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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 67: Rainbow Dragon Roadtrip Part 1

🎵I got your message🎵
🎵The sun is shining🎵
🎵And the open road is calling our names🎵
🎵My bag is packed so🎵
🎵Are you ready?🎵
🎵'Cause to lose this day would be a shame🎵

🎵There's a rainbow waiting🎵
🎵A song is playin'🎵
🎵And I can't wait to hit the road with you🎵
🎵There's a rainbow waiting🎵
🎵And we got rainbow roadtrippin' to do!

Hi, I'm Sarah, the Princess of Friendship. Today, Rainbow and I got an invite to a place called Dragon Hope Hallow for a Rainbow Dragon Festival where Rainbow and I would be the guest of honor along with Snowflake and Moonshine. Me and my friends all packed what we needed and were placing them in my car. My dad and Douglas were coming along too, cause it would be fun for them to come... and they needed to gt out of the lab for a few days, hehehe. I saw Pinkie and Rainbow rushing towards the car while Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and the others were there already.

They both fell on the ground in shock seeing the rest of us. "Alright, I was forth." Rainbow said.

"Well I was fifth." Pinkie said.

"Technically, you both were last." Rantaro said.

"T-That's not even- But I beat you!" Rainbow argued. Mason intervened. "You both are still late. We have to leave soon or will miss the festival."

"Don't worry, we wouldn't have left with out you." Fluttershy reassured.

"Afterall darling, Rainbow, Sarah and her Fury dragons are the guests of Honor at the Rainbow Dragon Festival."

"Alright.. is everyone ready?" I asked.

"Hey, where the purple bookworm and the nerd?" Jack asked. We then noticed Twilight and Jamie were not present. "Oh, there they are." Pinkie quipped, pointing down the street. "We're coming! We're coming!" Twilight's voice rang. Twilight and Jamie were running towards us with Spike following behind us and they made it. "We have to pack a few books."

"Wait, wait, wait, you're bringing work to a festival?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Yeah, leave those books here, it's suppose to be a non-stop party." Pinkie squealed in joy.

"Reading is fun, it's relaxing and rewarding and-" Jamie started, but I took his and Twilight's books in my magic and gave them to Spike. "can wait until we come back from the Festival."

"Did you bring Striker, Jamie?" Jamie nodded and his Triple Stryke landed next to him. I turned to Ren and the others. "Did you guys bring your dragons too?" Ren and the others nodded and their dragons landed near the car. "And they are bringing their dragons... why?" Rainbow asked, confused.

"Hello, it's called the Rainbow Dragon Festival for a reason." Rainbow stated. "You have to bring dragons to a dragon festival."

"Yeah, Rainbow's right." Twilight said.

"Yeah, yeah, come on, come on, let's go!" My dad said. His brother rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"You guys heard my dad, let's go!" I exclaimed. Everyone cheered and we all piled into the car. I sat at the driver's seat while my dad had the passenger seat. Douglas sat with Ren, Jack, Twilight and Rantaro in the front. Jamie, Nicole, Applejack, Rarity and Kaede were in the middle. Mason, Carrie, Fluttershy and Pinkie sat in the back while Rainbow would fly outside with our dragons. (Trust me, my car is bigger on the inside than on the outside.) We all buckled in and I started the engine. "Everyone ready?" I asked everyone.

"You bet!" Ren exclaimed.

"Let's go!" Mason added.

"The off we go!" I pressed the gas and put the car in flying mode. The car's leaped off the ground and the wheel turned inward and hovered. A steering fin came out on the trunk and two wings came out in the middle and the car flew off in the sky with our dragons and Rainbow following behind. "Have fun everyone!" Spike called to us.

We flew over valleys, mountains and rivers on the way. "Didn't somepony mention a spa in, uh, where is it we're going again?" Rarity asked.

Rainbow knocked on the window and I rolled the window's down so she could speak to us, "Hope Hollow... or as I'd like to call it, Rainbow and Sarah fan central." Rainbow said. Applejack and Mason sighed, "You're gonna be like this the whole way, aren't ya?" Applejack asked.

"You know it. I mean look at this letter. They love me and Sarah there." Rainbow said. I took the letter in my magic and gave it to my dad. "Dear Rainbow Dash and Princess Sarah Gem,

Thank you for being our guests at this years' famous Dragon Hope Hollow Rainbow Dragon Festival. The many members of your fan club are looking forward to your visit. You and your friends will be staying at our luxury Rainbow Dragon Resort and Spa where your every will be care too." My dad read aloud.

"Oh I called that a challenge, I have so many wills." Rarity said, battering her eyes. Jack rolled his eyes. "Fan club? Oooh." I groaned.

"Now now Sarah, it may just be a few ponies in this fan club." Douglas said.

"Or it may be the entire town to be your fan club." Pinkie cheered. I squeaked. "Don't worry Sarah, you'll be fine. Remember, you have us." Snowflake reassured.

"Right... right... okay..." I breathed calmly.

"Oh look there's a butterfly garden. "Fluttershy said.

"Hmm, you know it's strange that we've never heard of this festival before." Twilight said.

"Y-Yeah, especially since everything in the town is so well known." Jamie added.

Rainbow looked at the letter. "At this years' festival, you can eat treats and the traditional Rainbow Bakery booth. Sing your favorite Rainbow and Dragon themes songs at the karaoke competition."

"Baking booth and Karaoke! Ahhh!" Pinkie cheered. "It's like they got into my soul." Then Mason got the letter. "And try our famous Rainbow trout catch and release activity."

"Catch and release?" Jack whined. "Awww... I wanted to eat it."

"Jack!" Kaede scolded covered Fluttershy's ears so she would not hear that. "Oh... hehe... sorry."

"Now that sounds right up my river." Applejack said.

"Plus we get to see the mayor give Rainbow, Sarah, Snowflake and Moonshine a reward. I call dibs on the cheering section." Pinkie said pulling out her party cannon which she activated, making confetti go all over the inside of the car. We all laughed. Classic Pinkie.

"An award for what exactly?" Rarity asked.

Rainbow shrugged. "Showing up, general coolness, hehe all of the above." Rainbow gloated.

"Well we're so glad you invited us along." Twilight said.

"Yeah, it's gonna be one long party! Which starts now!"

"Yeah!" Shimmer cheered. I turned to see Shimmer next to me

"Hehe, Hi Shimmer.... WAIT! SHIMMER GLOW?!" I exclaimed. Everyone was shocked to see the tiny filly. "What are you doing here? How did you get in?" Douglas asked.

"I snuck in with my invisibility spell, heheh." Shimmer giggled innocently. We all looked at each other and back at the little filly. "What do we do with her?" Ren asked.

"We can't turn back. We're too far from Ponyville. Looks like she's staying." I said. Shimmer cheered and hopped into my lap. I giggled and rolled my eyes at the tiny filly as I drove.

Hours passed and it was getting dark, close to night time. "Shouldn't we be there by now?" Rainbow asked.

"I thought so too, maybe we should have turn left at the last cloud instead of right." Applejack said.

"Oh, it's getting darker by the minute." Fluttershy said. The sky was getting darker. Then Pinkie appeared in front of me, "I psy with my little eye a Rainbow!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"We're not doing that again." Rainbow groaned.

"No an actual Rainbow." Pinkie said. We all looked and saw a large Rainbow ahead.

"Woah... cool." Ren gasped.

"We're heading right for it!" Rarity exclaimed in fear.

"Don't worry, we'll pass right through it. No rainbow's are solid." Rainbow reassured. Moonshine flew ahead and touched it with his claw... it did not faze through it.

"Not this one guys! It looks like a billboard!" he called back. The billboard started to rock and then leaned towards us. "Lookout newbie!" Jack exclaimed. Acting quickly, I turned the car around but the billboard caught the back steering fin, making us go down with the billboard. "AAAAAAAHHH!" We all screamed.

"We're gonna crash!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Not on our watch!" Moonshine said "Dragons, go!" Our dragons flew down to the car and blasted the part of the billboard that caught the car and the car hovered again. "Phew..." we all sighed in relief.

"Thanks you guys." I said.

"No problem." Snowflake said. I drove the car to the ground and I landed her, making her go back to her land mode.The billboard crashed onto the ground and broke. We all exited the car and looked around. "Where are we?" Fluttershy asked.

Pinkie Pie found a sign that said, "Welcome to Dragon Hope Hollow, home of the famous Rainbow Dragon Festival."

"We've arrived, but there's nopony here to greet us." Rarity said.

"Good thing too, we kinda destroyed their town sign." Twilight said.

"Rainbow Dash, does the letter say where our hotel is?" Fluttershy said.

"Uh.." Rainbow took the invite and read it. "The middle of town."

"Hmm.. doesn't help much without knowing where the middle is." Jamie said. "L-Let's start looking." We all agreed and my friends started walking while I slowly drove the car into the town. When we got to the town we saw that it looks rundown. Some windows were boarded up, some of the buildings had cracks and holes in them and there was nopony outside. It was like a ghost town. "Hmm.. funny you'd think a big luxury resort would be easier to spot." Applejack stated.

"Yeah, it seems like the whole town has shut down." Pinkie said. We made it to the center, "Oh look, there's somepony." We looked towards one building and saw a pony coming out. Twilight trotted over, "Hello." The pony turned to reveal she had a curly, mane and tail. "Oh."

"Maybe you can help us, we're here for the Rainbow Dragon Festival." Twilight said.

"The Rainbow Dragon Festival?" she asked.

"Yeah you know where I'm the guest of honor." Rainbow smirked.

"And newbie and the dragons." Jack deadpanned.

"Right them too."

"Oh for crying in the mud, what has Sunny done now?" she mumbled to herself, catching Nicoles' attention. "What was that?"

"Oh, uh, you best talk to Mayor Skies about that." she said.

"Great, and where would we find him?" Ren asked.

"City hall, but it's closed until tomorrow don't cha know. Is there something I can help you with?" she asked.

"Yes, were looking for the Hope Hallow Luxury Resort." My dad spoke.

"Oh, that's this building right here." she opened the door, "Come in." I exited the car and followed the others inside the hotel. "Hotel Hope, also know as the town information center and library. My name is Petunia Petals by the way. I'm the librarian here and the information guide and the hotel manager, historian, chief, portrait painter-"

"Um, I'm Rainbow Dash and this is everypony." Rainbow Introduced. We all gave our greetings to Petunia. "Hello everypony, just wait one minute and I'll take you to the room."

"Uh, the room?" Kaede asked.

"There's only one." Petunia said.

"One?" Ren asked. Petunia nodded. "Make's it easier to find." she said as she got the key. She led us upstairs and unlocked the door. When we went in the room looked a little back. There were some cracks in the walls, old bed and dust in some area. "H-How rustic and charming." Rarity said, trying not the scream.

"I couldn't help noticing there are only three beds." Rainbow pointed out. One bed broke, "Okay four."

Petunia claimed, "There's a pop out one too." she went over to a wall and gave it a good kick and a bed come out of it, stirring up some dust. "There she is. You'll be all fresh and ready to see the mayor in the morning." she went over to the door. "Night." and exited the room, leaving us in the room. "Did anypony notice something strange about Petunia?" Twilight asked.

"Other than the fact that she called this place the royal sweet." Rarity jabbed.

"Hard to tell in this light but she looks a little... gray didn't she?" Applejack stated.

"Probably from all the dust." Rarity grumbled.

"And I didn't notice any dragons around here either." I spoke up.

"Yeah, Sarah's right. Even at night, there are suppose to be dragons roaming around, so why aren't there?" Kaede wondered

"Sorry everypony I didn't know what I was getting you all into." Rainbow apologized. Twilight grinned and put a hoof on her shoulder. "The most important thing that we are all together."

"So.... how are all of us suppose to sleep in this one room?" Ren asked.

"I don't think t-that's possible." Kaede said.

"Great, now what the hell do we do?" Jack asked.

"Don't worry I got this." I smirked. I flew out of the window and went to the car. I opened the truck and pulled out a small cube with a string attached to it. I placed it near the car and pulled the string. In an instant and large tent appeared.

My friends looked out the window and gawked at the tent. "Hehehe, I like to be prepared." I giggled.

"DIBS!" Jack exclaimed and he raced out of the room. "Hold it, fasto!" Rantaro exclaimed and he dashed outside too.They both rushed into the tent while I laughed, "Oh boys. There's room for a few more, you guys. Come on." Sarah called. Ren and the others came outside and climbed into my tent. "Nice Sarah." Ren praised.

"Yeah, nice going newbie." Jack said. I blushed a little. "Hehehe, it's really nothing."

"Yeah right, kid. This tent is like a real hotel." Rantaro smirked.

"I agree, let's get some shall we?" Douglas asked. We all agreed and we along with our dragons entered the rooms and we all fell asleep.


I found myself in the Dreamscape and I looked around when I saw Astral Twilight. "Tree of Harmony? What are you doing here?" I asked, surprised.

"I am here to tell you of a task you must complete, Sarah." Astral Twilight said.

"A Task? What is it?"

"You must solve the mystery of Hope Hallow."

"The mystery of Hope Hallow? What mystery?"

"You'll find out in the morning. I must go now... sweet dreams Sarah Gem." With that Astral Twilight disappeared and the void wavered...

End of Dreamscape

I gasped as I woke up with a shock. "Sarah, are you alright?" Snowflake asked.

Moonshine and Snowflake looked at me with some concern. "Y-Yeah... but I have something to tell you... everyone in the morning." I said. "Right now... we should get some sleep." Snowflake and Moonshine looked at each other and fell asleep while I layed my head on the pillow. "What is the mystery of Hope Hallow... maybe it has something to do with why Petunia was gray.. I yawned. "I'll think about it in the morning." and with that I fell asleep.

The next morning, me and the gang had breakfast and I told them what the Tree of Harmony told me. "Soo, there's a mystery here in Dragon Hope Hallow?" Ren asked.

"Yes and the Tree said I have to solve it." I replied. "And I think it has something to do with why Petunia was gray."

"Yeah... that was weird." Jamie said.

"I agree." My dad said. "Let's see how the girls are." We all agreed and finished our breakfast and went outside to find the girls coming out of the hotel and walking through town. We saw that ponies staring at the girls. "Why is everypony staring at us?" Fluttershy wondered.

"Maybe they recognize Rainbow Dash?" Applejack suggested.

"Or Princess Sarah, but mostly me." Rainbow said.

"No... I think they're staring because we're the only part of this town that isn't... gray." Rarity realized.

"What do you mean, loon?" Jack asked.

"Look around." Rarity said we did and saw the whole town was gray! "All the colors here are gone!"

"That's strange. It's just like what I noticed with Petunia last night, Everything's mostly gray." Twilight added. We saw Petunia at a booth, "Hello." she waved to us and we waved back. "Except the stuff that's grayer." Applejack added.

"I thought it was strange but-" Fluttershy started.

"This is so weird." Rainbow cut in.

Another pony walked by with a confused look, "And from the way they're gawking at us, it appears they think we're the odd ones." Rarity said.

"Ain't that the truth." Jack grumbled.

"I wonder what caused this?" Twilight asked.

"We can ask the mayor." Applejack said.

"Yeah if we ever find him." Rainbow said. We started walking through the town to see if there was any sign of the Mayor when two foals skidded in front of us. One was a colt wearing a dull red hoodies while the other had a beanie and shirt on in the same color. They were both without cutie marks too. When they spotted Sarah and Rainbow, they scurried back, hid behind a building and whispered to each other. "That was weird." I remarked.

"Yeah..." Ren added. "Looks like you found your mystery, Sarah." Ren said to me.

"Mystery?" Twilight repeated.

"The Tree of Harmony spoke to me last night and said I had to solve a mystery here in Dragon Hope Hallow which is why all the color is gone." I explained. "And why there are no dragons here, except for ours." Then we spotted two ponies that looked like they came from Manhattan. The stallion look a little old while the mare looked young. "Don't pout, dear. It'll wrinkle your withers." the mare said.

"I'm not pouting, sweetums, but I am hurt by your comment. I thought the pie I baked was quite tasty." The stallion added.

"I didn't say it wasn't."

"You didn't say it was." The two bumped into an elderly stallion that had shape similar to Granny Smith. "Watch where you're goin'! You don't own the sidewalk, ya know?!" he growled and walked off.

"Well I never." The stallion said. They laid their eyes on us and they gawked at us before walking away. "Huh?" we all said. Suddenly, I spotted my car near a tool shop and a pony was working on the bent. There was stallion with a short mane and tail that were fainted gray. He turned and spotted us, "Well, stuff me in an olive and call me a pimento! It's the Rainbow Dash and Princess Sarah Gem! Ya made it! Uh, it is.. you, isn't it?"

"Yes, it's us." I replied. Snowflake and Midnight came beside us. "And these must be the Light and Night fury I've heard you have, hehe... wish there were more here."

"What was that?" I asked.

"Nothing." the pony asnwered quickly.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle." Twilight introduced, walking up, "And you are.."

"Sunny Skies." The pony replied. "Sunny Skies, the mayor o' this lovely town, and pleased as a poplar tree to meetcha!"

"We're very sorry about your rainbow billboard, Mr. Mayor. It was dark and—" Fluttershy apologized but was cut off by Sunny.

"Oh, don't give it a second thought. That old thing needed repair anyway. I haven't used it since... uh... well, never mind. Uh, a-a-anyway, once your car fins' fixed up, Torque can take care of the billboard. Everypony, meet Torque Wrench, our town handypony. She offered to repair your car fin for ya." Torque Wrench was a mare with a fainted red mane and tail wearing working clothes like a handyman.

Torque lifted her mask, "He volunteered me." and placed it back down.

"She'll have it fixed in a jiffy." Sunny said.

" If, by "jiffy", ya mean "this will take all day"." Torque grumbled.

"Sooo ya got in last night. I wish I'd known. I would've been here to greetcha. Uh, where'd y'all stay?" Mayor Skies asked.

"At the "Luxury Hotel". Rarity said.

"Petunia Petals let us in." Applejack added.

"Oh, well, of course she did. She's somethin', I'll tell you what. I'd be lost without her. I mean, uh, th-the town would be." Mayor Skies stammered, showing a faint blush on his cheek.

"Mayor, I hope you don't mind my asking, but is there a reason your town is... faded?" Jamie asked. The Mayor suddenly looked nervous. "Oh! Heh. Ya spotted that, did ya? Well, it's a... long story. Uh, why don't I show you the town highlights first?" he quickly walked away while the rest of us were confused. "Huh?"

"Hmm... seems like he's not telling us something." Nicole said.

"How'd you figure that?" Mason asked.

"I saw it in his eyes." Nicole replied, not taking her eyes off of the IPad.

"I agree with the chick. He knows something. We just have to get it out of him." Jack stated.

"You are not harming him, Jack." Ren said.

"... Fine." Jack grumbled.

"Come on, let's follow the mayor." I suggested. My friends agreed and we followed the Mayor. He showed us the Outdooor Spa. The 'water' looked more like mud. Twilight asked him about the activities from the brochure and he showed us the Bakery Booth.... which was not present. "Or... will be. We're... still settin' up, but we gotta lotta great things planned." Mayor Skies said. Fluttershy asked about the butterfly garden and he brought us over to some bushes.... that had pictures of butterflies on it. "So none of the butterflies are actually..."

"Real? Oh, no. Uh, what with the flowers not havin' color and all, the butterflies don't really come around much anymore." Sunny explained. Applejack and Mason asked about the fishing and he showed us a pool with a Sea Shocker dragon inside of it.

Sea Shocker: It was 52 feet long and has a 17 feet tall with a 50 foot long wingspan. Seashocker looks similar to a blue Manta Ray which is more noticeable when seen in a bird's eye view. It has two heads and has large a wingspan of 15 meters (50 feet) with two small flippers in front of it, giving it the appearance of a blue colored Manta Ray. The dragon also has small spikes lining its spine and the top of its heads. Their dorsal fins are very sharp and dense, functioning as amazingly powerful blades that are capable of slicing thick sea ices and even the most solid floes. Its necks are incredibly short. In total, the Seashocker's body shape strongly resembles that of a Manta Ray, with wings that extend perfectly straight out. This natural arrangement ensures great speed in the air or beneath the waves of an icy ocean.

The dragon hissed at Sunny making him leaped back. "Woah, what the-?" Jack exclaimed.

"The Sea Shocker can produce electricity, making very dangerous." I explained as I walked over to it. The Sea Shocker growled at me, but I held out my hand. "Easy, big fella. I'm not here to hurt you." I cooed. The Sea Shocker stared at me for a moment and until it calmed down and placed it's nose in my hand. "Woah... she's good." Mayor Skies cooed.

"That's our Princess." Mason smirked.

Then Pinkie approached the Mayor. "Um, so no big deal – well, actually, okay, yes, kind of a big deal – but the brochure also mentioned a karaoke contest?" she asked.

"Right here!" He pointed to a stage that looked worned down and the sign fell. "The Seas Shocker doubles on Harmonic." Sunny said. The Sea Shocker growled, sparking electricity. It was obvious that he did not play harmonica that was for sure. Twilight spoke with the Mayor, "I don't understand. Your Rainbow Festival isn't quite as you described."

Rainbow came up, "And the resort hotel wasn't what it was cracked up to be either."

"Cept for all the cracks." Applejack added.

"None of these things are as pictured in your brochure." Rarity added, displeased.

"Well, maybe I exaggerated a little, but I-I'd intend on havin' everythin' ready. It's just kinda hard gettin' anypony excited about anythin' in this town anymore! Ugh. I didn't think ya'd come if ya knew the truth." Mayor Skies said.

"The Truth?" Twilight asked.

"That there is no Rainbow Festival. right?" Nicole guessed and Mayor Skies nodded. The girls gasped in shock.

"No Rainbow Festival?!" Applejack repeated.

"No fan club?!" Rainbow added. "That goodness." I silently sighed in relief.

"Believe me, I didn't mean to—" Mayor Skies started and Rainbow cut in, " Bring us here for nothing?!"

" If ya just let me—" Sunny stammered.

"We should just leave this very moment!" Rarity suggested.

"Girls!"I exclaimed, and the girls fell quiet. "Maybe we should let the mayor explain."

Mayor Skies cleared his throat. "Uh, guess I should start at the beginnin'. A long time ago, when my Grandpa Skies was mayor, Hope Hollow was different. They used to call this town "The End of the Rainbow", 'cause everything you'd ever want, you could find right here."

He thought back to when his Grandpa was Mayor. Back then, the town was drastically different. Ponies were chatting with each other and socializing with other and most importantly, there was color in the whole town. Dragons filled the skies and walked with their pony friends.

Next door neighbors chatting over white-wood fences
Stoppin' on the street to say hello
When friends did well, we sang their praises
Brought soup to comfort them when they felt low
That was our town at the end of the rainbow

No pots of gold or buried treasure
Just everypony looking after each other
The truest riches cannot be measured
It was a lesson that had kept us together
In our town at the end of the rainbow

To honor the town, his Grandpa held a festival every year and made a device called the Rainbow Generator that made colors appear in the sky as the town gathered around the area to see the colors and remind everyone that they were stronger together. His Grandpa passed it down to his father and then to Sunny Skies and it was his turn to make the colors in the sky. It filled his heart with such please to see everypony and dragon gathered around for the festival. He thought it would never end.... until it did.

To honor our fine town, my Grandpa Skies decided
To throw a party each and every year
They planed for weeks, cooked for days, celebrated fifty ways
So everypony would gather here
In our town at the end of the rainbow

Grandpa made a gizmo called the Rainbow Generator
To paint the sky with lots of colors shining bold and bright
To remind us all together we are greater
And darkness never wins against the coming of the light

Grandpa passed it on to Dad, then it was my turn
To make the pretty rainbows in the sky
It filled my heart with pride to see
Our whole town gathered gratefully
Where we were sure there would never be
An end to the rainbow

Nopony had time to spend with each other and as the years went by, the ponies spirits diminished. The dragons began to leave the town as well. Sunny knew he had to do something so he fixed up the Rainbow Generator with his magic to make a bigger and better Rainbow for the town. But when he presented it to the town, the generator sparked and blew up creating an explosion and it removed all the color in the town... which brings us to the present.

Then fences went up, we lost track of our neighbors
Every year passing, dimming spirits all around
The happy days came to an end
Nopony had time to spend together in the town

I thought I knew exactly what the festival needed
A bigger, better rainbow would surely make them see it
But the extra magic was too much for the Rainbow Generator
And I'm who brought the rainbow to an end

That's how our town, our little pony town
That's how our town saw the end of the rainbow

When he was done explaining, we all felt bad for him and Pinkie cried, "That is the saddest story-song I've ever heard!"

"Tell me about it." Kaede agreed. "But what happened to the dragons, why did they suddenly leave?"

"I don't know. I tried for a long time to get everypony interested in the Festival again. To remember what it's like to come together as a community and share the fun. But nopony even bothered listenin'. That's why I wrote to you two, Rainbow Dash and Princess Sarah. You two were my last hope. I figured if a pony and human of your stature came to town, it would get everypony excited about puttin' on the Festival again. I mean, "Rainbow"'s even part o' your name! And you have an amazing way with dragons."

" Mmm, yeah, I can see that." Rainbow said.

"Yeah." I added.

"Mr. Mayor, what kind of magic did you use on the Rainbow Generator?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, I'm not sure. I didn't know what I was dealin' with. I only wanted to help. But instead, I sucked all the color outta the town. That billboard and the Sea Shocker were the only things that didn't change. To me, they are a reminder of what we can be. Keeps the "Hope" in "Dragon Hope Hollow". Mayor Skies said.

"Hmmm. If I could find out the type of magic you used, I might be able to reverse the spell." Twilight proposed.

"Ya mean, you're gonna stay?" The girls nodded.

"Hell yeah." Jack said.

"Heh. Nothin' we like better than a challenge, 'specially when it comes to helpin' ponies." Applejack said.

"You bet." Mason added.

"You don't know how clam-happy this all makes me! Thank you kindly!" Sunny praised.

"We'll do whatever we can to bring back your Rainbow Festival." Twilight stated.

"I won't fib to ya, it won't be easy. It's gotten so nopony even talks to each other anymore." Sunny grimaced.

"Mmm, it might be tough, but we have a little experience bringing ponies together." Twilight said. We all nodded then Pinkie Pie came up to him. "Yay! This is exactly like planning a party! Only bigger, 'cause it's a festival! [giggles] Which means more cupcakes! Whoo-hoo! Ooh. Ah! I've got a date with the Bakery Booth! Ha-ha!" and she zipped over to the Bakery. Fluttershy and Jamie came up, "Umm, we better follow her." Fluttershy said. Jamie agreed and they both followed the bouncy Earth Pony.

"Hmmm, an overall stylistic look to unify the sentiment of the celebration. That's what this festival needs." Rarity said.

"Ya mean like a rainbow?" Sunny asked.

"Yes, darling, yes, yes, but more complex, more thematic, something like—" she spotted some clothing in the distance. "Ooh! something like that! Formidable!." she walked over with Kaede following her, "Wait for me Rarity." she called.

"The biggest challenge is getting your town interested in a Rainbow Festival when everything's so... gray. I think if we can bring the color back, it'll solve everything." Twilight said.

": Yah, I'm with ya there, but—" Sunny started but Twilight turned to Rainbow, "Rainbow Dash, I need your help." Twilight walked away with Jamie following her. Rainbow approached Mayor Skies, " Mr. Mayor, seriously, is there a fan club?"

"Oh, you betcha! They're around... somewhere."

Rainbow groaned and followed Twilight, "Hey wait for me, Skittles." Jack called as he followed the rainbow pegasus. Applejack then came up with the Mayor. "Any tools I can borrow, your Honor? I'm gonna spruce up that billboard to let everypony know this here Rainbow Festival's back in business!"

"Oh, that's music to my ears! Torque Wrench, let's get our guest tooled up, whadaya say? She's gonna put our rainbow back up." Mayor Skies said to Torque.

"Oh, yippee." Torque said sarcastically.

"Nicole, Rantaro, what are you two going to do?" Mason asked.

"Don't know, look around, see if there's anything I can use to make some money." Rantaro said.

"And I'll just follow me." Nicole said.

Mason sighed at those two. Either way, he went off with Applejack to fix the sign. Petunia came up to Sunny, "Heh-heh."

Sunny jumped and stammered, "Oh! Uh, if ya don't mind, I, uh, I have a speech to work on. See ya 'round." and he quickly walked off. Applejack and Mason knew something was going on between Sunny and Petunia... but what was it?

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