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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 26: Sarah's Kingdom Part 2

Previosly on My Little Pony

"Tirek has escaped from Taratrus and is stealing pony magic."

"And I know just the Princess who can stop him."

"Discord has been captureed by Tirek."

"There is no doubt that Tirek is after alicorn magic."

"We must rid ourselves of out magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from us."

All of us were in total shock and horror. “What the hell?!” Jack added.

"G-Give up your magic?!" Jamie stammered.

“You can’t do that!” Mason added

"That's crazy?!" Ren added.

"We know, but this is the only way. When Tirek comes for us we cannot have what he is looking for." Luna said. "Our magic cannot vanished into thin air. Someone must keep it safe."

Cadence stepped forward, "That someone is you, Sarah."

"ME?! Why me?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"We do not believe that Tirek is aware of all your Element's abilities. The Element may prevent Tirek from using his dark powers to absorb your magic. With your Elements’ protection, Tirek will not be able to get a hold of the magic." Celestia explained.

"Do you understand what we're asking of you?" Cadence asked.

"Yes... but I've only had unicorn magic for all of my life. To take on Alicorn Magic-" Cadence grabbed my hand with her hoof, "Sarah, you represent all of the Elements of Harmony. Just like Twilight and her friends, including the Element of Magic. If there’s anyone who can do this; it’s you.” Luna and Celestia nodded.

“... Alright… I’ll do it.” I said.

“Then we must begin at once.” Celestia said. My friends backed away while the three Princesses formed a triangle around me. They focused their magic at the tip of their horns while I stared at them. They opened their eyes which had turned white and their magic exited them and formed a large ball of magic right above me. “Holy crap!” Jack exclaimed. I gulped as the magic connected with my horn and all the magic entered my body.

The three princesses layed on the ground and were helped to their feet by Twilight and the girls. Meanwhile, I felt stronger than before and I looked at the princess’s who no longer had their cutie marks. Celestia sighed, “It is done.”

“Sarah, you now possess our magic. Hopefully we will regain them soon.” Luna said. “Now you must take on our responsibility of raising the sun and moon.”

“..Right.” I said in a shaky voice.

The next morning

I was outside staring at the moon, that I raised yesterday. Now it was time to raise the sun. Ren and the others were there to give me support. “You can do it, Sarah.” Kaede reassured.

“R-Remember what you know.” Jamie added.

“I can do this.” I said to myself. I closed my eyes and concentrated. I felt the magic at the tip of my horn and the moon lowered in the sky and at the same time the sun rose high in the sky, making it day time. I looked and saw the sun shining in the sky. “I did it!” I called proudly.

“Great work!” Ren exclaimed.

“Awesome, newbie.” Jack added.

“Now let’s help you fully control it.” Jamie added. I nodded and went back into the home-ship.

Third Person POV

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Shining Armor was standing guard with two other guards. Suddenly, he heard some footsteps and saw Tirek coming towards him. He blasted a beam of his magic at him but he caught it in his hands and ate it, liking the taste.

He grabbed Shining by the face and drained him of his magic, causing him to fall to the ground. “Captain!” One guard cried. Tirek did the same thing to the other two guards and they collapsed.

In the throne room, the Princesses were laying on the throne when they heard footsteps. They all stood tall as Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas entered the throne room. Tirek marched up to the three Princess and levitated them up to him. He opened his mouth to drain their magic, but nothing entered his mouth. “What have you done?” he hissed.

Celestia smirked at him.

He tried Luna and Cadence and got the same result. “Where is your magic?!”

POV Ends

In the home-ship. I was practicing firing her magic. I shot perfectly with all the targets. “Perfect Honey.” My dad commented.

“Thanks dad.” I replied.

“Now, you lightning and fire magic.”

I nodded and concentrated. Lightning and fire shot out of my horn which burst through the ceiling of the home-ship! “Oops.” I winced.

“No, no, no, it’s alright.” My dad quickly reassured. “At least we know, you have great control over the magic.”

“Yeah.” Ren added. “You’re handling this new magic as if it was your own.”

“Ren’s right. You’re a natural when it comes to magic.” Jamie added, making me blush. “Hehe.”

Third Person POV

Tirek sat in the throne while the three princess stared at him with unhappy faces. “Getting rid of your magic so that I cannot take it from you? That was your plan? How does it feel, knowing that soon, every Pegasus, unicorn and Earth pony will bow to my will, and that there is nothing you can do to stop it?”

“You will not prevail.” Celestia stated.

Douglas laughed. “Oh yeah, we the two of us by his side. There’s no one who can stop us.”

“Don’t be so confident.” Luna said.

“Who did you give your magic too anyway?” Chrysalis asked.

“We’re not telling you.” Cadence snarled.

“Don’t have to. I already know who.” Douglas said.

“Who?” Tirek asked.

“...My ex-daughter.” he answered. “Sarah.”

Chrysalis growled. “That little pests who beat us the last time.”

“Well then.” Tirek hissed. “Guess we should pay this Sarah a visit.”

“You will not get her magic, Tirek.” Discord claimed.

“Oh and why not?”

“Because that pesky element she has protects her.” Douglas grunted.

“Element? Hmm… now she really sounds interesting.” Tirek hissed. He levitated the three princess and placed them in the cage. “Shall we?” he asked his comrades.


All three of them chuckled evilly while the Princess and Discord looked worried.

Meanwhile, Ren, Twilight and their friends, including Sarah’s dad were walking on the outskirts of Ponyville. “So how’s Sarah doin’ with her magic?” Applejack asked.

“She doing perfectly.” Ren answered. “She has complete control over her magic. Like it was her own magic.”

“That’s wonderful.” Fluttershy asked.

“And with that element protecting her. Tirek can’t touch her.” Jack smirked.

“Oh really?” a voice said and suddenly a cage came over all of them.

That’s when Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas appeared.

“Tirek!” Twilight cried.

“Douglas.” Donny hissed.

“Surprise… I’m back~” Douglas said.

“What do you want?” Ren asked.

“Oh nothing except-” Tirek said. He levitated Discord, Twilight and her friends and drained them all of their magic. The six girls and Discord collapsed on the ground with tinted eyes and no cutie marks or magic. “Girls!” Ren cried. He and his friends helped the girls to their feet. Tirek grew even larger. Now he was the size of two story house!

“Holy crap!” Jack cried.

“Now.. where’s this Sarah character I’ve heard so much about?” Tirek hissed.

“Yes… I think it’s time I spend some time with my wonderful daughter.” Douglas added.

“You go anywhere near her it’ll be the last thing you ever do!” Davenport snarled.

“She’s mine, Donny!” Douglas said.

“And her magic will be mine.” Tirek added. “As will as revenge.” Chrysalis added.

“That’s right.” Douglas said.

“Oh, and one more thing Douglas.” Chrysalis said and he lit her horn and Douglas was in the cage as well. “Hey! What the big idea?!”

“You are no longer useful to me. You’ve given me all the information I need to defeat that pesky human and take her magic.” Tirek said.

“We had a deal!” Douglas hissed.

“The deal is off now.” Chrysalis said. Douglas had never felt so betrayed in his life!

“You’ll have to get pass her dragons, pokemon and Yo-Kai friends if you want her.” Mason said.

Tirek laughed, “Those pests will be no problem. Once I have her magic in my possession, I’ll rule Equestria!” He laughed as well as Chrysalis. Now the only hope of Ren, the gang and Equestria was Sarah and her creature friends.

Meanwhile, I was walking on the barren outskirts of Ponyville with Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Dratini, Riolu, Rockruff, Mareep, Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. I sighed sadly as I looked at the peacefulness of the place. “What’s wrong Sarah?” Whisper asked.

“It’s just… why me?” I answered.

“What do you mean?” Sailornyan asked.

“Why did the Tree of Harmony give me an Element of Harmony? Why did the Princesses give their magic to me? I’m still not sure if I’m ready for this.” I explained.

“That’s ridiculous, you beat Douglas and Chrysalis before.” Sailornyan stated.

“But I never faced Tirek…” I sighed and walked a few feet away from my yo-kai friends, dragons and pokemon and I started singing.

Why, why even trust me at all.
Their magic now is my call.
But I’m not sure that it should
Now what, what should I do?
And who, who do I turn to?
Now everything feels so upside down.
Deep down maybe I knew
It was way too good to be true
Protect my home from an enemy
Some hero I turn out to be

I hear a call behind me and saw a large male lion with a red mane and he had a deep voice. “Woah.. who are you?”

“I am Mufasa, young Sarah. I have been watching you for some time now and I sense great doubt in your heart.”

I sighed, “It’s just everything seems to revolve around me in someway. Now Tirek is loose, stealing magic and I’m the only one with magic left to protect. I’m worried that I can’t handle this.”

“Don’t be afraid Sarah, trust your instincts. Your magic and your friends will be there for you when you need them and so will I until Equestria’s end.” With that Mufasa disappeared from the clouds.

“.. Trust my instincts. My friends and magic will be there when I need it.” I said.

Maybe my journey is far from done
They need a hero, and I'm the one
So now it's time for them all to see
The human I was born to be

It is time to take the lead on my own
It is time for something bigger than
I've ever known
No need to wonder
the choice is done
Now I believe I truly am the one
So is it time?
Is it time?
It is time

Whisper and my yo-kai friends and dragons came up to me and smiled. “Looks like someone has their confidence back.” Thornyan teased. I grinned at the throny cat when suddenly..


I gasped in horror at the sound of that voice. “Tirek!”

My yo kai friends and pokemon screamed in fear while my dragons growled. “Sailornyan, you and the other yo-kai get my pokemon to safety. Quickly.” I ordered.

“Right.” Sailornyan and Thornayn grabbed my three pokemon and they all rushed to safety.

Just in time to, cause that’s when Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas showed up behind me, only a few feet away! “Well, well, well, your the famous human I’ve heard a lot about.” Tirek hissed. I got into a fighting position while my dragons roared at Tirek and two comrades. “You have something that I want, human.”

“You’re not getting my magic!” I yelled.

Tirek roared in anger and blasted a large beam of magic at me. My and my dragons leaped into the air and I landed on Winter’s back. The dragons dove towards Tirek and fried their attacks while I fired the combined magic of the princesses and my own. The beam struck Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas hard. Tirek was still standing while Chrysalis and Douglas were knocked to the ground. They got up and leaped onto Tirek’s back.

The dragons circled and dove towards Tirek again. Tirek fired his magic at them and Chrysalis added her own power to the beam. I teleported us out of the trajectory and right in front of Tirek where I blasted him full force with my magic. He screamed in pain.

I levitated all of us up to his face and threw us in the direction of a mountain. “WOAH!” Luckily, Winter and the others responded quickly and stopped inches from the mountain and shot higher into the air. Tirek roared and flew towards us, but I leaped above them all and blasted them with the combined magic of my element and my own. Tirek crashed onto the ground.

And I dove right towards him in the form of a large phoenix. Tirek made rock spires come up but I blasted them with my fire attacks. Then I concentrated all my magic and element magic into one large beam and blasted Tirek hard with it.


What an explosion!

When all the dust cleared, Tirek staggered to his feet with barely any scratches on him! I landed on the floor and changed back into myself with my dragons by my side. “It seems we’ve reached a disagreement. How about a trade?” He snapped his finger and in multiple bubble appeared my friends, my dad, Douglas, Discord and the Princesses. “Their release for all the Alicorn Magic in Equestria.”

I gasped in horror and my friends cried out to me telling me not to give him my magic. “So what’s it going to be, human?” he asked. I could only stare in horror, not knowing what to do.

Not good. Really, really not good. Tirek and his comrades have all my loved ones captured and wants my magic in exchange for them. I knew I couldn’t give it to him but with the risk of losing my loved ones. Suddenly I remembered something and looked down at my element with shined a little. “Don’t do it, Sarah!” Rainbow cried.

"You can't let him get your magic!" Ren added.

"If you do, all of Equestria is doomed!" Jamie added.

“We’re not worth it!” Fluttershy added.

“You can’t let them win, newbie!” Jack added.

“ENOUGH!” Tirek snapped, becoming impatient. “I want an answer an I want it now!”

I looked at my friends and saw a colored stripe flash over the Mane 6’s bubbles and I felt a rainbow reflection in my eyes. I blinked and I looked at my element of harmony. I clenched my fists… I knew what I had to do. I looked up at Tirek with a bold face.

“.... I will give you my magic… in exchange for my family.”

Everyone gasped in horror while the villains smirked. “As you wish.” Tirek snapped his fingers and the bubbles floated to the ground and popped, releasing everyone except Douglas. “All of my family.” I said again.

“After the way he has betrayed you, you still call him family?” Tirek asked. Douglas looked ashamed. “Release him!” I exclaimed.

“Alright.” Tirek snapped his fingers and Douglas’ bubble floated down and popped. “Thank you, Sarah.” He said. Tirek turned to me, “Now, it’s you turn.” and he activated his dark powers, but my element shined brightly and made a shield around me, preventing my magic from being stolen. “What?!” he hissed.

“I told you that element won’t let you take her magic!” Douglas exclaimed.

“Well then… we’ll just destroy her then!” Chrysalis hissed. Tirek smirked.

Tirek poured all the magic he had into one powerful beam and Chrysalis added her own power. Together the two of them launched a gigantic beam of magic at me, which broke through my shield! I covered my eyes, preparing for impact.


“Sarah, no!” Ren and the others cried. Tirek and the villains laughed maliciously. “Sarah, you can’t be gone… you can’t be.” Sarah’s father said. Pinkie and the girls shedded some tears in sadness for the loss of their friend…. When there was a small peck of light coming from the dust.

Everyone gasped and the villains stopped laughing and looked. Out of the smoke came the ghostly and sparkling image of what looked to be a hybrid of Winter and Moonshine.

I felt myself changing. I felt my arms and legs grow shorter and a pair of wings sprout out of my back. I felt a tail coming out from my lower back and my face changed as well.

Third Person POV

When the dust and light cleared Ren and the others gasped. Sarah has changed into a dragon's hybrid. She was shimmering in the colors of the elements of harmony. Now she was 24 feet long with a 44 feet long wingspan. She was white with black spines running down her back and her wings were white with a black stripe in the center. She had black tipped claws and ear appendages.

(Grown up version of the one of the left)

“What-” Ren started.

“The-” Sarah’s father added.

“Heck?” Jack added.

POV Ends

I opened my eyes with a blazing fury and I gave a large roar at Tirek and Chrysalis. “Bring it on, human.” Chrysalis hissed. She lunged at me, but it dove at her like a bullet and rammed her into the ground, knocking her unconscious. Tirek was shocked but he wasn’t beaten. He fired a large beam of magic at me, but I produced a spherical shield around me, deflecting the blast into the air and I spread out the shield, sending Tirek flying. “Get him Sarah!” Rainbow cheered.

“Kick his butt, newbie!” Jack added.

Tirek got up and roared at me. I landed on the ground and he launched another beam of magic at me and it struck the ground in front of me, causing a large explosion.

“Haha, shake that one off, human.” Tirek sneered. I glowed brightly through the smoke and launched into the sky, “No! No!” Tirek cried. I growled and gave a sonic roared like Moonshine at the villains, spreading the magic of the Elements of Harmony all across Equestria. The Elements’ magic restored all the stolen magic in Equestria, giving ponies back their cutie marks and restoring their strengths including Twilight, the girls, Discord and the Princesses.

“Sarah?” My dad cried. The skies lightened up with the sun’s rays and I descended down with the three unconscious villains in my grasp. I dropped the villains and landed on the ground. All my friends cheered for my victory.

I placed the three villains on the ground, “Here you go, Princesses.”

“Thank you, Sarah.” Celestia said. She and the other Princesses used their magic to place the villains in their own cages and Luna and Cadence took them all back to Tartarus. Meanwhile, my friends admired my new form. “This form is wicked!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Heck yeah!” Ren added. “You’re like a hybrid of Moonshine and Winter with the Elements of Harmony colors.”

“Amazing, honey!” My dad exclaimed.

I smiled and changed back into my human form and I looked at Douglas and I walked over to him. “Dad…” I called gently.

Douglas looked at me with shame in his eyes, but I hugged him, surprising him and everyone else. “I’m glad you’re back.”

Douglas said nothing but he returned the hug. “Soo… he’s gonna stay with you two?” Ren asked.

“No!” My dad said.

“Yes.” I rejected.


“Because everyone deserves a second chance, including him.” My dad sighed, “Alright… he can stay with us.”

I smiled at my dad and me and Douglas separated. Just then, my Element glowed brightly and sent out a small shockwave. The girl's chests began to glow and sent out a bea of magic at me in the same color as their elements. Ren and the others stood back while the girls cried out in shock and confusion.

Suddenly, there was a big flash and then… nothing.

Ren’s POV

When the light went away, we all looked, “Wh-What happened?” Fluttershy asked. The girls suddenly cried out, seeing no sign of Sarah except for a large burn mark in the shape of her element. “Where’d she go?” I asked.

POV Ends

I woke up and found myself in the same void where the Tree of Harmony spoke to me about the threat of Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas. “Hello…?”

That’s when the Tree of Harmony once again in the form of Astral Twilight appeared. “Congratulations, Sarah, I knew you could do it.”

“I-I don’t understand. What did I do?”

“You single handedly defeated a very powerful foe, by using the magic of your friendship that you had formed with Twilight and your friends. Something that even a great unicorn like Starswirl the Bearded was not able to do because he did not understand friendship like you do. The lessons you’ve learned here in Ponyville have taught you well. You have proven that your ready Sarah.” Astral Twilight walked off. “Ready? Ready for what?” Sarah asked as she followed it.

Then images of all things she’s done in Ponyville; all the battles with dinosaurs, dragons and many more.

As they were walking, Astral Twilight began singing.

You've come such a long, long way

And I've watched you from that very first day

To see how you might grow

To see what you might do

To see what you've been through

And all the ways you've made me proud of you

It's time now for a new change to come

You've grown up and your new life has begun

To go where you will go

To see what you will see

To find what you will be

For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny

A small light appeared on my chest and it started to swirl around me. I was lifted into the air and consumed by the light.

Ren’s POV

In Ponyville, we all saw a bright light in the shape of Sarah’s element crystal. It floated down in front of us and we could see a silhouette in inside. “Sarah… is that you?” I asked. Sarah slowly stood up and revealed her newly acquired alicorn wings and her horn was about two inches longer and her Element changed from a necklace to a crown. We all gasped in shock and amazement. “What in the actual heck?” Me and Mason exclaimed in shock.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Applejack said as Sarah examined her new wings.

“Ha! Sarah’s got wings! Awesome, a new flying buddy!” Rainbow exclaimed and she hugged Sarah. Rarity came up to her, “Why you’ve become part alicorn. I didn’t even know that was possible.”

“ALICORN PARTY~” Pinkie sang as she was seen swinging back and forth on a string, throwing confetti all over the place. “... Where’d she get that from?!” Jack exclaimed. Winter, Moonshine and Storm all came up to Sarah and nuzzled her, warbling. “Hehe, I’m alright you three, I promise.” She reassured. Jamie and Fluttershy came up to her, “Woah, you look just like a Princess.” Fluttershy said.


That’s when Princess Celestia descended before us and said, “That’s because she is a Princess.”

“HUH?!” We all asked.

“Hold on a second.” Pinkie said. She took a full glass of water from behind her, drank it and did a spit take, getting some of it on Jack. “Hey! Watch it!”

Sarah was in shock, “... A Princess? Me?” The Princess placed a hoof on her shoulder. “Since you’ve come to Ponyville, you’ve displayed the charity, compassion, devoted, integrity, optimism and of course the leadership of a true princess.”

“.. But what do I do now? Is there a book about being a Princess I should read?” she asked.

Princess Celestia chuckled, “There will be time for all of that later.” Sarah smiled at all of us. Just then, her cheeks started glowing and I felt something on my cheek. “What? What is it?” I asked. Rarity handed me a mirror and on my cheeks were marks. They had the Night Fury symbol in the middle with smaller versions of Twilight and the Mane 6's cutie marks circling it. "Woah, what is it?" I asked.

“A cutie mark.” Twilight said.

Jack came up to my face, “Damn…what’s up with those cutie-patootie marks on your faces?”

“You mean Cutie-Marks.” Carrie corrected. “But…where did they come from?”

“More importantly, why exactly does she even have that?” Rantaro questioned.

“Why?” Fluttershy asked in confusion.

“Can’t humans even get cutie-marks?” Pinkie Pie asked innocently.

“No, they can’t.” I shook my head.

“It would seem that something caused Sarah to have those…peculiar Cutie-Marks.” Princess Luna remarked, inspecting my new cutie-marks. “I think I can explain." a majestic voice said.

And that's when Astral Twilight appeared before everyone. "Woah... so you're the-" Ren said.

"Yes I am the Tree of Harmony and it was I who gave Sarah her wings and cutie marks."

"But.. why?" Celestia asked.

"Her cutie mark represents the Element of Harmony I gave her. The Element of Faith." Astral Twilight said.

"Element of Faith?" The Mane 6 echoed.

"Yes, ever since she came here, Sarah's always had faith in herself and her friends and that allowed her to reform and befriend creatures many thought were beyond friendship."

"Like Discord and the changelings." Fluttershy said.

"Indeed. Which is why I've now made Sarah the newest Princess of Equestria." Astral Twilight stated.

Everyone was speechless. "Holy crap." Jack gasped. Astral Twilight came to me, "I'm very proud of you Sarah and all the deeds you have done as well. The Element of Faith is your now, but remember, there is always a piece of me inside it. Now I must leave now, take care everyone." With that Astral Twilight disappeared in a bright flash.

"Well.. looks like there's a new Princess in town." Kodi smirked.

"Yeah." Ren said, nudging my arm. Sarah smiled nervously. Then.. “Mama!” Sarah’s four pokemon tackled to her the ground. Sarah laughed loudly as the three of them nuzzled her. “Mama, your okay.” Rockruff said.

“We were so worried.” Riolu said, hugging her neck.

“Oooh, you have new wings.” Mareep said.

That’s when her Yo-Kai friends appeared. “Sarah, thank goodness you and your friends are alright.” Whisper said.

“Hey, what’s with the new wings?” Thornyan asked.

“And why is that guy here?” Saliornyan hissed, pointing at Douglas.

“Well… I’m a Princess now and he’s staying with us.” Sarah replied.

“….WHAT?!” Her yo-kai and pokemon exclaimed. Sarah smiled nervously at them. “Hehehe.” Just then, Moonshine’s ear appendages perked up. “Moonshine?” I said and that’s when we all felt a rumbling. “What’s going on?” Mason asked.

Moonshine roared and took to the sky. “It’s comin’ from the other side of Ponyville.” Applejack said. We all followed the Night Fury to the other side of Ponyville where they was a small waterfall. What we saw made us all astonished and shocked. There was a castle!

The tree-castle beared some resemblance to the Golden Oak Library, at least the above ground portion of which is destroyed earlier in the episode by Lord Tirek, but is many times larger and appears to have a multi-level castle in its branches, which includes a great balcony, two spires, and a tower. The structure has at least one banner flying on the side marked with Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark, and the top bears a large crystal star. Two sets of five strings of beads hang off the side of the structure much like the white beads that hang off the Tree of Harmony. At the foot is a great golden stair for the two-leaved golden door into the tree's body. Two open lancet windows flank the door.

“Sweet Celestia!” Rarity cried. “Are you all seeing what I’m seeing?!”

“Yeah… a castle.” Rantaro said bluntly.

“But whose is it?” I asked.

“I believe it is yours Princess Sarah.” Celestia said. Cadence and Luna appeared at her side with smiles on their faces. “My castle?!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Yes.” a voice said and that’s when Astral Twilight appeared. “Tree of Harmony?” Sarah asked.

“Tree of Harmony?!” We all exclaimed.

“So that’s what warned you?” Jack asked.

“Well.. it showed up in my dream and warned me.” Sarah corrected.

“How is it able to do that?” Twilight asked.

“Like all living this I change as I grow. As I have grown so have my abilities.” Astral Twilight explained.

“So, this was your doing?” she asked, referring to the castle.

“Yes, it’s my gift to you.” it said.

“Woah… thanks.” The Tree of Harmony nodded. “Take good care everyone.” With that, the sparkling version of Twilight disappeared.

“So how about we check out the castle?” I suggested.

“YEAH!” We all rushed into the castle and were amazed. The lobby's two stairs lead into the castle rooms where lancet two-toned green glass windows and crystalline lathed columns with scrolled tops line the hall decked by a brown rug with scrollwork. At its end is a golden-framed green glass fanlighted door to the throne room where Sarah had a crystalline throne about a star-shaped dais on a golden dish on a violet rug with scrollwork. Even with its door are a set of green glass spire lights.

“This is… epic!” Rainbow cried, flying around the castle! “There’s even rooms for her dragons!”

Her dragons perked up at the sound of ‘rooms’ They walked over and saw that one room was filled with all kinds of Nadder treats and food, hoops for flying and targets as well and even a large bed. “Looks like this will be Storm’s room.”

Moonshine and Winter’s room had a section for racing; a large aerial obstacles course completed with hoops, planks and makeshift trees for them to practice flying. “Amazing!” Sarah exclaimed.

Jamie and Twilight were instantly in love with her library. It was at least as large as the Canterlot Library. “I’m in heaven!” Twilight cried.

“Me too!” Jamie added. We all sweat-dropped at the two of them. “Really?” Jack grunted.

“Jack, be nice to them.” Sarah lightly scolded. The castle even had its own kitchen!

“This castle is awesome!” I said.

“Yeah.” Sarah agreed.

“Hey Sarah, it even has a workshop for my and my inventions. EEEE!” My dad exclaimed with happiness and rushed off to the workshop. I sweat dropped at him. Oh dad.

“Looks like I’ll be moving in here.” I said sadly.

“Aww.. don’t be sad Sarah, we’ll miss you at the home-ship, but you’ll have your dad, pokemon, dragons and Yo-Kai here with you.” Kaede reassured. I perked up a little. “Right.”

“Now, I believe someone is in order for a coronation tomorrow.” Celestia teased, looking at Sarah. She smiled, “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

The next day, I was in my coronation dress. It was a three layer white dress with pink edges completed with a red band around my waist, golden shoes and a small rose in the corner of my head.

Kaede came into the room dressed in a pink and white striped dress with a her hair done up in a bun. “So… how’s our new Princess?” she teased. I blushed in embarrassment. “Kaede.” I whined.

“Oh come on, don’t be shy. It’s your day. Everyone is waiting for you. Now come on.” she replied with an excited voice. She left quickly and I sighed playfully and walked out of the room.

Third Person POV

Princess Celestia was standing at the altar. “We are gathered here today to celebrate a most momentous occasion. Sarah has done many extraordinary things since she’s lived in Ponyville with my faithful student and her friends. She even helped reform some of our old enemies. But today, Sarah did something incredible. By using the magic of friendship she defeated Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas with the power of her Element of Harmony the Tree of Harmony bestowed upon her, proving without a doubt that she is ready to be crowned Equestria’s newest Princess. Fillies and gentlecolts, may I present for the very first time, Princess Sarah.”

Sarah walked out into the room with her new wings spread out and some guards and singers behind her. She walked up to the Princesses and Spike came up to her with her crown. Celestia placed the crown on her head and she looked at her friends. All of them were giving her either, smile, grins or thumbs-up. She turned to the crowd with her new crown shining bright. Then she walked out onto the balcony with Celestia and Luna by her side. She saw a large crowd of ponies below. She waved to them with a smile on her face. “Say something, Princess.” Celestia said.

Sarah cleared her throat. “A little while ago, I woke up in Equestria, scared and alone, but I met some friends who helped me grow. Now on a day like today I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be standing here if it’s wasn't for the friendships I made with all of you. Each one of you taught me something about friendship and for that I will always be grateful. Today, I consider myself the luckiest human in Equestria. Thank you friends, Thank you everyone.” The crowd cheered below.

Sarah and her friends entered the room once more.

POV Ends

My father came up to me along with all my friends, yo-kai, pokemon, the dragons, Pyrite, the reformed changelings, Autumn Blaze and Discord. “I’m so proud of you honey.” he said as he shedded tears of pride. “Aww, dad.”

“Wayda go, Princess.” Applejack said.

“Best Coronation Day ever!” Pinkie added.

“We love you, Sarah.” Fluttershy said.

I laughed and we all came together in a group hug. “I love you guys too.”

Next, I found myself riding through the crowd on a chair, pulled by two guard ponies Singing a song.

That afternoon after my coronation, we were all back at the home-ship where we found Astral Twilight. “The Tree of Harmony, what are you doing here... again?” I asked.

“Maybe it’s here to congratulate you on completing you test.” Jack smirked.

“I am here about the test yes, but not that you’ve completed it.” Astral Twilight said.

“Not completed?” Ren asked.

“Facing Tirek was not your big test.” Astral Twilight stated, much to our shock.

“Tirek wasn’t her test!” Mason cried. “B-But what could be bigger than Tirek?”

“Darkness.. Great Darkness spreading all across of the outskirts of Equestria.” Astral Twilight stated.

“When?” Twilight asked.

“That is unknown. It is a flicker now, but it will grow and when it does, you must be prepared.” Astral Twilight said to me. I was utterly shocked by this new information, “I-I thought this was it.”

“Don’t worry Sarah.” Ren said. “We’ll get through this. Together.”

I grinned at him, “Right. Cause I have something equally as powerful. You guys.” All my friends, yo-kai, pokemon and the dragons smiled and we all got into a large group hug. Whatever would come in the near future. I know we’ll face it together.

End of Season 1. Prepare for Season 2

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