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I like it! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you liked it!

I wasn’t expecting the punch to the face that she gave me. The next thing I remembered was looking up at her from the floor.

“That was for fucking my ass- without asking.” She looked at me with her muzzle flared, halfway between anger and mirth. Icepick then extended a hoof to me, turning the shower off at the same time. When I reluctantly took her hoof and got up, my face reminding me just what this mare was capable of. I was gonna have a bruise- Then she kissed me. Not hard, or deep, but her lips met mine for a good second or two. “That was for being a decent lay, and taking a punch like a stallion.”

Shes not a very... stable mare is she? She's clearly stronger than him, if it was a real problem she could've knocked him off easily. And yet she can't resist the urge to punch the guy after enjoying something that she was fully capable of preventing? Red flag if you ask me. :trollestia:

Was a nice clop.

She’s complicated, both into being fucked and also very dominant... it plays out strangely for her.

not bad. I'll admit I'm usually in favor of more character romance driven sex (though these two have the potential for something) but plain old clopping has a big home in the wasteland. all-in-all a good oneshot (with a lot of potential for continuations in my moderately-experienced opinion

Thank you for the comment. And well, Romance isn't a big thing in the Sall'han Rangers. For various reasons. Check out my story Transient for more Icepick though.

There's just not enough Fallout themed clop. What a great addition!

Very nice! love this story!:twilightsmile::heart:

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