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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 62: Stopped in the Name of Love/A Mother's Feather

Jamie's POV

"Snivy? Snivy?"

"Oh hey, Snivy." I greeted.


"Oh I'm just reading some more that's all." I smiled. I was reading about grass type pokemon so I could hopefully learn more about Snivy and other pokemon. Then, "Hey Nerd!"

Huh? I turned to see Jack and his Phanpy, Tepig and Litleo coming towards me. "Y-Yes Jack?"

"Mason wants us at Sarah's Castle, nerd. So move." he demanded. I flinched a little but I nodded and followed him to Sarah's Castle with Snivy following me. We arrived at the castle and saw Mason and the others there with the pokemon. "Hi Mason, Ren, everyone." I greeted shyly.

"Hi Jamie." Twilight greeted.

"So what did you call us here for?" Mason asked. Suddenly, Ren's Oshawott, Jack's Tepig and my Snivy started glowing. "What the-? What going on?" Jack asked.

"It looks like they're starting to evolve." Sarah said.

"EVOLVE?!" We all exclaimed. Suddenly, the three pokemon seemed to glow white. "Wait... is that Bide?" Sarah said. The glowing stopped completely. "It evolution stopped." Rainbow added. The three breathed heavily and then... collapsed. We all gasped. "Oshawott, wake up!" Ren said.

"Tepig, come on boy." Jack added.

"Snivy." I added.

"Let's get them to Dr. Fauna, quickly." Twilight suggested.

"Right." We all rushed over to Dr. Fauna's office and soon Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott were hooked up to a machine tracking their heart rate

"Will they be okay?" Jack asked.

"They'll be just fine. They just need to rest." Dr. Fauna said. We all sighed in relief. "Thank goodness." Ren said.

That night, we stayed with our pokemon until they woke up. "Osha?"



"You awake. I'm so glad." Ren said. Our pokemon looked at us curiously and they started glowing white again. However, they began to use Bide once more and the evolution stopped. "Snivy, don't you want to evolve? You'll be a strong Servine if you do." I said.

"And Oshawott you'll be stronger too." Ren added.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a tough Pignite with me." Jack added.

But the three of them cried out "Osha/Tepig/Snivy!"

"Huh? What's wrong?" I asked. The three of them called out again and climbed out of the window and just ran off! "Snivy!"

"Oshawott!" Ren called.

"Hey Tepig! Come back!" Jack added.

The three of us went to round up the others and we met up behind Dr Fauna's office. "Oh, now it makes sense." Sarah said.

"Huh? What does?" I asked.

"What are you getting at newbie?" Jack added.

"Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy wanted nothing to do with evolving which is why they're using Bide. And they must have been at this for a while, which is why they used up so much energy." Sarah explained.

Nothing to do with evolving? What does that mean? I though every pokemon wanted to evolve. "Right now, we have to find those three, now." Twilight said.

"Dragonite, I chooose you!" Sarah summoned her Dragonite. "Barr!"

"Dragonite, help us find Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig." Sarah ordered. Dragonite nodded and flew off. The others split up while we searched the forest. "Hey what's that?" Ren called. We turned and saw three while lights and three splashes. We went over to a small water fall and saw the three facing up. "Snivy!"

"Oshawott!" Ren exclaimed.

"Tepig." Jack added. We ran over to them and picked them up, "You three used Bide again to stop from evelving didn't you? Why do you three keep doing that? Don't you want to evolve?" I asked them all. The three of them gave us angry expressions and leaped out of our hands and onto a rock, "Osha!/Tepig!/Snivy!"

"Why are you three so mad?" Ren asked, having never seen Oshawott this angry before. The three just turned away and ran off into the bushes. "Hey come back!" We came through the bushes only to see the three cornered by Team Rocket. "Team Rocket?!" Ren exclaimed.

"Ugh three twerps!" Jessie exclaimed. "Beat it, we're catching these three pokemon."

"They're our pokemon, creeps!" Jack exclaimed.

"Zip the lips! Mimikyu, go!" Jessie summoned her Mimikyu and James summoned his Mareanie.

Our three pokemon stood in front of us. "Oshawott/Tepig/Snivy!"

"Those impunit little twerp pokemon said if we want the three boys we're gonna have to go through them first?!" Meotwh exclaimed.

"Impunet's a big word but well used." Jessie added.

"Catching you three will be a day at the beach." James said.

"Wobbuffet" Wobbuffet said.

"Oshawott! Osha/Tepig Tep/ Snivy Vy!"

"Woah tough talk, they said they're gonna take us part like they did with Team Flare, big mouths." Meowth translated.

"Don't overdo it you three." Ren said.

"Yeah, we can still protect you, brats." Jack added. The three turned to us, "Osha, Osha/ Tepig, Tepig, Snivy Vy." The continued calling out as Meowth translated, "Now they're saying they're gonna protect the boys just like they did way back on day one. I'll always be here to protect ya is what I'm hearin."

That surprised all of us. "I get it now, that's why you've been using Bide so you wouldn't evolve." I realized. Our pokemon nodded. Then I remembered something Sarah said long ago.


"Sometimes a pokemon doesn't want to evolve. It's the trainer and pokemon's choice and if the pokemon doesn't want to then you shouldn't force it.

Flashback End

Mewoth began crying. "Gahahaha, gets me right in the gut!"

"Stop your whining when we have pokemon to catch." Jessie said.

Just then... "Dragonite, Dragon Pulse!"

"Barrrr!" Dragonite blasted Team Rocket sending them flying in the air. "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they all screamed as one.

"Jack, Ren, Jamie!" Huh? We turned and saw Sarah and everyone else. "You found them." Twilight said.

"Yeah... Snivy.. I know you cherish the day you and I first met and that's why you wanna keep on as my Snivy. I'm sorry. Forgive me for not understanding your feelings." I said sadly.

"Yeah, me too." Jack added.

"Same here." Ren said.

Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott smiled. I laughed and brought Snivy to my face. "I want you stay being my Snivy forever. I promise we'll slawys be a team!" I exlcaimed happily.

"Ditto!" Jack and Ren said to Tepig and Oshawott.

"Snivy/Tepig/Osha Oshawott!"

We brought the three back to Dr Fauna where she healed them. "Your pokemon are fine now, boys." Snivy ran into my arms and Oshawott and Tepig did the same with Ren and Jack. "Now boys, I would like to give you something." Dr Fauna said to us. Huh?"Give us what?" Ren asked.

Her Chansy came over with three stones. "What are those?"

"Their Everstones."

"Everstones?" Jack asked. "What the hell are they?"

"An Everstone has the power to prevent Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig from evolving ever." Twilight said. Prevent evolution?! Woah! "now they won't have to keep on using Bide." Dr Fauna added.

"Thanks so much Dr. Fauna." We all said.

Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig took the Everstones and it fused with them. Now we won't have to worry about them evolving. I like Snivy just the way she was.

A Mother's Feather

Kaede’s POV

“Ahh…a wonderful idea Kay.”

“Tee-hee! Thanks Rarity. I just thought this blanket was good enough for the picnic.” I chuckled before placing it down onto the ground while the others went helping out. In case you guys didn’t knew was that we planned a picnic just a few weeks after Ren’s 16th birthday party skirmish. It was really fun playing detective during that incident, but what I’m really glad is that we finally decided to hang out on this picnic we planned out.

Jack, Applejack, Mason, and Rainbow Dash were busy having a competition in arm/hoof-wrestling. Carrie was playing with Ren and Fluttershy and the rest of our pets and pokemon. Me, Rarity, and Rosy were busy setting things up to make things more ‘pizzazz’ or would Rarity might say.

“Say, are you done yet?” Kodi asked, wagging his tail a bit. “Because I really really want something to eat now.”

“Just settle down, boy.” Ren chuckled, petting him on the head. “You just need to relax and wait till the others show up.”

“Ren is right.” Fluttershy nodded. “I think it's very rude to keep bugging ponies when they're busy."

"Oh right." Kodi chuckled with a small smile before noticing that Rosy was walking over to him with a soft smile as she nuzzled his leg. "Oh hey there, Li'l Rosy!"

"Meow!" Rosy nodded with a purr. "Meow Meow!"

Rosy jumped onto his face and began playing around with him, causing him to laugh and rolled around the grass. We all watched over and laughed as we settled down on the food, drinks, and such we brought over for the picnic.

"Ahh..." Jack scratched his belly with an amused grin. "Well I'm glad that we finally get some decent food."

"Right." Applejack nodded before turning to him with a raised brow. "You sure that you won't be eating any meat today? I mean, practically everypony around in Equestria knows about you."

"Don't worry." Carrie assured. "Me, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo wrote an apology about that all over Equestria so everypony will be alright...I think."

"That's a relief." I sighed before smiling over her. "That was so nice of you! Thanks Carrie!"

"Indeed, little sis." Mason ruffled her hair, causing her to laugh a lot.

"Hmph!" Jack scoffed, letting out some air out of his nostrils. "Well still...I rather eat some hamburgers than some 'hay'-burgers."

"Come on, it's taste so good Jack." Rainbow retorted. "You even said that they taste not bad."

"Exactly. 'Not bad'." Jack scoffed before letting out a light burp. "Ooh, been holding that for a while."

"Ugh!" Rarity scoffed, waving her hoof away in disgust. "Has anypony back in your world taught you any manners?"

"I'm a biker. I can do whatever I want, ya frigging loon." Jack snorted, only to receive a death glare from Rarity herself. Ooh, I really hoping that you wouldn't call that again. You know how she is, Jack.

"Now now, you guys." Ren said with a soft smile. "No need to fight."

Jack and Rarity glared at each other. "Tepig, Tepig, Tepig." Tepig came in between them along with Phanpy and Litleo also telling them not to fight with each other. before scoffing each other and muttered "Fine..."

"So where's Sarah, Twilight and Jamie?" Carrie asked curiously.

"Don't you worry Carrie!" Pinkie explained, messing around with her hair. "After all, they'll be any minute right...." She raised her hoof and pointed towards the end of the hill. "Now!"

"Hey you guys!" We looked over to see both Sarah, her pokemon, Shimmer, Jamie and Twilight walking over with smiles on their faces. "Sorry if we were late! Had a lot to do over for the morning chores list I scheduled."

"It's alright." Mason assured with a light bow. "You're just in time to enjoy this picnic."

"T-thank you." Jamie nodded before the two settled down on the ground. "U-umm...did we miss anything along the way?"

"Oh no, nothing much." I waved it off with a smile. "We were just hanging out while we waited for you guys to show up to have our little picnic."

"O-oh...I see. Thank you all." Jamie thanked with a meek smile, twiddling with his notebook a little. "S-so...I-I just heard about this picnic just earlier and...well...s-sorry..."

"What are you apologizing for?" Rainbow asked with a raised brow. "So what if you forgot? At least Twilight made you remember about it at least!"

"I-I know but..." Jack slammed him on his back, much to his surprise. "A-AH!" He shrieked in fear. Snivy sweat-dropped at her owner. "Snivy."

"Just relax kiddo." Jack grinned. "So what if ya didn't bring any food to the picnic? We're fine now."

"Yeah!" Pinkie nodded, appearing right in front of Jamie with a huge grin. "We got plenty of food like hay-burgers, hay-fries, carrot cake, apple pie, and-"

Rainbow immediately slapped her mouth shut with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah...I think it's best if you didn't bring any of that up." Rainbow insisted.

"At all." Kodi added, causing the rest of us to laugh. "Uncle Jack, Uncle Jack." Shimmer leaped onto Jack's shoulder, surprising him a little. "And how's our tiny niece?"

"Hehe, I'm okay Uncle Jack." Shimmer said. Aww... that's so cute.

"W-well...even so..." Jamie softly smiled at us. "T-thank you."

"Anytime..." I nodded before picking up a slice of apple pie for him. "So...care for a slice?"

"O-oh yes please!" Jamie nodded before accepting my offer and taking a bite of the apple pie. Just by one bite, he felt amazed by how delicious it was. "Oh my goodness! I-it taste so good! I've never had an apple pie before!" Snivy took a small bite using her vines to pick it. "Snivy!" I guess she like it too.

"Heh, well it's your lucky day!" Applejack grinned. "It's one of my Apple Family's secret recipes!"

"I don't think it's that hard or too much of a secret to know how to make apple pies." Ren stated, scratching his cheek in embarrassment while the rest of us laughed at that, realizing how true is that.

Heh heh heh. Well...looks everyone is enjoying this party as much as I am. I'm really glad everyone is enjoying and I'm also glad to be a part of it and I'm sure Jamie feels that way too. I'm super glad that-

U-ugh...what? Where am I? I then saw a static image of me having some sort of helmet on my head with my eyes peacefully closed. What's going on? What is that thing?

"I may not be someone special. I may be an ordinary high school girl but...I really want to offer my help to others. That's why I'll keep fighting off and I would sacrifice myself for my friends...because that's what my heart tells me."

What...did I say?

"Ooh..." I rubbed my aching head, unable to stop the headache while the others looked over at me with great concern.

"K-Kaede darling, are you alright?" Rarity asked in worried.

"H-huh?" I looked up to see them looking at me with concern, causing me to smile meekly at them. "O-oh...it's nothing. Just a minor headache."

"Oh...I-I see." Rarity sighed in relief. "You nearly gotten a big scare out of us."

"Tell me about it." Mason nodded. "Are you sure you are alright, Kaede?"

"Y-yeah...totally!" I nodded. I'm not sure what I saw...but I'm sure we'll talk about it later.

"What's going on here?"

Hm? Was that...?

Soon, we saw two figures walking towards us which we were all too familiar with.

"Well well well, thought I found you guys here." Oh boy, it's them. Apparently, we were introduced once more by Rantaro and Nicole together again. Like seriously, these two seemed to pretty know each other very well that I honestly can't tell what's up with that?

"Hello there..." Nicole greeted with a small wave before looking over her iPad.

"What brings ya here Rantaro and Nicole?" Ren asked curiously.

"Did you also come for the picnic?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nah, I was busy minding my own business. I have no need to go around and play around in some picnic." Rantaro shrugged till Nicole intervened.

"He's joking around. He's feeling eager to join in on you." Nicole explained, causing Rantaro to stiff a bit before leaning his fedora down a bit.

"Would you just shut up for once?" Rantaro scoffed before turning to us with a smirk. "Ignoring her for a moment, just thought I could chat up with ya guys."

"...Alright, so what do ya want partner?" Applejack questioned suspiciously. "I highly doubt that someone like you would want to hang out with us."

"True." Rantaro shrugged. "I just felt bored with her being around me."

"No, you dragged me over here to hang out with you because you felt too bored being by yourself and your friend, Gizmo." Nicole retorted bluntly.

"Seriously? Is there an off button on ya?" Rantaro asked irritably with a blank look.

"Tch! Get lost!" Jack scoffed.

"Come on you guys." Ren begged. "They're just trying to be nice. At least we could let them hang out with us on this picnic."

"Pika Pika Pikachu." Pikachu agreed.

"Well yeah!" I nodded in agreement. "I mean, we planned this picnic for weeks and so we all deserved it."

Everyone looked at each other, some felt doubtful and highly suspicious of Rantaro while the others thought that Nicole was no problem...well except for her social skills of course.

"Well...Kaede does raise a good valid point." Rarity spoke up.

"I think it would be nice for them to join." Fluttershy smiled.

"I'm not interested." Rantaro scoffed. "Besides, I think Nicole would love to join with you while you guys are just wasting my time."

"No I don't." Nicole said bluntly while she glanced away. "I...rather be somewhere in my room." She narrowed her eyes towards Rantaro. "Besides...you practically dragged me away from my room while I was on my iPad."

"So?" Rantaro snickered. "Can't a guy like me just love to drag a girl off like that?"

"I...have no response to that." Ren said, sweat-dropping a little.

"Me neither." I nodded in agreement, sweat-dropping as well.

"Just leave me alone." Nicole said sternly. "I'm not good around crowds."

"Well you won't if ya don't improving your social skills." Rantaro scoffed. "Jeez, so annoying. Maybe if I should have left you off..."

"Ah..." Nicole stared at him for a while before glancing away and began doing something on her iPad, much to our confusion.

"Ooh! What she doing on that weird iPaddy device thingy?!" Pinkie asked curiously.

"Maybe playing a game?" Ren suggested, prompting Twilight to give him a weird look.

"Really? Do you really think a professional psychologist would play a game on that device of hers?" Twilight questioned.

"Well yeah." Ren shrugged, which made Fluttershy, Kodiak, and Rosy chuckled in delight at the suggestion Ren made.

"Now now Ren." Fluttershy patted him on the head.

"I have no interest in some picnic. I know you guys don't bother with me.... except for Sarah" Rantaro shrugged. "You guys haven't been trusting me for two months."

"For obvious reasons!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

"Yeah! You're a frigging criminal!" Jack growled, clenching his fists tightly. "You're lucky newbie sees your differently."

Rantaro gave him a bored look before letting out a yawn. "Wow...like I haven't heard that before? So what you say doesn't apply to you considering that you're a brute of a biker as well?" A tick-mark appeared on Jack's forehead as he grabbed him by the tie and prepared to punch him through the face.

"Why you little piece of-"

"Hey wait!" Ren stopped us, along with his Rock Star Pikachu, My Pikachu Pop Star, me and Applejack. "You guys! Don't! We're supposed to have fun!" Ren exclaimed in worried.

"Pikachu Pika." Pikachu Rocl Star added.

"Pikachu Pikapi." Pikachu Pop Star said.

"Ren's right, you guys!" I nodded in agreement. "No need to fight!"

"Settle down partner!" Applejack held Jack back, forcing him to let go of Rantaro's tie. He gave off a scoff while the rest of us sighed in annoyance.

"See? Even the brute doesn't like me?" Rantaro shrugged. "You guys can't trust me.... except for Sarah." Nicole stared at him for a while before going back on her iPad. "E-everyone..." We looked over at Jamie, who held a nervous look. "D-do we really have to fight? U-umm...I'm sure it's just a m-misunderstanding...P-please..."

"Snivy Snivy."

We all stared at him with concern looks before letting out sighs.

"Fine...only because you said it Jamie." Rainbow groaned.

"Besides, we all should be enjoying this!" Carrie giggled. "I mean, I never eaten this much food before."

"Yeah!" Kodi nodded in agreement, biting onto some chocolate cake Pinkie brought over. "Mm-hmm! It's so delicious! I can't believe the Cakes ever made the best chocolate cake ever!"

"Don't forget! They even Rennie's birthday 'MMMM' cake!" Pinkie added, which made Ren smiled at that.

"Yeah, though..." Ren scratched the back of his neck with a sheepish grin. "You kinda ate all of it up, remember?"

"Oh right..." Pinkie muttered, realizing that before letting out a huge grin. "But don't worry Rennie! I promise that I'll bake you another 'MMMM' cake!"

"R-really? Thanks Pinkie!" Ren grinned happily.

"A-are you sure?" Jamie asked curiously. "D-didn't you say that it took you over by several months or so to create it?"

"That's gonna be one of my Pinkie Promises to fulfill!" Pinkie winked. "And besides..." She soon turned over to...what is she even looking at? "The audience knows that we kinda fast-forward a lot through these chapters, ain't that right readers?"

"....." We all stared at her with befuddled, confused, weird, and blank looks on our faces.

"Whaaaat?" Kodi asked before looking over at Rosy, who only shrugged in confusion. That's when cute little Shimmer walked over to Nicole and Rantaro. "What is it, kid." Rantaro asked in a gentle tone, which was surprising on my part. Probably changed cause Shimmer's such a sweetheart.... I guess that means he's not all sassy and rude. "Auntie Nicole, Uncle Rantaro, why don't you have any pokemon like Mommy and her friends?" Shimmer asked with an innocent smile.

"Yeah, a pokemon would be good for you two." Ren said.

"Pokemon just aren't our thing, kid." Rantaro said.

"But a pokemon would look cute with you two." Shimmer cooed.

"Sorry Shimmer, I just... wouldn't do well with pokemon." Nicole said.

"Pika?" Sarah's Pikachu perked up. "Pikachu, what is it?" Then we saw something moving in the bushes. "Huh? What's that thing?" What came out of the bushes were four pokemon.

The first pokemon was a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with slender legs and dainty paws. It is covered in fine, lilac fur. Its ears are large, and it has purple eyes with white pupils. There are tufts of fur near its eyes, and a small, red gem embedded in its forehead.

The second pokemon has a sleek, black body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has two pairs of pointed teeth (one in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw) which are visible when its mouth is open. It has long, pointed ears and a bushy tail, each with a yellow band around them. Its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them.

The third pokemon is a bipedal, feline Pokémon. Its fur is a pale gray with white tips on its ears and white paws. There are tousled tufts of fur on its head, cheeks, shoulders, chest, and hips. It has wide, pale purple eyes with darker purple pupils, a tiny nose, and a small mouth. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Its tail is fluffy and slightly curled.

The final pokemon was a primarily purple, feline Pokémon. Its head has tufted fur on its ears and cheeks. There are long, tapered violet markings above its green, eyes. It has a diminutive black nose on its creamy muzzle, and a small, oval, cream-colored marking above each eye. Its neck, shoulders, back, and hind paws are also cream-colored. The tip of its tail has a curved, vaguely scythe-like extension.

"Woah... what kind of pokemon are they?" Jamie asked.

"An Espeon, Umbreon, Espurr and Purrloin." Sarah said. She held her pokedex in front of them and it says, "Espeon, the Sun Pokémon. Espeon are able to read air currents, allowing it to predict the future, as well as its opponents' next moves.

Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. The rings of Umbreon's body glow faintly when exposed to the moon's aura, and it gains a mysterious power.

Espurr, the Restraint Pokémon. Espurr's Psychic energy can travel hundreds of feet, blasting everything around it. Purrloin, the Devious Pokémon.

Purrloin fools people into letting their guard down so it can steal their possessions. When angered, it uses its claws to fight back."

"Espeon can see the future! That sounds just like Nikki!" Pinkie exclaimed. Nicole sighed, "I already told you all, I cannot see the future."

"Well Purrloin sounds just like Rantaro." Rainbow grumbled.

"Hmph,, little thief." Jack added.

"Espeon and Umbreon are so cute." Kaede said, looking at her Eevee. "You wanna evolve into them, girl?"


"Kaede, remember, Eevee has six other evolutions it can evolve into." I reminded her.

"Oh... right." Kaede said, bashfully rubbing the back of her head. Anyway, Umbreon, Purrloin, Espeon and Espurr walked onto the field. Espeon and Espurr went over to Nicole while Umbreon and Purrloin went over to Rantaro.

"Huh? What do you two want?" Rantaro asked in an annoyed tone.

"Purrloin, Purrloin, Purr."

"Umbreon, Umbreon."

"Purrloin and Umbreon say that they have been watching you for sometime and they want to be your pokemon, Rantaro." I translated.

"Espeon, Espeon."

"Espurr, Espurr."

"Espeon and Espurr say the same thing, Nicole." I added. Nicole and Rantaro looked at the four pokemon who were smiling up at them. Just then, "Ah there you are." a voice came. We all turned and saw a familiar hybrid alicorn floating down to us. "Dad! Jake!" We all cried.

Sarah giggled as she went over to her biological father and hugged him. "How my little Princess?"

"I'm okay." Sarah stated.

"Mommy?" Shimmer walked up to Sarah. "Whose this?"

"This is my dad, Jake. So he's your Grandpa." Sarah explained.

"Whose this little one, Sarah?" Jake asked.

"This is Shimmer, Dad. She's a cute filly I adopted a few weeks ago." Sarah explained. Shimmer giggled as her dad rubbed her head. "Well she's a keeper, honey." Shimmer blushed.

"So why did you come here, Jake?" Ren asked.

"Well I need to tell you all something, but-" he activated his magic and soon we were all at the royal palace with he Princesses. "I thought we should do it in front of the royal sisters."

"So what's this about old man?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, what is it dad?" Sarah asked.

"Well honey... this is about... your mother." Jake said, surprising all of us. "Mom... o-okay. What happened to her?" Jake sighed and explained


"Your mother and I were very much in love." Jake and Sapphire were hugging each other. It had been a year since they gave Sarah to Davenport and Douglas. Sapphire was an peach colored alicorn with purple shading on her mane, tail and wings. One her horn were seven rings. Each was golden with a small crystal in the center. "Your mother wore seven rings as a crown on her horn and there was nothing like it's beauty." Just then, seven unicorns came into their den.

Water Unicorn: It is part Unicorn, part fish. She has green scales and fins.

Fire Unicorn: Her mane and tail are made of fire. She has a flame pattern on her red coat.

Wind Unicorn: The Wind Unicorn is as light as a feather and has a cloud-like mane and tail.

Earth Unicorn: Her mane and horn are made of wooden branches, and has twigs and leaves throughout.

Star Unicorn: Her fur looks like a bright nightly starry sky, dark blue and reddish, dotted with many little stars. Her mane and tail are white and have a delicate pink shimmer.

Crystal Unicorn: Her body is made of pure crystal that shines in the dark. Her mane and tail have pure, pink crystals, and she has a pink horn

Stone Unicorn: Its coat, its mane, and its horn are gray and solid as stone.

The seven unicorns brought Jake and Sapphire outside and saw evil creatures coming towards the den from the sky. Sapphire gasped and took off the seven rings. "Darling, what are you doing?" Jake asked.

"She gave one of the rings each to the unicorns to hide and protect. Darkness must never get them." Jake explained. The seven unicorns neighed and dashed off. Sapphire and Jake hugged each other and Sapphire looked up at the sky. "I love you." Jake said.

"I love you too." Sapphire said. She then spread her wings and flew into the air gaining the attention of the creatures and they flew off after her. Jake could only watch as his wife disappear only leaving behind her feather.

End of Flashback

"And... I never saw her again." Jake finished. Woah.... that's.... so sad. Jake took out a peach feather and purple shading in it. "Here honey, this was your mothers' feather." Jake placed the feather in Sarah's hair. "But why did Mom give her crown away?" Sarah asked.

"Your mother told me that one day that she would pass the crown of rings to you when you were ready." Jake informed.

"So is she ready?" Mason asked.

Jake smiled. "I know she is, but to find the seven rings you must find the unicorns first and... they'll eventually lead you to your mother."

Sarah gasped as her eyes sparkled. "Really?... They'll lead me to Mom." Jake nodded, "Just like your element, the rings are bonded to her as well and they will lead you to her once you have found them all." Sarah nodded, "I will." Twilight came over to them, "We'll help you, Sarah."

"Hell yeah, we'll help ya find ya mother." Jack added.

Sarah smiled. Now they gang had a new mission. Finding the Rings and finding Sapphire Gem.

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