• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 70: Shimmer's First School Day

The beautiful sun of Princess Celestia had began to rise over the horizon. The sun's warm light shined through the windows of my castle. It's been three months since I had adopted Shimmer, and today was going to be her first day of school. I entered the room and went over to Shimmer Glow.

"Shimmer, It's time to wake up sweetheart." I said sweetly

She stirred in the bed for a minute and opened her eyes. She let out a soft yawn and used her little hooves to rub her eyes. Then, she looked at me, "Good Morning Momma."

"Good morning sweetheart, are you ready for your first day of school?"

"I-I don't know Momma." Shimmer replied nervously. "What if the other foals are mean to me?' I gently stroked her mane to calm her trembling. "Don't worry sweetie." Fluttershy said gently "I promise the other kids won't be mean. Besides Aunte Carrie, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo will be there with you."

She gave me a little smile. She was happy to hear that her friends and Auntie Carrie would be there, "Okay Momma." Shimmer said softly

"Now let's go have some breakfast before you go to school." I said happily

We went downstairs to have some breakfast. I made Shimmer some delicious oatmeal and made myself some toast. When they finished, I made Shimmer a daisy sandwhich and some fresh apple juice for lunch and put them in a small bag. Before I could do anything else, a knock on the front door was heard. Me and Shimmer went over to see who was at the door. When they opened it, We were greeted with the smiles of Carrie, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

"Good morning Sarah, good morning Shimmer" Applebloom said happily

Shimmer and I smiled at the three fillies and little girl.

"Good Morning girls, how are you?" I asked them softly

"We're great Sarah!" Scootaloo said cheerfully.

"We were just wondering if we could take Shimmer with us to school with us." Sweetie belle said innocently while pointing at a wagon that was attached to a scooter.

I looked at the three fillies and then at Shimmer. "Shimmer, would you like the girls to take you to school with them?" I asked her.

Shimmer simply nodded her head. I quickly went into the kitchen to grab Shimmer's lunch. When I came back, I gave Shimmer her lunch. She put her lunch on the ground and she fluttered up to me and wrapped her little forelegs around my neck. I hugged her back.

"You just listen to your teacher and be careful okay?" I said to Shimmer sweetly.

"I will Momma, I love you." Shimmer said as she kissed my cheek. I gave her a loving smile and kissed her on the forehead. "Girls, can I talk to you for a moment."

The CMC's and Carrie came over to me. "What is it, Sarah?" Carrie asked me.

"I've been helping Shimmer with her magic, but she still has little magic surges once in a while." I started. "Just keep an eye on her and her magic for me, please."

"No problem, Sarah." Scootaloo replied.

"Yeah, we'll keep an eye on the little one." Applebloom added. I smiled at the four of them. "Thanks girls. Now hurry along or you'll be late." The girls nodded and Sweetie Belle, Applebloom and Shimmer climbed into the wagon. Scootaloo got onto her scooter and buzzed her little wings. The scooter then took off towards Ponyville as I watched it disappear.

Carrie's POV

I was running after the scooter thought Ponyville. As Shimmer and the CMC flew through the streets of Ponyville, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle looked at Shimmer and could see a worried expression on her face.

"What's the matter Shimmer? Are you nervous about your first day?" Sweetie Belle asked her friend curiously

Shimmer nodded his head and Applebloom put her hoof on her shoulder

"Don't worry Shimmer, you'll love it at our school, and you'll love our teacher!" Applebloom said happily

"Yeah, Miss Cheerilee's Awesome!" Scootaloo said as she kept her eyes on the road in front of her.

"Yeah, she's really sweet, just like your mom." I added.

Shimmer smiled at the three fillies and nodded his head.

When they arrived at the school, We saw all of the other colts and fillies going inside and he saw a mulberry earth pony mare greeting the children. Shimmer got out of the wagon along with the rest of us and went up to the pony by the door.

"Good Morning girls, who's this young filly ?" The mare asked the three fillies.

Scootaloo stepped and put a foreleg around Shimmer.

"This is our friend, Shimmer Glow, she's a new student here." Scootaloo said while smiling at her teacher.

The mare looked at the young filly and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Shimmer Glow, I'm your teacher Miss Cheerilee."

Shimmer gave the teacher a shy smile and said, "It's nice to meet you Miss Cheerilee."

"Alright Kids let's go inside." Cheerilee said to ushappily.

Cheerilee walked inside and the four friends followed her. When they were inside, Me, Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle went to their seats while Cheerilee placed a hoof on Shimmer's shoulder. When everyone was seated, Cheerilee approached the class and made a motion to Shimmer Glow telling him to follow her.

"Alright my little ponies let's settle down." Cheerilee said to the students.

The students went silent and looked at their teacher who placed her hoof on Shimmer's shoulder.

"Everyone we have a new student joining us today. This is Shimmer Glow." Cheerilee said before looking at Shimmer. "Shimmer, would you like to say something to the rest of the class?"

Shimmer looked around and saw smiles on almost every colt and filly in the classroom.

Cheerilee smiled at Shimmer and said, "Come on Lightning you can do it."

Letting out a deep sigh, Shimmer opened her mouth and said nervously, "H-Hi everypony, i-it's nice to m-meet you all."

The class smiled at the young filly. Some of them waved at him and Diamond Tiara shook her head in anger.

Cheerilee placed a gentle hoof on Shimmer's shoulder and said, "Thank you Shimmer, now go find your seat. You can sit anywhere you like. Shimmer looked around and saw an empty seat next to me. Shimmer went over to the seat and sat down. With all of her student's situated Cheerilee began her lesson.

After a few hours it was time for lunch and recess. We all ate lunch happily. when they finished Scootaloo trotted up to him.

"Hey lightning do you want to practice flying a bit?" Scootaloo asked him with a smile on her face.

"O-Okay." Shimmer said. Shimmer prepared her wings. Scootaloo hopped into the air and hovered for about a minuted before coming back down. Shimmer flapped her little wings and actually hovered in the air like a normal pegasus. I clapped for her. "Good Shimmer." Shimmer blushed, "Mommy has been teaching me." Shimmer pulled out a book with a magci symbol on it. "And she's been teaching me some basic spells too, since I'm still young."

"Like what?" Sweetie Belle said.

"Yeah, show us." I encouraged.

"Okay." Shimmer lit her horn and blasted a small rubbed ball turning it into a kitten and then back. "Woah." We gasped.

Shimmer then lifted the ball in her magic and brought it over to us. "Woah... even I'm still having trouble with levitation." Sweetie said.

"And Mommy taught me this." Shimmer's horn glowed brightly and she teleported around the school yard several times then back in front of us. "Awesome!" I said. "You're a natural just like your Mother."

Shimmer blushed, "Hehehe, thank you."

Me and the girls smiled at her when....

"Well, Well, Well, looks like we have another blank flank loser in the school." Diamond Tiara said rudely. Oh great what does she want? She is not ruining Shimmer's first day.

Scootaloo's glare did not leave her face as she said to the tiara wearing filly, "What do you want Diamond Tiara, can't you go annoy somepony else."

Diamond Tiara just laughed at Scootaloo. Diamond Tiara has always been cruel to the Cutie Mark Crusaders because they were not as rich as her, and also because they didn't have their cutie marks. Even when she wasn't picking on them she was snobby and rude towards everypony else. She was also spoiled and could get away with anything because of her father was one of the richest ponies in Ponyville.

"I just wanted to talk to the new runt." Diamond said cruelly. She looked at Shimmer and was shocked to see her wings and her horn. "An alicorn, now that's a first." she scoffed. "Whose your mother? Or do you even have one to call your own?" she laughed.

Shimmer just blinked, "My Mommy is Sarah."

Diamond Tiara stopped laughing at stared at Shimmer in shock, "You mean.. Princess Sarah Gem?!"

Shimmer nodded. "Yes."

"Sarah's been helping Shimmer with her flight and magic so don't make her upset or else." I stated.

"Or else what?" Diamond challenged.

"Or else you'll have a magic surge on your hooves." Sweetie Belle stated.

"Um.... c-can you please leave my friends alone, please?" Shimmer said nicely.

Be quiet you little runt!" Diamond snapped, scaring Shimmer and Shimmer's horn lit up and she sent a small beam of magic to the ground, just missing Diamond Tiara. "Oops." Shimmer said.

"What did you do?!" Diamond exclaimed dramatically.

"Sorry?" Shimmer said with a head tilt.

"I'm telling Ms. Cheerliee." Diamond said and she ran back to the school. Oh no, this can't be good. But Shimmer didn't seem scared at all. She just shrugged and went back to her lunch. "Shimmer, are you okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, I'm okay." Shimmer said.

"How come you don't look scared or sad?" Applebloom asked.

"Mommy said just ignore foals like her. If they mess with you, then they are just jealous." Shimmer shrugged. Me and the CMC's looked at each other for a moment when...

"Shimmer Glow?" Huh? We turned and saw Ms Cheerliee coming towards us. "Yes Ms. Cheerliee?" Shimmer asked.

"Diamond Tiara says to struck her with your magic, is this true?" Cheerliee asked. Shimmer shook her head, "No. She just scared me and my magic activated. Mommy says that happens cause I'm still young."

Cheerliee nodded. "Okay Shimmer, just be careful with it alright?"

"Yes Ms. Cheerliee." Shimmer said sweetly. Cheerliee smiled at her. "Now come on, back to class everypony."

With that, we all went back to school.

POV Ends

I was busy cleaning in the kitchen when I heard the door open, "Mommy? Mommy." I came out to see Shimmer Glow, "Hey sweetie, how was your first day?" Shimmer giggled, "It was great Mommy. Ms. Cheerliee is nice like you, Mommy."

I smiled at the little filly and rubbed her head, "I'm glad you had a good first day. Now you can make some new friends too."

"Yeah." Shimmer cheered and she hugged my neck again. "I love you Mommy."

"I love you too, Shimmer." I said back with a big smile on my face.

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