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The Canterlot Guild - red reaper

When a new villain is going to rule the world, old and new heroes must team up to save those they love

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Killing the virus

Book, Wilde, and Flash were all sitting by the sidewalk while the others were being medically and physically checked. Book seemed to be the most somber of the three. “How much can I trust you two?”

Flash looked hurt by this question. “What do you mean?”

“Right now you two are the wild cards of this team. I don’t know either of you well, and you didn’t belong to the group that has already been dealing with magic. What reason do I have for not asking you to leave the team?” Book asked coldly.

Flash looked concerned. “Because of my family. I could never hurt my sisters or my cousin. I want to help you. Tell me how to gain your trust and I’ll do it.”

Book looked at Flash. “I want you to learn about Sombra’s bloodline. Also, look into the other Sunset Shimmer of this world to see if anybody else has been using that face or name.” Book’s eyes then turned to Wilde. “What about you? Can I trust the man who set me up with a fight that I didn’t need?”

“If it’s about Moon, I need to know,” Wilde told Book, “I know sometimes I can be a jerk, but Moon is my best friend, and if you won’t tell me what is going on, I’m going to show you my unlimited power.” Lightning came out of Wilde’s right hand as he started to get angry.

Book looked at him for a moment. “Do you know that you can tell a lot about a person just by their eyes? I’ve learned a lot about you two just by that one question. Tell me, who all knew that we were going to be here?”

“Are you blaming me?” Wilde Shock asked and his eyes started to glow in blue, “Do you think I would sell my friend? You have the nerve to blame me?”

Book leaned over to Wilde. “I… don’t… blame… you. Your eyes told me the answer. Now tell me, who is not in this group comes to your mind who knew about us being here. Who would rat us out?”

“Only us and A.K,” Wilde Shock’s eyes turned back to normal.

“Come on, think about it. Combat expert, could disable Moon, has a big ego.” Book said, force-feeding him this answer.

“Dust!” Wilde Shock gritted his teeth and he got up from his place, “Let’s go!”

“Hold on, we need to wait until we are let go before you and I can go talk to Dusty. We also have a new problem.” Book said. “There’s now another spy in our team.”

“You mean her?” Wilde’s eyes turned to Sunset, “Three thugs fought her off, sure, I knew she had never changed, just some prick.”

“She has been with us from the start. Why would you question her?” Flash asked.

“Look at all of the fresh wounds on her body. They all happened recently except one. Look at her right hand.” Book said silently.

They both looked closely to see a scar on her hand. “Are you certain that she didn’t already have it?”

Book nodded. “I had her show her hands to me several times. It’s the Sunset I’ve been fighting this whole time.”

“So what are we going to do?” Wilde asked, “Maybe a little shock therapy for the imposter?”

Book grabbed his arm and brought him close. “If she’s captured what will happen to our Sunset and Moon? I don’t think my way is the way to handle her.”

Flash was now scared at the prospect of having a spy next to them that they can’t touch. “Then what do we do?”

“We discreetly warn the others, and we treat her like one of our own. We just need to make sure that she doesn’t get our full plans. When we start missions we have somebody else in charge of the team that she’s on and switch things up on her. Until we can find and rescue Sunset and Moon we need our enemies closer.”

“Fine,” Wilde rolled his eyes, “But not trying to redeem her, once we have Moon back, I kill her.”

Flash looked nervous at the idea of killing somebody. “Well… what if we can convert her? If she has information on Dark Prince then she could be a big asset.”

“Do you think she would turn on her boss?” Wilde turned to Flash, “She would never betray him, we must act now, before Moon would die.”

Book held up his hand. “We’ll see what we can get from Dust, but if… Shimmer gets outed now and escapes then we’re only signing two death certificates. You’re playing checkers right now. The game Shimmer and Prince are playing is chess.”

“ I hope you have a plan,” Wilde told Book, “As a known master of gambling, the odds are against us.”

“I don’t play chance, I play chess. Try to spread the word without her noticing. She’s getting patched up, so now’s the best chance. Don’t let anybody get caught alone with her.” Book ordered.

“I’ll text Rarity,” Wilde took his phone, “After all, you the one who told me to trust my girl.”

“Good, make sure that they all keep it a secret. Lives are on the line right now, and we have the advantage. Fuze witnessed this and is worried that he might have been spotted, so he’s backed out of the group until he’s safe.” Book explained. “He’s heading for the school and is waiting for me.”

“Rarity already opened a group,” Wilde told them to take their phones, “It’s called Copysun Fake Shimmer. Not a great name but,”

Book opened his phone. “Everybody being stealthy right now?”

“Well, I had to take a cab back here, but I’m here now,” Fluttershy said.

“I’m sharing a phone with Fluttershy while she’s hugging me. Am I insane?” Light asked.

“You’re just as sane as the rest of us. Sunset Shimmer is compromised. Her double is currently getting bandages in the back of the hospital van. Dash, sit down.” Book said as he glanced at the speedster who was starting to stand up.

“Alright, what’s the plan?” Applejack asked as they all sat down, as Shimmer left the group and she headed to Caballeron’s base.

Book paused for a second as a couple of officers walked by. “Nobody can let her know that we are onto her. If she gets exposed then the other Sunset is worthless and will most likely be killed. Don’t be alone with her, and be ready to change plans to accommodate for adjusting plans last minute. Applejack, disqualifying Sunset, who is the best tactician on the team that A.K. Assigned you to?”

“Rarity and Wilde Shock are the best ah can offer, they both know how to keep things and manipulate people.”

“Then Rarity and Wilde are in charge of your group now. Be careful when planning for Shimmer. Also, we are moving the sleepover to your place Applejack. Treat Shimmer like you’d treat Sunset. Keep cool and don’t do anything to let her onto us. Once I can find and rescue Sunset and Moon we can beat the tar out of her.” Book said sternly.

“Why don’t we just try making friends with her?” Pinkie asked. “It’s always worked for us in the past.”

“That’s what I was suggesting,” Flash said, glad that she was on his side.

“You really think we can get along with… her?!?” Wilde nearly barked at the phone.

“I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot. Keep her as an ally for now. Once I get to Prince’s castle I’ll search for info that could sway her along as our missing allies. Text Sunset in thirty minutes, tell her that the sleepover is still on and the location moved. Keep it a secret and just pick her up. Applejack, Pinkie, you two are in charge of picking her up.” Book ordered. “I’ve got to hang up.” Book quickly added as his dad walked up to him.

Golden hugged Book as he came over. “I came over as soon as I heard about what happened. Where’s Fuze?”

“Oh, he’s at school. Something about asking the principal about what rules and restrictions for making stuff. You know how he gets.” Flash was amazed at how blatantly Book was able to lie to his dad.

Golden nodded. “Good, because I’m taking you boys home right now.”

Book’s cool face turned to fear as he said that. “No! I mean, Light’s been having a bad day. He needs this to get him back to his childish self.”

Golden grabbed Book’s arms. “Book, Moon is missing. I don’t care which kid in a suit talks to me, I’m going to find him. You know that Light’s panicking right now.”

“Which is why he needs this party. If we send him home like this then he’ll just feel guilty. We need to get his mind off of this and back into a positive state. We’re moving the party over to Applejack’s house, and that’s a ways away from town. I promise that we’ll help Light, all I’m asking for is your trust.” Book pleaded.

Golden sighed as he turned to Light. Fluttershy was still trying to keep him calm and was doing a pretty good job. “Alright. I’ll… trust you. Just make sure that you call me personally if anything happens.”

“Don’t worry Mr. G,” Rainbow dash assured Golden and she leaned on Book, “Book will be safe and sound under my protection.”

Golden looked confused. “Who is this?”

Dash grinned as she shook his hand. “Rainbow Dash. The coolest person here.”

Book blushed a bit as his dad was staring at him. “You told me to make some friends.”

“Never mind her, she’s our idiot,” Wilde grinned and he returned to his jerk self, “I am the coolest guy here.” Rarity punched Wilde in the guts and apologized in his name

“He’s actually Moon’s friend, so that’s not on me,” Book said.

Golden rubbed his forehead a bit. “Just… remember what I taught you.”

Book blushed a little more as he said that. “Yes, sir.”

Dash raised her eyebrow a bit. “What exactly did you teach him?”

Golden grinned as Agent Sweetie Drops walked over. “K.I.S.S. Or, Keep It Simple Stupid.” As he turned to see Drops walk up he groaned a bit. “Come on! This was an attempted robbery, not a magic incident.”

She pointed over to the broken light pole with the impression of a fist on it.

“It seems we have enhanced on the loose, maybe it’s that beast that attacked the bank three days ago.”

Golden sighed. “Well, now this is also a family matter. My cousin has been kidnapped, so I’m not going to be kept in the dark on this.”

“Family late… oh hey Rainbow Dash!” Dropps waved as she looked at Rainbow Dash and she took off her glasses. “Have you seen Lyra, I didn’t saw her in ages.”

Book grinned a bit at this. He turned to his dad and grinned. “I guess this organization isn’t a secretive one.”

Golden looked shocked as this girl was talking to Dash. “So she’ll share information with a random teen, but not to the people who need it. I hate this flipping group.”

“Come on, rookie, we need to go,” Dropps ordered Golden to return to the car, as she looked on her phone for any news from Lyra.

“Hey, I’ve been on the force before you were going to school!” Golden said as he followed her.

“Cop, agent,” Dropps reminded her rank to Golden, “I’m in charge, sorry,” the young agent smirked.”

Golden rolled his eyes. “I can’t imagine what idiot would place a child in a position like this. In all of my years, I’ve never seen an underaged kid being put in charge.”

Book took a deep breath as the two of them drove off. “Alright. Officers are clearing out and detectives are coming in. Wilde, let’s go to the school, get some answers, and talk to A.K. About what to do with my brother. I’ll message Fuze to dig up some dirt on Lighting.”

“Fine, let’s go, see you later babe,” Wilde winked as he created a heart made out from lightning and Rarity blushed and sent a kiss in return, “It seems that the relationship is on the track, like titanic.”

“Hey loverboy, on the bike,” Book ordered as he got onto his motorcycle.

As they drove off Fluttershy walked up to Flash. “Um... I did find it a little awkward when leaving your house, but your mom is a nice lady.”

Flash bit his lip when he realized that he had forgotten to bring Fluttershy back. “Oh! I’m so sorry!” He looked down. “What did she say?”

“Well.. She is happy for both of us, even tho.. She told me that she thought you were into the other Pink haired girl,” Fluttershy told him.

Flash just was hoping that this wasn’t going to make it awkward for him and Pinkie Pie, especially him and Light Heart.

As he was thinking about it he was suddenly approached by Pinkie. “Hey, I have something to say to you.”

Fearing the worst, Flash slowly turned to face Pinkie Pie.

He was surprised when he didn’t see an angry face, but a beaming one. Pinkie wrapped him in a tight hug as she spoke. “Thank you so much for saving Fluttershy back there!”

“Umm… you..” He patted her back. “You’re welcome.” He was happy that she didn’t have any issues with his mom finding her friend, and what he hopes and thinks is going to be his new friend’s girlfriend.

Pinkie giggled as she let him go. “Well, it’s going to be strange to explain what happened with Fluttershy to your mom, but I’m willing to bet that we’ll all laugh about it later. At least you didn’t leave her someplace smelly.”

Flash tried to recall if it was yesterday or tomorrow that he was going to wash his bed-sheets. “Well.. My mom now thinks at best that I was showing off my bed-room to her, and at worst...” Flash had to pause to think about what he should say. “and at worst that I would have stolen my new friend’s.. Female-calming-down-friend/buddy!?” He didn’t know what to call Flutter and Light relationship right now.

“Hu, I just called them huggy buddies, kinda like us.” Pinkie thought about it for a minute. “Well, just tell your mom that she is my friend and that she was just in the neighborhood and decided to visit. She… might buy that. I know Light will understand what happened. I think he would have had a problem if you had just left her on a random street.”

Flash found it strange that she was so fun but so smart at the same time. “I guess you have a point.”

Pinkie gave him another hug. “Of course. So, do you need a ride to Applejack’s house?”

Flash did like the idea of riding with her, but he knew that he needed to get comfortable with his new powers. “I’d love to, but I think I should try getting this teleportation under control.”

Pinkie didn’t look offended at all. “Okie Dokie! I’ll see you there.”

Flash got his bag of things, made sure that everyone was out of sight, and started teleporting, or at the least practicing to teleport around and trying to some sort of parkour. “It would be easier if I had a drone to show be an aerial assistant from up top.”

After a while, he started to managed to teleport in the air but has to teleport back down before he started to fall.

Book and Wilde soon found themselves back at the school. Both were ticked and ready for anything.

As they parked Book’s bike Fuze came out from behind the bushes. “Did Shimmer ask about where I was? Does she know that I saw her?”

Book shook his head. “I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. Did Lightning Dust come back here?”

Fuze nodded. “Yeah. I also went through her stuff for that dirt you wanted. I also got bored and started coming up with some new suit designs for the team. It’s mainly the mechanical features, and it’s a rough sketch.”

Book nodded. “We’ll talk about that later. Right now we need to talk with the mole. Ready Wilde.”

Wilde gave a cruel grin as a spark of lightning came off of his hand. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Book looked at the electric hand for a moment. “So, you’re an infused magic user too? How did that happen?”

“Someone challenged me to fly a kite in a storm, and I was electrocuted, when I woke up, I had Palpatine powers.”

“I guess Thomas Edison didn’t teach you about that lesson.” Book quipped as he was looking for the entrance to the base.

“You mean franklin?” Wilde laughed, “You think Edison did the kite experiment?”

“Nope, I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t all brawn.” Book went on to explain. “I’ve been on a few teams in school where I’ve had to carry the whole team. It’s… annoying to say the least.”

“Wow, you sound a little like Dash,” Wilde raised an eyebrow, “That sounds like her, play alone, thinking she’s better.”

Book chuckled a bit. “She’s really something, isn’t she?”

“Well, we got Fuze,” Wilde quickly changed the subject, doesn’t want to talk about Rainbow Dash, “Let’s go before Shimmer would find anything.”

“We still need to talk to Lightning. If Shimmer finds out that we know about her then Dust will be worthless to us.” Book explained.

“And Yearling?” Wilde asked Book, “Do we still count on her, as long as we know, she could be Prince’s mother.”

Book paused when he said that. There was a small possibility that he was right and that they were gathered just to make them all targets. Book didn’t have a good reason for trusting Yearling. “You’re right. I… I don’t know if we can trust her. We have evidence for Dust betraying us, but we don’t know if Yearling just priming us for the fall.”

“So let’s do what she asked us, take the key and the armor,” Wilde smiled, “Then we will have something to bargain with Yearling, information for what she wants. Fuze could make a copy so we won’t give the keys of heaven to the devil’s servants.”

Fuze nodded. “I think I need to put some more focus on these copies and our gear. Just take me home. I’ll try working on our gear for tomorrow.”

Book nodded. “I understand. Hopefully, once we learn more about Prince we’ll understand our enemy better.”

When Flash got to A.J.’s place, he could see that Light was very close with Fluttershy and standing close to Fluttershy. He was hoping that they didn’t have a problem that she had been in his bed. If Light knew about it, he wasn’t showing it.

Light gave a weak smile. It was clear that he was still upset over everything that happened that day. Fluttershy was staying next to him, hoping that she was keeping her calm. Ever since she learned about him trying to commit suicide she had been worried about him.

As Fluttershy was trying to think of something to make Light happier, one of A.J.’s cows mooed. “Well, now I can just go and do that. We just met!” Fluttershy told the cow.

“So how will we find Moon?” Sunset asked the group, “There must be a way.” Applejack took the bear that Moon made her and tears came out of her eyes.

At that point, Book and Wilde drove back. “We’re still working on that. Fuze has elected to pass up the sleepover so he can work on some ideas for it, but I’ll see to it that we’ll get him back. I’m just glad to see that you’re okay Sunset.” Book said, fitting into the role of her being his friend.”

“Yeah, it was rough there,” Shimmer smiled tried to hide the instinct to kill Book, “So what will we do, talk to A. K about the fact that the best gun has been taken?”

“Just because he was big and tough, doesn’t mean that he’s the best gun. The best people rely on skill and brains. We’ll focus on performing to the best of our abilities, and Prince won’t stand a chance.” Book said with a grin.

“You right Book, I’m sorry,” Shimmer told Book, “But we need to tell her, she will find a replacement or something.”

Book shrugged as he walked past her. “One of those agents were on the scene, so I bet that she’ll find out anyway. We have the watches Fuze gave us, right?”

Everyone nodded, and they took out their special watches with their symbol Fuze worked on. On Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie, Twilight, and Sunset were their symbols of apples, butterflies, diamonds, balloons, stars, and sun. On Wilde’s was blue lightning bolts making an x. Book had a knight’s helmet on it, and Light and Flash were still waiting to get their watches.

“Well, most of us do,” Flash said.

“Sunset are you with us?” Twilight asked Shimmer who didn’t have her watch.

“I forgot mine at home,” Shimmer tried to get off the hook.

Book suddenly realized that he had a good advantage. As long as the others didn’t know about the communicators he might have a way to track her. “Well… after school tomorrow we’ll talk to her about it. Alright, this is our first sleepover as a team, so let’s try to have some fun.”

Wilde went to the fridge of Applejack and he threw bottles to everyone, “Revenge of Tirek, first round, who is bold enough,” His eyes turned to Shimmer, “What about you, Sunset?”

“No thanks,” Shimmer answered, “My hands are still hurt.” Wilde shrugged, and he walked to the console to fight Rainbow Dash. Twilight walked to Shimmer, still thinking she could help her.

“You know,” Twilight told Shimmer, “It reminds me a lot of the camp Everfree.”

“Yeah,” Shimmer answered, trying to keep herself calm, “It was rough there.”

Book raised an eyebrow. “My family is new to town, why don’t you girls tell me about it?”

“I think I let Sunset tell you,” Twilight winked to Book.

“No it’s fine,” Shimmer told Twilight, “Tell him.”

Twilight shrugged, “Fine, So there was a lady named Gloriosa that she was in charge of the camp, and she tried to stop a businessman from taking over the camp, but she has gone mad by the equestrian magic and we stopped her.”

Book was actually impressed. “Wow, you’ve been taking on magic longer then I’ve been handling normal crime. So, what was it like when the cops showed up?

“They didn’t show up,” Twilight told Book, “After that we and gloriosa had a party, trying to raise money to save the camp

“So, you just… trusted her…” Book said in a bit of disbelief

“She wasn’t evil,” Twilight answered and Shimmer tried to keep herself calm, despite not believing in her words, “No one is truly evil.”

“She was just a little misunderstood and desperate. Hey Twi, tell him about the time we got stuck in a mirror.” Pinkie said.

Book and Shimmer were now both interested in their stories.

“Maybe another time,” Twilight smiled to Pinke, “Let’s just enjoy the party.”

“Yeah, let’s just say that we have a habit of making friends with people who have tried controlling the city, including Sunset.” Pinkie said, lounging next to Sunset.

Shimmer smiled as everyone looked at her, “It was a different me back then.”

Flash turned to Pinkie. “So.. Do they still have their magic?” Flash asked them.

“Usually, not,” Rarity answered, “But with Moon it was different. When he became that thing at first, he was dangerous.” Applejack sighed in sorrow, and she nodded.

“He almost killed us when we met him,” Applejack looked at the doll of the wolf, “Ah thought he was nothing but a monster, but when he turned back, he was something else, he was afraid.”

“Well it a good thing you were there AppleBelle.” Rarity said. “You managed to tame the beast.” She giggled. “Tale as old as time, True as it can be, Barely even friends ...”

“We will find him Applejack,” Shimmer told Applejack, “I’m sure that he is safe.”

Book bit his lip a bit. “I don’t know. People like Prince get what they want, using whatever gruesome tricks are at their disposal.”

“He is not like that,” Shimmer told Book, and she almost went out of character, “I think.”

Book shook his head. “The leader of the changeling gang was poisoned today. The only reason why the Moon is still alive because he’s an asset. The secant he loses his worth is the second he dies. We got sold out by somebody, and I’m willing to bet it’s our new boss.” Book said, trying to see if the theory is right.

“I thought no one is evil,” Shimmer turned to Twilight, “Trust me, I don’t think he’s doing it because he is evil.”

Book scoffed a bit. “You all have beaten people who could be reached with friendship, but I fought people who just want one thing, Power. This Prince wants a throne to sit on that crumbled decades ago.”

“Maybe,” Shimmer agreed, “But we cannot be the ones who decide who lives and who dies.”

“Unlike him, I have one rule that I always keep. I never kill. I detain and even render unconscious, but never kill.” Book explained. “Well, let’s change the topic...”

Flash went to were Light and Fluttershy were sitting, and sat other Light’s other side.

Fluttershy looked worried at Light. “Are you okay Light?”

Light took a deep breath as he spoke. “I have magic that I can’t control, and I’m… losing my family. How am I supposed to deal with this?”

“By keeping the ones you care the closest to you.” Flash told Light. “And also keeping the one that cares the most about you also close to you.”

Light looked at the two people sitting next to him. Light had shown everybody how mentally crippled he can be, and yet they still cared. “Why do you two care about what happens to me?”

Fluttershy carefully placed a hand on his arm. “Maybe it’s because you’re somebody worth loving.”

Light soon realized that he was surrounded by two people who care about him more than he deserved. Flash was trying to be a good friend and Fluttershy… was starting to become something more. Light felt safe whenever these two people were next to him, as his anxiety and pain all melted away.

“YAY! We’re all becoming friendzies!” Pinkie yelled as she jumped onto Flash’s lap. “So, are we all going to be working together on FastFox’s and ShyStone’s birthdays? I can handle the party and cake and let Light handle the presents. Also, are Light and Fluttershy a thing now?”

Light and Fluttershy both blushed when Pinkie brought that up. “Oh… Well, we’re still trying to know each other as friends…”

“Well start asking questions silly.” Pinkie urged with a big smile. “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start talking. I can tell you right now that Flash’s favorite color is (Orange), his favorite treat is(Lindt Excellence Dark Strawberry Chocolate), and he always (add Garlic and Cinnamon unto his toast at the same time).”

Flash blushed a bit. “Well the color wasn’t hard to find out, the chocolate was the only one that I try to snick in, and I can’t believe that you managed to figure that out.”

Light and Fluttershy giggled a bit. “Well, we do have all night. I guess we could ask each other a few questions.” Light suggested.

Fluttershy blushed a bit. “I’d… like that.”

“Hey Book!!” Wilde called for Book as he threw the controller in rage towards him, “Your turn against the cheater here.” Wilde’s eyes turned to Rainbow Dash.

“What type of game is it? If it’s not a first-person shooter then this is going to be a repeat of yesterday.” Book said, not entirely trusting Wilde.

“Tirek’s revenge,” Rainbow Dash told Book, “It’s a fighting game, like Mortal Kombat or Streetfighter. One of Sunset’s favorite’s”

Book cringed at that. “Fuze was always better at games in general. Sunset, can you give me any pointers before I commit myself to be unfairly crushed again?”

As Shimmer was trying to think of a way to get out of this mess Book’s watch lit up. Book quickly covered it. “Sorry, it’s one of the watches Fuze gave me. It doubles as a phone. Just give me a minute. It’s either him or the boss lady.”

“Alright,” Shimmer shrugged as she drank one of the ciders, “Just come back quickly.”

Book quickly walked outside where nobody could hear him. “This had better be good.” Book quickly turned on his communicator to reveal Fuze.

“Book,” Fuze called his brother as Book saw him working on Applejack’s gloves, “Filthy Rich’s house is being robbed by, and hear this, three girls and a boy with a sword. The girls are known as the Sirens gang, watch this.” Fuze pushed a button on his computer and the watch showed a video from the bank three months ago, where the Sirens sang a song and the people just gave them their money, and then they started to attack each other.

Book looked curious at this new form of magic. “So when they sing, they hypnotize people. Do we have anything to counteract that?”

“If only there was a genius who could improvise with everything,” Fuze sighed in irony and he smirked to Book.

“I’m just keeping in mind that you are rotten with chemistry and cooking. What do you have for us?” Book asked.

“Check your bag, there are headphones Amun to songs. When anyone is singing, it blocks the sound waves. Just in case the girls would sing some lullaby to you.”

“How many do you have, and how will I communicate with the others?” Book asked as he pulled out his bag.

“Do you really trust ‘Sunset’?” Fuze raised an eyebrow, “I think she is the one who told the prince about the place.”

“Impossible, none of us talked to her about Yearling’s plan… meaning that info came from Lightning Dust.” Book said.

“But you told me she went to Sunset’s home, maybe she put it in her diary,” Fuze shrugged. “Either way go alone for now.”

“Good point. By the way, can you track our watches?” Book asked.

“So maybe I would find Moon and Sunset,” Fuze smiled, “It wouldn’t take much time, I would let you know after you beat Prince in his flanks.”

Book nodded. “Good, cause I’m not waiting for Yearling to tell me where he hangs his coat if she isn’t double-crossing us. I still need something big to handle Prince. My last two fights with him didn’t end well. Anything I can pick up on the way to work?”

“I am working on something,” Fuze told Book, “In the meantime, just take Wilde and Flash if you’re worried about losing.”

Book nodded. “Alright, our house is between here and Filthy’s mansion. I’ll stop there for any toys, but it’ll have to be quick. Book out.”

Book quickly turned his watch off and walked back inside. “Wilde, Flash, Fuze needs you two. He’s trying to adjust for your powers and needs to experiment with them for your new tech.”

“Sure,” Wilde shrugged as he and Flash walked outside of the house. “Let’s go.”

Flash looked a little upset that he had to be pulled away from Pinkie, but he knew that he’d need this tech is he was going to stand a chance in a fight.

As the three of them got outside and into Wilde’s car, Book got serious. “Fuze will have some basic tech for you two along with masks. He hasn’t worked with Rarity yet on design, but it’ll suffice.”

“Now you’re talking,” Wilde smiled, “But I don’t work with a mask, don’t like to cover this,” Wilde pointed to his face.

“The mask isn’t for you. It’s for the people you care about. Either way, it’s the way we have for now.” Book explained.

“Maybe a hood or something, like star wars guy who shoots lightning.”

“Wait, why are we getting the gear now?” Flash asked in concern.

“Filthy Rich’s house is being robbed by the Siren gang and Prince. We need to stop them before he gets his hands on the next artifact.” Book explained.

“Let’s blast the bastards,” Wilde smiled, as he was excited to use his powers again. “I needed a good fight,

“Let me make a few things clear. I’m in charge right now, but that won’t mean much because we’ll all be wearing headsets that should block out the Siren’s song. We do not kill, only detain and beat the tar out of. Nobody else can know about this, not Shimmer, not Yearling. Understood?” Book asked.

“Fine,” Wilde rolled his eyes, and he started to drive to Book’s house, “But still, you think Prince already knows our identities?”

“Most likely, and I don’t know who all he’s shared that information with. My current goal is to not have my face caught on a security camera. I don’t want to be on the news. My dad will kill me if he finds out about this.” Book said.

“So, maybe Flash and I would have nicknames as well?”

Flash nodded. “That’d be cool.”

Book sighed as he started thinking. “You two wouldn’t happen to have a couple of original names under your belt, would you?”

“I thought about Dark Bolt or Electro-fist,” Wilde told Book as he heard how cool the names were in his head.

“Well, I can teleport when I blink my eyes..” Flash thought about it. “So...Blinking-Pop!”

“Alright, we’ll go with Dark Bolt and Blinking-Pop, but only expect me to call you by the latter part of your name. It’s quicker.” Book explained.

The two nodded as they arrived at Book’s place, “Alright, where is your bat cave?” Wilde asked Book, “If you’re a good Batman knockoff will have a bat cave.”

“I do try to be original, but I was low on options when I moved here. Follow me to my cave.” Book said, rolling his eyes a bit.

“Really,” Wilde grinned, “I was half-serious about the cave… Do you really cleaned up a cave and built a bunch of devices, or did you paid for some miners that they wouldn’t tell?”

Book looked at Wilde like he was judging him. “I cleaned it myself, and it’s nowhere near as big as Batman’s. Fuze made all of my techs, and I just told my parents that it’s a cool place for me and my brothers to hang out. Currently, we’re the only ones who have access to it.”

“Let’s go, Mr. Wayne,” Wilde laughed as they followed Book to his cave. Book led the two into the woods outside his house, where a cave was open there, and inside the cave was an elevator.

The others looked shocked to see an elevator in here, but Book didn’t seem phased. “This was an old mining shaft, so we took this old elevator and fixed it up.”

The three went through the elevator and went down to a cave deep underground where Fuze was waiting for them with a bunch of new gadgets

Book was glad to see Fuze already prepared to their arrival, “What do you have for us?”

Fuze had a few boxes with him. “You’re gonna love it, bro,” Fuze opened box one that revealed new spiked black suit with a mask, “This suit’s fabric can absorb energy, and release it,”

Flash suddenly realized something. “Where’re Mine and Wilde’s suits?”

“I haven’t gotten to that. I’ve got a few individual pieces, but no whole suits for you yet.” Fuze explained.

“Do you have any cloaks and hoods?” Wilde asked Fuze.

Fuze thought about it a bit. “There’s the prototype suit that I made Book, but I guess I can work the gear into that.”

Wilde turned to see the suit Fuze was talking about, a simple black suit with a hood and cape. Wilde took the suit and he tore the sleeves, and he wore the black suit covering his face in the hood and he put a pair of fingerless gloves he had in his blue jeans. Covering his

Fuze then got some whips that looked like they had strains of some form of metal in them and handed them to Wilde. “These I made to go with your electric powers. You can course your energy into them for a shocking good time.”

“So I could be like electro Rocky?” Wilde asked as he tried the strains on his hands, and they glowed blue as his eyes did the same

“Sure, just try not to kill me with those. Flash, I’ve got you an auto-piloted drone to help you out with teleporting. I made it to where it’ll tend the transmission to a pair of (the color) shades I made so you’ll be able to see the whole battlefield at once.” Fuze explained as the small drone flew next to Flash.

Flash looked that the drone. “What if I want the drone to follow someone or go somewhere else?”

“What you gonna call him?” Wilde asked as he punched a training dummy with his electric punches, almost setting the dummy on fire. “T2, small eye?” The dummy burned from all the electric as Wilde ignored the flames.

Book quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. “How about ‘don’t burn my base down’?”

“Maybe next time,” Wilde winked to Book as he removed the stains from his hands. “Hey Fuze, do you think I can fly with my electric powers like if I will hit the ground I would float?”

“If you can do that, then I can teleport a whole building.” Truth said jokingly.

Fuze had to think about it. “I don’t know. You’d have to hit the ground with enough energy to force your own body into the air, so I think if you could it’d still need a lot of power to do it.”

“We need to go,” Book told Fuze as he put the new suit, “I’ll talk to you later.” Fuze nodded

Book motioned for the others to follow him to a thin tunnel with a jet black motorcycle waiting for him. “This is what I call the Knight Rider. Fuze and I made this from scratch to avoid it getting identified by cops if I lose it.”

“Really,” Wilde raised an eyebrow, “The knight rider, you called this as a joke, or you called your name just so you could use it as a joke.”

“Batman gets the batmobile, I get the Knight Rider. Now, I know that Flash can teleport there, so Wilde, you’ll be riding with me.” Book said.

Flash nodded as he got his gear in his bag. “How hay can the Drone go?” Flash asked. “I have to see it in my mind to teleport there.” He explained. “So I ever have to see it, or know the place by heart.”

“No way,” Wilde told Book, “I have a car. I will meet you there.”

“Your car has a license plate and serial numbers on it. This can take back roads and make up for the lost time.” Book explained.

“There is no way I will be behind you on a bike,” Wilde told Book, “No way, not anytime soon, not in a thousand years, No!”

Book pulled on his headset and turned on the communicator. “Fine, but if you fall behind, you’re on your own.” Book then hopped onto his bike and revved the engine, darting out of the tunnel.

“See you there.” Wilde smiled as he walked back to his car, leaving Flash alone.

Flash cringed a bit. “Now what?”

Suddenly the shades that Fuze gave him came to life, showing two screens, one with a map of the town, and the other one with Fuze’s face on it. “Hey, I figured since I didn’t have a suit that I’d playback seat on this. Now, let’s test these new toys.”

Flash noted before putting on some black cloths, then the safety shirt and pants, then he replaced his normal (color) sunglasses with the (color) shades on, Fuze face disappeared and was replaced with a normal enhance Vigen of what was in front of him. He walked out of the cave, with the drone, set it to fly up, the map was replied with the VU from the drone. When it was at its highest, Blinking-Pop teleported the farthest the drone could see. The drone automatically followed Blinking-Pop showing him what was up ahead.

“So explain to me why do you want to enter my house?” Filthy Rich asked Wilde as he rubbed his eyes.

“I told you, sir, three teenagers are trying to get the key to something, so they could the world,” Wilde explained, “Now, may I go in?”

“No!!!” Filthy shouted at Wilde, “Now leave now before I call the cops.” Filthy Rich closed the door, leaving Wilde alone in the yard of the big white house.

“Well, you’re doing a good job,” Book said as he pulled up next to him.

“Hey, at least I didn’t stick behind,” Wilde smiled as he tried to look for any way to break in.

“You try filling the gas tank without letting your identity slip,” Book muttered.

“Fill it back in the Batcave?” Wilde suggested.

“Does it look like I have a gas station in there?” Book asked.

“You have enough money to build an entire base to fight crime, but you don’t have money to build a gas station.”

“Keep in mind that I had to lie to get most of that stuff. The mechanical tech Mom let me buy for Fuze to keep him occupied, but I had to lie about what he built and sometimes say that it broke. Becoming Batman isn’t as easy as it looks. Not even I can afford some of the stuff that gut has, namely the heavily armored car.” Book explained.

“Anyway, Shadow Knight, do you have any idea how do we get in?” Wilde asked as a beam of light appeared in front of them, and Flash came out.

“Sorry, I’m late. I’m still trying to get used to using the live cameras and teleporting at the same time. What’s going on?” Flash asked.

Book pointed to a window. “Odds are that Rich is being hypnotized. I’ll take the roof with Wilde, you teleport into the building and give us a lay of the situation.”

“Please, call me Electro fist!” Wilde smiled as his eyes glowed in blue

“Right, Fist, come with me. You’d better have the upper body strength to climb a rope.” Book muttered as he started sneaking to the side of the building.

“I am flattered Knight, but I have a girlfriend,” Fist told Shadow Knight as he followed him and prepared himself to climb the building

“Well, I’ve got a grappling hook. Took twenty models before we got the thing to work.” Book said as he pulled a gun-like device from his belt and fired it at the roof.

“Race you to the top,” Wilde told Book as he started to climb the windows, leaning with his back on the corner of the walls, and catching the pipe that would lead him to the roof.

Book grinned under his mask as he flipped a switch on it and it started pulling him up. “Smarter, not harder.”

The two arrived at the roof, Blinking-Pop greeting him before teleporting back down, as Wilde stretched his limbs, “Do you have any other ideas on how to get in?”

Book motioned to the sunroof. As the two walked up to it Book motioned for them to hold there. “Pop… you need another name. What’s your status?”

“I’m inside the kitchen,” Flash told Book as he heard the sound of two girls and he ran to hide.

“Sonata, we should not take some tacos from them.” A purple girl with two ponytails told her blue friend.

“Why? We are robbing them, so I should rob their food as well,” The blue girl told her friend as she opened the fridge, “Come on tacos where are you?”

Book silently pulled out a throwing star and unlocked one of the panels. “Rich people, cheap security system.”

“No, he is just cheap,” Wilde told Book, “Never pays a tip even when I arrived at his house within five minutes!. Do you mind if I would destroy one of his statues?”

Book glared at him. “Focus on the mission. Find the key before Price. If you find one of the sirens, take them down quickly and silently. Try not to get caught. This is a stealth mission.”

“Fine, I would take blue and hungry, you take the purple girl. We take the orange together!” Book nodded, and he tied a rope to a pipe in the roof, and he slid down to the treasure room

Book kept silent as he snuck through the place. “Pop, if you find Prince, try to get some footage. The drone should be silent, so keep it up high.”

“Got it,” Flash told Book as he used a remote that was on his wrist, “Come, one little guy, let’s see what you can do.” The drone floated above the two girls’ heads and he flew from the kitchen around the house to find anything, when he arrived at the bedroom of the rich couple he found Prince and Adagio next to tied people.

“Mr. Rich, I am a businessman like you,” Prince told Rich as he took his sword aiming for his child’s head, “I am offering you to think good before you open your mouth, where is the key to the chest?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about!” Filthy Rich cried for Prince’s mercy, “Leave my daughter and my wife alone and I would give you whatever you want.” Filthy Rich agreed and Adagio untied his hands.

“You better not lie,” Adagio whispered to Rich’s ear, “My boyfriend here does not like when his time has been wasted.”

“Guys, we’ve got a hostage situation. Pinging their location to you.” Flash whispered softly.

“Understood. Keep an eye on Prince and try to figure out where they are going. I’ll handle his family, you guys focus on the prize.” Book whispered back, pulling out a moist cloth rag and waiting to find one of the Sirens.

“Like I said,” Wilde turned to Book, “I take the blue, you the purple,” Wilde jumped out of the rope, and he landed on the floor, making an echo in the giant room.

Book glared at him as he traded the rag for a rope and throwing star. “Could you jump down here again? I don’t think they heard you in Canada.”

“Hey, I wanted them to hear us, so we wouldn’t have to split up, and get beaten by them,” Wilde told Book, trying to make his words sound like a plan.

“You’re going to get Prince in here you fool. I said stealth and you thought about nothing.” Book scolded.

“Again, all part of the plan,” Wilde told Book.

“Fine, new plan. Wait here and let them find you.” Book said as he ducked into the shadows.

“Who is it?!?” A female voice asked in the dark, “What are you doing here?” Wilde kept his calm face and his eyes glowed in blue.

“I am Electro Fist!” Wilde talked in a deep voice, and he sent a lightning bolt towards the source of the voice, hitting the source of the voice. “Tell me now where is Dark Prince?!?”

“Who?” The woman asked before she was blasted into the wall, and fell unconscious

“That’s not good.” Wilde checked the woman’s pulse and he sighed in relief, “She is still alive!”

“But you won’t!” Two girls stood behind Wilde, “Sonata, what do you say? Should we give this new hero a taste of our song?” The two girls started to sing as Wilde’s eye turned from blue to green and he started to get dizzy.

“Hu, I’m more of a country guy myself,” Shadow said as he grabbed the girls’ heads and rammed them into each other.

“See,” Wilde told Book as he got up on his legs, “All part of the plan.”

“And you ask why I work alone,” Book muttered as he started to gag and tie up the girls.

“It would explain a lot,” A familiar voice told Book, “Mr. Knight, it is a surprise to see you here. And you brought a friend.”

“It’s impossible to find a babysitter nowadays. I guess we just can’t spend a day alone.” Book said calmly.

“My love,” Prince turned to Adagio putting his hands on her chin, “Would you give me the honor and kill the parasite?” Adagio nodded and smiled.

“And I thought you would never ask.” Adagio took a spear from an old armor in the treasure room and she ran towards Book.

“Fist, hold off Prince, pop, free the hostages and get the key, I’ve got this girl,” Book said as he countered her stab.

Pop teleported behind the hostages, frightening them at first, but they started to relax when he started to undo their knots.

But he then soon came to regret this when they started to attack him. He got a chance to see that their eyes were now green spiral.

While the others ran off, Book was facing Adagio with nothing but his armor. “So, new boyfriend. I hear he’s got some previous users. Are you sure that you want a used model?”

Adagio chuckled a bit. “That dumb redhead is just his little pet. You’ve already beaten her several times, you should know how weak she is by now.”

“Well, I haven’t had a lot of lover girls to fight to compare her to. Give me an example of what a real one should fight like,” Book said, taunting her to come and fight him.

She started twirling the spear around, making it impossible for Book to just grab it from her. He had to stay on the defensive as he used his gauntlets to deflect the attacks. She was extremely aggressive, not holding back or letting up in any way.

As she lunged forward she managed to cut the spot where Book’s body armor met his belt, giving him a long slash in his stomach.

She gave a little grin and she paused to gloat. “Tai Quan Do and the belt is black.”

Book could feel that she didn’t cut too deep, so he merely rolled his neck a bit. “Yeah, I feel bad for you too.”

As she spun the spear again Book used his gauntlet to block the strike as he quickly closed the distance to her. She looked terrified as Book wrapped his arm around hers and raised his other fist to punch her face. She recoiled back in tears as she held her head. “AHHH! YOU BROKE MY NOSE!!!”

“I’ll fix that for you,” Book said as she grabbed her by the nose and forcefully yanked it back into place. Book tilted his head as she was stunned by what happened. “Actually, I think I like it the other way.” Book then landed another solid hit to her nose.

She angrily wiped away the blood from her face as she glared at Book. “You’re a strong fighter, but you’d be better on our side.” She then started singing a hypnotic trance, not knowing what Book was wearing.

Book could only grin under his mask as she sang in vain. “No thanks. I like being a hero.”

As Adagio tried hitting him again, Book threw a throwing star into her leg. As she winced in pain, Book took the moment to yanked the spear from her and whacked her with the bottom of it, knocking her down.

Book tossed the spear aside as she started tying her up. “Just so you know, Miss Shimmer lasted longer.”

Suddenly a voice came from his headset. “Um, can you help me out here? Some of the hostages are not wanting to be saved.”

Book rolled his eyes a bit. “I’m on my way, and I’ve got to teach you how to fight.”

While the others were focused on saving the hostages, Wilde ran to find Prince. Wilde ran across the hall until he found Prince inside of a room with Rich and a key inside a glass box. “I got you,” Wilde whispered as he sneaked to the room, and he hid behind an old armor.

“Open it,” Prince ordered Rich, and the old man nodded, and opened the case, “Now, where is the chest?”

“I have no idea,” Rich told Prince, “The key was the only thing I bought in the auction.”

“Then you are useless,” Prince swung his sword upon the head of Rich and he was about to decapitate him as he was blasted to the end of the room by an electric shock.

“Are you alright?” Wilde asked, and Rich nodded, “Good, let’s get you out of here before...”

“Before I would awake?” Prince smiled and he looked at Wilde, “I must say, you were better than Mr. Knight, you actually hit me.”

“Well thank you,” Wilde smiled, “Let’s see if I can do it a second time.” Wilde used the stains Fuze gave him and he charged them with his energy. “Drop the sword, let’s do it mano o mano.”

“Tempting,” Prince thought about it as Wilde ran to attack, but every punch he threw at the prince, he dodged, “But no.” Prince took his sword as Wilde went for a punch to the neck, but Prince caught his arm before and he broke it.

“Ahhh!” Wilde screamed as a helicopter came above and a ladder was dropped.

“Tell Mr. Knight I would see him next time!!” Prince told Wilde as he flew with the helicopter.

As Prince flew out of sight Book ran in with Flash. “Alright, the Sirens are now tied up to a chandelier, the hostages are tied up again, trust me on that, now what’s…” Book suddenly realized that Wilde’s arm was broken.

Flash quickly ran over to him. “Are you okay?”

“The bastard got me,” Wilde told the two as he got up on his better arm, and he revealed an old key inside of it, “But I have the key.”

Book grinned under his mask. “You sly dog. I’m impressed. How’d you pull it off?”

“His grace watched my hand trying to punch his throat, the other hand went to the key in his belt, watch both hands next time, a royal prick.” Wilde smiled and the pain stopped his happiness.

“Alright, we need to get out of here before Prince realizes that we have his toy. Fuze, I’ll come up with a name for you later. Call the cops and send them here. If Yearling asks, we lost the key.” Book said.

Flash nodded. “Hey Fuze, did this drone record the whole thing?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Faze asked curiously.

“My drone recorded Adagio getting sweet-talked by Prince. I know it sounds mean…” Flash started to say.

Book kept his grin. “We could use that against Shimmer. This could do a number on her loyalty.”

“What I told you,” Wilde turned to Book, “We will not redeem her, if she doesn’t turn, we turn her to the cops.”

Book rolled his eyes. “And here is what I’m saying. We turn her our side or get her to give up. We save Sunset and Moon, we stop Prince. You’re still thinking too small. You see the battle and how to turn it to your favor. I see the war, and you can’t go to a hospital for that arm.”

“Fine, but someone has something to ease the pain?” Wilde asked.

“Is it dislocated or broken?” Book asked.

“How should I know!!!” Wilde stopped talking as Book returned the arm to its place, “I guess it dislocated.”

Book nodded. “Saves us a lot of grief, now imagine the pain of relocating it on your own. Alright. We hide the key in my cave, then head back to the slumber party. Only the three of us know about the key, let’s keep it that way for now.”

“Cool, cool.” Wilde nodded as he tried to stop the tears of pain.

“Glad that you’re listening. Flash, drive his car for him and let’s get out of here.” Book said as he patted Wilde’s bad shoulder.

“Go to Tartarus!!” Wilde shouted at Book.

“Take this as a lesson. You might have died on that gambit.” Book said as some blood dripped from his armor. “Take the lessons of your wounds and learn from them. Experience gives you the test first, then the lesson.”

Wilde rolled his eyes as he followed Book and Flashback to his car. “Let’s go to sleep a little.”

“You forget, this is a sleepover. I frankly need to learn more about you all, and I need to show them the recording of Prince’s dating video.”

“First you need to think about how to tell his ex the bad news, and make her good like her twin.” Wilde looked at Book, “I don’t think she will turn.”

“I’m not showing it to just her. I’ll have Fuze take clips of the fight and have told them stat this is to learn from the mistakes and how to handle themselves in them. The loverboy scene would just pop in.” Book said as he hopped onto his bike.

“Guys,” Flash looked at the two as the drone came with new pictures, showing the sirens escaping.

“... And to show them how the Sirens fight,” Book said as he tried to cover up his embarrassment.

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