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This was interesting. I do feel that Twi came into the picture a bit quickly but using her heat as a reason to start a intimate relationship and building from there was a nice work around that. I hope at least Twi will town down her babying of Spike now that he is her alpha male. I mean she tucked him in and sung him a song.... really? lol. I honestly would liket o see you do some chapter of just this new herd and them being together. Show some of their time together, it can be a clop fest, but show how things are different for each mare and how they are together when it comes to Spike. Like I can see Twi loving to be worked over as she is reading, and they tend to fool around alot when they are in the castle together. I think Twi might also enjoy some rough play, since it would be something she is never use to and spending her whole life as a good filly but now being dirty talked to while being worked over would drive her nuts lol.

Rarity could have developed a love for rough and intense fucking, even more if it is places she could get caught being unladylike lol. Without having to ADD Coco you could have it where Spike is just wreaking Rarity infront of Coco, and she is can't take her eyes away but can tell Spike is too much for her.For sure Twi and Rarity are the type to like to roleplay and dress up as they fool around, Rarity for the outfits and drama and Twi to experiment with new things in a area she is still learning herself.

One interesting thing is that Twi IS wrong tho, Dragon and Ponies can have children in the form of Kirin, canon lol. So I think it would be fun to have them all keep going at it like jackrabbits not thinking they can get knocked up, even tho Rarity deep down wants to have kids, and to their shock Rarity ends up prego.

Long story short this was a good chapter, I still hope you just have a fun story before you get to AJ of just this newly formed herd and all the fun they have growing closer and bonding, maybe leading to a marshmallow getting knocked up lol. So when it does come time for AJ to join Rarity is with a swollen belly, something AJ deep down wants, to be a mother herself.

Thanks! Yeah, I like the idea of Twi babying Spike a bit to show their long-term bond, plus it gives them a sillier side which I thought would help differentiate his relationship with Rarity. :twilightsmile:

I like a lot of your ideas, not sure how well they would fit into my plans though. Have to see how it goes when I get around to it!

Haven't seen the Kirin episode yet, neat! Didn't think Hasbro would even imply dragon/pony sex, lol. Don't know if I'll use that, though; this is weird but I'm often stuck in a season 1&2 mindset, not because I dislike later seasons, but that was the height of my fandom and so I sometimes forget Twi has wings or Starlight Glimmer is part of the cast, lol!

Sounds like you may have guessed a little about my potential plans for AJ's part of the story if it works out how I want!

For her own part Twi patted her cum-filled belly, feeling the hot liquids slosh about her insides, making her feel so warm and full. “I always wanted to know what it feels like to be pregnant, but thank Celestia I'm not actually!”

Not sure about that Twi, Dragons are highly virile creatures, and don't need magic to have children with ponies.:moustache:

AJ might be difficult to convince, perhaps impossible. However, she didn't want her to simply end up a lonely old maid. She doubted Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie would fit into their herd well due to their overly energetic natures, plus the latter was already engaged in casual sex with a number of stallions, while Fluttershy was involved in a private affair with Tree Hugger. Not to mention she and Spike already had an unspoken crush on the country mare, and she was often the first confidante Twi turned to for advice.

I could guess that by mentioning Rainbow, Pinkie, and Fluttershy (+Tree Hugger) we could probably get some side stories involving them into the herd. Like Rainbow and Pinke like they enjoy having fun with different stallions but they want to have a safe place to come back to until they decide that they would like to settle down with them in the herd or some other herd. As for Fluttershy and Tree Hugger may join in as a way to spice up their nights (I wouldn't be surprised if Fluttershy ever thought of tasting a marshmallow, bookworm or an apple) and to help in foal rearing.

I am with you on the whole dragon being able to knock up pony thing. Even if it is fancanon dragon's are known for having super charged sperm for sure. And with a Pony in heat when they are at their prime for breeding that is playing with a loaded deck. Now I would honestly hope we get Rarity prego first and Twi down the road. Hell even AJ before Twi would make more sense to their characters I feel since I see Twi being last to want to take the jump to motherhood.

I see what you mean by the side stories as well. I am not honestly dying for them since I feel we have seen alot of those pairing already from other stories. And this would be the tightest pairing couple we have really seen so far and I would love to see that explored more on some side issues than what the other girls are doing lol. Not to say I would turn them away tho lol. I do think Shy and Hugger would go to Discord tho if they were wanting some male spice in their life lol.

Hot as a big Spike harem might be, it's unlikely I'll involve the rest of the mane six. Rarity and Twi might feel too crowded/neglected, plus Rainbow and Pinkie in my head canon would be pretty immature about it annoying the others, while Fluttershy has chosen to stick with Tree because males intimidate her.

A one night stand with another pony is possible, just have to see how it turns out!

Yeah, Flutters/Tree/Discord would be my pairing too if I went that route. Extremely unlikely in this series, though! Haven't tried my hand at writing Discord, though he almost made it into Equestrian Suicidal Girls.


Since both RD and Pinkie are free-spirited, I saw them more like friends with benefits types, they would have been great for the side-stories/one-shots/one night stands type of thing. As for Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, I didn't see them with Discord since he would be a bit Chaotic in the bed sheets!:trollestia:

True, but I figured Flutter/Tree might enjoy the change of pace once they worked up to it! :yay:

One reason I rarely use Pinkie, despite her being tied with Rarity for my fave, is that I find her incredibly difficult to write. No surprise since she's usually my polar opposite! :pinkiecrazy: Rainbow and AJ are also a huge challenge since I don't generally relate to their personalities or goals.


:raritystarry: :twilightoops:
:moustache: Well there goes the Kingdom
:facehoof: Just like Shrek and that donkey...... mutant baby ponies
:pinkiegasp: pongons draconies dragacorns unigons

Love the story. There's one thing that bothers me however. The telling signs of age wouldn't be that visible in Twilight if at all. Wouldn't her age be stunted or halted since, alicorn? She would have a different problem su h as stallions feeling intimidated by approaching a princess. I am not bashing your wonderful story, just curious. Once again I loved it.:twilightsmile:

No problem, that's a good observation. I went with the idea that Twilight being an alicorn hasn't expanded her longevity much, if at all, which understandably many fans don't agree with.

I'll admit some bias for the decision since I preferred her as a unicorn and making her a Princess hasn't led to anything terribly interesting IMO, but I do like your idea of stallions being intimidated by her. Sadly don't think I could work that angle well into this series at this point.

I adore this whole series. The sex is fucking hot, the relationships are attended to without slowing down the story too much, and you clearly have experience in polyamory. 10/10 for this one.

Thank you! My older work is often rough but I tried to make it plausible why multiple mares would settle down with one dragon.:raritywink:

I actually have a herd. I have a sisterwife. And a reverse harem myself. It's strange and not for everyone but you portrayed the intricacies well.

Thanks again, glad it worked.:twilightsmile:

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