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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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About to head to bed but I definitely bookmarked this. I only had a chance to browse but this looks really, really promising. Looking forward to spending some time with it tomorrow!

I only read the first chapter so far. It's good, I like the part where coco scrunch her face. That's super cute.

Why are the kinky fics always so cute and sweet ; ~ ;

*Raises hand.* Uh. Yeah. Please don't penetrate the cervix.

*Cackle.* C'mon! You give us that finish (and the lack of the term 'anus') and don't finish out with their opinion?

God damn I love kinky fics! So sweet and sappy and so wet.

Amazing stuff!

Coco is an anal slut!

I think it'd be fair to say Coco would be Burnt Coco because of Big Macintosh.

mortified that her chat was currently being read by someone who knew her personally.

And who's also her fucking boss LMAO

in fact she’d encouraged him to actually do so as a means of auditioning recruits for their future herd

I demand a sequel

Soft kappa

Dear you are far too previous!”


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Oh. Well then. I had no idea.

... Nor what to do with this information now. Except share it with random people.

Wow that's some good shit. I'm envious of your writing skills...

reward...” rarity released

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as the now fat, black, cockhead briefly touch the store’s floor


along a non-sentient livestock animal.


She hissed. “Stalking

Delete the quotation mark

say ‘I’m thinking about that big cock fucking me.”

fucking me.'" (the closing apostrophe)

punish you for that

bounced against his breastbone

wouldn’t want to… slip

Add a period

and extender her tongue


:heart: We love you, Cloppy


Sugar is such a fine, understanding lass. Almost makes me want to forgive her for stealing Mac away from Marble Pie.

What Coco wants is to find the compatible one who can ultimately plow her.

I wonder....

I love this story! The plugs/genital fashion devices were a nice little detail, too.



Okay, the bitchy dom thing is one thing, but then Rare had to go and make it weird.


Where the hell did Rarity learn a spell like that?

Is she going to insist on tutoring Sweetie when the time comes?

I read a clop fic with the same title and the same main characters before... but it wasn’t this one. The other one only had like 2 chapters.

The truth is....


as she whinnied at came hard on the stallion’s fat cock.

and came

it hm?” rarity chuckled

after all.” rarity gestured


left, 4 inches., before

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embedding itself into

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Real good shit man. You made this fic perfectly.

hush, big mac… you’ll

Big Mac

now weight on your hindlegs at all.

no weight

her should brush the inside


carefully choose her moment


Shoving ever millimeter of his


Bronie you are amazing. Would you be interested in being a credited editor in future? You deserve more kudos for the work you do!

My guess is rarity is a bit too experienced to take something said in the after glow of such an experience too seriously.

Coco might be sorely tempted, however!

Uh yes please that would be awesome.

Alright, you're officially at the top of my list for editors! I'll fling a PM your way soon!

👉😎👉 Real good shit my dude

Big Mac has Sugar Belle, Rarity and Coco perhaps there's hope for Cheerilee.

Sorry. The "Mistress Rarity" bit killed it for me. She would be fine, as an observer/voyeur/participant. Her taking control of the night though? Nah. Not my style. Thanks for a well written story, but, yeah. Not like this.

Why not throw marble in while you're at it, lol.

Might be related by blood?

Also perhaps someone should comfort Spike now that this happened.

I gained 10 XP in bdsm writing.

Now you.

I've already done that slightly.

Great hot stuff . :ajsmug:

The chat revealed the just how salaciously accurate the euphemistic names truly were.


held there by a diamond stud-ended silver bar which pierced through the deep base of her love-bud

Uh... that is going to be QUITE painful to make and would probably mess up a LOT of nerve termination...

Forcing his eyes to uncross and refocus, Mac stumbled with his heavy, unresponsive tongue, remembering the one thing that he had been told by his future fiancé should the evening prove successful.

Hmm she IS his current fiancée (with two e else it’s referring to a male)

As much as i enjoy the idea of slutty sub Coco Pommel, Rarity is being a total cunt. This is obviously her first scene with Coco or Mac and yet she goes in like she knows them intimately when it comes to SnM. Her pacing is quick and there is not even mention of a safeword. She also goes somewhat hard into degredation but that's really only an issue if you haven't taken the time to feel out your partner's preferences for it as prodding the wrong point may cause emotional destress that no one was prepared for. I didn't mind rarity going dom on mac, i do mind her going this far with such little thought for what he wants from this and it makes her a boner killing thoughtless cunt.

I might have missed the mark? It was my first time writing BDSM. I liked how Rarity came off, total mistress and not too county... Just domineering as she had to be.

But then again, I'm new to writing Dom/sub.. so maybe I didn't quite get it right?

It seems she was generally liked but I've seen a handful of comments to the contrary.

It could just be a little bit of unfamiliarity with how the Dom/Sub relationship is usually meant to work. The Dom has to play close attention to the sub to make sure they are safe and the sub has to be fairly clear about what they want before hand.

The main issue was that rarity was working with two novice subs and took few precautions before hand as well as rushing into things without teating the waters much. She didn't appear to be looking for ques to how her partner was doing and instead got lost in the act of dominance. She may have had some time with coco to work out some ground rules before (yes do this, maybe ease into this, no don't do this as well as safewords and restraint releases) but mac never had that. He was put into a rather extreme bondage session with forays into degradation and even a bit of psychological play and he had no idea it would happen or how to properly stop or steer the scene other than to get mad and verbally or physically fight back. Granted, it's a story, so he automatically wants it all along but people reading the story will often fail to recongnize the dangers and measures taken to prevent them.

This is what that whole "50 shades of grey" debacle was about. People read it and thought "oh that's how BDSM works!" and then cut into their partner's wrists and ankles with zip ties and had no good way to get them off safely. (Knives are a last resort, you want to minimize risk in the frantic moments of releasing someone after they use a safeword, quick release knots and straps are far better).

In the end, it's about letting a sub explore their scarier fetishes in a controlled and safe setting while letting the dom play out their own fetishes as well. Sometimes it's more about one than the other but generally the dom and sub must communicate and learn what feels good and what doesn't.

My advice is read a bit of Clocktower Society work on the site. They take the saftey side of BDSM to the nith degree in many cases and while you don't have to mimick them, they do give a great perspective on how to have a safe SnM relationship.

I guess I'm a little more 'fantasy-clop'.

If I wanted to do anything more laid out, ala 50 shades, I'd do a lot more background work, for sure.

All i ask is that you try to give a little plausible deniability when it comes to a dom planning out a session with their sub(s). Even if it's just a cut away from the point which would be a good place for it to happen (like with coco in this one) and then to the part where they get down to business. The importance is that it is implied that happened.

The rest is simply a matter of "is that safe/sane/consensual?" or bringing attention to the fact that it not being those could potentially be harmful. (Ie: rarity decides to use zip ties resulting in a mention of them cutting into skin/concern of getting them back off with accidentally stabbing the one restrained). Even if nothing bad actually happens, a passing mention of what could happen usually lets people know it's not a good idea to try and mimick that idea irl, even if all parties involved enjoyed the session.

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