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Love it, can't wait for more.

Thank you, another chapter should drop later today or tomorrow when I get a chance to post it!

Do a side story showing kids or something your stories are well written

Isn't AJ also carrying buns in the oven?

Yep, should have mentioned that, slipped my mind while writing this section!
Thanks, I'll consider it but I rarely write OCs so I'd have to work some out if I do!

Do I have to read the ones with discord to understand this? (not a discord fan)

Discordianism is the most skippable entry in the series; it was mostly to show why Fluttershy would never be joining Spike's herd. (She's afraid of males and it takes convincing from Hugs to even give Discord a chance with her.) The Golden Apple of Discord is more vital to the series but I don't think you need to read it for the last entry.

Basic summary is Discord is jealous of Spike, tricks him by turning into Flutters/Hugs and sleeps with him, poses as Spike and tries to sleep with Rarity who figures him out, Discord exiles self when he hurts Fluttershy, Discord meets with Ember in the Badlands and is later tracked down by Rainbow Dash, he returns to Shy and makes amends the best he can forming his own herd with Flutters/Hugs/Rainbow/Pinkie. (With this story I wanted to show why Rainbow and Pinkie won't join Spike's herd either; they want to but Spike's group feel they'll be too immature about it and will disrupt the dynamic.)

I don't think Discord is more than casually mentioned in the final story. Sorry I suck at rundowns, hope that helped! :rainbowkiss:

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