to listen to some girl say how she’s better than everybody else.” Book said as he pulled out his textbook.

“I have seen your schedule, you have nothing to do,” Moon smiled as he saw his friend, and he called to him. “Book Knight, I want you to meet WildeShock, my best friend.” Book saw a red boy with black jacket, and he had blue hair.

Book was glad to have a change of topic. Even though he had nothing written in his schedule, he still had to learn about the amulet and Sunset’s true identity. Book smiled as he stood up. “Nice to meet you. Your friend here hasn’t been trying to get you hooked up with anybody, has he?”

“No, did it, and it was a nightmare. You see the girl with the purple hair and the diamond dress?”

Book took a quick glance over to her. “Screams diva. Too much maintenance, and probably could match the rainbow girl’s ego.”

“I like this one,” Wilde told Moon, “Yeah, that’s my ex-girlfriend Rarity. Broke up with her because... Reasons.”

“Was she checking out other guys?” Book asked bluntly. “Happens with girls like her.”

“What?!” Wilde asked, and he looked towards Rarity flirting with some boys. As she saw her ex looking at her, and she turned her head, “Whatever, we broke up, she can do whatever she wants to.”

Book patted him on the back. “Take some advice that my dad gave me. Build your relationship on a friendship. Be friends before you become something more. It burns out the infatuation and lets you know where love really is.”

“Sounds like something from children cartoons,” Wilde Shock told Book, still looking at Rarity.

“Children cartoons is the princess getting the guy without even knowing who he is and over pure appearance. Trust me. Be a friend before you go further. That way if it doesn’t work out you still can be friends.” Book said bluntly.

Wilde nodded, “You’re a smart one, uh?” And he looked at his phone and saw a familiar amulet, “So let me help you in return. The amulet you are looking for is the amulet of Sombra.”

Book bit his lip a bit as he brought it up. “I was thinking about trying to get some extra credit and write a paper on him. What can you tell me about his toy?”

“Well,” Wilde put his bag on the table, “The legend says that King Sombra had dark powers, but he was afraid to lose them, so he put half of his powers in the amulet, but it’s just a legend.”

Book chuckled a bit out of disbelief. “That sounds like an ancient claim of magic or some other supernatural powers.”

“Hey I just told you what I know, it’s your choice to believe or not.”

Book nodded, but he could still feel the bruise in his chest that was telling him otherwise. “So, do you believe in magic?”

“In this time, when singing give you wings and monsters comes from nowhere, you need something to believe in.” Wilde said. “But yeah.”

Book now looked serious. “Are you telling me that there’re more… I mean… There’s supernatural stuff going on in this town? Give me more details.”

“Well, It all started when Suns...” Wilde Shock was stopped as he looked back, and he saw Cheerily looking at him as she tried to teach the class. “Sorry,” Wilde shock took his bag, and he walked reluctantly to sit next to Rarity.

Book sat back in his chair as he thought about what he was saying. He was now learning about some form of magic that this town had, and it all revolves around Sunset. She was somehow connected to this new villain and the power he has. Book now knew that she was his prime lead. Alright Miss Shimmer, the Shadow Knight is watching. Show me your secrets.