• Published 20th Jun 2019
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The Canterlot Guild - red reaper

When a new villain is going to rule the world, old and new heroes must team up to save those they love

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Prologue: A new threat

“Where is the amulet?” a tall orange man asked the tied guard of Canterlot museum. The man wore a black coat and a green buttoned shirt with golden lines, and a white tie, as he pulled a knife out of his pocket.

“Man we have no idea,” The guard cried, “Don’t do anything please, I have a wife and kids.” The man didn’t even listen to the guard’s cries, he just looked at his knife, which was made of silver with red stones carved into it.

“Did you know that this belonged to King Sombra of 1912?” The man asked the guard, only to be confronted with a confused face. “He used this knife to blind his enemies after he killed their children, so the last thing they would see is the legacy dies in front of their eyes. It was cruel, yeah, but it kept order. Now, tell me where is the amulet of Sombra, before the knife will taste blood again.”

Suddenly a throwing star embedded itself in the man’s hand, making him drop the knife. “Sorry, but no drinks are allowed inside the museum.”

The man in the coat rolled his eyes as he raised his arms against the back of his neck, “Let me guess, one of the heroes of Canterlot I presume? Is it the purple one, or the annoying pink girl?”

Suddenly a dark figure knocked him down. The man managed to see a thin man in black, spiked armor with a mask and hood staring at him. His emerald eyes had a fiery look to them, and he spoke with a dark and scratchy voice. “No! I’m the Shadow Knight, I’m the hero you should be fearing.”

“Well, Shadow Knight,” The man in the coat smiled, “My name is not as intimidating as yours, but I believe it would be enough,” The man pulled two daggers from his sleeves, “I am the Dark Prince, heir of King of Sombra.”

“You didn’t hear about the revolutionary war of Equestria? Poor education on your part.” Shadow sneered as he had two throwing stars at the ready.

As Dark prince ran to attack Shadow Knight, another figure came through the window, and she caught the Knight’s arm, Shadow Knight looked back, and he saw a yellow girl with red hair with yellow lines that gave her the look of fire, and she wore black armor, and a sword that looked like the knife. “You are late, Miss Shimmer,” Dark Prince said as he was ready to attack the knight.

Shadow used his gauntlet to block the blow. “Who in the world are you?”

“The one who’s going to kill The Shadow Knight,” The woman smiled as she swung her sword at Shadow knight.

“Good to know,” Shadow said as he used his other arm to block the sword. Book sent a short kick to her head to knock her back. But the woman dodged it and two continued their fight, as Dark Prince pulled back his daggers.

“Keep him busy, Miss Shimmer,” Dark prince ordered his warrior, as he picked his knife back and walked out of the room, crossing his arms behind his back, “I am going to retrieve what belongs to me.”

The Shadow kept a strong battle stance as he faced Shimmer. He was glad that his gauntlets were holding up so well against an actual sword. “So... Shimmer, this is where crime has you? Robbing small museums in little towns?”

“I will do as the prince command, for he is my true leader,” Shimmer gritted as Shadow Knight managed to strike the handle of her sword, knocking it out of her hands

“If he wanted to rule, he’d have been on the election ballot. I wouldn’t vote for him though. He wouldn’t pass the mental exam.” Shadow quipped as he tried knocking her back. It was harder for her to strike back with the spikes on his gauntlets.

“Yeah, and those who dressed like knights are known for being intelligent.”

“Well, I guess you are the exception,” Shadow said as he locked arms with her.

Shimmer managed to kick Shadow back and tried to dive for her sword. Just as she was about to reach for her sword a throwing star landed in her hand, sticking it to the ground.

She tried to free her hand she noticed Shadow walking up to her. She tried to think of a way to throw him off. “You wouldn’t hit a lady, would you?”

Shadow responded by punching her square in the head. He picked up her sword he rubbed his arm a bit. “I wouldn’t, but you’re no lady.”

As the Shadow Knight walked over to find the Dark Prince he threw a throwing star at the guard, cutting his ropes. “Call the cops and tell them to do their job,” Shadow ordered. “I’ll handle your unwanted guest.”

Dark Prince walked through a hall, filled with portraits and weapons of old rulers. “The scepter of Chrysalis,” Prince rolled his eyes as he looked at the old black cane, and he passed it, and he turned to look at a giant rusted ax, “The screaming ax of Tirek,” he giggled as he walked away from the ax, and he turned to a broken battle helmet that the moon was drawn on it, “The mask of Nightmare Moon.” Prince took the helmet and put it on for a second, and he put it back, “No.” Then, Dark Prince saw what he was looking for, a black amulet with a silver unicorn on its front and a red diamond in the middle. Dark Prince smiled as he rubbed the glass that imprisoned the amulet, “Beautiful, and now, you will return to me.”

“Maybe it left you for a reason. Have you tried couples therapy?”

Dark prince looked back, and he saw the black Knight walking towards him, “I am impressed,” Prince smiled, “Have you ever thought to join my royal knights?”

“I prefer the democracy, at least I can pick which weirdos get in charge,” Shadow said as he had two stars at the ready.

Dark Prince broke the glass and took the amulet, “Your choice,” and he put it on his neck, and his eyes turned from blue to yellow. “Now let’s see what the power god can do, shall we?”

Shadow quickly threw his throwing stars at him, aiming for his arms and legs. The stars hit the prince, but they did nothing to him. Dark Prince smiled as he took the stars, and he broke them into pieces, and he walked towards ShadowKnight, clenching his hands to fists. “My turn.” Dark Prince grinned as he triumphantly punched Shadow Knight across the room.

Shadow was shocked at the sheer might that he had. His ribs screamed out in pain from that one punch. “What kind of right hook is that? It’s time to try some new tricks.” Shadow thought as he grabbed two brass knuckles. “All I need to do is play evasive and see what ten thousand volts will do to him.” Shadow rubbed his jaw a bit as he got up. “Is that all you’ve got?”

Dark Prince caught the knight’s throat as Shadow Knight tried to electrocute him, “Good night,” Dark Prince kept him held up by his neck until he finally stopped struggling. He walked towards Shimmer, and he took her sword with one hand and picked her up with the other one. “Let’s go, my princess, part one is complete.”

The two of them left as Shadow slowly got to his feet. He was glad that Dark Prince didn’t take the time to make sure that he was dead. He heard the distant cries of police sirens as he got to his feet. He pulled out his grappling cable and fired it at the sunroof, deciding that he wouldn’t be welcome there when the cops showed up.

Several blocks away Shadow Knight was watching from a building. He knew that he had long lost those two crooks, but he now had a bigger problem. He was now up against a powerhouse and his goon. He couldn’t figure out how it was possible, but this new enemy he’s made could be the most dangerous man he’s ever met.

His watch started beeping, and Shadow sighed. “I don’t know what’s worse. The power-hungry supervillain that I need to find or the fact that I’ve got to go to school in the morning…”

Suddenly he remembered something Dark Prince said. “The heroes of Canterlot. Maybe this school does have something for me.”

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