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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 50: I Feel Skitty and Eevee

You know, I've always seen many desserts in my life. Like some delicious Red Velvet Cake, a good old fashion Cheese Cake, Chocolate and Vanilla pudding and a combination cake between those two frosting favors. I always thought it would be impossible to create the 'Ultimate Cake' but never in my entire life would something like this to be found because a few weeks after we proved our innocence, Pinkie called us over to Sugarcube Corner and the moment we arrive, that's when we saw 'it'.

It was gotta be the world's greatest, biggest, and has to be absolutely delicious cake I have ever seen!

"Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness. You've really outdone yourselves, Mr and Mrs. Cake." Pinkie complimented her bosses. "This is sure to be the winning entry of this year's national dessert competition!"

"And the best birthday cake ever!" Ren exclaimed in joy. You see, today marks the first day of summer and what's better is that tomorrow will be Ren's birthday.

"With a cake like that..." Kodi licked his lips with a satisfied smile. "I'm sure that the judges will give this cake 10 out of 10."

"Oh thank you, Pinkie and Ren!" Mrs. Cake giggled. "And trust us Ren, we've worked very hard on it. Apparently, when Pinkie found out about your birthday was on June, we've decided to planned this cake out to make it just like what you wanted."

"Really?" Ren asked incredulous before turning to Pinkie with a surprised look. "But how did you know when my birthday was? I don't think I told you or any of the others when it was."

"Sorry Rennie, that's a secret I can't tell!" Pinkie saluted in a silly way, sticking her tongue out a bit.

"Trust me, none of us figured out how she knew about other ponies' birthdays." Mrs. Cake sighed with a smile.

"But overall, thanks for transporting it all the way to Canterlot for us." Mr. Cake added.

"Don't you worry you guys! We won't let ya down!" Kodiak assured with an excited grin.

"Yeah! We promise that we won't let ya down!" Carrie nodded.

"Absolutely!" Pinkie nodded, feeling proud right at the moment. "It's my honor and I-"

"Uh, beg pardon, but could we maybe move things along?" Applejack interrupted with an awkward smile.

"Why is that Applejack?" I asked in confusion. "Isn't your brother, Mason, and Jack already carrying the cake for us towards the train station?"

"True, but this here cake's a mite heavy. Right, Big Macintosh?" We looked over to see Mason, Jack, and Big Macintosh each carrying the one big cake and it would seem that they couldn't carry it any longer.

"E-Eeyup!" Big Mac replied.

"Just hurry the hell up already and let's go going! I'm already damn hungry!" Jack exclaimed, which frightened Mr. and Mrs. Cake as well as Big Macintosh. Due to his flinch in fear, the cake nearly feel but Mason effectively caught it in time before he gave out a sigh of relief and glared at the outlaw biker. "Oh...right...sorry. I didn't mean about 'that'."

"No no dearie, it's alright." Mrs. Cake assured, sweat-dropping a little. "We know that you dearies don't mean about us, just something else that isn't pony-related meat, right?"

"Yeah." Ren nodded. "I mean, I have never encounter a human eating horse or pony meat, so technically speaking that we don't eat ponies. I mean, we aren't 'that' heartless."

"Phew." The three ponies sighed in relief.

"Next time Jack, keep your mouth shut." Mason said sternly.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Jack scoffed.

I let out a sigh and shook my head at them. It's been a while since then and whenever we get hungry, the ponies sometimes becomes afraid of us till we have to explain ourselves that we only eat chicken meat and not what they think, much to their relief. Besides, I've quite enjoyed eating hay sandwich and such despite it being pony food. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Carrie stated that they send every single newspaper of their apology along with added comments about us explaining the situation to clearly everypony in Ponyville, Cloudsdale, and Canterlot. Hopefully Princess Celestia got word of it. Wonder how she'll take it...

"Alrighty then, Big Mac, Masey, and Jacky!" I looked over to see Pinkie putting on a worker's hat that had a flashing red light on top before approaching the three of them. "To the train depot!"

"Got it!" Mason, Jack, and Big Mac nodded as they began following Pinkie Pie while the rest of us began taking leave.

"Oh wait dearies!" We looked back to see Mrs. Cake walking over with a bunch of bags to us. "It's for you all as an apology for trying to get rid of you and breaking into your home."

"No, it's okay." I shook my head with a smile. "We've already said that it's okay and that we forgive you guys."

"We know, but we're still feeling guilty for ever accusing you guys for eating meat." Mr. Cake explained with an apologetic smile. "We should've understand that's the way how you humans survive."

"Well even so, thank you." I smiled softly at them before receiving the packed lunches from them. "But..."

I took something out of my pockets and gave them some chocolate bars. "I just happened to have these back at the home-ship, and I kept them around but think of it as a token of our appreciation."

"Well thank you, I guess." Mrs. Cake chuckled before she and her husband accepted the chocolate bars that I gotten out of the home-ship.

"Well we better get going!" Ren stated, running towards the door. "See ya you guys and we promise that we won't let ya down!"

"Yeah and I promise that I won't eat the cake!" Kodi added, running out of the door with Ren. I let out an amused smile before turning to the Cakes and said "Well better get going. We'll send word about the competition!"

"Thanks you guys!" Mr. Cake smiled as I walked out of the door and saw the three boys following after Pinkie with the cake they were carrying. I think Pinkie called it 'Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness'. Which is by the way, the longest name I've ever heard of. Talk about a mouthful...

"That's it, Big Mac, Jacky, and Masey, nice and slow." Pinkie instructed. "This is precious cargo you're all carrying."

"You don't think we frigging knew that." Jack scoffed.

"Yes, it took months of planning and testing." Mr. Cake added as he and his wife watched with worried looks.

"I would hate for it to-"

Big Macintosh nearly tripped and almost dropped the cake, much to our shock and surprise.

"Fall!" The Cakes shouted out before Mr. Cake fainted from the shock.

"W-whoa!" Jack yelled out in surprise before he and the other two began balancing it back up. "Phew..."

"That was a close one." Mason sighed in relief.

"Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Cake." Pinkie assured with her carefree smile before turning to Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rantaro. "Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rantaro, a little pegassistance?"

"'Pegassistance'? Really?" Rantaro raised a brow. "Lame."

"I thought it was clever." Rantaro gave Fluttershy a deadpanned look, like he didn't care what Fluttershy even said. Rantaro, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy complied by carrying the cake a little off of Big Mac's back and the arms of Jack and Mason's while Rantaro barely did anything and just directed them towards the train station. Luckily, Rantaro's pet friend, Gizmo, brought some rope and handed it to his owner before he tied it around the two Pegasus' backs and used it on the handle of the cake's tray, making it more easy for to not make it drop.

Pinkie soon turned to the Cakes with a smile and said "I'll get it there safely, you'll see!"

Mr. and Mrs. Cake smiled nervously at their pink employer before the latter said "Ahahahah, oh...of course, Pinkie."

"We never doubted you." Mr. Cake added, sweating nervously.

Why do they sound like they didn't have any complete trust over Pinkie Pie?

"Ooh!" Carrie was in awe upon seeing the cake. "I can't wait to eat this cake at Ren's birthday at Canterlot!"

I turned to Carrie with a smile and said "Actually, the judges need to see how it tastes and see if it's the best cake there is in Equestria, and then we can eat it for Ren's birthday party."

"I know, but I'm so excited!" Carrie cheered.

"You can say that again!" Ren laughed, rubbing the back of his neck before letting out a frown. "But you know, this will be the first time I'm doing this without my family. It's kind of a shame that they can't be here with me..."

"Oh right..." I looked away with a sigh before muttering "I totally forgot about that..."

"Sorry about that Ren." Kodiak apologized, feeling bad for Ren. However, Ren shook his head with a soft smile and replied "Don't worry you guys, I have all of you to make my party awesome."

I couldn't help but smile along with Kodi and Carrie upon hearing that. Ahh, that's so nice of him to include us in this. Ren always know what to do and tries to help others with his encouragement and kind heart. It makes me feel kinda glad that I have a friend like him.

"Ahh, thanks man!" Kodi grinned brightly.

"Hey, that was quite nice of you to say that, Ren." I nudged him with a smile on my face.

"Thanks Kay." He nodded with a smile. You know, I...sorta feel jealous of Ren because like he describes himself, he's a normal person with a normal family. He has a brother, sister, and lovable parents. I wished I sorta had that feeling...

"W-whoa!" Huh? We looked over to see Fluttershy struggling with the cake, nearly making it drop until Rainbow immediately helped out Fluttershy and pulled the cake back into its position. Mr. and Mrs. Cake widened their eyes upon seeing it nearly fall down as the husband fainted once more.

That was a close call.

"I think it's best if we had more support with it?" I suggested.

"Yeah! We can't let the cake get ruined!" Ren added. "I mean, you can't have a birthday party without the cake!"

"Good point..." Pinkie nodded before looking over to Sarah, Lycanroc, Lucario, Ampharos, Dragonair, Twilight and Jamie. Twilight and Jamie were looking over at their notes between the books they got from the mall district's bookshop. Sarah and her pokemon were training with each other "Twilight, can I see you a second?"

"Sure Pinkie Pie, what is it?" Twilight asked as Pinkie walked over and whispered something into her ear, and she seemed to get the idea as she began to making a grin. Before you know it, her horn began to glow as the cake was surrounded in a bubble-like aura.

"Huh, good idea Pinkie." Ren smiled happily.

"No problemo Rennie!" Pinkie grinned. "But thanks Twilight!"

"No problem Pinkie." Twilight nodded with a smile.

"H-Happy birthday, Ren." Jamie waved at him with a meek smile.

"Happy Birthday!" Sarah added.

"Thanks." Ren grinned happily. "Sorry if we we're interrupting you guys over what you were doing."

"N-no...it's understandable." Jamie assured with a weak smile. "But...if you don't mind...c-can I tag along?"

"Me and my pokemon too."

"Sure, I see why not." I shrugged.

"T-thank you." Jamie nodded with a soft smile before we continued our way towards the train station.

However, the Cakes weren't calming their nerves at all as they became more panic than ever. "Better safe than sorry." Pinkie looked at the Cakes with a nervous smile, seeing them looking at the cake worriedly before glaring at Twilight back and forth.

"Please calm down. It's just a birthday cake and you can trust Pinkie with it." I assured with a grin.

"We know that dearie, but still...!" Mrs. Cake felt her stomach had a knot, seeing the cake tilting a bit.

I let out a sigh, seeing that there was no way to calm them down at all. We better hurry before it's too late to get this cake to the Ponyville Train Station.

"Hey wait! Look!" Carrie pointed over to see Rarity and Nicole and her pet polar bear, Snow, walking by.

"Come on Nicole, you might enjoy going to Canterlot. No better than staying cooped up in the home-ship all by yourself." Rarity pointed out. However, Nicole shook her head and kept looking over her iPad and replied "No thank you. I'm good."

"Oh boy..." Rarity sighed, shaking her head while Snow nuzzled Nicole's left hand, which made her smile softly at her friend.

"Hey, maybe we can ask them for help?" Carrie suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea." Ren suggested.

"Yeah!" Pinkie nodded before turning to the girls. "Rarity! Nikki!"

"Hm?" The two girls looked over to see the rest of them over with Ren's birthday cake. "What's all this? Is this cake for Ren's birthday as well as for the Canterlot Dessert off?"

"Yep! I need a tiny little favor that you, Nikki, and AJ can do to help us!" Pinkie smiled, much to the two girls confusion.

"...What is it?" Nikki questioned. Pinkie explained to them to hold onto a trampoline over behind us to make sure that the cake does indeed fall off but is able to catch it. Nicole kept her gaze over at the cake while Applejack and Rarity carried the trampoline with their teeth.

"All right, everypony, we're in the home stretch here." Pinkie called out, seeing us arriving to the train station.

"Finally!" Kodi sighed in relief. "I thought that we would never make it!"

"Now all we need to do is get that cake inside of the train!" I added.

As Pinkie walked over to train cart and opened the door, she turned to the Cakes with a bright grin and said "See, Mr and Mrs. Cake? I got it here without a hitch! Now all we have to do is get it..."

But the moment she realized how huge the cake was to fit inside through the door, she widened her eyes before muttering "...In?"

"Well crap, it's over." Rantaro shrugged.

"No one asked for your opinion!" Jack yelled out.

"Whatever, we can't fit it through the door." Rantaro pointed out.

"Oh wait!" Ren took out his Hacking Gun before setting the dial up and aiming it at the cake. "Hey Twilight, can you dissolve the shield please?"

"Wait what?" Twilight asked in surprise with an incredulous raised brow. "Why? You aren't planning to shoot your own birthday cake, are you?"

"Trust me everyone. I got this." Ren nodded, which the others seemed to have agreed there. Twilight sighed before dissolving the shield down as Ren shot out a green beam out of the Hacking Gun as it began moving into the air.

Ren tilted his gun a bit, turning it sideways before it smoothly got into the train without any trouble, much to the other's relief.

"Good plan, Ren." Kodi complimented, which made Ren rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous and awkward smile.

"Ahh, it was nothing." Ren chuckled before turning to Big Mac, Jack, and Mason. "You three should head inside and carry the cake before putting it down over by the back."

"Got it!"

"Thanks again Ren."

"Eeyup!" The three boys walked inside of the train cart as Ren walked inside of it and managed to turn it back upwards before settling it down onto the tray before turning the green beam off.

"Wait a minute..." Jamie turned to Ren with a shocked look. "If you knew that could work, why didn't you do that earlier ago?!"

"He just forgot." Nicole answered, which made everyone stare at her before looking back at him.

"Yeah, it's true." Ren smiled awkwardly, which made the rest of us sigh. Oh Ren...

"Well it still worked, didn't it?" Fluttershy reminded them. "Now Ren's birthday cake is inside of the train and we can deliver it to the Dessert-Off at Canterlot."

"Yeah! Good point there Fluttershy!" Pinkie grinned as the rest of us began going inside of the train, all except for Nicole and Snowy. "You aren't coming Nikki?"

"No thanks, I rather not." Nicole answered bluntly. "I don't like traveling a lot unless it's necessary to travel."

"Come on." Rantaro walked over and began pulling her inside, and she seemed to not seemed to struggle at all. "It'll be a fun experience for someone of your status."

"Do you mean about my emotional state?" Nicole questioned.

"Sure, let's go with that." Rantaro rolled his eyes as Snow began pushing her inside of the train as well.

"You too Snow?" Nicole looked at her polar bear friend with a slightly surprised look while Snow nuzzled her face, causing her to smile softly before petting her in the head. "Well alright...I suppose so."

"So will you-"

"Come with you guys all the way to Canterlot for the Dessert-off? I suppose so." Nicole shrugged, cutting off Carrie.

"Wow, she really must be psychic." Carrie blinked in surprise.

"That or intuition." Rantaro shrugged.

"It's just skill...that's all." Nicole assured, adjusting her glasses.

"Well I'm still glad that we've managed to bring your birthday cake all the way." I said to Ren with a smile. "You must feel really excited that your own cake is being presented to the competition?"

"You bet!" Ren grinned and winked. "My own 16th Birthday cake is gonna be presented in the Dessert-off!"

"Yeah, yeah, we get it. Alright?" Jack scoffed, sitting down on the nearby seat with an exhausted look. His little Tepig leaped onto his lap with a grin. "Tepig!" Big Mac then suddenly put the cake down on the ground before giving a firm nod to us and taking his leave out of the place.

"Well dearies..." Mrs. Cake peeked her head out of the train car's window with a worried yet soft smile. "Be sure that you don't get that cake ruined!"

"Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Cake, we won't let you down!" Pinkie saluted.

"You can leave it to us!" Ren saluted as well. "We promise that the Marzipan what-you-may-call-it will win that competition and get first prize!"

"Now that's the spirits!" Mr. Cake complimented until we heard the train letting out a whistle, prompting the Cakes to take their heads out of the window before waving goodbye to us while we wave goodbye to them.

"Bye!" I bid them farewell with an excited smile. "We won't let you down and we'll be sure that your cake will definitely win that first place ribbon!"

"We know that you will!" Mrs. Cake shouted before they were out of sight as I sat back down on the couch with Rarity, Mason, and Carrie as we watched the others discussing about the deliciousness of the cake.

"I am quite excited to celebrate Ren's Sweet 16th Birthday!" Rarity giggled.

"You know, adding that 'sweet' part in that makes it sound like Ren is a lady." Mason pointed out.

"Yeah, but I know that it'll be fabulous!" Rarity sighed in joy. "Turning 16 will be a blast!"

"Yeah! I bet that he'll feel excited when he tastes it!" Carrie smiled.

"I know right?" I nodded, feeling excited on that part before taking something out of my sweater's pockets. "But...I have a little something that I want to give to Ren as a surprise."

"Oh? What is that?" Mason questioned, seeing the item in my possession. It was a wrapped item so you can't tell what it was but you all should know what it was? It was a birthday present for Ren.

"Just a little gift for him and I think he might like it." I giggled.

"Well if it makes him feel happy, then I won't mind on whatever you give him then darling." Rarity smiled. "But just out of curiosity, what is it?"

I gave them a soft smile before replying "Sorry, it's a secret."

"Aww..." Carrie groaned. "Can you tell us?"

"You'll just see for yourself once we arrive to Canterlot." I answered, much to Carrie's disappointment.

"Well whatever it is..." Mason smiled at me before saying "But whatever it is, I think Ren will definitely enjoy it."

"Y-yeah..." I nodded in agreement before gazing at the small wrapped gift. It's very special and I worked hard to get it. I just hope that it'll be something that he'll like and I knew that it'll be one sweet sixteen birthday party Ren will never forget.

"Thank you all for helping me get the cake safely on the dessert car." Pinkie led us to the dessert car, which were the other competitor's desserts were being held. Jack, Mason, and Applejack managed to bring Ren's birthday cake over by the car.

"Thank you for inviting us all to go with you to Canterlot for the National Dessert-Off!"

"Well of course!" Pinkie grinned. "I mean, we can't have a birthday party without all of their friends!"

"Exactly!" Ren nodded with a grin. "Trust me that my birthday will be something to be remembered."

"I'm sure the festivities will be just lovely." Rarity smiled.

"Phooey on the festivities!" Applejack smirked in excitement. "I can't wait to try all those tasty treats!"

"You can say that again..." Kodi chuckled, licking his lips at Ren's birthday cake.

"Heh." Jack grinned toothily. "I gotta say kid, this birthday cake of yours is quite something."

"I know right?" Ren smiled, gazing at his cake. "I'm sure that it's gonna be the one that wins this competition!"

"Well..." Pinkie turned to us with a bright smile. "The tastiest treat of all is sure to be the Cakes'/Ren's Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness Birthday Cake. All of that rich creamy goodness of the marzipan, combined with the tart tanginess of the mascarpone, blended perfectly with the smooth, silky sweetness of the meringue. That's why I call the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness the "MMMM".

"MMMM." We all said, licking our lips at it.

"I can't take it!" Kodi laughed before charging over to the cake, but Dragonair grabbed his with her tail. "But you can't Kodi, it's for the contest right?" Carrie reminded him, much to his disappointment.

"Oh...right...I forgot." How could you forget so easily? We were just talking about it five minutes ago.

"You know, this cake is so good looking." I commented.

"Exactly Kay!" Pinkie nodded. "It's the most delicious delectable delightful de-lovely cake in Equestria, and it's sure to win first prize."

"A-Are you sure?" Jamie asked, earning looks from us. "I-I was just saying...w-what if there is another dessert that might beat it."

"Totally not true Jamie!" Pinkie shook her head with a smile. "There's no way that there's any cake that can outsmart the 'MMMM'.

"Zis is not so." Huh? We all looked over to see a bird-like creature walking into the dessert car, and judging by what he said and how he looks what with that chef outfit and with that smooth thin mustache, I say that he might've taken french class or something. "For I, Gustave Le Grand, do challenge your crude cake to a duel of delectable delicacies against my Exceptionally Exquisite Eclairs!"

"...What?" Rantaro asked with a deadpanned look on his face. The french accent bird-like creature showed us his dessert in a very bright manner, literally, nearly blinding us. It was a bunch of those desserts where it shaped like a thin non-shaped Donuts with some cheesy frosting inside of them and there was probably like hundreds of them stacked together.

"Ahh, Exquisite Eclairs." Nicole blinked in surprise. "They're quite good when I first ate them...it was decent enough."

"Decent?!" Gustave exclaimed in shock. "I can assure you mademoiselle that my Exquisite Eclairs are quite delectable! They will undoubtedly strike down all ze competition, winning first prize and crowning me la champion."

"He seems quite confident." I whispered to Ren, who nodded in agreement and replied "Yeah, but then again those Eclairs do taste good."

"Not a chance Le Grand!" Huh? Who is it now? We looked over to see an Earth Pony wearing a donuts themed hat and apron entering the dessert car with a cart being covered with a sheet as he held a confident look on his face. Wait, that pony!

"Donut Joe!" Me, Twilight, Ren, Carrie, Kodiak, and Mason exclaimed in shock while some of the others looked at us in confusion as Twilight yelled out "What are you doing in Ponyville?!"

"Wait, y-you know him?" Jamie asked in confusion.

"Yes!" Twilight nodded. "He owns a donut shop back at Canterlot, which is one of Spike and I's favorite donut shop."

"So he's some Donut loving pony with a Brooklyn accent?" Rantaro scoffed before letting out a smirk. "Well this is certainly interesting and this is probably something that won't waste my time."

"So how you doing?" Ren asked with a smile. "We hardly talked to you after the Grand Galloping Gala."

"Well I was just picking up the final all-important ingredient for my contest entry, 'Donutopia!' He presented a donut-themed city with his hoof as well. "And these super-sprinkles..." He shook a can of sprinkles above it. "My donuts are going to dunk all the other lousy desserts, steal first prize, and make my donut shop famous, forever!"

Okay, that's bit of an exaggeration there.

"Well it does look good." Mason smirked.

"Eh... I don't eat sweets." Sarah stated bluntly.

"WHAT?!" Pinkie exclaimed. "Why not?"

"In the lab, I never had anything sweet cause when I did I went on a sugared magical rush."

"What's that?" I asked.

"You do not want to know." Sarah said shaking her head.

"I've seen better." Nicole said bluntly, much to Donut Joe's shock.

"What?! But you haven't even taste it yet!" Donut Joe retorted.

"...." Nicole went silent before going over to her iPad, much to the rest of us disappointment. Oh Nicole...

"Oh, Joe..." Now what? We looked over to see a chocolate covered moose slide into the dessert car, accompanied by an mule wearing a cyan colored beaded necklace. "Your dippy donuts could never out-rival me."

"I'm sorry, who the hell are you?" Jack snorted. "What? Some old hag of an ugly mule?"

Unfortunately, he was hit in the head by Mason's pole as he sternly said "Jack! Respect your elders!"

"OW! Hey!" Jack yelled.

"Whoa..." Ren muttered in awe, gazing at the chocolate covered moose. "This dessert looks good, but maybe not good enough for my birthday cake."

"Well I can assure you..." The old mule chuckled arrogantly. "That my mousse moose are quite delicious and will definitely win the competition."

"So what's your name?" Pinkie asked curiously.

"I, am Mulia Mild." The mule stated with a smirk. "Behold, my chocolate mousse moose and it will trample all your treats, be given first prize, and make me the greatest chef in Equestria!"

"Jeez, and here I thought that you guys called me arrogant." Rantaro rolled his eyes. "So what? All four of your desserts are just plain and simple, that's all."

"We shall see." Gustave scoffed before turning to Mulia Mild. "Madame Mild...you are your mousse moose are mistaken."

"Your frou-frou eclairs will never defeat my donuts." Donut Joe intervened.

"The Cakes and Rennie's Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness Birthday Cake is going to win!" Pinkie added, glaring at the other competitors.

"Your simple cake could never take my moose!" Oh no, this is not good. We better split them up before they make things worse than it already is.

"Alright, break it up." Mason intervened, getting between their conversation. "Okay, you all need to calm down and try not to argue more. Right now, the judges tomorrow at the Dessert-Off will judge which of your desserts is the best one."

"Indeed." Nicole nodded before narrowing her eyes at the four competitors. "You four need to stop arguing because it'll be just pointless for you all to keep throwing random arguments about which one of your desserts is delicious. Personally...I say all of your desserts looks kinda average to me."

"What are you? Some sort of reviewer?!" Donut Joe exclaimed.

"Everypony stop!" Ren exclaimed. "Come on, can we just give it a rest?"

"Yeah." I nodded in agreement with a smile. "I'm sure all of your desserts taste really good, so there's no point in fighting each other."

"Yeah." Twilight agreed, stepping up before announcing "Well it sure looks like we're in for a delicious competition tomorrow."

"Mm-hmm." Carrie nodded before letting out a yawn and rubbing her eyes. "I'm so sleepy..."

"Oh." Mason walked over and picked up his sister, seeing her half-asleep expression. "It's best if we all rest up tomorrow."

"Hmph." Donut Joe scoffed, exiting out of the dessert car.

"Nyahh." Mulia Mild sighed.

"Huh!" Gustav snorted before taking his leave and slamming the door hard.

Soon, we heard Rainbow Dash letting out a yawn before saying "I gotta admit I'm pretty beat."

"Yeah..." Jack scratched his butt a little. "I'm gonna hit the hay myself."

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Applejack chuckled.

"Wait wait wait wait wait WAIIIIIIT!" We all stopped upon see Pinkie blocking out the exit.

"Great, now we have to listen more to little miss crazy pants herself here." Rantaro sighed in exasperation. "What is it now?"

"Didn't you hear those chefs?! We have to protect "MMMM"." Pinkie told us, much to our confusion.

"MMMM?" We all asked.

"Mmm-hmmm." Pinkie nodded. "I know for super sure that "MMMM" is the best dessert in all of Equestria, and I know that they know it too."

"No they don't." Rantaro retorted.

"So...?" Rainbow Dash raised a brow at her, not following what Pinkie meant.

"So...one of them is going to sabotage the Cakes'/Rennie's birthday cake tonight! You have to help me stand guard!"

"S-seriously?" Ren asked in surprise. "Is that...even possible?"

"Pinkie..." Twilight gave Pinkie an incredulous look and said "You're overreacting."

"Yeah, those chefs aren't going to do Ren's birthday cake any harm." Applejack agreed.

"But they are! I just know it!" Pinkie exclaimed. "I mean, we have to be careful because if that cake gets ruined, then not only Rennie is ever gonna celebrate his 16th birthday ever, but the Cakes will be so angry like that one guy who loves yelling and screaming at the other chefs on that hit chef-cook off show call 'Hell's Kitchen'."

"Oh, do you mean-"

Pinkie interrupted me by placing her hoof on my mouth with a silent 'Shh' sound on me.

"They can hear you." Pinkie whispered before looking over at whatever she's looking at.

"Who? The chefs?" Kodi asked, tilting his head in confusion.

"No, the readers. We can't say apparently because of copyright reasons." Okay, what? I have no clue on what she's trying to say anymore and I think it's best...for our sanity.

"Riiiiight....Well goodnight." Rantaro quickly went past Pinkie, much to her surprise and disappointment.

"B-b-but!" Pinkie sputtered out while the rest of us looked at each other and shrugged.

"How about this? Why not you guard the cake?" Ren suggested. "That way no one will eat my cake, how about that Pinkie?"

Pinkie smiled brightly at that idea before giving the birthday boy a tight hug. "Ooh! Good idea Rennie! That way no one would touch your "MMMM" birthday cake and will be proven that your "MMMM" Birthday cake is truly the number#1 dessert in all of Equestria!"

"T-thanks Pinkie...!" Ren sputtered out before being released from the tight hug as he fell to the ground and tried to regain his breathe.

"Damn...that was one tight bear hug." Jack said loudly and bluntly.

"Y-yeah..." Jamie nodded. "But are you sure about this Pinkie? Y-you don't have to do this."

"Yeah, why not come with us and have a nice long nap over by the cabin cars?" I offered, but Pinkie shook her head and stated "No! I have to protect "MMMM" from the other chefs!"

"Well...okay then." I sighed before smiling over her. "Why not I stay and help out as well?"

"Yeah, Me and Lucario can help too."

Everyone stared at Sarah and I with shocked and surprised looks while Pinkie brightened up on that idea.

"Really Kay? You would do that for me?!" Pinkie asked excitedly.

"Well sure." Kaede nodded. "I mean, I won't mind."

"Me either."

Pinkie immediately hugged me tight, much to my surprise. Oh man, now I can see why Ren was struggling with her hug.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" Pinkie kept thanking me while I was struggling with her hug.

"You're welcome...Pinkie...but can you...please let...me go..." I pleaded, almost running out of breath as Pinkie dropped me to the ground while I tried my best to catch my breath. Oh man...who knew that a pony like her could have so much strength...

"Are you sure Kaede?" Fluttershy asked in worried. I nodded with a smile as I finally regained all my energy back and replied "Don't worry everyone, me and Pinkie will be fine."

"Fine!" Rainbow rolled her eyes. "If you two want to stand guard, go for it. We're going to bed."

With that, the others began taking their leave while Ren turned back to us with a soft smile and said "Goodnight you two, I hope you two make sure that 'MMMM' will be okay in the tomorrow."

With that, he took his leave while I let out an exhausted sigh, falling onto my knees. "What have I gotten myself into?" I sighed.

"Don't worry Kay!" Pinkie patted me on the back before making a serious and determined look while she gazed at where our friends were last standing. "We'll show them. We'll stay up all night and protect you. Nothing and nopony will stop me from keeping you safe."

She looked over at the 'MMMM' cake with a serious look before she began walking back and forth like she was a guard. I soon stood back up and sat down on one of the chairs here on the train and just watched her keep moving back and forth with a serious look. Wow, she's really serious on making sure no one touches the cake.

"She's really serious about keeping Ren's birthday cake safe and sound, huh?" I muttered, loud enough for Pinkie to hear.

"Well of course!" Pinkie nodded before appearing right in front of me. "It's just that Rennie really needs one! I'm not just doing because he wants one, I'm doing because I wanted him to enjoy and have more fun here in Equestria! Besides, it's been a year since he got here before any of you guys showed up for the series, right?"

Series of what? Oh never mind.

"Well yeah. It is true. I think him having a birthday party was a great idea Pinkie." I giggled before taking out my wrapped gift out of my pockets. "Especially since I made him this present."

"Ooh!" Pinkie said in awe. "A present for old Rennie! That's wonderful Kay!"

"Thanks. I made this and it took me all night last night to make it." I said, smiling over at the gift.

"That's awesome!" Pinkie bounced around happily. "I bet Rennie will be surprised to see that, eh Kay?"

"You bet!" I nodded before looking out the window and saw the sun setting. "Oh wow, it's already late?"

Well we did have to bring the cake all the way at the afternoon.

"Oh! Better get back to safe-guarding this cake! We'll talk later Kay!" Pinkie grinned before patting me on the head. "And I hope that your gift makes Rennie happy!"

"Yeah..." I nodded with a smile before seeing her marching back and forth, making sure that she doesn't keep her eyes off of Ren's cake. Soon enough, we spend almost the entire night and keeping the cake stay still and have no one take a bite of it...

Oooh...we've been here for several hours and I'm already tired out.

"You already tired?" Huh? What the?! How did she get...never mind.

"Y-yeah...but I'm sure it's nothing." I yawned before rubbing my eyes. "We should probably keep watch over the 'MMMM' cake."

"Well..." Pinkie glanced over at the cake before looking back at me. "I don't know Kay, I think it's best maybe you should rest up."

"No, I'm right." I assured before stretching my back. "I'll just go to the bathroom to wash up."

"Okay." Pinkie nodded as I began to exit out of the dessert car before letting out another yawn. Sarah and Lucario stayed behind to guard the cake. Lucario was meditating while Sarah was plain staring at it. Oh man, I've never been so tired out before.

"Meow." Hm? I looked behind of my backpack, seeing Rosy popping her head out of it. She looked at me with great concern before licking my cheek, causing me to softly smile.

"Don't worry girl, I'm okay." I assured with a soft grin before I began walking through the train cabin cart to go and find the bathroom before I was bumped into someone.

"OW!" I winced in pain before falling down on the ground and looking to see who I bumped into. "Huh? Rantaro?"

"Oh great, I have to bumped into you of all people." Rantaro scoffed before looking away in annoyance.

"Rantaro...what are you doing out this late?" I asked cautiously.

"What? Can't a guy like me walk around?" Rantaro asked in exasperation. "I have no time with a girl like you."

"Excuse me?" I asked, feeling offended by that comment before placing my left hand on my hip. "What does that suppose to mean?"

"I don't know, why don't you figure that out yourself?" Rantaro rolled his eyes. "Speaking of which, why are you doing out this late? I thought you and that crazy party planner were guarding that stupid cake?"

"Hey! It's Ren's birthday cake, remember?" I scolded him. "Anyway, I was going to the bathroom, that's all."

"Whatever." Rantaro rolled his eyes. "Not interested in your story and you're already wasting three minutes of my time."

"What's your problem?" I asked, feeling a bit irritated by that. "Why do you always act like...a jerk?"

"....I have my reasons." Rantaro answered, picking his ear a bit. "But I rarely do love sharing a story or two about my somewhat, heheh...wicked past."

"What?" I asked, raising brows at him with confusion.

"Nothing, see ya." With that, Rantaro walked pass me and continued walking away with his pet raccoon, Gizmo, stretching his right eye down and stuck his tongue out. I let out a 'HMPH' sound and continued walking my way while Rosy glared at Rantaro and Gizmo. You know, I'll never understand that guy...just what's with that guy? Why does he love being so...mysterious?

Ahh, that felt better. After I was done washing my face at the bathroom, I exited with Rosy by my side and tried to going back to the dessert car. I wonder what Pinkie has been doing...Wait, why am I asking that? She's probably guarding Ren's birthday cake.


"AH!" I winced in pain as I fell to the ground as Rosy fell right next to me. Rosy got back up and shook her head before noticing me on the floor. She panicked before running over and began licking my face. I softly smiled at her before getting back up and holding her in my hands.

"Oh, thank you Rosy." I thanked, snuggling Rosy in a soft hug. But strange, who did I just bumped into?! I looked around and noticed that no one was around. Strange, I know that I bumped into someone...and why is it so suddenly dark suddenly?




"AH HA!"

What the-

"GAH!" I fell to the floor before looking up to see the curtains being opened, revealing Pinkie Pie pinning me to the floor.

"Huh? Kay?!" Pinkie gasped dramatically. "Did you try to eat the Ren's 'MMMM' birthday cake?!"

"What are you talking about?!" I exclaimed in shock. "No I didn't! I was in the bathroom!"

"Meow meow meow!" Rosy agreed, protesting against Pinkie.

"Are you sure?" Pinkie looked at me suspiciously.

"Honest!" I nodded. "Besides, I did tell you that I was going to the bathroom, remember?"

"Hmmmmm...." Pinkie glanced up in thought before getting off of me with a cheery grin and said "Alright, you make a good point."

"Thanks." I got back up from the floor before dusting myself off. "So what's going on? Did someone tried to eat Ren's 'MMMM' birthday cake?"

"Yeah! Somepony came into the car, but I didn't see who it was so I tried to chase after them, but they somehow invaded me like a ninja! As soon as I came back to guard Ren's 'MMMM' birthday cake, another pony came in and I still didn't see them and I tried chasing after them again, only to lose them the moment I went into the steam engine room, and when I went back to the car again, somepony closed the curtains and I tried to fight and catch whoever did that till I fell onto someone and that's when I bumped into you on the floor."

"I....see." I smiled awkwardly before clearing my throat. "Well I'm sorry to say that whoever did that, I didn't see anyone come by."

"Ahh..." Pinkie sighed before forming a determined look. "But it's okay! Now I'm more pumped to guard Rennie's 'MMMM' birthday cake!"

With that, she dashed off with me and Rosy looking at each other with sweat-drops with confusion all over our faces. Well that was surely something...

Oh well, I better get back and make sure that nothing goes wrong. Soon, we walked back to the dessert car and sat back down on the chairs while I noticed Pinkie staring at the cake intensively with widened eyes.

"Pinkie, you should rest up." I said, feeling concern for her. "If you don't then you're gonna get some baggy eyes in the morning and probably have trouble sleeping the next night."

Trust me, I once did it when I went to a sleepover with my friends.

"Sorry Kay! Can't talk! Must...stare...at...the...'MMMM'...." Never mind...oh well...it's best not to argue with her. Though, I am feeling so tired all over again. Oh well...I guess one little nap can't help.

With that, I held Rosy in my hands and gently put her in a hug and slowly began drifting to the darkness, falling asleep. Rosy snuggled against my chest and fell asleep as well. Man...I feel so exhausted.........

......What in the world is this? The whole town was nearly destroyed, and I couldn't tell if anyone survived or...

My own home was destroyed....everything was gone....the maid cafe that I worked in was destroyed and was in ruins. I think I was the only one to survive since the others...never mind...

I was in my maid's outfit and looked around before noticing a purple glow over to the far right. I walked over there and saw a small purple meteorite flashing on and off, over and over again. I blinked in surprise, wondering it was.

I slowly extended my hand and felt so curious...my own curiosity felt so deeply intrigued with it. However, like the old saying...'Curiosity kills the cat'.

"AHHHHHHH!" I screamed upon touching the meteorite as I began feeling something crawling into my body. It was like some sort of aura going inside of me...I felt so...different...what's...going...on....


"Huh? What the?!" I immediately woken up and looked around, seeing the others in the room with Pinkie screaming loudly as she fell to her knees. Even Rosy woke up in alarm upon hearing that scream.

"I can't believe it!" Ren exclaimed in shock. "How could have this have happened?!"

"Oh dear!" Fluttershy covered her mouth in shock.

"What's going on?" I asked, rubbing my sore eyes before noticing the cake....well, what was left of it. "AHHHHHHHHH!"

"MEOW!" Rosy screamed in shock upon seeing the cake being eaten in half.

"What happened?" Huh? We looked over to see the others arriving to the scene, including the three chefs.

"We heard some screaming and had to come here!" Mason said before noticing the 'MMMM' cake was eaten in half. "What the?"

"My 'MMMM' birthday cake! It's been half-eaten!" Ren cried out.

"It's true! The Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madnesss, it's been..." Pinkie started pouring out tears as she yelled out "Mutilated!"

We all gasped in shock, well except Rantaro and Nicole as they stared at the cake with narrow eyes.

"I can't believe it." Jamie covered his mouth in shock. "How could a-anyone taken a bite of it?"

"I know..." I sighed. "And I was suppose to help Pinkie to guard that cake."

"Don't blame yourself Kaede! It wasn't your fault!" Carrie assured, causing me to smile softly at her.

"Nah, it's pretty much her and Pinkie's fault." We all glared at Jack, which he noticed. "What?....What?!"

"No, Jacky's right!" Pinkie nodded with a serious look on her face. "Now we just need to find out who done it."

"Uggh...." a moan was heard. "Huh? What the-?" I saw a blue tail sticking out underneath the table. "What the-? Sarah! Lucario!"

"HUH?!" Sarah and Lucario came out from underneath the table holding their right eyes. "What happened to you two?" Ren asked.

They uncovered their eyes and we all winced. "Damm, those are some black eyes." Jack commented.

"So now the cake's eaten and Sarah and Lucario are punched in the face by someone? How?" Jamie asked.

"We just need to find out who done it." Pinkie said.

"You mean, who did it." Jamie corrected her.

"Exactly!" Pinkie nodded. "Who did-done-dood it."

"Okay..." Jamie sighed before smiling happily at this. "But you know what? I am quite eager to help you on this mystery."

"Ah, as I presume that you are a mystery novelist, correct?" Nicole guessed.

"Yes ma'am." Jamie nodded with a soft smile. "I've written almost every mystery novel from my entire life since I was a little boy and the best way to figure out who's the culprit is to investigate the crime scene and find some clues."

"Jamie's right." Twilight nodded with a grin. "I've read one of his novels and it was quite amazing and well-developed, including one of his best novels 'Murder Mystery on Lincoln Mansion'.

Jamie blushed a bit before asking "Y-you...really mean it?"

"Of course! You've written quite a well-developed, good plot-based, and interesting characters in your books including the mysteries themselves." Twilight beamed in excitement at this, which made Jamie cover his face with his notebook with his face all turned red.

"T-t-thank you..." Jamie nodded with a goofy smile, which made me have an amused smile on my face. Ooh, I think I know where this is going.

"Yeah! How about you two bookworms SHUT UP!" Jack exclaimed, ignoring the glares from the two said 'bookworms'. "Right now how about we figure out who eaten the cake?"

"Yeah!" Ren nodded with a serious look on his face. "My cake's life has been taken away from the criminal who did it and I'll find out who done it!"

"It's who did it, Ren." Twilight corrected him with a deadpanned look.

"Well either way, I say that we should try and figure out where to start." Mason suggested.

"Hm?" I soon noticed something was...up with Mason. He wasn't wearing his scarf. "Hey Mason, where's your scarf? I don't think I ever seen you without it."

"Huh?" Mason asked, blinking in surprise. He scratched the back of his neck and replied "O-oh right...it was getting hot so I thought I could take it off for a while."

But it's not even hot in here, and if so, why didn't you take off your sweater either?

"Okay...." I shrugged before digging into my pockets to check up on the gift. "Well either way, I think it's best if we..."

Huh? That's strange. I don't feel anything in my pockets but....oh no! I began looking all over in every pocket I can think of, but no matter what...I can't find it!

"Where is it?!" I asked, gaining the other's attention.

"What? What's wrong Kay?" Carrie asked in worried.

"I can't find my gift!" I exclaimed. "I had a gift that was meant for Ren's birthday when we arrive to Canterlot, but now it's gone!"

And cue the gasping while Ren looked at me with a shocked look.

"Wait...you got me a gift?" Ren asked, which made me realize that I forgot that Ren was in the room. Oh dear...oh well, there's no turning back now.

"Yes Ren, it's a good gift that I thought you might love." I nodded with a nervous smile. "I'm so sorry that I lost it."

Ren blinked in surprise before smiling softly at me and said "You don't need to apologize Kay, thanks for getting me a gift but I know that we'll find it!"

"Thanks." I nodded before making a serious look. "But that's not gonna stop me onto finding the culprit!"

"Wait, are you saying that you want to help find the culprit?" Kodi asked in surprise.

"Yeah! I mean, we can't forgive the culprit on eating Ren's birthday cake, right?" I reminded them. "That's why I wanna help."

"Seem like a reasonable explanation, darling." Rarity shrugged before I noticed something off with her mane.

"Rarity? Why is your mane all upsided like that?" I asked with a raised brow. Rarity widened her eyes in shock before chuckling nervously and replied "W-well you see...I thought I could try out a new mane-style."

"Okay..." Why do I have a strong suspicious feeling that she's lying? "Well either way, we need to investigate the murder, so just hold on!"

Me and Rosy immediately left the dessert car and headed back into our cabin room, which made the others looked at each other in confusion. I headed over to my closet since I settled my stuff here while the others were delivering the cake all the way to the dessert car, and I just happened to pack some good dresses and outfits that I packed up. Like Rarity would always say, always be prepared.

I took off my sweater and placed a detective overcoat along with a little hat with a red bow wrapped around it. As soon as I was done placing the clothes on, I placed a little detective hat that just fits Rosy's size and character.

"Meow!" Rosy meowed in joy, wagging her tail.

"I thought you might like it." I giggled. "I made it myself."

With that, me and Rosy walked out of our cabin and headed back inside of the dessert car with the others noticing my new attire. I was just wearing a light yellowish-pink detective overcoat and little hat.

"Oh Kaede!" Ren exclaimed in shock.

"You look fab-ul-ous!" Rarity gushed in excitement and awe. "I totally forgotten about that detective outfit that you made the other day!"

"Thanks everyone!" I bowed with a small smile.

"Good idea Kay!" Pinkie exclaimed, popping right in front of me with a bright smile. She immediately placed a Sherlock Holmes-like hat on her head and that thing that Sherlock Holmes uses to make bubbles...almost similar to smoking I guess. She then placed two more hats on both Jamie and Twilight's heads. "And as chief detective, that's exactly what I'm gonna do!"

"Uh, you're investigating?" Applejack questioned incredulously.

"Seriously?" Jack asked with a deadpanned look.

"Yes!" Pinkie nodded. "And Twilight and Jamie shall be me and Kay's lowly assistant who asks silly questions with obvious answers."

"But...wait what?" Jamie asked in confusion. "What does that even mean?"

"It means that you guys are gonna be answering some questions that Pinkie claims to be 'so obvious'." Nicole clarified. "But how does that help solve this case of the eaten birthday cake?"

"See? A perfect example of a perfect silly question, my dear Nikki." Pinkie patted her on the head, which she didn't mind. "Because the obvious answer is..."

"Yes?" Twilight questioned, raising a brow at her.

"No! 'Cause I know who did it!" We all stared at Pinkie with shocked and bewildered looks on our faces.

"You do?!" Kodi gasped. "But how?!"

"Exactly, how could you have possibly know who the culprit is anyway?!" Jamie exclaimed in shock.

"How could I possibly not know? Clearly this dastardly deed was done by the baker, who knew their dessert could not measure up to the mastery of Ren's Marizpan Mascarpone Meringue Madness Birthday Cake. I guess you feared your eclairs lacked flair, Gustave!"

"Ex-squeeze me?!" Gustave exclaimed in shock.

"What?" Rantaro asked. "And how exactly did he even do it?"

"Easy! He knocked me out of my sleep and tied me to the railroad tracks, then started gloating before stealing Ren's 'MMMM' birthday cake and that's when he destroyed the cake by using a knife!" Pinkie explained, glaring towards Gustave. "Thus, destroying the cake and the Cakes'/Rennie's birthday party and chance of winning the National Dessert-Off!"

"That's crazy!" I exclaimed.

"And that's highly illogical." Nicole retorted bluntly. "How could you even be tied onto the railroad tracks?"

"Hmm..." Pinkie tapped her chin for a while before realizing that she had a point. "I guess you have a point."

"And plus, the cake wasn't sliced." Jamie pointed out, examining the cake. "You can tell by these marks. They were more like teeth marks rather than being sliced by a knife."

"Maybe he used his talons?" Gustave felt offended by that as he glared at Pinkie and exclaimed "Ex-squeeze me, Madam Pinkie? I've rather not used my talons for such a heinous crime that I did not commit!"

"Ah poopy." Pinkie pouted.

"Well that's disappointing." Rantaro scoffed. "Is this how you ponies who try to be detectives do? If so, then I am quite disappointed in you."

"But even so, if it wasn't Gustave, then who?" Carrie asked curiously.

"Hmm...guess that isn't a totally silly question." Pinkie muttered.

"They have good points Pinkie." I nodded before walking over and examining the cake. "It seems like whoever done it must've been pretty sneaky and must've done it while you weren't looking and when me and Rosy accidentally fell asleep."

"Wait, you and Rosy accidentally fell asleep while guarding the cake?" Kodi asked.

"Yeah...not one of my best moments." I chuckled nervously before looking back at the eaten cake. "But it has be someone who would sloppily eat Ren's cake."

"Yeah, but who?" Ren wondered.

"Hm...You're right, my fine fellow." Pinkie nodded in deep thought. "Gustave Le Grand is clearly in the clear."

"Well duh." Rantaro rolled his eyes but was silently nudged by Mason.

"Which means that Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake was destroyed by another baker. A baker who's donuts are do-nots." Wait, where is she going with this? "That's right, it was Joe!"

We all gasped before turning our heads to a shocked Donut Joe as Pinkie began her story.

"Or as he's known in the spy world, Mane. Con Mane." Wait what? "He bypassed the laser system and even me, Kay, and Rosy from stealing Rennie's birthday 'MMMM' cake with his sleek and stealthiness. Crushing the Cakes' chances to win and Rennie's birthday bash party!"

"Wait, is that some sort of reference to James Bond?" Ren thought aloud.

"Seriously?" Jack face-palmed. "What is it with you these bakers being crazy psychotic spies?"

"Once again, that is quite illogical." Nicole stated. "First off, how come there wasn't a laser system when we first came in here?"

"That's because there is no laser beam security system!" Twilight retorted.

"And the cake was not even sliced it was bite look at the teeth marks." Sarah said.

"And Joe is not sleek, stealthy Con Mane!" Twilight added. "Lucario can be better than him!"

So technically, is he real?

"He's big, gruff, and messy!"

"Facts!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Hey!" Donut Joe shouted in offense.

"Although, you would look rather dapper in a tuxedo." Rarity complimented.

"And maybe comb your mane a bit." I added. "But I still don't think that Donut Joe did it."

"Hey what are these paw prints on the table?" I suddenly noticed.

"Paw prints?" Everyone came and saw two sets of paw prints on the table. "Those are not pony hoofprints. Something else must be on this train and must have bit the cake." Rainbow said.

"Huh...You may be right, Kaede."

"May be? She is right!" Jamie exclaimed. "Everything you're saying is all illogical and ridiculous made by your crazy fantasies!"

"Did you just call my fantasies...crazy?" Pinkie asked, glaring at Jamie before sticking her tongue out in disgust. "Well I'll have you know that taking a closer look at these desserts...I see that one simply cannot look at me in the eye."

She gazed over at Mulia Mild's chocolate covered Mousse with a suspicious look.

"Pinkie...that moose is a mousse!" Twilight pointed out.

"Yes, and the mule behind the moose panicked when she saw the mastery of Rennie's birthday 'MMMM' cake."

"So..." Jamie raised a brow in confusion. "You're telling us all that the culprit is..."

"Mulia Mild!" Pinkie pointed over to the mule, who widened her eyes in shock and panicked.

"W-w-what?!" Mulia exclaimed. "What on Equestria are you talking about?!"

"Well you see-"

"No!" Jamie yelled, surprising us all. "It is not! Everything you are about to say is ridiculous Pinkie Pie! I am sorry but we need a better investigation than just accusing everypony! That'll only create distrust in the group! Unless we find some evidence and gain some testimonies and alibis from the others, we will be able to find out who eaten Ren's birthday cake!"

....Oh my god. I never saw Jamie this confident before. We all just stared at him with a shocked look as he realized that he was feeling confident before returning to his meek self.

"U-uhh....I-I was just saying..." Jamie twiddled with his fingers, feeling scared of the attention he was receiving.

"Man Jamie, you used your hidden strength again." Ren stated with a surprise look before smiling over him. "I gotta say that you aren't so bad."

"T-thank you..." Jamie blushed in embarrassment.

"Anyway..." I called. "It's best if we all calm down and try to figure out the situation. After all, like Jamie stated that we can't solve this mystery of the missing cake by accusing everyone. We all need to trust and believe in each other and until we have enough evidence and find out the culprit, we need to create doubts on that person in order to pursue the truth."

"And another moving speech." Rantaro rolled his eyes. "Jeez, what is this? Beautiful speech day or something? Can we just solve the damn mystery and move on?"

"So how do you think that we can find the culprit?" Kodi asked in worried.

"Saying that makes me think that you're the culprit." Rantaro shrugged, which made Kodi widened his eyes in shock. Before he could say anything, Ren intervened and said "I know that Kodiak wouldn't do that! I was with him all night and I was sleeping with him, so that shouldn't be a problem."

Everyone looked at him before gazing at Kodiak, who nodded and said "Yeah, Ren's grip is quite tight."

We all let out 'Ahh' upon hearing that.

"Well anyway, do you think you four can solve the mystery?" Carrie asked curiously.

"I know we can!" I nodded with a determined look. "Right now, we need to figure out who done it."

"Who did it." Oh right...

"But I was sure that it was one of the other bitter bakers that destroyed Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake." Pinkie walked over to the half-eaten cake with a sad look. "That way, their delicious dessert would reign supreme."

"Well the rest of their desserts do taste good." I said, licking my lips.

"Meow!" Rosy nodded.

"I know, right?" Pinkie grinned before gazing at Donut Joe's Donutopia. "I mean, just look at Joe's Donutopia. It's a spectacular city of donutty delight, topped temptingly in sprinklicious sprinkles." She then turned to over to Gustave Le Grand's Eclairs. "And Gustave's éclairs look incredibly edible, with glistening glaziness." And finally, she turned to Mulia Mild's Mousse Mouse. "But then there's Mulia Mild's Mousse Moose. Ahh...why, this mouth-wateringly marvelous mousse moose tempts the taste buds with its silky, smooth, yummy-nummy, chocolateyness."

"True, true, and true..." Jamie nodded before asking the one remaining question. "So why did the criminal devour the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness while leaving this trio of tasty treats untouched? If so, then it would make one of us a suspect."

"I guess you have a point." I nodded. "But me and Rosy have alibis since I went to use the bathroom."

"I can testify." Rantaro shrugged nonchalantly. "I bumped into her after I was around in the bathroom."

"You?" Applejack asked incredulous.

"Yes, and don't bother accusing me, I'm telling the truth." Rantaro sighed.

"So I guess..." Carrie looked around with a worried look. "I guess one of us, except the chefs, might've done it..."

That would be the point, but the question is...who? But before I could say anything...

The whole room went into darkness and we couldn't see anything.




"Gah what the Aura Sphere you overgrown dog!" Jack exclaimed

"Relax, it's just the lights."

"W-we must've entered a tunnel so we should be able to see again in about a minute, so we should stay calm. Besides, this is j-just a b-basic thing..."

Suddenly, we began hearing munching sounds, much to my confusion. As soon as the lights came back on the moment we got out of the tunnel, we all gasped in horror upon seeing the other desserts.... and the hole in the ceiling thanks to Lucario's Aura Sphere.

They were all...devoured! Almost every bit of them were taken apart!

"Now we have no idea who do-doned it!" Pinkie exclaimed in shock, horror, and disappointment.

I patted Pinkie on the back with a warm and determined smile before saying "Don't worry Pinkie Pie, I'm sure there's gotta be a way to solve this mystery."

Pinkie smiled back at me while Ren looked around at the other desserts.

"Oh man, this mystery is getting more mysterious every minute we stand here." He sighed.

"Well, first thing we have to do..." Jamie turned to Pinkie with a slightly serious look. "Pinkie, you need to stop your wild accusations and get to the truth." He turned to everyone else. "Everyone, please go back to your cars while we do a little investigating, but Jack and Mason...could you two perhaps stay here and guard the doors in hopes no one tries to forge evidence."

"I see why not." Mason nodded.

"Heh, ya can leave it to us." Jack grinned, wrapping his arm around Mason, which made him smile.

"Oh..." Nicole spoke up with a curious look on her face. "Before we leave, may I ask everyone something? What do you all think of this scene?"

What? What was Nicole saying?

"Huh?" I asked her in confusion. "Well it's really terrible."

"And awful." Ren sighed. "I never thought someone would eat my birthday cake like this. But then again, it was good and delicious."

"Awful." Kodi added.

"Meh." Rantaro rolled his eyes.

"What are you saying? It's just crazy!" Rainbow exclaimed.

Nicole eyed everyone before looking away and began walking off, much to our confusion.

"She's gone." Ren said in surprise. "Well that was strange..."

"Yeah, why would she run off like that?" Fluttershy asked.

"What you expect? She doesn't want to be involved with any of our crap as always." Jack scoffed.

"It's...best if we just move on and take our leave." Rarity suggested, which the others nodded in agreement as they began to take their leave, all except Mason and Jack as they stood by the entrance of the dessert car to keep sight of any intruder breaking into the dessert car to manipulate the crime scene or maybe forge evidence.

"Good!" Jamie nodded before walking over and switching Pinkie's hat with Twilight's. "Now then, we need to really solve this mystery, and do that, we need to find some clues and gain some testimonies."

"I think we can help with that." I smiled with a determined look. "Sarah, Lucario, Me and Pinkie have been here for the whole night...Well maybe not the whole night because I left the dessert car to go and used the bathroom."

"Interesting..." Twilight nodded, feeling intrigued by this story. "Did you happen to find anything strange when you went exploring the bathroom?"

"Well I did bumped into Rantaro, and he didn't feel like wasting his time with talking with me, per usual." I made a scowl, remembering his rudeness from earlier.

"You've...bumped into Rantaro?" Jamie questioned.

"Well yes." I nodded before asking "Hey wait, are you thinking that he might be the culprit or somehow connected to this mystery?"

"That seems likely." Jamie nodded. "But due to his status for his reputation, you would think that it wouldn't be so sloppy judging by these bite marks..." Jamie examined the cake before noticing something. "Strange...quite strange indeed."

"Huh? Did you find something?" I asked him, walking over to Ren's ruined birthday cake.

"Look at this." He pointed over to one side of the cake, seeing two pieces were off the side that was barely bitten. "This side looks a little bit was taken off...like it was snitched off properly."

"What does that mean?" Pinkie asked curiously. Jamie didn't respond back as he rubbed his chin in thought. Huh, you know that I normally see him so meek, shy, and nervous all the time but seeing him this serious and focus is quite a surprising turn of events. Then again, he is a mystery novelist and wrote plenty of mystery novels.

"Well anyway..." Twilight turned to Pinkie as she asked "Pinkie, could you explain to me what have you, Sarah, Lucario and Kaede been doing at the scene of the crime all night?"

"Huh?! You're not accusing me, are you?!"

"What? No!" Twilight shook her head. "But maybe you or Kaede must've saw something that will help us."

"Good idea. Could you two provide some testimony to us?" Jamie asked us.

"Yeah!" I nodded before I began to go through my testimony. "Like I said before, I went to go and use the bathroom, but when I exited out, I could've sworn that me and Rosy bumped into someone but we couldn't tell who considering it was way too dark till I was pushed by Pinkie Pie, who accused me of eating the cake but when I proved my point that I told her that I went to go and use the bathroom, she believed me and guard the cake while me and Rosy accidentally fell asleep."

"I see..." Jamie nodded, rubbing his chin. "Sarah, Lucario?"

"We were both watching the cake when I sensed something small in another cart." Lucario said. "I went to see what it was but it was gone and when I came back, I saw something behind the cake eating it. Me and Sarah were about to pounce on it, but something knocked us out."

"Interesting... so we do have two stowaways in the train." Jamie said. "Now Pinkie, would you care to share the story with us?"

"Okie-dokie-lokie!" Pinkie nodded with an eager smile. She then began to lead us over to the spot she went to guard the cake. "You see, when Kay went over to use the bathroom, I saw a silhouette in the moonlight!"

"Good...let's retrace your steps." Twilight suggested. Pinkie began leading us out of the dessert car and threw the caboose.

"And then I chase the culprit down the train towards the caboose, but when I got there, he was gone." Pinkie explained.

"I see..." Hopefully there's a clue around here somewhere.

"Meow!" Huh? I looked over to see Rosy holding onto a piece of blue feather in her mouth.

"Oh Rosy! Good job girl!" I smiled happily before scratching her on the head and picking up the piece of evidence that we found.

"Amazing! Our first clue!" Twilight shouted in amazement.

"Yep and I think that we might've found our first culprit." I said, nodding in agreement.

"Hold on, who is it? Who?!" Pinkie pleaded, eager to know what we found.

"Just wait Pinkie and you'll find out soon." I assured, placing it into my coat. "Hopefully that maybe one of the culprits might have my gift."

"What was that?" Twilight asked, not hearing what I said.

"Oh nothing." I waved it off before allowing Rosy to hop back onto my shoulder. "Come on, let's continue the investigation."

"Okay." The others nodded before we began walking around as Pinkie continued on with her testimony.

"Next, I heard somepony else in the dessert car and chased them up to the engine." We headed over to the front of the room, finding the conductor shoveling some coal into the engine. "But when I got there, all I saw was the conductor shoveling coal like right now."

She pointed over to the conductor, who noticed us and waved hello to us with a smile before resuming back to his work.

"The conductor, huh?" Jamie rubbed his chin before noticing something over near the coal. He ran over to it and immediately picked it up, finding a piece of pink hair on the floor. "Strange..."

"Wait...pink hair?" I widened my eyes upon realizing who would have that! So that means...there are two culprits!"

"This doesn't make any sense..." Jamie muttered before turning to Pinkie and asked "What happened next, Pinkie?"

"Well..." She began to lead us out of the conductor's room before returning back to the dessert car. "I went back to the dessert car."

"Yes?" Pinkie looked over to the curtains before pointing out "And the curtains mysteriously closed, all on their own?"

"Interesting." Twilight nodded, intrigued by this. "Anything else?"

"I heard hoofsteps, a loud thud..." She jumped onto the floor, creating a loud thud in the process.


"Like that and they were gone! When I opened the curtains, I saw that the portrait by the door all crooked."

"It was?" I asked in surprise before looking over to investigating the portrait that Pinkie mentioned. As I looked around, Rosy let out another meow as she pointed over something next to it. "Hmm...hello, what's this?"

"What did you find, Kaede?" Twilight asked curiously. I showed both Jamie and Twilight a pair of fake eyelashes.

"These are fake eyelashes, well...just one of them. One of my friends back home once owned one of these to make herself look good for prom night." I giggled, remembering that time.

"I see." Jamie nodded before forming a small smirk. "And I have a feeling I know who's our culprit is...well our third and hopefully, our final culprit."

"I hope so..." I sighed before remembering a little something from earlier. "Actually...there's one more place that I wished to investigate."

"Huh? Really?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"Yes, so Pinkie..." I turned to her with a soft smile and asked "Do you mind if you continued more of your story?"

"Sure can, Kay!" Pinkie nodded, saluting to me with her tongue sticking out. Oh Pinkie...

We began moving over out of the dessert car, passing by Jack and Mason as we walked through the hallway where I bumped into someone or something last night.

"I tried catching the culprit during the dark, but when after seeing the portrait by the door being all creaky, that's when I pounced on Kay and Rosy and interrogated them to know if they ate Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake, but they told me the truth!"

"Yeah, just like that." I got on my knees and looked around the place, trying to look for any possible clues before noticing a nearby room, Mason's cabin room for the night. Curiously, I walked inside of there and looked around it before noticing something underneath the sheets. Hmm...

The moment I uncovered the sheets...

"Ah!" The moment I saw it...it was some evidence....evidence that could him as the culprit.

"Did you find anything in there Kaede?" Jamie called over.

"Yeah..." I replied before placing it in my coat pockets before exiting out of Mason and Carrie's cabin room. "And it looks like we gotten four culprits."

"What?!" Pinkie gasped. "Who? What? When? Why? How?"

"E-easy Pinkie!" Jamie assured before turning to me. "Now Kaede, did you say that you might've find any evidence that could pinpoint another possible culprit?"

"Indeed and I'll present it once we assembled everyone into the dessert car..." I said with a bright smile. "And don't worry, I know who are the culprits judging by the evidence we've gathered so far." I raised my hand and pointed at them with a smirk. "The truth is stranger than fiction!"

Twilight, Pinkie, and Jamie blinked in confusion.

"...What?" They all asked, causing me to sweat-drop while Rosy groaned. Oh come on, I've heard of that line before in some anime detective game. What? You all don't think that I don't have any hobbies like Ren, do ya?

"...Let's just round everyone up."

As soon as we rounded everyone up from the caboose, we began to discuss the over and saw the worried, fear, and calm looks on their faces.

"Why are we all here again?" Mulia Mild asked, stuttering in fear.

"Now then, you're all probably wondering why you're all brought over?" Carrie raised her hand in the air. "Yes Carrie?"

"Is it because you want to figure out who eaten Ren's cake?" I nodded and answered "Why yes Carrie, and after a while during our investigation...we stumbled upon several evidences that could lead us to the culprit."

"No way!" Jack exclaimed. "Are you saying that you guys know who did it?!"

"Yes indeed." I nodded with a serious look on my face.

"Wow, they're good." Donut Joe whispered to Ren, who nodded in agreement.

"We have discovered the true culprit of this cake carnage." Jamie added.

"But how?" Gustave Le Grand asked in confusion.

"That's amazing!" Ren exclaimed in awe. "So you know who did it? Who eaten the 'MMMM' cake?"

"Well, you see, when committing a crime, it's crucial that one never leaves behind clues..." Jamie explained, walking back and forth. "No matter how many times the culprit does it, they will always leave some evidence behind. Do you know what I'm talking about, Kaede?"

"Yes Jamie." I nodded before showing taking one of the pieces of evidence that we found during the investigation. "They weren't even leave obvious clues like...this!"

Take That!

The moment I showed them the cyan-colored feather, everyone gasped.

"A-ha! A blue feather! I knew it was you, Gustave Le Grand!"

Pinkie glared at Gustave Le Grand, who was bewildered by this.

"Pinkie, Gustave doesn't have blue feathers." Jamie pointed out. "his feathers are light gray and dark arctic bluish gray."

"Oh...well maybe he dyed it?" I face-palmed a bit upon seeing Pinkie still accusing one of the chefs.

"No! Not him!" I shook my head as I began my explanation. "You see, when you were saying about chasing after the suspect through the caboose, they suddenly disappeared?"

"That's because they flew away!" Jamie deduced. "But the thief did leave a little something behind, yes?"

"Yep, and the culprit is..." I pointed my finger towards..."You! Rainbow Dash!"

Once again, everyone gasped in shock as Rainbow Dash started sweating nervously.

"I-I don't even like cake!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"But I saw you eating cake the other day." Kodi pointed out, much to Rainbow Dash's embarrassment and anger.

"So Rainbow Dash did it!" Pinkie gasped before smirking in delight. "Case solved!"

"Case not solved." Twilight shook her head. "Because when we went to the engine, Jamie saw something beneath the coal."

"Yes, and inside of the coal was...this!"

Take that!

Jamie presented the strand of pink hair he found, which made Pinkie glare at Rainbow Dash!

"So it was you! That pink hair came from your rainbow-colored mane!"

"I don't have pink in my mane, Pinkie!" Rainbow retorted.

"She's right." Nicole stated. "Rainbow doesn't have the color pink."

"...So you're wearing a wig?" Pinkie guessed before trying to stretch out Rainbow Dash's hair, much to her anger.

"Ow! Cut it out!" Rainbow exclaimed, pushing her off.

"Pinkie, remember?" Jamie called. "You chased a pony to the engine, where you thought you saw the conductor shoveling coal, but that wasn't the conductor at all."

"No...it was..." I pointed my finger towards..."You! Fluttershy!"

Everyone gasped once again before looking over at Fluttershy, who looks around in embarrassment and guilt.

"Oh my..." Fluttershy muttered.

"Flutters...you?" Ren asked in surprise. "I can't believe it."

"I'm sorry Ren." Fluttershy apologized.

"Oh, you're going down, Fluttershy!" Pinkie tried to pounce at her but was held back by Twilight as she used her magic to stop Pinkie from hurting Fluttershy while Ren stood by to protect her, showing off his Hacking Gun in the hands.

"Pinkie!" Twilight scolded. "But then another clue confounded my suspicions. You were guarding the cake when the curtains mysteriously closed. But that's no mystery, that's magic. But when the thief tried to make their great escape, they left a little addition to the portrait."

"Oh right!" I gasped, realizing what Twilight was talking about.

Take that!

I presented the fake eyelids in my hands, which made everyone confused.

"A pair of fake eyelashes?" Rantaro questioned.

"That's right! Which begs the question for us..." I turned to the third culprit with a smirk on my face. "Has anyone else noticed that Rarity is wearing her hair rather differently today?"

Rarity gasped before glaring at me and exclaimed "Kaede darling, how could you? What? Is it a crime to change one's style now and again? Why, I think it's a crime not to."

"Really?" Twilight asked, raising a brow before using her magic to lift Rarity's hair, revealing that one of her eyelashes went missing and that was all the proof we needed.

"Alright fine, I'm guilty!" Rarity cried out. "I wear false eyelashes!"

"Umm...we know that." Kodi blinked in surprise.

"We were talking about you eating the cake." Jamie added.

"Oh, and I took a bite of the cake." Well that was much easier than I thought.

"Oh, well case closed then." Pinkie shrugged.

"No, it's not over yet." I shook my head before I began walking back and forth with a thoughtful look on my face. "You see, there are three mysteries that hasn't been solved yet. One, who eaten the three other competitor's desserts? Second, what ever happened to my present for Ren? And third, who did me and Rosy bumped into when we left the bathroom?"

"Those are good questions and I take it it's the evidence that you found in one of the cabin rooms, correct?" Jamie asked, which I nodded.

"Exactly, and I think Rarity didn't do it alone. I think she had an accomplice by her side." Rarity gulped in fear and began chuckling nervously.

"W-what ever do you mean, Kaede darling? I took a bite of the cake alone." I shook my head before turning to her with a serious look and said "I'm afraid not. For you see, one side of the cake looked like it was cut properly despite half of the cake looked like it was taken bites with teeth marks on it. So it begs the question...who did it? And the answer to that question on who the culprit is..."

Everyone felt tensed, calm, and worried as they wondered who Rarity worked. Only one person places their faith and trust to her, that one person that could be....

"It has to be you!" I pointed my finger towards the fourth and final culprit who has eaten the cake. "Mason Hunter!"

Everyone widened their eyes before gazing at Mason, who seemed pretty calm as he crossed his arms and questioned "Oh? Me?"

"Big brother helped Rarity out with her crime as well?" Carrie asked in surprise.

"Indeed, and I have the evidence! See?" I presented the one evidence towards them and it was none other than Mason's scarf alone.

"That? His scarf?" Jack questioned in a deadpanned look. "How is that evidence?"

"If you used your brain, then maybe it would make sense." Rantaro scoffed, ignoring the angry glare that was sent by him. "We ever rarely see him take off that damn scarf around his neck, and it looks pretty clean, meaning that it could be possibly that if he had helped Rarity, then that would mean that he could've gotten cake stains on it and must've cleaned it up to hide the evidence."

"...Hmm, a wonderful deduction." Mason smiled a bit. "But you have no proof considering that it's clean?"

"Actually, I do." I nodded before turning to Ren. "Ren, do you think that you can use your Hacking Gun's Detect mode on it."

"Umm...sure, Kay." Ren nodded before pulling out his gun and used 'Detect' on the scarf, finding visible stains on it.

"And there you have it!" I said, pointing over to one of the stains. "That would mean that Mason must've accidentally gotten some cake stains on it while he and Rarity were making their get away while dropping the eyelashes and bumping into me, getting cake smudges on them."

"No way!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Hold it what about the two figures on the cake last night?" Ampahros asked. Sarah went over to the table with the cake on it and went underneath it. "Awww.." a pulled out two small pokemon?!

"What the hell? What are they?!" Jack exclaimed.

"A Skitty and Eevee!" Ren added.

Skitty: A pink, feline Pokémon with a stumpy body and four short legs. On its face is a cream-colored, crescent-shaped marking. It has slit-like eyes and tufted ears with purple interiors. Its slender tail has a bulky pink section at the end, terminated by three pin-like structures with yellow ball-like tips.

Eevee: A mammalian, quadruped Pokémon with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot. It had brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, and a small black nose.

"They muts have been what I sensed last night on the cake!" Lucario exclaimed. "They have some cake piece on their mouths!"

"Yes, and so allow me to explain everything that occurred last night." Kaede said.

You see, it all began when me and Pinkie Pie were guarding Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake, and while we stayed in the dessert car throughout the night, Skitty and Eevee rushed past Lucario making him sense them and when it went to see them, Skitty went back and Skitty used Doublelsap, knocking Sarah out and when Lucario went back in Eevee did the same and gave them both the bIack eyes. And then the two put them under the table with Ren's cake on it. I decided to go to the bathroom but that's when I bumped into Rantaro, who just left and felt annoyed onto talking to me as well as wasting his time. While I headed into the bathroom, Pinkie was confronted with the first culprit and managed to escape her by flying away to the top of the caboose unnoticed, but left behind a blue feather on the caboose.

Next, when Pinkie returned back to the dessert car, she encountered the second culprit from eating Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake and chased after them, but soon lost them upon reaching the engine room. However, what she didn't noticed that the second culprit disguised themselves as the conductor to fool Pinkie's eyes, but before long, she left a strand of their pink mane hair in the engine room, blowing towards the pack of coal on the floor.

When Pinkie walked back to the dessert car, the curtains mysterious closed like Pinkie stated. However, that was the work of the third and fourth culprit as the former used her magic to closed the curtains while the latter managed to grabbed two slices perfectly with their bare hands and managed to get away from the scene, but not before long was that I bumped into the said culprits, resulting with the four culprit getting some cake smudges on their scarf. Luckily, both he and the third culprit escaped the scene with the cake pieces.

While I was being interrogated by Pinkie, the culprits cleaned off the third culprit's scarf to hide the evidence, but if we haven't found those pieces of evidences, then none of us would found out that it was you four...

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Mason Hunter!

"Well....I see." Mason sighed before forming a small smile on his face. "It would seem that I have been caught. So much for that effort..."

"It's quite alright Mason." Rarity sighed. "It's my fault for dragging you into this mess in the first place. After all, I couldn't resist that cake flavor."

"Me too." Fluttershy nodded.

"Aw nuts, me three." Rainbow sighed.

"I guess because the cake was too delicious to eat, eh?" Ren chuckled. "It would make sense considering Pinkie described how delicious it tastes that even I couldn't withstand it."

"And it looked so tasty." Kodi licked his lips.

"And I couldn't help but help Rarity because I was curious to see how tasty it was." Mason smiled a bit.

"And boy it was!" Rainbow laughed.

"We only meant to take a little, lady-like bite." Rarity sighed.

"And it was so good." Fluttershy added.

"Yeah, I just dove right in!" Rainbow smiled. The four cake eating culprits looked at each other with sad looks before sighing and looking at Ren and Pinkie.

"But...I'm really really sorry."

"Terribly sorry."

"Sorry, Pinkie."

"I am sorry if we ruined your cake, Ren."

Ren softly smiled at them before saying "Hey it's okay you guys. I understand why you would eat my cake, but overall, this was probably one of the most exciting things I ever done on my birthday."


"Eevee." The two small pokemon woke up and smiled at everyone. "So what do we do with these two?" Rainbow asked.

"Can I have the Skitty, big brother?" Carrie asked Mason. "Please."

"Well..." Mason trailed. The Skitty leaped out of my arms and scampered over to Carrie and leaped into her arms. "Awwww." Carrie cooed.

"You heard the pokemon, Mason. It wants Carrie to be it's trainer." Ampahros smirked.

Mason sighed, "Alright. You can have the Skitty."

"Yeah!" Carrie cheered.

"And I guess, I'll take the Eevee." I said.

"Eevee." Eevee jumped into my arms and nuzzled me. "Awww, you're such a cutie." I cooed. Eevee cooed at me

"Well..." Fluttershy chuckled. "I'm glad you liked it, Ren."

"Same here." Mason nodded, along with Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

"That's okay." Pinkie smiled. "But I'm confused, why weren't you wearing the scarf after you cleaned it off, Mason?"

"Well..." Mason blushed a bit. "Rarity told me not to wear it even after it was ruined."

"Seriously?" Rantaro questioned in a deadpanned tone.

"Well obviously! It would ruin Mason's image!" Rarity retorted in a huff. "I mean, who wears a clean long sleeve red scarf after it was smudged with cake smudges, even they were clean."

"T-that's enough Rarity, thank you." Mason sighed. "But either way, I admit my guilt. I am sorry."

"No, it's okay Mason. You and the others are forgiven." I assured.

"At least this mystery is finally solved." Pinkie sighed in relief.

"Not quite." Jamie shook his head. "We may have figured out who ate the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness, but we still don't know who devoured the other bakers' goods."

"You're right, Jamie!" Pinkie gasped before asking "You know what we have to do?"

"Well...yes, I do. Do you?"

"Duh! Look for clues!" Pinkie rolled her eyes.

"Umm...if I may interrupt..." Huh? We all looked over at Nicole, who had a curious look on her face. "If you want, I can help out since I already know who did it."

"You did?!" I gasped in shock, along with Rosy. "But how?"

"Remember when I asked you all earlier before you started your investigation?" Nicole reminded us. "When you all answered my question, I observed how you all react, and after some careful studying of you all, I deduced who eaten each of the competitor's desserts."

"Only by simply asking one question?!" Mulia Mild exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, ma'am." Nicole nodded. "You see, the ones who had eaten the baker's desserts' themselves were....you three bakers all along."

We all gasped in shock, unable to believe that the bakers' would eaten their own desserts.

"Why you're all thinking 'how could you tell'? Well first, Mr. Gustave has mousse in his mustache. And Mr. Joe has eclair in his hair, and Ms. Mulia has sprinkles in her wrinkles."

"Hey, all of that rhymed!" Pinkie smiled before frowning at Nicole. "And hey! You stole my lines!"

"Sorry." Nicole apologized. "But I have great observation skills, so please believe me. I sense that you all are having doubts in my skills."

"Well that's quite shocking." Mason said, blinking in surprise.

"Hmm...." Pinkie examined Gustave Le Grand, Mulia Mild, and Donut Joe on the places that Nicole stated before looking at us with a shocked look. "She's right!"

"Damn, for a psychologist, she's good." Jack muttered, loud enough for the rest of us to hear and nodded in agreement.

"Well, I guess that we can take her word." Jamie said before turning to the bakers and asked "But why would you guys eat your own desserts in the first place?

The three bakers began to feel guilty before turning to one another and began apologizing.

"Oh, I am so sorry, Mulia, but Pinkie made your mousse moose sound...tres magnifique." Gustave grinned.

"And Pinkie's description of your eclairs really did make them sound scrumptious." Donut Joe smiled softly.

"And the way she spoke of your Donutopia, ohhh, was too delectable to resist." Mulia Mild sighed happily just thinking about it.

"So in the end, the reason was simple: You guys just couldn't resist the sweet taste of any of your desserts." Rantaro shrugged. "If I was a judge, I would give you guys '0 out of 10' for not resisting such goodness."

"Well either way, at least we solved the mystery." I smiled before remembering one mystery. "Well...almost."

"Oh right, your present for Ren's birthday." Twilight said, remembering about that.

"Yeah...I still haven't figured out where my gift is." I sighed sadly before being comforted by Ren as he gave me a soft smile.

"It's alright." Ren assured. "What's more important is that you guys are here and that's all I need."

I smiled over at Ren with a soft smile and replied "Thanks Ren. I really appreciate that."

"Well..." Rantaro smirked at me. "Gotta say, you're quite good solving this mystery."

"Well Jamie, Twilight, and Pinkie did help out on the mystery." I chuckled.

"Whatever, maybe you weren't a waste of my time." Rantaro smirked before he began to take his leave. He glanced towards me with a small smile before taking his leave while I watched with a confused look on my face. Rantaro will always remain unanimous to us all.

"Hm?" I then felt something in my pockets before taking out whatever it was, and once I did..."AH! Could it be?!"

It was my gift, and it was all safe and sound!

"What?! It was in your pockets this whole time?!" Ren exclaimed in shock. "When?...How?!"

"I...I don't know." I shook my head before looking over to see Rantaro glancing at me with a small smirk with Gizmo waving his paw at me with a smile before the two exited out of the dessert car. Oh you....

"Well, I guess that solves the mystery of where your present went." Mason patted me on the back.

"Yeah! That kinda seems pretty amazing yet shocking that he had it." Carrie added.

"True to that." Jack nodded.

"Well either way, I'm just glad that I have it back." I smiled happily before turning to Ren and handed it to him. "By the way, this is for you Ren. Happy Birthday, Ren!"

"Oh, thanks Kay!" He laughed before receiving the gift from me as he slowly began opening it.

"What was it? What is it? What is it?!" Kodi asked, getting all excited onto knowing what it was.

"It's..." The moment he opened it, he gasped in awe. "A bunch of cookies! And a whole pack of them!"

It was true. I baked them myself just late last night and boy, it was so worth it. Ren seemed to enjoy and they were chocolate chip, just like he wants it. He shared them with some of his friends, even Kodiak, and they were joyed by it.

"Ooh! There's gotta be like fifty in this bag!" Ren exclaimed in excitement before turning to me and said "Thanks Kaede!"

I giggled at his compliment before saying "Ahh thanks Ren, it's nothing."

Ren nodded before handing me one, much to my surprise. He gave me a smile, which I nodded before receiving it and taking a bite of it. Mmm, it taste so good just how my mom makes them. My originalmother anyway...

"Well this is the greatest birthday gift ever!" Kodi laughed.

"Hey Kay, think you can cook up more of those cookies?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"You bet I can!" I clapped my hands together with an eager smile on my face

"Well that's great to hear!" Pinkie grinned.

"While we enjoy this scene..." Gustave and the other two chefs looked at each other with worried and guilty looks. "How are we supposed to present our own desserts to the Dessert-off if we don't even have any desserts to share out?"

"We got this." Sarah said. "Ready, pokemon?"

Her pokemon all cheered together and they all started to combine the sweets while singing to a song.


Together, we're putting it together

Two heads are much more fun

Working together as one

(Instrumental Break)

Like scissors cuts paper

Like butter needs a roll

Like a song needs a maker

Every spatula needs a bowl

A lampshade needs a lamp

Like a letter needs a mailbox and a stamp, stamp, stamp


Together, we're putting it together

Two heads are much more fun

Working together as one

(Instrumental Break)

Paints need a brush

Like a doorknob needs a door

Like a race car needs to rush

Every rowboat needs a oar

Like a singer needs to sing

An alarm clock needs her bells to--(Alarm clock ringing - movie/ring ring ring - soundtrack)


Together, we're putting it together

Two heads are much more fun

Working together as one

(Instrumental Break)

Every cake needs some frost

Like a sailboat needs a sail

Every book needs a page

Every bookworm needs a nerd

Jamie: Hey!

Like a fella needs his pants

A dancer needs a song so he can

Dance, dance, dance

(Ren and Sarah)
Together, we're putting it together

(Me and Carrie)
Two heads are much more

(Jack and Mason)
Four heads are much more

(Sarah and the bakers)
Six heads are much more fun


Working together as--



You know, after today on solving the mystery of Ren's birthday 'MMMM' cake and the other competitor's desserts, I learned something today or well, me and Pinkie learned something today as a matter of fact.

Pinkie learned that it's not good to jump to conclusions. You have to find out all the facts before saying somepony did something. If you don't, you could end up blaming somepony for something they never did. This could hurt their feelings, and it can make you look really foolish. So from now on, she will always make sure to get all the facts.

I learned that no matter who's being accused and if you don't know who really done it, you gotta have faith in them while also doubting them. You have to believe in your friends, even when you're doubting them if they did it or not. Belief without doubt, as yI would say.

Soon after we arrived to Canterlot for the national Dessert-off, we were finished up with our dessert/Ren's cake. Apparently, it was all mixed up together into something beautiful and awe-looking at the same time. We brought over to the Garden sanctuary on Canterlot Castle, and by the time we presented it, Princess Celestia came by and was awe-struck by the structure as she eyed on the cake with hungry eyes. Oh wow, I don't think I ever see Princess Celestia like this before.

"Yep! It's my birthday cake and we made it...together!" Ren grinned.

"I see...happy birthday Ren Loodan." Princess Celestia bowed before looking over at the cake. "You don't mind if I taste it?"

"Sure! After all, it's for everyone!" Ren nodded with a grin. We all felt excited and pumped by it, but before any of us could even reach for it...

Pinkie beat it to us first and boy, she ate the entire thing in just one gulp.

We all just stood there dumbfounded while Pinkie rubbed her stomach.

"Mmmmmm..." Pinkie sighed while the rest of us just laughed while some just felt pissed off and disappointed by the turn of events.

"Dammit..." Jack muttered.

"Don't worry, I still have those cookies." Ren said, showing them the cookies that I gave to him as a birthday present.

"Well don't mind if I do!" Jack toothily grinned before grabbing five cookies from the bag while the rest of us took one each and enjoyed eating it. Mm-hmm, yep! They taste so good!

"I gotta say..." Princess Celestia smiled in delight upon tasting one of the cookies. "These cookies taste so good."

"You can thank Kaede for that! She was the one who made them!" Carrie smiled.

"Oh really?" Princess Celestia turned to me with a soft grin. "Well I must say that you are quite a wonderful cook, Kaede."

"O-oh...!" I blushed a bit in embarrassment before looking away and said "Well it was nothing! Honest!"

"Well you are truly a good cook." Princess Celestia nodded. "That's great to hear!" Twilight smiled happily. "You know, if you and Kaede haven't worked with me and Pinkie Pie, then we wouldn't have figured out who eaten Ren's birthday cake."

"Oh yeah...I guess you have a point there." I smiled.

"Meow!" Rosy nuzzled my cheek, causing me to scratch her behind the ears before I pet her down next to Kodiak, who began playing around with her as she was enjoying it.

"Oh? A mystery?" Princess Celestia questioned. Me, Twilight, Pinkie, and Jamie looked at each other before giving her grins as I rubbed the back of my hair and said "Well...it's sorta a long story."

"Well I see why not." Princess Celestia smiled softly at us. "We got some time after all."

"O-okay P-Princess Celestia." Oh, I guess Jamie reverted back to his old self. Oh well, he was quite serious onto solving the mystery. But you know, it would be nice discussing what happened during our train adventure to the princess, we might even tell her about what we learned during our investigation on the mystery on the missing birthday cake.

"Y-you know, you might like the story. I have been thinking u-using that e-experience for a new book..." Jamie smiled softly.

"Really?!" Pinkie asked excitedly. "What is it?! Who are the characters?!"

"I-I haven't even gotten that part yet!" Jamie exclaimed before blushing a bit. "But I did came up with both the plot of the story as well as the name."

"Really? What's it called then?" I asked curiously.

"I call it..." He gave us a soft and determined smile. "Detective Sherry And The Mystery on the Friendship Express."

"Hmm...catchy title." Pinkie smiled. "Almost similar to this chapter's title."

Okay, I have no idea what Pinkie is talking about but hey, at least Jamie has another inspirational moment to write a book.

"Well that sounds like a good title for your next book Jamie." I complimented, much to his joy.

"T-thank you...!" Jamie thanked. "But you know, the protagonist's name was inspired after you. You did solved out how the mystery went...well mostly."

I looked at him with a surprised look and asked "You...based your character after me?"

"O-of course!" Jamie nodded. "You're a good friend K-Kaede...and I-I'm glad that I-I made a friend...like you."

I couldn't help but feel happy to hear that from him. I gave him a smile and replied "Well I couldn't ask a friend like you Jamie."

Jamie nodded before we began to explain our story to Princess Celestia about our adventures on the train ride here to Canterlot, which made her surprised and amused by our story about me, Twilight, Pinkie, and Jamie trying to solve the mystery, gathering the evidence, and accusing four of our friends for the crime.

But you know, I am glad to try and help out at least. It shows that not everyone is useless as they think...they just need encouraging and show that their many skills can provide and help out people and ponies in times like these. But you know...I wouldn't mind solving another mystery because....

The truth is stranger than fiction!

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