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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 52: Part 2: Beginning of the End

King Sombra continued laughing as we all started in horror and shock at the now desotyred Tree and Elements of Harmony. “What. Just. Happened?!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“The Tree of Harmony can’t really be gone, can it?” Fluttershy questioned.

“It can’t be.” Twilight said.

“But it is.” Sombra said. “But it is! You thought you defeated me, but you led me right to the source of your power. Now that it's destroyed, nothing can stop me!”

Twilight tried to put the fragments back together, but it was pointless. “He’s right, without the elements, I don’t know how we can beat him.”

“Then we’ll just have to beat him the old fashion way!” Rainbow said.

“You read my mind, Skittles.” Jack said, cracking his fists. The other rushed towards Sombra while just looked at the remains of the tree and elements when something caught my eye. Five of the crystal diamonds on the wall were glowing? What the-? Suddenly black crystals formed around all of us, trapping us. Twilight tried to blast the crystals but they were impervious to her magic. Ampharoa tired a Thunderpunch but it had no effect on the crystals

“Ha! You're no match for me! I will finally rule the Crystal Empire!” King Sombra said and then gasped, “Wait... With you out of the way, I will rule all of Equestria!”

“No!” Twilight cried.

“Oh, yes. And I think I know exactly where I'll start.” Sombra said.

“Don’t you dare say it.” Applejack growled.

“Your sweet, little hometown.” Ponyville? No, he can’t!

“You leave Ponyville alone!” Rarity stated.

“Yeah, you monster!” Kaede said. “You won’t get away with this!”

“Or what? Without your Elements, it would be so easy to control you.” Sombra said and he used his magic to make black smoke hand come around us. We all yelped when he made them disappear. “But there's no point. My conquering Ponyville is already your greatest fear!”

Sombra laughed as he materialize himself in shadows. “No!” We all cried and Sombra flew away.

“What do we do now?” Jamie asked.

“I don't know! The Tree of Harmony grew the Elements! It kept the Everfree Forest under control! And now it's gone. Sombra will take over Equestria, and without the elements we can’t stop him.” Twilight said.

Rarity started to tear up a little “I'm sorry. I'm trying to be strong, but I just can't bear to think about poor Sweetie Belle under the spell of that monster!”

"Or those sweet little Cake twins…” Pinkie said.

"Or Spike.” Rainbow said.

"Or Angel... or anypony forced to do that monster's bidding!” Fluttershy said. Some dirt got onto Applejack’s hat. “What the—? Twilight, what are you doin'?”

"We can't just stay here. I don't have a plan, and I don't know what I'm gonna do once we get out. But we can't sit here and let Sombra make slaves of everypony we love!” Twilight claimed.

“Twilight's right, we have to do something.” Ren said.

"Let me help! I'm faster!” Rainbow said as she and the others helped Twilight dig.” Normally, I wouldn't dream of digging, but right now, show me the muddy!” Rarity claimed as she dug right into the hole. That’s something I’d thought I’d never see. Anyway, we all dug the hole and we were soon of of the cage. My friends rushed out the cave, but I stayed behind and approached the glowing diamonds on the wall. It was glowing in the same colors as my Element of Faith, but that was destroyed… or so I thought.

The diamonds glowed and they launched something at me. I caught them in my hands. I looked at it and gasped. It was my Element of Harmony! Only… it was broken into six crystal shards for some reason.

And something else came out as well. It was two large things of amber and inside were two crystal balls I think they were.

Okay… that was odd. I couldn’t think about that now. I have to get to Ponyville. I placed the shards in my pocket and flew out the cave and caught up with my friends just as we entered Ponyville. We all gasped in horror, seeing black crystals all over the place and ponies under Sombra’s spell. “No, we’re too late!” Mason said.

Applejack spotted her little sister. “Applebloom.” she came up to her. “Look at me, sugarcube.” Applebloom just walked away. “Twilight you gotta free her, please.” Applejack pleaded. Twilight got in front of Applebloom and tried to magic but she was blasted away. “It’s no use, without the Elements my magic isn't strong enough to defeat Sombras.” she said.

That’s when we spotted Spike under Sombra’s spell. “Spike!” Twilight rushed over to them. “Spike?”

“We must lay siege to Canterlot.” Spike said. Canterlot? Oh, no! My dad and the Princesses! “No! Snap out of it! You're stronger than his magic!” Twilight called.

I didn’t know what to do when I heard a familiar voice, “A piece of me will always lie inside of your element.” Tree of Harmony? Wait What? I felt my pocket with the shards of my element inside. I narrowed my eyes, “Let me try, Twilight.”

“Huh?” Everyone exclaimed, confused.

“But Sarah you don’t have your element.” Ren pointed out. “How are you gonna snap him out of it?” I used my magic to levitate Spike over to me. I took out the purple crystal shard. “Where’s that shard come from?” Jamie asked. I didn’t reply and I looked between Spike and the purple shard. "Let hope this works." I placed the crystal in front and blasted my magic into it. The shard glowed brightly and blasted Spike in the center of his head in an instant, his eyes returned to normal. “What the-? What happened?” he asked.

“Spike!” Twilight cried and she hugged her little assistant. “Twilight? What’s going on?”

“King Sombra is back and he’s taken control of everypony.” Ren explained. “Including you until Sarah… uh.. What did you do?”

“Yeah, you’re Elements destroyed.” Rantaro said, tapping his foot.

“Not exactly.” I took out the other five crystal shards. “Five of the diamonds on the wall, gave my element back to me, but like this. I’m guessing when Sombra broke the Tree and Flower, my element somehow broke into six shards and each flew into one of the crystals on the wall. Just why it came back like this is a mystery.” I explained.

Then we heard Pinkie’s scream. We followed it and saw her at Sugarcube Corner where the cakes were towing a black cake with green frosting behind them. Pinkie sobbed a little as we came over, “Pinkie, what it is?” Spike asked.

“He made them bake a black liquorice fruit cake that says "Congratulations to Our Favorite Supreme Emperor King Sombra" in green frosting! It's the ugliest cake I've ever seen!” Pinkie cried. She fell into Jack’s arms, sobbing.

“Twilight, this is bad, like really bad.” Rainbow said. Twilight was pacing in front of us.

“I've never been so sad in my whole life!” Fluttershy said sadly.

“I don't know what to do! I don't know how to free them, but I don't know how to stop Sombra! Could anything else possibly go wrong?!” Twilight stated.

“Well... With the Tree of Harmony gone, the Everfree Forest could grow out of control and threaten the town!” Pinkie said.

“That’s oddly specific, pink loon.” Jack said. Pinkie grabbed his face and turned it to the Everfree Forest which was growing out of control. We all gasped in horror. “Oh God dammit, now frigging what?” Jack asked.

“Even if we find a way to stop Sombra and get everypony back to Ponyville. If we don't stop the forest there won’t be Ponyville to come back to.” Twilight stated.

Rainbow zipped over to the flower stand and grabbed some sharp gardening tools. “Ahem.” she said. She dropped them and we each grabbed a gardening tool. “For our friends.” Fluttershy and Kaede said.

“For our families.” Applejack, Rarity, Mason and Carrie said.

“For our home!” Ren, Jamie, Jack, Rainbow and Pinkie added.

For Equestria!” Me and Twilight claimed and we all charged right for the forest. “Equestria!”

Third Person POV

“Princess, King Sombra has returned and he’s taken control of the ponies.” Crystal Gem said.

The Princesses gasped. “Get Jake to safety.” Celestia ordered.

“Yes Princess.” Crystal Gem lifted Jake onto his back using her magic and rushed away. King Sombra burst into the throne room. “Aha, Celestia and Luna, so good to see you again.”

“I don’t know how you came back, Sombra, but we won’t let you take our kingdom!” Luna stated. Sombra narrowed his eyes and charged at the Princesses while they charged back. Celestia and Luna blasted King Sombra, but he made a large crystal appear in front of him, blocking their magic.

Sombra laughed and he used his magic to place the mind control spell on the Princesses. Their eyes glowed green and their coats faded a little in color. “Equestria is mine!” Sombra declared, laughing aloud at his victory.

POV Ends

Meanwhile, me and the others were busy trying to keep the forest at bay, but it was just growing back to fast. “We've been at this for hours, but it's just growing' back too fast!” Applejack said.

“We have to keep trying!” Twilight said.

“Twilight, it’s no use. There’s nothing we can do!” Mason said then a vine smacked him away. “OW!”

“Big brother!” Carrie cried.

I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, the pink crystal shard started glowing and came before me. “If one crystal worked on Spike then let’s give it a try.” I concentrated and blaster the crystal with my plant magic and it sent out a shockwave the calmed the Everfree Forest completely. “Holy crap!” Jack exclaimed.

“Was that you, Sarah?” Pinkie asked.

“W-Well…” The pink shard stopped glowing and return to my hands. “The pink shard did that?” Ren asked.

“It started glowing so I blasted it with my plant magic and it stopped the Everfree Forest with it’s magic.” I explained.

“Looks like your element still holds all the powers it did before.” Nicole said, adjusting his glasses.

“Now what?” Jamie asked.

“Princess Sarah! Princess Sarah!” a voice called were turned and saw a familiar unicorn guard coming towards us. “Crystal Gem! What happened?”

“King Sombra is in Canterlot fighting the Princesses.” she cried. We all gasped. “We gotta get to Canterlot!” Jamie cried.

“But what about Jake? We can’t take him with us. He’s already hurt.” Ren stated.

I picked him up and placed him into Sugarcube Corner. “Just stay here.” I said.

“Okay sweetheart, be careful.” He groaned.

“I will.” I went back to the other and Twilight teleported is to the entrance to Canterlot. We all gasped. Everypony was under Sombra’s control. “Oh man.” Ren whimpered. “Not good.”

“Everypony’s all evilly.” Pinkie added.

“Sombra’s gonna make fight our way through our friends?” Fluttershy said.

“Not if I can't help it!” Rainbow zipped above the crowd towards the palace when Spitfire and the Wonderbolts came out. She gasped and they blocked her path. Some of the unicorns fired at her and she zipped back down to us. “Okay we need a new plan. Anypony?”

“I’ve got nothing.” Ren stated.

“Me either.” Kaede said.

“Well, we'd better figure out somethin' quick, because none of them seem to have a problem with it!” Applejack said. The draw bridge opened and more ponies came charging at us. We dodged the crowd and Rarity saw Fancy pants and other unicorns coming with a net. “Oh, sorry about this, Fancy Pants!” she used her magic to blindfold Fancy pants and catch the ponies in their own net. Pinkie and Applejack tied the ropes around two crystals. “We promise we'll let y'all out as soon as we can!” Applejack said.

Rainbow and Fluttershy were dodging the crystal guards in the sky. They both made them crash into each other. The wonderbolts then came in forcing the two back. The rest of us huddled up, “ I don't know how long we can hold them off!” Fluttershy said as they got closer. Carrie held onto her big brother

“And holdin' them off isn't what we need anyhow! We need to get inside!” Applejack said.

“But we can't just leave them here, all possessed and Sombra-fied!” Rarity said.

“We have no choice.” Mason said.

“What do we do, Twilight?” Pinkie asked.

Suddenly, a plasma blast came and blasted some of the ponies away and a familiar Night Fury landed in front of us. “Moonshine!” Ren cried in joy. That’s when a familiar Monstrous Nightmare and Razorwhip rammed the Wonderbolts away from us. “Firestorm! Silverspike!” Mason and Jack cried. That’s when the other dragons came in and circled around us, hissing at the possessed ponies. Then we heard two girlish screams and my dad came crashing down. “Big D! Douglas! Kaede said.

“Hey everyone.” My dad groaned. Three more ponies appeared in front of us and hissed at the crowd. “Scarlet, Rose, Jose!” I exclaimed in joy.

“Man, I’ve never been so glad to see vampire ponies in my whole life!” Pinkie added.

“We figured you needed help with this wanna be king.” Jose said.

“We have to get inside.” Twilight said and she used her teleport us inside the palace. My friends went to their respective dragons. “How did you guys escape Sombra’s control spell?” Jamie asked.

“That creepy king must have skipped checking the forest for the home-ship.” Douglas said.

“And with us being vampire ponies, we are pretty stealthy and sneaky so he didn’t notice or sense us.” Rose added.

“I'm sorry we couldn't help our friends, but I didn't know what else to do.” Twilight said.

“Well at least we’re inside.” Applejack said.

“Yeah, now all we have to do is defeat King Sombra.” Pinkie stated in an unconvincing voice.

“How are we supposed to do that?” Mason asked. “We don’t have the Elements of Harmony, except for Sarah’s element shard pieces.” I took the crystals out of my pocket and stared at them. If only my element was whole again. Then we may have a small chance to beat Sombra. Just then, the crystals in my hand glowed once again and this time they floated in front of me. They all came together in a bright flash and formed the Element of Faith once again. Pinkie gasped, “Sarah’s Element! It’s restored!”

“But how?” Twilight asked. “The Tree of Harmony is gone.”

“No.. not completely.” I said.

“What the hell are you talking about, newbie?” Jack asked

“The Tree said a part of me will always lie in my element. Even with the physical form destroyed its spirit still lived inside my Element of Harmony and I think it’s spirit restored my Element.”

“Well… now we have one Element of Harmony.” Jack stated. Some pudding fell on his nose and we all looked up to see Discord floating down eating a pickle. “Oh what’s this, now elements, no Princesses? Seems like you’re in a bit of a pickle. Or are you in.” he snapped his fingers and a jar of jelly jam appeared. “More of a jam?”

He dipped the pickle into the jam and ate it. “Discord, what are you doing here?” Twilight asked.

He made the pickle and jam vanished and he pulled down a poster with a drawing of me wearing a large crown. “Well I was going to hang all these all around the castle to celebrate your coronation, but it seems it’s a little immature.” He rolled it up and stuck it into his ear.

“Discord, we could really use your help right now.” Mason said.

“Who, me? Oh, I couldn’t.” Discord started walking away. “You can’t why not?!” Kaede exclaimed.

“Because a certain someone I know will defeat this wannabe king.” Discord said, changing into an arrow and pointing at me. We walked and saw the door to the throne room, guard by two guard ponies. “Oh poodles.” Pinkie groaned. Our dragons and the vamponies hissed at the four guards, who charged us. I gasped and stepped in front of my friends. Activating my magic, my element glowed and blasted the guards, freeing them from Sombra’s spell and they fell to the ground, unconscious.

“Nice move, newbie.” Jack said. We entered the throne room to see Sombra making more black crystals appear all over the throne room. “Alright King Sombra, time to give up the crown!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Here to fight the good fight with nothing but your wits? Admirable, but foolish!” He fired a blast at us, but I used my magic to deflect it. Sombra growled, “You again! You meddling human!”

“The name is Sarah, Sombra.” I hissed, “And this conquest ends now!”

Sombra chuckled, “We’ll see about that. Celestia! Luna!” The Princesses came to Sombra’s side and to our utmost horror, they were under his control! “NO!” Ren cried.

“Your majesties!” Mason added.

“You bastard!” Jack yelled in anger. “Let them go now!”

Sombra laughed, “Why would I do that? Equestria is mine and there’s nothing you weaklings can do about it. I’ve destroyed the source of your power!”

“You’re wrong King Sombra!” I snarled. “I’m not giving up until I find a way to defeat you. For Equestria!” My pokemon cried out beside me and Sombra fired at us, bt we dodged. “Lucario use Aura Sphere!” Lucario launched the sphere of energy at Sombra and it knocked him back a bit. Sombra fired his dark magic again, knocking Lucario onto the ground. “Lucario!”

“Dragaonair, Ice Beam. Lycanroc, Rock Throw!” Dragonair and Lycanroc launched their attacks at Sombra but he deflected them and it struck them both hard. “Dragonair, Lycanroc!”

“Ampahros, Use Thunderpunch!” Ampahros cried out and lunged at Sombra, trying to punch him but Sombra dodged and blasted Ampharos hard. “Ampahros!”

My pokemon staggered to their feet while Sombra laughed. “You’re pathetic pokemon can not defeat me. None of you can.”



Ampahros and Lucario got up and growled at Sombra. The two large ambers with the crystal sphere in them started to glow brightly. “Huh? What’s going on?” Ren asked.

The amber suddenly broke and the two sphere went over to Ampahros and Lucario and entered their bodies. Their bodies glowed brightly and they started to change shape again. “They’re evolving again?!” Jamie exclaimed.

“No… that’s not just any evolution… it’s….” Ren gasped.

Ampahros now had black toes and it grew white wool at the back of its head and over its tail Its long wooly tail now had many small, red orbs attached to it. Its conical ears retain their stripes, but are now segmented with swirled tips.

Lucario’s cream fur became longer, and its thighs slim down. It developed more spikes on the back of its paws, which have turned crimson. It also developed spikes on both of its feet, which have become crimson too. Its previously red eyes are now orange-colored. Its aura-sensing appendages grew longer, and two of them are tipped in crimson. Its shoulders also possessed a spike each. Its aura heightens throughout its body, which formed black markings on its blue fur.

“What the hell?!” Jack exclaimed in shock.

“What in Equestria just happened?” Twilight added.

“They both Mega Evolved! That’s what!” Ren exclaimed with joy. Sombra was shocked but he smirked. “No matter, no power can beat me.” Sombra fired at the pokemon but Lucario used it’s arua wave to disperse the attack. “It countered with just it’s arua!” Ren exclaimed. Lucario rushed towards Sombra and punched him hard, sending him crashing into a black crystal. “Holy…” Jack gasped.

“Now that’s powerful.” Applejack added. Sombra got up angrily. “How is this possible! I destroyed the source of your power!”

“You can’t destroy our friendship, Sombra. As long as I have my friends, we’ll never stop trying to defeat you.”

“Tell him, Sarah!” Ren exclaimed proudly. Sombra blasted another beam of dark magic, but my Element made a shield around me. Sombra growled but he suddenly smirked at us. “Soo.. you think as long as you have your friends you’ll beat me huh? Well try this!” Sombra blasted at the ground, forcing me to leap to the side, but it trapped all my friends, pokemon and the dragons in another crystal cage.

I gasped, “Ren, Twilight, Everyone!”

Sombra laughed maniacally. “Too bad, human. Now you will finally fall to me.”

“Sarah will never lose to you. You big meanie!” Carrie said.

“Yeah, our newbie is too powerful for you.” Jack added.

“She never gives up and she will defeat you, Sombra.” Mason added. I grinned at my friends, feeling encouraged. Sombra chuckled and walked towards me. “You’re a formidable opponent, I’ll give you that, human, but you’re not enough to defeat me.”

Music began playing and Sombra broke into a song.

You've always had a friend or two
Someone to lend a hand
When times are tough you look to them
To get out of a jam
But now, no matter where you turn
There's no one here but you
You're all alone, your greatest fear
Has finally come true

Just because I'm by myself
Does not mean I will fold
I’m not afraid to battle you
I just need to be bold

Spare me your heroic speech
We both know you are wrong

I'm not afraid to stand alone

My dear, you won't be standing long

He blasted me with his dark magic, sending me back a few feet. “Sarah!” Jamie cried.

You're on your own, can't run away
You've met your match this very day

I'm on my own but won't give in
I'll get back up to fight again

The good in you is fading fast
And when it's gone you're mine as last

But like the sun, I'll rise once more

Until night falls and wins the war

Sombra blasted me again, sending me crashing into one of the black crystals. “Sarah!” Ren cried.

“Come on, newbie. Get up!” Jack stated.

“We know you can do this!” Kaede said.

“Yeah, you kick his butt!” Rainbow added. I groaned from his blast of dark magic. I staggered to my feet and saw Sombra’s smirk. But behind him I saw Astral Twilight smiling at me. Astral Twilight nodded at me and grinned back at it and I got back up.

There's a bond you'll never know
A power you can't feel
The love you give comes back to you
And makes you strong as steel
If I remember those I love
I keep them close to heart
My love will shine from deep within
And chase away the dark

My element magically glowed and floated out of my crown.

My darkness can not be denied
Your little light won't last
I'll show you where real power lies
One final wicked blast

Sombra tried to blast my Element back but I wasn’t giving up.

You tried your worst to keep me down
But I'm still standing tall

My Element pushed Sombra’s dark magic back

How can this be happening?

My Element broke into the six shards and circled Sombra like mosquitoes and the scepter sent out a few spheres of magic as well.

Because I stand for one and all
I'm on my own, I found the light
To see me through the darkest night

You're just a girl! This cannot be!

I floated into the air, glowing in the same colors as my Element of Harmony. My element shined extremely bright and I felt myself changing again. My shoes turned long silver boots with a red stripe on the side. I gained a small dress with the marking of the Night Fury and Light Fury on it. My wings tuned transparent and sparkled brightly and my scepter changed entirely. It was now golden with seven gems in the shape of the symbols representing the dragon Classes; Stoker, Boulder, Sharp, Tidal, Mystery, Fear and Strike. The jewel of the scepter was in the shape of the Night Fury as well.

When the change was complete, I looked at myself in awe. “Woah…”

“Holy crap!” Jack exclaimed. “What just happened?!”

“That’s a new trick.” Kaede said.

Sombra growled. “No matter, I’m more powerful that you’ll ever be!” Sombra fired a blast of dark magic at me and I pointed my new scepter at him. “Summon!” The jewel and my element glowed and out of the jewel came a ghostly spirit of the Night Fury. The Spirit itself was black with a white spine going down. The Spirit blocked Sombras’ magic with its wings and blasted him hard with a plasma blast containing the magic of my element. Sombra cried in pain. The spirit roared and returned to the jewel.

“Woah…” I gasped.

I'm more than that, but you can't see
I may be small and on my own
But I can feel how much I've grown
My will is strong, my heart is true
My love will be...
The end...

My Element shards unleashed a large shockwave that spread throughout Equestria and blinded me in the bright, white light.

Ren’s POV
(A few minutes ago)

Sarah was just blasted by Sombra’s dark magic and she crashed into some of the black crystals. “Sarah!” I cried.

“Come on, newbie. Get up!” Jack stated.

“We know you can do this!” Kaede said.

“Yeah, you kick his butt!” Rainbow added.

“You can still win!” Carrie added.

“Yeah, show him your true magic!” Mason encouraged.

Sombra laughed, “This human is weak without her ‘friends’ by her side. Equestria is mine! HAHAHAH!” he declared. We saw Sarah getting back up and singing back to Sombra. Her element glowed and floated out of the crown and it broke into the six shards once more. Her scepter sent out six spheres of magic and they circled Sombra as Sarah’s voice got louder. “That’s what way, newbie!” Jack exclaimed.

She then floated into the air with her horn glowing brightly and surrounded in a bubble of magic with the same colors as the Elements of Harmony when she sang the final verse, the elements unleashed a large shockwave the broke the crystal cage freeing us and the Princesses and ridding the throne room and the entire area of Sombra’s crystals and dark magic. “Alright, she did it!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“I knew she would!” Applejack added. “Yee-haw.”

We then saw Sarah floating down back to the ground and her element floating back into her crown, and we all took in her new form. “Oh my god.” Kaede said.

“So cool!” I exclaimed.

“Indeed.” Celestia said and she and her sister walked over, “I’m very proud of you, Sarah. Even on your own, you showed that the magic of friendship can still live on.”

“Yes… I wish I could have saved the Tree of Harmony, though.” I said.

“We all do.” Twilight said, comforting me. Just then, Sarah’s Element glowed brightly once again, “What the-? What’s going on now?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied. The Element teleported all of us to the Cave of Harmony where the remains of the Tree and Elements were, “Oh dear.” Luna gasped.

“I know.” I stated. I walked towards the pieces and started picking them up. “Uh, Sarah what are you doing?” Rainbow asked.

“Well we can’t leave the pieces here so I’m gonna make something out of them.” Sarah replied.

“You mean like something to remember the Tree of Harmony by?” I asked. Sarah nodded.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Sarah.” Celestia agreed.

“Indeed, we’ll help as well.” Luna added. She and her sister came over. We looked at each other and shrugged. Seemed weird but it’s for Sarah and the Tree of Harmony. Music started playing in the background.

(Twilight and Jamie)

We celebrate our friendship

(Fluttershy and Kaede)

We celebrate the tree


The memories inside us


We'll build for all to see

(Rainbow and Jack)

The tree brought us together

(Jack, Jamie and Kaede)

(Brought us together)


And even though it's gone

(Jack, Jamie and Kaede)

(Even though it's gone)


Our monument of friendship

(Rest of the gang)

(Monument of friendship)


Can make the gift live on

(Fluttershy and Kaede)

A piece from me, a piece from you

(Pinkie Pie and Carrie)

We'll use the tree and we'll make do


If things don't fit, there's lots of glue


Friends don't quit in the end

And together, we'll see this through

(Rainbow and Jack)

It's hard to say farewell

(Sarah and Mason)

To something you hold dear


But goodbye isn't forever

As long as we are here

The tree is in our memory (ahh-ahh-ahh)

Its roots have grown deep in our hearts

(Deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts)

Its branches raise our spirits, together we're all bound

Forever it stands, lost but now it's found

(Rainbow and Jack)

So lift a beam and build it strong


We’ll praise the tree it won’t take long


Hey Sarah Gem, I think that's wrong


We'll live the dream and sing our song

And make the tree something all can see

In a place where we belong!

We all took a look at the treehouse. It had a small staircase and large house part with a window in it. “It’s perfect.” Sarah said with a smile.

“Eh?” Jack said.

“Just needs one more thing.” Sarah said. She took her element out of her crown. “Sarah?” She walked up to the staircase, “What are you doing?” Pinkie asked.

“The Tree gave me my element, so it only feels right that I should give it back.” She placed the element in the center of the door. When it did that it suddenly glowed as well as the rest of the treehouse. “What’s going on?” Ren asked.

“It looks like magic!” Twilight cried. Sarah leaped off of the treehouse and we all stared at the crystals grew brighter and brighter. We all shielded our eyes and when the light died down we all gasped.

“Holy…” I started.

“Crap.” Jack finished.

Sitting in the same spot as our treehouse was the Tree of Harmony! It looked exactly the same as it was before with the six elements in it’s branches and Sarah’s element was at the bottom in between the sun and moon marking. “What in Equestria?!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Sarah’s Element restored the Tree and the other Elements?! How is that possible!” Jamie added.

“That would be your doing as well as my own.” and that’s when Astral Twilight appeared. “You did this, but, hours ago, you were destroyed?!” Kaede stated.

“It is true but my spirit would have perish if it weren’t for your selfless deeds and caring. Using the power of your friendship and the Element I gave Sarah I was able to restore myself to my former glory.” Astral Twilight said.

We were in total awe. “Holy crap... “ Jack said. “That Element is truly a mystery.”

“Oh indeed.” Discord said as he appeared out of nowhere. “Well nice work on defeating King Sombra, Beta Sarah.”

“Hey… wait a minute…. How come you didn’t help us with King Sombra back there?!” I exclaimed now realizing we could have just asked Discord to deal with Sombra. “Who me? Oh, I wouldn’t never rob, my bestest friend, Sarah of a chance to show that she’s ready to become the Beta of the Hidden World.”

“So you still could have helped us.” Jack growled.

“Oh I did, just not the way you think.” Discord smirked.

“How did you help?” Kaede asked.

“You were the one who sent Sarah’s Element into the crystal diamonds on the wall, am I right?” Nicole questioned.

“Oh indeed, Nicole.” Discord replied. He made a bottle appear with a small Tree of Harmony and flower. The crystal hit them both and Sarah’s Element broke into six shards and flew into several crystal diamonds.

“So you’re the reason my Element was saved?” Sarah questioned. “Now you wouldn’t think I’d let the Element the Tree of Harmony gave to you and have made your own be destroyed by some wannabe king, do you?”

“Well… no.” Twilight said.

“Good.” Discord said. Then he leaned towards Sarah, “We’re still on for tea and cookies, right Sarah?”

“Of course, Discord.” Sarah replied and Discord smiled. “And I’ll bring the cucumber sandwiches.” he opens a door into a white void and slammed it shut. “So he’s the reason, Sarah’s element was the only one that survived?” Jamie asked.

“Yep. That's Discord for you.” Rainbow said.

“He has a really weird way of being supportive.” Applejack added.

“He sure does, Applejack but in a way, in the end, he does help.” Celestia said. “Now we must return to Canterlot and I think some human-hybrid needs some tending too.”

“Oh my god. DAD!” Sarah cried and she bolted out of the Cave of Harmony. Twilight teleported us to Sugarcube Corner and we saw Sarah and her biological dad hugging each other. Jake was fully healed of his injuries. “Jake, you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, Ren. I am alright.” Jake replied.

“Thank goodness you’re alright, Sir Jake.” Crystal Gem said.

“As am I.” He looked at Sarah, “Honey, I’m so proud of you. You truly shown that you have what it takes to be a great Alpha someday.”

“Someday?” Sarah asked.

“While I have been the Alpha for many years and it would be nice for you to become the new Alpha, it is clear to me that Equestria still needs you here. You have grown up so much since you were young and it’s made me very proud to see the Princess you’ve become and it would be wrong for me to take you away from the place where you belong and are needed.” Jake spoke.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”

Jake smiled. “But don’t think that you’ll never become the Alpha one day.”

“I know, one day I will have to be in your shoes.” Sarah said and the two broke out into a song.

This life that we lead

This role of leadership

Never said it would be easy

Sometimes I stumble and trip

And yet you get back up

Get stronger from the fall

It's part of our role

'Cause in the end of it all
It's the path of honor, these duties we hold
We must face them head on, we must be bold
It's our life's calling to help our friends
It's the path of honor, 'til our kingdoms’ end

At times it seems too much

You handle it all in stride

I have to find it within me

It comes from deep inside

It's more than I expected

But still, sometimes it's fun

My friends helped me get here

And I am proud you’ve grown so much

It's the path of honor, these duties we hold
We must face them head on, we must be bold
It's our life's calling to help our friends
It's the path of honor, 'til our kingdoms’ end

I never thought I'd be a hero

I had doubts about being a king

And yet we both embrace our roles

That's part of what we bring

What we bring!
It's the path of honor, these duties we hold
We must face them head on, we must be bold
It's our life's calling to help our friends
It's the path of honor, it's the path of honor
'Til out kingdoms’ end
'Til out kingdoms’ end

Father and daughter looked at each other. “I’m very proud of how far you’ve come, honey.” Jake said hugging his daughter. “It’s all because of my friends.” Sarah said. I blushed a little and rubbed the back of my head, “Aww, come on now.”

“No, I mean it. You all helped me become who I am today. I wouldn’t have grown if it wasn’t for you all.” Sarah said. We all smiled and we hugged each other.

Author's Note:

Prepare for Season Three!

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