• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 23: Ren's Dragon

Ren's POV

I was watching Sarah, Jamie, Mason, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro and Jack play with their dragon partners. Sarah was playing fetch with Moonshine, Winter and Storm. "Alright, guys. Go get it!" she threw a large ball far into the distance and the three dragons chased after it. Jamie was flying on his dragon, but low to the ground and not at high speed. "Hehe, weee." he said softly. His Triple Stryke sighed and rolled his eyes.

Jack and his dragon were having a contest to see which one of them is stronger. They were lifting large logs together. Jack and lifting with his arms while his dragon used his tail. Both of them seemed to be even until jack's legs gave out and the log fell ontop of him. HIs dragon laughed, "Hey, that's not funny!" Jack exclaimed.

Mason and Carrie were also flying on their dragon. "Ooooh, amazing." Carrie cooed.

Mason chuckled, "Nice and easy, Firestorm." His Nightmare nodded and continued to glide across the sky.

Nicole and Rantaro... well... they were... umm. I don't really know what they were doing with their dragon. Nicole was glued to his IPad while Rantaro was just leaning against a tree. Their Zippleback looked at each other and nodded. Spark grabbed Nicole and Fire grabbed Rantaro. "Hey, what the-?" they both exclaimed and their dragon placed them on their necks and took off into the air. "WAH! Stop!" Rantaro cried. Gizmo popped out and chattered in agreement. But the Zippleback didn't listen to his. Nicole was holding on tight as the Zippleback zig-zagged through the air, with it's reluctant owners, screaming.

I chuckled a little. "Ren, is something wrong?" Kodi asked me.

"Huh? Oh, well... it's just that everyone else has a dragon of their own and I don't." I replied.

"Well then, go get a dragon then." Kodi stated.

"It's not that simple." Ren stated. I knew that all my friends had something in common with their dragons that gave them that special connection. So my dragon needs to have something in common with me to have that special connection. "The dragon I picked has to be... right for me."

"Don't worry, Ren. You'll find a dragon partner." Kodi said with a grin. I smiled and rubbed his head, "Thanks pal."

Then suddenly we all heard a roar in the distance. "What was that?" Mason asked.

I stood up and headed in the direction of the roar. "Ren, wait up!" Sarah called as she and the others followed on their dragons. I made it into a clearing where I saw two large stallions cornering a dragon. It had a spiky head, small forelimbs, a finned tail and looked to be about 20 feet long with a 35 feet long wingspan. It was a medium-sized, bipedal dinosaur-like dragon with small arms and two claws at the end of each limb. It has a short thick neck and a small head. Its upper jaw resembles a beak of a parrot, while the lower jaw is more round and full of small teeth. It has three spikes on its head, which are asymmetrically placed. It's medium-sized wings, with a claw on each of them. It has only a few sharp spikes on its back. This one has a darker blue color with red patterns on its back, wings, and tail. Its spikes are also dark blue instead of white.

The two stallions were unicorns and they both approached the dragon. "This one will fetch a high price in the markets." one stallion said.

"Yeah." his partner agreed.

I was horrified by what they said. They were going to kill the dragon and then sell it! Not on my watch! "Hey!" I called.

The two stallions turned to face me. "Hey, beat it. This is our dragon." the lead stallion said.

"No, he's not and you're not gonna hurt him anymore." I stated, walking towards them. The two stallions smirked. "Oh, yeah and what are you gonna do about it?" they challenged. Luckily, my friends had the answer to that. "Plasma Blasts!" Sarah called and Moonshine and Winter blasted the two stallions away from the dragon. Silverspike launched his spines in between the dragon and ponies, making sure they didn't get near it again. Firestorm, Storm and Striker surrounded the two stallions and roared at them. The pair screamed and ran away.

I turned towards the dragon which was making small noises. "What kind of drgaon is that one?" Jack asked.

"A Titan Wing Dramillion!" Sarah gasped.

"Titan Wing?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, the Titan Wing Dramillion, can camouflage itself like it's distant cousin the Changewing. It's larger than the other Dramillions, but it should be in it's pack, not alone out here." Sarah explained.

I approached the Dramillion, but it roared at me. Moonshine leaped in front of Ren and growled at him. The Dramillion hissed at Moonshine and tried to run, but it fell on the ground. "Oh my." Kaede said. I noticed the Dramillion had multiple scratches and scars on it's body. "Oh man... they really did a number on you, huh?" I said, reaching my hand out the Dramillion, but it still roared at me.

"What is wrong with it?" Mason asked.

"I don't think it trusts anyone." Kaede said.

"Why not?" Carrie asked.

"I think the Dramillion thinks we're all gonna hurt it, cause it was hurt in the past." Sarah said. "But we can't leave him out here, injured. We have to take him back to the home-ship."

"Um, in case you haven't noticed, newbie, that thing is not gonna let any of us get anywhere near it." Jack pointed out.

"Winter." Sarah called. The Light Fury warbled and slowly approached the Titan Wing. It growled at her but Winter warbled at it and tilted her head to the side. The Dramillion was a bit surprised and stopped growling at her. Winter moved closer to the Dramillion and gave a small roar to it. The Dramillion purred and Winter rubbed against the side of his face, calming him down.

"Woah... she's good." Jack commented. Sarah grinned, "That's my girl." Winter moved underneath the Dramillion and she along with Moonshine lifted the Dramillion onto their backs and carried him all the way back to the home-ship.

At the home-ship, Sarah bandaged the Titan Wing Dramillions' injuries. The gang continued to look at just how large the dragon was. "His beautiful." Fluttershy said.

"Y-Yeah.." Jamie added. The Dramillion looked at Sarah. "It's alright. No one is gonna hurt you."

Ren tried to approach it but the Dramillion spread it wings and roared at him. "I don't think he believes you, newbie." Jack said.

"Can't say I blame him." I said. "He doesn't trust anyone besides Sarah, for now."

Sarah rubbed the Dramillions' face and it purred. "We just have to give him time." Sarah said. "Now let's give him some rest."

We all left the room and let the Dramillion get some rest.


I was fast asleep in my room with Kodi on my bed. The door was cracked open a little when I heard some footsteps pass by. "Huh? Wha-?" I groggily woke up and saw a large shadow in the hallway. Suddenly, I wasn't tried anymore, "What the-?" I climbed out of bed and looked out the door, seeing the Dramillion limping out the door. I followed him outside to see him laying down outside the door, looking up at the stars. "Hey buddy." I called softly. The Dramillion whipped around and hissed at me. "Hey, hey, it's alright bud. No need to get all aggressive." I reassured. The Dramillion stopped hissed but it was still tense.

"Look.. I know you have trust issues, but you have to believe us... me when I say we're... I'm not gonna hurt you." I stated to the Dramillion. The Dramillion looked at me and tiled his head. I walked slowly to him and held out my hand, turning my head away and closing my eyes.

A moment of silence passed before I felt something touch the palm of my hand. I looked and saw the Dramillion with his snout in my palm. I smiled at him greatly. I rubbed the side of his face and he made small clicking sounds. "That it, boy." I said. The Dramillion then turned away from me and started walking. "Hey, where are you going?" I said. I followed the Titan Wing Dramillion all the way to Ponyille park and into the clearing where we first found him.

"This place again?" I said to myself. He continued walking and I followed him. We both came to another clearing where there were about five mounts of dirt. He walked over to one of them and layed down, resting his head on it. I was confused. Why did he come back here to these dirt mounts. I looked at one of them and saw a small spike striking out of the mount. I looked closely and noticed the spike matched the Titan Wing Dramillions' tail spike.

I looked back at him and he had a really sad expression on his face almost like he was ..... grieving. ... Grieving?! Then that meant these dirt mounts were.... his pack. Oh my god. He was grieving the loss of his pack. His family. I went over and sat down next to him, placing my hand on his neck. "I'm sorry for your lost." I said. The Dramillion sighed and gently rubbed the dirt mount. He and him stayed that way until the next morning.

POV Ends

"Sarah! Sarah!"

Ugh.. I woke up groggily to Kodi leaping on my bed with a worried expression on his face. "What is it, Kodi?"

"Ren's missing!" he cried.

All sleep vanished from my body. "What?! Missing?!" I cried.

"Whose missing?" Mason asked.

"What the hell is going on?" Jack asked, still half-asleep.

"What's going on?" Kaede asked.

"Ren's gone! He's not in his bed!" Kodi explained.

"Gone? Where did he go?" Kaede asked.

"Guys, look! Footprints!" I pointed to the hallway ground where there were dragon footprints and human slipper prints in the floor. "The slipped prints must be Ren's but who do the dragon footprints belong to?" Mason asked.

Kodi sniffed the ground. "The Dramillion. I know this scent." I quickly put on my clothes, as well as the others, gathered Twilight and the girls and we followed Kodi to Ponyville Park where we found Ren and the Dramillion. The Dramillion was laying it's head against a dirt mount and Ren was actually sleeping on the dragons' side. "Holy crap..." Jack gasped. "Looks like the dragon trusts the brat now."

We all walked up to the duo and the Dramillion and Ren both woke up.

Ren yawned, "Oh, monring guys." he said casually. Kodi tackled his owner and licked his face. "You had me worried sick! Don't do that again." he smacked him with his paws which was kinda cute if you saw it. "Alright, alright. I'm sorry for disappearing in the middle of the night, buddy."

Mason and Carrie noticed the other dirt mounts, "What are these dirt mounts?" Carrie asked.

The Dramillion suddenly looked sad, looking at one of the dirt mounts. Ren rubbed his face, "These dirt mounts... were his pack."

We all gasped and looked horrified. "His pack... then that meant they...." I said and Ren nodded, confirming my suspicion.

"Oh my." Fluttershy whimpered. "You poor thing." she started shedding some tears as she hugged the Dramillion's face. The girls were equally heart-broken. Applejack held her hat to her chest while Rarity and Pinkie did their best to hold back their tears. Twilight was down right horrified. "H-How?"

The Dramillion looked at her and gave a soft roar. "Those ponies who encountered before... they... killed my family. I was the only one left." I translated.

I had no words. It was horrible. This dragon lost his pack to hunters and now was all alone in the world. "Don't worry, we won't let what happened to your pack happen to you." I said to it.

"Yeah, we'll keep you safe no matter what." Ren added.

"Hell yeah." Jack added.

"You can count us in too." Applejack stated. The Darmillion looked at all of us and smiled. "So... who gets to keep him?" Kodi asked.

We all looked at Ren, "Me?"

"Yeah, you the one he trusts now. And besides, you said you wanted a dragon of your own." I stated.

Ren looked at the Titan Wing Dramillion, "Do you... want to b my dragon?" he asked.

The Dramillion nuzzled his chest, "I think that's a yes." I said.

We all were happy for Ren. He finally got a dragon of his own and this one would be here to stay. Just like ours.

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