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This is great so far! I really love stories where bdsm relationships are shown that aren’t “always on” So to speak, and the little bit with rarity checking in with Coco was wonderful!

I do think rarity throwing the drink into trilogy’s face may have been a bit uncalled for though, given just how new princess Twi seems to be and how she was genuinely, actually unable to do those instructions correctly due to her lack of knowledge.

I'm glad you're enjoying the fic so far! I try my best to accurately portray these kind of relationships and it's nice to hear that people enjoy it.

As for you're critique, it's totally valid. In my opinion, that course of action was a bit extreme but I also found it a little hot :twilightblush:, hence why I included it.

Good to have you aboard.

please if you ever include rainbow in it, dont make her a sub, there are already to many storis with that.
and great story so far love it

Glad to hear you love it. Also don't worry rainbow dash makes an appearance.

Ah heck, sign me up for proofreader.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

Will there be any female on male sex?

Nope all of the characters present are female.


Rarity looked over. “There was a tutorial on Japanese bondage at a play party that me and coco frequent. I decided to get in contact with the instructor and she was kind enough to show me the ropes.”


Sunset snorted. “No, it’s just that tying knots was a great way to practice telekinesis.”

Makes sense.

Rarity smirked. “You’ve been letting your libido control you. It’s going to make you exceptionally submissive.”

I can see Sunset as a dom or sub rather easily.

Finally, rarity’s pants slipped far enough down that gravity took hold and rapidly pooled them around her ankles. Underneath was a lacey pair of red panties which clung to rarity’s crotch. Then pressed against her thigh was the half-erect girth of a fairly modest erection.


I thought you meant the traditional style of T/titles! Excited to dig through this one!

Only slightly sweet this one is :O I'd have to say this is the first one that I've found that doesn't make me just absolutely dopey.

I love it <3

*Cackles.* THAT ENDING THOUGH. OH MY GOD THAT'S BRILLIANT! Just because you're a pair of Owners and Dommes doesn't mean you aren't still human!

... In a manner of speaking, of course.

*Cackles.* That's a wonderful finish to this! There's really no better way of closing out this fic.

Thank you so much for writing this! <3

Oh, also, for the description of the fic? I think you're looking for "portrays", not "portraits".

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and thank you so much for the kind words.

Always nice to find an audience for realistic D/s

I love coming across realistic or sappy/romantic kink. Hell, pretty much all of the kink fics I've read have made me squeal, giggle, and bounce in my chair. So far this one didn't really hit any of the sappy levels, except for maybe the tenderness early on, but they were just... kinda real. It's really nice to see that kind of thing written sometimes.

Also porn with plot is always great, let's be real.

I really like the dynamics here. So much clop is super flat in regard to characterization and it's a shame.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, Cyne! I hope you like the rest of it.

Also, it's awesome to know that you're reading it.

Oh wow, this was a whole plethora of fun to read~ :twilightblush:

Tasteful fun too unlike a a lot of clop. Especially glad the word 'sissy' wasn't thrown around... do loath that term and it's sometimes hard to find trans material that doesn't use it. :ajbemused:

Kinda sorry that Sunset never actually got to get off... but the Twilights do have a whole week to fix that. Multiple times. :raritywink:

Sort of left wondering what was going and is going to go through Rainbow Dash's head after that ending too... wonder if she still wants to be invited to the next party? :trollestia:

Anyway, thank you for writing, again it was quite the pleasure to read~ Sorry I didn't read it sooner in fact. Best of luck in the future~ :twilightsmile:

I am confused by some of the terms you're using in relation to Coco in this fic, in that case.

Are they trans?

Ah, okay. I was wondering at first if it was strange slang for the female member, but then there was a mention of balls, so that would explain it.

Thanks for the swift reply.

EDIT: Wait... Rarity's also trans?

Okay. A bit odd, though I'm now noting there was mention of swapping some characters to transgendered, I just hadn't expected a female character to be swapped to trans-female. (Kinda reminds me of the swap for Ronald to Ronnie in a Harry Potter fic I read. It's fine...though I can't figure out why it was done.)

Well! This, apart from that one mixed drink incident, was thoroughly enjoyable! Honestly, that sequence seemed like a tad much. I enjoyed everything else, though; so I can’t really complain!

And I’m glad I’m not the only one that recognizes Sunset’s potential for intense dominance.

I’m sure as heck going to finish this trilogy soon!

An incredible piece of erotica. Every chapter had something different, and explored a wonderful aspect of BDSM. This story hit almost all of my kinks, and hit them hard, and I keep going back to this over and over again. The dynamics were excellent and everyone's characterizations felt true to form and well-done. I would highly recommend this fic to anyone with an interest in BDSM.

Cream... Cream... Ooooh do I LIKE this Rarity!

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