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I have Rainbow Dash's head. Give me monies or you'll never see it again. Except in the photos I send you of me molesting it with my futa parts.


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No just no. Rarity is so far out of character that this is an insult to any rational individual. Rarity would understand just what getting pregnant would mean and plan on its consequences far bethen she did here. Please tell me this was a crack fic not ment to be taken seriously as people on both sides of the issue may not like this story.

8043243 Well, luckily Rarity is no rational individual. Though I have to admit, Rarity is out of character here. I don't have this weird "Rarity is super smart" impression most people seem to have, but she's still a pony, so I can't see her being so violent.

8043243 8043251

Also it's a commission. I keep having to explain to people what commissions are, like they expect me to take someone's money and then not write what they want.

8043274 I never said it wasn't or that I disliked the story. I just saw someone saying that Rarity was out of character and agreed. I never said the story was worse for it :3

8043283 Oh I just included you so you would see what I said to them.


I missed that it was a commission becuase it was buried in the description. Would you separate it out of the main body so it stands out more?

8043243 8043251 Well, we don't really know if this is out of character for her or not, because we've never seen whether she would officially resort to sex to get what she wants, whether she'd use some kind of protection, and how she'd react if she found out she was pregnant with a foal she didn't want. As a lady in charge of her own destiny, wouldn't she take the abortion route, rather than be saddled with a child that would distract from her career? She has never expressed any interest of being a mother anywhere in the show (unlike, say, Pinkie or Fluttershy), so there's no reason to assume she'd be okay with having a foal.

Frankly, while the details of the abortion are obviously out of character for pretty much literally anyone, the premise that Rarity uses her sexuality to gain favor, happens to get pregnant, and then resorts to abortion, seems perfectly in character to me. If you disagree, please point to contradicting evidence from the show.

8043537 Yes, I think the only thing about sex the show makes official is that Rarity, Twilight, and Spike, are all either straight or bisexual. We can add Celestia to that list if we include the comics, but otherwise they tell us nothing, and I'm pretty sure it's going to stay that way given that it's a children's show. At the same time, assuming that none of the characters would resort to abortion is weird, because the whole point of the show is that they are all different, we just don't know which of them would!

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