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Wow. Just wow. That was one wild, but one damn HOT ride. Good job!

The alternate description in the little box, forget what it's called, You spelt Twilight as Tiwlight

Yep, that ending sounded about right. :trollestia:

Oh good lord :rainbowlaugh:
Hilarious, a definite keeper!

Hey, I recognize that cover art! :pinkiehappy:

That he is.

Pity the comic ended. Now we can buy it, though.

This is shakespearicles-grade material right here.

t h a n k y o u

Been noticing a few of your italicized sentences aren't closed properly.

I'm also seeing inconsistent anatomy; in some passages, there are hooves, in others, fingers. The problem is present in the first story, too.

Thanks coretz, I'll do a scan, definitely shouldn't be any nonmagical fingers about

Actually, could you point out the instances you found? Just did a wish scan and couldn't find anything.

Okay, first of all, that was some hot as shit horse smut. 10/10 would cum again.

Second, I loved the interaction between Starlight and Cadence/Twilight; that was a secondary highlight of this story.

And finally, that ending was way out in left field, did not see that coming. I kinda choked on my drink laughing so hard and now my keyboard is in a tub of rice.

Glad to hear it! Please submit all damage claims for keyboards to shakespearicles

Detail is something you should always be careful asking for from a stressed-out, anxious, nerdy, alicorn book horse.

Truly the understatement of the year. Though given enough time, I’m pretty sure Twilight would have had charts and diagrams prepared.

I'm glad you liked all the little jokes I seeded in!

Stressed bookhorses are indeed quite scary.

God dammit I lost it on the koolaid joke lol. Awesome story clop.

So. I hate to ask, but...
Sauce on the pic?

“...how absolutely excited I am right now?” Shining’s tone of voice had shifted markedly from one of concern to barely contained mirth. “I mean… I’ve fantasized about Twily for years. Ever since I was a teenage colt. I used to get hard-ons just from giving her piggy-back rides, and then when she got older, she’d drive me crazy! I’ve probably dedicated at least a few barrel-loads of batter to her already with all the solo sessions I’ve had in this house alone!” The white unicorn laughed and leaned back on the couch casually, the pink glow at his breast still thrumming and pulsing.

“She was always my go-to in my mental collection, even after I met you, honey! Thinking of those times she’d let her tail slip-up, or how she smelled in the springtime. And since she became an alicorn? Oh, my Celestia her ass is so deliciously tight, even looking at it right now I’m trying not to drool. Hay, sometimes when I’m doing you from behind Cadie I like to imagine you’re a darker shade of purplllleeeee------ OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST SAY!? WHAT DID YOU CAST ON ME!?” Shining jumped from the couch as the pink glow faded, his eyes going wide with panic and his breaths coming ragged as he realized all the words that had been spilling out of his mouth.

Ooh, a truth spell. :ajsmug:

Hey, at least you have good taste, Shining. :raritywink:

Twilight slumped down, trying to keep some of her dignity by muttering: “...I mostly used magic…”

Oh Celestia, their awkward confessions entertain me. :pinkiecrazy:

The blushing purple-pink unicorn had been sitting in silence on the corner of the couch, a dopey grin on her face as she watched the chaos unfold. Now she was suddenly thrust into the fray. “Oh, I really shouldn’t get in the middle of something like this, I really don’t want to say one way, or the oth-” A pink glow surrounded her chest as Cadance’s heartbleed kicked in once again. “...but there’s no cable here and Twilight only has a TON of old books so if I had to say, I think I’d actually really like to see Twilight hoof her brother off. I mean, I kind of think Twilight has that nerdy-sexy vibe nailed ... and her brother is pretty cute... and I keep hearing from everypony how big he is I wanna see for myself... plus I kind of have a thing for semen and I feel like I’m in the splash zone here so I’m a little excited and ohmyhorseapples I CAN’T BELIEVE I SAID THAT.”

Yes, Starlight.

Twilight has got that nerdy-sexy vibe nailed. :moustache:

Cadance chuckled. “No, I’ve taught Shining the value of stamina over the past few years, he won’t be finished after only a few p-”


You underestimate the power of having the supposedly unobtainable hot pony of your fantasies actually pleasure you, Cadance.

Twilight watched in fascination as her brother’s cock began to throb and pump again, like a thick firehose filling with water pressure, twisting and jumping, pumping up fuller and fuller and fuller… rising with each heartbeat and stiffly erecting itself away from his body.

You naughty colt, Shining, you're 'recovering' to your own sister's juices. :ajsmug:

“Honestly, I got the thing as a joke secret Santa present from Rarity two years back, not even sure if it’s expired but…”

It's gonna break, and at the worst possible time. Or is it the best possible time?

Shining’s deep blue eyes locked with Twilight’s as he looked up guiltily from his rigid penis. “I… I want to rut you, Twily.”

Twilight’s mouth fell slightly open. Her big brother, the one who’d given her piggy-back rides, who’d taught her how to fly a kite, who’d read her stories about Starswirl the bearded, who’d been there to give her hugs and tell her dumb jokes when she felt down… he wanted to fuck her.

And she wanted him to do it.

Well, the condom can't break if they don't use it in the first place. :moustache:

By Celestia, this conversation is... hot.


I'm glad all the little jokes were appreciated!

I, especially a certain part, loves how rough, raw, dominating, and primal Shining is being.

Very hot.

There, like an obscene fountain coming out of his little sister’s plot, stuck high up in the air for everypony to see, was a waterfall of his thick, very potent, very active, very impregnation-causable cum spilling from her clenching marehood… as his penis slipped from her form, revealing the snapped condom that had not survived the frenzied buck.

Told ya. :ajsmug:

The lights snapped on in the living room, and Twilight Velvet and Night Light’s voices called out as they rounded the corner. “Hey, just what’s all this racquet down here…?” “Your Dad and I could barely concentrate on… oh my.”


Celestia appeared in a flash of light in the middle of the room. “Twilight! It turns out that I accidentally replaced your birth control potion with my hyper-fertility medication, I came as soon as I found out in case there was any possible accident!”


Incest and impregnation!

Luna appeared a moment afterwards. “Sister! Halt! I told you that I’m live-dreaming your actions to all citizens of Equestria, they can currently see and hear everything that you can, you must return to the palace at once!”


That's my favorite type of smut, when things get a little... instinctual, bestial, you put it quite well with 'primal'.

I hope you'll forgive me the redonkulous ending, your comments were a pleasure to read!

Thank you!

You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the other comment.

Great story! Sexy, but very funny! I liked the characterization of the characters a lot. Good job! There were a few grammar errors and a few wrong letter mistakes, as well as quite some amount of wrongly opened/closed formatting tags, but overall a great read!


I need to read the prequel.

Edit: Oh, I did already. Nvm.

I think I found the broken formatting tags.

Would love if you could point out the grammar/letter mistakes so I can clean them as well.

It's pretty obvious that Celestia and Luna were watching all, and betting XD, so to get more laughs they appear to say stuff, a sequel to the next attempt would be good, with either an XXL sized condom or a more experience twilight, regardless a joke about starlight and her father would have benn good in the fic, anyway, good story dude, loved it to the end.

Well, I can't do it just yet, but I will try in the next few days to go through the prequel and this one and then send you a PM with the details, if you want?

Well damn... I love this story already for the humor and writing :pinkiehappy: Soon also for the trill :raritywink:

Cadance sure is gifted :rainbowkiss: Shining was edged the hole night so i guess that how he stored more than usual... :eeyup: Starlight sure had fun :raritywink: Lets see how daring Twilight will grow harvesting :trollestia:

Cadance and Starlight teamwork :trollestia: Pretty sure Readers envy Shining or Twilight :eeyup:

NOT that i totaly love it but... After all Twilight witness should now know that the condom cant work... This load of his should Pop that condom...

How did i black out a Dialog so its only to read if you Click on it?

Your end is to Overkill! :facehoof: I was hoping for a sequel of the harvesting with this result :fluttercry:

You don't have to, but if you did it would be highly appreciated!

the ending was beautiful :')

I think that last joke might work better if Shining was saying "Oh no" instead of "Oh buck". Just a thought. Other than that though this was super hawt and funny.

Thank you! Gotta ponify the final joke a little bit, at least!

It's from Alcor, image 1996168 on derpibooru, just paste that in the url after "derpibooru.org/".

in the text box there is a button labelled Sp. click that and you'll start typing in a special text box. or, you can type [ spoiler ][/ spoiler ] with the spaces removed. then start typing between the two middle brackets.

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