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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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Honestly, I was expecting Coco and Rarity to dominate Suri. This is good too.


Wow, this IS fucked up. Darf does it again!


Pleasure comes with pain :pinkiecrazy:
I was expecting something harder, but it's ok. We will do no harm to Coco. :raritywink:

Very cute seeing two gals being pals in such a manner uwu

What's your price for commissions?

hey, thanks for asking :pinkiesmile:

we don't have a fixed rate, but usually work dependent on the amount of effort an outline requires and whether or not we'll need to do additional research and major revisions after the fact. starting rate is around $15USD/1,000k, but that may or may not change going forward as volume increases.

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