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I'd be very disappointed if this wasn't somehow incest.

That... was actually a pretty wholesome story. AJ fighting to help Mac and Sugar, and yet both of them keeping things almost level. Quite an enjoyable read. Thanks for the story Shakes!

I'm sorry (no I'm not) but in the first chapter I can imagine Apple Jack leaning back in a chair casually flipping through a magazine as she deadpaned her lines like a disinterested phone sex worker

10004197 Applejack isn't meant to be a very good actress.

It was good for me!
eyebrow wiggling intensifies

A masterful piece of art, as expected from the "World's Strongest Writer"

An awesome mix of lewd and adorable. Keep it up!

*Looks at title/cover/description*
Hm... this looks like something that...
*looks at author’s name*
Yep. It is something he would write.
*Adds to read it later list*

She should've just forced herself.

This was rather enjoyable, and I don't normally read clop. But overall I found the whole scenario having enough merit on a story perspective to be quite a masterpiece.

Now for a sequel. Mac won't geld himself. xD

Yeah, that is kinda wholesome.

Though honestly, she really should have kept to her boundaries. Making even a slight allowance shows that there's more at play under the surface, a willingness that might more easily allow for more and more later.

Feels like a matter of time until Sugar and AJ are both gravid. Which I do not mind in the least.

Another magnificent piece from the strongest writer in the world. Kudos!:moustache:


there's more at play under the surface

The turning point is at the end of the story, when Applejack realizes that he could have done what he wanted, but he didn't. Prior to that we see her fear in how she views/distrusts him as a deviant living in her own home. Afterwards she sees that even when presented with the opportunity, (and even possibly, a consequence-free opportunity), he still refrains. And that is the turning point, and he ceased to be a pervert in her mind, and solidifies the image of him being a good stallion to her. Thereafter, who knows what she might choose to have happen or not. The love is there. It just remains to be seen whether or not it turns into something else...


Completely understood. It's been my experience that making allowances in this sort of situation (not this exact one, hoo boy) is one party at least subconsciously wanting to say yes while having reservations that are ever-so-slowly crumbling away. The 'flags' were familiar, so I felt like putting down my own viewpoint.

The dynamic here is almost sweet in a way.

I love this, my good man. You write good incest
And I like my incest like I like my Foalcon, which is to say, plentiful and ever-growing. :) Merry Christmas

You lied to me!
I cant move my arm

Very likely. She was not comfortable with him being in the position to actually act on his lust until she experienced his loving embrace and he still did not take advantage of that beyond wanting a kiss. It's helped her understand that his feelings are not just based erotically, but romantically. It's a hard step to go from familial to erotic, but familial to romantic is already tied up in so many complicated nuances that it's an easier transition. Romantic to erotic is easier still, because being invested in someone emotionally and engaging with them in play like this... yeah, I expect AJ's fantasies are going to take a turn.

A kiss is fine, surely having him eat her out while he plows Sugar is fine too. Maybe anal is okay, but she can't risk pregnancy. Maybe they can start off in her and then switch to Sugar before he cums...

She's at the top of a greased slide right about now.

Just want to say - I *like* all the talk about boundaries, and how hard it was to stick with them. Even if things do progress, Mac *is* a good stallion.

You've inspired me to write an unoffical sequel!:pinkiehappy:

I'll have the first chapter published within a day or so. XD

Not sure if that's a positive reply or a worried one...XD

Ooohooo, can't wait to read this one.

Now this is how you do a clop fic. By having actual story. I really wish there were others out there that aren't just clop for the sake of clop, but use it to tell a story.

He probably just needed to re-orient himself.

No wincest? I demand a sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

Ventilocest 2: A Friend For Apple Bloom

It was okay. Kissing didn't count.

~ Even with tongue. ~

hue hue hue

This one was a bit of a roller coaster, going from being funny in an awkward sort of way with Applejack's and Sugar Belle's role play to being pretty depressing and making feel bad for everyone involved. It was nice to see it end on a somewhat wholesome note. I say "somewhat wholesome" because there's a hint that in the future Applejack may allow the relationship between her and Big Mac to go further and I worry about poor Sugar Belle being left behind because of it. From the third chapter its clear that Sugar Belle is afraid of never being good enough for Big Mac and losing him to his feelings for Applejack and I feel for the mare.

Then again this is a clop fic in the end, so I guess I'll just imagine everything working out with hot incest three-ways to follow in the near future! Woo!

FeelsBadMan for Sugar Belle. She seems like such a desperate girl if she's okay with the whole setup. Usually they YEET you at a drop of a hat. I guess I should try being extremely good looking or something?
Otherwise pretty hot

Lol who fucks in the dark no wonder he ain't interested

>fucks in the dark
>turns out they were doing anal all along

Funny, how the clop chapters are all 3k and these are 1.

Also funny how the clop chapters get all the comments. :rainbowwild:

Them doing it in the dark was just meant to be a one time thing with Applejack so he couldn't see them switch places.

That would be a funny expatiation to Sugar Belle's infertility, but I think she'd notice the difference. :rainbowlaugh:


Up vote.

Well, when in Rome...

Yup. They left an upvote. And there doesn't really need to be anything else said about it.

When I left a "down vote" comment I 90% of the time I did not down vote. Damn I was a flankhole...

And I will be the first to forgive, forget, and move on. Because that's what the spirit of the show is all about after all: friendship.

Thank you. I am still a flankhole but, I am doing better.

I like how it's developing

That edited picture looks familiar. :P

The source for the edit is at the edit source.

Leave it to you, fine sir, to give me such an awkwardboner. This was really, really well written. All the desperation, shame, guilt, lust... gosh I still feel horrible for all three of them. I kinda wish this wasn't such a short fic. It would be interesting to see where this could go if it was lengthened to explore their differing views and conflicting wants and needs. Like a tragedy you couldn't stop reading. Thank you!

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