Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria

by PikachuSkitty

First published

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

Ren, Mason, Carrie, Kaede, Nicole, Jack, Rantaro and Jamie are the resident humans in Equestria. But when another human with a huge secret enters their lives. They all find themselves on a wild ride.

Episode 1: New Surprises

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Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm a fifteen year old girl with peach colored skin and my hair is semi-long, only going down to my shoulders. My hair is black. I always wore a cloak cause of… something I didn’t want to talk about. The cloak was purple with white stars on it and it covered me all the way down to my lower back. I look down at my right wrist and see I still have my watch.

My watch? Well.. my watch is special. A Yo-Kai Watch. It allows me to see Yo Kai.

Yo Kai are spiritual beings that can inspirit people and cause trouble. Luckily I have some Yokai friends of my own and other friends to help me, but let’s not go into that now.

I had just woken up from the inside of a pod and came out into a strange white room and right now, I have to find out where I am. I exited the door and entered what looked like it was a living room in hear, with a very short two-seater couch and a brown table, brown floors, a large TV, a kitchen, a fridge, and one of those glass sliders you see in homes, but this one was different, it had large bars covering outside. Also there were some more humans and ponies looking at me. Five boys and three girls and six mares.

One boy had orange hair.

One had black hair that goes way down to his neck and had light blue eyes, wearing a white hoodie sweater and had a red scarf around his neck, and was wearing a bamboo stick around his back and was wearing black sandals and wore black sweats.

The other was a little girl wearing a top pink flowery like top shirt and had short hazel hair, but with a short ponytail that goes all the way to her neck. She had blue eyes and has knee-length black leggings covered by a puffy white skirt that seems to resembles a cloud and wore red sandals. She seems to be nine years old judging by her height.

One was a pale skin man wearing a worn-out white fedora with curly brown hair and had olive eyes, along with a pencil thin-out goatee, just a beard but with no mustache, his attire was a white striped sweater that has a chain accessory pinned to it, with baggy, purple arousal pants, and black slippers. His sweater had a big red star symbol on it, making it look like it was a setting sun, along with a red tie that has various swords with skulls attached to it as they crossed like an X on top, middle, and low.

The other guy had an olive skin tone with a short and messy Justin light blonde hair-like style with hazel colored eyes, wearing a short collared white long overcoat, which seems to looks like a motorcycle biker gang member would wear. The back of his coat held a skull symbol on it. He also wore a white tank top that seems to cover his entire gut. He even had baggy white pants with an enormous dark chain attached to the left side of his huge baggy brown pants with a men’s cotton belt wrapped around it. Apparently this guy…was quite intimidating with his obese figure. His gut was really large, almost to as a sumo wrestler, and his face was quite chubby. He had to be like 320 pounds or something.

One girl had red long hair that reaches to her back and with a prominent ahoge. She had a pink flower pin on her hair and wears a short-sleeved purple sweater that has pocket on the lower part of the sweater. She had one of those stretcher things on the sweater, you know, once you pull them, they’ll make the hoodie close up. She even had a dark pink skirt and I could see pink sleeves on her, meaning that she had long sleeve pink shirt underneath that sweater of hers

One human boy with short spike blue hair with a small ahoge. He was wearing a simply dark black shirt with a red tie that has a strange symbol on it, wore dark blue jeans, fancy brown dress shoes with dark brown laces and had a small book in his arms. He had dark blue eyes and a pale skin tone and a slim figure.

Another girl wears a yellowish-orange long-sleeved loose maroon pullover sweater with a light pink ruffled strap almost covering her shoulders, two braid-like embroidery flowing down her sweater, a black tie with an blue lower half on it, and tight blue shorts that reaches only the uppermost part of her thighs. Underneath her sweater, she wears a deep raven back collared sleeveless shirt. She also seemed to be wearing two mismatched slippers because the one on her right was crimson color with a puppy face on it while the one on her left was yellow with a kitten face on it. And she had a violet IPad with her.

One pegasus was blue with a rainbow colored mane and tail with a rainbow lightning bolt on the side of her flank while the other pegasus was yellow with a long pink mane and tail with three butterflies on the side of her flank.

One unicorn was purple with a blue mane and tail with a purple and pink streak in it and multiple stars on the side of her flanks while the other unicorn was white with a curly, purple mane and tail with three blue diamonds on the side of her flank.

One of the Earth Ponies was orange wearing a cowgirl hat with three freckles on her face and a blond mane and tail tied at the ends with three apple pictures on the side of her flank and the other Earth Pony was all pink with a slightly pink mane and tail and three balloon on the side of her flank.

The ponies and the humans all gawked at me. “...Uh.. hi.” I greeted shyly.

“Another human?!” the purple unicorn exclaimed. “What’s next?”

“Uh… hi.” the orange haired boy said back.

“Sarah.” a voice called and then appeared my Yo-Kai friends; Usapyon, Saliornyan, Thornyan and Whisper

Usapyon: a bunny like Yo-Kai who wears a yellow space suit that has rabbit-like ears on the hood, and he carries a small orange ray gun modeled after a carrot. He also has a blue jet pack attached to his back.

Saliornyan: a pink cat that has the same white part of the head as most of the cats. Her nose is peach, as well as the small circular blush underneath her eyes, which are blue with three highlights inside the darker blue area. She has one eyelash on each eye. The tips of her paws are white. She had two tails with blue flames shaped like water droplets at the ends. She wears a sailor uniform with a red ribbon attached to her thin yellow collar with a big blue sphere in the center. A sailor cap with the same dark blue and white colours of the uniform and a yellow fire-like symbol in the middle rests on her head.

Thornyan: An ivy-green cat with dull pink nose. His inner-ear is dark yellow, while his muzzle, paw tips, and chest fur are white. He wears a white collar with a dark orange sphere, and around his stomach is a dull orange band. On his head are nine long spikes with white and emerald coloring nearing the tips. His tail flames are orange, yellow, and white and are also spiked.

And my Yo-Kai butler, Whisper: A cartoony marshmallow-like white ghost with a curved black mask-like mark connecting his eyes. He has purple lips with the upper one vaguely resembling a mustache, a small swirled ice cream-shaped wisp atop his head and a wispy tail that constantly billows.

“Who are your little pets?” the orange Earth Pony asked.

Usapyon immediately got offended. “I ain't no stinkin pet, I’m a Yo-Kai little missy, same as my friends!” he exclaimed, surprising everyone with his outbrust.

“Woah! Okay! Did not see that remark comin.”

“Hey chill out!” the blue pegasus remarked.

“Make me little missy!”

“Ooooh, you wanna go?”

I quickly grabbed Usapyon and backed away while sweat dropping and apologized sheepishly, “Sorry about him, Usapyon has a short fuse, just don’t push him over the edge.”

“Why not?” the pink Earth Pony asked.

“You do not want to know.”

“Anyway, who are you and your other friends?” And I introduce my yo kai friends.

“My name is Sarah. And these are my Yo-Kai friends; Usapyon, Sailornyan, Thornyan and Whisper. Who are all of you?”

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird..."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"


"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.”

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

“Nicole Bonnie.”

“I’m Twilight Sparkle.”

“I’m Applejack, nice to meet y'all.”

“I’m Rarity, darling.”

“I’m Pinkie Pie!”

“I-I’m Fluttershy.”

“I’m Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Equestria.”

“So what do you … Yo Kai friends do?” Rantaro

“Thornyan shoots thorns whenever he sneezes, Usapyon goes into Invader Mode when he gets really angry, Sailornyan came charm anything with her feminine charm and Whisper… he’s just my Yo-Kai butler, who doesn’t know anything about Yo-Kai.”

“What?” Whisper exclaimed with a red tick mark appearing on the side of his head. “I’ll have you know, I know tons about Yo-Kai!”

“Oh yeah, then what tribe to Sailornyan and Thornayn belong to without looking at your Yo-Kai pad?” I challenged.

“Uh… grrr… let me see… they belong to the, umm… umm.. Oh! I got it! They belong to the Brave tribe!” Whisper said.

I fell to the floor. Wrong Answer. “We belong to the Charming Tribe.” Sailornyan and Thornyan said in unison.

“GAH!” Whisper cried. “Uh, I knew that!”

“No you didn’t!” Thornyan replied.

The ponies and humans just sweat-dropped at the scene.

“I see what you mean.” Carrie said.

Fluttershy walked up to Sailornyan. “Awww… this one is so cute.” she cooed.

Sailornyan like the comment. “Thank you, Fluttershy.”

Suddenly, Sailornyan smelled something foul, “Hey, what’s that awful stench?”

“Huh?” There was a olive green cloud moving in and everyone started gagging and coughing and covered their noses. “What is that?” Jack cried, covering his nose with his black jacket.

“It’s putred!” Nicole cried.

“It’s got to be a Yo-Kai!” I exclaimed.

“A Yo-Kai is making this stench?!” Rantaro exclaimed.”No way!” I shined the watch around the room and found the Yo-Kai near a dirty sock. He has tan skin with dark pink cheek marks right under his yellow eyes. He has dark brown hair and the he (へ) character on his red bib is written in black. He also wears a dark green pair of baggy pants with darker stripes.


“WHAT?!” Rantaro exclaimed.

“Whisper, Who's that Yo-Kai?!” Whisper scrambled on his Yo-Kai Pad. “Aha! That’s Cuttincheez!”

Cuttincheez: Tribe - Eerie.

“Cuttincheez is like Cheeksqueak, but even fartier and unlike Cheeksqueak, Cuttincheez rules over all horrifying aroma’s not just farts. He’s the Yo-Kai who make you go ‘Someone took a dirty diaper and shoved it up my nose’ This guy is a real stinker.”

“Whose Cheeksqueak?” Ren asked.

“Later.” I replied.

Mason and Carrie both cough due to the horrid smell, “Get rid of it! Cough Cough!” Mason cried.

“Thornyan, Sailornyan, teach him a lesson!” I ordered. Unfortunately, my cat Yo-Kai friends were overwhelmed by the scentch. “What do you even expect us to do.. Eh, Bleh!” and they both fell to the ground. “Cats down. Cats down.” Whisper said. Usapyon activated his helmet, protecting him from the smell. “I’ll take care of this varmint!” He got out his blaster and started firing at Cuttincheez, but the Yo-Kai simply dodge the lasers. “That varmint is too fast for me!”

Cuttincheez was amplifying the sock’s foul odor. “Twilight, get rid of it!” Ren cried, struggling with the foul smell. The pets didn’t like it either as they covered their faces and noses. Ren and his friends had told me about their pets. Ren's was Kodiak or Kodi for short, a red Siberian husky. Rantaro had a raccoon named Gizmo. Jack had a guinea pig names Jo Jo. Mason had two squirrels; one black and one white. Nicole had a polar bear named Snow and Kaede had a cat named Rosie.

“Right.” she said.

“Wait, magic doesn't work on Yo-Kai. The only way to get rid of him is by forcing him or befriending him.” Whisper informed.

“Are you serious?!” Everyone cried.

“Now how are gonna get rid of him?” Kaede asked.

“I know! Robonyan!” I realized.

“Robo-Who?” Mason asked.

I took out Robonyan’s medal,

“Come on out my friend!” I tossed the medal into the air “Calling Robonyan! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” An automatic voice said,

“Summoning Tough”


Robonyan: A robot-Cat hybrid Yo-kai. He has yellow eyes with a silver ring around them, has a red circle and a maroon jetpack worn on his back, where Jibanyan has the blue flame at the end of his tails is now a red flame. Robonyan is dark blue and gray instead of red and white, he has parts that attach to others to make his arms and legs and connect to his hands and feet.

“Greetings Sarah, I am at your service.”

“WOAH! Awesome!” Jamie exclaimed.

“Robonyan, get rid of Cuttincheez!” I ordered.

“As you wish! Rocket Punch!” Both of his robotic paws detached and punched Cuttincheez right in the face, leaving behind two large bumps. Cuttincheez cried out in pain and flew out of the front door and the stench vanished immediately. Everybody gasped in relief and breathed in the once again fresh air.

“Sweet fresh air!” Ren exclaimed.

“Amen to that!” Jack added.

“Thanks goodness, he’s gone!” Rarity exclaimed.

“What’s his deal?” Jack asked annoyed. “Stinking up our place. I outta punch him for that!”

“Yo-Kai like him always cause trouble when they inspirit things and people.” Whisper explained. “Thankfully, there are many that aren’t as revolting as him.”

“Well… I guess that’s good.” Ren said sheepishly.

“Anyway…. Do you have any pets? Or are they the only ones?” Jack asked.

Usapyon didn’t like this again. “I ain’t no pet!”

“You look like a space rabbit pet. You are a pet.”

Tick marks appeared on his helmet. “That’s it!” He pressed the buttons on his helmet. “Oh no! HIT THE FLOOR!” Black smoke covered his helmet and a eerie voice said “Invader Mode”. I quickly grabbed Fluttershy, Sailornyan grabbed Jamie and Thornayn grabbed Carrie and Pinkie Pie as we hid behind the couch along with Whisper.

“What are you-” Twilight was cut off when Usapyon took out his blaster and started blasting everyone else as they screamed in terror and ran away from the angry rabbit. “JACK, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Mason cried.

“Don’t blame me!” he cried. Usapyon ran after the gang, firing at them. “What’s with this crazy rabbit!” Ranatro cried.

“You did something to him!” Ren cried. The nine of us were just watching as Usapyon chased the gang. “Is that his Invader Mode?” Jamie asked.

“Yep.” I sighed. “This is why you shouldn’t make him angry.”

“That’s gotta be rough.” Carrie said.

“Only on some occasions.” Whisper said.

Soon, Usapyon calmed down and stopped chasing everybody, who were pretty shaken and steamed with me. “Why didn’t you tell us he would do that?!” Applejack scolded.

“I said don’t make him mad; Jack got him mad and you paid the consequences.” I simply said.

“Great. Now we have two short fused friends.” Mason groaned.

I laughed nervously. “Hey..” Rainbow dragged. “Why are you wearing that cloak?”

“Yeah, why are you wearing that?” Ranatro asked. I clutched my cloak a little. “I just.. wear it. That’s all” Jack must have picked up the nervousness in my voice. “Why?” I flinched a little, “I…. can’t tell you.”

“Why not? Are you hiding something? What is it?” Rainbow interrogated. Luckily, Sailornyan came to my defense, “Leave her alone, she doesn’t want to talk about it.” Rainbow huffed and backed off… for now. “Anyway… w-would you like to t-tell us more a-about you?” Jamie asked.

“Well..” Before I could continue.


A loud explosion was heard. “What was that?!” Pinkie said. We all rushed outside and saw a large creature in Ponyville. It was twenty feet long and twenty feet high with large wings and sharp, red scales. It has razor, sharp claws and big, sharp teeth. “What that?” I asked.

“A Dragon?!” Ren cried. “And it’s attacking Ponyville!”

The ponies were screaming in fear as they ran away from the large creature and into their homes. “Come on!” Twilight snapped.

They all ran away, leaving me and my yo-kai behind. “Aren’t you going to help them?” Sailornyan asked.

“No, I can’t… I can’t risk them finding out.” I replied.

“Oh, come on Sarah, they might like your secret.” Whisper reassured.

“Or not… I just can’t take that chance.”


I turned my attention back at the battle. Twilight was blasting the dragon with her magic but the beams just reflected off of it’s thick scales. Ren took out his weapon “Break!” and blasted the dragon but the blast didn’t do anything. “What?”

The dragon tried to smack everyone with his tail, but they all dodged it. “This isn’t working!” Rainbow cried, just avoiding the dragon’s fire breathing.

“My magic isn’t very effective against it.” Twilight called. Applejack lassoed the dragon’s mouth, hoping to stop the fire breathing, but the dragon easily opened it mouth, breaking the rope like a twig. “Ponyfeathers!” she cried.

Then the dragon grabbed Ren and the humans in one hand and the ponies in the other hand. The girls screamed in fear.

“Let us go!” Jack said, only receiving a roar from the rampaging beast.

“Is it too late to regret this?” Ren said.

“Yeah.” Jamie sighed.

I looked on in horror, “Nyot good. Nyow what?” Sailornyan asked.

I clenched my fists and felt something on my wrist. “I guess it’s up to me.” I said, “Ready you guys?”

“You Knyow it!” Thornayn said.

“Darn tootin!” Usapyon added.

“We’re with you.” Whisper agreed

“Let’s go!” Sailornyan said.

The dragon was making it way through Ponyville, blasting the houses with it’s fiery breath. Kodi and the pets were chasing after them. “We have to stop it!” Rainbow said, struggling to get out of the dragons’ grip.

“How? We’re trapped!” Nicole replied.

“Hey!” The dragon stopped walking and stared at me. “Sarah, what are you doing?!” Ren cried.

“Get out of here, darling!” Rarity added.

“Let them go you beast!” I ordered. The dragon snarled at me.

“Alright then, you asked for it.” I pulled up the left sleeve, revealing an orange and black device with some red parts.It features a screen with buttons, and a slot on the right side.

I also took out a card with the picture of a Styracosaurus on it.

“Dino Slash, Styracosaurus Roar!” I exclaimed as I slashed the card.

“Styracosaurus!” Jamie exclaimed.

My dinosaur landed in front of the dragon, surprising it and everyone else in the area. “What in Equestria is that?” Rainbow asked.

“A Styracosaurus; a horned dinosaur that went extinct in our world!” Jamie explained.

“How does she have one?” Kaede questioned.

“Alright, Blitz, we have to rescue Twilight and the others.” I said. Blitz roared and my Yo-Kai friends hopped onto him. “Tallyho!” Whisper cried as Blitz charged the dragon and rammed it in the stomach, making it roar in pain and crashed to the ground. “Nyice hit!” Thornyan praised. Blitz then bit it’s left arm, causing it to let go of Ren and the humans and they ran away and Blitz did the same with the right arm, freeing Twilight and the ponies. They all gathered behind me as Blitz backed off and the dragon got up again.

The dragon fired it’s breath at Blitz, “Oh, no!” Carrie cried.

I took out a move card and slashed it, “Lightning Strike!”

Blitz roared and electricity charged up in his horns, he reared up and fired the electricity at the fire. The two attacks were in a small power struggle when Blitz’s attack pushed the fire back, shocking the dragon! “That’s the way!” Sailornyan cheered.

Ren and the other were speechless as the battle went on. “Holy cow!” Jack cried.

The dragon shook as the electricity ran through his body. When the attack was finished the dragon was angrier than ever. It roared and flew right at Blitz. “Now Blitz, Lightning Spear!” I slashed another move card and Blitz roared and my Yo-Kai friends cheered loudly as he charged up with electricity. Blitz charged and struck the dragon and leaped into the air, stabbing the dragon with electricity. The dragon roared in pain as Blitz landed on the ground as it crashed.

The dragon had enough and turned tail and flew away quickly. Blitz roared in victory and I pressed the button recalling Blitz to his card. Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper all came to my side. “That’s was gosh darn amazin’!” Usapyon cried in joy.

“What a ride!” Whisper added.


I turned around and saw Ren and everyone, including the civilians of Ponyville, staring at me. “Uh… hi?’

Back at the home ship, Ren and the others were asking me a lot of questions.

“How did you do that?”

“You have dinosaurs?”

“Why didn’t you tell us this?”

“Woah, woah, partners.” Usapyon defended. “Just calm down for a minute.”

“Yeah, Sarah won’t answer if you all blast her with questions.” Sailornyan added. Ren and the others calmed down and backed off a little. Twilight approached her, “Sarah… is there anything you want to tell us?”

I looked at her with a sad expression. I sighed, “I want to… but…”

“But what?” Ren asked.

“She’s afraid to recall her memories, am I right?” Nicole answered.

I nodded. “Afraid?” Jamie said. “Afraid of what? Kaede added. I just stayed silent and looked away, trying not to burst into tears, even though I felt tears at the back of my eyes. Whisper came in, “Her experience was very, very traumatic.”

Ren and the others now felt concerned. “Traumatic?” Jack questioned. Whisper nodded. “It was so horrific, that she’s blocked it from my memory, not wanting to recall any of it.” Sailornyan added.

Ren and everyone looked at me with great concern. “But how can we know what happened to you, if you won’t tell us?” Mason asked.

“I can help.” a voice came. Everybody looked around in surprise. “Who said that?” Rantaro questioned. I shined the light from my light revealing another Yo-Kai. This one was white with a long nose and frighteningly large teeth and four small legs.

“Um…. who are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“My name’s Whapir.”

Whapir: Tribe - Charming

“And what’s your deal?” Jack asked rudely.

“Jack, be nice.” Mason scolded.

Whisper looked her up on his Yo-Kai Pad, “Aha, Whapir is known for taking people’s memories and playing them as if it was a movie.”

“Really?!” Applejack said.

“Absolutely.” Whapir answered and she walked over to me, “I can show everyone your memories without you having to tell them anything.”

“Thanks Whapir.” I closed my eyes as Whapir took my memories and blew her nose and a screen popped up as she played them for everybody.

There were two men standing outside a large tube filled with water. Inside the tube was a little peach colored baby. The men were both in a lab and was wearing lab coats. One man had short black hair while the other one had spikey brown hair. They both had the same fair skin completion.

The console to the right of the tube began beeping. "Douglas, she's ready." Donny replied with excitement. Douglas smiled and drained the tube. Donny opened the tube as the baby began to squirm and whimper. Donny took her into his arms. "Oh, it's alright. You're okay."

The baby quieted down as Douglas came over and stared at her. "She's perfect." Donny said. The baby opened her eyes and saw the two men. She blinked twice at them. "Daddy." she cooed. The two mens' hearts melted at their little bundle. "What should we name her?" Douglas questioned.

"How about... Sarah?" Donny suggested.

"Perfect." The baby Sarah only cooed at the two men.

"Awwww.... she's adorable." Rarity cooed.

"So... she was actually created by two men." Ren said. "Woah."

The memory skipped to five years old. Five year old Sarah was playing were some toys her Daddys' brought her. "Oh Sarah~" Douglas called. Sarah stopped and looked at Douglas. "Yes?"

"You wanna play a game?" he asked. Sarah perked up at the word 'game'. "Yes Daddy. Where's other Daddy?"

"Uh..." Douglas stammered. "He's... out for a moment. This'll be a quick game, promise."

Sarah nodded and let Douglas lead her to a section of the lab where there was a room with obstacles like jumps, hurdles and walls. "Ooooh." Sarah gasped, having not seen this room. "What's this room Daddy?"

"This is the training room. This is where.. uh... you will... playing for the next few years."

"Yeah." Sarah went over to the starting line. "I'm ready, Daddy."

"Alright, sweetheart. Now go!" Sarah ran towards the first jump and leaped.... unfortunately, she didn't leap high enough so clear the jump, cause she was too small. She tried to pull herself up and over the jump, but being five years old, she really didn't have much muscles but she was having fun.

Douglas... on the other hand wasn't, but before he could say anything to Sarah.

"What are you doing?!" Douglas turned around and Sarah stopped and they both saw Donny walking over. "Douglas, why do have our daughter in the training room?!"

"Well.. uh...." Douglas stammered. Sarah scampered over and answered for Douglas, "Daddy and I were playing a game, Daddy." Donny narrowed his eyes at Douglas. "Well.. honey, you're too small to play on this, so how about we go back to your stuff animal dolls?"

"Okay." Sarah replied cutely. Sarah skipped back over to her dolls while Donny scolded Douglas. "How could you out our daughter in such danger like that?"

"I wanted to see if she could handle it."

"She's five years old?! What made you possibly think that she would be ready for this?!"

"Whatever, Donny."

"Do not do anything this reckless and dangerous again!"

"Fine Donny." Douglas walked away and Donny sighed. He turned and looked at Sarah with great love in his eyes, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen... something that would change everything for their little girl.

"Woah, what a creep!" Jack commented.

"Agreed. At least she had one g-good father feature." Jamie said.

"Yeah." Ren added.

Another time skip to ten years later, Douglas was in the lab surrounded by cages and cages filled with multiple animals; amphibians, mammals, marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. There were even dinosaur skeletons of every dinosaur from every time of the Mesozoic Era.

"Oh those poor animals." Fluttershy said.

"Why does he have all those creatures and dinosaur skeletons?" Kaede asked.

"I think we're about to find out, Look." Twilight said.

Douglas had a chemistry set and viles of the animals DNA in separate test tubes. He poured the final DNA blood drop into the test tube and it began to glow. "Hehehe, perfect." he hissed. "After fourteen years of collecting every single animal DNA that has every lived on Earth, in the world, I will finally create a creature that will be unstoppable." He took the substance and placed it in a cup of milk. "Oh Sarah~" he called.

"He's not gonna!!" Ren whispered.

"If he does..." Twilight added.

Sarah, now fifteen years old, skipped into the lab, waving hi to all the animals. Her hair was down near her shoulders and she looked fit as a fittle and kinda cute as well. "Yes, Daddy?"

"Here's your milk." Douglas said. Douglas and Donny always made her drink milk everyday to help with her growth.

"Thank you." Sarah cheered. She took the glass and drank the substance just as Donny walked in. "Hey Douglas." he said.

"Donny! Uh... how are you doing?" Douglas asked quickly.

"Great." He looked at the chemistry set and noticed something missing, "Where's the vile of the Animal DNA's?"


"Ugh.." Sarah groaned, holding her stomach. "Daddy, I don't feel good."

Donny came to her side. "What is it?"

"My tummy hurts."

Suddenly, Sarah began to glow just like the substance and she bellowed out a combination of animal roars. Donny and Douglas covered their eyes. When the glowing stopped and Sarah collapsed on the floor.

"Sarah?!" Donny cried as he rushed to her side. Soon, Sarah was resting in her bed. Donny came out of the room. "She's alive." he sighed.

"Thank goodness." Douglas sighed.

"Don't act so innocent. I know what you did!" Donny replied, raising his voice. At the same time, Sarah awoke and sat up in bed. "Daddys?" She could hear the argument outside.

“How could you do this?” Donny's voice came.

“I did what we planned to do.” Douglas's voice replied.

“I didn’t approve of this, and you know it.”

“So, now we have a weapon to use for mankind.”

“Weapon?! We are not using the human we created together as a weapon against human kind!”

“Well, I’m not letting years of genetic modifying be ruined. I’m taking the human and I’m going to make her into the weapon I designed her to be.” Footsteps were heard walking away from the scene. Donny opened the door to a scared Sarah. "Daddy? What's happening?"

"Sarah... my brother wants to make you into something you're not meant to be. I have to protect you." Donny gave the Yo-Kai watch and Dino Bracer and Dino Gadget and applied them to Sarah's right wrist, left wrist and pants. "Come on." Sarah got out of bed and followed him to a room where a portal was housed. “I can’t let him make you into something you’re not.” He activated the portal and whistled. Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper appeared. “This portal will take you to someplace safe.” He dug into his pants and pulled out a card with the picture of the Styracosaurus on it.

"Blitz's card?!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Here, this will help you as well. He put the card into pants pocket. He quickly grabbed a purple cloak with white stars on it. "Here put this one. This will hide your appearance from any strangers who might want to hurt you."

"Daddy... I'm scared." Sarah was in tears at this change of her life. "I don't want to leave you..." she sobbed. Donny sighed and hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, you'll make some new friends hopefully and you'll have my friends to watch over you."

"But what about you?"

"I'll find you one day... and we'll be together again." Sarah smiled, sniffled and wiped her tears. “I’ll be fine. You need to be free and make you own decisions. You know how they work?” Sarah nodded, “Good. Please be careful.”

“I will.”

He turned to the Yo-Kai, “And you four, please take care of her for me.”

“Darn tootin!” Usapyon replied.

“We will.” Sailornyan added.

“You can count on us.” Whisper said.

“Good. Now go on.” Sarah nodded, "I love you Daddy." she said.

"I love you too." Donny said and with that, Sarah leaped through the portal along with her Yo-kai friends.

Ren's POV

The memory faded out and Sarah opened my eyes, now filled with tears. She just got up and walked out of the room, leaving us behind. Me and everyone had just saw Sarah’s memories and let me just say they were definitely traumatic. Pinkies’ mane was all flat and gray while the rest of us were trying to comprehend what we all had just witnessed. "Oh My god." I spoke. "Talk about traumatic."

“So, Sarah was created in a lab by two men, which I'm guessing are brothers. One brother cared for her like his own daughter while the other one purposely gave her the Animal DNA of every animal just so he could make her into a weapon against human kind!" Jack summarized in complete anger. "That bastard!"

“How awful!” Mason added. "Sarah didn't ask for any of this and yet she was ripped out of her old life and thrusted in ours!"

“I know. That explains why she wears the cloak and got the dinosaur and Yo-Kai from.” Kaede added.

“The poor darling. She must have been traumatized.” Rarity said. "Leaving her father behind and getting abilities she didn't ask for."

“I can’t believe she’s not scared of humans after experiencing something like that.” Nicole spoke.

“Now she's a genetic hybrid of Animals and Dinosaurs with a small horn which also means she could use magic now!.” I said, completely shocked by that.

“... So what happens now?” Fluttershy inquired.

Well we can’t just leave her all depressed.” Applejack spoke. “We have to cheer her up.”

Pinkie immediately perked up, “Oh, I know, a party!”

“Sorry Pinkie, but I’m not so sure she’d want to party after having to relive her traumatic memories.” I pointed out.

“Ren has a point. I think, for now, we should console her about this, until she’s ready to talk again.” Twilight ordered and we all agreed to that. “Sailornyan, Usapyon, can you two go and check on her?”

“Of course.” Sailornyan replied and the two Yo-Kai went off.

POV Ends

I was sitting all alone in the white room, sniffling as tears stream down her face like a waterfall. Sailornyan and Usapyon enter the room, "Sarah?" Sailornyan called.

I sniffled and looked up at my two Yo-Kai friends. "You alright?" Usapyon asked.

I shook my head and Sailornyan cuddled me. "It's alright. Everything will be alright?"

"How?" I sobbed.

"Now they know your past, they can help you deal with your pain." Sailornyan reassured.

"Really?" I sniffled.

"Really." Sailornyan, Usapyon and I looked and saw Ren, Mason, Carrie, Jack, Rantaro, Kaede, Nicole, Twilight, Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie at the doorway. "We'll help you sugarcube. We're your friends." Applejack said.

"We'll make sure those meanie memories don't hurt you anymore." Pinkie promised, hopping up and down in place.

"We'll be here for you." Ren added.

I sniffled and wiped my tears and smiled. "T-Thank you."

"Now how about...." Mason gently pulled down my cloak hood, revealing my little peach colored horn. "You start my showing your face?"

I smiled at him. Everybody gave me and group hug. When we separated, Pinkie said, "Now come on, we have a 'Welcome to Ponyville and thank you for saving us from the dragon' Party!"

Everybody cheered, but suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Huh?" Twilight said. "Who could that be?"

Everybody went to the door and I followed. Twilight opened the door with her magic and there I saw two alicorns. One was taller than the other and was white as snow with a multi-colored mane and tail that seemed to flow in an invisible wind. She was wearing golden shoes, necklace with a purple gem in the center and a golden crown. On her flank was the picture of the sun. The smaller alicorn was blue with a shimmering, flowing mane and tail that sparkled. She was wearing silver shoes and she had a black necklace with a crescent moon in the center and a black crown. One her flank was a black patch with a crescent moon. Everybody, except for me and my Yo-Kai friends, bowed.

"Now everyone you don't have to do that." the white alicorn replied.

Twilight stood up. "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, what are you doing here?"

"My sister and I have received word about the dragon that attacked Ponyville and the new human who stopped him. Is the human here now?" Luna asked.

They all stepped aside, which made me visible to the two royals. "Ah, I'm guessing your the new human?" Celestia asked me.

"Uh... y-yes. My name is Sarah and these are my Yo-Kai friends; Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper, my Yo-Kai butler."

Whisper immediately bowed to Celestia and Luna. "You majesties it's an honor just to be in your presence." Me and my Yo-Kai only sweat-dropped at the scene. Thornyan whacked Whisper to the side and he smacked face first into the wall. "Dang." Jack mumbled.

"Ignore him, please." Thornyan said.

Luna chuckled as well as her sister. "Thank you, now me and my sister would like to commend you and your creature for saving Ponyville and my faithful student and her friends." Celestia said. "Would you mind bringing him out?"

"Okay." I took out Blitz's card, but before I could slash it. "Sarah, shouldn't you do that outside?" Kaede said.

"No worries, look." I swiped the card backwards and it turned into a little chibi Blitz. It was green with many white nubs for horns. "Awwww." the girls cooed at the sight of the chibi dinosaur. I picked up Blitz, "Blitz, these are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna." I introduced. Blitz reached out with his legs and chirped at them. "He's adorable." Carrie cooed.

"Now on behalf of all of Equestria, I present you and your friends the Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage." Luna levitated is six necklaces with a pink heart crystal in the center.

The necklace's came around our necks. "Thanks." I said. Two royal sisters nodded. Blitz leaped out of my arms and walked over to Celestia's mane and started pawing at it like a kitten. "Awww, he likes you mane." I cooed. Celestia chuckled and looked at my little dino. "You wanna play with my mane, cutie?" she asked.

Blitz chirped happily.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, do you want to stay for Sarah's Welcome to Ponyville party?" Twilight offered.

"We'd be delighted to attend." Celestia said.

The girls and Ren and his friends were all glad to have the royal sisters attend their small party. In now time, Pinkie put together the party. With a table filled with refreshments and snacks, including cake, which Princess Celestia had a liking for. Confetti and decorations everywhere. Carrie and the girls were playing with Blitz and my Yo-Kai friends while I watched from afar, having some punch. Thornyan was by my side, not wanting to accidentally hurt the girls with his thorns. "So Sarah." Ren said as he came over to me. "You like the party?"

"Y-Yes. I've never been to a party before... or been to anything for that matter."

"Don't worry, we'll help you."

I smiled at Ren.

"Ren, Ren!" a cheery voice came. We both turned and saw Kodi scampering towards us "Hi buddy." Ren greeted.

"So she's the new human with interesting friends, right?" he asked.

"Yes buddy. I hope you don't mind that two of them are cats."

"I don't I like Rosy. And I can like them too."

"Just be careful around Thornyan."

"I will."

"Alright everyone, my sister and I have to return to Canterlot." Luna announced.

Everybody waved goodbye as the two Princess's teleported back to Canterlot. "I'm gonna go outside for some fresh air." I said.

"Alright, see you soon." Ren said.

I nodded and walked out the door, being greeted by the calm night and the moon shining above. Nobody was out at this time. So I decided to walk around Ponyville. I like the houses and the fountain in the center of the town. It was quiet as a mouse. Just then, I heard a snap behind me and whirled around. "Whose there?"

I looked around but was greeted by nothing. "Hmm... must have been the-" I didn't finish when there was a sudden flash and something hit me in the head and everything went black.

Episode 2: A Step in a Harmonic Direction

View Online

Deep in the Everfree Forest, a insect like pony was standing in the middle of the old destroyed throne room. She was tall as Celestia, but she was black with holes in her legs and a weird looking horn. She was named Queen Chrysalis, leader of the Changelings. She and her army were banished from Canterlot by Cadence and Shining Armor with the help of Twilight, Ren and their friends. Focused on getting revenge. she was looking through her spell book. "Aha, perfect. With this spell, I'll destroy Twilight Sparkle and her annoying friends, especially those insolent humans." She looked at her changeling army roughly twenty strong. "Alright me, minions, you know what to do." she hissed. The changeling nodded and flew out the window with Chrysalis laughed manically.

Ren's POV

The next morning, I woke up to Kodi licking my face frantically. "Hehehe, Easy Kodi." I said.

"Ren, I'm worried." I looked at him confused, "Worried about what?"

"Sarah, she didn't come back last night." Now that got me worried. I quickly got out of bed and put on my clothes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I didn't hear anything coming in to the home ship last night." I raced to the small dining room where everyone else was present. "Ren, what's wrong?" Carrie asked.

"Sarah didn't come back last night."

"She didn't?!" Mason said. "Oh no."

"We've got to find her." Jamie said.

"Let's go!" Mason and the rest of us rushed out of the home ship. "Hey! Wait for us!" a voice cried and Sarah's Yo-Kai friends and Blitz came out following us. We went into Ponyville. "Alright, let’s split up. That way we'll have a better chance of-" I began when..


"Nyansicles?" Jack echoed. "Who says that?"

"That was Sailornyan's cry!" Whisper said. Whisper floated ahead and the rest of us followed him to an alleyway and we all gasped in horror at what we saw.

It was Sarah. Unconscious and looked like she was beaten to a pulp. She had bruises all over herself and lacerations. Along with scratches covering her body and she looked to have suffered a head injury cause there was a large amount of blood on her head. "Oh my God!" Kaede cried. We all rushed to her side.

"W-What happened to her?" Jamie stammered.

"No time for that." I said as I lifted her into my arms. "We've gotta get her to the hospital. Kodi, can you go and gather the girls?"

"Right buddy." Kodi rushed off while me and the others got Sarah to Ponyville Hospital. We got Sarah to the hospital where Nurse Redheart and Doctor Hooves immediately took her into the E.R. We were forced to wait outside in the waiting room while Sarah's condition.

POV Ends

Jack's POV

Who could have done this? Sure the girls cheeriness make me annoyed to the core, but she didn't deserve to be beaten.
Twilight and the others came in with the talking mutt, Kodi. "We came as soon as we heard." Twilight said. "How is she?"

"We don't know." Ren said. "We have to wait."

Twilight and the girls had no choice but to wait with us while Sarah's condition was unknown.

After about two hours of boring wait, Nurse Redheart appeared. "How is she?" Rainbow asked.

"Sarah's in stable condition right now, but she'll make a full recovery." she said. We all gave a sigh of relief. "Can we see her?" Mason asked. Nurse Redheart nodded and she led us to Sarah's room. She was laying in bed with multiple bandages around her body. She was wearing a hospital gown while her cloak was sitting on a chair beside her. "Oh my stars." Rarity whispered.

"Who could have done this?" I asked, wanting to find out did this to Sarah and beat them up and the others felt the same way... except for the beating them up part.

POV Ends




I slowly opened my eyes and saw multiple blobs in front of me. "Is she gonna be okay?" the orange blob asked.

"Oh, I'm so worried." The yellow blob added.

My vision cleared up and revealed the girls, Ren, Mason, Carrie, Rantaro, Jack, Nicole, Kaede and Jamie along with my Yo-Kai friends. "Ugh.... wha?" I groaned as I felt a sharp and throbbing pain in my head. "How ya doin Sarah?" Usapyon asked.

"We found you knocked out in an alleyway." Ren replied. "What happened?"

"Ugh." I groaned. "All I remember is hearing a snap, a flash and then something hit me in my head... and that's all I remember."

"Well your lucky, you remember anything." Doctor Hooves said as he walked in. "What do you mean doc?" Carrie questioned.

"Based on the laceration on Sarah's head, I believe she had it on the head with a pipe."

"A PIPE!" My friends exclaimed.

"UGGGHHH!" I cried at the sound of the yells.

"Sorry." they all whispered.

"I'm afraid so."

"A pipe? Woah!" Mason said.

"How barbaric!" Whisper added.

"She's lucky she doesn't have amnesia from a blow that hard." Hooves added. Hooves came over to me and gentle tapped my head. I winced. "You're head is going to be sore for a while. Good news, you'll be released in about two days. Don't worry. Me and the rest of the good nurses and doctors took good care of you."


"Hey, that's our job!" Thornyan exclaimed.

I smiled at them, "Now, now, don't be possessive of me." I teased. Thornyan growled and puffed out his cheeks. I chuckled at his behavior. Thornyan always had the reputation of being possessive of me; not wanting any boys near me who wanted to date me and keeping a close eye on me. Like a helicopter parent.

"So do you have any ideas on the scratches or lacerations?" Twilight asked.

"I'm afraid not, but we'll let you know if we find anything else."

"Here Sarah." Jamie said, handing me a book.

"Huh?" I took the book in my hands. It was named Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. "Hmm... this looks interesting." Jamie smiled and Twilight came up. "This is the first book in the series. I owned all of them." she squealed.

I smiled, "Thanks you guys." Another nurse entered the room, "Alright now, Sarah needs her rest. You all have to come back tomorrow."

One-by-One, my friends left the room except for my Yo-Kai friends. "Are you sure, you'll be okay?" Sailornyan asked.

"Yes, I have the nurses and Doctor Hooves. I'll be fine." I reassured my worried partner.

"Come one, you all." the nurse called. My Yo-Kai friends exited the room, leaving me to get some rest for my injuries.

Ren's POV

Me and my friends were walking through Ponyville, thinking about Sarah. "I hope she'll be okay." I said.

"Oh, don't worry Jamie. She'll be just fine." Fluttershy reassured.

"Just wait until I find out who did this to her." Rainbow growled. "Yeah, me too." Jack added.

"Now, now Rainbow and Jack. Getting revenge won't solve anything." Applejack said. The two of them growled. "I was just thinking... does Sarah have an anger side?"

"... Huh? I never thought of that?" Jack said. "She does look soft but Fluttershy and the nerd have angersides, so."

"Maybe she does?" Fluttershy said. "I really don't see her as the type to get angry, like me and Jamie."

"Well... we can find that out when she's healed." Twilight said.

We all agreed and decided to drop it until Sarah was out of the hospital.

The Next Morning

Jack's POV

I was out of my couch-like bed as my face was nearly covered by the blanket. Heck, I even took off my coat and such, barely in my undies. I stretched my back before getting up, picking up my clothes off the ground, even my biker's coat on as I exited out of the room, fully dressed. Man, this garage looks pretty awesome, but I'm gonna need to fix it up if I want to ride one of these babies. Surprised that Equestria don't have bikes like mine. Then again, those ponies are just plain stupid.

"'re up early." And just when I thought I could've gotten a good day than this. A familiar wannabe was seen walking out of his room with a smirk. "Surprise to see me again?"

I let out a growl and ignored him before I headed inside of the elevator with this bastard with me. I had to resist the urge from beating this bastard into the hole of the ground with my fist.

“You know, I’m surprise a big brute like you hasn’t tried killing me yet.” I glared towards at the sneaky little bastard as he glanced at me with a smirk. “Guess the heir to the Yamaki Biker gang isn’t as strong as I thought.”

“The fudge did you say?!” I yelled angrily, grabbing him by the necktie. “You really asking for it, are ya?!”

“If ya gonna punch me, then don’t. You think hurting me is gonna solve anything? Sorry, but that’s not true.” Rantaro shrugged as the elevator arrived to our destination, the living room. I let go of the bastard and decided to leave it out for now. I’ll beat this idiot later…when I feel like to or if he taunts about my weight again.

“Oh hey Jack! Rantaro!” I looked over to see Ren waving at us with a smile. “Good morning.”

“Hey.” I said firmly before heading over to the small dining room where he and that little girl, Carrie, were busy eating some eggs and pancakes some OJ. Even their pets were busy eating some on their own food in their small bowls

“Ah, good morning.” We turned to see Mason and Kaede walking in, each carrying two plates filled with food on their hands. “I see you are awake. Good morning Jack.”

“Sup.” I smiled while Rantaro let out a snicker and said “And I suppose you guys are trying to forget about me?”

“…Right. Good morning Rantaro…” Mason said, sternly glaring at him.

“Now that’s more better. Really appreciate it. Including the apron.” Huh? As Rantaro patted him on the head, Mason continued to glare at him before I noticed the white apron he was wearing.

“You were wearing an apron?” I questioned.

“Yeah, just for cooking.” Mason stated.

“I’m surprised to see him again.” Kaede said, looking over at Rantaro.

“What? Surprised?” Rantaro shrugged before receiving his meal and taking a sip from his glass of orange juice. “Hmm…not bad for a bodyguard.”

“Hmph!” Mason glanced away, not bothering with him.

“For a broker, he sure knows how to be cocky and confident all the time with that smirk.” Kaede said aloud.

“That’s just how I roll.” Rantaro stated before grabbing his plate and began walking off.

“Hey! Where the heck do ya think you’re going?” I demanded.

“I’m gonna be eating outside. Not bothering with eating with you lot.” He smirked before saying “Besides, not that I don’t like ya or whatnot. I don’t trust a fat biker like you.”

“Why you!” Before I could pounce at him, Ren immediately got up and stopped me.

“Wait Jack! It’s not worth it! Fighting each other isn’t gonna solve anything!” Ren yelled. “You all need to chill out and relax!”

I looked at him for a while before letting out a huff before muttering “Fine…”

I sat down, leaving my feet on the table as Rantaro glanced at us before taking his leave. I didn’t even want to punch him. He was just being a piece of crap anyway.

“Yep, I stand corrected.” Kaede sighed before placing the food down on the table. “Though, I never thought we be friends with a broker.”

“Is being a broker that bad?” Kodiak asked curiously.

“If you buy and sell things off the black market, you can consider that.” Mason sighed.

“Come on guys, just because he looks suspicious and is a broker, doesn’t mean we can’t trust him.” Ren stated with a weak grin.

“Easy for you to say.” I rolled my eyes. “That bastard is as good as gone.”

“Is he really that bad, big brother?” Carrie asked her brother with a curious look. Mason nodded and explained “True, I’ve heard rumors about him. They call him the ‘Shadow Broker’ because he always slips away from police and knows how to make shady deals.”

“That explains a lot.” Ren said, sweat-dropping little. And now we had more frigging reasons why we shouldn’t trust them.

“That’s a good point, pal…” Ren rubbed his chin in thought. “I don’t know honestly. I haven’t really thought of that.”

“And it’s best if we don’t or else we might get a headache just thinking about them again.” Mason sighed.

“Ain’t that the frigging truth?” I agreed before eating the whole thing off the plate. “Alright, I’m done…”

Soon, I let out a burp, which made the gang, except Mason, laugh at that.

“Really?” Mason asked, raising a brow.

“What you expect? I love eating. It’s one of the three best things I do everyday.” I shrugged.

“What are the three best things you do then?” Kodi asked curiously. I let out a tooth-eating grin and replied “Eat, sleep, and ride my bike all day.”

Everyone gave me deadpanned and blank looks, hearing that answer of mine.

“Riiiight…” Kaede muttered dryly.

“Whatever…it’s my thing, not you guys.” I scoffed. Suddenly I heard some singing and saw the newbie coming into the room with a smile on her face with her Yo-Kai friends. "Hi." she greeted.

"S'up?" I asked.

"Nothing." she replied.

Sailornyan and Thornyan hopped onto the table. "Ooooh, pancakes." Sailornyan cooed.

"Hey! That's mine!" I exclaimed, not wanting the cat to get my breakfast. I quickly snatched the plate away. "Awww."

"Jack, be nice to her." Ren spoke.

I scoffed, "Why should I. She's just a furball."

Suddenly I heard some growling and turned to see the newbie now completely red and orange with her horn yellow. "Oh no, HIT THE DECK! SHE"S GONNA BLOW?!" Whisper cried as the Yo-Kai grabbed everyone except for Jack and hit behind the couch.

"Being mean is NOTHING!" the newbie exploded into flames which threw me back. "WOAH!"

"Be nicer to my little Sailornyan. You got thaaaaaaatt?!" she practically screamed in anger at me. And boy, was my heart racing. "Alright! I'll be nicer!"

She slowly calmed down and turned back to normal. She gasped in shock at what just happened and ran away. The others peeked over the couch and sighed in relief. "And I though Fluttershy and Jamie were scary when they're angry." Ren commented.

"You know it." Kodi added.

The door burst open and in came the girls. "Guys, what happened?" Twilight asked.

"Sarah, just blew up big time!" Mason exclaimed.

"Blew up?" Rainbow asked.

"She got angry at Jack for calling me a furball and she went into Rage Sarah."

"Rage Sarah?" Pinkie asked.

"That's her anger side." Whisper explained.

"It was worst than these two when they get angry." Carrie stated, pointing to Jamie and Fluttershy. "But she just ran away. Wonder why?"

"Unfortunyately, in the lab whenyever she went into Rage Sarah, she always hurt one of her Dad's, mostly Douglas. She didn't like hurting people in anyger so she always ran away." Thornyan explained.

"Oh dear." Rarity said.

"Well at least we know she has an anger side." Rantaro said, getting deadpanned stares from everyone. "You asked if she had one!"

I sighed, "Where'd that newbie run off to?"

"Probably back in the white room." Mason stated. ".... Should she have gotten her own room by now?"

"Never mind that, I'll get her." Ren said as he walked off to get Sarah.

Soon, they both came out with Sarah looking sad.

POV Ends

Ren came and got me out of the white room and we walked back into the small dining room. I was hiding behind Ren. "Sarah... are you okay?" Jamie asked.

"No... I'm sorry I lost my temper." I apologized.

"Sarah, it's okay." Fluttershy reassured.

"No it's not. I keep hurting people with my anger... I have to get rid of it." I declared, getting shocked looks from the others. "Get rid of your anger!" Mason exclaimed. "How are you going to do that? It's not like you can physically remove your anger." Kaede added.

"Actaully, I have just the thing!" Twilight squealed and she grabbed me then dashed out the door. "Wait! Gah! Where are we going?" I asked. She didn't answer as we entered the Golden Oak Library and went into her basement. There I saw a large box device with an antenna and a few buttons on the side. "What's this?" I asked.

"This is my Emotional Visualizer." Twilight answered.

"Emotional Visualizer?"

"Yes." she placed helmet on my head that also had an antenna on it. "This device will locate any emotions and contain them indefinitely."

We both heard the door opened again and in walked Ren, his friends, the girls and a purple dragon with green scales down his back. "Oh great, your all here." Twilight said delighted.

Jack was panting a little. "Shaddup."

Mason rolled his eyes, "Don't mind him, he's just winded from the run."

Jack caught his breath and growled at Mason. "Well that's good, you're all in time to see me remove Sarah's anger."

Rantaro scoffed, "Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it."

"Fine then." Twilight said as she turned the dial. The antenna's glowed and in the box appeared a blue version of me. "Why do I feel like crying forever. Ahahaha!" it sobbed. "Oops, wrong channel!" she turned the dial again and this time there was a gray and white version of me. "Why is this taking so long?" it asked. "Whoops, that's her boredom." she turned the dial once more and this time my Rage side came in. It roared like an angry jaguar. "Got her!" Twilight pressed the button and I felt a strong jolt inside of me and when it was done I felt woozy.

"Anger separation, complete!" Twilight declared.

Rantaro was shocked and jaw-dropped. "Looks like she's got you, bastard." Jack smirked.

Rage me was growling in the box. "Incredible, every ounce of your rage is now trapped inside there." Twilight said. Rage me thrashed around the box. "I don't feel any anger at all. Woo-Hoo!"

"Aha, your ear!" Ren cried and now I just noticed that my ear was on fire. "Huh?"

Jamie rushed over and blasted me in the face with a fire extinguisher. I shook off the foam. "Are you okay?" he asked

"Better than okay, I feel great." I said. Rage me was scratching the ear where the burn was and growling. "Hey, it's scratching the same ear where the fire was." Kaede replied.

"Yeah, your right." Carrie added.

"Interesting, it seems the emotions are not completely separate." Twilight said. "I'll stay here and monitor this."

"Thanks Twilight, now I won't hurt anybody!" I cheered. "Put my anger in a cage. Not more outbursts, No more rage~" I sang, getting a roar from my Rage side. "Okay, time to leave." Ren said and he zipped out of the room as well as the others, not wanting to be in the same room as my anger.

Soon, I was outside feeling extremely happy and cheerful. "Now what can I do first?" I asked.

"Sarah!" a voice came. I turned and saw Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper coming towards us. "Guys, what is it?"

"Something busted the Apple's farm!" Whisper cried.

"My farm!" Applejack cried and she rushed off.

"Come on." Ren said and we all followed her to Sweet Apple Acres. There we went to the barn and gasped. "Holy crap baskets!" Ren cried.

"What happened?!" Jamie cried. The barn was completely demolished! Rubble was all over the place! Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith were outside as well. "Granny Smith, Big Mac, what happened?" Applejack asked.

"We don't have a clue. There was this big BOOM! and a loud ROAR!" Granny explained.

"Hey guys! Look at this!" the purple dragon said.

"What is it Spike?" Twilight asked. We all walked over and saw a huge footprint imprinted in the ground. "What's a giant footprint doing here?" Kaede asked.

"Must have come from whatever broke the barn." Nicole said. "The question is what?"

"We'll figure that out later, right now, we have to fic the barn." Ren said.

"Uuhhh, I think Sarah's already on it." Kodi deadpanned pointing to the rubble. And indeed I was already fixing up the barn; moving the rubble and making it good as new. I put up a wall and admired it. "Hehe, perfect." but then the wall fell back down. Luckily I was in the place of the window, so I didn't get hit... that happened five times!

Rage Sarah roared a little and the horn burst into flames. "Woah, what a rage spike!" Twilight said.

Meanwhile, Ren and the others came over to me. "Sarah are you okay?" Ren asked me.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"How 'bout you leave he fixing to us, sugarcube?" Applejack offered. "Fixing things isn't really your thing."

"Alright." I said with a small twitch of my eye.

Rage Sarah grew larger. "Woah, anger levels escalated!" Twilight cried. Rage Sarah roared loudly.

In no time, the Apple Family's barn was fixed. "Nice work." Twilight said.

"Thanks Twi. Now what do you think busted the barn in the first place?" Applejack asked.

"Must have been something very big." Thornyan answered.

"But what could be that big?" Whisper asked. Then, the ground started shaking with loud footsteps. "What's that?" Fluttershy whimpered as she hugged Ren in fear. Suddenly, from out of the trees came a large dinosaur! The dinosaur was completely orange, with large spots going along its side. What was most obviously was the bright orange sail on its back with barely noticeable barbs running across it. While it could be mistaken, this one was not related to a Spinosaurus.

"What is that?!" Rarity screamed.

"An Acrocanthasaurus!" i identified. The dinosaur roared and blasted the trees with it's fire. "Oh no!" Applebloom cried.

"The orchard!" Big Mac added.

The dinosaur roared and leaped over us and ran into Ponyville. "We have to stop it!" Kodi exclaimed. Everybody rushed into town and saw Acrocanthasaurus smashing the buildings with it's tail and setting them on fire with it's breath.

Rage Sarah roared loudly and burst from the box. "Oh my!" Twilight cried. Rage Sarah burst through the ceiling and into town. Twilight immediately rushed outside and to the gang. "Containment failure!" she cried.

"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

Twilight went to me, "Your rage, it grew out of control. She broke loose!"

Rage me was seen roaring at the Acrocanthasaurus. The dinosaur roared at it again. It smacked Rage me with it's tail, sending it crashing into a house. Rage me roared and launched itself at the dinosaur, sending them both crashing to the ground. "We have to do something before they destroy the whole town?!" Rantaro exclaimed.

"How are we gonna do that?" Jack scoffed.

I continued to watch Rage me and the Acrocanthasaurus battle. I had to stop them. The only was was for me to battle it with Blitz, but I need to get my anger back, so I could have my ambition back. I rushed over to the two. "Sarah, what are you doing?!" Mason cried.

"Come back!" Rainbow added. I was feet from the two as Rage me punched the dinosaur. Rage me snarled and spotted me. "Please, hear me out!" and I started singing.

I know you’re angry,

And your heart’s a ball of fire.

And you wanna scream and shout it out,

But you’ve got these bad desires.

I lost my temper,

And that I can’t allow.

And I can’t be whole without you here,

We need each other now!

"I'm sorry I let you go. I thought without you, I won't hurt anybody anymore, but I was wrong. I just have to control you whenever I get angry." I apologized. Rage me growled softly and shrank to my height and we both touched little horns. In a bright flash, Rage me was sucked back into me and I had my anger back.

Acrocanthasaurus roared loudly, looking for a fight. "Alright, boy... let's dance." I took out Blitz's card.

Dino Slash, Styracosaurus, Roar!"

Blitz transformed and landed on the ground. Acrocanthasaurus roared at Blitz. Blitz charged Acrocanthasaurus and bashed into him and threw him into the air and outside of Ponyville. "Alright!" Rainbow cried.

Acrocanthasaurus got up again just as Blitz rammed it again. Acrocanthasaurus fired at Blitz, making him back off a little. Blitz shook off the heat and charged Acrocanthasaurus. Acrocanthasaurus lowered it head and the two engaged in a small power struggle. Blitz pushed his head up, quickly turned and smacked Acrocanthasaurus with it's tail, sending him to the ground.

"Alright Blitz, let's get him into his card again." I said.

I took out another card.

Thunder Bazooka!"

Blitz charged and leaped into the air, spinning around as electricity build up around him. He made contact with Acrocanthasaurus and it went flying into some trees. It roared and changed back into a card.

I went over and picked up the card. "Got'cha!"

I rode on Blitz back into Ponyville, seeing pegasus ponies using clouds to extinguish the fire on the houses and the Apple Family Orchard. "Hey Sarah!" I saw Ren and the others coming over to me. I leaped out of Blitz and recalled him to his card and chibi form. "That was amazing, Sarah!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Yes and you got your anger side back." Pinkie cheered.

"Yeah.. I shouldn't have gotten rid of it in the first place." I admitted. "It's not about having my anger it's what I do with it. And I'll try, from now on, to use my anger to defend my friends instead of unintentionally hurting them."

My friends smiled and gave me a group hug. "So, where's the card?" Jamie asked.

"Right here." I held up the card and showed everyone. "So that must have been what damaged the barn!" Carrie realized.

"It seems so." I said. "Now, I'm gonna go home and play with Blitz and my new chibi friend." I went off, leaving my friends with a new dinosaur friend in hand.

The next morning, I heard some chirping in my ear. "Ugh.." and I already knew who it was. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by my new chibi Acrocanthasaurus, which I have named Blaze. He was orange with a small sail that started at his neck and went down to his tail and Blitz was right there jumping on my bed as well. "Hehe, alright, you high energy dinos, I'm up, I'm up." I got out of bed as my chibi dinosaurs leaped onto the ground. I put on a white shirt and jeans along with black sneakers and I wore my cloak with the hood down.

"Come on, let's go get some breakfast, I'm starving." My stomach growled, emphasizing my statement. My dinos chirped in agreement and we went to the small dining room... which was surprisingly empty.

"Weird. Usually Ren and the others are out here by now." I noticed there was some green substance on the ground. Blitz went to it and licked it, made a sour face and spit it out, chirping in disliking. I touched it and it felt slimy. "What is this stuff?"

Then, I heard Blaze chirping and coming over to me with something in his hands. "Blaze, what's that?" I took the note and unwrapped it.

It read...

If you want to see your precious human and pony friends and their dragon, come to the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest.


"Chrysalis? Whose she?" I asked myself. "Whoever she is she's captured my friends!" Blitz and Blaze chirped in worry. That's when Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper came in. "Sarah, where is everyone?" Whisper asked.

"They've been kidnapped by someone named Queen Chrysalis, she's holding them in the Castle of the Two Sisters."

My Yo-Kai friends gasped. "Oh nyo!" Sailornyan cried.

"What are we gonna do?" Thornyan questioned.

"I have to save them." I decided.

"WHAT?!" my Yo-Kai friends cried.

"Sarah you can't!" Sailornyan stated. "You don't have any defenses and you don't know what powers this Chrysalis has!" Whisper added.

"Maybe we should contact the Princesses?" Thornyan added.

Another note popped in front of us and unraveled.

It read..

I have the Princess of Equestria as well.


"Well that's plan a bust." Thornyan grumbled.

"I have no choice, guys. If I don't do anything, my friends and the Princess are goners." I said.

"Alright then, we're with you." Whisper said, giving me a thumbs up.

"Us too." Sailornyan and Thornyan added.

"Darn tootin!" Usapyon added.

"Alright everyone, let's go save our friends!" Together we high fived each other, "Yeah!"

We all ran out the door and rushed through Ponyville and stopped at the entrance to the Everfree Forest. "Alright gang... this is it. No turning back." I muttered.

"Right." my Yo-Kai friends agreed and Blitz and Blaze chirped in response. "Oh right, I better put you both in your cards." I recalled my two dinosaurs to their cards and put them in my pocket. "Let's go." and with that we all entered the forest.

Kaede's POV

"Let us out, now!" I demanded. Me and all my friends woke up this morning and found ourselves trapped in a cage by our old enemy, Chrysalis and her changeling army. She managed to capture the Princesses too. She put all out pets in another cage. Now she has us all hanging over a pool filled with cragdiles; crocodiles made from rocks.

Chrysalis laughed, "I'm not letting you out. Finally, I'll have my revenge on you all for foiling my plans."

Jack pounded the bars, but they were too strong for him. "Damn, you let us out of this right now, you bug bastard!" he yelled.

Chrysalis chuckled, "Never. Now time to destroy all you humans."

"Actually your missing one human, Chrysalis." Pinkie chirped.

Chrysalis froze, "Who?" she snarled.

"Pinkie, don't tell her!" I cried.

"You're missing Sarah, a human who has a horn is a hybrid." she revealed. Everybody groaned. Darn it, Pinkie!

"Ah... so there's another human out there, huh? Well then, I'll just use you all as bait to lure her here, capture her and destroy all of you!"

"Ha!" Mason smirked. "You'll have to get past her Yo-Kai friends first and her dinosaurs."

"My army is more than capable of handling those weaklings." Chrysalis stated. "I know there weaknesses."

"They are not weaklings!" Ren yelled. "And how do you know do you know their weaknesses?"

"Oh, she had a little help." a voice came. From out of the shadows came another human! This one was a middle-aged man with brown, spikey hair. he was wearing a brown hoodie and white pants and sneakers. We all recognized him from Sarah's memories.


"Aha, so I see Sarah has told you about me." he hissed.

"Why are you helping this creep?!" Jack snarled.

"I just want to get what rightfully belongs to me back." Douglas said.

"A despicable human like you doesn't deserve someone like her as a daughter." Luna added.

"Sarah doesn't belong to you!" Celestia stated.

"Ahahaha, once she's back in my hands, she will be." Douglas smirked.

"She'll beat the living crap out of you, when she gets here!" Jack growled.

"Haha, Oh please, with the knowledge of her dinosaur and Yo-Kai friends. She's as good as ours." Douglas added. he and Chyrslais laughed manically together. Now our fate rested on Sarah.

POV Ends

Me and my Yo-Kai were walking through the Everfree Forest. Sailornyan and Thornyan were on my shoulders. "So do you know where we're going?" Sailornyan questioned.

"Honestly... no really." I replied sheepishly. "But maybe someone can help us."

"What about that zebra everyone mentioned lived in here?" Whisper suggested.

"Zecora?" I guessed. "Yeah, maybe she could help us. Let's go to her hut." Me and my Yo-Kai friends went to Zecora's hut.

I knocked on the door and a zebra wearing golden rings on her front right leg and back left leg, wearing golden earrings answered the door.

"What do we have here I see,
A new human and strange creatures come to see me."

"Hi Zecora, my name is Sarah and these are my Yo-Kai friends; Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. We really need your help."

Zecora let us into her hut and I explained everything to her.

"A Rescue mission, I see,
To the Castle of the Two sisters it be."

"Yes, do you know where it is?" I asked.

"To save you friends from an enemy of the past
You must track through this forest until you come to a stream that's deep
Cross the river and you'll come to a bridge at last
Once there, the battle ahead will be your ultimate leap."

"Okay, so we have to trek through the forest some more, cross and river, a bridge and we'll be at the castle." Sarah summarized.

"Be warned, many danger lay ahead,
May your friendship be what shall spread."

We all nodded and thanked her and we set off through the forest again. Trekking for about two more yards we all came to a large stream or river. "How are we gonna get across this?" Sailornyan asked.

"There are some rocks over here. Maybe we can use them?" Thornyan began hopping on the 'rocks' which were purple and scaly. Suddenly, the 'rocks' began moving and Thornyan was thrown off and he landed on the ground. "What's that?!" he exclaimed.

The 'rocks' as it turned out turned out to be a large serpent with a mustache!

"Oh Woah is me." he cried. He was crying for some reason. "Excuse me." I called.

The serpent stopped sobbing and looked at me, "What's the matter?" I asked.

"My mustache is ruined!!" We all saw that his mustache was cut leaving only half of it on one side. "I can help you." I offered.

"How?" the serpent asked.

I took out a pair of scissors and cut off some of my hair and then I used my magic to tie it all together making a new piece of hair for the serpent's mustache and I attached it to his damaged side. "Oooh, thank you so much. Now I look fabulous." I grinned at him. "You're welcome."

"I can help you all cross this river." The serpent offered his hand to us and we climbed into it and he lifted us up and over the river and onto the other side. "Thank you, Mr. Serpent!" Whisper thanked.

"No problem." The serpent said and he dove back into the water. We continued on through the forest when we all heard three roars. "What... was... that?" Thornyan asked.

"I don't know." I answered. I followed the roars to a clearing in the forest. There in the middle of the clearing were three creatures I never thought I'd see... dragons! Actually living dragons.. three to be exact!

The first dragon somewhat resembles a gecko in general appearance and has two pairs of wings with a shape similar to a bat, two mobile, ear-like appendages on the back of its head that show its mood and help it hear, as well as other pairs around their jaw depending on their age. They also have a pair of large, yellowish-green, cat-like eyes and sharp retractable teeth. Unlike most dragon species, the Night Fury has a short neck and lacks any kind of horns. The tip of the snout is also prominent, resembling the rhinarium of a mammal. The dragon is about 26 feet in length with a 45 feet long wingspan and it had fins on it's tail.

The second dragon was very similar but it lacked a some ear appendages and it was white with shimmering pink sparkles. It was 24 feet in length and a 42 feet long wingspan. It has faint lighter patterns similar to that of a manta ray. It somewhat resembles an a gecko in general appearance and has two pairs of wings. It had blue eyes and short neck as well.

The last dragon was very beautiful and bird-like: it is bipedal, possesses winged forelimbs, and is about the same size as medium-sized theropod dinosaurs such as Allosaurus. Its small yet keen eyes, equipped with poor binocular vision, are one of the tools it uses to stalk its targets. Its body is very colorful with a light beige underbelly, while its wings are mottled, darker shades in the same colors. In front of its eyes is its curved nasal horn, which is often used to batter opponents; its lower jaw is shorter and wider than its upper, giving it an overbite. Also it had a crown of spikes and a tail covered in spikes.

(One all the way to the right)

"What in tarnation are those critters?" Usapyon asked.

"A Night Fury, A Light Fury and a Deadly Nadder!" I squealed. "... but they look hurt."

The dragons were roaring in pain when they tried to spread their wings. I started to walk near them with my friends protest. "Sarah, don't they'll kill you?!" Whisper cried.

The three dragons saw me and growled. "Hey.." I said softly with my hands raised. "I won't hurt you... I just want to help you." The Night Fury stalked towards me with a suspicious look. I stayed calm as he neared me. I reached out my hand to him. If he touched it with his snout then I know he trusts me. "I'm telling the truth, I want to help you." I repeated. The Night Fury snarled softly but he could hear and sense the kindness in my voice because he touched his snout to my hand, meaning trust had been established. The other two dragons came over to me and nuzzled me.

My Yo-Kai friends came to me in relief. "How did you knyow he would trust you?" Sailornyan asked.

"I didn't. Sometimes you have to show a little kindness and honesty." I replied. The Light Fury nuzzled me and I smiled. "Now's let's take care of those wings of yours." I examined their wings and determined they were only sprained, nothing too serious. "You three should be good for flying soon." The dragons smiled at me.

"Come on, Sarah we better get to that bridge." Sailornyan reminded.

"Right." Me and my friends turned and walked away but we heard the dragons warbling. "Huh? What's wrong?" I asked them. They all walked towards me and rubbed against me. "I think they want to come with you, missy." Usapyon suggested. I looked at the dragons, "Is that true?" The dragons nodded and I smiled.

"Alright then, come on everyone to the Castle of the Two Sisters!" I cheered. "Yeah!" We all dashed into the forest with the dragons running behind us. The dragons, unexpectedly nudged e and my friends onto their backs. Sailornyan and Thornyan were on the Night Fury and Usapyon and Whisper were on the Light Fury and I was on the Deadly Nadder. "Woah, they move fast!" Whisper cried, trying to hold on. "Darn tootin! WOO-HOO!" Usapyon exclaimed.

Soon we all got to the bridge. "Look, the Castle of the Two Sisters!" I cried. "We made it!"

"Come on, let's go!" Sailornyan said. But before we could do that, my chest began glowing. "Huh? That's a new one." I muttered.

"What's goin on now. missy?" Usapyon asked.

"I don't know." My chest let out a beam that traced along the ground and went down a flight of stairs and then into a cave. I dismounted the Deadly Nadder.

"Should we follow it...?" Thornyan asked.

"Something tells me... we should." I said. I walked down the flight of steps while the dragons flew down the stairs. We all walked into a cave and gasped in awe. Inside was a large crystalline tree with five branches and a center in the shape of a star.

"Woah... what's this?" Sailornyan gasped.

"No idea." I answered. The tree glowed as well as my chest and the five branches as well as the center sent out a beam of rainbow color at my chest. There, a necklace formed with a white heart gem in the center. "Woah... what's this?" I asked.

The tree glowed again and this time it spoke!

"I see you received my gift for you."

"Gift?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, I am the Tree of Harmony and I have been interested in you since you entered this world. I gave you this element because I sense great magic within you and great good in your heart, Sarah. I infused the element with your emotions and only you alone can control its many powers. What you choose to do with it is your choice."

"But.. why me?"

"I sense great potential within you, Sarah. Use your element wisely, Sarah. We will meet again." With that, the tree stopped glowing.

"... That's was inytense." Sailornyan said.

"Yeah, come on. We've gotta to save our friends." Thornyan said. "Right." I mounted the Deadly Nadder, thinking about what the Tree of Harmony just said. Only I can use the elements powers and I have great potential? What could that mean?

The dragons flew out of the cave, over the bridge and into the castle. "Now where exactly in this room are they?" Thornyan asked. The Night Fury's ear appendages perked up and it flew off. "Woah!"

"After that Night Fury!" I called and the other dragons followed the Night Fury to a door. From there we all could here the voices of Chrysalis and another voice I though I'd never hear again. "... No, I can't be!" I peek through the small crack in the door and was horrified.

"Sarah, why is it?" Sailornyan asked.

"It's... Douglas! ... He and Queen Chyrsalis have my friends."

My Yo-Kai gasped. "Impossible! How did he get here?!" Whisper exclaimed.

"That's not important now." Usapyon said. "Sarah... you can do this. Your friends promised they would help you face your past. You have them with you and I know, we know, you can overcome your past. We believe in you."

I took a deep breath and thought about my friends and how they helped me in the short time I've known them. I opened my eyes and looked at my friends with determination. "You're right. I can do this!" I exclaimed.

"That's what we want to here!" Thornyan cheered. "Now let's rock this!" I nodded bravely.

I turned around and kicked the door opened, frightening Chrysalis and Douglas. "Sarah!" My friends and the Princesses cried. I saw my friends begin lowered into a pool of cragdiles. Me and My Yo-Kai walked into the room, "Well, well, well, my daughter's come back to me. Party time" Douglas hissed.

I snarled at him, "I'm not you daughter." I growled slowly. "Now... let my friends go!"

"You'll have to win them back if you want them, but time is of the essence." Chrysalis hissed. I saw the cragdiles roaring and hissing at my friends. "Sarah, hurry!" Pinkie cried.

"Fine then..." I accepted. Chrysalis laughed and fired at me but I raised my hand and my element generated a shield around it, deflecting the blast. "What?!" Chrysalis gasped. I punched and blasted the cage, freeing Kodi and the other pets. I pointed at her and the element made my hand blast a powerful beam at her, knocking her to the other side of the room. Douglas freaked. "Gah! Sorry, bug. I'm leaving!" and he dashed out the door like a coward. "Haha! Coward!" Jack smirked.

"Now's not the time, Jack!" Mason whimpered. Now the cage was 3/4 of the way to the cragdiles. One of them grabbed the cage and began shaking it. "SARAH!" All my friends exclaimed.

"Dragons! Go!" The three dragons flew into the room and blasted the cragdiles, forcing it off the cage. The Night and Light Fury blasted the cage, breaking the bars. "She has dragons now?!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Later!" Kaede exclaimed. All my friends leaped out of the cage and onto the ground and they gathered near me. Chrysalis got up and growled again with her horn glowing brightly. "You'll pay for that human!" she hissed and her changeling army came out, hissing and another figure came into view and it was... me?

.. Well it looked like me but it was darker in color and looked meaner. "W-What is t-that?" Jamie asked.

"Like the new clone I made. I didn't think it would be the clone of the new human. All I needed was a picture of her." Chrysalis said.

"Wait... so you knocked Sarah out that night?!" Ren exclaimed in shock. Chrysalis laughed. "Who else!" she cried. My evil clone growled at me and lunged for me. I leaped into the air and kicked my evil clone in the face. “Nice kick!” I heard Jack called. My clone got up again and lunged for me once more but I closed my eyes and my element glowed sending out a rainbow colored beam with the colors purple, pink, white, orange, light blue and yellow at my clone, disintegrating it. “Holy crap baskets!” Ren exclaimed. “She beat it like it was nothing!”

“Alright Sarah. Go get her!” Rainbow cheered.

“Yeah kick the crappy bugs butt!” Jack added. Chrysalis growled at my clones demise and turned to her army. “Attack, my minions!" The changelings hissed and flew right towards us but Sailornyan and Thornyan intercepted them with their "Paws of Fury!" and rapidly punched about twenty changelings in a row, sending them all out of the castle. "Alright kitties!" Rainbow cheered. "You won't win so easily, human." She blasted at us, but I spread my hands and the element created a large sheet around us, deflecting the beam back at her. "Ugh!"

"Give it up, Chrysalis!" Celestia said.

"Never!" I punched and the element sent out a shockwave at Chrysalis paralyzing her. "She's all your your majesty!" Celestia used her magic to trapped Chrysalis in a cage. "Time for you to spend some time in Tarturus." she said. And she vanished in a poof of magic. "Sarah, that was amazing!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"You beat the crap out of those cockroaches?!" Jack added.

"You totally showed them whose the boss!" Carrie added.

"Where'd you get that from?" Ren asked referring to my element. "The Tree of Harmony gave it to me."

"The Tree of Harmony?" Ren and the humans asked.

"It where me and my sister found the elements." Luna explained. "I'm surprised the Tree gave you an Element."

"It said-"

"Wait... the Tree... TALKED?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Yes, it said that I have potential in me and to use my element wisely." I added.

"B-B-But how did it talk?" Twilight asked.

"Anyway...what did it mean by potential?" Mason asked.

"I don't know, the tree said I'll have to figure it out on my own." I answered.

"Well. That will be a mystery you will not be solving alone." Luna said. "Now let's all go home." She lit her horn and she teleported all of us back to the home-ship. "Phew, talk about a wild morning." Kodi sighed.

"Yeah." Ren agreed. "So Chrysalis was the one who knocked Sarah out that night. I can't believe it."

"She's good with stealth but I never thought she was go to that. We'll have to be careful from now on."

"Your right." a voice said. We all turned and saw another man stepping out of the shadows. My heart raced and I felt tears in my eyes. "DADDY!" I rushed towards him and he accept me with open arms. The girls had tears in their eyes while Pinkie literally cried a waterfall of tears... onto Jack. "Hey, Hey enough with the tears!" he growled.

"I told you I find you one day." He told me. I hugged him tighter. "I always knew you'd find me one day." We separated and he looked at the others. "Thank you for watching out for her."

"You're welcome. Your daughter is very special. She saved us from Douglas and Chrysalis." Ren said. I blushed and rubbed the my neck nervously "Oh, now."

"No, I mean it, you saved our butts."

"Yeah, your the hero today." Pinkie cheered, hopping up and down.

"Well, that's what I raised her to do. But the purple unicorn is right with Douglas back, he'll do anything to get his hands on Sarah, so we have to keep an eye out for him and on Sarah." my dad informed.

"Right." Everybody said.

".... So you wanna tell us about these three?" Jamie asked referring to my three new dragons. "Oh Yeah, good news guys... I have three new pets." I laughed nervously and a moment of silence followed before,

".... WHAT?!"

It's been a week, since I rescued Ren, Twilight, their friends and the royal sisters from Douglas and Queen Chrysalis. And my Dad reuniting with me. The day after the rescue, Princess Celestia and Luna awarded me a medal of bravery in the face of danger. My dad was blubbering like a baby, which would be embarrassing to any other teenager, but I wasn't like any other teenager. Now, I an entering the small dining room where all my friends were. "Hi Sarah." Ren greeted.

"Morning Ren." I saw Mason cooking some pancakes while wearing an apron. Blitz and Blaze, in their chibi forms scampered over to Mason and playfully munched on his apron. "Hey, Stop it! I'm cooking here!" he exclaimed. "Sarah, get them please!"

I laughed at the scene, "Blaze, Blitz, here boys." Hearing my call, my chibi dinos scampered over to me. Mason sighed, "Thanks." And he finished making the pancakes, about two I could tell and he put them on a plate with eggs and bacon on it. "Here's your plate, Sarah." he said.

"Thank you." I sat in between Jack and Rantaro. Jack had a stack of ten pancakes due to his... you know while Rantaro had about three of them. As I was eating, I heard Jack yelp in pain. "Who just bite me?!" he said in anger.

He lifted his left hand to see Blitz, munching on it. "Sarah, get your pest before I toss him in the trash!" he growled.

"Ooh, Jack, don't be so mean to him. He's only a baby." I pride Blitz off of his hand and he moved his legs up and down, chirping. I chuckled. "He only wanted your pancakes... Awww."

"How do you know?" Rantaro asked.

"Half dinosaur... can understand dinosaur speech." I replied simply.

"Hmph." Jack scoffed. "Figures."

I rolled my eyes as I finished my plates. That's when Nicole and Kaede came in to the room. "Hi girls." I greeted.

"Hi Sa-Woah Sarah what's wrong with you Elements?" Kaede exclaimed.

"Huh?" I looked at my element and saw what she meant. My white element now had a purple and pink stripe on the side. "Woah, when did that happen?" I asked.

Ren came over and looked at my element. "That's a new one on me." he said. "Maybe Twilight and girls know."

"Yeah... maybe."

Soon, Twilight was at the home-ship examining my element. "Hmm... I haven't seen anything like this. Then again, this is a new Element so they could be more surprise with it. I'll send a letter to Princess Celestia and see if she has any ideas."

"Okay thanks Twilight. In the meantime, I'm going to go out for a while." I said.

"Alright, Sarah, see ya." Ren said and I exited the door and headed into Ponyville. As was just walking through Ponyville, I decided to go to Sugarcube Corner to get myself a treat. Pinkie had been bugging me non-stop about coming here. I entered the shop and went to the front counter and saw Mr. and Ms. Cake. "Hello, Sarah, what can I get you today?" Ms. Cake asked.

"I'll have a cupcake and a milkshake please." I replied.

"Coming right up." Ms. Cake went into the kitchen in the back and in no more than about ten minutes later, she came out with a pink cupcake and a milkshake. "Here you go, sweetie!"

"Thank you."

I took the cupcake and the milkshake and sat alone at an empty table. As I was eating, I began to notice some of the ponies staring at me with suspicious and angry expressions for some reason. I didn't think anything about it at the time until a small group of them came over to me. "Hey Sarah." the lead pony called.


"What are you doing here?" I noticed that there was some venom in his voice. "Umm.. I just wanted to get something for breakfast."

"Well... we have a better idea... get out!"

I was shocked, "Get out? Why?"

"Because ever since you came here, dinosaurs have been appearing here too as well enemies we don't want!" a mare added. I know they were referring to Chrysalis. "B-But it wasn't-"

"Shut up!" the lead pony said. "We said get out or else." He held up and cupcake and the other ponies held up other cupcakes and milkshakes. I gulped nervously before I was assaulted by the flying sweets.

Mason's POV

Me, my sister, Ren, Kaede, Jack, Nicole, Jamie and Jack were all watching TV together. Suddenly, Blitz and Blaze in their chibi form pounced onto me and Ren, chirping happily. "Hehe, alright you two, now's not the time to play." I playfully scolded Blaze as I placed him back on the ground and Ren did the same with Blitz. Sarah's father came in, "Hey guys, have any of you seen my daughter?" he asked.

"She went out to Ponyville." Jack replied.

"What? By herself?!" He exclaimed.

"Relax, Donny, you are such a helicopter father ever since you came here." Rantaro retorted.

Donny gasped, "I have not!"

"Oh really, you once followed her on Rainbow Dash when she went to Fluttershy's." Ren deadpanned.

"Uh... I was... just looking out for her." he defended.

"Yeah right." We all said.

The door opened, "Hey Sarah." I greeted and we all looked and gasped in shock. Sarah staggered in covered in sweets; she had an ice cream sundae smashing on her head, cupcake stains and residue on her shoulders and clothes and she had milkshake dripping from her clothing as well. "Uuggghhh..." she groaned.

"Sarah, what happened?!" I exclaimed as me and the gang rushed over to her.

"Some ponies threw their sweets at me." she replied.

"What?!" Sarah's father asked. "Why?" I set Sarah down on the couch as Ren went and got some towels for her. "They said ever since I came here, bad things have been happening. They think I should leave Ponyville... forever."

"Forever?!" Ren cried.

"That's ridiculous, you're not making bad things happen, it's a load of crap." Jack added.

"Tell that to them." Sarah muttered. Ren and I helped wiped off the sweet residue from Sarah and that's when Twilight and the girls came in, "Hey you g-What's happened to Sarah?" Rainbow said.

"Some idiotic ponies threw sweets at her cause they think she's the cause of all the bad things that have happened so far and they want her to leave forever." Jack scoffed.

"What?! That's a load of baloney!" Rainbow cried. "Exactly."

"Well it was only a matter of time." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Rarity scoffed.

Rantaro held up his hands. "What? I'm just saying."

"Yeah, well don't say that in front of me daughter." Sarah's dad replied as he came in with some wet towels and a new set of clothes, "Here honey, go into the bathroom and change into these."

Sarah stood up and took the towels and clothes, "Thank you." and she went off.

"I can't believe those ponies." Applejack claimed.

"I know, saying Sarah should leave because of bad events that she didn't cause." I exclaimed in anger.

"But what can we do?" Sarah's father asked. "We can't stop these dinosaurs from showing up. We don't even know where they are coming from."

Everybody sighed, "Let's just hope things don't get any worse." I hoped. Everyone else shared my thought. Unfortunately, the next morning, Sarah came home from another outing with a black eye and a busted lip!

"Oh my stars! They beat you up?!" Rarity cried as she examined her wounds. Sarah nodded and tried to open her blackened eye, but it hurt too much and she winced, "Aha!"

Her father came in with an ice pack, "Here, put this on your lip." Sarah took the ice pack and put on her blackened eye.

"Okay this ends now." Sarah's father said as he headed for the door. "Where are you going, old man?" Jack asked.

Her father turned around sharply, "First, I am not old I'm forty." he declared. Ren and everyone looked at him up and down, "Now I know that's a lie." Rantaro muttered.

"Hey!... Nevermind and second, I'm going out there and set things straight with these ponies."

"Mr. D-Donny, wait!" Jamie said as he got in front of Sarah's father. "I fear you may only make tings worse for her."

"Jamie's right." Ren spoke. "Whenever the adult enters a situation like this, it only makes things worse for the child."

Sarah's father sighed, "So what do we do?" he asked.

POV Ends

I listened to the conversation my dad and friends were having. I sighed deeply, "I..."

"Sarah, what is it?" Carrie asked.

"I.. have to leave..."

"WHAT!" Everybody exclaimed.

"Sarah, you can't leave!" Pinkie cried. "We haven't even celebrated your birthday."

"What Pinkie means to say," Kaede said with a deadpanned look, "Is that you don't have to leave just because some ponies are harassing you."

"Uh... everyone?" Sailornyan said as she came in. "This just came." She was holding a rock with a note attached to a rock. Ren took the rock and note and read the note, "Get out of our town, Sarah! No one wants you and your trouble here or else!"

Everyone gasped in horror. "How rude!" Rarity cried.

"First, they pound her with sweets, then they beat her up and now they are threatening her?!" Jack growled. "Just let me take care of this." he cracked his knuckles. "Woah, woah, woah, Jack." Applejack stepped in, "Fighting those ponies won't solve anything for Sarah."

"I.. have to leave, guys." I said again.

"Sarah, you don't have to-" my father said but I cut him off. "No... dad, I don't.. want you guys to get hurt because of me... it'll better if I just left... forever."

"But Sarah-" Carrie cut in.

"No, my decision is final... I have to go... forever." I turned away and headed to my room to pack my stuff to leave Ponyville... forever.

Ren's Pov

"Oh Sarah.." I muttered.

"I can't believe she's actually leaving." Kodi added. "All because of some harassment."

"She's always been that way." Sarah's father sighed, "Always putting her friends before herself. I raised her to be a caring person, but she always runs away from her social problems, which is why she's not a very social butterfly."

"But she can't always run away from her problems, she needs to run to us for support against this." Mason said.

"She doesn't want us getting hurt, big brother." Carrie reminded. Mason sighed, "I wish there was something we could do to stop this harassment."

"Me too, Mason.. Me too." I said.

POV Ends

When I was finished, I saw everyone in the living room, "Sarah, please don't do this." my father begged.

"I have no choice, dad."

"We'll find someway to resolve this."

"Dad.. it's too late. I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me."

"But I just got you back... I can't lose you again."

"I'll be fine... I'll have my dragons with me."

I got up with my backpack filled with everything I needed. "Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Blitz, Blaze." I called My Light Fury, Night Fury and Deadly Nadder and chibi dinosaurs came to my side. "Come on guys, we're leaving." I turned to my friends, "Bye guys... thanks for taking care for me and please take care of my Yo-Kai friends."

They nodded, not saying a word. I walked out the door and mounted Storm with Blitz and Blaze in my hands and we all flew off and over Ponyville. I looked back at the town I thought I'd called home, leaving it forever.

Ren's POV

Me and my friends were just in silence as Sarah left. "I can't believe it... I lost her... again." Donny said.

"No you haven't she's just... being distant from Ponyville.... forever." Carrie said slowly.

"I wish we could show the ponies that she's not responsible for all the mayhem." Mason added.

Jack sighed, "Yeah, even though the newbie was annoyingly happy, she didn't deserve to be self exiled."

"But what can we do?" Donny asked. "All those ponies think is Sarah's bad news for this town."

"Then we have to change their minds somehow." I suggested.

"H-How? We c-cant change how ponies think." Jamie said. Ren sighed.



"What was that?" Kodi asked. We all rushed outside and saw another dinosaur. The dinosaur was a light purple, with the top of its back being a very dark purple and the legs being tan. On its back were plates like the ones from the serpent, colored dark purple and mixed with light purple and cyan. The plates went from tiny ones at the tip of its neck to the start of the tail. The tail had four purple spikes at the end.

"A Stegosaurus!" I cried in astonishment. The dinosaur was roaring and swinging it's tail erratically. "Hit the floor!"

We all ducked just in time to avoid being hit by it's tail. "That was close!" Kodi said. The Stegosaurus walked into town and the ponies screamed in terror. "Someone get rid of it!" a mare cried.

"Summon another dinosaur!" a stallion cried.

"Sarah could, but all made her leave Ponyville forever cause you all thought she was bad news. Well, good new for you all, you got what you wanted! Hope you all are happy" Jack yelled angrily at the crowds, making them feel remorse about what they've done. They chased away their only resident just because of their assumptions. The Stegosaurus roared and continued swinging it's tail around.

"Well.. this can't get any worse right?" Jack asked. Suddenly another roar was heard. "Another dinosaur?!" Jamie cried in horror. Indeed there was another one, but this one had extremely long claws and was really tall and glowing in rainbow colors.

"A Therizinosaurus!" Sarah's father exclaimed in fear. The dinosaur roared and slashed houses in half with it's long claws. "Aww man!" Rainbow said. "This awful!"

"Well... at least they don't have any moves, right?" Jack asked.

Just then the Stegosaurus glowed and reared up and it's tail sent out multiple spikes at the houses, making everyone run in fear.

(Play at 13:58)

The Therizinosaurus roared and it's claws glowed and looked like they extended and with one big slash, he sent one houses flying out of Ponyville. "... You have to stop talking." Rantaro said to Jack, angering the biker.

"Nobody asked you!" he yelled and he caught the attention of the two dinosaurs. "Great, Jack look what you and your big mouth did!" Twilight said in fear. The two dinosaurs growled and charged us. "RUUUUNNN!" I screamed and we all dashed away with the dinosaurs hot on our tails. "Oh man, what do we do?" Fluttershy whimpered.

"There's nothing we can do! Only Sarah can handle them." Jamie added. The Therizinosaurus leaped over us and blocked out escape route while the Stegosaurus stood behind us, swinging it's tail threateningly. "Ooohh... crap baskets!" I whimpered.

Fluttershy hugged my legs while Jamie hid behind Twilight and Spike. We all stood back-to-back as the two dinosaurs snarled at us.

Just then...

Blitz and Blaze, in their battle mode, rammed the two dinosaurs, knocking them away from us. "Blitz! Blaze!" Applejack cried in relief.

"Guys!" We turned to out right and saw Sarah and her dragons running towards us. "Sarah!" The Stegosaurus got up and launched it's spikes once again. Blitz moved to the left, dodging it but the spikes were heading right four us now!


Suddenly, I felt myself being picked up by something and flying in the air. "What the-..?" I looked and saw Winter's face smiling at me. She managed to grab me, Jack, Jamie and Nicole in each of her feet. I saw that Storm had the girls on her back and Moonshine had Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie in his grasp while Sarah's father was on his back. "Thanks." I said. Winter warbled and the the three dragons placed us a safe distance from the battle.

POV Ends

Blitz and Blaze were circling the Stegosaurus and Therizinosaurus. The two dinosaurs roared and charged my dinosaurs. Blitz and Blaze charged them and they engaged in a power struggle. Even though Therizinosaurus was a little taller than Blaze, they were evenly match in strength. Blaze reared up and smacked Therizinosaurus with it's tail while Stegosaurus rammed Blitz away and quickly moved in two strike him. "Blitz, watch out!"

Blitz moved out of the way of the tail and grabbed it. He tossed Stegosaurus around and around until he finally threw it and it crashed on the ground in Ponyville. Stegosaurus roared in pain. Blaze, meanwhile, was trying to avoid getting sliced by Therizinosaurus' claws. Blaze tried to get a bite in but Therizinosaurus used it's claws to block him.

Just then, Therizinosaurus glowed and began spinning around and around with it's claws out. "Alright Blaze, let's finish him. ULTIMATE FIRE!" I slashed the card and Blaze roared as he was covered in fire energy. The fire made a dome around him and he charged the Therizinosaurus.

(Like this)

They both collided and stood for a moment.... until Therizinosaurus roared and fell to the ground, changing back to a card.

"Alright, Blaze!" I cheered. My Acrocanthasaurus roared in victory. Meanwhile, Blitz had the Stegosaurus on the ground with his horns. "Now Blitz, LIGHTNING STRIKE" I slashed his move card and Blitz roared as electricity formed at his horns. He reared up and fired the electricity at the down dinosaur. The dinosaur roared in pain and it turned back into a card.

(Like this)

Stegosaurus fell to the ground and changed back into a card.

I went over and picked up the two cards. "Two more dinosaurs." Blitz and Blaze came over to me. "Great work again, boys." I recalled the two of their cards and their chibi forms. And I saw all my friends and my dad coming over. "Two more dinosaurs secured, honey." my dad said. "You surely mastered you art of dinosaur battling."

I smiled, "Thanks dad."

"Those attacks you used her incredible!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yeah, your dinosaurs are incredible!" Jack said with a toothy grin.

"Thanks everyone."

Suddenly, "There she is, get her!"

"Huh?" I turned around just in time to be pounced on by some ponies, tied up and thrown into a cage. "Hey!" Jack yelled. "What the hell is the big idea?"

"We're getting rid of this human for good!" the lead pony said which was the same stallion from Sugarcube Corner.

"What are you talking about?!" Twilight spoke, "She just saved Ponyville again from dinosaurs!"

"But she's the reason they showed up in the first place!" a mare added. "We've had enough!" They put my cage on wheels and began to roll me away when Blitz and Blaze came in front of everyone. "Get out of our way, you monsters!" another mare exclaimed. Blitz and Blaze growled as my friends and dad came up then. "This has gone on long enough!" Applejack said. "Ya varmints got it all wrong! Sarah is not bad news to this here town!"

"Yes she is!" a lead pony said. "Ever since she came here, she's caused nothing but trouble!"

"Who cares! She's our friend and we're not letting you take her away from us!" Mason growled. Jack cracked his knuckles. "You can't stop me!"

"But I can." a majestic voice came. That's when Princess Celestia descended down in front of everyone. Everyone bowed to her. "Princess Celestia, what are you doing here?" Fluttershy asked.

"Twilight sent me a letter detailing Sarah's harassment by Ponyville civilians. I'm here to make sure it stops." Celestia used her magic to open the cage, letting me go. Then, he approached the lead pony and his followers. "All of you are under arrest for harassment." She placed all of them in their own cage and turned to us. "I'll take care of them. Good day everyone." and with that she teleported away with the ponies in hand.

"Well, that's taken care of." Mason said.

"I'm sorry guys for running away from my problem." I apologized, looking really guilty.

"Oh Sarah, it's okay, you were just trying to protect us." Fluttershy cooed.

"But still.."

"Well what done is done." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Keade scolded.

"What?" I just laughed at them and rolled her eyes. It's been a long day for me.

Episode 3: Magic Duel/ Surprise

View Online

Today I was in Twilight's Library looking through some more spell books as I furthered my magic training. So far, I perfected difficult spells like teleportation in multiple locations, transfiguration and shield spells, I could made a bubble shield, barrier shield and a crystal shield. Twilight was very impressed. "You're doing great aiming with your magic, Sarah. Are you sure you father didn't train you in magic?"

"Well, he did a few spells here and there, but nothing like this."

"Well, I'm happy to say your magic has been growing more and more powerful. Wonder what else your magic can do?"

"Yeah. Did you get the letter back from Princess Celestia?"

Twilight sighed, "Yes, but unfortunately, she doesn't have any idea where your element is gaining these color stripes."

"Guess we'll have to find out why on our own."

"Yep." That's when Spike, Rainbow and Jack burst into the Library. "Twilight! Come quick! It's an emergency!" Rainbow Dash begged.

"Rainbow? What is it? What's wrong?" Twilight asked, bewildered.

"No time to explain you purple loon!" Jack said quickly. "You need to come with us right now! Come on!"

Without another word, we ran after the three. "Wonder what has them so freaked?" We made it to town hall where we saw all our friends. Rarity was engulfed by a blast of red magic. When the smoke cleared, she was wearing a very colour clashing, very tacky dress.

She gasped, horrified. "You beast! This shade of brown should only be used for accents!"

Mason and Applejack hurried to catch her on her back as she fainted and carried her off, Pinkie following behind.

"Come on, Applejack. We've got to get her in a nice, soothing pink, stat!"

We all came onto the scene "What's going on here?" Twilight asked.

"And what's with the red magic beam?" I asked.

"Well, well, well." A figure in a black hooded robe walked up. "If it isn't... Twilight Sparkle."

She threw back her hood and the whole crowd gasped as she revealed her features. Aqua blue fur, platinum mane, purple eyes shining with arrogance and a confident sneer set across her face. Just like when he'd seen her almost a year ago.

"Trixie!" Twilight gasped.

"Who's Trixie?" I asked.

"She's a loudmouth pony who never stops bragging about how great she is." Ren growled annoyed with her already.

"What are you doing here?" Spike glared.

"You call that great and powerful?" Rainbow scoffed from the sky.

Trixie's reply was to fire off another beam of red at Rainbow, her eyes and horn shimmering. It hit her and the result was that her left wing grew to an enormous size. The unbalance caused by this made her wobble precariously in the air.

"Hey!" I fried my magic at Rainbow returning her wings to normal size.

Trixie then blasted, Carrie, Kaede, Jack, Mason, Ren, Rantaro, Nicole and Jamie turning them into little bugs.

"AGH! I"M A BUG!" Ren cried.

"ME TOO! AAAHHH!" Jamie cried.

"What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Trixie!" I used my magic again to change them back. "Phew, glad that's over." Ren sighed.

"Stop picking on my friends, Trixie!" ordered Twilight.

"Please?" I added. "Why are you here anyway?" Then i noticed the necklace around her neck. I've seen that necklace in one of the books I've read and it was bad news.

"I'm here to challenge Twilight Sparkle to a magic duel to see which one of us is truly the most powerful pony in all of Equestria." Trixie explained. "Winner stays and the loser leaves Ponyville... forever!"

The crowd gasped. "Forget it. I would never duel you for something like that!" Twilight declared.

"Oh really?" Trixie taunted. She blasted Spike and rolled him up in a ball and was bouncing him around the place. "Spike!" Twilight cried.

"Hey, leave him alone you blue brat!" Jack growled, wanting to punch her.

"Hahaha, and what are you going to do about it?" she challenged.

Jack growled but before he could do anything I used my magic and overpowered Trixies' magic and unraveled Spike and placed him with Ren and the others. "Thanks Sarah."

"Hey! Stop reversing my magic, you human!" Trixie exclaimed angry.

"My name is Sarah." I said bluntly. Trixie gnashed her teeth. "Ooohhh, something bad is gonna happen." Ren whispered to the others and they nodded in agreement.

"Fine then, if you want think you can beat the Great and Powerful Trixie, then I challenge you to a magic duel instead of Twilight Sparkle and the rules are the same." The crowd gasped again as well as my friends.

"Fine Trixie, I accept your challenge!" I declared. This time, my friends gasped. "Alright then, the battle is tomorrow at noon. Be there Sarah, unless your scared." With that she teleported away. Ren and the others came up to me, "Sarah, what are you thinking?!" Spike said. "You can't beat her! Did you see what she did to Rarity?!" Mason added.

"Not to mention Snips and Snails, she turned them into babies. Only high level unicorns can do that kind of magic!" Twilight informed. "How could she do it?"

"Well she's obviously not a high-level unicorn. So how could she do those spells?" Kaede said.

"It's that necklace around her neck. Or should I say the Alicorn Amulet!"

"WHAT? How did she get that?!" Twilight and Jamie exclaimed.

"What is the Alicorn Amulet?" Nicole asked.

"It's a magical artifact that bestows the pony whose wearing to be bless with untold powers, but it corrupts the user the more times the pony uses it." I explained. "I read about it in one of the books."

"So that explains why her magic arua was red instead of blue." Ren said.

"So all we have to do it take it off, easy." Rantaro said. I shook my head, "You can’t. The only pony who can take it off is Trixie due to the magical lock on it."

"Great, now what?" Rainbow said. "With those kinds of spells, you won't stand a chance again her!"

"Maybe you should forfeit?" Fluttershy suggested.

"I'm not backing down. I'm going to the magic duel." I declared determined.

"But Sarah-" Carrie spoke.

"I have to defend you guys from her and that amulet. And I have to do it alone. Besides she didn't exactly say I couldn't only use magic." I smirked.

"What do you mean by that?" Kaede asked.

"You'll see." I smirked. The others looked at each other wondering what I had in store for tomorrow.

The next morning, I awoke to a bell ringing? "What the-?" It sounded like it was coming from Sweet Apple Acres. I immediately got my clothes on and rushed over. I got there and found all my friends present as well, "This is a Code Red Sweet Apple Acres emergency, I need all hooves, claws and hands on deck!" Applejack declared.

"What's going on, farm chick?" Jack scoffed, "I was in the middle of eating!"

"I'm sure it no big deal, Jack." Rarity said.

"No big deal?!" Applejack exclaimed. "Then get a load of this!" She lead us to a part of the orchard where there was a really big hole and three smaller holes! Trees were uprooted or laying feet away like they were literally pushed out of the ground. "Holy cow! What happened here?!" Mason exclaimed.

"No idea, all I heard was some digging and the next these holes were here." Applejack replied. I examined the holes closely and found a white spike with red shading on it. As well as grayish spikes also with red shading. My eyes widened a little. "Oh dear, this is bad." I commented.

"Sarah... do you know what did this?" Kaede asked.

"It was-"

"The Screaming and Whispering Deaths, two deadly dragons that can burrow underground, am I right?" Nicole informed.

"Right, Nicole."

"Screaming Death? Whispering Death? What the fudge are those?" Jack exclaimed.

"They are dragons. Very very dangerous dragons and from the looks of these holes. They here in Equestria." I replied.

"Uh-Oh, so what do we do?" Ren asked.

"Nothing much now. We have to wait until they either revealed themselves or leave."

"A-Are you sure?" Jamie asked nervously. I nodded.

"Now we better get you prepared for your magic duel today at noon, darling." Rarity reminded everyone.

"Right." We all went to Twilight's Library where I preformed difficult spells easily. "Good Sarah, let's just hope that it'll be enough to beat Trixie."

"Yeah, we don't want you to leave Ponyville... again." Carrie added.

"I'll be fine." I said. Suddenly, I felt my nose twitching and I sneezed and I felt something shot out of my horn and a loud BOOM! I sniffled, "Excuse me. Huh?" I saw the table in front of me was scorched for some reason and my friends had shocked and surprised expression. "What?"

"Y-You just-" Jamie stammered.

"You just shot lightning out of your horn?!" Ren finished.

"Lightning?" I asked. "How? I never had that before."

"I don't know, but that is strange." Rantaro said.

I felt a sneeze coming on again and I sneezed and this time it hit the door, burning it to ashes! "Now you can shoot fire from your horn?!" Rainbow cried in amazement. "Awesome?!"

"But how?" Fluttershy said.

"Maybe it's another power of your Element?" Ren suggested.

"I don't think so, if it was then the Element would have glowed along with her horn, but it didn't." Jamie stated.

"Well... we have not time to figure this out. It's almost noon." Nicole said, looking at her IPad. "Time for the magic duel." I nodded and we all headed to Town Hall where we found Trixie with her eyes glowing red. Ren and the others stood in the crowd. "Well, well, well, looks like you actually have the guts to face me." Trixie taunted, but I didn't fall for that and I blinked at her.

"No comment, huh?"

"No talk.. just duel." I said.

"Fine then. Snips, Snails." The two boys came before Trixie and she blasted them, turning them into babies. She turned and smirked at me. I whistled and Storm, Moonshine and Winter came at my side, surprising Trixie. "Wait, you can't have them involved?!"

"You didn't say anything about you I involved in this duel." I smirked. "Show them."

Storm and Winter blasted their fire attacks into the sky which swirled around my horn and I blasted it back into the sky, making fireworks out of them. The crowd awed at the display. "Oh yeah!" Trixie said. She used her magic to make dark storm clouds appear in the sky and they covered all of Ponyville. I concentrated and shot the clouds with my newly discovered lightning magic, turned them into regular dark clouds. The crowd cheered while Trixie gnashed her teeth in anger. I smiled and changed into a Jaguar and leaped into the sky as Storm flew into the sky. She blasted her magnesium blast at her but I used the power of my element to stop it in mid air and I spun around and around with the fire circling me, like a ring.

"Incredible!" Ren cried.

"She's amazing!" Mason added.

"Looks like the newbie is gonna come out on top." Jack smirked proudly.

I slowly descended to the ground and launched the fire into the air where it exploded, making lots of sparkles. The crowd went wild and Trixie was not happy at all. Her eye glowed even more red. "That's it!" she yelled loudly. "It's time I put you in your place!" she growled, but before she could do anything the ground started shaking.

"What is that?!" Jamie whimpered.

Suddenly, behind Trixie burst four dragons. The Screaming Death and three Whispering Deaths.

Whispering Death: These dragons were 95 feet long and 7.6 feet tall with a 26.8 feet wingspan. The Whispering Deaths resemble a giant gulper eel than a Screaming Death,with bulging eyes, spiny face and six rows of rotating teeth in their mouths. They also greatly resemble a serpentine Deadly Nadder, but with no legs and only spikes decorating their undersides. They can breath rings of fire from their gaping mouths that are full of deadly rotating teeth. And their roar was like this.

Screaming Death: This dragon was 365 feet long and 16 feet tall. They are born every 100 years. It is a Titan Wing version of the Whispering Death. It is a heavily mutated, albino Whispering Death. It is white in color, has large red eyes, a longer and a more massive body, and larger tail than an 'average' Whispering Death. It also has three rows of teeth, but they are aligned differently than those of the Whispering Death, set in a chin reminiscent of a Red Death. They have rows of frilly spines that line the edges of its unsegmented underbelly. They can shoot large, explosive balls of fire. And their roar was like this

All the ponies screamed in absolute fear of these beast. "Oh my stars!" Rarity cried in horror. "I'm guessing that's a Screaming Death and the Whispering Deaths." Ren whimpered.

The Screaming Death roared and blasted fire balls at the gang. "Lookout!" Jack cried. They all scattered as the ball hit the ground, leaving a large crater in the ground. I saw one of the Whispering Death moving towards Trixie! "Trixie, move!" I pushed her out of the way and blasted the Whispering Death with my magic, making it roar in slight pain.

"What do we do?!" Jamie screamed in fear.

"I'll handle these beasts!" Trixie said, moving towards the dragons.

"Trixie, are you crazy?!" Twilight cried in worry. "They'll kill you!"

Trixie scoffed, "Oh Please, the Great and Powerful Trixie can handle anything." The Screaming Death growled and blasted Trixie with it's fireball. Covering it in soot and destroying her cloak. She coughed a ring of smoke. "Yeah, right." Rantaro grunted.

The Screaming Death stared Trixie dead in her face. She she did the only logical thing she could think of.... run and scream!

"AAAHHHHH!" she bolted away as the other ponies did the same thing. I knew these four could easily destroy Ponyville and I had to stop them. I mounted Winter, "You guys, get everyone to safety, I'll take care of the dragons!" I said.

"What?! You can't deal with those brute alone!" Rarity cried.

"No time! Now go!" Winter flew into the sky followed by Moonshine and Storm.

Ren's POV

"You heard her, let's go!" Rantaro ordered.

"No one asked you, you bastard!" Jack snarled.

"BOYS?!" Twilight cried. "No time to argue, let's go!"

Twilight and the girls ran off followed by me and the others. We got all the ponies into their houses as quickly a we could. "Is that everyone?" I asked.

"Yes." Twilight replied. We all heard a roar and looked at the sky to see Sarah fighting the Screaming Death and the three Whispering Deaths. "D-Do you think she'll be alright?" Jamie stammered.

"We just have to hope and see." I said.

POV Ends

Me and Winter blasted the Screaming Death while Storm and Moonshine dealt with the three Whispering Deaths. The Screaming Death roared and lunged at us, but Winter bolted out of the way. The Screaming Death fired it's fireballs at Winter, but I created a shield around us both, protecting us from the fireball. "Plasma Blast." I ordered and Winter blasted the Screaming Death.

"Just hitting it isn't working, we need to lead them away from Ponyville. Come on everyone, to Ghastly Gorge!" My dragons flew off to Ghastly Gorge with the Deaths following right behind. Ghastly Gorge was a gorge filled with perils, such as a windy cave, bramble bushes and quarry eels. Winter and the dragons flew right into Ghastly Gorge. "Alright dragons, let's use their size against them shall we?"

My dragons roared in agreement and we flew right through the Gorge with the Deaths right behind. The Screaming Death was struggling to fly through thanks to it's larger size while the Whispering Deaths were maneuvering easily. Winter and my dragons rushed through the Gorge entering the a windy cave. Winter, Moonshine and Storm easily flew through the cave cause of they were aerodynamic, so the wind didn't push on them a lot. The three Whispering Deaths were another story. They all were struggling with the winds and were thrown out of the cave and crashed into a wall. The Screaming Death just busted through the cave. I looked back. "Three down, one to go."

The Screaming Death was getting closer and I looked ahead to see a dead end up ahead. "Perfect." I said. "Faster, girl." Winter sped up as well as the others as the Screaming Death increased speed as well. We got closer and closer to the wall and at the last second.... my dragon flew up and the Screaming Death slammed into the wall, making lots of rocks fall down. "Watch out!" I cried.

My dragons dodged all the falling rocks, but I got hit in the head with a boulder and fell off of Winter. My Light Fury's roar was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

Third Person POV

Winter, Moonshine and Storm gasped as the scene of the avalanche that occurred. Worse of all, Sarah was in there somewhere! They had to get help. Storm flew off quickly to Ponyville and found Ren, Twilight and their friends. "Storm?" Twilight called. Storm landed and started roaring in distress, running in a circle. "What's up with the Nadder?" Rantaro asked.

"Something must be wrong?" Ren suggested. Storm nodded flew off towards the Gorge. "Come on."

Twilight and the others followed her to Ghastly Gorge. "So Storm, what the matter?" Twilight whipped out he binoculars and looked in the gorge. "Oh no, there's been an avalanche in there!" she cried.

Storm kept roaring in distress and Winter and Moonshine came on to the scene. "Winter, where's Sarah." Winter nudged towards the avalanche in the distance and Twilight put the piece together. "Sarah's trapped in the avalanche?!"

The dragons nodded and everybody gasped. "Oh no, we've got to get her out!" Carrie said.

"And we will." Twilight said. "Come on." Winter and Moonshine landed and allowed Ren and his friends to mount them four on each. Jamie, Ren, Nicole and Rantaro were on Winter while Kaede, Carrie, Mason and Jack were on Moonshine. Rainbow and Fluttershy flew after the dragons while Twilight teleported the rest to the scene.

The dragons landed and everybody gasped in horror. "Oh my stars, she's in there?!" Rarity cried.

"Yeah, come on!" Rainbow started moving rocks out of the way, "We've got to find her."

Twilight and the others helped in anyway they could to remove the rocks, to find Sarah. Winter, Moonshine and Storm moved he rocks, using their feet, Rarity and Twilight used their magic while Applejack and Pinkie Pie kicked the rocks. Suddenly, Ren moved a rock and noticed a small peach horn! "Guys, I got her!" he cried.

The others came over and saw the horn, "Come on." Ren and the others moved the rocks surrounding Sarah until most of her was free and Jack pulled her out. She was in bad shape; she had a large bruises on her forehead and she was covered in scratches and bruises. "Oh my." Fluttershy gasped.

"We've got to get her to the hospital, now!" Nicole cried.

"Right." But before the could move, the rocks nearby started moving and the Screaming Death burst from the rocks, roaring in anger. "Oh man!" Jack whimpered.

Sarah's dragons roared at the Screaming Death. The Screaming Death flew into the sky, but it came down with a THUD. "What the-?" Ren said. "What's wrong with it?"

Fluttershy saw that one of it's wing was slightly red, "It's wing is hurt!" The three Whispering Deaths came over and got underneath the Screaming Death and carried it off. Sarah's dragons growled at it, "Woah, your three. It's hurt, let it go." Applejack said. "Right now, let' get Sarah to the hospital."

Everybody nodded and the humans mounted the dragons which took off in an instant to rush Sarah to the hospital.

POV Ends




I groaned softly as I heard a familiar beeping sound. I slowly opened my eyes to see Ren, Jamie, Kaede, Jack, Carrie, Mason, Nicole and Ranatro all looking at me with relived expressions. I looked at my left arm saw the cast with my dino bracer on the nightstand next to it. "Ugh... what happened?"

"You got caught in an avalanche." Ren explained. "Luckily, you only got a broken arm."

"Well, that explains the pink cast on my arm." I said.

"That... was really brave of you... luring the dragons away." Jamie stammered.

"Yeah, you got some guts for a scrawny little newbie." Jack said with his toothy grin.

"I'm not scrawny! I'm thin!" I exclaimed.

"You're scrawny in my book, newbie."

I rolled my eyes. "So how long will I be in here for?"

"Only for three days." Mason replied.

"So where are my dragons?" I asked.

"They are back at the home-ship. We'll tell them you'll be out soon." Ren said.

"Alright... what about Trixie and the Alicorn Amulet?" I questioned and that's when they all gasped. "We completely forgot about her!" Ren cried.

"Great that pest could be anywhere and she still has that corrupting amulet in her possession!" Jack exclaimed. "She could be anywhere by now!"

"Actually, she's right here." a voice came.

We turned around and saw Nurse Redheart, a white pony mare with a pink mane and a Red Cross sign as her cutie mark, with an unconscious Trixie on a stretcher. "Woah, what happened to her?" Kaede asked.

"She passed out cause of her burns." Redheart explained. "Now, we tried to remove the amulet but it's locked on her."

"She's the only one who can take it off, so what do we do?" Carrie asked.

Suddenly, my element glowed brightly. "Huh? Now what?" Jack grunted. My element sent out a beam of white light at the Alicorn Amulet and it magically removed the amulet from Trixies' neck and it fell to the floor. "... Did you element just remove the amulet?" Ren asked.

"Yes, yes it did." Jamie replied. "That's a new one." Redheart picked up the amulet, "Well, I better send this off to the Princess for safe keeping. Have a nice afternoon everyone." With that, she wheeled Trixie away to be examined by the other nurses and doctors. "Well... that's one way to solve a problem." I said bluntly.

"Good. Now if you will excuse me, I'm leaving." Rantaro said.

"Hey, where are ya going?" Jack asked.

"Anywhere but here, so see ya." Rantaro left the hospital, leaving Jack steaming. "Ooooh, I want to punch that bastard so hard!"

"Jack, please don't." I pleaded giving him puppy dog eyes. He growled, giving a light blush. "W-Whatever... only because your too soft." I smiled.

"Alright, you eight, Sarah needs her rest, You can come and visit her tomorrow." another nurse said walking in.

My friends nodded and they exited the room, leaving me to get some rest and let my arm heal.

Three days, later and my arm was healed completely and I was released from the hospital. Winter, Moonshine and Storm were happy to see me up and walking again. Now, I was in the food court, having an ice cream sundae. It was vanilla with fudge on it and with sparkles and a cheery on top. I licked my lips, getting ready to take my first bite when I felt something or someone breathing on my neck. "This isn't for you, Jack." I said and the biker turned and whistled innocently.

"I know you wanted it." I said.

"Not true!" I looked at him with a deadpanned stare. "... Maybe?"

I shook my head and went on to eat my ice cream sundae and it was delicious! After finishing my sundae I took the elevator to the living/dining room where I found Ren and the others. "Hi Sarah." Ren greeted.

"Hi guys."

"How's your arm?" Carrie asked.

I felt my arm a little, "Better, but Redheart said don't over use it or it'll break again."

"Well.. that's good." Mason said.

Knock Knock Knock

"...Wonder who that could be?" Kaede wondered. Kaede went and answered the door revealing an unexpected visitor. "Trixie?!"

Yes, it was her in the flesh with a remorse look on her face. "What are you doing here?" Jack snarled.

"Jack... be nice." I warned.

"Why? She tired to get you exiled from Ponyville!" he yelled but one growl from me and a change into Rage me, calmed him down immediately. "Trixie, what are you doing here?" I asked in a gentle tone.

"Trixie wants to apologize for her behavior. I treated you all horribly while I was wearing that amulet. Can you.. forgive me?"

"No." Jack replied bluntly, receiving a kick from me, sending him back. "Ignore him." I said, "And yes I forgive you."

"Really?" Trixie asked.

I nodded, "Everyone deserves a second chance Trixie, no matter what they did." Trixie smiled at me and gave me a hug and I hugged her back. "Thank you." she whispered.

"Your welcome." We separated and Trixie turned and went on her way. I closed the door and looked at my friends. "You did good, Sarah." Ren praised.

"Tch!" Jack scoffed. "i still say you shouldn't have forgiven her."

"Everyone deserves a second chance." I repeated with a smile on my face.

Episode 4: A Kirin Tale

View Online

Me and my dragons were peacefully sleeping in my room when I heard some knocking at the door. I groaned and pulled the pillow over my head, but the knocking still happened. I sighed and got up from my bed, still a little sore from the avalanche incident yesterday. I only had a few bandages lingering from that. I went over and opened the door to find Ren and Kodi.

"Hey Sarah." Ren greeted.

I yawned, "Morning, boys. What's wrong?"

"Spike and the girls are here. They said the Princess sent them a letter telling all of us to come to Canterlot." Kodi replied.

I became a little more awake, "Is it about my element?"

"No is about something else." Ren replied. "But the letter didn't say what is it."

I was confused a little but, I but changed out my pajamas for my regular clothes and I joined the others as we boarded the Friendship Express... well, Ren, Twilight and their friends boarded the train while I rode Storm to Canterlot. I got there in no time and landed at the train station just as the train came into the station. "Hey Sarah, how did you get here so fast?" Pinkie asked with cheer in her voice.

"Pinkie... I have dragons." I said bluntly.

"Oh, right."

Everybody sighed. Oh Pinkie...

"Anyway... let's get to the palace." Twilight said. We all nodded and we went to the Canterlot Palace where we went into the throne room where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were waiting for us. "Greeting everyone." Celestia greeted.

"Hi Princess." Twilight greeted. "So what's the situation?"

"We've received a distress call from someone outside of Equestria." Luna said.

"Outside of Equestria?" Ren asked.

"Yes, luckily the creature who came to us is here right now. You can come out Autumn Blaze." And that's when a pony-like creature came before us. She had green scales on her back and hooves and a weird horn design that was really dark red with light red stripes in it. She had a lion-like mane that was orange.

"Woah... what are you?" Carrie asked.

"I'm a Kirin and my name is Autumn Blaze and I'm really, really, really glad to meet you. I can't believe I'm actually in Equestria for the first time. Oh, I'm so excited and-" she contained her endless babbling for a minute. "And I though Pinkie would be annoying." Jack grumbled. Celestia cleared her throat and Autumn Blaze calmed down. "Oh right, my problem. Well you see I have a problem back home."

"What kind of problem?" Ren asked.

"I think it's better if I showed you all." Autumn sounded sad for some reason. "So we're going outside of Equestria?! Cool!" Ren exclaimed.

"Well... I guess we have no choice. Let's go." Mason said.

We all nodded and followed Autumn Blaze to the train station and boarded it... I rode my dragons. The train went outside of Equestria and was soon in an area that looked like a desert with a mountain in the distance.

Everyone exited the train as it went back. "So this is where you live?" Rantaro asked. "Doesn't seem like all that much."

"Rantaro be nice!" Rarity scolded.

"I don't live here, I live on the Peaks of Peril." Autumn explained.

"The Peaks of Peril? I think I've heard of that. There's a legend. Kirin used to live here, known for their kindness and truth speaking." Twilight explained.

"Huh? Kinda like Applejack and Fluttershy." Nicole compared.

"But there are other creature called the Nirik, beasts of anger and pure fire." Hearing that made Fluttershy and Jamie shiver in fear. "D-Do we have to go there?" Fluttershy whimpered.

"Oh man up, you wimps!" Jack yelled, making Fluttershy and Jamie flinch in fear.

"Jack, don't be hard on them." I said as Storm landed next to the gang. "Now let's go see Autumn's home."

Autumn led us to the Peak of Peril and a to Autumn's Kirin village. We entered the village and gasped at the sight. The Kirin Village was consisted of house made from trees and hills. There were a few fruit stands and some gardens with plants sprouting. "Woah... it's beautiful." Kaede gasped in awe.

"Yeah... I miss this place." Autumn mumbled.

"Miss this place?" Mason echoed. "What do you mean?"

Before Autumn could reply, the bushes began to rustle. There were figure in the forest around us. Winter, Moonshine and Storm growled. "Show yourselves!" Applejack called out and then a Kirin, about the same height as Princess Celestia, with a blue mane with a long horn. She was grayish with white scales on her hooves and scales came out of the brush followed by other kirins.

And they didn't say a word. "Uh.. hi?" Ren said nervously. "My name is Ren Loodan and these are my friends, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Carrie, Mason, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. What are your names?"

Strangely, the kirin's just tilted their heads to the side, like they didn't understand the question. "Rude." Jack grumbled.

"Maybe they don't understand our language?" Flutteshy suggested.

"Do you understand English?" Applejack asked the leader kirin. The leader kirin nodded, "Oh but you don't talk?" Jamie asked, receiving a nod from the leader. "Great, how are we gonna solve the problem if they can't talk!" Jack exclaimed.

"Why can't they talk, big brother?" Carrie asked Mason. "I don't know, Carrie."

"I do." Autumn answered.

"You do?" Ren asked. "Why?"

Autumn sighed, "Before I tell you, I have to take you to my home." She walked away and the rest o us followed her outside the kirin village to a cliff side that had a beautiful view of a large rainbow stretching over the sky and butterflies fluttering about. "Woah, it's beautiful." Nicole said.

"Thanks." Autumn grunted.

"So Autumn, wanna tell us why the kirin are silent?" Rantaro asked.

"It's because they all took the Vow of Silence." Autumn replied.

"Hold it!" Jack interrupted.

"Vow of Silence?" We all exclaimed.

"That's why they asked me to leave."

"Ah hope it's not a sore subject, but ya might explain' why y'all went quiet in the first place?" Applejack asked.

"It's a long story." Autumn replied sadly.

Applejack sighed, "You rather not talk about it?"


"I under-"

"I'd rather SIIIIINNG!" And before we knew it she broke out in song.

La, la-la-la, la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la

The Kirin used to speak and sing
We weren't always quiet

She used her magic to make picture to show us what happened. We saw kirin happily talking to one another without a care in the world

We told stories and funny jokes
My stand-up was a riot

The kirins laughed at Autumn Blaze's stand up comedy

But then one day, a fight broke out
And hurtful words were said
Flaring tempers were inflamed
Destruction quickly spread

Two kirin wanted the same vase and fought over it and saying hurtful words to each other and they soon reached a boiling point and turning into Niriks themselves! "Woah, that's unexpected!" Kaede said. The vase fell to the ground with the two Niriks fighting with each other and the other kirin became Niriks as well.

And flaming bred from head to head
It even burnt our... bread

Sorry, I forgot how much I love rhyming. Where was I? Oh, right!

The next images showed the village burned to the ground. Luckily the kirin were not hurt but looked sadly at the destruction their anger caused.

My happy village lay in ruins
Relationships got worse
Spoiler alert: we quickly learned
That words could be a curse

The kirin leader didn't like seeing all this anger on her subjects.

"No more talking," yelled our leader
The last thing said aloud
Into the Stream of Silence
We stepped as a crowd

She directed the Niriks into the Stream and when they came out, they were emotionless and all had the same expression on their faces. Autumn Blaze was among them, but she didn't like not being able to talk

The water cooled emotions
And peace was soon restored
But with no way to speak my thoughts
I got super... bored

Seriously, there's only so long that Sudoku can keep you entertained!

'Cause rainbows won't light up the sky
Unless you let it rain
And shiny apples sometimes come with worms
No, you can't give up your laughter
'Cause you're scared of a little pain
It's a lesson that the Kirin never learned

The images showed Autumn pacing back and forth with a desperate look on her face. We could tell that she was really struggling with no being able to speak.

I was stuck in silent prison
With the voices in my head
'Til I tripped over my salvation
In a helpful flowerbed

She made a cure from the flowers that made her speak again.

I found a cure to clear my pipes
And I became quite chatty

She went back to the village to tell everyone but they didn't like her talking alot and ignored her.

With years and years of stored-up words
I drove my village batty

The images showed the kirin not liking her kirin; like one kirin closing her window. And they were all ignoring her news reports and the reviews.

They didn't like my jokes and songs
And daily dose of news
The plays I wrote, the speeches spoke
Variety revues

Or the story about the Kirin who hid below an opera stage

And fell in love with this opera singer, and he wore a freaky half-mask thing, and he played the organ a lot and got all broody 'cause the singer was in love with another dude, so he took her away on this underground gondola. I mean, who doesn't love musical theater?!

Finally, the kirin leader gave Autumn Blaze a choice.

The village leader made it clear
I had to make my choice
I could stay and live with them
Or I could keep my voice

The next images showed Autumn leaving her house with everything she owned; except the couch cause it was too big to it through the door.

So I came here, but left the couch alone
They're hard to move

Next she was on the cliffside looking out over the distance.

With just the view for company
Until ya heard me groove

Take it away, boys!

'Cause rainbows won't light up the sky
Unless you let it rain
And candles just won't glow until they're burned
No, you can't give up your laughter
'Cause you're scared of a little pain
It's a lesson that my village never learned

No matter how hard I schooled them
Fear of hurt is still what ruled them
Sometimes you gotta let it raaaaaaaain!

Yeah, sometimes you've gotta let it rain

She ended the song with a tear in her eye and the rest of us shocked. "I can't believe it!" Ren said. "No one should give up their emotion just to keep from getting angry."

"That's what I said, you know once I started talking again." Autumn replied.

"Looks like we have our problem, now all we have to do is fix it." Mason said.

"Right, all we have to do is convince the kirin to take Autumn's cure, simple." Ren said with a smile.

"Perfect!" she cried, "Oh... but there's just one thing; the cure it used, it's gone."

"WHAT? There's no cure left?!" Applejack cried.

"I used the rest of the foal's breath flowers to make it." Autumn replied.

"Maybe there are some, just no in this area." I said. "Mason, Carrie, can you and the girls go look for them below the cliffs?"

"Okay." Mason said.

"Meanwhile, the rest of us will go back to the kirin village and try to convince the kirin to welcome Autumn Blaze back." I added. The others nodded and we went out separate ways.

We made it back to the kirin village where we discuss about convincing the kirin to talk again. "So we all agree that the kirin should talk again?" Ren asked.

We all agreed except Fluttershy and Jamie. "Fluttershy, Jamie, why not?" Kaede asked.

"Well... Autumn said that the last time the kirin got angry they accidentally destroyed their whole village so the kirin decided to never let that happen again." Fluttershy added.

"True, but, look at Sarah, she still has her anger side but she sacrifice her happiness for it." Jack added. "

"But that's no reason to stop talkin'." Applejack replied.

"Yes, it is! Fire is dangerous, especially in a forest like this. Why, think of all the animals it could hurt." Jamie added.

"Not if they don't turn into fire-breathin' Nirik in the first place." Jack argued.

"Jack, how can you be sure that won't happen?" Fluttershy asked.

"There's gotta be a better way than givin' up all your feelin's!" Applejack added.
Fluttershy growled, "You aren't listening!"

"Cause you're not talkin' any sense!" Applejack said. What they didn't notice was that they attracted the attention of the other kirin, who looked at them with worried faces and started walked towards them. "Um.. what are they doing?" Fluttershy asked.

Before they knew it, the kirin used their magic to pick, Fluttershy, Applejack, Jamie and Jack up. "Hey, what are they doing?" Jack asked.

Me and the others followed them with worried expression. "They got worried cause we were arguing." Fluttershy said. "Aw, shucks! We were just havin' a normal, civil disagreement! Honest!"

"W-Where are they taking us?!" Jamie asked. The kirin took them over the hill to a familiar lake. "To the Stream of Silence! If we hit that water, we'll never be able to talk or feel anythin' ever again!" Applejack said. The kirin lowered them but before they hit the water.

"Put them down!"

We all turned and saw a Nirik at the top of the hills. Nirik: A completely black pony with a black horn with white shading and a white flaming mane and tail.

The Nirik came in and made a ring of fire around us. Fluttershy and Jamie whimpered. "It's alright, Ah think ah know this one and she's tryin' to help." Applejack k said. The Nirik came through the fire and changed into Autumn Blaze. "Well yeah, can't have them silence the only friends who will speak to me." she said.

"Um... thanks for the wall of fire, but I thought Niriks were dangerous, how did you manage to control your temper?" Fluttershy asked.

"I didn't I guess anger is like other emotions, it's not about having them its what you do with them." Autumn said as the ring of fire died out. "And giving up happiness to avoid anger is kind of life." I said.

Autumn smiled and spoke to her kirin friends, "Fern Flare, you used to love to laugh at everything. And Rain Shine you sung the most beautiful harmonies, don't you miss it?"

"I know ya'll are worried about fightin' but friends can disagree without causing a ruckus." Applejack said.

"And giving up your happiness to keep your anger away is no kind of life. I thought giving up my anger would help since, in the past, whenever I used it, I ended up hurting someone I loved. So I thought getting rid of it would help protect my friends, but I later discovered that it's my anger that helps me protect my friends and instead of using to accidentally hurting people, I can use it to defend the ones I love." I explained.

The kirin looked at each other and one kirin came before Autumn Blaze and started doing something like charades to speak with Autumn. "I think they're trying to say something." Fluttershy said.

The kirin did charades and Autumn tried to guess what the kirin was trying to say.

(Skip to 1:20)

"Okay, are you hungry? Oh, no. Is some Kirin trapped in a well? Okay, "baby". "Baby fish". "Ba"— "Ba"— No. "Baby fish mouth"? Uh, something? Anything?!." Autumn was getting irritated, "Just write it down! This is making me furious." Her eyebrows started to flame up. The brown kirin winced, "Would you excuse me? I'll be right back." Autumn walked away behind and rock and momentarily changed into a Nirik with a disoriented scream. When she was done, she came back to the kirin group, "You were saying?"

The brown kirin pointed to her mouth and at her own. "Oh, you want the cure for the Stream of Silence." I realized.

"That's wonderful!" Fluttershy said. "... Wait, have Mason and the others find the Foal's Breath flowers?"

"I don't know." I replied.

"Guys, guys!" We turned and saw Mason and the other carrying blue flowers with white shading with three yellow stems in the middle.

"We've got the Foal's Breath flowers." Carrie declared happily.

"Excellent!" I cried.

Autumn guided the other kirin to their village where she levitated the flowers into the fountain in the center of the village. The flowers mixed in with the water and the kirin's drank from the stream. Autumn Blaze bit her lip and heard all her kirin friends talking, singing and laughing again, much to her joy. Rain Shine went up to Autumn Blaze. "Autumn Blaze, you have given us a gift. The realization that anger is within us but it is our choice how we let it out. We would very much like it if you came back to live with us. I can not say how much we've missed your beautiful voice." she said.

Autumn Blaze smiled greatly and she began singing again.

Me and the others smiled, "I think our mission is complete." Mason said.

"Yeah." I said and my element glowed again, gaining an orange stripe. "An orange stripe, this time?" I said.

"This thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder." Jack commented.

Everybody nodded in agreement. "Maybe Princess Celestia has an idea?" I suggested.

With that, we all boarded the train back to Canterlot and reported to Princess Celestia about our success. "Well done, everyone." she praised.

"Princess, Sarah's element gained another color stripe. We think this might be somehow connected to a pattern, but we don't exactly know what the pattern is." Twilight said.

Celestia walked down from her throne and examined my element. "Hmm... the color strips are the same as your elements of harmony, Twilight." she noticed.

"HUH?" Twilight and the girls looked at the colors. "She's right! The color stripes are the same as our elements!" Rainbow said.

"Maybe that means she showed each of our elements?" Fluttershy suggested.

"That may be an explanation. But to make sure, Sarah can you tell us about what happened when you gained these color stripes on your element?"

"Well... when my friends were captured by Chrysalis and Douglas, I went to rescue my friends even with the unknown dangers. I gave a sea serpent part of my hair to fix his mustache, befriended Winter, Moonshine and Storm who were hurt and healed them and I convinced the Kirin to talk again."

"That sounds an awful lot like Generosity, Kindness, Loyalty and Honesty." Pinkie said.

"You're right, Pinkie. Whenever Sarah shows and Element of Harmony, her own Element gains those colors." Ren theorized. "So she's only missing Laughter and Magic."

"Looks like we found the pattern with her Element." Kaede said.


"We just have to wait and see what happens next." Nicole finished.

"And she does it again." Jack said annoyed.

"Jack, be nice." I stated.

Jack sighed, "Alright."

"Anyway, now that we know the reason for Sarah's element gaining these colors, we may have one bit of information about her Element of Harmony." Celestia said. "But there may be more secrets to it than we know. I want you all to keep and eye on it and Sarah. With the Element bonded with her, it may give new abilities beyond our imagination."

All my friends nodded and we all adjourned back home. I climbed into bed in my pajamas. I looked down at my element. "Wonder what other surprise are hidden within my element." I layed down in my bed, "Guess I'll figure it out soon." With that I closed my eyes.

Episode 5: Sarah's Birthday

View Online

Ren's POV

A week had passed since our Kirin adventure. Ever since then, Sarah has been studying more with her magic. Now she could fully manipulate lightning and fire. Also, days ago, we found out she could control earth and plants as well! She could make small rocks appear and make cracks in the ground too! It was awesome... until she accidentally trapped me and the others in the basement... but that's another story for another time. And so, me and Kodi came into the dining hall with the others already eating breakfast and enjoying their time eating their breakfast.

"Hey you guys!" I called before noticing Nicole eating her breakfast. "Oh? Nicole!"

"Hello." She waved at me slowly before taking a bite of her pancake.

"So I take it that you want to hang out with us for breakfast every morning?" I asked with a smile.

"No." She answered bluntly, much to my confusion. "I'm sorry, but I only came here to eat."


"You were gonna ask me about taking a swim at the basement's pool? Was I correct?" Oh wow, she did it again!

Sarah suddenly appeared, "There's a pool?!"

"Y-yeah..." I nodded. "I suggested it. Everyone should come and enjoy themselves for to rest up."

"No thank you." Nicole replied before taking her plate and began taking her leave towards the central elevator. I slumped my head down a bit with a sigh before saying "Oh well, at least we tried to convince her."

"I know how you feel Ren, but you know that she doesn't like company." Kaede reminded me, causing me to rub my head bashfully with a nervous smile. "Yeah, I get the idea but..."

"Don't worry Ren, I'm sure she'll try to hang out with us at least." Mason assured with a soft grin. That's when Sarah's dad came in, "Hey, I heard something about a basement pool?" he said. "You know I was the champion swimming champ."

I gave him a deadpanned stare, "Sarah says otherwise."


"I can not lie, dad. You told me better!" Sarah said raising her hands in defense. Sarah's dad sighed, "Anyway, I'm coming with you to." I nodded before sitting down and eating my pancakes before noticing Jamie and Carrie weren't here.

"Hey, where did Carrie and Jamie go?" I asked, noticing that they aren't in the dining hall table.

"Jamie went to stay overnight with Twilight for night studies." Kaede explained.

"And I brought Carrie early to school so that she can finish up with her journalist work with the Crusaders." Mason added. Oh, well I guess Rantaro is an exception considering how he always likes eating alone at whatever he goes to.

Suddenly, I heard a loud burp which came by Jack as he let out a satisfied sigh.

"Heh, you never cease to amaze me with your cooking Mason." Jack laughed, which earned a smirk from Mason's face.

"Well...I've been taught how to cook by the maids in the castle during my trainer." Mason chuckled.

"You know, you're quite good at taking care of us." Kaede chuckled before turning to me and asked "Say Ren, do you know how to cook?"

"Well yeah." I rubbed my head bashfully before saying "Well...only pancakes, that's all."

"I taught Sarah to cook many things." Sarah's father bragged.

"You only taught me how to cook meats." she deadpanned.

"Well... uh... different kinds of meats." he defended. "Like sausage and chicken."

"I-I see." Kaede rubbed her cheek with a smile before we heard a knock from the door, prompting me and Kodi to walk over to the door and opened it, revealing the rest of the gang.

"Oh hey girls, Jamie." I greeted with a smile. "You came to hang out for the day-off?"

"Hey, we did agree on that didn't we?" Twilight chuckled with a smile.

"You bet! I heard about swimming in the pool in the basement so that's why I'm excited to do this!" Spike grinned.

"Yep!" Applejack grinned. "Fluttershy told me about taking the day-off thing, so I thought I could use my break to hang out with the rest of ya over by the pool."

"Quite!" Rarity smiled, carrying a sack that was around her back. "I've brought and prepared myself these many swimming outfits I brought over."

"And I have many books that I want to read." Jamie meekly smiled, holding onto some books that he and Twilight might've gotten from the book shop at the mall district. Jamie let out a sad frown and said "I-I'm sorry...I'm not so much of a good swimmer."

"Hey, it's okay." I assured with a soft grin. "You don't have to swim as long as the rest of us spend some time with each other at the pool."

"Yeah! What's important is spending time with each other as friends!" Kodi smiled, wagging his tail in joy. Fluttershy let out a smile before flying over and scratched him underneath the chin, much to his joy.

"Ahh, thanks you two." Fluttershy smiled.

"Oh, it's you guys." Mason said, walking over to the door with a smile along with Kaede and Jack. "Well you sure came early. I thought for sure we meet up at noon?"

"We were but we thought that we could have more time together earlier." Twilight explained. "Besides, me and Jamie are nearly finished up with the books that we got over by the bookshop."

"Already?!" Kaede asked in bewilderment.

"Y-yeah..." Jamie yawned before having a soft smile. "W-we worked read almost every b-book and wanted to f-finish it during our little day-off."

"Well that's awesome to hear at least!" I chuckled with a grin. "Well we're almost done with breakfast, so why not we head over to the pool after we're done?"

"Of course!" Twilight nodded.

"Say, where the hell is Skittles?" Jack questioned, noticing a certain blue Pegasus wasn't here. "You would think she wouldn't want to miss a day-off?"

"Oh right." Fluttershy tapped her chin in thought. "She said that she was trying to finish up with her work early by scheduling the other workers for more weather reports around Ponyville for the week and the week after that."

"Don't you worry, if I know Rainbow Dash then she'll get here in no time and won't miss out on the fun." Applejack assured, earning a scoff from him.

"I'm not worry about Skittles, that's all AJ." Jack scoffed. "Come on, let's just go and if she doesn't show up and misses the party, then it's her fault."

"Sure." I rolled my eyes with an amused smile while the others snickered at Jack, which he noticed.

"What?" He asked grumpily.

"Nothing." We all answered before we began heading inside where we finished up the last of our breakfast and decided to head down to the basement through the central elevator down towards the locker room.

"Been a while since we last explored this place." I commented.

"Yeah, it was during when you were asleep after Rantaro shocked you out of the blue, right?" Kodi asked, which made me rubbed the back of my neck while the others looked at each other in concern, remembering that fateful day when we first met up with him and Jack.

"Yeah, but it's best not to be reminded of that." I chuckled nervously with a nervous grin before heading over to the two locker doors. "Alright, we all just need to go to the separate rooms, right?"

"Y-yes." Jamie nodded with a smile, gazing at the two doors. "B-blue is for the boys and the pink is for the girls."

"Well come on! Let's go then!" Kaede exclaimed in joy before she and the rest of the girls headed over to the girls locker room while me, Jack, Jamie, Mason and Kodiak headed into the boys locker room to prepared ourselves in the room.

I went into the girls locker room with my bathing suit that was a pink one piece with white stripes on it. I like one piece bathing suits cause I do not want boys to stare at me like they want to love me. No thank you! Anyway, when I came out I saw Jamie, Mason, and Ren wearing normal short trunks while Jack wore a swim trunk that it was almost looked like a thong. My dad came out with a women so bikini on which he called a man kini, "I'm ready for the pool!"

I covered my eyes and screamed, "The Horror!"

My dad sucked his teeth, "Be quiet, honey, you've seen my in this before."

"Yeah and I wanted to burn my eyeballs every time." My dad shook his head.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jake walked towards the door with the rest of us towards the pool where we met up with the rest of the girls where Kaede was wearing a swim suit model while the rest of the girls had pool floats on them.

“Hey you guys! There you are!” Kaede smiled. “Heh heh, you’re just in time to take a swim down there.”

“Yep!” Applejack nodded, sitting down on the lifeguard chair. “And I’ll be keeping an eye out for you guys just in case there’s no horsing around in that pool.”

“Of course you would.” Jack muttered in a deadpan look.

“Well either way, this might be a good chance to have some fun at least.” Ren said with a soft grin.

“Quite.” Mason nodded. “It would be fun for Carrie to come but she has school work to go and finish up.”

As well as Rantaro and Nicole, but you know those two…

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they would enjoy it.” Fluttershy assured, swimming by the pool side.

“Yeah…” Ren sighed.

“Actually, we can.” Huh? Is that…? The moment we turned our backs, we saw…

“Rantaro! And Nicole?!” It was them right there in front of us, and it would seem that they were wearing swim trunks like we are. Does that mean…?

“What brings you two here?” Mason asked.

“Good heavens!” Rarity widened her eyes and looked over at them from her lounge chair. “I was sure you two wouldn’t want to join us in a little swimming considering you two being…antisocial.”

“Yeah, yeah, keep that Atlanta Georgia accent to yourself.” Rantaro hushed her, much to her annoyance.

“So wait, a-are you two joining us in on the fun?” Jamie asked in confusion.

“Yeah, so?” Rantaro asked.

“He convinced me.” Nicole answered bluntly, much to our surprise.

“So wait…Rantaro convinced you to come and enjoy our swimming meet here?” Twilight asked with an incredulous brow.

“I find it hard to believe.” Spike added, swimming in the pool with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

“Yeah, since when the hell did Rantaro even cared about anyone other than himself?” Applejack thought aloud.

“Maybe he didn’t feel like being left out, along with Nicole?” Kodi suggested.

“No, I just felt like it.” Rantaro answered. “I overheard your little conversation about hanging over by the swimming pool today and thought that you all can’t have any fun without this guy.”

“I still find that hard to believe.” Jack scoffed.

“Yes, quite. He is lying about it.” Nicole answered with a nod. “His real reason was to try and spend time with you all.”

That caused a little twitch from his brow and gave her a scowl before saying “And here I thought you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.”

“I was just saying.”

“Jeez, you two just argue like a couple.” Kaede said with a deadpanned look. Umm…I’m not so sure about that Kaede. "Awww... cute... what's a couple?" I asked. Everyone looked at me. "You seriously don't know what a couple is?" Jack asked.


Ren looked at my dad, "Please tell me you told her."

"Told me what?" I asked innocently.

My dad smiled nervously, "Hehehe... she's too... innocent to learn about... that."

"Learn about what?"

"Change the subject." my dad hissed in desperation.

“So... are you two gonna join us for the rest of the day?” Fluttershy asked curiously.

“Jeez, that’s what we’re saying, duh!” Rantaro scoffed. “It’s not like I have any feelings for any of you sore losers.”

“Hmph! Well I never!” Rarity scoffed, irritated by Rantaro’s attitude.

Rantaro is a total mystery to us considering that he’s known for being the Shadow Broker back in our world. He never reveals anything about his past or anything like that because he always conceals it with a veil of his own lies but I wonder…is what Nicole said is the truth? That he didn’t feel like being left out on the fun? I can’t help but feel quite curious to know more about Rantaro.

“Well either way, I guess I’m glad to see you two here.” I said with a smile.

“Same here.” Kaede nodded in agreement. “I can tell you two are gonna enjoy swimming.”

“I rather not.” Nicole stated before she began walking towards the lounge chairs where Twilight and Rarity were sitting as she sat down on the middle one between them with her eyes gazing at the iPad. Of course she would do something like that.

“And if you don’t mind, I guess a little swim won’t hurt.” Rantaro shrugged before turning over to the pool and put down his fedora as Gizmo was near his shoulders. “So…what do you say? Or else you guys are too chicken?”

"Oh I am not chicken!" My dad replied.

"Oh please, when Douglas scared you in the pool you screamed like a banshee for five whole minutes!"

My dad laughed, "I did not!"

I gave him a deadpanned stare, "... Okay... maybe I did, but I'm not a chicken!"

"Fine.." I pushed him into the pool and he gave a short scream. "AH!"


The girls laughed at the scene when my dad resurfaced. "Sarah!"

I shrugged playfully, "You asked for it. Now move over~" I leaped into the air and turned into a dolphin and gracefully dove into the pool, not making any waves at all.

While Jack gritted his teeth in anger towards Rantaro before exclaiming “Ooh! You’re so gonna get it!”

Jack immediately jumped into the pool, creating a big splash that neither Fluttershy, Spike, Pinkie Pie, nor Applejack could avoided, as well as the rest of us as we were all wet from Jack’s splash.

“I was being sarcastic.” Rantaro muttered while Gizmo shook himself, attempting to get all the water off his body before starting squeaking at Jack, like he was protesting. I was laughing playfully.

“Ha! Whatever!” Jack toothily grinned while the rest of us either gave him amused looks or irritated frowns, which was mostly from Rarity. Blitz and Blaze, who somehow followed us down here, munched on Jack's head. "OW! YOU PESTS! OW!" Now everyone was laughing at that scene. I swam over and prided the two chibi dinos off. "Now, now, no munching on the biker." I scolded. The two chirped and I let the two swim in the pool with us. “Jack! No splashing in the pool!” Applejack scolded, and my dad blew a whistle. Where he got it from I have no idea. That caused Jack to make an amused grin and said “Hmph! You’re not my mom and he ain't my dad!”

“Grr!” Applejack narrowed her eyes at him.

“That’s gotta be the biggest splash I’ve seen anypony ever done!” Pinkie commented. “You gotta teach me how to do that!”

“Hmph, I like the sound of that!” Jack smirked, which made the rest of us chuckled in delight.

“Well come on!” Kodi exclaimed, which Ren nodded in agreement. We both took a step back before jumping into the pool as we both screamed “Cannonball!”

Our splash was nothing compared to Jack since it was a little small but Fluttershy clapped her hooves together to help boost my confidence.

“That was a good splash Ren!” He rubbed the back of my neck with a sheepish grin and said “Well maybe not as good as Jack’s, but hey! At least I tried.”

“Here we come!” We looked over to see Kaede and Mason jumping into the pool while Rantaro climbed down the pool’s ladder and enjoyed himself in it, along with his raccoon friend, Gizmo. Jamie, Nicole, Twilight, and Rarity were sitting on the lounge chairs with relaxed looks on their faces while Twilight and Jamie were relieved that none of the books they brought over were caught up in Jack’s splash. Rarity herself put her two hooves behind her backs with a sigh of relief escaping from her mouth. Nicole was busy looking over her iPad with a neutral look on her face, not looking interested in the activities we were doing.

Kodiak, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and I were splashing each other with water while Jack and Mason tried to see who can swim the fastest while Rantaro just sat there on the water with a relaxed and amused smirk on his face. "Yeah, I like swimming!" I said.

"Sarah, do you do anything else, but read and study?" Ren asked me suddenly.

"Hmm.... nope."

"Well.. maybe you could paint like Ren does?" Carrie suggested.

“Yeah, same here.” Kaede nodded before turning to me and asked “What do you think Ren?”

“Oh?” I asked incredulous before rubbing my cheek in embarrassment. “Well, I guess she could paint with me whenever she feel bored.”

"Oh if you want to see a painting you should see my Davenportairts." my father said.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed, shocking everybody in the room.

"Oh come, honey they are not that horrible." My dad replied.

"You're right... they're hideous!"

"They are not!"

"What paintings does he have?" Jack asked.

I turned to him, "You really want to see them?"

Everybody nodded. Soon we were out of the basement pool and in my dad's art gallery room. There were many picture of his face. A picture of him riding a horse, a picture of him standing and picture of him as the Screaming Women.

(Skip to 1:20)

Everyone was horrified and Ren had his mouth opened. "Am I screaming aloud or inside my head?" Ren asked. "And remind me not to paint any portraits of him, please."

"Okay.., Sarah, I'm just gonna say it. You dad has some screws loose." Jack said.

"I know." I sighed.

"'Screws loose' is an understatement." Nicole winced.

"They are not that hideous." Rantaro said, looking around.

"Oh Really? Have you seen the Davenlisa!" I pointed to a picture of him as the Mona Lisa.

Everybody gagged in horror at it. "He just ruined a famous picture for me!" Jamie cried.

"He ruined a lot of stuff." I sighed. My dad came in, "Hey, how do you like me art gallery?"

"Sarah was right, they are hideous." Rainbow said bluntly.

"Oh come on!" my dad exclaimed

"It's the truth dad, sorry." I said.

"They are beautiful." my dad said.

"Tell that to the Davenlisa!" Jack said.

"She is beautiful!"

"We all have different definitions of beautiful." I stated and everybody else nodded. My dad sighed and shook his head. "Everyone's a critic." he mumbled and he walked away.

"Well, now that we have this horror in our heads, can we go back to the pool now?" Kodi deadpanned.

"YES!" Everybody agreed and we all rushed back to the basement pool.

Ren's POV

After that, me and the others dried off and were in Sarah's father workshop, where he was working on something. "Hey, Mr. D, what are you doing?" Ren asked.

"I'm making something for Sarah's birthday tomorrow." he replied.

"Birthday?" We all exclaimed.

"Yeah... tomorrow is the day me and Douglas made Sarah and tomorrow I'm making her an excellent gift." Sarah's father explained. Suddenly, Pinkie showed up with her party cannon, "Did someone say birthday?! WHOO-HOO! I've gotta go and plan a birthday party for her!" and she zipped out of the room.

"... How does she do that?" Sarah's father asked.

"Don't ask." We all replied in unison.

"Anyway... what's your surprise for her?" Mason asked.

"It's a surprise for Sarah and Sarah only. I don't want you eight peeking on my surprise and ruining it."

"Oh, relax, old man." Jack grunted.

"I'm forty!"

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that." Rantaro said.

"Alright, alright, now get out, please." and he ushered all of us out of his workshop. "So.. the little newbie is gonna be.... how old is she?"

Sarah's father poked his head out of his workshop, "She's fifteen and she's going to be sixteen." he said and he closed the door.

"Sixteen... so guess we should get her presents too, huh?"

"Yeah, it would be mean not to." Kaede said. "Well then, we better get shopping."

We all nodded and headed out to the mall district to get presents for Sarah's birthday tomorrow. "So Ren, what should we get Sarah for her birthday?" Kodi asked me.

"Hmm... I don't know. What does she like?"

"Hm... animals, books and.... nope that's it."

"Great so all we have is animals and books."

"Maybe we could get her an animal book?"

"Nah, that's to obvious. We need something unique like she is." Me and Kodi looked around the stores in the mall district, looking for something that would be special for Sarah. Animal Print clothes.. Nah. Animal Necklaces... Nah. Man, despite Sarah having a small liking's list, she sure is hard to shop for. The other seemed to have no trouble looking for presents. "Hey Ren, look what I found in the pet shop." Kodi called.

I went over to the Pet Shop and found three... eggs? But they didn't look like normal chicken or lizard eggs. They were a little bigger than that and they had a strange patterns on them. One egg was light brown with white triangles on it. The second egg was blue with a black stripe in the center and a last one was the same except it was yellow with a black stripe in the center. I looked closer at the eggs and gasped, "These are pokemon eggs?!"

"Pokemon?" Kodi asked.

"Yes, they are little creatures that can do amazing things. I've played every single game of pokemon. I can't believe it! These will be perfect for Sarah!" I quickly an gently grabbed the eggs in my hands. "Come on buddy, we have a present to wrap." I giggled.

Me and Kodi rushed out of the district and back into the elevator. Sarah is going to love this!

The next night, me and the gang had gathered at the Golden Oak Library for Sarah's birthday along with the Mane 6 and Sarah's father. He still had his resent underneath a sheet. Pinkie was peeking through the window when she cried, "SHE"S COMING! SHE"S COMING?! EVERYPONY HIDE!"

We all hid in our hiding places as the front door opened.

POV Ends

Today was a really weird, all my friends have been acting weird; hiding things behind their backs and quickly making me leaving the room, even my dad... well, he always does that when he's working on something important, but for my other friends it was weird.

Suddenly, I got a invitation from Pinkie Pie saying to come to the Golden Oak Library at eight.

So I headed over and noticed the town was surprisingly empty. Not a soul was out. Odd. I headed over to the Golden Oak Library and noticed all the lights were off for some reason. I opened and door and the lights flicked on and I was greeted with all my friends and practically everyone in Ponyville saying, "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!"

I gasped in awe. There were refreshment tables with snacks, a large vanilla cake with fudge and strawberries on it. And a large banner that said, "Happy Birthday, Sarah." Pinkie Pie came bouncing over to me, "Happy Birthday!" she cried before giving me and big hug. Ren, Twilight, their friends and my dad came over to me. "Guys... you did all this for me?"

"Yeah, when your dad told us your birthday was today, we had to give you a party. Besides your sixteen, now your a grown women, now." Ren said.

"She still belongs to me until she's eighteen!" my dad interrupted, earning him a small smack by Jack, "Ow!"

"Anyway..." Pinkie said, slowly coming up beside me. "Let's Party!"

Everybody cheered and the party began.

Ren and the other started by hoisting me into the air multiple times with me laughing aloud. Next, was the cake, I used my magic to cut it into equal pieces and gave one piece to my friends... with Jack, three pieces. Suddenly, cake splattered onto his and Ren's face?

"Huh?" I heard laughing and saw Rainbow and Rantaro laughing while their hoof and hand were covering in cake frosting and crumbs. Everyone except for me, stared at them with cake in their hands and hooves as well, making them stop laughing and smiled nervously. Soon, the cake was all over the floor and my friends who were laughing at the fun. Then, we all did a Conga line with me and my dad at the front followed by Ren, Kodiak, Kaede, Fluttershy, Rarity, Mason, Carrie, the little filly friends of her, Jack, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Jamie, Spike, Twilight and Pinkie Pie at the end. It was amazing.

"Now... present time~!" Pinkie sang.

And my friends gave me my presents.

Applejack got me my own hat like hers. Except it was peach, to match my skin, with a white stripe on the edges.

Rarity and Kaede got me some perfumes for when I meet that special someone, which my dad tried to throw away, but the girls 100% refused with Rarity saying, "Every lady needs these accessories." and Kaede adding, "It's mandatory when she finds a date for herself."

Jamie and Twilight got me a book on every animal and dinosaur that every lived, so I could understand my DNA strands better and capabilities.

Mason and Carrie got me a necklace with three charms. Each shaped as my dragons. "Awww... it's adorable." I cooed and they smiled.

Jack got me a three pound dumbell. "You have to start somewhere." he grunted with a toothily grin. I laughed nervously and sweat-dropped.

Rantaro gave me a book cooking? Now that was weird. "You dad wouldn't let me get you a book on being a broker." he grunted.

"Because I don't want her becoming a mini version of you." my dad defended. I rolled my eyes and sighed at the two.

Nicole bought me some clothes with animals pictures (mostly kittens) and pants with animal pawprints on them. "Oooh, thank you."

And my dad finally revealed to me hid gift. "Behold... for you sixteenth birthday, I give you. Your self driving car!"

He yanked the sheet off revealing a small gray car with dashing windows and headlights.

Everybody was amazed. "Awesome!" I said. I hugged my dad. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

My dad laughed, "You deserve it, honey."

"So this car can actually drive itself?!" Mason said.

"Yep. Sarah just has to say the location she wants to go to and the GPS will map out the perfect route and take her there." My dad explained.

I squealed in happiness. "Time for the last present, mine." Ren said and he dashed over and presented me a large present. "Ooooh." I took the present and opened it revealing the three eggs. "Oooh, pokemon eggs?!" I cried in shocked.

"Thank you! Where'd you find them?"

"In the pet shop." I carefully took out each of the eggs and moved the box aside. "They are beautiful." I whispered. Suddenly the three eggs began glowing and shaking a little. "What's going on?" Rainbow asked.

"Their hatching!" I squealed.

"HATCHING?!" Everyone exclaimed.

In a bright flash the three eggs changed into three baby pokemon.

The first one was like a puppy with a white collar with rocks on it. With brown fur and white puffy tail. It had a dark brown nose and bent ears with dark brown tips.

The second pokemon was a sheep with blue fur and white wool. It was a yellow and black stripes tail and two horns with a red orb on the end of it's tail.

The final pokemon was blue and black. It looked like it was wearing a black mask over it's eyes. It stood on two legs and had a puppy like face.

The three pokemon looked at me and cooed. "Mama?"

The girls' hearts melted. "Awwwww..." they cooed.

"They can talk?!" Nicole exclaimed.

"Well, I'm not surprised since Kodi could talk when he was a puppy and Twilight did say some animals are born with the ability to speak." Ren explained.

"Hi there little ones." I greeted.

"Mama, Mama." they cooed again and they leaped into my arms. The girls squealed even more at the cute scene.

"Okay... wait. What are they?" Rainbow asked.

"They are called Pokemon or Pocket Monsters. They are creatures that come all shapes sizes, rarities and types. Some pokemon can evolve while some can't." Ren explained. "These three are called; Mareep, an electric type, Rockruff, a rock-type and Riolu, a fighting-type."

"Well.... they're cute. I'll give them that." Jack said.

"But why are they calling Sarah, Mama?" Rantaro asked.

"When a pokemon first hatches, the first thing it sees is assumed to be it's mother." Ren added.

"So, Sarah's a mom now?" Fluttershy asked.


I laughed as the three baby pokemon hugged her. "Thanks you guys, this has been the best sixteen birthday ever!" Everybody smiled at me. This has been my best birthday ever!

Episode 6: The Times They Are a Changeling

View Online

Me and my friends were in Canterlot with Twilight and the others. We were invited to breakfast with the royal sisters. Celestia made us pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and other fruits dabbled on the pancakes. "Thank you so much for breakfast, Princess." I said gratefully.

"Oh, it's nothing Ren. I really enjoy doing it." She walked to the other end of the table and sat down. "By the way, where's Sarah?"

Before any of us could answer, Princess Luna burst in with a worried expression on her face. "Sister, we have a Major problem; Discord escaped his prison again!" I almost choked on my pancake piece. "What?!" Me, Carrie, Mason, Kaede and the Mane 6 exclaimed.

"Whose Discord?" Jack asked.

"Oh right, you, Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro weren't there." Ren said. Twilight explained the situation with Discord to Jack and the others. When she was done, Jack and the others were in a mixture of shock and horror. "Oh dear, he sounds... bad." Jamie said.

"More like a complete loon!" Jack said.

"We have to find him, NOW!" Luna said. But before either of us could move, Sarah came in, "Guys, guys, I made a new friend!" she announced with a big smile on her face.

"A new friend?" I asked.

"Yes, he's magical and powerful."

"Powerful?" We all repeated confused.


"Hello.. everyone." a familiar voice said and that when he appeared. He has a deer antler on the right, a blue goat horn on the left, one long fang, different-sized pupils, a snake tongue, a goat beard, and white bushy eyebrows. He has the right arm of a lion, the left claw of an eagle, the right leg of a lizard, and the left leg of a goat. In addition, he has a bat's right wing, a Pegasus' left wing, a horse's mane, and a dragon-like snake's tail with a white tail tuft. The shape of his body resembles that of a snake. "DISCORD?!" We all exclaimed in shock.

"You all know each other?" Sarah asked.

"You could say that." Kodi growled.

"We had our differences in the past, but they've forgiven me for my past actions, right?" Discord said.

"No." We all said.

"Oh well, at least I found this one human after I escaped from my prison once again. Hehehe." Discord laughed.

"Just wait, we're putting you back to stone in two seconds!" Rainbow threatened.

"Actually.." Celestia spoke up, "I think Discord should have some freedom for a while."

"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Princess, are you crazy?!" Rainbow cried.

"Sarah, you and Discord can go and hang out with each other." Celestia said.

"Okay Princess." Sarah said.

"If you say so, Celestia." Discord added and with a snap of his fingers, Discord and Sarah vanished.

Ren's POV

"Princess, how could you let Discord roam free, with Sarah none the less?!" Twilight asked incredulous.

"I believe this will be an opportunity to reform Discord." Celestia said.

"Reform him?" I asked, "How?"

"I believe Sarah may be the best way to reforming Discord."

"Sarah? Really?" Rainbow asked.

"I know it's a tall order, but I wouldn't say it if I wasn't positive." Celestia said. "I want you all a keep an eye on Discord as well."

"We will." Twilight said. "And I guess we could use the Elements of Harmony on him if he gets out of hand."

"It's Discord, Twilight. You mean 'when' he gets out of hand." Mason grunted. Celestia gave the girls their respective Elements of Harmony "And if he hurts our newbie, I'll beat the hell out of him." Jack growled.

"Jack, you cannot solve everything with your fists." Rarity scolded.

"Whatever, you purple loon." Jack said.

"Alright, you two, let's juts go and find Sarah, before Discord does something." Kaede cut in.

We all agreed and we went back to Ponyville. "Well... Ponyville is still in order." Rainbow said. "... For now."

"Let's just focus on finding Discord." Applejack said.

That's when Winter suddenly came down beside us. "Woah, what the- Winter, what's wrong?" Twilight asked. The Light Fury seemed distressed about something. "Lead the way." The Light Fury flew into the air and we followed her to the home-ship. We entered the home-ship to find Discord floating in the air with ice cream in his hands. "Discord!" Twilight called.

"Oh, hello, I was wondering how long it would take for you all to come here." he said.

"Where's Sarah? What did you do to her?" Rainbow questioned.

"Oh relax, Rainbow, I haven't done a single thing to the little human. In fact, she invited me to stay with her in her room."


That's when we heard whistling and saw Sarah skipping into the room. "Hi guys, Hi Discord, how's the ice cream I made you?"

"Oh it's simply delicious, Sarah." Discord said as he took another bite.

Sarah smiled at Discord when Twilight floated her over to us, "Sarah, what do you think your doing?" Jack hissed, "We do not want that creep in our home."

"He's just going to stay in my room." Sarah replied.

"We don't want him here, why did you insist that anyway?" I asked.

"I believe if I treat him with kindness then I can reform him." Sarah replied.

"And if he doesn't we're turning him back to stone, got it!" Rainbow said.

"You wouldn't dare turn me back to stone and risk disappointing your precious princess." Discord added.

"Just try us, buster! If you get out of line, it's back to the garden for you!" Mason threatened.

"Oh poo, I wouldn't dare harm a hair on this little human." Discord said as he used his magic to make Sarah small.

I was worried about Sarah at this point. "I don't like this, Twilight. Sarah shouldn't be anywhere near Discord, let alone be his friend."

"I know, Ren, but if Princess Celestia trusts that Sarah can reform Discord then we should too." Twilight replied. "Beside she not complete defenseless against him, remember." she pointed to her element, inquiring that Sarah had her own Element of Harmony that she could use against Discord herself. Me and the others were still on the offense about this, but we had to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt.

Discord made Sarah big again and she asked, "Are you okay, staying in my room, Discord?"

"Oh yes, Sarah, if only your other friends would be more considerate." Discord replied.

"Sarah, don't listen to him. He's trying to drive wedge between us." Rainbow said.

"No why in the world would I do something like that?" Discord asked, acting innocent.

"So we can't unite and use the Elements of Harmony on you, but you better watch it cause Sarah has her own Element that she can probably use on you herself."

"Oh yes." Discord added, levitating Sarah's element off of her neck, "I have noticed this special little gem she got from the Tree of Harmony."

"Hey, give her back her Element!" Kaede ordered.

"Relax, girly, I'm not going to do anything to it." With a snap of his fingers, he teleported Sarah's element back on her neck. "I was just curious. Now Sarah, why don't you show me where I'll be staying for a little bit?"

"Okay, Discord." Sarah said. And she led Discord to her room.

POV Ends

I led Discord into my room. I used my magic to make the room bigger since I had gotten Mareep, Riolu and Rockruff, last night. The three baby pokemon scampered over to me, chanting, "Mama, Mama, Mama." I laughed and got on the ground to hug the three little ones. "Hi there little ones." I showed them to Discord. "This is my friend, Discord, he's going to be staying in here for a little while, okay?"

"Okay, Mama." The three pokemon replied.

I let the three walk around on the floor as Discord scanned my room, "Hmmm... you room is a little tacty. How about I change some things?" he suggested.

"No thank you, Discord, I like my room just the way it is."

"Oh alright, since you are the only one who has ever tried to be nice to me, I suppose I should respect your differences." Discord explained, catching my attention. "Only one?"

"Well, yes. Since everybody knows I cause disharmony and chaos wherever I go, so I haven't had anyone as my friend."

"Well... I'm your friend now, Discord." Discord smiled at me and I smiled at him. "So will you use your powers for good, now?"

"Even though it won't be as much fun... I suppose when your friends you can't always have things you way." Discord added. "I'll use my powers for good."

"You promise?"

"Yes... I promise."

I smiled at Discord and I couldn't wait to tell my friends about this.

"You cannot be serious, Sarah." Rainbow said.

"I am serious, Rainbow."

"He didn't change over in a few hours." Applejack said. "That varmint probably used his magic on you."

"No he didn't. If he did my Element would have responded to that, but it didn't."

"Still, Ah don't trust that varmint."

"But I trust him." I said.

"Because you're so easily manipulated by him!" Rainbow yelled in my face.

"No I'm not! I just want to be his friend. Is that so wrong?!"

"Yes! You are so gullible that you'll fall for anything! Not everyone can be your friend! AND IF YOU TRUST HIM MORE THAN US THAN WE DON'T WANT YOU AROUND US ANYMORE!"

I gasped, heart broken by what Rainbow said. I sniffled, "Fine.... if that's... what you want... then I'll leave." I felt tears leaking from my eyes and I just slowly walked away from them and out the door, closing it behind me.

Ren's POV

I can't believe Rainbow would say that to Sarah. That she should leave since she trusts Discord more than her friends? That's ridiculous. I saw Rainbow's eyes widen in realization of what she just said. Sarah began to walk away, "... Sarah... I."

Sarah sniffled, "... If that's what you want... then I'll leave."

She suddenly turned completely gray and shed a tear in and shape of a broken heart. She held her head down and she slowly walked out the door, closing it behind her.

"Rainbow, how could you?!" Applejack asked in anger.

"I didn't mean it!" Rainbow replied.

"Well, you obviously did cause you broke our newbies' heart." Jack growled.

"I can't believe you thought she trusted Discord more than us!" Twilight added. "Sarah only did this to try and reform Discord, she trusts us way more than him."

"And here I thought you all wanted me gone?" Discord said, suddenly appearing next to Twilight.

"What do you want, Discord?"

"I just wanted to ask a question." he said. "All Sarah wants to do is become my friend, but you all think I can't be trusted because of my past actions."


"If you don't even trust me then why are you friends with this broker over here?" Discord asked referring to Rantaro.

"Well... uh..." Rainbow stammered.

"We aren't... close friends with that bastard." Jack stated.

"Then why do you keep him around, if you don't trust him enough?" Discord asked.

"Because, maybe, he'll come around and become our... friend." Jamie said, realizing what Discord was saying as well as the others. "Oooooooh...."

"We messed up big time, didn't we?" Applejack winced.


"Quite a shame really, all Sarah wanted was to make me a friend, but all of you don't think I can be trusted. Sarah was the only one willing to give me a chance at friendship while the rest of you didn't give me a chance. Now you've all broken her little heart and turned her gray."

Rainbow and the others felt pity cause of their behavior. Sarah was just trying to reform Discord as the Princess thought she could, but thanks to their distrust towards him, they've ruined that chance. And now Sarah was heartbroken. Pinkie's mane turned all gray as well, "We've been horrible friends to Sarah." she said.

"We've got to find her." I said.

"Right." Jamie said.

We all ran outside and surprisingly found Sarah easily. She was just sitting by a lake singing to herself.

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there

Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen?
'Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairy tale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
That's coming true

But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled you made me feel
Like I could sing along

But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
And once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairy tale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true

'Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that I could be so blind
It's like you were floating while I was falling
And I didn't mind

'Cause I liked the view
I thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

her song only made the rest of us feel bad about our behavior. We approached her, "Sarah..." I called. Sarah barely perked up at the sound of my voice. "Sarah, we're sorry. We should have trusted you more." I started.

"And I'm sorry saying that you trusted Discord more than us. I didn't mean it, I was just angry thinking that Discord manipulated you in someway to turn you against us. I should never had said that. All you wanted was to make Discord your friend and we we're supportive of you. Instead we didn't give him a chance like you did. I'm sorry." Rainbow apologized.

Sarah turned around, slowly regaining some of her color. She smiled at us, "Apology accepted."

Rainbow and the rest of us smiled and gave her a big group hug. Soon Princess Celestia was in Ponyville and Discord approached her and bowed to her. "Princess, I'm ready to use my powers for good from now on.." he said. "Most of the time." he said under his breath.

"Congratulations everyone, I definitely sense a big change in Discord." Celestia praised.

"And you were right when you said Sarah would be the one to reform Discord. By treating Discord as a friend, she got him to see friendship is what he really wanted since he didn't have any friends of his own." Twilight said. Sarah blushed a little. "Hehe."

"Great work, Sarah." Princess Celestia praised.

"Thank you." I said. "And I think this will be the first step in Discord's new chapter."

My friends all smiled at me proudly. "She really shows the Magic of Friendship now." I thought.

POV Ends

It's been a week since my birthday had passed and since I got Rockruff, Riolu and Mareep. The three pokemon had been absolute dolls. Rockruff likes playing with Kodi while Mareep plays with Rosy. Riolu mostly stayed close to me, being a little shy about playing with the others. My three new pokemon got along with my dragons and Yo-Kai friends perfectly. Winter and Sailornyan adore the three of them. The three pokemon like being with Ren and the others, even causing a little mischief for them. One time, Jack was eating a burger and felt something touch him. He looked down, but saw nothing, but when he looked at his plate his burger was gone. "What the hell?!" he exclaimed.

Then he heard some laughter. He turned to his right and saw Rockruff with his face buried in the burger, only eating the meat. He looked at Jack and went, "Yes?" innocently. As much as Jack was annoyed that the puppy pokemon got his burger, he remembered he was only a baby. So he let Rockruff have it.... until I came in and scolded Jack for letting Rockruff eat it. Luckily, the mall distinct had it's Pokemon Shop, which astounded me and Ren. The store had pokemon games for Ren and Pokemon supplies like Pokeballs, Potions, Pokemon Food and etc for me.

Anyway... Now me and my friends were in walking to Ponyville. I had my pokemon with me. Rockruff and Mareep were scampering ahead with smiles on their faces. "Hehe, those two sure are bubbly." Kaede cooed.

"Yes, yes they are." I said.

"How's you dad liking them?" Ren asked.

"He likes them... as long as they don't come anywhere near his workshop of inventions." I replied. The last time, they got in, they accidentally destroyed one of his gadgets. Boy was he mad, but I told him they were only babies, which calmed him down a little. "Keep them out of my workshop, honey. Please." he begged.

I laughed at the memory. "So what about Riolu?" Carrie asked. Said pokemon was on my shoulder hugging my neck. "Mama." he cooed. I rubbed his back to soothe him, "He's still a shy little guy." I said.

"He seems really attached to you, Sarah." Nicole said.

"Yes, I know." I said. "He'll get used to being around others soon."

"Um... guys, what's up with Ponyville?" Mason asked. We had walked right into town and noticed it was a ghost town! No one was in the streets. "Okay... this is weird." Ren said.


We heard a voice and looked around to see Pinkie waving a us from Sugarcube Corner, "Get inside, NOW!" she hissed. We looked at each other and shurgged. We all walked into the shop which was dark. "Pinkie, why are you alone in the dark?" Kaede asked.

"I'm not alone in the dark." Pinkie replied. She turned the light on revealing Twilight and the girls. "What are you all doing in here?" Rantaro asked.

"A changelings' been spotted near Ponyville." Rainbow replied.

"A Changeling?!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Those roaches again!" Jack said in anger.

"Yes, we don't know if it's alone or with the rest of Chrysalis' army. Either way, we're not taking any chances. Princess Celestia is sending some guards over here to help protect Ponyville." Twilight explained.

"Twilight? Are you here?" a voice called.

Pinkie went to open the door and saw, "Princess Celestia." We all bowed to her.

"Greeting everyone, I got your letter Twilight and my guards are here to help guard Ponyville from the changeling." she said.

"Thank you, Princess." Twilight thanked.

Rockruff and Mareep walked up to Celestia and looked at the her in awe, "Mama, whose this?" Rockruff asked.

"This is Princess Celestia, little ones." I answered.

"And I'm guessing these are the little ones you received on your birthday?" Celestia inquired.

"Yes, Princess."

"Twily!" another voice called.

We all came outside and saw a white stallion with a blue mane, tail and hooves with a blue shield as his cutie mark. By his side was another alicorn. This one was pink with a mane and tail streaked with yellow, pink and purple with a crystal heart as her cuite mark. She was holding a small alicorn baby in her hands. It was also pink but it had a purple mane and tail with a blue streak in it. "Shining Armor, Cadence, Flurry Heart!" Twilight cried in joy. She ran to her brother and they hugged each other. "Hi Twily, we got your message and came right over." he said.

Ren and the others came over and gave their greetings to them, "Ren, who are they?" I asked.

"Oh right, you haven't met them yet. This is Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, the ruler of the Crystal Empire. Shining Armor is Twilight's brother and Cadence is Princess Celestias' niece." he explained.

"Oh." Cadence and Shining Armor approached me, "So your the new human Twilight has written to us about." Cadence said.

"Yes." Riolu whimpered at the sight of the two new ponies and hugged my neck a little tighter. "Awww, Riolu." I took the little pokemon into my arms. "It's okay, they wont hurt you." I cooed.

"And this is one of the three pokemon you have now?" Shining Armor inquired and I nodded. Rockruff and Mareep nuzzled Cadences' legs. "Hehe, aww, they are so cute." she cooed.


"Now Shining Armor, I'm putting you in charge of finding the changeling." Celestia ordered.

"Yes, Princess." Shining Armor said.

"In the meantime, everyone, I want you all to be on the lookout for anything." Celestia told the crowd of ponies which I just realized showed up. They all nodded and returned to their daily business. "Now I must return to Canterlot." she said.

We all nodded and watched as she took off into the sky and flew back to Canterlot. "So what do we do now?" I asked.

"Well, like Aunt Celestia said, keep an eye out for the changeling if there's one there may be the whole army on the way." Cadence said.

"We can take them, Sarah already defeated their queen. They don't stand a chance." Rainbow said with confidence.

"Yeah, they won't be a problem." Jack added.

We all sighed at the two of them. "Well... hearing about Sarah's Element as her growing magic, I guess there's nothing to really worry about." Cadence said uneasy.

"But why would a changeling come here?" I asked.

"Changelings feed off of love and Flurry Heart has a great amount of love since her Crystalling, so it's possible they've come for the baby." Shining Armor explained. Riolu looked at Flurry Heart curiously. He leaped out of my arms and went over to Flurry Heart. The two babies looked at each other for a moment before Riolu extended his paw towards the baby. Flurry smiled and cooed and touched Riolus' paw as well.

"Awwww... Riolu made his first friend." Fluttershy cooed. The rest of us were touched at the cute moment.

"Looks like your little one is coming out of his shell, Sarah." Jack smirked.

"Yeah." Rockruff and Mareep came over and Flurry cooed at them too. Rockruff nuzzled Flurry's tummy with his nose, making her laugh. Flurry poked Mareep's wool, cooing. "Hehe, Cadence, you and Shining Armor can stay with me." Twilight offered.

"Thank you, Twilight." Cadence said. Cadence and Shining began to walk away with Flurry Heart, but the baby didn't want to leave her three new friends and started whining. "Oooh, Flurry, you'll see them again." Cadence cooed.

"Acutally, Cadence, Riolu and the others can go with you." I offered.

"Really?" Twilight asked.

"Yes, Flurry likes them and they need to be around others, beside Me, Ren and the others."

"Alright. Come on you three." My three pokemon walked with the small family to the Golden Oak Library.

"Soo, what do we do now?" Kaede asked.

"I'll go for a walk for little bit." I said.

"Well be careful." Jamie said.

"Don't worry, I have my element to protect me." I reassured and I walked off out of Ponyville and into the forest where the home-ship was. As I was walking, I was admiring the forest area; birds were chirping and the leaves rustled in the wind. I took a deep breath, "Ahhh, I love nature."

Just then, I heard some rustling. "Hello?.... Is anyone there?" I said aloud.

The rustling continued and went over to a bush. It pulled the bush apart. "AH!"


It was a changeling!

But this one was a bit different it was pinkish blue shading eyes and wings instead of the regular blue eyes and transparent wings. The changeling was also shaking in fear and not hissing at me. "Um... hi there." I greeted.

"P-Please d-don't hurt me." the changeling whimpered in a soft voice, revealing it was a female.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise." I said. The changeling stopped shaking and stood up, looking at me. I could see some signs of nervousness in her eyes. "If you want me to leave then, I'll go. I know you don't want to be friends." she fluttered her wings, getting ready to leave but I called, "Wait!"

The changeling stopped and looked at me, "I don't get it. My friends told me that all changelings were evil."

"Evil, well not me. All I ever wanted was a friend. I was part of the attack on Canterlot during the royal wedding but I never seen true friendship like that. I couldn't just feed on it's love. I wanted to share it. When we were banished, I knew I couldn't live with my kind anymore, so I left looking for love to share." she explained.

"Woah... well if you want... I'll be your friend um... what's your name?"

"Pyrite... My name is Pyrite."

"My name is Sarah, nice to meet you. Hey, wanna meet my friends?"

Pyrite flinched and shook her head, "No, no, they probably won't want to be friends with me cause of what the changelings did in the past."

"Well... maybe I can convince them other wise."

"Really?" Pyrite's eyes lit up.

"Of course, you're my friend now." Pyrite smiled greatly. "But you're gonna need a disguise."

Pyrite changed and took the form of a purple mare with a white mane and tail with a blue streak in the middle. "Ready." Pyrite smiled and I led her back through the forest and into Ponyville where Ren and my friends were.

"Hey Sarah, whose your friend?" Ren questioned.

"This is Pyrite." I replied.

"Where'd you meet her?" Jamie asked.

"I found her taking a walk in the forest." I replied. "So I decided to introduce her to you all."

"You just found her in the woods?" Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow. "Seems kinda weird doesn't it?"
"Well... it's nice to meet you Pyrite." Kaede greeted.

"T-Thank you."

That's when Princess Cadence and Shining Armor came onto the scene with Shining wearing his guard attire. Pyrite flinched a little but I gave her a confident smile. "Hello everyone." Cadence greeted. "Whose the new pony?"

"This is Pyrite, Sarah met her in the forest." Pinkie replied happily. Shining gave her a suspicious look. "Shining Armor, what's wrong?" Ren asked.

"I just want to check something." Shining said and he blasted Pyrite with his magic, revealing her. Everybody gasped in shock. "Thought so!" Shining growled. "You can't fool me so easily, changeling."

"Sarah, get away from the changeling!" Twilight said. The rest of my friends had anger expressions. "Wait!" Twilight pulled me away with her magic. "She's not bad! She's a nice changeling!"

"There's no such thing as a nice changeling." Jack growled. "That thing probably brainwashed you like they did Shining Armor." The other guards surrounded us, preparing to capture Pyrite. I overpowered Twilight's magic and rushed over to Pyrite. "Sarah, what are you doing get away from that thing!" Shining Armor demanded.

"No! She's not a thing. Her name is Pyrite and she's my friend." I stated, earning gasps of shock from everyone. Pyrtie looked at me and I nodded at her. I walked towards the other and I started.. well.. singing. Hehe.

The others were still giving me angry looks. "I still don't believe her. How do we know, she's not pretending to be nice?" Rainbow challenged.

"I'm not like Chyrsalis and the other changelings!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"Oh yeah?" Jack added. "You're a changeling

"Look, human! I know what my Queen did at the Canterlot Wedding, but I was the one changeling who rather stay home than steal love from others. You do not know how it is to live with someone who has constant control over your life and you can't do a thing to about it, unless you want to be killed!" Pyrite stated.

"Killed?" Cadence echoed.

"Yes. If there's one changeling who disobeys Chrysalis... let's just say they are never seen again."

Everybody was horrified at what Pyrite explained. "Huh? Guess we never though about it like that." Shining Armor said.

"Of course not. You all think changelings and ponies are so different, but we're not." Music started playing in the background. Ooooh, I feel a song coming on.

"We're more similar than you think, ponies and humans. Sisi Ni Sawa."

"What?" Jack asked.

"You're saying we're the same?" Jamie questioned.

"No way, we don't think so." Twilight said and she, Ren and the others started singing

(Twilight and Co.)
You think that life is one big game
Deceive and sly, you take no blame
We're telling you there's just no way that we're the same

You've got to look past what you see
Try not to judge by family
Believe it or not
You're a lot like me
Said believe it or not you're a lot like me

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
I hear what you're saying, but you need to explain
(Sisi ni sawa!)

At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

My past is bad and yours is not
But take a look beyond the past
Deep in my heart is what matters for sure!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
'Cause unlike my other changeling pals
I have a goal to make my own
My share my love throughout this Equestrian World
To share my love throughout this world

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
Though you've got your holes, and we have a mane!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

(Pyrtie, Twilight and Co.)
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

(Twilight and Co.)
Never thought that we'd see eye-to-eye

I can't imagine why
It's very easy if you try!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Twilight and Co.)
Still, to us, they're brand new thoughts
Not to judge a changeling by their boss!

Sisi ni sawa!

Sisi ni sawa means we're the same!

(Twilight and Co.)
Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain!
(Sisi ni sawa!)

(Pyrite, Twilight and Co.)
At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Sisi ni sawa means we're the same
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain
(Sisi ni sawa!)
At the end of the day, it's like water and rain
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!
(Sisi ni sawa!)
Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

Sisi ni sawa, we are the same!

"Okay, now I trust you." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, you're okay in my book, Pyrite." Jack said with a toothy grin.

"I'm sorry we didn't get the chance to know you. Maybe we can start that now?" Shining Armor suggested.

"That'd be so amazing. I want to know all about friendship and maybe one day I can take that knowledge back to the Changeling Kingdom. If my kind learn how to make love for one another maybe we wouldn't have to take it from others." Pyrite stated. I couldn't help but smile at the scene. That's when my element glowed and a blue and purple stripe appeared on my element, now completely filled with color. "She got the last two element colors! But... how?"

"She showed Laughter by making her new friends happy and giving them new hope in their lives and Magic by showing them the Magic of Friendship when no one else did." Twilight explained. "Now, she had all the colors of our Elements of Harmony."

"Awesome! So what will happen now?" Jack asked.

"For now, how about we introduce Pyrite to the rest of Ponyville?" I suggested. My friends agreed and we all introduced Pyrite to the ponies of Ponyville, knowing this would be the first step of her new life.

Episode 7: Sarah's Sick Day

View Online

Ren’s POV

It's been two weeks since Pyrite was accepted into Ponyville by me and my friends. Once we convinced the other ponies that she was reformed, they accepted her too, much to her joy. Mayor Mare gave her a house near Twilight's so she could stay here. Pyrite was really happy that she had more and more friends here. Pinkie threw her a 'Welcome to Ponyville' Party which is loved. She was very excited to have tried cake and other sweets since she never had them before. Me and the others were happy to see her accepted by Ponyville. Now, me and my friends were having breakfast together. Mason was cooking the pancakes, eggs and toast with Oj. I had two pancakes while the others had a bit more. Jack had ten pancakes, which I didn't find surprising. "Great breakfast, Mason." I praised.

"Thanks Ren." Mason said.

"Hey... where's Sarah?" Carrie asked, noticing Sarah was missing from the table.

"I don't know, I didn't see her when I woke up." Kodi replied. That's when Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff and Winter came into the room, looking worried. Riolu was pulling on my sleeve while Rockruff and Mareep were pawing at Mason's pants. Winter was pacing around in a circle. "Woah, woah, you guys, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Something wrong with Mama..." Rockruff said. Now that got me worried a little. "Can you take us to her?" I asked.

Riolu nodded and the three pokemon and dragon led us to Sarah's room where we found her dad, Moonshine and Storm at her bedside. We saw Sarah and gasped. She looked horrible. Her horn was red and swollen and her nose was red as well. She had bad bags under her eyes and she had an ice pack on her head and a thermometer in her mouth.

Sarah's dad turned and saw us, "Oh, hey everyone."

"Woah... what's going on with, newbie?" Jack asked with worry.

"She has a bad cold." he answered. Sarah sneezed and magic sprayed from her horn hitting the dresser turning it into a kitten. “Meow.”

“...Well that’s a new one.” I stated.

“What the hell was that?!” Jack exclaimed.

“That, unfortunately, comes with her cold. She starts spraying magic.” Sarah’s father said. Sarah sniffled. “Is there anything we can do for her?” Kaede asked.

“There’s nothing you guys can do. My cold just has to run it’s course.” Sarah replied in a stuffy voice.

She sneezed again and hit the kitten which turned into a puppy. We all looked at each other with worry. “Besides you do not want to get hit with her spray magic. The last time she got me, I ended up in a pet store window.”

Jack and Jamie chuckled. Kaede hit Jack on the shoulder, “Not funny!”

“Sorry, it’s funny.” Rantaro said.

Sarah coughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Sarah’s father replied.

“Ren... can you and the others... sniffle... take care of my dragons and pokemon for me?”

“Of course, Sarah.” Nicole said.

“Dad, can you give them the list?”

“List?” We all exclaimed.

Sarah’s father gave us a list and I unrolled it. It went out the room and all the way to the dining room. It had to be about thirty feet long!

At 8:00: Feed the dragons and pokemon.

At 8:30: Brush the dragons and pokemons teeth.

At 9:00: Take the dragons out on their morning flight.

At 10:00: Wash the dragons and pokemon.

At 11:00: Play with the dragons and pokemon.

At Noon: Feed them lunch

At 1:00: Put the pokemon down for their naps.

At 2:00: Put the dragons and pokemon down for their naps.

At 3:00: Go out for another flight with the pokemon.

At 4:00: Feed the dragons and pokemon dinner.

At 5:00: Give the dragons and pokemon their evening baths

At 6:00: Put them to bed.

“Seriously, all this for six creatures?!” Jack exclaimed annoyed with the list already. I rolled up the list again.

“Sarah takes extra care of her friends.” Sarah’s dad said.

“Please you guys... sniffle.” Sarah asked. We all sighed but agreed to do it for our friend. “Thanks guys.”

We all nodded and were shooed out of the room by Sarah’s father and went to the living followed by Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Riolu, Rockruff and Mareep.

“Alright time to care for her creatures, yeah.” Jack fake cheered.

“Oh come on, Jack. You saw how they are we Sarah. They shouldn’t be that hard to care for. How hard can it be?” Carrie said.

“Yeah, How are can it be?” Mason added. "What's first?"

"Um.." I unrolled the list revealing the first three things. "First is.. feeding them breakfast."

"Okay that should be easy enough." Jack said. He went to the cubby that had "Dragons and Pokemon" on it. He opened it and was thrown down by a load of fish and large bags of pokemon food. "WOAH! AHH!"

Jack poked his head out. "Why does she have raw fish in the cubby?!" he yelled.

Storm, Winter and Moonshine came over and started eating the fish. "... That's why." I deadpanned. Jack growled and he came out of the pile.

Mason went over and lifted one of the bags of pokemon food. "Woah, this is heavy." he groaned. Carrie got the pokemons' bowl and put them on the floor. Mason put the bag on the floor and opened it. Luckily, it's one of those zip bags. He poured a good amount into the bowls while Kaede, Nicole and Rantaro began putting the fish back into the cubby. "I can't believe this stuff is still cold and fresh." Kaede said.

"She must have put a spell on them." Nicole guessed. After the bowls were full, Mason plopped the bag onto the floor. "Man... she does this everyday? How did we not notice?"

We all shrugged. After the dragons and pokemon were done eating, it was time to brush their teeth. Moonshine and Snowflake kept running away whenever we tried to come near them with the toothbrushes. "Hey! Wait! Come back!" We all cried, but the two dragons kept running. We finally got the two under control... by pouncing on them and brushing their teeth while they tried to buck us off. Me, Jack and Jamie were sore after that. Storm was less difficult. We only had to watch out that we didn't accidentally brush her teeth too hard, cause if we did she would fire a spike at us on purpose.

Riolu and the pokemon were very easy, surprisingly. They caused us very little trouble which was a relief. After that, we plopped on the couch, "Agh... I hope we don't have to do that again." Jack groaned, rubbing his sore arm.

"Okay... Next, take the dragons out on their morning flight." I added.

"Great." Jack grumbled.

"I'll be fine, Jack." I reassured. "We've seen Sarah fly with them. How hard can it be?"



Moonshine did a nose dive along with the other dragons, dive bombing right above Ponyville! They came up suddenly and tore through the town and back into the air. I was on Moonshine while Mason was on Storm and Kaede was on Winter.

"WHAT"S WRONG WITH THEM?!" Mason screamed.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled back.

When we first mounted the dragons, they took to the air, nice and calm, but they must have been planning something with each other cause they suddenly burst into their top speeds and began twirling, doing loops and dive bombing! It was crazy!

"HOW DOES SARAH DO THIS?!" Kaede yelled in fear. The only ones who seemed to be having a good time was the dragons as they were roaring happily as they flew quickly through the air. We were in the air for an hour before we returned to the home-ship. We entered the living room, dazed and a bit woozy. Jack and Rantaro laughed at us, cause out hair was completely frazzled and messy like we woke up from a bad nightmare. Mason and Jamie looked at us in concern. "W-What'"

"Bathing the dragon and pokemon." Jamie replied, making us all groan.

Soon, the dragons were in their separate bathing tubs while the pokemon were in one for themselves. The dragons, thankfully, didn't make bathing difficult. The pokemon enjoyed it, laughing and splashing in the water. When we were done washing them, the dragons hopped out and shook themselves dry like a dog would, getting us all wet. I spit out some water, "Next!" I called.

Jamie looked at the list, "Playing with the dragons and pokemon."

We played fetch with the dragons while Kaede began training the pokemon for Sarah. We discovered that Rockruff knew Iron Tail, Bite, Tackle and Rock Throw. Riolu knew, Force Palm, Vacuum Wave, Copycat and Aura Sphere, which was a big surprise since I knew that in order to learn Aura Sphere Riolu had to evolve in Lucario, but I remembered on episode of Pokemon where a Riolu did know Aura Sphere. And Mareep knew Thundershock, Tackle, Cotton Guard and Thunder Wave.

Rockruff and Riolu did great in their training, perfectly landing their attacks and dodging flawlessly.

The dragons, meanwhile, were a bit annoying... mainly because they thought that my Megaphone Hacking Gun, Jamie's book and Jack's jacket were toys and ran off with them, forcing us to chase after them before they ruined them. But the dragons were fast on land, leaving us in the dust. After about a two hour chase, we finally got our stuff back and staggered into the home ship where we saw Kaede feeding the pokemon their lunch. "Hey guys, what took you so long?" she asked.

"The brats ran off with our stuff and made us chase after them." Jack growled, holding his jacket which was covered in Storm's saliva.

"Oh, I'm sure they were only playing." Kaede reassured. She went to get the dragons their lunch while Me, Jack and Jamie collapsed on the couch again. "Th is harder than I thought." Jamie said.

"Yeah, Sarah makes it look so easy." I agreed.

That's when we heard some laughing nearby and saw, "Ugh.. it's this bastard again." Jack groaned. Rantaro was leaning against a wall, looking at saw with an amused look on his face. "Looks like babysitting is harder than you boys thought, huh?"

Jack growled, "That's none of your business, bastard!"

"I'm just saying that Sarah's dragons and pokemon seem to be harder to care for than you originally thought."

"Yeah, yeah, shaddup." Jack hissed. Rantaro shurgged. "Anyway.. I'm going to check on our sick friend, see ya." Rantaro walked off leaving the rest of us tired on the couch. "Alright, now time to put the pokemon and dragons down for their naps." Kaede said.

Me and the others sighed in relief. One hour of relaxation, "Come on, little ones." Keade cooed. Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff, Winter, Moonshine and Storm followed her to Sarah's room where we heard, "Oh my god!"

We all shot up and rushed to her room, "What's going- Oh God!" Sarah's room looked like a complete jungle, there were animals all over the place; kittens, puppies, ponies, you name it. Mason and Carrie came in, hearing Kaede's cry and Carrie cooed at the small animals. "Awww... there's so cute."

Sarah coughed and her dad placed another ice pack on her forehead. "Hey guys." she greeted hoarsely. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah.. yeah.. but what happened in here?" I asked.

Sarah sniffled, "Just my magic spray no.. big... achoo! Deal."

Sarah's father presented her a spoonful of cold medicine, "Here sweetie, drink your medicine." Sarah nodded and took the medicine, coughing a little. "My dragons and pokemon aren't being a problem.. sniffle.. are they?"

"Acutally Sarah-" Jack started but I covered his mouth, "They are being absolute dolls. They are no problem at all."

Sarah smiled at us, "Thanks again for caring for them."

"N-No problem."

"Alright sweetie, get some rest." Sarah's father said. She nodded and was out like a light in a second. "We'll be in the living room." I said as I sorta dragged Jack out of the room with Jamie, Mason and Carrie following. When we were in the living room, I uncovered Jack's mouth, "What the hell?!" he exclaimed. "I was going to tell her we're not caring for those creatures anymore!"

"You couldn't. Sarah's counting on us to care for her creatures." Mason said. "We're her friends. Do really want to disappoint her?" Carrie asked. Jack huffed and crossed his arms, "... No."

"Good then, we'll continue caring for her creatures until she's better." Jamie said with a smile. Jack huffed again but her agreed to help. An hour passed and we all had lunch in the food court. Jack had a burger while me and Jamie had a salad. Now it was time to wake the dragons and pokemon and take them all out for another flight. Yeeeeeaaah.

And once again, the dragons took us on a wile ride again. The pokemon seemed to enjoy the high speeds while the rest of us were screaming out lungs out. After an hour, we returned to the home-ship where we fed the dragons and pokemon their dinner. Only two more things to do before the list was finished. When the dragons and pokemon were finished, we gave them their evening baths which thankfully was less chaotic than the last time. Finally it was six'oclock and the dragons and pokemon were put to bed for the night.

We did it. We took care of Sarah's dragons and pokemon for the day. "I'm going to bed." Jack huffed as he went to his room.

"Me too." Jamie yawned. I felt the same way. Taking care of her dragons and pokemon was very tiring. I'm just glad that the day was over. I went to my room with Kodi and I climbed into my pajamas and climbed into bed where I fell into a deep sleep.

WOAH! I feel SOOOO much better. That cold was a pain in the butt! I hated being stuck in bed all day, but luckily Ren and the others took care of my dragons and pokemon for me. When I was better all the things that were affect by my magic spray turned back to normal. My horn swelling went down and the redness went down as well. I no longer felt stuffy and weak. My dad was happy that I was better and so were my dragons and pokemon.

Now I was heading to the living room to get some breakfast. I entered, "Hey guys, Good Mor- WAH!"

I saw my friends and boy did they look horrible! They all had bags under their eyes and were sniffling, sneezing and coughing. Their pets were by their sides with worries expression on their faces. "Oh dear. Guys!" I went over and felt all their heads. They were all running a fever, "Oh man, they're all sick."


Soon, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie were all in my room, layed up in their own, separate beds with an ice pack on their heads. I placed the last ice pack on Ren's head. He sniffled, "Thanks Sarah."

I grinned, "No problem."

My dad came in with a few bottles of cold medicine, knowing one bottle wouldn't be enough for my eight friends. My friends pets came into my room and came to their owners sides. "Are you okay, Ren?" Kodi asked.

"Oh, buddy. I'l be fine... achoo... just a small cold." Ren replied.

"Don't worry, me and my dad will take care of them." I promised.

"Awww.. do I have to?" my dad whined. I sighed at him. Knowing my dad, he wanted to go back into his workshop and work on his inventions. "Yes, dad. You need to get out of your workshop every now and again. You don't always have to play with you toys."

"They are not toys, they are scientific inventions." my dad replied.

"Their toys, dad."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes at my dad and went over to the medicine bottle. Using my magic, I levitated eight spoons and one bottle of the medicine. I poured a spoonful into each spoon and floated them over to my friends, "Here guys. This will help."

My friends took the medicine and I took their temperatures. "Looks like they are averaging 101 degrees. Not bad."

"Good, so now, I'll be down in my workshop." My dad tried to leave but I used my magic to halt him. "Darn I hate that magic part." he grumbled.

"Dad, we're taking care of my friends and that's that, understand!" I said, almost going into my Rage mode.

"Yes honey." My dad whined.


"Is there anything we can do?" Kodi asked.

"Hmmm... Kodi, can you go and get the girls?"

"Yes Sarah." Kodi ran out the room and went to get the girls. Soon he returned with the Mane 6 in tow. He brought them into the room. "Woah nelly, y'all are really sick." Applejack said.

"It's.. sniffle... no problem." Jamie sniffled. I levitated him and tissue to wipe his nose.

"Oh man, anything we can do?" Rainbow asked.

"I need you girls to keep an eye on them and help me and my dad care for them, please." I asked.

"Of course sugarcube." Applejack agreed.

"You bet." Rainbow said.

"You can count on us." Twilight added.

"Great so I'll be in my lab." My dad said going towards the door. I blocked him, now in my Rage mode. "You are not leaving!" I yelled. He screamed and hid behind Applejack. "Alright, alright!" he cried.

I changed back to my normal self. "Good." I turned back to Ren and the others, Now you guys, try to get some sleep."

Jack sniffled, "Yeah right... sniffle... I'm never sleep with this cold!"

"For once... achoo! I agree with the biker." Rantaro said.

"Oooh, you poor things." Fluttershy cooed, earning a blush from Jack and Rantaro.

"Now how are we gonna help 'em sleep?" Applejack asked.

"I know. Dad, can you go get our guitars?" I asked.

"Guitars?!" The girls exclaimed.

My dad exited the room and soon returned with our ascoutic guitars. "You two can play guitars?" Ren asked hoarse.

"Yeah." I replied.

"So what, your gonna sing them a lullaby?" Rainbow asked.

"Yep." I placed my guitar strap around my shoulder and my dad did the same thing,

"A lullaby, those are for babies!" Jack yelled, making himself cough.

"I don't care." I said with a mile. "Ready dad?"

"Ready honey." Me and my dad started playing and I started singing my lullaby to my friends

This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers.
Now you're counting sheep.
Little brother, it's time to go to sleep,
big sister, it's time to go sleep.
Little baby, don't you know you're sweet ?
Everybody it's time to go to sleep.
This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers
Time for sweat dreams.

In no time, Ren and the others were asleep. "Woah... nice song, Sarah." Twilight praised.

"Thanks. Come on." I whispered. Me and the gang tiptoes out of the room letting Ren and his friends get some much needed rest.

For the next two days, the girls, my dad and I cared for Ren and the gang. Twilight and Fluttershy helped check their temperature. Rainbow and Applejack help distribute the medicine. Pinkie kept everyone happy... while trying not be so very loud and give the others bigger headaches than they already had. While me and my dad took care of their pets. On the third day, Ren and the others were feeling a lot better. "Thanks for taking care of us, Sarah." Ren thanked.

"Of course, I'd do anything for you guys." I replied with a smile. Their pets were happy their owners were feeling better. "And that was a nice lullaby you sang." Kaede said. I blushed, "Thanks my dad used to play it for me when I was younger."

"Awww.. that's sweet." Carrie cooed.

"Hey, where's your old man, anyway?" Jack asked.

"Dad, where are you?" I called.

My dad came out, "Yes honey?"

"Dad why are you peeking out from the doorway?"

"I'm going to the pool in my man-kini."

"Man-kini?!" We all exclaimed.

"What's that?" Ren asked. He showed us he was wearing a women's bikini! "This." Me and the girls screamed while the boys gagging and ran out of the room. "What?... is it that bad?"

"YES!" We all exclaimed.

My dad scoffed, "Everyone's a critic!"

Episode 8: Jealous Dash

View Online

One day, Me and the gang were walking to Ponyville. Sarah brought her three dragons with her. Winter was rubbing against Jack. "Yeah, Yeah, I know you like me. Knock it off!" he grunted.

"Jack, be nice to Winter. She's only expressing her friendship with you." I said. Jack growled and said nothing. "... SO how'd you guys like my dad in a women's bikini?" I asked with a smirk, getting cries, groans and screams from them all.

"Why'd you put that image back in our heads?!" Ren cried.

"Your reactions are priceless. That's why. Hahahahah!" I laughed. My sense of humor was different from others. I laughed when I seen people or ponies get hurt in a funny way or when I hear an insult that's funny to me. I now, most people don't find thsoe things funny, but I do. I laughed at how my friends reacted to the horror they saw yesterday. My dad was wearing his 'man-kini' which freaked and horrified everyone. The girls ran out of the room screaming while the boys did the same thing but they ran to their rooms and screamed into their pillow... except for Jack and Rantaro who just stared in horror. Me, I was used to seeing him in it... wonder why I'm not scared for life by that? Oh well, anyway, my friends on the other hand tried to suppress that from their memories like the Davenportraits. "That's going to give me nightmares for weeks now." Jamie whined.

"I said it once and I'll say it again, you dad is screwed in the head." Jack said.

I stopped laughing and sighed, "I know."

Anyway, we were almost to Ponyville when we heard someone yell "STAMPEDE!"

"Stampede?" Ren echoed.

"Sounds like trouble." I mounted Storm. "Come on dragons!" and they took to the skies while Ren and the others rushed to Ponyville. We flew to the boarder of Ponyville and saw a stampeding herd of cattle rushing towards the town. "Cattle Stampede, not good." I knew the herd could easily trample through Ponyville.

"Storm, get me above the leader." I ordered. My Deadly Nadder soared down above the lead cow and I leaped off of her an onto the cow's back, then I used my magic to make a lasso and brought it around the cow's mouth. "Alright, Winter, Moonshine, Storm, keep the cows together!" My three dragons went off and got the cattle close together so none would stray from the herd. I looked ahead and saw that we were almost at Ponyville. I pulled on the rope and pulled to the right, making the lead cow and the herd move to the right, avoiding Ponyville's boarders.

I pulled back on the rope, "Woah." and the lead cow stopped followed by the rest of the herd. I leaped off the lead cow. "Alright cattle, go on now." I said. The cows mooed and went off on their way away from Ponyville. Storm, Winter and Moonshine landed beside me. "Good job, you three." I praised. My dragons roared happily and we all walked into Ponvyville where we were greeted by a large crowd of cheering ponies.

Ren, Twilight and their friends came up to me, "Sarah, that was amazin'! I've never seen better cattle herdin' like that I'm my life." Applejack said.

"Yeah, you saved Ponyville." Twilight added.

I smiled, "Awww girls, it's no big deal."

"it is a big deal." Mayor Mare said as she approached me. "we simply must do something to thank you for your heroism."

"Mayor Mare, you don't have to do that for us, really." I insisted.

"Please, Sarah, it would be out honor." she pleaded. I sighed, knowing that she wasn't going to give this up. "Alright."

"Excellent!" Mayor Mare said.

"And I know just how to thank you." Pinkie Pie chirped. "... A Party!"

Third Person POV

A few days later, Town Hall was decorated in decorations, to honor Sarah and her dragons. There was a large banner with her and her dragons faces on it. Along with balloons and confetti. The day was dubbed "Sarah and Dragons Appreciation Day" by Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash saw everything and felt... icky for some reason. When she saved Ponyville sometimes, no one threw her and Appreciation Day. But she shook off the feeling.

Sarah and her dragons came into Ponyville and saw everything. "Woah, all this for us?" she asked.

"Of course, darling." Rarity said. "Today is you and your dragons special day."

"And I made you all a special cake." Pinkie said and she dashed off and returned with a large chocolate cake. "You own chocolate cake." Rainbow was jaw-dropped and she softly growled.

"Pinkie, you didn't have to do that." Sarah said modestly.

"Too late. Dig in." Pinkie said. I rolled my eyes playfully at Pinkie and cut a piece of cake for myself. "You guys can have some too." Sarah said to Ren, Twilight, their friends and practically everyone in town. They all cheered loudly and they all enjoyed the cake. The only one who wasn't eating the cake was Rainbow Dash. She had distanced herself away from the rest of the crowd, mumbling to herself. "Everyone think Sarah and her dragons are do great. Well, I'll show everyone I'm just as good as they are."

"Rainbow?" Rainbow turned and saw Fluttershy and Jamie coming towards her. Fluttershy offered her a piece of the chocolate cake, "Don't you want a piece of cake?"

"Oh, uh, no thanks, Fluttershy. I'm alright." Rainbow replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Rainbow grinned trying to act like nothing was wrong. Luckily, the two of the bought it and went back to the party. Rainbow started grumbling again under her breath, "I'll show them, I'm just as good as Sarah and her dragons."

POV Ends

The Next day

A mare was rolling her baby foal in a stroller on top of very steep hill with some twists and turns. The mare's friends came over and they both started to talk. What they didn't notice was the stroller started rolling down the hill. The mother turned, saw the runaway stroller and screamed, catching me and my dragons' attention as well as the others. "Storm!" I mounted my Deadly Nadder and rushed over to the hill. I saw Rainbow tried to catch the stroller as well, but Storm zoomed past her and grabbed the stroller with her claws. She flapped her wings, slowing the stroller down until it stopped, which was good because it would have gone off of the cliff! I dismounted Storm and looking inside the stroller to see the foal cooing and babbling innocently. I sighed in relief.

Then I heard some cheering. I looked down and saw Ren, Twilight, my friends and other ponies cheering for me. I blushed a little and brought the stroller back to the mother. "Thank you so much." she said with tears in her eyes.

"No problem." Suddenly, I noticed some flashing behind me. I turned around and saw some ponies with cameras. ".... oh.... uh, hi." I said nervously.

Rainbow, meanwhile, was hovering in the air with her arms crossed with an irritated expression on her face. "Grrr... acting like a big shot... stupid dragons... Grrr." she flew off in a a huff, which was unnoticed by most of the ponies, but Ren and the others. "Hey. what’s wrong with Skittles?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, but she looked mighty upset." Applejack said.

"Upset? Why?" Kaede asked confused.

"Maybe she's jealous?" Fluttershy suggested.

"Jealous?" Jamie said. "Of what?"

"Not what but who." Nicole said. "Based on her expressions, I'd say she's jealous of Sarah and her dragons."

"Really? But why?" Ren asked.

"Well... Rainbow is the fastest pony in Equestria, but since Sarah and her dragons came, she's like the second fastest compared to them." Kodi explained. "Maybe she thinks they're stealing her thunder."

"I think Kodi's right. Let's go talk to her." Twilight suggested.

They all agreed and went to find Rainbow. They found her walked through town with a grumpy look on her face. "Hey Rainbow Dash!" Twilight called. Rainbow flinched and put on a fake smile as her friends appeared. "Oh, uh, hey guys." she greeted quickly. "What are you doing here?"

"We just want to see of something's wrong." Pinkie said.

"Oh nothing's wrong, I just hate the fact that I couldn't reach the baby in time." Rainbow replied. "Now Sarah's getting all the glory; acting like a big shot."

"Ae, come on, Rainbow." Applejack said. "Sarah ain't like that. She's as humble and modest as they come."

"Plus, you've got to admit, she and her dragons are pretty awesome." Twilight added.

"No, I don't!" Rainbow said stubbornly.

"My, my aren't you jealous." Rarity said.

"Pfft. Me? Jealous? I'm not jealous of anyone." Rainbow replied.

"Are you sure, cause based on your behavior, it seems like your jealous of Sarah and her dragons." Nicole jumped in.

"No, I'm not!" Rainbow cried. "I'm not jealous... leave me alone." She flew off in a huff, leaving the others. That's when me and my dragons landed near them, "Hey guys, what's wrong with Rainbow?" I asked.

"We believe Rainbow is a might jealous of you, sugarcube." Applejack replied.

"Jealous? Why?" I questioned.

"Well.. you and your dragons.. are kinda overshadowing Rainbow." Kodi said softly.


"It means that since your dragons got here, they been proving they are faster than Rainbow which is making her jealous. And with the fact that you've saved the day recently, it's adding more to the flame." Ren explained.

"But why didn't she just tell me?"

"Ah think she has too much pride ta admit she's jealous of you." Applejack answered.

"So... what do I do?"

"For now, nothing, when Rainbow comes to her senses; she'll tell you she's jealous." Twilight said.


"Hope she doesn't do anything stupid." Jamie hoped as well as the others.

Third Person POV

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was flying through the sky grumbling in anger and jealousy. "No good show-off, thinks she's so great because he saved the town so many times with her dragons," she grumbled "I gotta prove that I'm just as great as she is! But after the Mare Do Well incident I know I can't out hero him without making a fool of myself, so how…"

Rainbow gasped sharply when it hit her "A race! That's it! That's how we'll prove which one of us is best!"

Rainbow rushed to the edge of her home, looked down and saw Sarah walking with Winter, Moonshine and Storm by her side. "Time to make her an offer she can't refuse!" Rainbow Dash stated before zooming down toward him.

Below, Sarah was petting Winter and Moonshine on their heads, getting purrs in response but it was quickly interrupted as soon as Rainbow landed right in front of her. "Oh hi, Rainbow." She greeted happily. But then she noticed the look on her face, "What's wrong?" Rianbow got in her face and declared, "Listen up tough guy, I'm challenging you to a race to see which one of us is the fastest in all of Equestria, once and for all!"

"What?" Sarah questioned in disbelief. "You wanna race?"

"You heard me! You, me, Race, At Noon. Today. No dragons either!" Rainbow Dash stated.

"You mind telling me why and.. above all why now?" Sarah questioned.

"Nope, I just want to see which one of us is truly the fastest being in Equestria, that's all. Unless you're scared that is," Rainbow Dash said.

"I'm not scared, Rainbow, what's the ma-"

"Save it! Just meet me at that forest with all the leaves," Rainbow Dash told him. "You mean the Whitetail Woods?" Sarah asked.

"That's the one, be there at noon and prepare to lose!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, before she could say any more Rainbow zoomed off. Just then Twilight and Spike showed up.

"Hey Sarah , what was all that about?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"I honestly don't know…" Sarah replied. "Rainbow just challenged me to a race to see which one of us is fastest,"

"What? Why would she do that?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"I don't know, maybe she wants to prove that's she's still better than me?" Sarah mused.

"I guess…" Spike added.

"I just hope you know what you're doing." Twilight said reluctantly.

"Gather the others and tell them to meet us at the forest, that's where the race will be." Sarah said. Twilight and SPike nodded and went to gather the others. Winter, Moonshine and Storm all warbled in worry. "Don't worry guys, I'll be fine." she reassured. "Now come on, let's get to the Whitetail Woods." Sarah mounted Winter and they all flew off to the Whitetail Woods.

Later, near the edge of the forest, Rainbow and I were both standing in front of the starting line which was right near the large forest. Rainbow Dash was stretching her limbs, preparing for the big race while I just stood there thinking about what animal I should change into. I decided to go with the cheetah, the fastest land animal on Earth and I would add my wolf stamina in there as well to help with the distance.

Twilight and Spike were standing nearby, waiting for the race to start. Then Spike picked up a stick and began talking like an announcer.

"Fillies and gentlecolts, welcome to the first ever race between Rainbow Dash of Equestria and Sarah. This race will span from here to the end of the forest. First one there is the fastest being in Equestria!"

"Spike, who are you talking to?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

"Well…" Spike started, then he noticed, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason, Kaede, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy approaching "Them!"

I noticed the others coming as well. "Hey, guys! Glad ya'll could come!"

"Ooh, a race between Dashie and Sarah, I'm so nervicited!" Pinkie Pie squealed.

"You know that's not a really word, right?" Jamie questioned.

"Just go with it, darling." Rarity said.

"Ok, then… Spike take it away," Twilight Sparkle told her young assistant.

Spike then held up a red flag "On your mark…"

Me and Rainbow got into their running positions. I glowed and changed into a cheetah.

"Get set…"

I glared at Rainbow as she gave him a raspberry.


Me and Rainbow rushed into the forest, blowing a large gust of wind in the direction of the others and each left flames on the racing course.

"Whoo, look at 'em go!" Applejack remarked.

"With them going that fast, we'll never be able to catch up," Rarity stated.

"We're gonna have to go up to get a better view, come on let's get the hot air balloon!" Twilight told the others.

"I'll race ya!" Pinkie Pie said as she skipped ahead. While everyone else walked off to the hot air balloon.

Me and Rainbow were rushing through the forest. I reach the cheetahs top speed of seventy five miles per hour in three seconds putting me in front of Rainbow Dash. I used my long tail to help make the tight turn in the trail. My semi-retractable claws dug into the dirt, giving me extra traction as I ran. Rainbow came beside me, smirking, “Getting tired yet?”

“Nope, I combined my wolf stamina into my cheetah form so I could run forever.” I cheered happily.

“We’ll see about that.” Rainbow zipped ahead, leaving me in the dust. I blinked once but shrugged and zipped along too. Meanwhile, the gang was above watching the whole thing from the hot air balloon. “And Rainbow is in the lead .” Spike announced.

“Go Sarah!” Ren cried.

“Keep going!” Kaede added. Me and Rainbow came to a crossroad with two paths and a sign pointing to the right. We followed the path and I used my tail to make a tight turn, putting me in front of Rainbow Dash.

“And Sarsh takes the lead one again!” Spine announced. We both saw the finish line and Rainbow purrs all her energy into her legs while I still felt like I could run forever with my wolf stamina in play. We both crossed the finish line and saw a flash. We stopped and caught our breath as the hot air balloon landed and our friends came towards us. “That was amazing, Sarah!” Twilight exclaimed.

“You’re mighty fast.” Applejack added.

“Thanks.” I panted.

“Sooo...who won Pinkie?” Twilight asked. Pinkie came towards was holding the pictures in her mane, “The winner is.... Sarah by a cheetahs' paw!”

My friends cheered for me while I gasped in shock. “Really? I won?” Rainbow was standing jaw dropped, “Ummm... Rainbow?” I asked waving a paw in my face. Her face turned to anger which made me back off. She let out a loud, “AGH!” and she took off. “....Was it something I said?” I asked aloud.

Rainbow was grumbling to herself more grumpier and jealous than ever. "Even without her dragons, she beat me. I'm Rainbow Dash, how could I be beaten? AGGGHHH! I need something that will make me better than her." While she was flying, she saw something sparkling down below. "What's that?"

She descended and landed near the sparkling things. They looked like gems, only they were oval shaped and glowing in the middle in many different colors. "Woah... this will definitely make me better than Sarah." she said.

She saw there were about six more of them and she grabbed them all and flew off towards Ponyville. Unknown by her, something or somethings were watching her and they didn't like what she just did. Hiding in the shadows, one of them followed her to Ponyville.

Meanwhile, I was with the home-ship with Ren and the others, resting up after my race with Rainbow. Riolu and Rockruff were play fighting with each other. "Careful you two." I said. Riolu and Rockruff nodded, "Yes Mama."

Jamie and Ren came in to the living room, "Hey Sarah, how are you feeling?" Ren asked.

"I'm alright." I answered. "Just worried about Rainbow, hope she doesn't do anything stupid."

That's when there was a knock at the door and Spike came in, "Hey guys, Rainbow found something so cool." he said. "Come look."

We looked at each other and shrugged and we followed the baby dragons to Ponyville and Town Hall where Rainbow was handing out the 'gems' she found. "Oh hey guys, look at the gems I found." Rainbow said. She showed us the gem and I got a good long look at it and my eyes widened in horror. "Sarah, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Rainbow..." I muttered. "Where did you find these?"

"Deep in the Whitetail Woods."

I groaned with worry and placed a hand on my head, "This is bad, very bad." I mumbled.

"Bad? What's bad?" Ren asked.

"Newbie, what's going on?" Jack asked.

"Rainbow, you have to return those 'gems' NOW!" I ordered.

"Why they're just gems." Rainbow bushed off. "Now they are not! They are eggs!"

The crowd gasped and Rainbow froze, "Eggs.." she peeped.

"Yes and their mothers are dragons who can blend in with anything and can spit burning hot acid that can burn though just about everything." I explained.

"Woah, woah, woah, how do you even know the mothers know she even took the eggs?" Jack asked with smirk.

"Because one is right behind her." I said with a deadpanned look, pointing behind Rainbow. She whirled around and was met with a red dragon that have teeth protruding out their lip from their lower jaw and yellow eyes. They possess a pair of horns that protrude from the back of their heads, a single horn on their nose, and a pair of antennae with leaf-like lobes. The spines on are also leaf-like in shape. Their wings are red or green with yellow edges.

Storm, Winter and Moonshine growled. The dragons roared in her face and she screamed in horror, "WAH!" she bolted away from the dragon. It roared and the crowd ran away in horror as the dragons flew into the air and blocked Rainbow. it growled at her. That's when we noticed two more Changewings; each of them were camouflaged against the ground. "Woah... they really do blend in." Ren gasped. Storm roared and fired her spines at one of them, but it easily dodged the spines and moved away.

The three dragons closed in on Rainbow who looked desperate for a way out. Winter and Moonshine came in and growled at the Changewings, warning them to back away from the cyan pegasus. "Rainbow, give them the egg. It's what they are after!" I called out to her. She threw the egg into the air and the changewing flew up and caught it in it's hands and the other two followed as they flew away. Rainbow collapsed on the ground and the rest of us came to her.

"Are you okay, Rainbow?" I asked.

"... Yeah..." she panted.

"So what were those dragons?" Kaede asked. "They looked awfully scary."

"They are called Changewings. They are part of the Mystery Class of Dragons. They live in social groups and can camouflage with anything. They spit burning acid at their targets and are very dangerous dragons." I explained.

"Well.. now they're gone." Applejack sighed.

"No... they'll come back." I said.

"What?" Carrie exclaimed.

"The Changewings worked together to save one egg but Rainbow took five more and gave them to the ponies of Ponyville." I started.

"Wait... are you saying what I think you're saying?" Twilight asked nervously.


"What she's saying?" Kaede asked.

"None of the Changewings are gonna leave until all their eggs are safe. And they are going to tear apart Ponyville until they find every last one." I added. Everyone gasped in horror and Rainbow had a look of horror. It was her fault that the Changewings were here; all because she was trying to prove she was better than Sarah and her dragons. Now Ponyville was in immense danger.

When dusk came, Me and the Mane 6 had gathered all of Ponyville at Town Hall and told them of the upcoming danger. They were chattering among themselves.

"What do we do?"

"Is there anything we can do?"

"This can't be happening?"

"Everyone please." I called and the ponies quieted down. "The Changewings only want their eggs which are the 'gems' that some of you have in your possession. If you give the mothers their eggs back then they will leave. I need all of you who have the 'gems' to bring them to the center of town."

What about the rest of us?" a mare asked.

"I need to the rest of you to go to your homes. I will place and shield spell around them to protect you and your homes from the Changewings' acid." The ponies nodded and went to their respective houses.

Soon five other ponies came out of their houses, holding the gems in their hooves. They met us in the center of town, just as night was beginning to fall. They placed the eggs in the center. "Good. That's all the eggs." I said. The ponies nodded and quickly retreated to their homes. I used my magic and created acid-proof shields around their houses. "Now what?" Carrie asked.

"Now we wait for the Changewings to show up and take their eggs back." I said.

Just then, Storm tensed up and the spines on her tail raised in defense. Winter and Moonshine growled while looking around the area. "I-I think t-they're here." Jamie stammered nervously.

And indeed and small group of Changewing mothers' (about five of them) revealed themselves nearing the center of town. We carefully backed away from the eggs as the Changewings' got closer and closer. When they reached their eggs, they took them in their hands and looked at us. Giving us a small grunt, they spread their wings and took off into the night. I disengaged the shields around the houses.

"Phew... good thing that's over." Ren sighed in relief.

"Yeah, I do not want to see what would have happened if they raided each house." Kodi added, trying not to imagine the sheer damage that would have been caused by the Changewings.

"Still, we wouldn't have been in this mess if it wasn't for that rainbow pegasus." Rantaro scoffed.

"Hey... where is Skittles anyway?" Jack asked and that's when we noticed the absence of Rainbow Dash.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her since Sarah told us the danger of the Changewings." Kaede said. "... Oh.... she's probably thinks it her fault for all of this."

"Well it is." Rantaro said bluntly.

Kaede gave him a look, "Anyway, we better go and find her in the morning."

The rest of us agreed and decided to search for our Rainbow friend in the morning.

That morning we all went to Rainbow's cloud home. The Cloudominium.

Me and Twilight placed a spell on Ren and the others to help them walk on the clouds. We found the rainbow pegasus slumped on her bed, laying on her side. "Rainbow Dash... are you okay?" Kaede asked.

Rainbow sighed, "No... it's my fault all of this happened."

"Rainbow, it's okay." I said.

"No it's not!" Rainbow suddenly snapped. "It's may fault. I put Ponyville in danger all because I was jealous of you!"

"We... kinds figured." I replied, surprising her. "What?"

"We all figured you were jealous of me, but we all thought you would tell me about it so you could let it go." I explained. "Instead of holding it in and inadvertently causing trouble."

Rainbow looked down again, "... You did huh?"

I nodded, "I'm... sorry Sarah. I should have told you I was jealous of you in the first place. If I did then, none of this would have happened."

"I forgive you Rainbow." I hugged the rainbow pegasus and she hugged me back. Ren and the others looked on with smiling faces. We both separated.

"So.. you wanna race?" I asked.

Rainbow chuckled, "You are on." She spread her wings and flew out the window. I changed into a hawk and flew out as well. Rainbow explained the lesson she learned.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned not to let my jealousy get the better of me. Because I didn't tell my friends and let it go, I ended up putting my friends in danger and that's the last thing I ever wanted to do. From now on, I will tell my friends whenever I get jealous so I can let it go and not cause any danger.

Episode 9: Talent Show Trouble

View Online

"WHOOO-HOOOOOO!" I screamed aloud as I rode my car in the racetrack room that I discovered the mall district had. It was as large as those racetracks that Nascars have. Anyway, as soon as discovered it. I immediately started racing my car on the track. Ren and Jack were in the car with me. Jack was enjoying it while Ren was screaming in fear. "Stop this!" her screamed.

"Stop being a whimp!" I yelled in excitement back.

"Yeah, what newbie said!" Jack added. "WHOO-HOOO!"

Honk Honk

I looked to the side and saw my dad in a completely black car similar to mine. "Try and catch me, slow pokes!" He cried out in excitement and sped off. "Oh.. it is on, dad!" I hit the gas and we sped off after him with Ren screaming in fear and Jack bellowing in excitement.

After that, we all exited the racetrack room. "That was wicked!" Jack exclaimed.

"Haha, you're not so bad a driver, honey." My dad said.

"Neither are you, dad." I said.

We all heard a groan and saw Ren stumbling out of the room, green in the face. "Uugghh... I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Oh shaddup." Jack replied.

My dad came over to Ren's side, "I'll take him to my room so he can rest."

"Alright dad." My dad led Ren out of the mall district and we followed. Using the central elevator me and Jack came to the living room while my dad had taken Ren to my room to rest.

"Well, look how decided to show up." Rantaro said.

Jack growled at him, "What do you want?"

"Oh nothing, just wanted to see where you two went off to."

"And why would you want to know that?"

"No reason since I don't really care for a fat biker, like yourself."

Jack growled at him, "What the fudge did you just say to me?!" Before things escalated any further, I stepped in, "Boys please be nice." I asked. "I don't want you to fight."

Jack growled a little with a small blush. "...Fine."

Rantaro say nothing, turned and walked away. "Hey, where are you going?" I asked him.

"Anywhere." he simply replied before he walked out the door.

"Grrr... stupid bastard." Jack insulted.

"Jack, be nice." Kaede said as she appeared.

"No, he's as annoying as the physic chick."

"You mean Nicole?" Kaede asked.

"Did someone mention me?" I leaped to the side to see Nicole standing near where I was just standing. "Where-"

"Did I come from? I came from the food district."

"Well you could have say something before scaring like that." Jack grunted. Nicole shrugged. That's when Mason, Carrie and Jamie entered the room, "Hey everyone." Carrie greeted.

"Hey guys." I greeted back. Winter, Moonshine and Storm came into the room and went straight for me with nuzzles and licks. "Hehehe, alright you three, enough. Hehehe."

"Boy, your dragons really do love you, Sarah." Kaede said.

My dragons stopped their 'assault' and I spoke, "Yeah they do... hey, maybe you guys should get a dragon of your own."

"Us?!" Mason exclaimed. "No way."

"Oh come on, it'll be good for you. You can't always rely on your strength to defend yourself."

"I don't want a dangerous reptile near Carrie."

"It won't be dangerous if you train it right. You have no problem with Storm being around her."

"Well... that's because she with you."

I gave Mason a deadpanned stare. "A-Actually, a d-dragon might be good for you,big brother." Carrie stated.

"You?! Really?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Y-Yeah." I said. "Having a dragon can be like having an extra guard with you... if you choose to train a dragon then I'm all with you." I said. Mason smiled at me, "Thank you."

That's when a certain pink earth pony burst into the home-ship. "Sarah, everyone, look, look, look, LOOK!"

"Woah, woah Pinkie." I said. "What's got you all jumpy?"

"Look!" She handed me a paper and the others crowded around.

It read...

Canterlot Talent Show: Tonight

Show everyone something that makes you special.

"A Talent Show? Sarah you should totally enter!" Kaede exclaimed.


"Yeah, you have all kinds of things that make you special." Carrie added. "You'll be perfect for the talent show."

"Ummm....." I trailed off.

"Oh come on, newbie. It's not gonna hurt you." Jack said placing a chubby arm around me. "Well... I guess I could give it a try."

Carrie and Kaede cheered with my agreement. "I'm gonna go and take a walk." Mason said.

"Okay Mason." I said and we watched as he exited the home-ship. "Now... what should you do for the talent show?" Pinkie asked rubbing her hooves together.

Mason's POV

I was walking through the forest taking note on the flora and fauna around me. Something that I always did when I had my notebook with me in nature. I started thinking about getting a dragon of my own, like Sarah. That way I'd have a pet and a new friend. Problem was I didn't know what kind of dragon I wanted. Sarah told me of the many types of dragons she knows. A Deadly Nadder... too spiky. A Night or Light Fury.... a little too fast for me.

Oh well, guess I'll have see what comes my way.


I quickly turned around hearing a roar coming from the area. But I didn't see anything moving. "It's probably just the w-wind." I stammered nervously. I decided to pick up the pace and head back to the home-ship when I heard the same roar again. This time it sounded closer. I tensed up and looked around. "Whose there?"

Suddenly the large bushes near me began to rustle and stepping out of the bushes was a dragon. It was about 61 feet in length with a 68 feet wingspan. It had a long snake-like neck and tail. And 'claws' on the tips of it's wings. It was magenta with yellow shading on it.

Sarah told me about this one. This was a Monstrous Nightmare, the most dangerous and aggressive dragon.

The Nightmare looked at me with a hard stare as I stood there. "Hi." I squeaked. The Nightmare tilted his head to the side, looking confused. I tried walking away slowly but the Nightmare growled at me, making me freeze. Remembering what Sarah told me about, I slowly reach out my hand and few feet from it's snout, closing my eyes. Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me.

.... I felt something touch my hand and I slowly opened my eyes to see the Nightmare nudging it's snout into my hand.

"Hehe." I laughed softly.

"Looks like you have a new friend." a voice said, scaring me and surprising my dragons. We turned and saw Rantaro up against a tree. "What are you doing here?" I asked, already annoyed with his presence. My dragons snarled at Rantaro. "No, no, no, it's alright. He's my friend." I reassured, calming the dragon.

"Someone had to keep an on you."

"I can take care of myself, you know?"

"Whatever you say." Rantaro shrugged. "Anyway, you should probably get back to the home-ship before-"

"Hey!" Jack called.

I turned to see him and Sarah, along with Jack, Kaede, Carrie, Nicole and Ren coming towards me. They all immediately took notice to my dragon. "Woah.. you got a Monstrous Nightmare, nice. " Sarah commented.

"Eh, not seeing any connection." Jack grunted. My Nightmare narrowed his eyes at him and gave him a little fire blast. "Ah! HOT! HOT! HOT!" He cried.

"Anyway..." Kaede cut in. "Where did you find it?"

"Right here." I replied. "She just came out of the bushes, looking at me. I held out my hand to her and she nudged it."

"It was that simple?" Ren asked incredulous.

"Yeah." Mason replied.

"Oooooh." Carrie scampered up to the female Monstrous Nightmare. "She's so colorful. Can I ride her, big brother?"

Mason froze a little. "Um.. er... only if I fly with you."

"Yeah!" Carrie cheered. We all chuckled at their sister and brother relationship. "So, how's preparation for the talent show coming along?" Kaede asked me.

"Great. I already have a plan for the talent show." I smirked.

"What is it?"

"You'll have to wait and find out."

"How about we go back to the home-ship so Masons' new dragon can get situated." Ren suggested. We all agreed and headed back towards the home-ship, except for Jack.

Jack's POV

I watched as the others went back to the home-ship with the bodyguard having a Monstrous Nightmare by his side. Lucky, why can't I have a dragon like that? Oh well, who cares. I don't need a dragon being a biker. We bikers are tough as nail. Suddenly, I heard a loud roar in the distance. "Something tells me that's not my stomach." I said.

I heard other voices as well. I followed them to a large clearing in the forest. I hid in some trees. I saw a weird looking dragon. This one was silver and had lots of sharps spines on it's wings.

It was caught in a net and it's tail had a metal... thing around it with three burly earth pony stallions staring at it.

One was brown with a black mane and tail. He had en eye patch over his eyes.

The second was green with a brown mane and tail and white hooves. The third one was black with a white mane and tail and white hooves. "Hehe, this dragon will make a fine addition to my collection." The brown stallion hissed. "I'll make a fortune. Razorwhip swords and much more."

I gasped in horror. That's disgusting! They were going to kill the poor dragon and make weapons out of it! I couldn't let that happen. I stepped out of he bushes and went towards them. "Hey!" The three stallions and dragon looked at me. "What do you want?" the black stallion asked.

"Let the dragon go!" I demanded. "Now!"

"No, this dragon belongs to us." The green stallion hissed.

"No, it doesn't!" I cracked my knuckles. "Now, you better leave or else I'm pummel you into giving it up. Your choice."

The three stallions got into fighting positions. Oh, so that's how they want it. Fine then. "Bring it on!" The three stallions charged me. I easily punched them all in their faces, giving them bleeding noses or black eyes. The three stallions quickly decided they had enough and ran away. Hehe. Cowards.

The dragon looked at me and roar softly. I carefully approached the dragon. "Easy there." I touched the nest, "I'm not gonna hurt you." I pulled the net off of the dragon and it stood up. It spread it wings and tried to fly but the metal thing was holding it's tail down, so it couldn't get into the sky. The dragon landed roughly and looked at it. It blasted a blew flame from it's mouth, making me step back a little, "Woah!" Unfortunately, the metal barely had a scratch on it.

The dragon snorted. "Hey... don't worry, I know a friend who can get that off of you." I said. The dragon looked at my curiously. "Come on." I led the way with the dragon following me on foot.

The gang and I were now in the home-ship. I helped Mason know everything he need to know about the Monstrous Nightmare. "You have be very careful. The Monstrous Nightmare can set itself on fire when it wants to. So watch out for that. They can be trained like Storm, Winter and Moonshine, but you have to put time and effort into it."


"Next, the Monstrous Nightmare eats fish and meat, so keep those handy. "


"Also, check her teeth. If she starts rubbing her mouth against the ground, then she might have a toothache or a bad tooth."


"Good. Now, my dad is making a saddle for you and Carrie for when you ride the Nightmare."

"Thanks Sarah, for helping me."

I smiled at Mason, "No problem."

"So what are you gonna name her?"

"Hmm... how about... Firestorm?"

His Monstrous Nightmare roared softly in agreement. "I think she likes it."

Just then, "Sarah! Come look at this!" Ren cried in shock. Mason and I looked at each other and went into the living room to see Jack with a new dragon by his side. "... Jack, what is that thing?!" Kaede asked.

"That's a Razorwhip dragon. They are part of the Sharp Class of dragons. They are fast, agile and have good air maneuverability. But..." I looked at the side and saw a metal clasp on its tail. "Why does it have a metal clasp on it's tail?"

"I found three stallions getting ready to kill this lizard, so I stepped in a saved it. No biggie." Jack replied with smirk.

"Kill the dragon?!" Kodi exclaimed.

"Yeah, they said something about make Razorwhip sword out of it."

"That's horrible?!" Ren exclaimed. "Sounds like hunter and poachers from our world."

"G-Good thing you found it in time." Jamie added.

"Yeah, yeah, newbie, can you get this thing off it's tail. It can't fly with it attached."

"Sure thing." I called Storm and my Deadly Nadder walked in. "Storm, blast the metal clasp on the Razorwhips' tail." My Nadder nodded and blasted the metal clasp, breaking it open and freeing the dragons' tail. The dragon roared happily. "There you go, your free now." Jack said. The Razorwhip nuzzled Jack and smiled. "Alright, alright, you're grateful, now get."

But the Razorwhip acted like it didn't listen and nudged Jack in the chest. "Hey! What's with this dragon!"

"I think he wants to stay with you Jack." Kaede suggested.


"Yeah, I mean look." I pointed out. The Razorwhip stopped nuzzling Jack and and smiled happily at him. "And a Razorwhip is prefect for you, Jack."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"Razorwhips, being part of the Sharp class, are vain and prideful.. like you."


"And they are fast in the sky and their tail can cut through anything."

"But I can't have this thing. It's wild!"

"You can train it. Just like Mason will train the Monstrous Nightmare. I'll help you."

Jack looked at the Razorwhip which still had a smile on it's face. "You have no plan on leaving do you?" he asked the dragon, which shook it's head in response. "Sigh... fine you can stay with me. But now eating Jo Jo!"

The Razowhip grunted and nudged Jack again while we all smiled at the cute display. After that, I helped Jack customize his more to fit his new Razorwhip dragon. Jo Jo squealed in fear of the large dragon and rushed over to Jack. "It's alright, Jo Jo, Silverspike won't hurt you."

He decided to name his Razorwhip, Silverspike, due to him being the color silver and have spikes on the ends of his wings. The little guinea pig was still unsure of he Razorwhip, so he still kept his distance.

Soon, night came and it was time for the talent show. It was at a theater in Canterlot, where I've heard they do something called the Hearth's Warming Eve play. I had Storm and Winter with my as they were part of my act. There were other unicorns there, many colors and different cutie marks as well. It was a little awkward, being the only human entering with dragons, but I shook it off.

Unknown by everyone a dinsoaur card was floating in the air. It landed on some bushes and glowed green turning into a dinosaur. The dinosaur was actually pretty small compared to all the others, only about the size of a human. It was an iguanodont, so it had thumb spike. While its lower half was tan like a lot of the other dinosaurs, its back was a lime-green mixed with yellow-green that made squares of like-green on its back from head to tail. This dinosaur was actually not too far from its originally discovery place. It was a Fukuisaurus.

The Fukuisaurus saw the large theater and decided to investigate.

It was my turn to go out on stage. I was dressed in a purple dress with black stars at the bottom and a purple and yellow shaded star in the corner of my head. There was a purple and yellow shaded covering too.

(Like this)

Storm and Winter came out on the stage with me as well. "Ready girls?" I asked. My dragons roared in response. But before we could start. Something burst through the doors of the theater. All the ponies screamed in fear. The dinosaur roared loudly, which echoed throughout the theater. "What is that thing?!" Spike cried.

"A Fukuisaurus!" I identified.

"Somehow, I don't think he was on the guest list." Kaede said. The dinosaur roared and started walking around the large theater. Bashing into the walls and smashing the decorations, lights and electronics with it's tail. "It's gonna destroy the theater at this rate!" Ren cried.

"Blaze, let's go!" I pulled out Blaze's card and slashed it.


Blaze roared and landed on the ground. The Fukuisaurus turned around and roared at it. Blaze charged the Fukuisaurus and rammed it, sending it crashing to the ground. "Blaze, get him outside, so he doesn't hurt anyone!" I ordered. My Acrocanthasaurus roared and and lunged at the Fukuisaurs which was starting to get up. Blaze pushed him out of the theater. The Fukuisaurus roared and lunged at Blaze, hitting him into the stomach and sending him skidding back a few feet.

Then the Fukuisaurs reared up on it's hind legs, with leaves swirling around it. I made a ball of leaf energy in it's mouth and launched it towards Blaze, "Blaze, watch out! It's Emerald Garden!"

Blaze leaped to the side, avoiding the attack, but it hit Twilight and Rainbow Dash! "Girls!" Ren cried.

Twilight and Rainbow both felt very weak and passed out on the ground. "Twilight! Rainbow!" Applejack cried.

Fukuisaurus roared and tried to make a get away! "Blaze, don't let him get away!" My Acrocanthasaurus roared and rushed next to the Fukuisaurus, blocking it's path. "Now, Blaze MAGMA BLASTER!"

Blazes' mouth fillied up with flames and he stomped his foot. He fired a large stream of fire at Fukuisaurus. It struck it dead center, sending it back a couple yards at least! The dinosaur roared in pain, glowed and changed back into a card.

Winter flew over and picked up the card with her mouth and brought it to me. "Thanks girl." I grabbed the card and turned to my fire-type dinosaur. "Good job, Blaze." I praised. Blaze roared loudly in victory and I recalled him to his card and chibi form. He leaped into my arms and I laughed. We all went over to the gang. "How's Twilight and Rainbow?"

"They're alright, but really tired." Ren said.

"What was the move?" Kaede asked.

"Emerald Garden. It's a move that sucks all the energy out of the opponent." I explained.

"Well that explains their weakness." Mason said.

Twilight and Rainbow were both sleep, to help regain their lost energy. "But what about the talent show?" Carrie asked.

We all walked back into the talent show with Ren and Jack carrying the exhausted girls. The entire theater was wrecked! There were multiple holes in the walls, loose wires were sparking, the stage was destroyed and the floor was littered with broken glass. "Well.. looks like the shows over." Mason said sadly.

"Bummer, and just when it was your turn, Sarah." Kaede added.

"Aww, it's nothing Kaede, I don't need to be in a show to show how special I am." I said with a smile. "You already know that."

Everyone smiled at me and we all hugged each other. Blaze tilted his head before pouncing high into the air and chomping down on someone's head... which happened to be Jacks'. "AHH! STUPID BASTARD! AHH! SARAH! GET YOUR PEST! OW!" he cried as he ran outside and in a circle while the rest of us laughed at him. "STOP LAUGHING!" he cried.

Yo Kai Kittylumbus

The next morning I woke up to see Sailornyan smiling face in mine. "Yes, Sailornyan?" I asked.

"Good morning, wake up!" she said happily.

I chuckled a little and got out of bed. Putting on my clothes, we exited the room and were met by Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. "Mornin'." Usapyon greeted.

"Morning." We all went to the living room where we found Ren and the others. "Hey guys." I greeted happily. But for some reason they didn't respond. "Hello?" Ren turned and spotted me. "Oh! Hey Sarah, sorry."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Something's wrong with the blue haired nerd." Jack replied.

"Jamie? What's wrong?"

"See for yourself, newbie." Jack and Ren moved aside and I saw Jamie rolling on the floor? "Jamie, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Just laying around and doing nothing." he replied in a lazy tone. Okay... that was very usual of Jamie, usually he's ready a book or nose deep in his notebook. "We asked him to do somethings but he was said no." Kaede added.

"He probably doesn't want to do anything that would waste his time, like me." Rantaro said.

"No way, there's gotta be a Yo-Kai around here." I exclaimed.

"Oh please, there is no Yo-Kai that can make Jamie lazy." Rantaro replied. I shined the watchs' light at Jamie and a Yo-Kai appeared by his side. "Gotcha!"


The Yo-Kai was a blue cat that had a explorers' hat and had a small spyglass in is hands. There was a small greenish yellow flame on the top of his head.

"Whisper, whose that Yo-Kai?" I asked.

"Oh, that little kitty is... I got it!" He cried as he scrambled on his Yo-Kai pad. "It's Kittylumbus!"

KIttylumbus: Tribe - Charming

"So what's his deal?" Jack asked.

"Like his hero Christopher Columbus, who sailed across the ocean to discover the New World, Kittylumbus is on a constant search for the place of relaxation and procrastination. When you are inspirited by Kittylumbus, you'll just roll on the floor, being lazy. If you ever heard someone say 'We could go out and do a bunch of stuff but would it be better if we just stayed in and did nothing?' Then the instigator is Kittylumbus." Whisper explained.

I approached the kitty. "Hey Kittylumbus, can you just leave Jamie alone please?"

"No." Kittylumbus said in a soft lazy voice. "I'm good right here but thanks for asking."


"Cause I'm all cozy. I just discovered this new land of relaxation and I want to explore it."

"Our home-ship is not a land of relaxation!" Ren exclaimed.

"Agree to disagree, Ren." Ren turned and saw Thornyan laying on the ground. "This place is perfect for lazying around."

"That's your excuse?" Mason asked.

"They are both cats so maybe it's genetic?" Kaede suggested.

"But we can't just leave Jamie inspirited by this annoying kitty!" Jack exclaimed. "We have training to do with him!" Whisper scrolled on his Yo-Kai Pad, "Alright, let's see. Maybe we can summon someone. Hold on!"

"What?" I asked.

"I just got an email from Hidabat."

"Hidabat? Whose that?" Nicole asked.

"He's another one of my Yo-Kai friends." I answered.

"He said that he wants us to summon him. Give it a try." Whisper said.

"Well.. alright." I took out Hidabat's metal. "Come on out my friend." I tossed the metal into the air. "Calling Hidabat. Yo-Kai Metal, do your thing!"

An automatic voice said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Shady tribe."

Then Hidabat appeared.

Hidabat: Tribe - Shady

Hidabat: a bat yokai with sky blue eyes. Its fur is dark except for a yellow gold collar. It has blue wings with golden-yellow "#" symbols on them. Its wings are actually supported on its arms, and move with them thanks to a band on its palms.

"Aww.. he's so cute." Carrie cooed.

"Hidabat, do you know how to get rid of Kittylumbus?" I asked.

"Sure do." Hidabat said in a high voice. He floated over to Kittylumbus, "Hey Kittylumbus."

Kittylumbus opened his eyes, "Huh?"

"I have something you might find interesting."

"Oh?" Now the kitty seemed interested.

"Follow me." Hidabat and Kittylumbus left the home-ship and Kittylumbus' inspiriting wore of of Jamie, "What the-? Why am I on the floor?"

"You got inspirited by a lazy kitty Yo-Kai." Ren explained.


"Hidabat says he has something he would like. Let's just hope, that keeps him away." Kaede added. Hidabat came back into the home-ship. "Hi Hidabat, so where did you take Kittylumbus?"

"I took him to the a mansion." Hidabat replied.

"A Mansion?!" Everyone, except me, exclaimed.

"Why would you take him there?" Mason asked.

"Cause in a mansion, you can be as lazy as you want to be." I replied.

"I set up the wi-fi and pizza delivery service so he can relax without lifting a finger. He'll be very happy there."

I smiled at my little bat friend. "Nice work, Hidabat."

"I'm happy to help." Hidabat said with a smile and small bow.

A Few Days Later

"WAHHHHHHHH!" Whisper cried.

"Whisper, what wrong?" Ren asked.

"Just take a look!" Whisper showed us all an article and it had a picture of Kittylumbus! "Kittyumbus is in the news?! He's famous?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Yes apparently, he created a website that does all of your chores for you so you never have to leave the house." Whisper said.

"That was Kittylumbus?! I was that sight to keep me fully stocked up on chocolate bars." Thornyan said.

"Amazing, he's being successful and lazy at the same time." I said.

"That Kittylumbus, who knew being lazy would be such a money makers?" Whisper asked.

Knock Knock Knock

"Umm... whose at the door?" I asked. Ren shurgged and went to answer it. Floating there, was another Yo-Kai. A pale yellow Cat Yo-kai having tidal blue ears, eyes with stars as pupils and smoke gray hair. He wears a navy blue captain's hat, a blue and navy blue suit, and is seen riding on a ship with an imprinted red cloud on the sail. On it hat, there's an egg with a wispy tip, lime green spots and a ring surrounding it, and a star shaped badge.

"Greetings everyone, it's been a while." he said.

"What the-? Kittylumbus, what happened to you?" I exclaimed, shocked to see the new Yo-Kai. "I know I changed a lot since the last time you seen me."

"It's been three days?!" Mason cut in.

"After discovering the land I have searched for, I became the legendary Yo-Kai Columakat."

Columbakat: Tribe - Brave. Legendary

"WHAT?!" We all cried.

"You evolved?!" Ren exclaimed. "And now you're a legendary Yo-Kai!"

"Yes, I want to thank you for helping me in my search. Here's a little something." He gave he his metal. It had a golden ring around it and a picture of him in the center. "Thanks." Columbakat nodded, "Now I must be off. Farewell friends." he said and he floated out the door, closing it behind him. "Looks like the kitty has grown up." I said.

"You know it." Ren added.

Episode 10: What Flies Beneath

View Online

One night everything was calm in Ponyville. Not a creature was stirring except for the nocturnal creatures. Owl were calling in the night and wolves were howling into the night. Suddenly something was burrowing through the ground, near the home-ship. It passed it and moved deep into the forest. I was sleeping while Moonshine was awake and sensing something with his ear appendages. He was softly growling.

Everybody has a past, even dragons and sometimes that past can come back to haunt them.

"Moonshine go back to sleep." I said. The dragon was still on edge.

The next morning, we all awoke and went to Ponyville to find a large hole in the ground in the center of town. Moonshine was with me and when he saw the hole he growled and roared. "Woah, easy boy, it's just a hole." I reassured.

"No, it's not!" Rainbow cried. She flew into the hole. "It's like a tunnel down here!" Suddenly, Rainbow came flying out of the hole and crashed on the ground. "OW!"

"Are you alright, Rainbow?" Ren asked.

"Ugh. Yeah. Something pushed me out of that hole!"

"Pushed you?!" Kaede asked.


Suddenly the ground began to shake and quake. "What's that?" Jamie questioned in fear. Then, a familiar dragon burst from the hole, roaring. "Whispering Death?!" I cried.

"Not these bobble head snakes!" Jack grunted, remembering the last encounter with them. The Whispering Death roared and looked around at area. It narrowed it's eyes at Moonshine while my Night Fury roared in anger at it. Everybody spread out as the Whispering Death lunged at Moonshine, who leaped and pounced on the dragons, tackling it to the ground. The Whisper broke free and Moonshine fired his plasma blasts at it, but with it's snake-like body, it easily avoid them. Moonshine roared and flew into the air and lunged at the Whisper. The dragon roared and launched it spines at Moonshine. One hit him in the back leg, he roared in pain. "Moonshine!"

Moonshine was forced to land and the Whisper roared then burrowed underground again. We saw the ground come up as it moved away from Ponyville. Moonshine growled and hissed. I came to his side and saw the spine in his leg. "Oh no, your hurt." Moonshine hissed but then looked at me with his calm face. I carefully grabbed the spine and pulled it out. Moonshine flew near the boundaries on Ponyville, "Moonshine, wait!" I called but my Night Fury didn't listen.

"What was that all about?" Twilight asked.

"I have no idea." Ren replied.

"Okay... so... anyone want to talk about what just happened?" Jamie asked nervously.

"Uh, dragon fight. Just another day in Ponyville." Jack blunty replied.

"Not really it looked like there way more to it than that." Ren pointed out.

"Ren's right. That Whispering Death singled Moonshine out." I stated. "And Moonshine wanted that Whisper all to himself. " Rainbow added.

"Yeah, he certainly did, but why?" I added. I saw my dragon looking out over the boundaries with an upset look on his face. I knew in my heart that something was going on. The question was what was it and why?

That night, I took Moonshine back to the home-ship and bandaged his leg up. "I wish you could just tell me what was going on out there today." Winter came over and warbled cutely at him. Winter rubbed up against him, calming his tense muscles. My dad came into the room, "Hi honey, how's our wounded warrior?"

"He's still on edge." I replied.

"Don't worry, Moonshine. That Whispering Death won't be back." My dad said. "... I hope."

"Yeah, you and me both dad." I said. I used my magic to magically change into my pajamas and I climbed into bed. My dad left the room and I climbed into my bed. Moonshine and Winter cuddled together in their corner while Storm layed down beside my bed. "Night." I said to my dragons and I fell asleep for the night.

Third Person POV

Moonshine peeked an eye opened and carefully maneuvered himself out of the cuddle and quietly walked over to Sarah's bed. Once he was sure she was sleep, he walked into the living room and quietly flew out the window and landed on the ground. He was about to move forward when he heard a warble. He turned and saw Winter looking at him with a confused look.

Moonshine winced. He didn't expect her to follow him. Winter warbled at Moonshine and walked over to him. She started nudging him back towards the home-ship, but Moonshine refused. Winter could see Moonshine wasn't going to give up easily, so she had no choice but to go with him as support. Together, they both ran off into the forest.

The next morning I woke up and rubbed my eyes. "Moonshine?" I looked in the corner and noticed that both he and Winter were missing! I rushed outside. "Moonshine! Winter!" I called. "... Oh no... they went after it... alone."

I immediately woke up the others and rounded up the girls. "They both vanished in the middle of the night?!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Yes, Moonshine must be looking for the Whispering Death."

"But what about Winter?" Kaede asked.

"She probably went with him as support." I suggested. "We find the Whispering Death then we find Moonshine and Winter."

"W-What do we do if we find the Whispering Death first?" Jamie asked.

"Well.... we train it, if possible." I mounted Storm along with Kaede. Jack and Ren mounted Silverspike. Jamie, Mason and Carrie mounted Firestorm and Nicole and Rantaro... haven't seen them this morning. "Don't worry Sarah, we'll find them." Kaede reassured. I nodded and we all exited the home-ship and took to the sky. We scanned the treetops but didn't see anything. Until....

"There!" Kaede spotted some holes in a clearing. We landed and dismounted the dragons. We approached the holes and I found a grayish spike with red shading. "Yep, Whispering Death spine." I said. "It made these holes."

"Hey guys." Ren called. He showed something else next to the hole. It looked like a tooth. "He must have lost a tooth." I suggested.

"Lost it?" Kaede asked.

"Yep. Think about this hundreds of those spinning together digging up dirt and tree roots, discarding rocks like there aren't even there." Just then, the dragons then started to go crazy. Making loud noises and turning their heads from side to side as if looking for something. "Storm, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Firestorm, easy boy." Mason soothed.

"Settle down, Silverpsike." Jack stated.

"Wait.... listen." I called. Everybody stopped moving a listened closely. There was a slight rumble coming from the ground. "The whisper," Jamie whispered as the rumble got louder. The Whispering Death crashed out of the ground, rocks flying everywhere. It simply looked at the dragons, who were snarling at it, before it went straight back into the ground.

"I hate it when it does that!" Jack stated. The Whispering Death came back from the ground and was slowly coming closer hugging the ground close to its body. It was coming at them slowly, slithering like a snake. I got in front of everyone and began to approach the Whispering Death. "Do you actually have a plan, or are you just trying to get yourself killed?" Kaede asked.

"If I can train it, it'll leave Moonshine alone…" I said.

"Right, so you are trying to get yourself killed?" Jack commented. The Whispering Death was coming closer with the last of Hiccup's strength before she ran in terror. She held up her hand and closed her eyes, turning her head away.

"Sarah!" Ren shouted in worry, running up to me . However, the Whispering Death stopped…right in front of my stretched hand. I looked at the dragon. It…was…amazing. It is a fascinating dragon. Its spines were all at a perfect point, none were dull. It's bulging white eyes were almost, blind as it blinked up at me. It seemed to calm in front of me until I said it's nostrils move. It was sniffing at me. I jumped as it roared at me , then went straight down and burrowed itself away from the group. I leaped into the hole, much to my friends shock. "Sarah, what are you doing?!" Ren cried.

"I wanna see if there's anything to tell me what's going on with the Whispering Death and Moonshine." I called out.

"Y-You shouldn't be d-down there a-alone." Jamie stammered.

"Good idea, nerd." Jack said and he pushed Jamie down the hole! Luckily I caught him.

"Jack!" Kaede scolded.


I set Jamie on the ground and he shook a little with fear. "Come on." I said. Jamie squeaked but he followed me through the main tunnel. There were holes to the side, which indicated more than one tunnel. Then the Whispering Death appears, and I pushed Jamie in a dividing tunnel following close behind. The Whispering Death passes right by us. We watched as the dragon goes down the tunnel but avoids the sunlight from the holes in the tunnel. "Let's just hope it keeps going," I whispered but then the dragon stopped moving. The dragons tail was in front of them.

"How'd that work out for us?" Jamie asked nervously before noticing a spot and gets my attention and pointing to that spot. We both look at it and it seemed like it was a bite mark on the Whispering Death's tail. I reached out to touch it, but the dragon moved away.

"Did you see that?" Jamie asked.

"Was that a bite mark?" I asked.

"Not just any bite mark. That's a Night Fury bite mark. I think I know why these two are looking for each other," Jamie said.

"They have a history. That's what Toothless didn't want me to know about," I responded.

"A grudge," Jamie said. My eyes widened, knowing that dragons grudges... are to the death!

"Let's get out of here before it comes back," I said as we started walking.

"That is a really good idea," Jamie said. We both ran back to where they came out from but was stopped by the face of the Whispering Death. Jamie screamed. I quickly changed into a cougar and snarled at the dragon. It roared and slithered around us. I grabbed Jamie by his shirt and rushed over to the hole. I leaped out of the hole with the Whisper behind me. I snarled at the dragons along with Storm, Firestorm and Silverspike.

Suddenly, Moonshine dove out of nowhere and tackled the boulder class dragon. "Moonshine!" I cried. Another soft warble was heard and we saw Winter coming towards us. "Winter." I changed back into myself quickly and hugged my Light Fury. "Ooh, I was so worried about you both." I cooed. Winter warbled as if saying, "I'm sorry."

"It's alright girl, you just wanted to help Moonshine." I reassured. That when we all heard Moonshines' roar and looked at the battle. Moonshine was able to get the Whispering Death out of the air and it rolled on the ground some distance away. Moonshine stomped on all four legs roaring out. The Whispering Death flew back up growling but stopped as it saw the other dragons standing up to it with Moonshine. All the dragons were stomping on their feet, roaring out. The Whispering Death, outmatched, went back into the ground. Seeing that some of the danger had passed, I tried to get back on Moonshine, but she was growling low.

"Hey, boy. It's me. I know what's going on with you and that other dragon," I said trying to console my best bud. "Let me help you." I said but Moonshine runs off. "Moonshine, come back!" I cried out chasing after my Night Fury but Moonshine fired a blast at my feet, stopping me in my tracks. Moonshine looked at me before running off into the forest.

"... Awkward." Ren said, earning him a punch in the shoulder by Mason. "Ow!"

Soon, we were back in the air with me riding Winter and Kaede riding Storm. "So Moonshine and the Whispering Death have a grudge?" Jack asked.

"Yes and they won't stop until it's settled." I answered sadly. "But why won't Moonshine let me help?"

"He's just trying to protect you." Ren answered.

"That's not the reason why. Moonshine doesn't want newbie around cause this is between him and the Whispering Death. He doesn't want anyone else involved in his fight." Jack answered. "He's acting like a biker. We handle our business alone."

That made me feel... mixed up. Worried, because this grudge could end up with one of the dragons being killed and I didn't want to lose my best friend. And... scared... I never seen Moonshine act this... angry before, not even when he's protecting me. This was so new to me. Winter suddenly roared out. "Winter, what is it?" I asked. Winter dove towards the ground and I saw Moonshine on a rocky cliff. There was a bridge that connected Moonshine to the mainland but the Whispering Death destroyed it. There was Moonshine near the edge with the Whispering Death cornering him. "Moonshine, no!"

I leaped off of Winter and changed into a falcon in mid-air. "Sarah, don't!" Ren cried. Too Late.

"Leave my dragon alone!" I cried. The Whispering Death and Moonshine turned and saw me. Moonshine looked horrified while the Whispering Death roared and fired at me. I folded my wings, actually flying through its rings of fire and I started to claw at it's face. The Whispering Death roared and actually bit me!

Man did that hurt!

"AGH!" It threw me into the forest and I changed back into myself seeing multiple puncture wounds on my legs and stomach from it's teeth. Good thing they aren't poisonous dragons. Moonshine roared in worry as the Whispering Death slithered over to me, preparing to blast me.

"Sarah! No!" My friends cried. Winter roared and dove towards the dragons and blasted it with her plasma blast. The Whispering Death turned and launched it's spines at her. Luckily she dodged them and stood over me, snarling at the beast. The Whispering Death roared again but Moonshine grabbed it by it's tail and threw it away from us.

"Moonshine!" My Night Fury growled at the Whispering Death. It roared at Moonshine and lunged towards him. "Lookout!" Moonshine blasted the dragons in the face and leaped over him, tackling it to the ground like in Ponyvile. Only this time he pinned it by it's face, holding it down on the ground. Moonshine gave on final roar at the Whispering Death and let it go. The Whispering Death got up and flew off low to the ground, hopefully to never be seen again.

Ren and the others landed close by and they all rushed to my side. "Sarah! Are you alright?" Ren asked.

Winter hovered over me, letting Keade get a look at my puncture wounds. "Her legs and stomach aren't good. We have to get her to the hospital." Winter warbled in concern as Kaede picked me up and mounted her. "Come on, girl. To Ponyville Hospital." Winter spread her wings and flew off with the others following.

Soon I was laying in a hospital bed with gauze's over my punctures underneath bandages. Nurse Redheart said the puncture weren't severe and I should be out in about a day or two. Ren and my friends came in to see how I was doing. "Hey sugarcube, we heard what happened." Applejack started. "Are you feelin'?"

"A little sore, but alright." I answered.

"Well from what Ren and the others told us, you were really lucky to come away with just a few punctures." Twilight said.

"That battle must have been so epic to see!" Rainbow exclaimed.

I smiled and chuckled a little, earning me a small, sharp pain in my stomach. "Ow, laughing hurts." I groaned.

"Easy there." Redheart said as she entered the room. "Don't want those stitches to come out now, do we?"


"Good. Now, shoo, all of you. Sarah needs her rest." Redheart kindly shooed my friends out of my room. I got myself comfortable in my bed, careful not to break any of the stitches and fell asleep.

Ren's POV

Three days later, Sarah was out of the hospital with her punctures fully healed. Today was Hearts and Hooves Day, the day where ponies get together and fall in love. It was like Valentines' Day on Earth. Me and the others were about to head out and see what was going on in Ponyville. "Sarah, are you coming?" I called out. Sarah came out into the living room with Moonshine by her side and a book in her hands. Strangely, she didn't reply. She just sat down on the couch. "... Um... Sarah, did you hear me?"

This time she looked at me. "Yeah."

"Well... aren't you going to come to the Hearts and Hooves Party?"


"NO?" We all exclaimed.

"You're not coming, why not?" Carrie asked.

"I see no point." Sarah replied.

"No point?"

"Yeah, why go out and celebrate and holiday featuring love when your never going to get it?"

"Oh come on, Sarah, you don't mean that." Jamie said. Sarah shrugged.

"At least come and see what's going on." I pleaded. Sarah sighed and put the book down. "Alright." She got up and we all exited the home-ship. Walking through the forest with Moonshine by our sides, I noticed Jamie rubbing Moonshine's head, making him purr. Now that I thought about it Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro were the only ones whom didn't have dragons of there own.

"Jamie." I called.

Jamie looked at me. "Yes Ren?"

"Maybe it's time you, Nicole and Rantaro get a dragon of your own."

Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro all looked at me with surprised faces. "Us gets a dragon? No way." Rantaro said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Seems like a waste of time to me." Nicole stated. "Plus, we're not the dragon-type."

"Oh, come on. Having a dragon will be good for you, especially you nerd." Jack said, pointing at Jamie.

"Um.. I-I don't think I c-could handle a dragon." Jamie replied.

"You won't know unless you try." Sarah said with a smile. "Besides a Strike Class and Fear Class dragon would be good for you guys."

"Strike Class and Fear Class?" Nicole asked.

"Fear Class Dragons and stealthy like you two and Strike Class dragons have extreme intelligence, like you Jamie." Sarah explained. "Those kinds of dragons would be good for you. Think about it."

Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro didn't reply as we continued to Ponvyille.

POV Ends

We came into Ponyville and saw the entire town decked with heart shaped balloons, pink ribbons and banners and all other love related items. "Ugh... too much mushy!" Jack grunted.

"Oh don't be like that, Jack." Ren said. "Today's a happy day."

"Yeah, for the ponies probably." Jack replied.

As we walked around the town we didn't notice three sets of eyes staring at us from afar. We found Twilight and the girls by Sugarcube Corner. "Hey Ren, Hi everyone." Pinkie greeted.

"Hi." Ren replied.

"So what are you doing for Hearts and Hooves Day?" Applejack asked us.


"You need a boyfriend in your life." Rainbow said.

"Hmm... Nah. dealt without it for sixteen years. So what's the difference?" I shrugged. "Besides, no one would want me."

Now everyone gasped. "Sarah, that's not true!" Ren exclaimed. "There's someone out there for you."

I shrugged. "I don't think so. Well I've seen enough I'm going back to the home-ship."

"Already?!" Kaede exclaimed.

"No point on being out in a love holiday you don't understand it or have celebrated it. Anyway, See ya." I gruffly walked away from the group with Moonshine by my side.

Ren's POV

Sarah walked away from us after she told us the saddest thing ever. "Wait, so she's leaving cause she sees no point in her being out here?" Rainbow questioned.

"Yes." Mason replied.

"That's so sad." Fluttershy said. "Everyone deserves to have a chance at love."

"Well... newbie doesn't think so." Jack added. "Something tells me she's never been in love before."

"Well who could blame her. She's been in a lab for years with only her fathers by her side." Ren stated.

"So what so we do?" Kaede asked. "We can't just leave her alone."

"I say leave her alone." Rantaro claimed. "She's a lost cause."

"No she's not Rantaro!" Ren exclaimed. "She's our friend and she needs to experience Hearts and Hooves Day."

Rantaro scoffed, "I'll be surprised if that girl celebrates Christmas with the past that she has."

Applejack rolled her eyes, "Now Rantaro, there's a special somepony out there for everypony. We just have to get Sarah out here to celebrate."

"Yeah... she just said she had no point in being out here, darling. So what can we do?" Rarity questioned.

"Well she said that she has no point cause she doesn't understand it. Maybe we can start there?" Jamie suggested. "And there's someon we can go to for help."


"Why do you need me to help you tell my daughter about love?" Sarah's father asked all of us.

"Because she won't celebrate cause she doesn't understand it." Ren explained. "We were hoping you could help us explain to her how awesome love is."

"Love is sensitive to talk about." Sarah's father stated. "It's not something that can be easily talked about. And beside she wants nothing to do with love."

"How do you know?" Jack asked.

"Because when I asked her about she said, and I quote 'I want nothing to do with love cause I don't need a male to support me'." All of us were a little shock. "Woah... that's... different of her." Rainbow said.

"And this is a total bust." Spike said.

"Maybe we just have to wait and she'll eventually change her mind?" I said sheepishly.

Suddenly, we heard faint screams. Sarah came out of her room, "What's with the screams?" We all rushed outside and to Ponyville to see to our horror, two dragons were attacking. The first dragon was purple with blue spots. It had two heads, each with two horns and a split tail. It was 66 fet long with a 38 feet long wingspan. The other one was brownish-black with orange stripes and a yellow underbelly and had three tails; two were yellow and the other was brown. It stood on two legs and had a 48 feet long wingspan. It was 30 feet long.

"What are those things?!" Spike cried.

"A Hideous Zippleback and a Triple Stryke Dragon!" Sarah identified. The Zippleback was blasted anything in sight. The left head exhaled greenish gas and the right head ignited it with sparks from it's mouth. The Triple Stryke, wrapped all of it's tails together and wacked the small stands and decorations down. "They're wrecking the town! I'm gonna stop them!" Rainbow was about to fly over to them but I used my magic to halt her in the air. "What the hay, Sarah!"

"Rainbow the Triple Styrke is really dangerous. Each of its tails has a different venom. The first on numbs you, the second disorients them with mild hallucinogens, and the third creates the agonizing sensation of your blood burning." she explained to us. Rainbow felt a chill go up her spine.

Nicole, Rantaro and Jamie looked closer at the two dragons. They were shaking their heads, like something was caught. They kept bashing stuff and blowing our fire. The three of them began to walk towards the two beasts. "What are you idiots doing?!" Jack cried.

"Wait." I said. "Let them do it."

The Zippleback and Triple Stryke noticed the three. Jamie went towards the Triple Stryke while Nicole and Rantaro went for the Zippleback. They both growled at them with narrowed eyes. "Hey... chill out, you two." Rantaro said. "We just wanna help ya, is that so wrong?"

The Zippleback growled and began shaking it's head again. Nicole moved to the left side and saw what was causing the Zippleback pain. There was a metal hook in it the side of it's neck! Jamie approached the Triple Stryke and saw that it also had a metal hook jammed in the skin but this one was right in the face!

"No wonder you two were on a rampage." Jamie whispered. The Triple Stryke growled and snapped its claws at Jamie like a warning. "Its alright, boy. I'm gonna help you." he cooed. The Triple Stryke growled softly and just stood there as Jamie got closer and closer. Jamie held out a hand to the dragon while Rantaro did the same with the right head.

Both dragons stood there for a moment as the civilians of Ponyville and us watched with held breaths. Finally, the right head and Triple Stryke placed their heads into Jamie and Rantaro's heads. Trust had been established. Nicole quickly grabbed and pulled the metal hook out of the the neck of the left Zippleback head. Jamie grabbed the hook and pulled it out of the Triple Stryke's forehead. "There that's better."

The two dragons purred and nuzzled Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro.

Me and the others approached them. "Guys, are you alright?" I asked.

"Yes, we're okay." Jamie stated and he showed us the metal hook. "I found this jammed in it's head." The hook was at leash two inches long. Something that small, was not easy for the Triple Stryke or Zippleback could get out easily. "Poor things." Fluttershy cooed.

The Triple Stryke and Zippleback nuzzled the three. "Well, looks like you three have a dragon of your own." Sarah said with a smile. The Triple Stryke and Zippleback nuzzled Jamie, Nicole and Rantaro. The three rubbed their heads. "Yeah... I guess we do." Nicole said.

"But what about Ponyville?" I said, referring to the mess the two dragons made when they were in pain. The two dragons winced at the destruction they caused. "Don't worry, you two." Sarah said and she used her magic to fix everything the dragons broke. The ponies cheered in joy.

"So how about we enjoy this day?" I suggested. "... Sarah?" I turned but I didn't see her all that was there was a dotted outline of her. "Huh?"

I turned around and saw her heading back to the home-ship!

"Have fun!" she called. We all sighed, "That girl is one tough cookie." Mason commented.

"Yep." We all said in unison.

We will get Sarah to understand love... one day, but not today.

Episode 11: Time for a Skrill

View Online

Jamie's POV

"Morning Jamie." Sarah greeted.

"H-Hi." I said back. It's been a couple days since I befriended Striker, my new Triple Styrke dragon. He's been a big softie with me. He liked to poke me with one of his claws of wake me up and he was always stay close by me. Whenever Jack raises his voice at me, Striker gives his a roar and two snaps of his claws, as a warning to him. But there was one thing that annoyed me a little. When I try to do late night studying, he simply comes in, picked me up by the back of my shirt with his claw and carries me to my room and places me in the bed with a snort. I just sighed and reluctantly go to sleep.

Now, I was reading a book on Equestria with Sarah and Winter by my side. Then, there was a knock at the door. "Huh. wonder who that could be?" Sarah asked.

Sarah went to opened to door revealing an out-of-breath Spike. Spike staggered in and caught his breath. "Woah, Spike, you okay?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah.. I'm good. Anyway, Princess Celestia needs us in Canterlot, now!" Spike exclaimed.

Sarah, me and our dragons looked at each other in wonder. Anyway, I mounted Striker while Spike mounted Winter along with Sarah and we flew off to Canterlot.

When we got there, we glided into the throne room and landed. There we saw, Kaede, Ren, Jack, Mason, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro and the Mane 6. Princess Celestia and Luna were sitting on their thrones. "Hi guys, what took you so long?" Rainbow asked.

"Nothing." Sarah answered. "So what's the problem now?"

"Princess Cadence and Shining Armor have found something in the ice in the Forzen North." Princess Celestia stated.

"What did they find?" Ren asked.

".... a dragon."

We all gasped in shock. "A dragon?! No way!" Jack scoffed.

"Yes way." Luna stated. "We'll show you all."

Luna and Celestia walked off of their thrones and into the hallway with us following behind. They led us to another room where we saw it for ourselves. There in a block of solid ice was a dragon. It was pruple with a ring of spikes around the back of it's head. The rest of the body was couldn't see cause of the ice.

"Woah... what is that, big brother?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know, Carrie." Mason stated.

Sarah approached the dragon and took a close look at it. "Hmm... just as I thought."

"What? What is it, Sarah?" Kaede asked.

"It's a Skrill." Sarah replied.

"A Skrill?" Ren asked.

"It's a Strike Class Dragon that can harness the power of lightning and actually redirect it at it's opponets, making this dragon very deadly." Sarah explained.

"Control Lightning? Yeah, right." Rainbow scoffed.

"Rainbow, has Sarah ever been wrong about dragons before?" Twilight asked with a smirk.

"Eh... uh.... be quiet!" Rainbow stammered.

"Sarah, what do you suggest we do with this dragon?" Celestia asked. "My sister and I have never encountered a dragon like this."

"For now, we should keep the dragon in the block of ice and in the throne room." Sarah said. Luna nodded and Celestia called some guards to push the block into the throne room. "Jack, Rantaro, go with Rainbow and Pinkie Pie to keep an eye on the block." Sarah added. They nodded and went with the guards. Striker decided to go with them too.

"So... what do we do with the dead dragon in the block of ice?" Ren asked.

"I'd say we melt the ice and bury it." Mason said.

"Ummm...." Sarah trailed off, twiddling her fingers nervously. "Sarah, what is it?" Celestia asked.

"Actually, because of their internal body temperature, Skrills can stay safely frozen for decades." We all looked at her with horrified faces.

"Wait, wait, wait, so this dragon may still be alive and we left it with Rainbow, Pinkie, Rantaro and Jack!" Twilight exclaimed.

Fluttershy whimpered in worry. "N-Now now, I'm sure they won't do anything dumb with that dragon." I reassured.

"Um.. Jamie, where's Striker?" Kaede questioned and I suddenly realized my Triple Stryke friend was gone!

"He didn't, did he?" I squeaked.


There was a sudden explosion. "That came from the throne room!" Ren cried. Winter gasped and immediately flew out the door followed by the rest of us.

POV Ends

Jack's POV

There was a cloud of smoke where the block of ice should have been."Skittles, what the hell did you do?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh relax, I'm sure Sarah and the others won't notice." Rainbow waved off. But when the smoke cleared it revealed the Skrill: a 26 feet long, purple dragons that has large wings and a spiked back and tail. These spines are metallic in nature and conduct the arcing electricity that it uses as its unique firepower. Also, it had a crown of spikes on its head which nearly all are the same length and has three short spines on their chin. It also appears to have four shark-like gills on its neck.

The Skrill sharply turned towards us, hissing and growling. "Yeah... they are gonna notice." Rantaro said simply. Then, the white dragon burst into the room and gasped at the Skrill. She and the nerds' Triple Stryke stalked towards the dragon, growling at it. The Skrill saw the door wide opened and made a break or it. The nerds' Triple Stryke blocked it's path but the dragon knocked him out of the way and flew into the hall and eventually out the door, letting out a roar as it flew off.

A moment of silence passed. "... What do we do?" Rainbow asked.

"Blame Pinkie Pie." I said quickly.


That's when the others came into the throne room. "Rainbow and Jack's fault!" Pinkie told.

"Hey, that was our plan!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I told you guys not to do anything to the block of ice." Sarah groaned.

Rantaro chuckled, "Yeah, probably should have picked better people to watch it."

I sighed and shook my head. "Anyway, we have to find that Skrill."

"Why?" Rainbow asked. "Let the dragon roam free."

"Rainbow, the Skrill does not know much about this world, so it may attack anything and everything it comes across, including cities and ponies, severely harming them. The dragon is too dangerous to be free." Sarah explained. "We have to find it and we have to find it now."

POV Ends

Soon we were all in the air, over Canterlot, looking for the Skrill. There were lightning clouds above us, due to the pegasi bringing them in, luckily it wasn't raining. "So what do we do after we find the Skrill?" Kaede asked. She was riding on Winter with me. "We catch it. Tame it and train it. Keep it away from the cities and ponies so it doesn't cause any damage." I answered.

Lightning flashed for a moment and I saw the siloutte of the Skrill in the clouds. Winter growled. "Okay... now what?" Mason asked.

"Everyone stay back, if it just sees one dragon maybe it won't attack." I said. Winter and us flew towards the Skrill. We heard it's roar and Winter stopped and hovered. The Skrill appeared and Winter dove right towards the Skrill. The Skrill and Winter got closer and closer until the Skrill flew right past Winter and circled around, starling Ren and the others. "WAH!"

Winter flew over to it and right beside it. The Skrill snarled and hissed and I held out my left hand to the Strike Class Dragon. "Hey big fella, you've been alseep a long time." The Skrill started sparking with lightning. "You're probably hungry and cranky." The Skrill roared and rushed away from us, only to appear in front of us!

"Sarah, Keade!" Mason cried. He and the others flew over to us. I looked back and saw them and moved out of the way while the Skrill charged up with lightning power. It roared and spotted Ren and the others. It roared and blasted lightning from it's mouth, Just barely missing Ren, Mason and Jack. "Holy Crap Baskets!" Ren cried.

"Guys!" I cried. I dodge a lightning bolt as well as the others. Nicole and Rantaro's Zippleback veered right and Storm flew higher into the air. A bolt headed right for Jamie and Striker. Jamie screamed like a girl while Striker blasted the lightning with it's fire, neutralizing it. The Skrill roared and flew away into the clouds. "Are you alright?" I called to them.

"Yeah... that was impressive." Jamie stammered.

"And by impressive, you mean TERRIFYING!" Jack yelled.

"Follow me, I have an idea." I ordered. We all flew lower the the ground right above a large clearing. "What the plan?" Ren asked.

"I'm gonna try and drive the Skrill towards you guys and you all herd it into the water in that lake." I pointed to a large lake in the distance. "The Skrill can't direct any lightning when it's in the water."

"But how are you gonna find the Skrill in that cloud?" Kaede asked.


"Gonna use Moonshine's echolocation to detect the Skrill to drive it towards us, right?" Nicole guessed.

"Yes." I answered. "Ren, dragon switch."

Ren flew beside me on Moonshine and I stood up on Winter as Ren stood up on Moonshine. We leaped over to the other dragon. Now I was on Moonshine while Ren was on Winter. "Come on boy." I said. Moonshine roared and we flew into the clouds and he dove back down. "Echolocation!" I ordered and Moonshine echo located and found the Skrill. He began shooting plasma blasts at it s we spiraled down. We exited the cloud and flew quickly after the Skrill.

We rushed pass Kaede and Ren who flew with Winter to catch up. Winter fired her plasma blasts at the Skrill driving it lower to the ground. "That's it!" I cried. Suddenly the Skrill turned around and blasted lightning from it's mouth again. "Watch out!" Ren cried. He, Kaede and Winter swerved right, dodging it but me and Moonshine were struck!

"GAAAAAHHHHH!" I cried and everything went black.

Ren's POV

"Sarah! Moonshine!" I cried in shock as the two fell out of the sky. Winter dove towards them and grabbed Moonshine while I caught Sarah in my arms. The Skrill roared and flew away.

Jack and the others flew over to us. "Are they okay?" Jamie asked.

The two of them were smoking a little. "I don't think it's bad, but we should take them to Sarah's father." I answered. Everyone nodded and rushed over to the home-ship. Soon, Sarah was laying in bed with Winter by her side. Sarah's father which I decided to call Big D, came out of the room. "How are they?" Kaede asked.

"They'll be fine. The lightning didn't cause much internal damage." Big D replied, much to our relief. Rainbow growled slightly, "Just wait till I get my hands on that dragon."

"Now now Rainbow, that feller is wild, remember. He was just defendin' himself." Applejack reminded.

"Yeah right." Jack scoffed. "He almost killed newbie and the Light Fury. We have to get rid of it!"

"We can't kill that dragon! It may be the only one in existence." Mason replied.

"Well what do you suggest we do, smart guy?" Rainbow asked.

"We can lead it back into the mountain where it was found and seal it inside." Mason answered.

".... Actually, t-that m-may work. I-I mean it did survive being frozen for so long. It will still survive in the ice again." Jamie added.

"Right, alright everyone, let's go!" Twilight said, but Big D stopped the six mares. "Actually girls, I kinda need you here, to help me treat Sarah and Winter." he said gently.

"What?!" Rainbow asked incredulous.

"Please." he begged.

"Don't worry Skittles, we'll deal with that dragon." Jack said. Suddenly, we all heard a groan and warble from both Sarah and Winter. "Girls." I said gently. Sarah and Winter opened their eyes. Moonshine rushed in and went over to Winter, licking her face. "How ya feelin, sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Ugh.... a little woozy." she replied.

"Easy Sarah, you and Winter got struck by the Skrill's lightning, but we have a plan to seal up the dragon. Twilight and the girls are gonna stay here and help Big D looked after you both." I explained. Sarah nodded. But Moonshine warbled. We could all tell that he didn't want to leave Winter behind, not when she's injured. Fluttershy came up to Moonshine, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of her." she promised.

Moonshine warbled and let Fluttershy tend to his injured friend. "Come on guys, we have a Skrill to seal up." Mason said.

Then, we all headed out with me on Moonshine, Kaede on Storm and the others on their respective dragons. We were flying over Ponyville when we saw the silhouette of the Skrill coming right for us! "Alright gang, let's get this Skrill to the Frozen North!" I called. The Skrill appeared and roared at us. Moonshine fired his plasma blast at it, but the Skrill made a sheild made of out lightning, protecting it from the attack. "That's a new one." Mason commented. The Skrill flew away. "Go you guys!" I called. Jack and Silverspike trailed the Skrill while Nicole, Rantaro and their Zippleback along with Mason, Carrie and Firestorm move in on the sides. "Hey Skrill!" Jack cried. "Eat this!" Silverspike blasted the Skrill with it's blue fire. The Skrill roared in apin and snarled at the Razorwhi dragon. It firde it's lightning at them but Silverspike dove out of the way, just in time for Nicole, Rantaro and their Zippleback to blast the dragon with their own fire. The Skrill hissed and flew away with a large burst of speed dead North.Moonshine and I flew right after it. The Skrill roared and tired to ram us away from it, but Moonshine moved down.

The Skrill roared, "Alright boy, to the Frozen Mountains." I said. Moonshine roared and rushed off to the Frozen North with the Skrill on our tail. We made it there in no time and Boy, was it cold!

"Should have brought a coat." I groaned. Nevertheless, Me and Moonshine flew right towards the Frozen Mountains behind the Crystal Empire. "Into the mountain!" Moonshine dove into a tunnel with the Skrill not far behind and we flew through the cavern, swerving around the ice blocks. "Alright boy, let's seal him up for good." I said. Moonshine blasted the ice above us, causing the cavern to cave in. Him and I rushed through the cavern and exited through the exit while the Skrill was trapped inside and was sealed inside the ice once again.

Me and Moonshine servayed the area. "Good work, Moonshine, now let's head back to the others." Moonshine gave a proud roar and we flew back to the others and the home-ship.

POV Ends

Ren, Moonshine and the others came back to the home-ship to see how I was doing and to say that the Skrill was sealed up once more in the ice. I was still a bit sore from the lightning shock as well as Winter, but my dad said we should be back to normal by tomorrow, we just needed to rest for the rest of the day. The girls were relieved to hear the dragons was gone. "That was one scray varmint." Applejack commented.

"You can say that again." Mason agreed.

Moonshine went over to Winter who was laying down. He warbled, catching her attention. She looked at him and gave a little hoarse warble. Moonshine rubbed against Winter and cuddled around her like a hug. "Awwww. Carrie and the Mane 6 cooed. I had to admit it was pretty cute, seeing Moonshine caring for Winter.

"So Big D said you'll both be back by tomorrow?" Ren asked.

"Yeah, we just need to rest for the rest of the day." I replied.

"Good. Glad you d-didn't get severely hurt." Jamie said.

"Thanks." Then we heard a girlish scream and caught a sight of my dad rushing pass the door with Striker running after him. "JAMIE GET YOU TRIPLE STYRKE, PLEASE! WAAAAHHHH!" he screamed in fear. Knowing my dad, who had a history of making my dragons made due to either his words or his actions, he probably did something to get Striker angry which was bad because Striker was the most dangerous, next to Firestorm, of our dragons friends. "Jamie." I said bluntly.

"I got him." Jamie walked out the room, aiming to catch his Triple Stryke before it stung my dad. "Striker, no stinging Sarah's father."

The rest of us couldn't help but chuckle as my dad and Striker raced passed the door with Jamie right behind multiple times.

Episode 12: Yo-Kai Shmoopie and Buhu

View Online

Yo Kai Buhu

I woke up bright and early and ready to take on the day. I stared at the window and saw sunshine peeping through. I climbed out of bed and put on a simple shirt with the kitten on it and a pair of jeans. "Sarah!" I turned around and saw Sailornyan and Thronyan. "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked.

"Something's wrong with Ren and the gang." Sailornyan replied. Okay... that was a bit worrying. "Show me." My two cat yo-kai led me to the living room where I found Ren and the others looking a little sad. "Guys? What's wrong?" I asked. I noticed they were dripping a little water and emitting some smoke which was weird considering the sunshine.

"We got bad luck." Ren declared.

"Ren, I sure there a logical explanation for all of this." Mason reassured.

"Bad Luck? What happened?" I asked.

"Well, this morning, we all went to Sugarcube Corner to get some sweets. We got them, ate them and came back outside. The sun and shining brightly and we thought that everything would be okay, until rain clouds came out a nowhere and started pouring on us." Mason explained. "And here's the weird part; there was no storm scheduled for today!"

"Yeah and I fell into some mud that was never there before!" Jack added irritably. "And the clouds shot lightning at us."

"We got bad luck." Ren said again.

"Ren, I told you there's no such thing as bad luck." Mason said and that's when Whisper and Usapyon appeared. "Mason is correct." Whisper agreed. "There is no suck thing as bad luck."

"No but there is such thing as a Yo-Kai!" I exclaimed.

"You think a yo-kai is responsible for giving us bad luck?" Jack asked surprised.

"Please." Rantaro scoffed. "There is no Yo-Kai to do such a thing." Whisper added. I pointed my watch light at the gang and we all heard.


"What the fudge was that?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Buhuhu." I pointed near the front door and the yo-kai appeared. It looked like a bird with a long neck that was hanging down and it's body had a sad face on it. "Buhuhu." it said.

"WHAT?!" Rantaro and Whisper exclaimed.

"Woah she looks super unhappy and a little creepy." I said and I turned to Whisper. "What Yo-Kai is she?"

Whisper looked on his Yo-kai pad. "Excellent question. This has to be... aha! That' Buhu, she brings bad luck and disappointment wherever she goes." Whisper explained.

"Buhu?" I repeated.

Buhu: Tribe - Eerie

"Buhu give people a false feeling of good fortune, then she pulls the rugs out at the last second to make them feel extra dreadful. Well played Buhu. Well played." Whisper added.

"That's just mean. I don't like this Yo-Kai." Ren said.

"I don't blame you. She's eventually the embodiment of bad luck and disappointment." Whisper added.

"Totally uncool!" I exclaimed. "Buhu, how long have you been following my friends?"

"Since the rainstorm incident, I'm sorry." Buhu said in a sad voice.

"Thought so."

"I'm really sorry. We Yo-Kai have to inspirit the same way you humans have to go to sleep at night."

"Buhu, please promise that you'll leave my friends alone."

"I promise. Thank you for your understanding good bye." With that Buhu flew out the door. "Poor Buhu, she looked so sad." Jamie said.

"Yeah, but hopefully that's the last we'll see of her." I reassured.

That afternoon, Me and the others were walking through Ponyville, looking for Twilight and the girls. We spotted Pinkie Pie, but she was dull pink? "Uhh... why is Pinkie Pie not... Pink?" I asked.

"Something must be making her sad." Jamie stated. Jamie went over to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie, what's the matter?" he asked.

"I don't know, I've just been having bad luck. I burned everything cake I tried to bake and even when they turned out perfect, they suddenly turned black and shrived up." Pinkie explained. I had a feeling about what was going on. "But she promised." I whispered to Ren. "Find her, Sarah."

I pointed the watch over Pinkie and indeed, there was Buhu. "Buhuhu."

"There she is." Mason stated.

We met up with Buhu in the park. "What's the deal Buhu, you said that you were gonna leave a stop bothering us." I said.

"I did leave but I got lost. I was flying when a flock of birds came and one of the birds winked at me. I was so focused on him at I bumped into a tree and when I woke up I was right back where I started. Buhu."

"Well what goes around comes around." Jack scoffed.

"But Buhu, that doesn't mean you can mess with our friends." I replied.

"B-But what can I do? It's my nature." Buhu replied.

I thought for a moment. "I know, maybe Robonyan can help."

"What? Why Robonyan?" Whisper asked.

"He's a robot." I answered bluntly.

"Sarah, you summoning choices are totally random."

"It's still a good idea. Come on out my friend!” I tossed the medal into the air “Calling Robonyan! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” An automatic voice said,

“Summoning Tough”


The robot cat now stood in front of us. "State your request clearly." he said.

"Robonyan, Buhu wants to stop inspiriting people can you think of anything that can help her. Anything at all?"

"How is he suppose to help it's impossible." Rantaro said.

"Nothing is impossible for Robonyan."

"A bit consented do you t-" I pushed Rantaro out of the way. "Can you really help Buhu stop causing all this bad luck?!"

"I can and I will. Watch and learn." Robonyan said.

Sugarcube Corner

Pinkie was still sad looking at her three brunt cakes. She sighed sadly. She walked away from the cakes. When she was gone, Robonyan snuck into the kitchen and quickly worked on the cakes, turning them from burnt to beautiful. "Cakes reconstructed." he snuck away when Pinkie came into the room. When she saw her cakes perfect again, she regained her pink coloring. "Yeah, my cakes are back to normal." she cheered.

Me and the others were so happy for Pinkie. "Good work, Robonyan." I said. "I told you summoning Robonyan was a good choice."

"You got lucky." Rantaro and Whisper said in unison.

"In the future, back luck is a thing of the past. I'll be back." he said as he teleproted into the ground, going back to the future. Buhu came to me. "Thank you Sarah. I am eternally grateful to you." she glowed and her medal fell into my hand. "Her medal. Now you two are friends as she'll be in your life forever." Whisper stated.

"WHAT?!" Ren and the others said. "Buhuhu."

"I'll try not to be a nusince, buhuhu." Buhu said.

Yo Kai Shoompie

"Sarah!" Ren cried as he burst into my room, scaring me. "Wah! Ren, what's the big idea!"

"Somethings' wrong with Fluttershy. She's acting weird. She keeps saying 'Forgive me like dounuts'." Ren explained.

"Hmmm." I said and I sighed sadly. "I know what's wrong with her. Come with me." I got out of bed and went to the living room where we found Fluttershy sitting on the couch watching TV. "I pointed the watch light at her and a Yo-Kai was revealed. A little pink and white fox pup with white paw tips, muzzle, and heart-dot eyebrows. The inner-ear is beige, while the eyes appear big and black. It holds onto a giant red heart and wears a purple kazaori-eboshi on it's head.

"Uh oh, I guess you found me."

Shmoopie: Tribe -Charming

"Oh my god, it's so cute." Ren said. "... Whose that?"

"That's Shmoopie. And old friend of mine that causes trouble for others and makes them act innocent. Making them act like 'you're so cute how could I be angry at you' trick." I answered in a slightly annoyed voice.

Shmoopie noticed me. "Hi Sarah, nice to see you again." she said in a high female voice.

"Shmoopie, I thought you promised not to do this again." I whined.

"I know, but I like making people act innocent. It's because of my cuteness power they can get away with anything." Shmoopie said with pride. I sighed sadly. Shmoopie did the same thing with Douglas, making him act innocent whenever he did something bad in the past and my dad fell for Shmoopies' trick again and again.

"Shmoopie, can you please leave Rens' girlfriend alone, please?" I asked nicely.

Shmoopie thought for a moment. ".... Alright, Sarah. Bye bye." The little pink yo-kai floated out the door and it's inspiriting powers wore off of Fluttershy. "Huh? What happened?" she asked.

"A cute little yo-kai inspirited you and ade you act weird but Sarah got rid of it." Ren explained.

"Oh.. okay." Fluttershy replied. The two of them sat on the couch together while I smiled at them and decided to go back to bed.

Annoying little Shmoopie.

Episode 13: Sarah's Hearth Warming Eve

View Online

The story begins in Ponyville. Snow was falling and bells were ringing. It was holiday season and everyone was getting ready for Hearth's Warming Eve.

Christmas Eve is almost here
There's so much left to do

(Rainbow Dash)
Still need to shop for all my friends
But what to get? No clue!

This one is nice, and that's so cute
Although that's pretty, too

Why do I make all these gifts each year?
I doubt I'll make it through

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more day before the cheer

Shop! Pay! Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat!

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One last chance before the holiday's here

Box! Wrap! Bow! Again!

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more week to make the holiday great
One more week before we celebrate

One week , and then it's here

(Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity)
One more chance to bring that holiday cheer

Hearth's Warming Eve is almost here
A day for us to share

Friends and family all together

(Pinkie Pie)
Pies and Apples and a Pear

Together families, lots of work
There's so much to prepare

(Pinkie Pie and Applejack)
With all the planning we still have to do
We've got no time to spare

One more week before the cheer

(Pinkie Pie)
Stuff! Box! Wrap! Card! Bow! Repeat!

One last chance before the holiday's here

(Pinkie Pie)
Stir! Pour! Bake! Again!

(Pinkie Pie and Applejack)
One more week to make the holiday bright

One more day, and I can sleep at night

The family's almost here

One more chance to bring that holiday cheer

Before the fun, there's preparation
(Just around the corner)
Shopping, cooking, decoration
(The complications)

It's all worth it in the end
Spreading joy to all your friends
Even when it never, ever
Ever seems to end

The scene switched to the home-ship, where Spike was found carrying a box filled with decorations.

Hearth's Warming Eve is getting close
We're not prepared, I fear
You guys, you should take a break

Spike went into the living room and found Ren, Jack, Nicole, Kaede, Mason, Carrie, Rantaro and Jamie.
No time for rest that much is clear

Ren landed a list to Spike with all the things they needed to get for Sarah.

We made a list and checked it twice
There's lots to do on here

They all rushed out of the home-ship with Spike following right behind him.

Sarah's Christmas has to be just right
It has too for her first Christmas right here

One more week before the cheer
Shop! Pay! Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat!
One last chance before the holiday's here
Box! Wrap! Bow! Again!
One more week to make the holiday great
One more week until we celebrate

(Cutie Mark Crusaders)
Please, oh, please make it really, really great!

(Parcel Post)
One more gift, try to hurry, don't be late!

(Daisy, Rose, and Lily)
Box! Wrap! Bow! Repeat! Gotta concentrate!

Just one more week until we all celebrate!

The gang was going from stand to stand collecting the things they needed for Sarah's Christmas. "Two of these, three of those cakes, and five candles, just in case." he rushed from stand to stand while Spike watched, "Guys, calm down." he said, but Ren and the others didn't listen. That's when Twilight and the girls came over, wearing their winter gear. "What's up with Ren and the others?" Twilight asked.

"They are going nuts about making Sarah's Hearth's Warming perfect." Spike answered.

"Got everything, let's go!" Mason exclaimed and the gang rushed back to the home-ship carrying all kinds of things. "See." Spike deadpanned.

Twilight and Applejack looked at each other and nodded, "We'll be right back girls." Twilight said.

Twilight and Applejack walked off, leaving the other girls a bit confused.


Ren's POV

Me, Mason, Carrie and Kaede were putting up the decorations. Jamie and Rantaro were making the cake and Jack was... well....

"Jack! Stop sleeping!" Kaede cried.

Jack growled a little and got up, "Alright, alright, what do you want?"

"Stop being lazy and start decorating! This has to be perfect for Sarah." I said.

That's when Twilight and Applejack entered. "Hey y'all." Applejack greeted.

"Hi Applejack, Hey Twilight." I greeted, busy putting up some streamers.

"What are you all doing?" Twilight asked.

"Decorating the home-ship for Sarah." Jamie added, spreading icing on the cake.

"And why are yall lookin' so panicky?" Applejack asked.

"Because this will be the first Christmas she's ever had!" Kaede said.

"First Christmas?!" Twilight exclaimed. "Didn't she celebrate with her fathers?"

"Well... she did but not the way you'd think." I explained.

I explained to the girls that Sarah did celebrate with her fathers but she didn't get alot of gifts. The only gift she ever got from her fathers were books. Books? Okay, that might be good for Jamie and Twilight on their Christmas, but to Sarah... that's just... sad, I guess. I mean the poor girl only got books on Christmas! Wow! And not the good 'Wow!'.

Applejack and Twilight were shocked. "So we're giving her the best Christmas ever!" Carrie exclaimed happily.

That's when the door opened again and revealed the other girls. "Oh my, this place looks magnificent!" Rarity exclaimed, looking in awe at all the decorations.

"Thanks Rar." I replied.

The door opened again and this time entered Sarah and Big D. "Hi Sarah, hey Big D. Look what we did you Christmas." Jamie replied, quickly hiding the cake as it was surprise for Sarah.

"Wow, this looks really great guys, right Sarah?"

We turned to Sarah who had a depressed look on her face. "Y-Yeah... it's... nice." she held her head down and slowly walked out of the living room. "Woah... why is she so gloomy? Especially near Hearth's Warming?" Pinkie asked.

Big D sighed. "Christmas isn't a very happy day for Sarah."

"She did tell us all she got was a book for Christmas, so yeah." Jack stated.

"But that's not the whole story." Big D added.

"Whole Story?" I asked. "What do you mean."

Big D. sighed, "Back when Sarah was young, she would always ask me and my brother what we were going to do together....


Five year old Sarah came prancing into the room where her fathers were. "Daddies, what are we gonna do together for Christmas?" she asked with excitement.

The two fathers looked at each other and Davenport sighed, "Sarah, honey... the thing is... me and Douglas got called to a meeting today so..."

Young Sarah's expression suddenly turned sad. "You'll be away on Christmas... again."

"Oh honey." Davenport hugged her, "We're so sorry." Young Sarah let some tears flow from her face as both of her fathers hugged her....

Flashback End

"Everytime near and during Christmas me and brother tried to spend time with her, we always got pulled away cause of our work. So she had to spend Christmas alone with my yo-kai." Big D. admitted sadly. We all felt pity for Sarah and Pinkie's mane was dull and flat now. "Poor darling." Rarity said. "She never spent Christmas with her family."

Jamie felt sympathy for Sarah, being that his father was always away of business during Christmas, but at least Donny and Douglas tried to spend time with Sarah. "Maybe she'll cheer up as Christmas gets closer?" Fluttershy asked.

"Maybe, Fluttershy." Big D added and sighed, "But I don't think so." Music started playing in the background as a week went by and soon it was the day of Hearth's Warming.

As three days passed, Sarah was still depressed. She would just lay down in her bed not wanting to get up. She would look at the ceiling, thinking back to the many Christmas' she spent alone. She barely went outside now and when she did, she would just sit away from her friends and look depressed, not talking all.

Me and the others tried to talk to her but she wouldn't respond and only turned her head sadly. Her pokemon and dragons tired to make her smile but she only frowned, much to her pokemon and dragons' disappointment.

When me or one of the others tried to get her out of bed, she would only cover up, not wanting to get up or be bothered. She changed into her sad form, becoming blue and white. Me, Mason, Carrie, Jack, Rantaro, Nicole, Kaede and Jamie looked at the girls and they looked back at them. Not good.

Now it was Hearth's Warming and the gang and girls were in Ponyville. Sarah was walking slowly behind us and looked at the decorations. I think she wanted to cry.

"Sarah.." I asked with concern.

"Are you okay?" Kodi asked.

Sarsh sighed, "Just.... leave me be." we all watched as she sadly turned around and walked away, which everypony stepped out of the way and watched him leave.

"Poor Sarah..." Carrie sighed.

"Yeah, she really has lost that Christmas spirit." Kaede said, sympathizing with her.

Big D felt horrible, "It all my fault."

"Not it's not Donny. You tried your best." Jack added.

"There's gotta be something we can do!" Kaede said.

"And fast! I mean! How can she be so miserable?! I mean, look at that frowney face of hers! It's unacceptable!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Pinkie, calm down." Kodi assured. "We're gonna try and figure out how to cheer her up."

The CMC's came up to us then, having seen Sarah's sadness. "Yeah! Hopefully maybe this Santa Claus fella can cheer him up by getting something what he wants, right?" Sweetie Belle suggested with a small smile. "That's sounds like a great plan! You think Santa will give us what we want for Christmas?" Scootaloo asked in excitement.

"Of course as long as you write him back to letters to let you know what you guys want for Christmas." I assured with a grin.

"Wow! That's awesome! I gotta do that right now!" Apple Bloom exclaimed before running off, along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

"Hey! Don't leave us hanging!"

"Yeah! We want to help out too!" Those fillies...even though those three are friendly and are determined to find their Cutie-Marks, they can sometimes lead to trouble.

"Umm...Mr. Loodan?" Huh? I looked down to see another filly, one with black mane and tail, along with having a gray coat and grayish purple eyes as he asked "Do you think...maybe Santa will visit Equestria to deliver every toy to everypony?"

I smiled at him and ruffled his hair a bit before replying "Well of course! He's always eager to give out every present to everypony! No matter how old they are!"

Everypony let out a cheer and were once again amazed to hear it.

"Only if anypony is nice...those are who naughty only get a lump of coal." Mason added, crossing his arms. "It'll teach anyone around here in Equestria a lesson about being nice next time."

"Then again, it is good to use for a fireplace at least." Kaede shrugged. "But hey, why not we all decorate Ponyville into the biggest Christmas-themed place in the whole world? It's not too late to do so!"

"Yeah, and hopefully it'll left Sarahs' spirits back up!" Kodi added.

"So...what do you say everypony?" I asked the crowd, who yelled in joy. "Sounds to me that they said yes."

"Yeah! Come on everypony! Let's decorate Ponyville into the best Christmas-themed town in all of Equestria!" Pinkie exclaimed, and soon, everypony began getting to work.

"Well first we've gotta get some food for the Christmas Feast of ours." Mason reminded us. "Though, I'll go get the groceries myself. You guys help out and paint the town red."

"My thoughts exactly!" I nodded with a grin.

"Well what are we waiting for?! Let's go!" Kodiak exclaimed as we headed over and began helping out Ponyville with decorating the place. Suddenly, I began hearing a certain Christmas music playing...which means one thing...a musical number. You can't do anything without a musical number.

"Wait, we're doing one now?" Kaede asked in surprise. "Been a while since we sang a musical number."

"Why not give it a shot Kay?" I offered.

"R-really?" Kaede asked in surprise.

"Sure! You'll do wonderful." I assured.

"Yeah! You can do it Kaede!" Carrie added. Kaede thought for a while before smiling at us and said "Okay! Let's give it a try!"

That Christmas Feeling!


Were hanging a star above our tree,
And don't it look lovely
The lights and the tinsily sparkling for you

Everypony, including us, starting putting up colorful Christmas lights on the buildings as I saw Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and the Cutie-Mark Crusaders coming over and were ready to help out as Sweetie Belle handed Rarity a giant candy cane stick as she used her magic to find a neat place to put up the place.

Applejack, Big Macintosh, and other ponies brought in a big pine tree and moved it to the center of town, planting it gently. I wonder where they gotten that tree? Maybe from Sweet Apple Acres or the Everfree Forest? Those are the only options I know where they can get trees.

Carrie, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and other fillies began filling the tree with decorations like ornaments, red and green banners, and lights.

Got that Christmas feeling,
I take it everywhere I go
And make that Christmas feeling grow

Rainbow and several Pegasus ponies began flying over and with high speed, perfectly set up big ornaments over at the buildings. Whoa, I gotta say! That's awesome! I also noticed two familiar ponies, Snips and Snails, building two snowman...or snow ponies. Though, the weirdest thing that those two snow ponies looks exactly like them. That's...quite weird, but impressive. But I can do better than that.

So warm by the fireplace we glow,
All cozy and happy
And hang all the stockings in a row with you

I soon began decorating my own snowman with Kodiak helping out by grabbing me some buttons, a carrot, and a hat that he somehow found. Soon, my snowman was finished up and everyone stared at my snowman with curiosity and awe. Well, I don't mean to brag, but I have a great snowman.

Got a Christmas feeling,
I take it every where I go
And make that Christmas feeling grow

I then saw a blast of Christmas lights stringing themselves on some buildings and even Sugarcube Corner before I saw it was Pinkie Pie, using two mini party Cannons around her hooves as...web shooters? She began swinging onto the lights as they let go and stay on the buildings. Okay, I know I shouldn't question her, but how? I mean, who is she? Spider-man?!

It feels like Christmas (Christmas)
Christmas (Christmas)

Holy cow, these ponies really know business. Mr and Mrs. Cake made some delicious figgy pudding, cookies, gingerbread houses and everypony was buying them instantly. I then noticed Fluttershy asking for some animal assistance by a bunch of birds as they grabbed a banner and helped her hang it up. Once they were done, she noticed me afar as I waved happily at her, which made her smile and wave back at me.

Come on I know you don't wanna miss this
Lets make that Christmas feeling grow
Oh, oh, ah
Lets make that Christmasy feeling grow

Soon, Ponyville was completed...all the decorations, the big Christmas Tree and its lighting's, all the delicious cookies, the Christmas stocks, and even the snowman and snowponies were completed. Now Ponyville is now 100% Christmas-themed. Hopefully that there's a Santa Clause in this world. Though it might be farfetch'd because ponies here never seen or heard about him, but I know that he exists. All I gotta do is keep believing. Soon, Rainbow Dash and a black Pegasus with a Mohawk mane style came down with a big Star and planted it on top of the tree the moment Kaede finished the last note of her song.

"Whoa...they work fast." Kaede said, surprised to see all this. "How did I not recognize any of this?"

"Don't know, but all I know that Santa is definitely gonna love this." I replied with a shrug and grin. Hopefully it'll make Sarah feel better. Speaking of which, where is she right now? You would think she would've seen all the beautiful decorations and such?

POV Ends

I was sulking through the Everfree Forest by myself. It wasn't that I didn't want to celebrate Christmas, it's just that... sigh.... I always spent Christmas without a family.

"Oh what we here?
A lonely Sarah with no cheer." a familiar voice said and I turned and saw Zecora. She was wearing ear muffs and snow bots on her hooves.

"Oh... hi Zecora." I greeted sadly.

"Why are you so blue?
Especially on this holiday tune?"

I sighed, "Christmas isn't a very happy time for me. I always spent it alone cause my dads were away at work."

"Ah, spending Hearth's Warming with no family
That is sad, it's true
But there's one truth you failed to see
You have a family so you should not feel blue."

"I know... sigh... but the memories are still there." I replied.

"Memories from past are hard to surpess
But you can't let it lead to sadness or stress
You have a family near and dear
And they all love you, that is clear." Zecora said.

I took in what Zecora was telling me. That I shouldn't let my past memories stop me from celebrating Christmas with my friends and dad. I smiled at her a little. "You're right, Zecora. I'll go celebrate with my friends."

Zecora smiled at me,

"It true the past can come back to haunt you
And this I know is true
But don't let the past control you."

I nodded and turned back, exiting the forest only to be met by Spike. "Oh, Sarah there you are." he said.

“S-Spike? What is it?” I asked curiously.

"Ren and the others finished up making that Christmas feast and wants everypony to come in. Even you.” Spike answered, much to my surprise.

“M-me?” I asked incredulous.

“Yeah! They’re planning a Christmas party at their home so that they can make you feel happy and try to lift your spirits back up." They…did this for me? Why…that’s so thoughtful of them.

“R-really? For…me?” I asked.

“Yeah! Twilight and the others are waiting for you to come! Besides, the princesses are about to show up! So let’s go!” Spike grabbed my hand and dragged me along to the home-ship. We soon arrived in front of the home-ship, seeing the entrance being decorated with an inflatable Santa Claus, which makes me begs the question on how on earth did they get that?

"Well, here we go." Spike said with a smile before turning to me and asked "You ready?" I nodded with a soft smile.

"Alright, let's go." Spike smiled before we entered into the home-ship, finding everyone inside as they noticed us and became joyed to see us.

"Sarah! You came!" Twilight called, walking over to me with a smile. "I knew that you would come!"

"Y-yeah...I thought about it for a while..." I nodded.

"Really? What is it?" Twilight asked.

"I've give it one more try." Twilight smiled happily at me, glad to see what my answer was.

"Glad to hear that, Sarah!" I was immediately patted on the back by Ren, who grinned happily as he said "I'm glad to hear that you'll finally got that Christmas spirit! Along with Hearth's Warming Eve!"

"Here, here!" Carrie added as the rest of my friends came over.

"Yeah! So what made you change your mind?" Kodi asked.

"i ran into Zecora and she told me not to let my past memories stop me from celebrating in the present." I explained.

Jack chuckled, "She's one smart zebra."

Everyone agreed when suddenly near the front door, two large tubes of light appeared and appeared were Princess Celestia and Luna. Everyone gasped in shock before bowing down at the two princesses, along with me and the others.

"It's quite alright everypony, there's no need to bow." Princess Celestia insist. "We come to enjoy the party, that's all."

"Tis is true." Luna reassured.

Soon, we stopped bowing as everyone, even the fillies, were amazed and stared in awe to see the two princesses.

"Hey Celeste! Lulu! What's up?" Ren asked with a grin.

"We're thou doing alright, Ren Loodan." Princess Luna replied with a smile before asking "But Celeste? Lulu? Are those supposed to be shorter versions of our names?"

"Yeah. Since we are friends." I assured with a grin. Princess Luna blushed and said "I-I see."

Princess Celestia chuckled at her sister's reaction before turning to Twilight, who apparently was smiling nervously at her. "So anyway Twilight, what was it you were saying before our arrival?"

"W-well...umm...nothing! Just glad to see you both! That's all Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" Twilight chuckled nervously while Princess Celestia simply smiled and said "I see."

"What are you two doing here?" I asked curiously.

"We heard about this holiday called 'Christmas' and we were thou curious to learn much about it." Princess Luna explained.

"H-huh? How did you know?" Ren asked in surprise.

"We've explored in the realms of dreams and heard about this Christmas you human thou talked about." Princess Luna explained, causing Ren to smile sheepishly at that.

"I-I see..." Realm of dreams? What could she mean by that?

"Though it's amazing that you two came!" Kaede said with a smile. "I hope you enjoy the desserts. Mason and I worked very hard on it."

"Same here. Though Jamie and Rantaro only worked on the cake." Ren added, much to Princess Celestia's delight.

"Really? Could you take me to the desserts, Ren?" Princess Celestia asked excitedly.

"Sure." Ren nodded before he and the princess went off, leaving us bewildered by the princess's sudden behavior.

"What just happened?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Yeah, why did she act so suddenly like that?" Fluttershy added. Princess Luna shook her head while smiling and replied "My sister has quite a fondness towards cakes. Trust me, it's an unbreakable habit of hers."

"That's alright." Twilight sighed with a smile. "At least she's enjoying the party so much at least. Like there's nothing gonna wrong or anything like that!"

"Calm down Twilight!" Kodi said with a concern look.

"Yeah! It's a Christmas party and we all should enjoy it!" Carrie giggled before turning to the night princess and said "Come on Luna! Let's go play some Christmas games!"

Princess Luna simply smiled and said "Ha ha ha! Let us, young Carrie."

With that, she and Princess Luna took their leave while we watched with smiles.

"It seems those two are getting closer than ever." Rarity smiled.

Everyone agreed. And so the party started. Princess Celestia loved the cake which was half chocolate and vanilla. Celestia ate two pieces of the cake and Luna had to tell her, "Sister, I think you've had enough cake. Save some for Ren and the others." Celestia sighed but she complied. The CMC's laughed at the two princesses behavior.

"So this is thou Christmas tree?" Princess Luna gazed at it with a smile. "We admit that thou Christmas Tree is quite elegant."

"Thanks princess. We worked mighty hard on it." Applejack smiled.

"And I'll say this Christmas really was worth something." Rarity smiled.

"Indeed it was, Rarity. Indeed it was." Mason nodded. Soon, snow began falling down, much to our surprise.

"S-snow?" Spike asked in confusion.

"But how?! I don't remember scheduling a snow storm tonight on Hearth's Warming Eve?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"So then...who?" Fluttershy asked in confusion. Suddenly, we began to hear some bells ringing as we all looked around in confusion.

"What the? What was that?" Kodi wondered.

"Ho ho ho!" That can't be..."Ho ho ho!"

"Santa?" Ren asked in shocked and awe before they looked up to see a silhouette figure riding a sled and a bunch of reindeer.

"Woo-hoo! He's real! He's real! He's real!" Pinkie chanted, bouncing around happily with a smile on her face. "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

"Yay!" Fluttershy cheered quietly.

"Unbelievable..." Twilight said, her eyes sparkling in amazement.

"Awesome!" Spike cheered.

"I had a feeling he might come." Princess Celestia smirked, much to my confusion. Does that mean that she anticipated this? Or maybe...she planned this? Soon, something began falling down as they landed in our hands and hooves, causing us all to gasp in amazement.

"P-Presents?!" Spike exclaimed in excitement.

"!" Pinkie shouted, jumping high into the air and letting out a 'Woo-hoo' in the process.

Soon, Twilight opened up her present first and out came something that made her gasped in shock.

"A-A-A Guide To Be The Perfect Unicorn Mage?! Amazing!" Twilight shouted. Our friends and everyone else began opening up their presents, also shocked once they found out their gifts as well.

"A-A new dress!" Rarity shouted. "And it's made by a special kind of fabric that nopony has ever came across! This is fabulous!"

"Sweet! A Wonderbolt goggles!" Rainbow grinned, trying them with with a grin on her face.

"And a new hat. Neat." Applejack smirked, trying out her new cowboy hat, which looked exactly like her original one.

"A new bowl for Angel?! Yay!" Fluttershy cheered.

"No's a Playstation 5!" Ren exclaimed happily, showing off his new PS5 box set, much to our shock.

"No way! But that console hasn't been released yet!" I exclaimed.

"Ha ha ha, awesome!" Ren grinned.

"A sewing kit? I always wanted one of my own!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Yay! A new dollhouse!" Carrie showed off her barbie dollhouse, much to the crusader's amazement and jealousy.

"Hmm...a new sheath to keep my bamboo sword. Neat." Mason smiled. Soon, everypony opened their presents, revealing new antiques, toys, and such. Jamie looked over at the perfect wrapped blue gift box as he slowly opened it, causing him to gasp in surprise.

"A whole batch of notebooks! Yes! With these, I can never run out of writing down info!" He exclaimed in amazement while the gang gave him weird looks, and smirks. “What?!”

"Books...why am I not surprise by that?" Rainbow Dash asked herself.

My present box was a little big. "Hmm..." I opened it, "What's is here?" What I saw made me squeal in complete joy.

"Sarah, what'd you get?" My dad asked, suddenly appearing beside me. I pulled out a large encyclopedia like book. "A Complete Guide to Dragons book! Sweet!" I opened it and the book had information about all dragons and it even showed 3D imaging of them. "Awesome!"

"This is the best Hearth's Warming Eve ever!" Twilight cheered.

"Yeah! For my first Hearth's Warming Eve and Christmas, this truly has been great so far!" Kodi added with a chuckle.

"Dang right!" Ren agreed, still excited for his PS5.

"Well I know one thing..." Princess Celestia and her sister looked at each other with smiles on their faces as she announced "I shall make Christmas a new holiday for Equestria to enjoy. Like Ren and his friends stated, it's for everypony to enjoy! So everypony around Equestra should enjoy it as well, either with their friends and family."

"Indeed." Princess Luna nodded in agreement.

" too." I nodded as my friends came over and hugged me tightly, feeling happy not about their gifts, but everyone being here. If it wasn't for Twilight, I...I guess I-I wouldn't enjoy it once again. Besides, maybe I wasn't able to get my father to celebrate with me. He can take a hike at least, I got these people and ponies with friends.

Suddenly, music started ringing around the area, much to my confusion.

"Umm...where is that music coming?" I asked in confusion.

"Uh oh! It looks like another musical number!" Ren smiled.

"Musical number?"

"Yeah, apparently it's a thing here in this world." Mason explained. "Though, I'll never figure out who's playing that music."

"Duh! The writers of our show!" Pinkie answered, much of our confusion.

"What?" Carrie asked in confusion.

"Nothing!" Pinkie assured with a giggle.

"Well...come on everypony! Let's do it together!" Kaede said with a smile, which everyone agreed.

"Yeah! What do you say Jamie?" Ren asked, extending his hand in front of me. I looked at it for a while before softly smiling and accepting it before saying "Yeah. I'm ready."

Soon, the music began playing a familiar Christmas song from a certain band. I think it was called NSYNC. Haven't heard their music before, but I heard they make good music. But you know, maybe singing it won't be bad. I got my friends by my side, and would be nice to sing at least.

(Skip to 1:18)


The most magical gift
That I can recall
It could've been big or small
Or even nothing at all

It doesn't matter, you see
If it's from my friends on whom I depend
No matter what you spend
It will be perfect to me

The true gift of gifting
Is what it means inside
We can show we care
Spreading love far and wide

The true gift of gifting
Is totally free
And you're the best there is at givin' it
With the friendship that you give to me


We've all been friends forever
And look how far we've come (how far we've come)
The holiday brings us close
And now it's time for fun (it's now begun)

[Pinkie Pie]

The greatest gift you give to me
Is more precious than gold



[Pinkie Pie and Kaede]

Never ended, always mended
And it can't be bought or sold


The true gift of gifting
Is what it means inside
We can show we care
Spreading love far and wide

The true gift of gifting
Is totally free
And you're the best there is at givin' it
With the friendship that you give to me

As soon as we finished the song, we all hugged each other and looked at the beautiful night sky, seeing the snow still falling down to us.

"And that folks is how to sing a Christmas song." Ren said, causing everypony to laugh.

"You said it Ren. You said it." Rainbow nodded.

"And I'm glad to celebrate it with you all." Twilight added with a smile before looking at me as I smiled and said "Same here Twilight." This is what I wanted. Attention and love...that's what my hearts want and this Christmas I got it.

Episode 14: Filly Drama Mama

View Online

I was peacefully sleeping in my bed with Winter, Moonshine and Storm by my side. We were all sleeping without a care in the world.... until...



"YAH!" I screamed and leaped out of my bed, hit the ceiling and slammed back down on my bed while my dragons were shocked away. I groaned and looked at who it was and saw Ren, "What's the big idea?!" I exclaimed, annoyed that he didn't at least knock first. Ignorant.

"Sorry, Sarah but we've got a problem. A big problem." Ren stated.

I sighed and reluctantly got out of bed, "Alright, let's go and see." I magically traded my pajamas for my clothes and Ren guided my and my three dragons to the living room where we found Mason, Carrie, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede and six filles.... Wait! WHAT?!

"Who are the filles?" I asked.

"They're T-Twilight and her f-friends." Jamie stuttered.

I looked at the six filles and they had the same features, fur color and mane colors of Twilight and the Mane 5.

"... What happened?" I asked.

"Well... Twilight was practicing an age reducing spell in her library...." Mason explained.


Mason's Pov

Me and the gang were at Twilight's Library where she was practicing an age reducing spell; a spell that would make things in their young stages. "Alright now, I've tried it out with fruits and it worked perfrectly now time to test it on an organism." Twilight said.

"I'll do it!" Kodi exclaimed with glee.

"Alright Kodi, come on." Twilight said.

Kodi stood a few feet from Twilight who was concentrating really hard on the spell. Rarity, Rainbow, Applejack and Fluttershy were standing near her, off to the side.



"Hello!" Pinkie screamed as she burst into the room, scaring Twilight and making her misfire. The beam of magic bounced off of the shelves and floor until it a light that split it into six sepreate beams, each hitting the Mane six. In a poof of magic, they were all turned into fillies!

"What happened?" Fluttershy asked.

Rarity screamed. "We're fillies again!"

"What in tarnation!" Applejack exclaimed. All of the girls voices were a bit higher. Me and the gang were freaked by the magical accident.

POV Ends

"Twilight said that as a filly she can't undo the spell so we thought you might know the spell and could reverse it." Mason finished.

"I have read the spell before but the spell lasts for 24 hours. It can't be reversed." I answered, much to the gang's shock.

"Great, we're gonna be stuck like this for today?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I-It might not be that bad." Filly Fluttershy reassured.

My dragons walked towards the six fillies and looked curiously at them. Then Winter picked up Filly Rainbow. "Hey, Winter, what are you?" she asked but was cut off when Winter walked over to the couch, placed her on it, jumped onto the couch and curled around her. "Um... what just happened?" Jack asked.

"Winter's maternal instincts." I said simply. "She does it with anything that she deems a baby."

"Baby?! I'm not a baby!" Filly Rainbow exclaimed.

"Sorry Twi, but technically we are babies." Filly Applejack replied. Twilight groaned a little.

"Well looks like we have six fillies to take care of." I said.

"No, no, no, I'm not taking care of six babies. Nope!" Jack immediately refused and was taking his leave.... if Moonshine didn't block his path. "Hey! Move!" Moonshine shook his head and started nudging Jack back towards the others. "Moonshine is not going to let you leave us with six fillies, Jack." Kaede stated. "So you might as well comply with the dragon."

Jack growled a little and grumbled, "Fine... I'll help."

Filly Twilight went over to my Book of Dragons that I got for Hearth's Warming and she used her magic to open the first page. "Oooh, Stoker Class Dragons." she cooed.

"Okay, that's one filly taken care of. So what do we do with these five?" Rantaro asked.

"Well, my dad can take Filly Applejack and Rarity." I suggested.

"No, no, no, I'm not!" My dad exclaimed suddenly appearing. "Come on, dad."

"No, Me and Douglas had enough trouble taking care of baby you. I'm not caring for two fillies!"

"They won't be much trouble." I stated. "Come on dad, please, for me?" I gave my dad the puppy dog eyes and a small pout. The one weakness he always had. My dad growled a little, "Fine... which two fillies will I be stuck with for the day?"

I smiled, "Filly Applejack and Rarity."

My dad's expression changed to surprise, "Oh! Well, they don't sound that bad." he said.

"Hey!" Filly Rainbow and Fluttershy exclaimed. Winter nudged Filly Rainbow. My dad went off with Fillies Applejack and Rarity following him. "Alright three fillies taken care of." I said. "Technically four with Filly Rainbow in Winter's care."

Filly Rainbow grumbled. "So what are we gonna do with filly Fluttershy?" Carrie asked.

"Can we just put her in Winter's care as well?" Jack asked.

Winter warbled in agreement. "Oh, O-Okay." Filly Fluttershy went over to Winter who accepted her into her cuddle. The fillies and dragon curled up together.

"Good, all five fillies are taken care of. Maybe this won't be as hard as I thought." Ren said.

Five Hours Later


Me and the gang were shocked awake by my dad's girlish scream and him running towards us. "Dad, what's wrong?"

"The fillies are gone!" he exclaimed.

"Gone?!" Ren exclaimed. "What do you mean gone!"

"They aren't here anymore. I was finishing my nap when I woke up to find them gone!" My dad answered.

"Ooooh, this is bad!" Mason said. "Where could they be?"

Then, we heard some little giggles coming from outside. "Was that-?" Ren started.

"Filly giggles." I finished. We exited the home-ship and saw the six fillies running around the area. How the got out without us noticing is beyond me. "Fillies." I called. The six fillies stopped in their tracks and stared at us. "Yes?" Filly Fluttershy asked.

"What are y-you six doing out here?" Jamie asked. "You nearly scared us."

"We were bored just sitting so we decided to go exploring." Filly Rainbow said.

"Well you six can explore the home-ship cause that's where you six are going!" Jack exclaimed.

The six fillies thought for a moment, ".... NO!" and then ran off towards Ponyville.

"Hey, stop those fillies!" I cried and we all chased after them. Music started playing in the background as the chase for the six fillies was on!

The six fillies ran through Ponyville with us chasing them. I tried to gently tackle them, but they were quick and I ended up falling flat on my face. "I quit!" I yelled.

Ren and Jack had cornered Filly Rainbow Dash who gave them a raseberry much to Jack's anger, and flew right pass them, making them spin around like tops and fall on their backs.

Filly Pinkie Pie and Applejack were zig-zagging through the streets with Carrie, Mason and Jamie. They shook the three humans twice and Filly Pinkie Pie rushed underneath Mason, making him fall on his back. Filly Applejack saw Carrie and Jamie coming for her. She rushed towards them and at the last second amazingly leaped over Jamie and Carrie, causing them both to crash into Mason.

Nicole and Rantaro went after Filly Twilight and Rarity who were playfully blasting the two with small magic blasts. The two of them dodged like crazy!

Me, meanwhile, just sweat dropped at the scene. "Fillies, always full of energy." I sighed.

"Indeed honey." My dad agreed.

"Was I like this?"

"No, you were less rambunctious than these six, but you were still a handful. Anyway, you should probably help them."

"Alright." I walked over to the scene and used my magic to levitate the six fillies. "Hey!" they whined.

"Now, now, you six, I know you want to play, but you can play in the home-ship with the dragons, alright?" I asked them gently.

I six fillies sighed, "Alright Sarah."

Ren and the others came over with shocked expressions, "Oh come on! How come they're so obedient with you?!" Jack exclaimed.

I shrugged, "Sarah was always good with kids." My dad explained.

Ren and the others sighed and followed me back to the home-ship where Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Silverpsike, Striker, Firestorm and Nicole and Rantaro's Zippleback which they both decided to name Spark and Fire.

They all looked curiously at the six fillies. I placed them on the ground. "Alright you six, you guys can play with one of these dragons. Alright?" I asked them.

"Yes Sarah." they all said in unison.

Filly Fluttershy went over to Winter.

Filly Applejack went over to Moonshine.

Filly Rainbow went over to Firestorm.

Filly Twilight went over to Striker.

Filly Rarity went over to Storm.

And Filly Pinkie Pie went over to Silverspike.

Winter warbled and curled up around Filly Fluttershy. While the other dragons walked off with the respective fillies following them. Ren and the others sighed and all fell on the couch. Me and my dad chuckled. "Rough babysitting, huh?" My dad teased.

"Shadupp." Jack groaned.

I playfully rolled my eyes. "Well our dragons have them in their care so you eight can relax." I said. And with that, Ren and the others fell asleep right then and there on the couch. Me and my dad looked at each other and smiled. We both left to give the gang some rest.

The Next Day

Thankfully, I was right about the spell. I wore off in the morning and the Mane 6 were back to normal. "I'm so glad to be a mare again." Rainbow said.

"Darn tootin'!" Applejack agreed.

Ren and the others were happy to see the girls back to normal. "It's good to have you six back."

"Yeah cause you five were annoying as babies." Jack grunted.

"Five?" Twilight asked.

"Fluttershy was the exception." I answered.

"How were we annoying?" Rainbow asked.

"Hello? You ran all over Ponyville and drove us crazy!" Mason exclaimed. "Sarah was the one who got you under control!"

The mare looked at me and I only smiled. "Hey they were better than Sarah when she was a baby." My dad stated.

"She was that bad?" Jamie asked.

"No, not bad, just a handful." he let out a small laugh. "I remember this one time." he was cut off when I tackled him to the ground shouting, "NOOOOO!"


"Don't you dare tell them about my babyhood!"

"Why not, you were adorable back then, and you still are." My dad whined.

"No dad!"

My dad groaned, "Fine honey, have it your way."

I let him up. "Anyway, I'm glad everything's back to normal." I said and then three cheery, little voices came, "Mama, Mama!" We turned and saw Riolu, Mareep and Rockruff scampering towards us. "Mama come play with us, please." Mareep asked.

"Of course." I replied with a smile on my face. Ren and the others watched as I left to play with my three young pokemon.

Episode 15: Death Song Drama

View Online

Ren's POV

Me and all my friends were walking through Ponyville in the early morning. Sarah was still asleep when we left the home-ship. It was two days after the Mane 6 were accidentally turned into fillies. Sarah's dad still thought about that incident. "They were all pretty cute as fillies." he said.

"Cute!" Rainbow exclaimed. "I don't do cute!"

"Oh relax, Skittles." Jack scoffed.

Rainbow narrowed his eyes at him, "Easy for you to say, fatty!"

A tick mark then appeared on Jack's head. "What did you say?" he hissed.

"Both of you, stop it please." Fluttershy said, getting between the two. "No need to fight." Rainbow and Jack huffed and Jack growled, blushing a little. "Fine... only because you too soft for me to argue with."

"Thanks you." Fluttershy replied.

Suddenly, I noticed the ponies looking up at the sky.

"What's that?"

"There's more than one!"

"And they're coming this way!"

We all looked up and saw three very long and big dragons diving right for Ponyville! "What are those things?!" Spike exclaimed.

"They look like dragons." I replied. One of the dragons spit out this orange amber substance that struck Twilight and the girls, trapping them in it. The girls struggled get free, but it was invain. "This stuff is thick!" Rainbow said. Twilight tried to use her magic but she saw some of the amber was on her horn.

The other two dragons spit more amber, hitting the ponies and trapping them. Carrie hugged Mason in fear, "What are they doing, big brother?"

"I don't know, Carrie, but those things are dangerous." Mason replied.

"Lookout!" Kaede cried as the three dragons spit out amber at us, trapping us as well. "Ren, everyone!" Twilight cried. Jack tried to move but her couldn't. "What is this stuff?" he asked.

"I don't know." Jamie replied. The three dragons landed in Ponyville and roared loudly, before grabbed the trapped ponies and us and then flying away with us in their grasp. "Where are they taking us?" Kaede asked.

"We're about to find out." Nicole stated.

"Where's the newbie when you need her?" Jack growled. I wished Sarah was here with us too cause we could really use her right now.

POV Ends

It was early afternoon and I was flying over the forest on Winter with Moonshine and Storm by my side. Winter and Moonshine gave loud, proud roars as they dove in and out of the forest with me laughing every step of the way. "Haha! That's the way!" My dragons smiled when I heard a familiar voice, "Now what do we have here?" and there in front of me and Winter appeared Discord. "Hi Discord, what brings you here?"

"Oh just checking up on my favorite friend." Discord said.

I playfully rolled my eyes at Discord. Just then...

"Sarah!" a cry was heard. Me and Discord turned to see Pyrtie rocketing towards us. She paused in front of us with a freaked out expression. "Sarah, come quick, it's horrible!" she cried and zipped away.

I didn't reply. Instead I nodded at Winter and the dragons zipped after my changeling friend followed by Discord. We arrived in Ponyville to find it eerily quiet and having orange amber on the ground and buildings as well as some damaged buildings and footprints. "Oh dear." I gasped. My dragons looked just as shocked.

"Ren! Twilight! Anyone!" I called out but I was met with silence.

"Hmm, now this is peculiar." Discord said holding a piece of the substance. "Have you ever seen anything like this?"

Me and Pyrite came over and looked at it. "Hold on.." I took out my Book of Dragons. "I've heard of a dragon that makes this stuff."

"A dragon?!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"Yes." I flipped through the pages and located the dragon. The page showed a colorful, holographic image of a dragon that was 75 feet long. has a long, slender body. Its wings resemble that of a Thunderdrum. It has a tail that is very reminiscent of a Monstrous Nightmare. Its body resembles that of a Timberjack, as it is very thin. It had striking and bright colors of blue, yellow, and orange on both its wings and its tail. It has spikes that run along its back.

"Woah, what is that?" Pyrite asked.

"This is the Death Song. A Mystery Class dragon. These dragons lure in other dragons with their siren songs trapping them in it's amber. Even thought they are very beautiful, they are extremely dangerous." I explained. I looked at Ponyville, "And judging by this, I'd say multiple Death Songs were here." Discord and Pyrite looked at each other in worry as well as my dragons. "So what do we do?" Pyrite asked. "Is there any known weakness of the Death Song?"

"Unfortunately no, but the amber is weak to Monstrous Nightmare fire." I added.

"Ms. Sarah! Ms. Sarah!" a voice called.

We all turned and saw a royal guard coming towards us in a panic. The guard was a unicorn based on the horn showing through her helmet. She stopped in front of me and caught her breath. "Uh.. hi. Who are you?" I asked a little bewildered.

"My name is Crystal Gem and I have terrible news. The Princesses of Canterlot have gone missing!"

We all gasped in horror. "Oh no!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"All that was left was some amber." she said.

"The Death Songs." Discord said. "They must have captured the princess too!"

"Death Songs?" Crystal asked.

"They are very dangerous dragons that captured everypony in Ponyville and Ren, Twilight and all their friends." Pyrite summarized.

The guard winced, "Oh my. We have to find them quickly."

"But we don't know where the dragons took them too." Pyrite pointed out and we all heard a siren song in the distance. "What was that?" Pyrite asked.

"That was the Death Songs lure." I turned and saw Winter, Moonshine and Storm walking towards the sound in a daze. "Winter, Moonshine, Storm! No!" My cry pulled the three dragons out of the trance. "If we follow the sound we find everyone." I said.

"But that dragon can mind melt your dragons, how are you gonna counter that?" the guard asked. I pulled out three pairs of earpulls and put them into my dragons ears. "I can put these ear plugs into my dragons ears so the song doesn't affect them. Now come on, we've got a town to save!"

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered. And so we headed off following the Death Song's siren call. We followed the sound through the Everfree Forest seeing small amounts of amber along the ground. "It definitely took them this way." I said. We walked a few feet when the bushes near us started rustling. Moonshine and the other dragons growled and got into fighting positions as Crystal readied her horn, but what came out of the brush made me feel relived. "Firestorm! Silverpsike, Striker, Spark, Fire!"

It was my friends dragons. They warbled happily and nuzzled me in relief. "Oh thank goodness, you four weren't captured." I said and I looked at the four dragons. "Can you take us to Ren and the others?"

The four dragons nodded and ran up ahead with us following close behind. We all entered a large gorge that had trapped dragons and ponies all around. All trapped in the amber. The dragons were Nadders, Gronckles, Monstrous Nightmares and Zipplebacks alike. "Oh my god." Pyrite gasped. "The Death Song did this?"

"Yes." I said. "We have to find everyone. Fast!"

Firestorm called to us and we followed the four of them to one large rock which had, "Dad, Ren, Carrie, Mason, Kaede, Nicole, Rantaro, Jack, Jamie, Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity! Your majesties!" I cried out.

All my friends were trapped in separate amber prisons. Dad, Twilight and the girls were stuck on the ground while Celestia, Luna, Ren and the others were stuck on the rock wall. When they heard and saw me, their faces lit up. "Sarah! Thank god you're here!" Ren said.

Jack struggled to move in the amber, "We're stuck!"

"Get us out of this stuff!" Rainbow cried.

"And hurry!" Carrie whimpered.

"Yeah, before that whatever thing come back!" Applejack said.

"Right. Firestorm, Ready?" Mason's Monstrous Nightmare roared loudly, but before he could blast the amber. ROAR!

And there landing on the rocks above us was the Death Song or should I say Death Songs.

(Like this)

"There's three of them!" Pyrite screamed.

The Death Songs roared at us for messing with it's prey and they started spitting amber at us. I used my shield spell to protect me, Discord, Pyrite and Crystal along with my dragons, but the amber struck my friends' dragons. "Firestorm! Striker! Silverpsike! Spark! Fire!" Jack, Jamie, Mason, Nicole and Rantaro cried out.

I let down the shield. "Run!" I cried and we all booked it out of the gorge before the Death Songs could fire at us again.

We stopped a few yards from the gorge, catching out breath. "That.. was.. close." Pyrite panted.

"Yeah too close for my liking, thank you very much." Discord stated.

"Now what? Now Firestorm and the others are trapped and he was the only one who could free everyone." Crystal stated.

"Too bad, you can't mimic Firestorm's fire, Sarah." Pyrite said. That's when it hit me. "Pyrite, you're a genus! I have fire magic, so if I can produce fire with my magic then maybe I can produce the Monstrous Nightmare's fire to free everyone!" I exclaimed.

"Hate to be the wet blanket Sarah, but a single girl like yourselves will not be able to free Twilight, her friends, the Princesses and all those other ponies and dragons by yourself. You will need some help." Discord pointed out.

"Hmm..." I took out the Book of Dragons again and flipped through the pages. "What'cha got?" Crystal asked.

"There's a dragon in here that can mimic the fire of any other dragonnnn... Aha! Found it!" The book showed everyone another colorful, holographic image of a dragon. This one is a medium-sized, bipedal dinosaur-like dragon with small arms and two claws at the end of each limb. It has a short thick neck and a small head. Its upper jaw resembles a beak of a parrot, while the lower jaw is more round and full of small teeth. It has three spikes on its head, which are asymmetrically placed. The dragon has medium-sized wings, with a claw on each of them. It has only a few sharp spikes on its back, and it has a long tail that ends with a large fin.

"Woah, what's that dragon?" Pyrite asked.

"It's called the Dramillion. It's Mystery Class dragon like the Death Song. They can mimic the fire power of any other dragon and have a 40 shot limit way more than the Death Song which had an 8 shot limit. If we can befriend a pack of these dragon then-"

"We can have them mimic the Monstrous Nightmare fire to free you friends and the dragons!" Discord finished.

"Exactly!" I closed my book. "Let's go!" We rushed through the forest to look for the Dramillion pack. I scanned the ground for any sign of Dramilion footprints. I found some after a few yards. "I got some footrprints!" We followed them to a large clearing where we found a Dramillion. This one was dark blue with red spots and was larger than a normal Dramillion. "Woah... a Titan Wing Dramillion!" I gasped.

"Awesome!" Pyrtie added.

I carefully approached the dragon which looked to be feeding one some plants. It sensed me and turned, roaring at me. Winter immediately leaped forth along with Moonshine and Storm, roaring back at the Titan Wing. Suddenly more Dramillions showed up about eleven of them. Six of them were red and blue while the other five were yellow and purple.

My dragons growled at them. "Easy guys, easy." I soothed. My dragons calmed down but keep their guard up. I carefully approached the Titan Wing. "I'm not the enemy... I just need your help to rescue my pack from some dragons.... please... I need you and your packs help to save them." I reached out my hand and closed my eyes, turning my head away.

A moment passed until I felt his nose in my hand. I smiled greatly. "So you'll help?" I asked. The Titan Wing nodded.

"Alright!" I cheered. Pyrite, Discord and Crystal came up to us.

"Alright now all we need is a plan." I smiled with a hint of mischief.

Ren's POV

Me and the gang were still waiting for Sarah, Pyrite, Discord and the royal guard to come back. "Where is newbie, she better not have left!" Jack stated.

"My daughter would never leave us!" Big D stated.

"Y-Yeah, s-she's probably just making a plan to save us, hehehe." Jamie said nervously.

We heard the Death Songs roars again and we saw them land in front of us, growling one stared at us for a moment but then the three each grabbed a Gronckle and flew away. Jamie and Carrie screamed like banshees! "Where is Sarah!" Jamie and Carrie cried. Oh boy, they’re in panic mode now.

"Calm down nerd, it'll take them hours to eat those three Gronckles." he reassured, but was proven wrong when the three came back! "Or minutes! AHHH!" Jamie and Carrie said in unison. The Death Songs were now directly over us! "Umm.. hi sirs." I greeted nervously. The Death Songs roared at us.

"Hello~" a voice said. We all turned and saw Sarah walking towards us without anyone by her side. "Sarah, what are you doing?!" Twilight exclaimed. Sarah approached the three Death Songs. They all growled at her while we looked on in worry. The Death Songs looked at each other with a mischievous look in their eyes. "Oh no, don't even think about-" Sarah said but was cut off when one spit amber at my and I dodged with a groaned and she suddenly broke out into song.

It doesn't matter what tricks you play
Still gotta help you find your way
Come on down, let the hunting spree end
Maybe you and I can still be friends?

"What is she doing?" Mason asked. "Singing is not going to save us!"

"Think again, young Mason." Discord said and we saw him, Pyrite, the guard and some more dragons stalking towards us. "Discord, who are these things?" Kaede asked.

"Dramillions and they here to help break all of you out."

"How?" Carrie asked. Discord nodded at the Dramillions and they blasted the fire with Monstrous Nightmare fire, breaking it and setting us free. "It worked!" I said.

"Shhh!" Pyrite hissed. "Let's get the others and all these dragons." Pyrite whispered. We all nodded and we quietly walked off to free the other dragons while Sarah distracted the Death Songs with her... well... song.

Yes, I'm wondering why
Can't we just see
Eye to eye?

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

Being hunter okay for sure
What you're doing here is something more
Hunting my pony and human friends
Won't make you friends so easily!

Yes, I'm wondering why
Can't we just see
Eye to eye?

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

I know you rule
Act like you do
I might admit you're kinda cool!

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

When the song was finished we managed to free everything in the amber. The wild dragons flew away and the civilians ran out of the gorge and right for Ponyville. The Death Songs turned and saw their prey missing but we were still there. They hissed at us and prepared to fire their amber at us. "Oh no!" I cried. The Death Songs spit out their amber but instead of hitting us, Sarah leaped into front of us, getting herself trapped in the amber. "Sarah, No!"

Sarah grunted, "Guys, get out of here now!"

"What! No way! we're not leaving you!" Rainbow said.

"You have to!" Sarah urged. The Death Songs roared again. "Sorry Sarah, but we're not leaving you here."

Sarah looked torn as she looked between her friends and the Death Songs. "Sorry guys, but I have to do this."

"Do what?" Mason asked.

Sarah lit her horn and engulfed us in her magic and in a small poof, we were back at the home-ship. "She teleported us back!" Twilight cried.

"Oh great." Jack grunted. "We have to go back there, Silverspike!"

"Jack, wait!" I stated. "Those Death Songs are very strong, we can't just fly in or we'll get trapped again." Winter, Moonshine and Storm warbled in worry about their rider. "Don't worry you three, we'll get her back." Fluttershy reassured.

"Ren's right. To save Sarah, we need a plan." Twilight said.

"But what can we do? Those things eat other dragons. I severely doubt they are afraid of anything." Rainbow Dash said.

"Actually, there is one thing Death Songs are afraid of." Jamie said, looking through the Book of Dragons.

"Really?" I asked incedelously. "What?"

Jamie picked up the book and showed us, "Of these."

We all winced looking at the page. "Well... if it saves Sarah, what have we got to lose?" Kaede said.

"Our lives." Rantaro deadpanned.

"No one asked you!" Jack exclaimed in anger.

POV Ends

After sending my friends back to the home-ship, the three Death Songs looked at me. "Hehe... hi." I said nervously. One of the Death Songs grabbed me in it's mouth and the three of them lifted into the air. "WOAH! YAHH!" I screamed.

I looked down and saw we were at least hundreds of feet in the air. I gulped nervously. "Not good." I whimpered. Suddenly, three dragons appeared in front of the Death Songs. These three were red with black and yellow stripes. They looked a lot like snakes with wings. I knew these dragons: Slitherwings.

The Death Songs were frightened and the one holding me in it's mouth dropped me and I fell like a rock. "AAAAHHHH!" Just then, I stopped falling and heard, "Got'cha!" I looked up and saw that I was in Silverpsikes' talons. "Jack!" Jack looked down and smiled.

That's when Ren and the others came up. Ren was riding Winter, My dad was riding Moonshine, Kaede was riding Storm while the others were on their respective dragons. "Don't worry Sarah we got you." Ren reassured. We looked and saw the Slitherwings driving the Death Songs away. I gave a sigh of relief. "Now come on, let's get you back home."

Ren and the others took me home where I saw my dad, Pyrite, Discord, Celestia, Luna and Crystal outside. Firestorm set me on the ground and blasted the cocoon, freeing me. "Sarah, are you alright?" Pyrite asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay." I said.

The other landed and Winter, Moonshine and Storm tackled me. "Hehe, I'm glad so see you three too." I stated. I got up and Luna asked, "What happened to the Death Songs?"

"We took care of them." Ren stated. "I don't think they'll be back."

"Great news. Thanks for saving us again Sarah. You too Pyrite, Discord and Crystal." Celestia said.

"Yeah, you saved out butts and all of Ponyville." Rainbow added.

I blushed a little. "Hehe, awww." Pinkie Pie started throwing confetti all over, "Yeah! PARTY TIME!"

We all rolled our eyes at the party pony, but we went with it. I think everyone deserved it after what they been through.

Episode 16: Changeling Revenge

View Online

In the Everfree Forest, in the Castle of the Two Sisters, Chrysalis' army, made up of hundreds of changelings were meeting together. "With this plan, we will conquer Equestria!" the lead changeling. A male who had dark blue eyes and dark blue, transparent wings. The army cheered, "But there's one thing standing in our way; that human hybrid Sarah. We take her out of the picture then we will easily conquer Equestria."

The army cheered loudly as the new leader smiled sinisterly.

Meanwhile, In Ponyville, there was battle taking place between Blitz and an Allosaurus. The Allosaurus spawned in the middle of Ponyville because of the wind activating the card. The Allosaurus roared and lunged at Blitz but he lifted it with his horn and threw him the ground. "Alright Blitz, let's get him back into his card. Lightning Strike!"

Blitz roared and electricity charged up at his two horns. He reared up and blasted the Allosaurus. The dinosaur roared in pain, glowed and turned back into a card.

I went over and picked up the card. "Got'cha. I'll call you Swift. Now that's five dinosaurs I have."

The ponies of Ponyville cheered for us as I returned Blitz to his card. "Sarah." I turned and saw my friends coming over, except for Nicole and Rantaro who were off doing who knows what. "That was cool!" Twilight said.

"You beat the crap out of the dinosaur!" Jack added with a toothily grin.

"Hehe. Thanks guys." I said. I turned Blitz into his chibi form and he turned and lunged at Jack, grabbing his jacket. "Gah! Get off, you brat!" he exclaimed, grabbed the chibi dinosaur by his frill. Blitz reached out, giving little roars. Jack groaned and dropped him on the ground.

"Anyway, how's Pyrite doing?" Kaede asked.

"Did someone mention me?" Pyrite asked, coming over to us. "Hey Pyrite, how's living in Ponyville."

Pyrite smiled, "It's awesome! So many new friends!" It made me happy to see Pyrite fully accommodated with Ponyville. "Although..." she trailed. Her voice went from perky to worried. "Although what?" Ren asked.

"You're worried that Chrysalis' army might come after you, right?" We all turned and saw Nicole and Rantaro coming near us. "Where did you come from?" I asked.

"None of your business." Rantaro scoffed. Typical Rantaro. Secretive and Rude.

"Anyway... yes, I am scared they might come after me." Pyrite confirmed.

"Well if they do, they'll have to get past us first." Jack said, crossing his arms, giving Pyrtie a toothily grin.

"Yeah, we won't let those bugs anywhere near you." Ren added. Pyrite smiled. "Thanks guys."

"So do you wanna hang out with us?" I offered.

"That sounds great!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"Good." I said.

Third Person POV

Sarah and her friends were unaware that a few yards away a changeling was hiding in an alleyway. "So.. our target has found our traitor, huh?" he asked. "Well we can't have that now, can we?" He quietly zipped away to go tell their leader.

POV Ends

We were all at Ponyville Park. Pyrite was playing with Kodi, playing tag. Pyrtie touched Kodi, "You're it! Hehehe." and she dashed away. "Come here, you." Kodi called as he chased after her. We were all watching them. "It's good so see Pyrite so happy." I said.

"Yeah, she's not under her control anymore so she can finally make up her own mind, instead of being forced to act." Ren said.

"Meh, the bugs okay in my book." Jack said.

"I'm still worried if the army finds her, still." I said.

"Sarah, don't worry, we promise we won't let anything happen to our little bug friend." Mason reassured.

I smiled a little. Pyrite and Kodi came over to us, "That was fun! What so we do now?" Pyrite asked.

Suddenly, there were screams heard from Ponyville. "What's that?" Kaede asked.

"Come on." Twilight said. We all rushed to Ponyville and gasped in horror. "The Changelings are back?!" Carrie cried.

"Not these cockroaches again." Jack growled annoyed. The changelings were capturing ponies in their slime and destroying buildings. Pyrite looked horrified and dashed away in fear. "Pyrite, wait!" I cried as I chased after her.

Ren's POV

"Sarah, Pyrite, come back!" I called, but the girls were too far away to hear me. The changelings spotted us and surrounded us, hissing. "Let's get rid of these pests." Rainbow said.

"Right with you, Skittles." Jack added, cracking his knuckles. With that, we all engaged ourselves into battle as the Changelings charged towards us.

Twilight fired multiple magic beams at them, shocking them and reverting them back to their original selves. Kaede, Carrie, and Fluttershy stayed together in a small group before noticing their fake imposters approaching them. I shot multipled ‘Paralyze’ bullets at the changelings, shocking them and making them fall unconscious.

“You girls alright?” I asked in worried.

“We’re alright Ren.” Fluttershy thanked with a soft smile. “Thank you so much.”

“Yeah, thanks.” Kaede chuckled.

“Thank you Ren!” Carrie giggled with a smile, causing me to smile back at her before he noticed several more clones of me approaching us, causing me to glare at them before raising my Hacking Gun and shoot multiple bullets of ‘Break’ at them.

Kodiak was busy fighting off his own clones. Well actually, he looked like he was interacting with them.

“So cool…you look just like me.” Kodi said in awe.

“Nuh-uh! You look just like me!” His fake retorted till Kodiak shook his head and said “No! You are!”

“No you are!”

“No you are!”

…..It’s best if I skipped that. Anyway, Jack and Rainbow Dash tackled and punched many of their imposters with Jack body slamming some of Rainbow Dash’s clones, much to the imposter’s pain. Rainbow Dash kicked some of the Jack imposters in the butt with an apple-buck, knocking them straight into walls. Twilight was blasting the changelings with magical beams. Applejack apple-bucked them into next week, Rarity used many of the stuff she brought over to fight off her clones, and Pinkie Pie using her party cannon, which confuses me on how she even brought that over here to Equestria, but it’s best not to question that. I’m trying not to keep asking her that many questions.

“Guys! Look out!” We looked back at Kaede as she fearfully pointed towards to see another wave of Changelings heading our way.

“Dammit! There’s no end to these guys!” Jack exclaimed angrily. “Now frigging what?!”

“We obviously can’t keep fighting like this.” Rantaro answered as an unconscious Changeling started to wake up till Rantaro shocked it again with his Taser gun. The Changeling was immediately shocked to death before falling unconscious again. “We need to move!”

“No way! We can take them!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, clapping her hooves. The changelings spit out their slime and it trapped us by our wrists and ankles. "... Or not."

"Oh dear." Fluttershy whimpered as the changelings approached us.

POV Ends

I found Pyrite outside Ponyville boundaries, whimpering. "Pyrite?"

She sniffled, "I can't do it, Sarah. I just can't."

"You can't what?"

"I can't face them again. I'll never win."

"Pyrite." I cooed as I sat down next to her. "You will win and you know why?"

Pyrite shook her head, "You'll have me there by your side. We're in this together. And maybe you can convince all the changelings to change, like you."

"Really?" Pyrite asked.

I nodded, "Once they see, what you've become. They'll realize they don't need to steal love to sustain themselves." Pyrite thought for a moment, "I'll do it! For my friends!" she exclaimed. I grinned at her, "That's my changeling."

Then we heard a warble and saw Storm coming towards us. "Storm, what's wrong." Storm roared and I gasped. "What?" Pyrite asked.

"The changelings have captured out friends and everyone in Ponyville!" I cried.

Pyrite gasped and narrowed her eyes. "Well then... let's go save them." She extended her hoof to me. "Together."

"Right." I fist bumped her and we were off with Storm following close behind.

Ren's POV

Everyone, including the Mayor bounded by the changeling's slime in the middle of town. We were all near the front. The leader changeling turned and saw us. "Well if it isn't Sarah and the traitor." he hissed.

"Let everyone go, changeling!" Sarah ordered.

"The name's Claw, human and we're not leaving until we've conquered Equestria."

"We'll me and my friends won't let that happen, Claw." Sarah hissed.

Claw laughed, "If you haven't noticed, you've friends are captured by my army."

Storm roared, raising the spines on her tail as a warning. "I still have one friends with me; Pyrite."

"Oh, so the daughter of our originally queen has betrayed her hive for these weaklings?" Claw taunted.

"Daughter of the original queen?" Kaede asked.

"That means..." Twilight trailed.

"Yes... I'm the daughter of Queen Chrysalis."

Everyone gasped in shock as the recent news. "No way!" I exclaimed.

"Holy crap! I didn't except that." Jack added. Pyrite snarled,

"Exactly, so you should follow in our original queens' hoofsteps and conquer this land." Claw said.

"NO! I won't follow in her hoofsteps! I don't want to be the same queen like my mom!"

"Well with an attitude like that, you're shaping up to be a pretty pathetic queen indeed."

"Hmph. Not the way I see it." Pyrite smirked. Music started playing and a song started.

I'm gonna be a mighty queen, so enemies beware!

Well, I've never seen a queen of beasts with quite so little wings

I'm gonna be the main event, like no queen was before
I'm brushing up on looking down
I'm working on my hiss!

Thus far, a rather... uninspiring thing

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

You've rather a long way to go, young master, if you think...

No one saying do this

Now when I said that, I -

No one saying be there

What I meant was...

No one saying stop that

Look, what you don't realize...

(Sarah and Pyrite)
No one saying Hive Mind

You're Hive Mind!

Free to run around all day

Well, that's definitely out

Free to share our love my way

I think it's time that you and I arranged a heart to heart

Kings don't need advice from little roaches for a start

If this is where the monarchy is headed, count me out!
Out of service, out of stealing love - I wouldn't hang about... aagh!
This traitor is getting wildly out of wing

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen!

Everybody look left
Everybody look right
Everywhere you look I'm standing in the spotlight!

Not yet!

Let every creature go for broke and sing
Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing
It's gonna be Queen Pyrites' finest fling

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen!
Oh, I just can't wait to be queen!
Oh I just can't wait... to be queen!

When the song was over, Claw was still hostile. "You and your fantasies won't stand in my way of conquering Equestria." he said.

"Changelings, destroy the humans and their ponies friends!" he declared.

"What?!" Twilight cried. The changelings hissed and started moving towards us with their teeth baring.

"NO!" Sarah cried and something inside me snapped. Wind started to pick up and clouds started to come around. "What's going on?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"Let... them.. GOOOO!" Sarah yelled and just then she roared like a male lion and the clouds turned into four roaring lions as well!

(Like this)

"Oh." I said.

"My." Jamie added.

"God." Kaede added.

She roared again and this time something appeared on her hand. Claw didn't say anything and stared in shock. Even Sarah was shocked, "What... was that?" she asked.

Claw shook off the shock and decided enough was enough. "Time for me to end this!" he lunged at Sarah. but Pyrtie stood in front of her. "NO!" she cried and her chest emitted this pink energy that threw Claw back. "What the-?!" Jack exclaimed.

Pyrite was suddenly consumed in a glowing cocoon. All the other changelings stared in shock as Sarah touched it and Pyrite floated down in her new form. Now her entire body was light blue and little darker blue mane and tail. She was golden covering and her wings were thin and sparkling like butterfly wings.

"This is what happens when you give love freely instead of taking it!" Sarah declared and one by one the other changelings shared their love and transformed into small versions of Pyrtie. Some had horns and some didn't and they were all different colors.

The bounds disintegrated and we all went over to Sarah and Pyrite. "Okay... what just happened?" I asked.

"Looks like you metamorphosed like a butterfly." Jamie said. "When they shared their love, they changed form."

Pyrite and the other changelings took in their new form while Claw stood up and growled at all of them. Pyrtie's horn glowed and she blasted the renegade changeling, trapping him in crystal! "Woah! You can make crystal!" I cried in excitement. "I-I guess I can now."

"So what are the changelings gonna do now?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well... now with Chrysalis and Claw gone." I turned to Pyrite. "They need a new leader."

Pyrite was taken aback, "Me?! No, no, no, I can't lead them."

"Yes you can, I know you can. You said that when you become queen you'll shared love throughout Equestria and now you are. So make that goal a reality." I encouraged. Pyrite looked at me and her new subjects. She took a deep breath, "Alright... but.. is there any advice I can get?"

"I think we can help with that." a majestic voice came and we saw the royal sisters descending towards us. "Princess!" Twilight gasped and everyone bowed to them. Celestia and Luna walked over, "Me and my sister saw everything from the sky and Pyrite, as the new leader of the changelings I look forwards to seeing how we can improve our relationship in the future." Celestia said. Pyrite bowed to Celestia.

Luna went over to the crystallized Claw, "What shall we do with this changeling?"

"Leave that to me and my sister while you all help Pyrite adjust to her new duties as Queen of the Changelings." Celestia said. Pyrite gulped nervously, but I reassured her, "You'll be fine, Pyrite. We'll all be here for you."

"You bet!" Rainbow said.

"Hell yeah. We're with you every step." Jack said.

"We'll be right here for ya, sugarcube." Applejack added.

Pyrite smiled, "Thank you all."

"Hey Sarah, what's with that lion mark on your hand?" Kodi suddenly asked. I totally forgot about that. "It came after I roared."

"What was up with that roar anyway? The clouds turned into roaring lions.!" Ren said.

"Really?" Celestia asked.

"Yes." Twilight showed the Princesses the images of Sarah's roar using her magic. "Hmmm... looks like a new power obtained."

"A new power?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes, It appears her element gave Sarah another power in her arsenal." Luna added.

"So she can roar like a lion and make the clouds turn into roaring lions. Epic!" Rainbow exclaimed.

I grinned a little, but I knew with this new power and how powerful I felt it was. I only had to use it in dire straits. For now, I didn't decide to worry about that. Right now, I had a friends to help with her new position.

Episode 17: Zebra Sister Reunion/ The Claw Patrol

View Online

Today I was walking to Ponyville with Riolu, Mareep and Rockruff by my side. "Why are we going to Ponyville, mama?" Rolu asked.

"We're going to help set up for a welcome party."

"Welcome party for who?" Mareep asked.

"There's a new zebra coming to town today." I replied.

"Hey Sarah!" I looked up and saw Pinkie along with my friends. "Hey guys, is everything ready?" I asked.

"Yes indeedy." Pinkie claimed. "Everything's ready for the new zebra."

"This is so exciting. Another Zebra in Ponyville." Twilight said.

"And I thought Zecora was the only one." Ren said.

"Ah, a welcome party I see
Did someone mention me?" said zebra said as she came walking towards us. "Zecora! Glad you could make it." Mason said.

"Why of course my friends,
Meeting a new companion,
And a new friendship will mend."

Then one pony shouted, "She's coming!"

"Ooooh, let's go!" Pinkie cried and we all went to the boarders of New Ponyville. Everyone, including the mayor, was there. We saw a about six zebras come near the boarders. "Presenting her royal majesty." one male zebra said. "Leader of the zebras. The golden zebra herself." the female Zebra said.

"Queen Dhahabu!" they both said and the zebras moved out of the way and showed a golden zebra. She was smaller than the other zebras and she had golden stripes instead of black stripes.

The ponies all gasped at her beauty, but Zecora's face suddenly turned from happy to shocked. "Zecora, is anything wrong?" Ren asked.

"No, no, no not at all,
Just a little shocked that's all." Zecora replied quickly.

Then, the Dhahabu spoke, "Hello everybody are you all here to see me? Then I'll really give you something to see. Zebras; frolic and romp." With that, music started playing, "Really? A Song?" Jack said annoyed.

"Jack, be nice." Kaede warned.

Jack sighed and Dhahabu started singing.

It's okay to stare,
I know I'm quite a sight to see, but I don't stand still, so come on everybody
Prance with me, you gotta move your hooves, your paws, your feet, we've got the rhythm and we've got the beat,

As she sang the ponies started moving to beat.

Prance With Me, Prance With Me
And we'll frolic and romp all right Prance With Me,
Prance With Me and we'll dance dance dance till the morning light
A queen must be majestic
I'm sure you will agree
The Circle of Life
Could use some fun so come on prance with me
You gotta move your hooves your paws your feet, we've got the rhythm and we've got the beat

(Dhahabu's Herd and Dhahabu):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me,
And we'll frolic and romp all right

(Dhahabu's Herd):
All right

(Dhahabu's Herd and Dhahabu):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me,
And we'll dance dance dance till the morning light

(Zebras and Ponies):
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp
Frolic and Romp

(Dhahabu, Dhahabu's Herd, and Ponies):
Prance With Me

Prance With Me, we'll frolic and romp all right
(Zebras and Ponies: All right)

(Dhahabu, Dhahabu's Herd, and Ponies):
Prance With Me,

Prance With Me,
And we'll dance dance dance

(Zebras and Ponies):
Prance, prance, prance
We'll dance dance dance

(Zebras and Ponies):
Prance, prance, prance
We'll dance dance dance till the morning light!

(Zebras and Ponies):
Frolic and Romp

Everybody cheered when the song ended. "Woah, she sure can sing." Carrie commented.

"She sure can." Mason agreed.

Dhahabu walked over to Mayor Mare. "As the Mayor of Ponyville, I welcome you to Ponyville." she said.

"Thank you very much." Dhahabu said and she turned to her zebras. "Alright Zebras, you all can go explore just be careful." Her herd nodded and went their seprate ways. Dhahabu came over to us and I noticed Zecora hiding behind me for some reason. "Hi Dhahabu, My name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends; Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Ren, Jack, Jamie, Rantaro, Jamie, Nicole, Kaede and Sarah."

We all gave our own greetings to Dhahabu. "It's nice to meet you all." she said and then she noticed Zecora hiding behind me and her face lit up. "Zecora? Is that really you?"

Zecora winced and reluctnaly came out from behind me.

"Hello Dhahabu,
It's nice to see you." she greeted in a reluctant voice.

Dhahabu squealed, "Oh it is you! I missed you so much!"

All of us stared at the pair, confused, "Um... what's going on here?" Pinkie asked.

"Zecora never told you?" Dhahabu asked.

"Told us what?" Kaede asked.

"I'm her older sister, that's what." Dhahabu replied.

"SISTER?!" We all exclaimed in shock.

We all met in the Golden Oak Library. "You have a sister, Zecora?! How come you never told us?" Rainbow asked.

"Because she's too happy to have such an amazing sister like me." Dhahabu gloated. "I mean I can sing, dance and wow everyone with my looks while my sister only makes potions. Right sister?"

Zecora held a fake smile,

"Yes that is true,
I have an amazing sister like you."

She gave a fake laugh, but I could sense something wasn't right and think the gang knew it too. "So little sister, how'd come to met these fine ponies and humans?" Dhahabu asked.

"Well, at first everypony as afraid of her, cause we never saw her before but when we got to know, we became friends." Ren explained.

"Awww.. that's just like my sister. Making everyone scared under her stare while I capture everyone's attention."

Zecora looked to the side and gave a quiet sigh. "Anyway, I'm gonna go see how my lovely subjects are doing." Dhahabu said and we gracefully walked out the door. As soon as the door clicked, Zecora then rushed out the door. "Zecora!" I called. We all came out and saw her running away to the Everfree Forest.

"What was that all about?" Pinkie asked. "I thought she would be happy to hear her sister's success."

"Pinkie, the problem isn't her success. It's the fact that she's basically bragging about how great she is and how non-great Zecora is." I said.

"Sarah's right. Did ya see the look on her face when her sister was gloatin' like Rainbow?" Applejack said. "She looked awfully sad."

"But why didn't she say anything?" Jamie asked. "She is her sister afterall."

"There's only one way to find out." Ren said.

We all headed to the Everfree Forest and went to Zecora hut. "Zecora?" I called gently. "Are you okay?"

"Go away!
I don't want any company today!" Zecora said and we heard sobbing coming from her room.

Me, Ren, Jamie and Jack carefully went into her room where we saw Zecora face down on her bed, crying. "Oh Zecora." I cooed. I sat on her bed and gently rubbed her back. She sniffled and looked up at us. "How long have you felt this way?" Ren questioned.

Zecora opened her mouth, but Nicole, who suddenly appeared in the room, beat us to it, "You've felt this way ever since you were born, right?"

Zecora nodded.

"She always said she's great,
While I can't compare,
I always came up late,
Everytime she gloats my heart tears."

We all felt bad for Zecora. "But why didn't you tell her it made you feel bad?" Jamie asked.

Zecora sniffled again, It's because-"

"You liked seeing your sister so happy, that you couldn't tell her how you really felt." Nicole stated.

Zecora nodded,

"That's stupid!" Jack yelled. "So what if she's your sister. You have to tell her how you feel. Even the nerd knows that."

"Jack, be nice!" I scolded.

Jack scoffed. "What Jack means to say is. I know that she's your sister, but you can't hold in these feelings about her gloating. It's gonna hurt you more if you hold it in. You have to tell her."

Zecora sniffled and wiped her eyes.

"But will she hear,
She loves talking about herself that is clear." Zecora asked.

"Oh, we'll make her listen." Jack smirked.

"You're not threatening her, Jack." I stated.

"Dang it!"


The girls got Dhahabu to meet us in front of the Library. "So what is it, you wanted to talk about?" Dhahabu asked.

"Actually, Zecora." I nudged her forward, "wanted to talk about you."

"Oh, my favorite topic." she smiled.

Zecora looked at her sister,

"Dear sister,
Umm.. this may be hard for you to hear,
But I need you to understand loud and clear,
You're gloating my be good for you,
But it make me feel bad,
I didn't tell you cause you were happy, so true,
But it would hurt me more if i'd not had."

Dhahabu didn't say anything for a moment. "... Woah... I'm sorry I made you feel that way." she hugged her sister, "If I had known-"

"No no,
You didn't know." Zecora said.

The sisters parted, "Well from now on, I won't gloat about myself if it makes you feel bad."

Zecora smiled,

"That's one task,
I wished I would have asked."

We all loved seeing the two sister getting along and their relationship mended once more.

The Claw Patrol

Today I was with all my friends and all our dragons walking through Canterlot which was decorated for the annual food festival, where ponies come from all around to show off their best foods. "Wow, this place looks great!" Ren said.

"It sure does." My dad said.

"I can't wait for the festival to start." Pinkie said, bouncing up and down with glee. I looked around and noticed Moonshine walking towards one particular stand. I broke away from the others and followed my Night Fury. "Moonshine, where are you going?" I saw that he stopped at a stand that had a picture of a meatball on it. Behind the stand was a brown pony with a white mane and tail with a tan streak. "Oh, hi." he said.

"Hello, umm."

"The name's Cookie Dough."

"Cookie Dough?"

The stallion laughed, "Yeah, lots of ponies think I look like a cookie based on how I look." I smiled, "That is kinda funny. What are you doing?"

"I'm making some meatballs." He showed me a tray that had one meatball on it. Moonshine looked at the meatball with his tongue hanging out. "Hehe, looks like your friends want a bite." Cookie said. He took out another meatball and tossed it at Moonshine and he caught it and ate it in one bite. He roared happily, "Hehe, I think he likes it." I said.

"He sure does. Well I've gotta get back to work." Cookie said and he went back to making more meatballs while me and Moonshine went to catch up with the group.

Third Person POV

Cookie Dough was admiring his new tray of a dozen meatballs. "Perfect... hm... a bit small. I know just what to use." He took out a shaker. "My grow spice." He sprinkled a little onto the meatballs and they grew a little bit. "Good." He placed the grow spice on the stand with the single meatball. "Now for the next tray." He turned around, but he didn't notice his tail hitting the shaker, making a lot of grow spice fall on the single meatball!

The meatball grew, grew and grew until it was the size of a house! The meatball rolled away on it's own and Cookie was unaware of it.

POV Ends

I was walking with my friends when we all heard ponies screaming loudly. "What's going on?" I asked.

We all turned and gasped, "Holy crap! That's one giant meatball!" Ren exclaimed.

"Huh.. odd." Nicole said.

"Don't see that everyday." Rantaro added.

"Where did that come from?" Jamie asked.

"Uh can we discuss that later cause it heading RIGHT FOR US!" Rainbow cried. The meatball rolled right towards us. The dragons freaked and flew up, out of the way of the meatball while I leaped into an alleyway. My friends however, not so lucky. They all got caught inside the meatball! "Oh no! Guys!" I cried and I raced after the meatball. "Sarah!" Ren cried. "Help us!" Pinkie added.

I took out a lasso and roped the meatball. I tried to stop it but the meatball was too big and heavy for me and I got thrown into the air and I landed on the ground. "Ow."

"Oh dear, honey!" My dad exclaimed, coming over to me. I relived me to see he managed to escape getting trapped in the meatball. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright dad." I reassured.

"But my friends are trapped in that meatball and it's trapping other ponies too!" I wasn't wrong the ponies that were in the way of the meatball were caught and trapped inside the meatball as well. "What are we gonna do?"

Firestorm and the other dragons flew into the air and over the meatball. "Firestorm! Striker! Spark, Fire! Silverspike! Winter! Moonshine! Storm!" My friends exclaimed. The dragons blasted the meatball with their fire but the meatball was too big for their fire to do any real damage. Firestorm and Silverspike grabbed Mason and Jack by their arms and tried to pull them out, but they were too deep in the meatball. They were both forced to let go as the meatball rolled out of Canterlot and through the large valley.

"Oh no! It's heading right for Ponyville!" I cried. "What do we do?"

"Don't worry, I've finished some inventions that can help." My dad said and he mounted Moonshine, "Come on." I mounted Winter and we all followed him to the home-ship. We all quickly entered the home-ship and my dad took us to his lab. "Dad, what's the new invention?"

My dad grabbed a remote, "These." he pressed the button revealing six new vehicles. A blue police car, a yellow digger, a orange hovercraft, a silver and pink helicopter, a green recycling truck and a red firetruck. "Woah, dad who are these vehicles for?" I asked.

"They are for the dragons." My dad replied, surprising me and the dragons.

The Police car is for Midnight. The Firetruck is for Firestorm. The digger is for Silverpspike. The helicopter is for Storm. The recycling truck is for Spark and Fire. And the hovercraft is for Striker."

"What about Winter?" I asked.

"Winter will ride with you in your car." My dad added. He pressed another button and the dragons were suddenly clothed with the respective outfits for their vehicles and small backpacks. "Each one of their dragon packs has special tools to help them."

"Awesome dad!" I exclaimed. "This will defiantly help. Now let's go catch that meatball!"

"Oh, one more thing." My dad grabbed some small collars and placed them on the dragons' necks. "What are those?"

"These will allow the dragons to speak."

"Speak?!" I exclaimed.

"Yep." He activated them and Moonshine was the first to talk. "H-H-Hi! I can talk!" his voice was a little raspy like Rainbows'.

Soon the other dragons started talking too. Storm's voice was a little high. Firestorms' was a little deep. Spark and Fire had the same voice which was like Pinkie's only a little lower. Silverpsikes' voice was like Fluttershy when she turns assertive. Strikers' voice was high as well. And Winter's voice was a little lower than mine, which was like Twilight's voice.

"Now let's go!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah!" The dragons exclaimed.

Ren's POV

This is not what I expected to happen. Being stuck in a giant meatball, rolling across the valley, near Ponyville. Mason and Jack tried to pushed their way out, but they were too deep to really move. "It's no use!" Mason cried.

Rainbow tried to fly out but her wings were stuck in the meatball. "It can't get out!"

"No dip Sherlock!" Rantaro exclaimed.

"Be quiet!" Rainbow added.

"Stop arguing, you two!" Twilight said. "We have to find a way out of this!"

"How?" Jack said.

Suddenly, we all heard a firetruck and police siren. "What is that?" Nicole asked.

The vehicles got closer along with other vehicles and what we saw made us gasp. "Moonshine! Firestorm!" Jack exclaimed.

"Stiker, Spark, Fire, Silverspike?!" Applejack added. "What in tarnation are they doing?" The vehicles drove pass the meatball and quickly turned around, coming right to the sides of the meatball. We saw Sarah's car and Sarah rolled down the window, "Hang on guys, we'll get you out of there." I said.

"Hurry, sugarcube!" Applejack said. "I'm getting kinda sick."

"Moonshine, get to Ponyville and clear the streets!" I ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Moonshine stated and he raced ahead. "Did Moonshine just talk?" Ren questioned.

"Yes, yes he did." I replied. The meatball continued rolling over the valley until it was near Ponyville. "Ah shoot, we're headin right for Ponyville!" Applejack cried.

"Midnight, are the streets clear?" I asked. We could communicate with screens inside our vehicles. Like a video chat. "The streets are clear, Sarah." Moonshine replied.

"Good." Sarah replied. Then Moonshine heard some giggling behind him and saw the CMC's in the street!

"Sarah, the Cursaders are still out!" Moonshine cried. He saw the meatball coming right for them! "Apple Bloom! Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo!" Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow cried. The little siblings turned and screamed in fear as the meatball got closer.

"Storm, grab the Cursaders with your harness!" I quickly ordered.

"Right Sarah!" Storm zooed over to the Crusaders, "Roar, Harness!" Her copter released it's harness. "Grab the harness, Crusaders!" The Cursaders grabbed the harness and Storm lifted them out of the way, much to their older siblings relief. "Great work Storm!" I prasied.

"Thanks." Storm looked ahead and gasped, "Sarah, the meatballs' heading right for Sweet Apple Acres!" she exclaimed.


"Spark, Fire, Silverspike, get to Sweet Apple Acres." I ordered.

"Right Sarah, but what do we do?" Silverpsike asked.

"You three have to make something to redirect the meatball away from Sweet Apple Acres."

"Right." The three dragons said and they sped off.

Third Person POV

The two dragons made it to Sweet Apple Acres. "Now what can we use as a detour?" Silverspike asked. "We can use those metal gurders as a detour!"

"Excellent!" Spark and Fire exclaimed. They heard the screams of the trapped ponies and humans. "Let's hurry!" Silverspike exclaimed.

Silverspike used his scooper to lift the gruders while Spark and Fire leaped out of their vehicle. "Roar, Claws!" they said together. Two robotic claws came out and they grabbed the gruders and placed them on their sides in front of the entrance. They placed them so they made a curve. Silverpsike leaped out and placed the posts against them, "Roar, Wielder!" A wielder cam out of his dragons pack he used it to fuse the metal gruders together. Spark and Fire brought out their, "Roar, rivet gun!" Their rivet gun, bolted the metal together making it sturdy. In no time, it was finished. "It's done, Sarah." Spark and Fire reported.

"Great now clear out, the metaballs' getting closer to you guys!" Sarah ordered.

The dragons leaped into their vehicles and moved out of the way.

POV Ends

We were still driving on the sides of the meatball and saw Silverpsike, Spark and Fires' detour. The metal rolled into it and turned to the right. "It worked!" Winter cheered.

"That's great it's going into the forest now!" My dad exclaimed.

"Let's catch up to it!" Moonshine said and we all raced after the meatball. We drove through the forest on the path and came to a familiar part of it. "Froggy Bottom Bog." I said.

"Sarah, the meatball!" Firestorm called. I saw the meatball stuck in the swamp. "Guys! Are you alright?" I called.

"We're alright Sarah, but-" Ren tried to get out but he still stuck tight. "We're all still stuck."

"Hang on we'll get you out." Winter called. But before we could do anything, we spotted some movement behind the meatball. "What's that behind them?" Moonshine asked.

The figure rose up and immediately four heads popped out. "HYDRA!" I cried.

"WHAT?!" Everyone in the meatball cried in fear. The hydra saw the meatball and licked it lips. "We can't let it bite the meatball!" I exclaimed.

Moonshine blasted all of the hydras heads with four plasma blasts, making it roar in pain and turned around. It's tail hit the meatball sending it out of the swamp. "AAAAHHH!" Everyone screamed.

"Guys! Storm follow them!" I ordered.

"Right!" The hydra turned around and growled. Firestorm blasted it with it's fire as did Spark and Fire. The hydra roared and decided it had enough and went away. "Good, it's gone. Let's go!" My dad said.

We all raced out of the forest. "Storm, where's the meatball?" I asked.

"The meatballs' rolling back through Ponyville and and following the train tracks west."

"West? If they keep going that way, they'll end up in the ocean!" My dad stated.

"OCEAN?!" They all exclaimed.

"Come on gang!" I exclaimed we raced through the forest outside of Ponyville, heading west. When we got to the boating dock we saw the meatball floating out to sea! "Oh great, now how are we gonna catch them?" Firestorm asked.

"I got that covered. Spark, Fire. Your recycling truck can turn into a tugboat. Striker you can use your hovercraft." My dad answered.

"Alright!" Spark and Fire said. They raced their truck to the dock and raced off of it. The truck immediately turned into a tugboat, complete with a scooper, a tow line, two fans in the back for propulsion and a steering wheel similar to a ships. Striker followed them to the meatball in his hovercraft.
"Ren, everyone!" I called.

"Sarah!" They all called happy to see me and the dragons. "Get us out of this water!" Rarity screeched.

"Don't worry, we will. Striker, use your hovercraft to push the meatball. Spark and Fire, use the tugboats grapple to hook the meatball."

"Right!" They answered.

"Roar, grapple!" Spark and Fire said and a grapple came out of their dragon pack and went into the meatball, hooking it. "Perfect!" I said. Striker moved his hovercraft to the back of the meatball, where he saw Ren, Mason, Jamie, Jack, Rainbow, Twilight and Applejack. He pressed the hovercraft against it and started pushing the meatball while Spark and Fire started pulling.

"It's working!" Twilight said.

Suddenly, Spark and Fire's tugboat stopped for a moment, "That's weird." Spark pressed the gas, but instead of going forward it went backwards. "Our tugboat won't go forward, can anyone see what's going on?"

Ren looked ahead and his face went a little pale, "Uh guys." he said nervously, "Do you see what I see?"

The other looked and gasped. Striker looked behind him, "Uh-oh."

"Yikes." Jamie said.

"Ah crap." Jack said.

"Oh dear.. that's not good." Rantaro added.

"WHIRLPOOL!" Everyone cried. There was a whirlpool a few yards from them. Spark and Fire pressed on the gas, but the tugboat still didn't go froward, "Sarah, we're giving the tug full power but it's not enough to pull us away from the whirlpool." Spark reported.

Striker pressed his gas too but it didn't do anything, "Sarah, the whirlpools winning. We gotta do something, fast!"

Sarah looked at Storm and her car. "Hang on everyone, I've got an idea! Dad, can my car turn into a flying vehicle?"

"Of course, I made it all terrian." My dad replied.

"Perfect. Storm, come with me." I ordered. Me, Winter and my dad hopped into the car. "Air Mode." I called. Two fins came out from the doors and two jets came out in the back A small dorsal fin appeared near the back of the car. Storm got into her copter and we all flew into the sky and went over to the meatball.

Now the meatball was getting closer to the whirlpool. Striker, Spark and Fire tried their best to pushed and pulled it away. "Sarah, the whirlpools' too strong for our vehicles."

"Don't worry, I have a plan. Storm, get in close, put your copter in auto pilot and release your hook. I need you to put the hook deep into the meatball."

"Right Sarah, but what will you do?" Storm asked.

"You'll see. Spark, Fire, I need you two to retract your grapple."

"Retract it? But then the meatball will get sucked into the whirlpool along with Striker." Spark said.

"Not if we lift the meatball out of the water." I replied with a smirk.

"Lift the whole meatball? How?" Fire asked.

"You'll see."

Storm flew her copter over the meatball and placed it in auto pilot. "Roar, Hook!" A hatch opened and out came a study rope with a hook on the end. Storm got out of her vehicle and grabbed the hook in her talons. She flew down to the meatball and stuck it deep within. She gave it a few hard tugs, "Rope secured."

"Right. Spark, Fire, retract your grapple." The Zippleback retract the grapple, shocking everyone. "What are you doing?!" Rainbow cried.

"Trust us!" Spark and Fire called. I then dove towards the water. "Water-Mode." I called. The jets in the back, retracted and the back tried turned into fans to push the car along. I dove the car into the water and positioned the car right underneath the meatball. "Alright, Storm, ready to lift?"

"Yes Sarah."

"Go!" Storm pulled on her controls and the meatball started to lift while I pushed on the meatball from below and the meatball was lifted out of the water.

"Awesome!" Ren said.

"Wicked!" Rainbow added.

"Alright!" Twilight said.

Striker drove away from the whirlpool and me and Storm placed the meatball on solid ground. We landed all our vehicles. "Are you guys okay?" Striker asked.

"We're alright, but we're still stuck." Ren said.

"How are we gonna get them out?" Moonshine asked.

"We can't pulled them out. We already tried." Firestorm said. Silverpsike nodded.

"Too bad we can't just shrink the meatball." Winter said.

"Actually, we can." My dad smiled.

"We can?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Car, shrink ray!" My dad called. A hatch in the front opened and out came and medium-sized ray. "Activate. Target; Meatball!" My dad ordered.

The shrink ray blasted the meatball and it shrank to small size, freeing everyone. "We're free!" Kaede asked.

"Oh thank goodness." Rarity sighed.

"Thanks for the save you guys." Mason thanked.

"Yeah, you save out butts." Jack added with a toothily grin. "And love the new rides."

I grinned as everyone admired the dragons vehicles and uniforms. "These are amazing!" Twilight exclaimed.

"They sure are." Jamie added.

"Sarah, you and the dragons saved the day, together." Twilight said.

"Hehe, it was nothing. Whenever you're in trouble, just call for help." I said. Everyone shared a good laugh.

Episode 18: Claw Patrol: Dragons Save the Boys; One Journey Ends, Another Begins

View Online

Claw Patrol: Dragons Save the Boys

I was in Ponyville Park with all my friends and my friends. Today we wanted to test my new powerful roars that Ren said was called the Roar of the Elders, from the Lion Guard. When I use it the great lions of the past roar with me, which I had to admit was pretty cool.

"Alright Sarah, roar at those trees in the west." My dad said. No one was in the park today for he testing so no one would get hurt.

"Here it goes." I unleashed the Roar of the Elders and the strong winds blew all the leaves off of the trees.

(Like this. Skip to 0:15)

"Woah..." Ren gasped.

"Incredible!" Kaede exclaimed.

"According to the wind meter, that wind was at 200 miles per hour!" My dad exclaimed.

"200!" Ren exclaimed. "That's awesome!"

"Not bad, newbie." Jack said with a toothily grinned.

"Eh, can I go now. I have more important things to do than test you new power." Rantaro grumbled. Jack immediately growled, "And what's that conning ponies out of their money, you little bastard!"

"Boys!" I called. "Please don't fight?"

Jack growled, but complied, "Fine..."

"So Big. D, what are you gonna do now?" Ren asked.

"Well I was thinking about dancing by myself." My dad stated.

"DANCING?!" Everyone, but me, exclaimed.

"Yeah." My dad replied nonchalantly.

“BWAHAHAHAHA!” Rantaro and Jack laughed while the rest of us snickered, except Nicole but I saw the small amused smile on her face. "Hey! I can dance!" My dad pouted.

"Sorry dad, but you try and you fail." I claimed.

"No I don't!"

"Oh please if you think you can dance then why not go against newbie?" Jack challenged.

"I accept." My dad said. "What song?"

Hmmm.. I took out my iphone XR out of my pocket. Oh, sorry, I didn't tell you. I got this a few weeks ago since Ren and the others heard that I never had an iphone in my life, so they took me into the Apple Store in the mall and got me the latest iphone. The iphone XR and I had to say, it's awesome. Anyway... I found a song and placed it on the park bench.

Ren's POV

Sarahs' iphone played a song and she and her dad started dancing to it.

All through the song, Sarah matched the dance moves to a peak! While her dad, failed miserably at trying to dance. "Holy crap..." Jack said then he let out a laugh and place a hand on his hip with a cocky grin, "Looks like our newbie can dance."

"Facts." Kaede added. "Her dad on the other hand... not so much."

Rainbow was trying not to bust out laughing at how silly Sarahs' dad was dancing while Sarah looked like an expert dancer, even through we never actually seem her dancing till now. The song ended and we all clapped for Sarah, making her blush in embarrassment. "You're dancing is so epic, Sarah!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I never knew you could dance so well." Twilight said.

"Absolutely fabulous dancing, darling." Rarity added. Jack came over and ruffled Sarah's hair. "Didn't know you had a dancing bone in ya, newbie."

"Hehe, thank you." I said with a small smile.

I gave her back her phone, "Looks like I win, dad." she stated. Big D pouted and we all laughed, except for Nicole and Rantaro cause.. you know. Just then...


What the-? We all turned and looked to the sky and saw Pinkie... falling right towards us. "CATCH MEEEE!!!" she called.

We all screamed and moved out of the way but Jack caught Pinkie and that sent them into the bushes nearby. Pinkie leaped up with joy, "WOO-HOO!" she cried. Jack got up a little dazed, "What's the big idea, you pink loon!" he exclaimed in anger.

"I was just testing out my new super cannon." Pinkie replied.

"Super Cannon?!" We all exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, come on!" Pinkie cheered before she grabbed me and zipped away, "Hey, wait!" I cried.

"Well then, let's follow her." Ren said.

Soon we were all outside of Ponyville where Pinkie's giant cannon layed. It was just like her normal party cannon but this one was at least 40 feet high! "Holy crap!" Ren exclaimed. "You built this?"

"Yes, yes I did." Pinkie replied "Do you like it?"

"This is awesome, Pinkie!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Hoo-weee. You sure know how to build Pinkie Pie." Applejack added.

"I've gotta say this is quite impressive, Pinkie." Twilight added.

"Yeah, so who wants to try it out?" Pinkie questioned.

"I vote Ren and the boys!" Rainbow suggested.

"WHAT?!" the boys exclaimed.

"No way, Skittles! You are not getting me in that thing!" Jack stated, crossing his arms.

"I-It sounds dangerous." Jamie added.

"Sounds like a waste of time to me." Rantaro said with a blank look on his face.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun." Pinkie grinned. ".... and I'll give you thirty bits, Rantaro."

"Deal!" Rantaro said.

"Well... we could at least give it a try." Ren said. "I mean what could go wrong?"

The boys reluctantly agreed and all climbed into the cannon. The cannon's bore lifted up and Pinkie went into the back and lit the fuse. "Ooh, this is so exciting!" she squealed.

"I guess so. I just hope nothing goes wrong." Twilight said.

"Relax, Twilight, what could go wrong?" Rainbow asked.

Then they heard a loud ROAR and behind them came a large Rumblehorn dragon!

Rumblehorn: A large Tracker Class dragon that looks like a mix of truffle pig, a rhinoceros, a battle axe, and a scarab beetle.has relatively large wings, a wide torso, and a tail with a club-like hammer on the tip. Its most notable feature is the heavily armed front half of its body with firm armor plates on the neck and a large lower jaw, a battle axe-shaped muzzle, which is always digging in the dirt, looking for scents, and two, very sharp, elongated horns resembling those of ceratopsian dinosaurs, but lacking a beak.

The Rumblehorn roared at the girls and charged right at them and the cannon. "Watch out!" Applejack cried.

That's when several more roars were heard and the girls look to the sky and saw the dragons coming their way. Moonshine and Winter blasted the ground with their plasma blasts, redirecting the Rumblehorn, away from the girls, but it bashed the cannon, turning it to the west instead of the east!

"Hey what happened?" Jack called.

The Rumblehorn then blasted a fireball at the cannon, igniting the fuse and then...


The five boys were launched out of the cannon. "WWWWAAAAAHHHH!" The Rumblehorn snorted and charged back into the brush.

The girls gasped, "Oh no! They weren't suppose to be shot that way!" Pinkie cried.

"Where are they going?" Rainbow asked.

"Let me see." I used my magic to see where the boys were heading. The screen came to an area that had lots of volcanos, lava pits and gemsstones laying around the floor. "The Dragon Lands! Oh my!" Rarity said.

"Big Brother." Carrie said. "Where are they?"

"Hmmm...." Moving around the area, I spotted the boys on the ledge of a volcano. Luckily they all managed to stay together. "Oh my goodness! Their right on the ledge of a volcano!" Fluttershy cried. I could see dark smoke coming from the mouth of the volcano. "And it looks like it's gonna erupt soon!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Oh no!" The girls cried.

"We got this. Claw Patrol, to the home ship!" I called.

"Sarah needs us!" The girls all mounted the dragons and we all rushed to the home-ship. The girls dismounted and we entered the home-ship and entered my dad's lab. From there the dragons were placed in their uniforms. "Woah... nice." Rainbow said. I got to the front. "Alright dragons, we all know what happened to Ren and the other boys and we have to save them. Firestorm, I need you and your ladder to reach the boys."

"I'm fired up!" Firestorm said.

"Striker, I need you to be ready with your booey in case the ledge breaks and the boys fall."

I'm ready to dive in." Striker said.

"Storm, I need you to use your harness to lift the boys to safety."

"Let's take to the sky." Storm exclaimed.

"But Sarah what about those teenage dragons in the area? They might try to hurt the boys." Spike pointed out.

"Right Spike. Moonshine, Winter, I need you and the girls to keep the teenage dragons away from the scene."

"These claws uphold the laws." Moonshine said.

"Alright!" Winter added.

"Alright! Claw Patrol is on a roll!" I exclaimed. All the dragons roared and climbed into their respective vehicles. Twilight and the Mane 5 rode with me and Winter. Carrie rode with Firestorm. Nicole rode with Striker and Kaede rode with Storm. "Let's go!" I called.

We all drove our vehicles out of the home-ship via a large hatch that led into the forest and we drove the vehicles west, in the direction of the Dragon Lands.

Ren's POV

Okay... so we got shot out of a cannon and are now stranded on a ledge in the Dragon Lands. Great.

"Ah! This is all that pink loons' fault!" Jack exclaimed.

"Oh calm down." Rantaro stated.

"Calm down! CALM DOWN?! We're stranded on a volcano in an area full of dragons!" Jack said.

"J-Jack please calm down." Jamie said. We saw a few rocks falling down from the ledge. "O-Or else you're gonna make the ledge fall down."

Jack took a deep breath and softened his expression. "Alright... fine."

I looked over the edge and winced at the height. Then we all heard a loud rumble and looked up, seeing smoke coming out of the mouth. "Not good." I said.

We then heard some sirens and engines coming near us. "What's that?" Mason asked. Looking down below with saw Sarah, the girls, Firestorm, Storm, Winter, Moonshine, Striker and the girls down below. "It's the girls and our dragons." Mason cried happily.

Third Person POV

"Hang on boys, we'll get you down." Kaede called.

"Storm, see if you can get your harness close to them." Sarah said.

"Let's take to the sky!" Storm exclaimed and she started her copter and flew up to the five boys. Storm got her copter close to the ledge. "Roar, harness!" A hatch on the bottom of the copter and a harness came out, but before Storm could get it to the boys, a fireball came out of nowhere and almost hit Storm's copter. "What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

We heard laughing and saw some teenage dragons a few yards away, laughing. They kept shooting fireballs at Storm and the boys. Some of the fireballs hit the ledge, making it smaller. "Dammit! They're gonna crush this ledge!" Jack said.

"Moonshine, Winter, you know what to do." Sarah said. The Furies nodded and flew into the sky, blasting the teenagers with their plasma blasts. The dragons immediately flew away. "No problem." Moonshine stated.

"Great work. Alright Storm try it again." Sarah said.

"Right." Storm moved the harness close to the boys. "One of you get in!" Storm called. The rumbling got louder and more black smoke filled the air. "Hurry!"

Ren quickly strapped himself in and Storm flew him down to the others. She did the same with Jamie, Mason and Rantaro. Now all that was left was Jack. "Hurry up!" he yelled.

Storm moved the harness towards him but the volcano suddenly blew it top, spewing lava down the side and up into the sky. Storm dodged the lava balls but the lava made the ledge move with Jack on it!

"Look out!" Applejack cried. Everyone jumped into the vehicles and drove out of the way of the lava. "YAAAAHH!" Jack cried.

"Jack!" Ren cried.

"Come on Striker!" Sarah called. She and Striker raced after the lava trail. "Jack, hang on!"

"What the fudge do you think I'm doing!" he exclaimed.

"Striker, spray the lava with your water sprayer." Sarah ordered.

"Right. Roar, water sprayer." His dragon pack opened and a orange water gun came out and it spray a large beam of water at the lava turning it to ingenous rock. "Roar, water sprayer away."

The water sprayer went back inside the dragon pack. Jack sighed and leaped off the rock and walked across the ingenous rock and came up to Sarah, "Thanks newbie." he praised.

"Your welcome." That's when everyone else came up. "Nice work Sarah." Moonshine said.

"Thanks Moonshine, now let's get you boys home." Sarah said and we all hopped into the vehicles and drove back home.

One Journey ends, Another Begins

Ren's POV

I was with Jack, Jamie, Mason, my Siberian husky Kodi and Sarah walking through Ponyville on a bright, sunny day. Sarah was happily skipping in front of us. "I love a sunny day." she cheered.



Huh? We turned and saw two pokemon walking out of an alleyway each holding an apple in their mouth. The first pokemon was a small blue quadrupedal Pokémon with black fur covering its head and neck, concealing everything but its mouth from view. The fur around its neck also has six purple spots encircling it, which resemble bruises. The hair on the top of its head takes the shape of a single small horn. It also has a short tail that appears to be bitten off.

The second pokemon a serpentine Pokémon with a blue body and a white underside. It has white, three-pronged fins on the sides of its head and a white bump on its forehead. Above its large, round, white snout are oval, purple eyes.

"What the-? What are they suppose to be?" Mason asked.

"A Deino and a Dratini." Sarah cooed. The two pokemon stared at us for a moment until...

"Get back here ya varmits!" a familiar country accent came through the sky. Then we saw Applejack rushing towards the two pokemon. The Dratini hopped on the Deinos' back and the Deino charged Applejack, bashing her in her stomach, sending her flying back and the two pokemon ran away. "Applejack!" I cried. Me and the boys went over to help her up.

"You okay?" Mason asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Pesky varmits." she grumbled.

"What happened?" Jamie asked.

"Them two varmits keep stealing apples from my familys' orchard. Everytime I get close to 'em. The large one bashes me!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Well Deino do love to bash things with their heads." Sarah pointed out. Applejack growled.

"Don't worry, AJ, we'll get those apples back for you." Mason said.

"Even if we have to beat them two into next week." Jack said, cracking his knuckles.

"Thank ya kindly." Applejack said.

"Come on guys." I said. We ran in the direction the Dratini and Deino ran in. We eventually came to the middle of a forest and what looked like an abandoned mansion. Moss covered the outside and vines were crawling up the sides of the house as well. "Those two thieves live here?" Jack asked.

"Looks like it. Let's go in." I said. We all slowly looked in and saw the Deino and Dratini and on the couch was a new pokemon.

It was a canine Pokémon with a talent for rescuing people lost at sea or in the mountains. On its face, it has cream-colored fur that forms voluminous, white-tipped plumes and a three-pointed crest. The plumes are so long that they run the length of its body and bunch close to it. It has tufty, pointed ears with dark blue insides, and black nose surrounded by short black whiskers, and small eyes that are nearly hidden behind its facial fur. Its body is covered with shaggy fur that is dark blue along the back and grayish blue toward the legs. Its face and paws are light brown, and each paw has three toes with white claws.

The Deino and Dratini growled at the sight of us. "A Scoutland." Sarah gasped in awe.

"Yeah... and it looks pretty old too." Jamie stated.

We saw opened cans and apple cores on the floor. "I wonder if these two were stealing apples to give to Scoutland?" I questioned.

"I think they are." Sarah agreed. Deino was still acting hostile but the little Dratini slithered over to us and came to Sarah's feet. "Tini?" it cooed.

"Awww..." I cooed.

Sarah picked up the little dragon type and it nuzzled her face. "You're a cute little thing aren't you?"

"Tini Dra." I placed it back on the ground where Deino called it over. Dratini slithered over to Deino and they both rubbed each other. "I think we should leave them alone, boys." Sarah suggested.

"Yeah." Jack said.

Me and the gang left the elderly Scoutland and the two dragon type pokemon alone for the day in their house.

The next morning, we were in Ponyville Park for Jamie's training. He wanted to be strong like me, Jack and Mason so Jack and Mason decided to train him. Soon, we finally arrived back to the pond area as we finally finished it up.

"Yeah...whoo!" Jack cheered, trying my best to catch my breath before noticing my shirt was all sweaty. "Dammit, and I just got this wash."

"Well don't worry, I'll wash them again...eventually." Mason sighed as me, Jamie, and the little husky dog, Kodiak, came through the pond area, trying their best to catch their breath.

"Oh man...I never ran that much." I stated, letting out some coughs.

"I know. I...never...ran...this...much before..." Jamie whined.

"I think I'm dying..." Kodi grunted. "Man, why did I ever agreed to this?"

"I wonder that too." I agreed, wiping a sweat off his forehead.

"Well, I congratulate you guys on the workout. Same time tomorrow, got it?" Mason reminded us with a serious yet soft smile.

"Y-yes...still though, thank you." Jamie smiled softly, wearing only a plain white shirt that was underneath that black button shirt he always seen wearing. "I guess I really needed it, huh? I still can't t-thank you all for helping m-me out."

"Anytime. It's something called a vow of brotherhood." I made a tooth-eating grinned, causing Jamie to smile softly while Ren and Kodi smiled happily at that.



Huh? We turned and saw the same Deino and Dratini from yesterday, running towards us in a panic. "Deino? Dratini, what's wrong?" I asked.

The two of them seemed really upset and distressed about something, because they were pulling on Jack and Sarah's pants. "Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good." Sarah said.

"Come on, let's follow them." Jack said.

"UGH! More running!" Jamie whined.

"Stop being a wimp!" Jack yelled, scaring Jamie and making him fall on his behind. Anyway, we followed the two dragon-type pokemon to the abandoned house, now filled with light from the sun. We entered and gasped, "Scoutland!" I cried. The canine pokemon was collasped on the ground!

"What happened to it?" Mason asked. Sarah put her ear to his chest. "It's having trouble breathing!"

"This is what you two were worried about, huh?" Jack questioned.



"Don't worry, we'll get Scoutland help." I said.

"But who can heal him, besides Fluttershy?" Mason asked.

"Dr. Fauna! She's a vet, since Scoutland is basically a dog, then she should figure out what's wrong." Sarah suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Jack said. He came over and lifted Scoutland into his arms. "Deino?"


"Don't worry, you two. Scoutland will be better in no time." Sarah reassured.

A few feet away, Rantaro was leaning against a tree, sipping cappuccino. A dead tree next to him lost one of it's three leaves. "Hmm.... nature taking it's course." he said.

Sarah's POV

We all took Scoutland to Dr. Fauna, Ponyville's veterinarian. She was a female, earth pony and has a light yellow coat, two-tone blue mane and tail, brown eyes, and a cutie mark of a dog's head, cat's head, and white bird. She immediately hooked up Scoutland to an IV and a heart monitor. We were outside the room with me holding Dratini and Jack holding Deino. They were both nudging the window, wanting to be with Scoutland.

The red light went out the door opened. Dr. Fauna walked out and Dratini and Deino leaped out of our arms. "Dratini, Deino!" Jack called.

"Hi Dr. Fauna, is Scoutland gonna be alright?" Ren asked.

Inside the room, Deino and Dratini leaped onto the bed and cryed softly to Scoutland. Scoutland held out his leg to them and they nuzzled it. "Scoutland, isn't sick and he doesn't have any injuries. It's just Scoutland-" The door closed behind the two pokemon as Dr. Fauna explained to us Scoutland's condition.

"I wonder, do you think they know?" Ren asked.

"I believe Deino and Dratini can sense the truth." Dr. Fauna said sadly. Rantaro was just behind the corner, listening in on the conversation. "Hmmm..."

A couple hours later, we returned to Dr. Fauna with some fruits for Dratini, Deino and Scoutland. The door opened, "Dratini, Deino, Scoutland, we brought you some food." I called, but to our shock, the three pokemon were gone! "Oh no!" Ren cried.

"We'd they go?" Mason questioned.

"I think I know." I claimed. We went on our way to the abandoned house where the pokemon were living. However, Rantaro suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Rantaro? What are you doing here?" Ren asked.

"Just wanted to make sure you wouldn't give up on the tiny pokemon." he said.

"Give up on them?" I quoted.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jack snarled.

"Just that Deino and Dratini are the kind that never give up, so I want to make sure you wouldn't give up on them." Rantaro said. "Anyway, I'm off, see ya." and with that he walked away.

... Okay that was weird. It was as if Rantaro actually... cared about the pokemon. Which was odd for him. Normally he didn't care about anything other than his 'business'. "What was that about?" Carrie asked.

"No idea." Mason added.

Third Person POV

In the abandoned house, Dratini and Deino approached Scoutland and nuzzled him. Scoutland nuzzles them back, "Scoutland." Dratini and Deino nodded and jumped to the floor where there were two coconuts on the floor. Deino and Dratini concentrated and they both leaped into the air with their mouths covered in fire and they bit down on the coconut.... and they immediately fell down and the coconut was not broken.

They both looked at Scoutland who was sleeping and cuddled against his fur and they fell asleep as well.

In their dream, they were both walking through a white void and saw Scoutland at the end of it. They smiled and ran towards their elderly friend, but he suddenly disappeared.

They two of them woke up only to discover their friend was gone!



The two of them began searching the area for any sign of Scoutland. They search all through Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres and the outskirts of Ponyville. Nothing. They went back to abandoned house and saw a dust cloud in front of it. "Deino!"


They rushed towards it happily but the dust cloud vanished. "Deino?"


Inside the house, they could see one of the couch legs broke and the couch fell on the floor. The dead tree near the house lost it's last leaf and it floated onto the couch. They both looked up to the sky which became dark as storm clouds rolled in and it started raining. Dratini and Deino both let out sad cried into the air.

Sarah and the other humans came onto the scene, "Deino. Dratini." Sarah said.

They all listened to the two dragon-type crying. "Big brother, where's Scoutland?" Carrie asked, innocently.

Mason sighed and closed his eyes. "He went... to a better place, Carrie."

The two dragon-types simply walked into the abandoned house and leaped onto the couch. "Deino. Dratini." Jack and Sarah said. All of them felt pity for Deino and Dratini, for losing someone they cared deeply about.

As days and days passed, we were all thinking about Dratini and Deino coping with Scoutlands' departure. Me and Jack went back there everyday to see if anything in their behavior changed, but sadly nothing did. "Poor little brats." Jack cooed. I felt sympathy for them when was forced into a new life and abandoning my old one, not knowing if my dad was alive after my departure.

In time, two full weeks passed and we were all at the home-ship with Twilight and the girls. Ren told the girls what had happened and they were devastated. "Poor fellas." Applejack said. "No wonder they were stealin' from my orchard."

"And to lose their friend like that, oh dear." Fluttershy added.

"Yeah. They both fell into a depression and we're still seeing if they'll be alright." I said.

That's when we all heard scratching at the door. "Whose that?" Ren asked.

He went to open the door and to our surprise, "Deino? Dratini?"

The two dragon types walked inside. Dratini went over to me and Deino went over to Jack, "What are you doing here?"

"Deino. Deino."

"They said they saw a large cloud shaped like Scoutland in the sky after the rainstorm and it looked like it was winking at them and they got over their grief. " I translated.

"Dratini, tini, Dra."

"So they decided to come and join us." I added.

"Really?" Jack asked.

Deino cried happily and leaped into Jacks' arms, knocking him on the ground and licking his face. "Gah! Hahaha, stop it!" he said. I picked up Dratini and he nuzzled my cheek. "Alright you two, you can stay with us." I said. "Glad you're part of our family now."

Dratini cried happily and nudged my cheek while Deino was still licking Jack's face, "Stop it brat! Hahah, Enough! Haha!"

Episode 19: Gabby Gums and a Secret Out!

View Online

It was the day after Dratini and Deino joined the family and we decided to investigate the new floors in the home-ship. Riolu, Rockruff and Mareep were happy to have a new little buddy with them. Mareep acted like a big sister, nudging him away from wires that were sticking out and keeping him away from other dangerous objects. It was so cute seeing Dratini getting along with the other pokemon. Jack's Deino, was just like him. He like to eat a lot and sleep the only difference was that he also liked to bash everything with his head to train... including Ren and the others. Sometimes it as funny like when he bashed my dad against the wall and sometimes it wasn't like when he rammed into the wall and got his head stuck.

Anyway, we've invited the Mane 6 and Spike to explore the shopping mall district. "Golly, this is such a huge place!" Applejack commented, looking over at the Target store district entrance.

Rainbow flew around the place with an eccentric look on her face and let out a whistle, already have checked out every part of the place due to her speed. "Ah ha ha! This is so awesome! You guys get to own your own awesome mall! This is just awesome!"

“You can say that again!” Ren chuckled, walking around the place with a couple of french fries in his hand.

"With this mall, we pretty much have enough food to last ourselves for as long as we stay here." Kaede stated.

"Quite indeed." Mason smiled. We need to keep on investigating if we're gonna figure out the mysteries behind this ship."

"Quite." Mason nodded, examining a nearby Walmart district. While we looked around the place, I came across Fluttershy who was looking over at a nearby pet shop, and ironically, no animals were in it.

"Hey Fluttershy, what's wrong?" I asked in concern.

"Oh hi Sarah..." Fluttershy sighed. "I was just looking over this pet shop, but nothing there. No animals in there and I was so excited to see the cute little critters."

"Yeah, that does seem weird." I stated, gazing at the store with a confused look. I don't get it, what's the point of a pet shop if there's no animals in there to adopt here.

“You know, I never knew that the home-ship would have this…umm…so many places.” Fluttershy, looking at the empty animal shop with a soft grin. “But it’s a shame that there’s no animals in here. I would really enjoy playing and talking with them.”

I rubbed my cheek in embarrassment and replied, “Yeah, so it would seem.”

"So where to next?!" Pinkie asked, eager to explore more of the place. "I want to explore more of this place! Especially of that 'Walmart' place I saw earlier!"

"Well I already checked up the place and there's nothing much but a bunch of stores that sells clothes, games, and other junk." Rainbow Dash explained.

"But no clues relating to our missing memories, right?" Kaede asked, which she replied by shaking her head. Kaede slumped down sadly and muttered "Just great..."

"Don't worry, I'm sure there's gotta be some clue in this ship." Twilight assured with confidence. "We won't give up!"

"Yeah, especially about that letter Ren found." Jamie nodded. "We've been trying to decipher and it was too smudged it."

"Speaking of which, have you and Twilight decipher the letter from all those smudges?" Mason questioned.

"No." Twilight shook her head. "I've tried applying many appliances and spells to remove the smudges, but it didn't work. I'm not sure why it didn't work..."

"Maybe...that letter must've been there for so long in that room that it didn't work?" Fluttershy suggested.

"That might be a possibility." Jamie sighed sadly. "But even so, something doesn't add up..."

"Well don't worry you guys, we just need to hope that we'll be able to fully read it." I chuckled with a grin, cheering Jamie and Twilight a bit before noticing the confused look on Kodi as he looked around the place. "What's wrong boy?"

"Has anyone seen Rantaro and Nicole?" Now that caused us to realize that we couldn't find those two. Okay, how in Equestria did we not noticed that?

"Hmph!" Jack scoffed, walking off with his hands in his pockets. "That guys must've ditched us."

"Come on Jack! Be nice!" Fluttershy begged. "I'm sure both Rantaro and Nicole are just exploring this place together."

"They're over by the Apple Store." I said, seeing the two coming out. Rantaro was holding an Apple Laptop and his raccon friend, Gizmo was eating a cheese filled pretzel while Nicole was looking at her IPad. I went over to them. "Hi Rantaro, Hi Nicole." I greeted.

Rantaro sighed, "What do you want, kid?"

"We just wanted to find out where you two were. That's all." I replied with a sweet smile. Rantaro growled a little and rolled his eyes.

"Hey be nice to newbie, you bastard!" Jack exclaimed.

"I do not take orders from a fat biker." Rantaro said.

"Uh-oh." Applejack said, tilting her hat over her eyes.

"What the fudge did you say!" Jack yelled and he grabbed Rantaro by his necktie. "You really asking for it, huh?"


Huh? Jack's new Deino pokemon got between the two holding out his arm and shaking his head, as if saying, "Don't do it."

"Looks like Deino doesn't want you to hit him, Jack." Twilight said.


Jack sighed and dropped Rantaro, "Fine... but for my pokemon only, hmph."

"So what's up with the weird box thing you have, Rantaro?" Kodi asked, tilting his head curiously before walking up to him and sniffing the box.

"This here is a new little toy of mine." Rantaro grinned. "Lucky me, eh? Gotta hand it to our kidnapper for allowing us to keep things like that."

"But Rantaro...we're not even sure if we were even taken to this place." Jamie pointed out meekly.

"Yes yes, I know. We only got theories and all that junk. So what?" Rantaro shrugged with a grin. "If it beats than making sure to stay away from the police for a while, am I right?"

"I see, so you're running off from the police, eh?" Applejack questioned suspiciously.

"Makes sense considering what Jamie, Mason, and Jack said is true about him being a criminal." Rainbow huffed, glaring at Rantaro.

"Whatever. Say what you want." Rantaro chuckled before looking over at Mason. "By the way Mason, I couldn't help but notice that you were quite familiar to me."

"What?" He asked, not following what he meant by that.

"What I mean is that I once saw your face from one of your darling princess's party she does whenever she comes by to the U.S." Rantaro explained, causing Mason to glare at him.

"How do you know that?"

"Well duh! I was there because I felt like it. Thought I could see something exciting for the old 'vault'." Rantaro shrugged nonchalantly.

"Old...vault?" Fluttershy asked in confusion.

"I think he means for the memories, Flutters." I answered, which she nodded in understanding.

"See, he gets it." Rantaro snickered. "Now excuse me, I rather head back to my room to test out this baby and probably gonna go back on my business on giving info to these gullible and naive ponies."

"Hey! That's just mean!" Pinkie pointed out. Rantaro gave her an annoyed glance and replied "What? I was just-"

"Pointing out the truth, that's what he was trying to say." Nicole filled in.

I giggled and rolled my eyes and decided to go to the living room to spend some time with Dratini.

I entered the living room and found Carrie and the CMC's. I took noticed that there were wearing ecru hats like journalists and news reporters wear when interviewing people about live news, and they held notepads in their hands and or hooves. "Hi Sarah." they greeted.

"Hi girls, what are you doing?" I asked.

"We're trying to Foal Printing Press to get out cutie marks." Applebloom said.

"And I'm doing it to try something new." Carrie replied.

"Well good luck with that." I encouraged.

"Thanks." Scootaloo said. "Hey, you want us to interview you?"


"Yeah." Sweetie Belle said. "We can use it for the Press."

"Well... alright." I agreed and the girls squealed in delight. Soon we were all sitting on the couch and the girls just asked me a few questions like "What's your name?", "What are your interests?", and "What are you special talents?" After that, they were done, "Thanks Sarah." Sweetie Belle thanked.

"Your welcome girls." I replied and the four of them walked off.

A couple days passed and I was with Ren, the girls and everyone else. I reading my Book of Dragons when there was a knock at the door. "Huh, now what?" Jack asked irritably as we walked over to the door, only to be met with an angry mob filled with almost everypony in town.

"There they are!"

"You monsters!"

"How do you sleep at night?!"

"Oh angry mob." Rantaro muttered, forming an amused smirk. "Been wondering how long did these guys starting one?"

"Wait what?" Ren asked in confusion.

"What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

"U-uh...w-what's going on?" Jamie asked in confusion.

"Shut it freak show of a...freak!" One of the crowd shouted, terrifying Jamie a bit.

"Everypony settle down!" Twilight shouted. "What seems to be the problem?"

"How could you stay calm with those...those monsters!" A cyan colored earth pony shouted.

"What are you...talking about?" Applejack asked with a raised brow.

"Monsters?" Nicole questioned. "Why are you calling us 'monsters' exactly?"

"Indeed, what in Celestia's name are you talking about?" Rarity wondered the exact same thing.

"Are you kidding?!" A brown colored Pegasus wearing an apron threw a newspaper article right in front of my face. Ren managed to take it off and began reading it. "Why not you read it?"

"You mean the newspaper? But why?" Kaede wondered as I kept reading the headlines and once I was expression turned shock and pale upon reading it.

"W-what?" What in Equestria am I reading right now? Are you kidding me right now?!

"What?" Mason asked before he and the others read the headlines of the paper as it says the one thing we thought it was never going to happen ever as long as we remained here in their world. It was a picture of Jack eating a hamburger with the title. "Humans lied! They don't eat like us but eat meat as well! Can they be trusted?" Everyone, besides me, was shocked. They had told me about keeping it a secret about them eating meat, but I don't see why they had to. Now I know.

Which is ironic in a way. My dragons eat fish and that's considered fish but everypony seems alright with that.

"Oh my god..." Kaede muttered.

"N-no...!" Jamie gasped with a horror look on his face.

"Whoa...this...this looks bad." Jack commented.

"You think?" Rantaro asked irritably.

"W-what?" Applejack widened her eyes in shock as the rest of the girls, except Fluttershy and Twilight, looked at us with shocked looks. "T-this has to be some sort of joke, right?"

"Ren...everypony else?" Rarity covered her mouth in shock. "W-what did this this true?"

"Oh no..." Mason muttered, face-palming a bit.

"Heh heh, good one!" Pinkie laughed, earning weird looks from us and the crowd. "I mean, we can't be sure that Rennie and the others really eat meat. I mean, we're practically made out of meat and such, right? Right?"

"...Umm...well..." Ren rubbed the back of my neck with an awkward smile.

"It's the truth..." Twilight sighed, earning shocked looks from her friends while the crowd began ranting on again.

"We trusted you all!"

"How could you?!"

"You monsters!"


...Wait what? Who said that? Who even said that last part? It almost sounded like... Derpy?

"I have a feeling that I'm suddenly not feeling so well..." Rarity fainted to the floor, but not before he was caught by Mason.

"Rarity!" Mason gasped, only to earn a shocked look from the crowd.

"Look! That guy was about to have that white Unicorn as a snack!" One of the crowd shouted, earning another outrage from them.

"Now now everypony! Calm down! Please calm down!" Twilight begged, but her pleas were ignored. Ren and the others looked at the crowd with pale looks. I didn't say anything but was confused for some reason. So what if they eat meat, can't they just accept it? "R-R-Ren?" Ren looked over to see Fluttershy scared look.

"Fluttershy..." Ren muttered, looking at her with a concern look before hearing the crowd walking towards us with angry and outrage looks, causing us to back away as Twilight used her magic to slammed the door closed shut and managed to block it with the many furniture that were in the room. "Phew, I think that'll keep them shut." Twilight sighed in relief.

"Ohhhh..." We looked over to see Rarity slowly beginning to wake up before she looked around the room. "Where am I? Last thing I remember was that..."

"Rarity? Are you alright?" Mason asked in concern as Rarity gazed at him, seeing that he was holding onto her.

"O-Oh! Mason!" Rarity widened her eyes in shock, but it wasn't because she was embarrassed just how closed he was to her, but because of what she and the other girls learned. "U-umm...this is quite awkward...right?"

"Y-yeah..." Mason nodded before setting her down on the couch.

"No way!" Rainbow shook her head with an upset look. "There is no way in Equestria that you guys are carnivores!"

"It's the truth, R-Rainbow Dash..." Jamie muttered sadly.

"I won't believe it! I'll prove it!" Rainbow flew over to the window and immediately opened it.

"Whoa whoa whoa, where the hell do you think you're going?!" Jack demanded.

"I'm heading over to town and find more of that newspapers that Gabby Gums made herself!" Rainbow replied, not gazing at him before she took off.

"I can't believe it..." Applejack gazed down on the ground before looking over at us and asked "Why didn't you say anything? Were you guys...hiding this from us?"

"I-it wasn't a choice! W-we just..." Ren stammered.

"It wasn't Ren nor the other's fault!" Fluttershy stepped up with a serious look on her face. "Ren and the others are the kindest humans we've ever met...well the only humans we've met but we know that they wouldn't dare eating us! Ren and the others promised not to do that and began accepting our food! Have you not remember all the times we've been through again?!"

We all stared at her in shock, never seeing Fluttershy standing up for anypony, not even us. Normally it's me or one of us trying to defend her,!

"Fluttershy..." Rarity muttered.

Fluttershy suddenly widened her eyes with a blush before looking away, trying to brush her hair to hide herself before saying "O-oh! I-I didn't mean to make you guys so angry with me!"

"No we aren't! We're amazed!" Pinkie pointed out, bouncing in front of her before grabbing and shaking her. "I mean, we've never seen you like this before! Who are you and what have you done to the real Fluttershy? Are you an alien from another planet like Ren and his friends?"

"Wait what?" I asked incredulous. "Hey!" now I was insulted a little cause technically I was an alien from another planet.

"Oh, sorry, Sarah." Pinkie apologized.

"Whoa nelly." Applejack muttered, blinking in surprise. "Pinkie has a point. Since when did you ever start standing up for yourself...well more than usual?"

"W-well..." Fluttershy gazed at me with a soft smile and a small blush appeared on her face. "You may say that it was a little advice that Ren gave to me back then..."

"Really?" Rarity asked in surprise before turning to me with a nervous grin. "I suppose...that would make sense considering how nice he is to be considered your special somepony."

"H-hey!" Ren called out, feeling a bit embarrassed about that fact.

"Guys! This is no time for any talk!" Twilight scolded. "For right now, we just need to calm down and try to calm the crowd down as well."

"Yeah, but how?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I mean, they seemed pretty outrage." Kodi pointed out. "We're not sure if we can even calm them down now."

"Yeah..." Ren nodded, feeling a bit heartbroken that the town now is turning against them. Suddenly, the window immediately blasted opened with a tons of newspaper made specifically by Gabby Gums appeared, with Rainbow Dash having to carry them out with an exhausted look on her face. "S-so, how did it go?" Jamie asked in worried.

"I...I wasn't fast enough!" Rainbow exclaimed. "My life is officially over!"

"Wait what? What do you mean 'your life'? What about ours?!" Kaede exclaimed in shock.

"Gabby Gums has made it to Cloudsdale!" Rainbow exclaimed, causing us all to widened our eyes in shock.

"What?!" Twilight hissed.

"It's true! Everywhere!" Rainbow yelled out. "It was all spread out all over town and now it's over! I mean, she didn't only do it to Ren, Jack, Rantaro, Mason, Jamie, Kaede, and Nicole either!"

"What do you mean?" Nicole asked, feeling a bit surprised by this. Applejack walked over and picked up one of the newspaper and read "'Rainbow Dash: Speed Demon or Super Softie?'?!"

"I grabbed as many copies as I could, but it was too late!" Rainbow cried out, banging her hoof on the ground. "I'm a laughing stock!"

"Calm down Dashy." Jack patted her on the back, cheering her a bit. Rantaro picked one of the newspaper up before letting out a chuckle, and then started laughing.

"AH HA HA HA! Get a load of this!" Rantaro laughed before showing us an image about Applejack snoozing over by a nearby apple tree. "Applejack Asleep on the Job!"

"Wait what?!" Applejack gasped before grabbing it and began reading before slowly taking her eyes off of it with widened eyes, "I can't believe this! That Gabby Gums wrote a lie about that!"

"And this one..." Kaede picked another one up before showing us an image of Big Mac holding a familiar doll that I soon recognized as Mr. Smarty Pants from many months ago. "Big Macintosh - What's He Hiding?"

"It would seem that this Gabby Gums must've wrote many bad lies about you guys while practically toying with us with our little secret." Nicole deduced. "Just how far is she gonna go?"

"Ha ha! Look at this one!" Spike showed us another newspaper article written by Gabby Gums herself, showing us Twilight reading a book that made it look like she was snobby looking. "Twilight Sparkle: I was a Canterlot Snob?!"

"Are you serious?!" Twilight gaped at that before making an irritated look on her face and swiping the newspaper from Spike's hands and began reading the article. "A well-placed scaly source close to the prissy pony says Twilight Sparkle thinks Ponyville is nothing but muddy roads and low-class rubes."

She immediately turned towards Spike an upset look and yelled "Spike!"

"Well I didn't!" Spike shook his head with a panic look. "Gabby Gums made that up!" He picked another piece of newspaper article that showed the same one Twilight was holding. "I never said anything like that!"

"I don't see anything about Sarah, except for this one "Human Hybrid and her Peaceful Life." Huh? I looked at it and it just said everything I told the CMC's and Carrie. "Well this one is truthful." I said.

"Give me that!" Jack snatched that out of my hands and looked at it. ".... There's no lie about newbie in this one."

"It just says everything I told the CMC's and Carrie about yesterday." I added.

"Everypony, please." Rarity announced with a calm look. "She's just a harmless schoolpony engaged in a little idle gossip. You're really making too big a deal out of this."

"B-but it's all lies!" Jamie pointed out. "She's writing any lies about us and what's worse is that she somehow discovered about our secret about eating meat!"

"Yeah! She's just humiliating us all!" Kodi agreed before grabbing another piece of article with his mouth before handing it to me as I read it over before gawking at the front cover of Fluttershy having a weird looking tail with arrows on the bacl.

"What the heck is this?" Ren gaped before reading the title. "Fluttershy has tail extensions!"

"Pffft. I know that's fake." I scoffed. We all froze before slowly gazing at the yellow pegasus, who glanced towards us before slowly hiding behind the kitchen counter. "...What kind of drugs has this chick has been going on?" Jack asked bluntly.

"Jack!" Kaede scolded. Deino bashed him on his head. "OW!" Jack raised his arms in the air in surrender before saying "What? I was just asking!"

"And look at this one!" Twilight picked up another article from the pile with her magic as it showed Pinkie Pie dancing around in a punch bowl. "Pinkie Pie is an out-of-control party animal!"

"What?!" Pinkie cried out before grabbing the newspaper and reading over it. Just as she finished reading it, her eyes were bawling out of tears as she cried out, "It's true! I do have a problem!"

"B-but...w-we don't mind that..." Jamie muttered, feeling scared and terrified right now. "I-I just don't get it...why? Why is this Gabby Gums doing this to us?!"

"That's what I wanna know!" Jack demanded. "I don't care who it is! I'll beat the hell out of them!"

Well I'm pretty mad at them for what they've done but...why do I have this strange feeling that something doesn't add up here?

"Ha ha ha ha..." Huh? Why is Rarity laughing of all times? "Honestly, you ponies have no sense of humor." Rarity rolled her eyes.

"How can you be so calm about this?! Our lives are practically ruined thanks to that journalist!" Kaede exclaimed angrily.

"Calm down Kaede darling." Rarity picked up a random newspaper from the pile Rainbow Dash picked up and began reading it over. "So she tweaks a few ponies every now and then, maybe they...AH!"

"What? What's wrong?" Kodi asked in concern before we all saw the angry look on her face. "I'll destroyher!"

"Rarity! What happened?" Mason asked in worried before the paper was shoved into his face by Rarity as he began reading it over. "The Drama-Queen Diaries"?

"She's reprinted my secret diary! How could Gabby Gums possibly get access to my private diary?!"

"I don't know..." Mason wondered before widening his eyes in shock. "Oh no!"

"What? What is it?" Kaede asked in worried.

"Carrie! I think she's in trouble!" Mason exclaimed.

"In trouble?" I asked in confusion.

"He means that due to the many ponies in Ponyville knowing about our diet, I have a feeling that they might go after anyone who's human." Nicole pointed out.

"Hmm...that is quite troublesome." Rantaro shrugged before turning to Mason. "Well, what are you waiting for? You gonna let her die?"

Mason gritted his teeth and darkened his face. "You be quiet!"

"Mason, allow me to tag along!" We all looked at Rarity with surprised looks. "Please! I need to find out who is Gabby Gums is..." She made a dark and angry scowl before exclaiming "So I'll make sure that she's gonna pay for revealing my secrets!"

"Whoa...that loon really went nuts." Jack whispered to Jamie nearby, which he gulped and nodded in agreement.

"But do we even know who Gabby Gums is?" Rantaro questioned, earning another scowl from Rarity.

"Of course she is! She's one of the schoolponies back at the school!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Then why not ask your sister and her friends about her? Maybe she knows her identity?" Rantaro smirked, which made Nicole raised a brow at him.

"Good heavens no!" Rarity scoffed. "My sister, Mason's sister, and their friends would never associate with anyone as beastly as Gabby Gums!"

"Rarity has a point." Mason nodded, crossing his arms with a stern look. "Carrie would never do anything horrible like that. She would never post these embarrassing secrets and photos about us."

"Yeah! I mean, they're just kids!" I added. "I mean, even if it was possible, which I don't believe, I don't think they would do this on purpose."

"Ren might have a point there." Twilight nodded. "I mean, I'm sure there's a rational explanation about all this."

"Y-yeah...if we just remained calm..."

"Remain calm? REMAIN CALM?!" Jack yelled out, making Jamie flinch in fear. "Our lives are ruined! Everypony in town, practically in this damn world knows more about our species! It's over! We're done!"

"We just need to calm down Jack!" Kaede begged. "I-I'm sure once we find out who Gabby Gums is, we might be able to make her apologize to everypony and have her convince to apologize to us all! That's all!"

"Grr!" Jack growled at her before taking a deep breath, softening his expression. "Alright fine..."

"Good..." Kaede sighed in relief.

"Anyway, we shall be going." Mason nodded before grabbing Rarity by the arms, much to her surprise.

"O-oh Mason!" Rarity giggled, hiding away her blush. "You know, you sure are quite amazing, aren't you? O-of course I would never think of you as a monster."

Mason softly smiled at her and nodded, happy to hear that Rarity doesn't have any fear in him anymore. "You can thank me later. For now, let's go find our siblings and the rest of their friends."

"Okay." Rarity nodded before the two climb out of the window.

"Just be careful you two. The crowd might be still out there." Nicole warned them.

"Don't worry, we will." Mason nodded before climbing out of the window with Rarity by his side.

"I sure hope those two will be alright." Kaede sighed.

"Me too..." Ren nodded before noticing that Fluttershy wasn't around here. "Hey, where did Flutters go?"

"Last time I saw her, she was around and hiding behind the kitchen counter." Kodi reminded me.

"Well don't worry, I'm sure that she's still around here." Twilight assured before pointing to the blocked door. "After all, I did blocked the door with almost every furniture to make sure the crowd doesn't come after us inside."

"Yeah..." Ren nodded.

"So how in Equestria could you guys eat meat?" Applejack asked.

"W-well..." Jamie twiddled with his fingers with a nervous look before he began loudly muttering again. "Y-you may say that's the only thing we eat, but that is not true. There are certain set of animals that we can't eat in order to protect and preserve their species. We eat only animals that are limited to us for years and years to come."

"Really? Well that's nice to hear Jamie!" Pinkie grinned, hugging him tight as he widened his eyes in shock.

"W-wait! Did I say that aloud again?!" Jamie widened his eyes in shock.

"Settle down, if they want to know they have to know in order to trust us." Rantaro shrugged.

"Well that's nice to hear that you guys don't eat every single kind of animal." Twilight sighed. "I bet that's a relief to Fluttershy."

"Yeah..." Ren nodded before looking over at his room door, forming a worried look. "I'm gonna go off to find Fluttershy. I'm worried about her."

"I'll help too." Kodi offered, which he nodded with a grin. Kodi began using his nose and started sniffing around the ground a lot before Ren began following his tracks as we arrived to our room while the others stayed behind and discussed more about the topic on hand. "Please allow me to give out an explanation..." Nicole offered, adjusting her glasses.

"If they even believe us." Rantaro shrugged.

Ren's POV

As soon as we entered we entered my room, I began to hear some whimpering. He walked over to the other side of his bed, finding a tearful Fluttershy around the left side of my bed, covering her face with her forelegs and kept crying.

"Fluttershy." I called with a worried look. "Are you alright?"

Fluttershy looked up, having a tear-stained look on her face.

"Oh hi Ren...hi Kodiak...I-I didn't see you there..." Fluttershy wiped away her tears with a sad look. "S-sorry if I'm causing any trouble for you."

"It's alright. You didn't mean too." I assured with a soft grin. "But you don't have to keep crying. I don't think that's embarrassing..." Actually, come to think of it? Now that I'm realizing it...why is having extended tails that bad? "But why is it so weird that you didn't want it to be reveal?"

"I..." Fluttershy's face turned bright red in embarrassment. "It's too embarrassing for anypony to know!"

"So why do it in the first place if you knew it was gonna be embarrassing?" Kodi wondered.

"Because I was just curious to see if extended tails were quite amazing!" Fluttershy cried out. "But now that everypony in town knows about it, I'm a laughing stock!"

"Don't say that Fluttershy." I said with a soft smile before sitting down next to her with Kodiak laying on my laps. "I understand that you must feel sad but you have us and we would never laugh at you like that. I mean, many of us has embarrassing secrets and were mocked as well."

"I-I suppose so..." Fluttershy cried out, wiping away her tears before leaning against me. "But what about you and the others? Aren't you just angry yet upset about it?!"

"I am." I nodded. "But I know that these guys are just scared of us and I know that we can encouraged them to be friends with us."

Fluttershy let out a smile before snuggling against my sweater, much to my embarrassment. Kodi smiled at us before licking Fluttershy on the cheek, which made her finally smile.

"Better?" I asked.

"Better." Fluttershy nodded.

Phew, glad that I was able to help her out of her misery. Still though, I get Rarity considering that her secrets that she wrote in her diary is one thing to be embarrassed, but this Gabby Gums is for some reason is going too far. I may not have read much about her but all I got was that she was a schoolpony and was posting everypony's secrets. Just why is she doing this? Out of pleasure? No, that wouldn't be it...


"What the heck?!" Kodi exclaimed as the three of us looked at each other before getting up from the floor and headed out of my room as we saw the front door banging over and over.

The others looked panicked upon seeing this.

"O-oh no! W-we're gonna die!" Jamie gasped, bending down with a scared look.

"Calm down, we'll be fine." Rantaro waved it off.

"Yeah! I mean, it's not like things can get worse." Pinkie agreed with her signature smile. Suddenly, more banging came running out of the door, much to our shock.

"Open the door!"

"Get out here now!"

"Come out so you can fight us like a man!"

"Oh golly..." Applejack muttered.

"Everypony! Secure the door!" Twilight yelled, which we nodded in agreement before running over to the blocked door and attempted to hold it back. "Make sure that they don't run in here!"

"What do you think?!" Rantaro asked angrily.

"Everyone, you all need to calm down." Nicole assured, looking at us with a calm look.

"Easy for you to say!" Rainbow growled, holding back the door.

"Do you think that we can make sure that they won't get in?!" Kaede asked in fear. "I-I don't think we can hold much longer!"

"Well just shaddup and keep pushing back!" Jack exclaimed. "Dammit! Where the hell is Mason, Rarity and the others?!"

"If we all just remained calm at the moment, we might even discover Gabby Gum's identity." Nicole assured.

"What?! You figured it out?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"But how?!" Kodi added.

"I'll explain till everypony arrives." Nicole stated, furrowing her brows with a serious look.

"Hmm...well this should be interesting." Rantaro chuckled with a grin.

Oh man, I'm not sure how did Nicole find out about the identity of Gabby Gums, but...oh god! I just hope we'll be able to make sure that the crowd won't be breaking down this door for now!


“How could you Diamond Tiara?!” Apple Bloom demanded, narrowing her eyes in anger at her. The Crusaders and Carrie just came back to the editor-in-chief’s office to confront Diamond Tiara upon discovering an article that was made by Gabby Gums herself, but that wasn’t true at all considering that Gabby Gums were those four girls all along! Diamond Tiara was practically stealing their name and taking credit of her own work.

“Why? What’s the matter?” Diamond Tiara asked in a mocking tone. “Too shocked that I sold a story or two to all of Equestria about what these humans really are?”

“Why did you do that, Diamond Tiara?!” Carrie demanded. “You made me, my big brother, and the others look like we’re the bad guys!”

“Duh, that’s cause you are!” Diamond Tiara sneered at her. “You don’t think I won’t find out about you little cretin? Serves you right for what you humans did to make me humiliate myself!”

“No please!” Carrie pleaded. “It’s me you want but don’t take it on my friends! Please!”

“Yeah! I mean, a human eating meat? That’s obviously a lie!” Scootaloo exclaimed before turning to Carrie and asked “Right Carrie?”

Carrie lowered her head down a bit with a sad look, letting out a tear and said “No…it’s the truth. I’m sorry…”

The Crusaders gasped in shock upon hearing this from her while Diamond Tiara laughed mockingly at her.

“Yes, that’s right! Go on! Mock her! Laugh at her! Teach her that humans can’t be trusted!” Diamond Tiara laughed. The Crusaders looked at each other with worried and concern before narrowing their eyes and glared at Diamond Tiara.

“Yeah right! Like we’ll laugh at our friend!” Scootaloo exclaimed, much to Diamond Tiara’s confusion.


“You heard her!” Sweetie Belle stepped forward with a serious look. “Carrie is the best friend we ever had before! She may be like a princess, but at least she’s caring and lovable unlike you!”

“What?!” Diamond Tiara hissed angrily, nearly frightening Featherweight.

“You heard her!” Apple Bloom glared angrily at Diamond Tiara. “I want to thank Ren for helping me overcome my dilemma with being a blank-flank because if it wasn’t for them…” She turned to her friends with a soft and warm smile. “I wouldn’t have met these girls ever in my life.”

“Apple Bloom…” Carrie looked at her with amazement before smiling over her friend. “Thank you!”

“What are you saying?! Are you just gonna be friends with a freakshow like her?!” Diamond Tiara exclaimed angrily. “This is just messed-up!”

“Why is it a problem to you anyway?” Sweetie Belle questioned with a raised brow. “You never had any problems with her being a human before. Normally, you just teased her because she friends with blank-flanks like us.”

Diamond Tiara sneered at the Crusaders before scoffing “Why does it matter anyway? You girls are just too boring to bathe in my glory anyway.”

Carrie glared at Diamond Tiara and said “Well why not bathe into your own glory? We quit!”

Diamond Tiara snapped her eyes opened with a shocked look. “No! I won’t let you quit!”

“But the gossip we’ve been printing is hurting everypony’s feelings!” Sweetie Belle retorted. “And what’s worse is that you’ve posted a really hurtful comment that’s making everypony in Ponyville have a deep grudge on Ren and his friends.”

“Feelings?!” Diamond Tiara scoffed. “I don’t care about feelings! Gabby Gums is my bread and butter, and I’m not gonna let you goody-two-horseshoes and some freakish naked ape of a freak take that away from me. Besides, why should you care? You girls been posting mean comments about your own friends on the school news.”

“We know, but we learn that it’s not right.” Apple Bloom shook her head.

“We’re sorry Diamond Tiara, but we’ve made our decision.” Carrie said with a serious look.

“I won’t be doing this anymore longer. Who cares about earning some journalists cutie-marks?” Sweetie Belle nodded. “I rather care more about our friends, their feelings, and the other ponies that we wrote about it.”

“Yeah, you can’t force us to keep gossiping.” Scootaloo smirked, but that was soon dropped upon seeing the evil smile on Diamond Tiara.

“When you see these…” She threw a folder filled with many pictures of the Crusaders, much to their shock upon seeing embarrassing photos. One was Apple Bloom of her as a little baby having applesauce all over her body. The next one had Sweetie Belle with a case of a bad hair day, and another had Scootaloo snuggling against a stuffed teddy bear. “You may not want to quit after all.”

“W-what?” Apple Bloom muttered.

“I told Featherweight to document everything…” Diamond Tiara evilly smirked. “And that’s exactly what he did!”

“But wait, there’s nothing of me.” Carrie pointed out. “Which means I can tell on you for what you did.”

“Go ahead, and I’ll post these on the school newspaper.” Diamond Tiara smirked. “Besides, it’s property of the Foal Free Press. And if Gabby Gums really does go into retirement, I’ll need something to fill that empty column space…Actually, I can post them and just take the title of Gabby Gums anyway.”

“You don’t scare me Diamond Tiara.” Carrie stated.

“Sure, go on ahead. Tell on your big brother and you’ll end up being the cause of humiliating your friends.” Diamond Tiara smirked. Carrie widened her eyes in shock before looking over at her friends, seeing the pleading looks on their faces. Carrie didn’t want to humiliate her friends so she looked down with a sad look.

“O-okay…I’ll be quiet.” Carrie muttered.

“What was that? I don’t think I heard that.” Diamond Tiara asked mockingly, wanting to hear it louder.

“I said that I’ll be quiet.” Carrie sighed.

“Good answer.” Diamond Tiara evilly smirked as Carrie glared at her. “See what happens when you mess with me?”

Carrie blinked in surprise upon seeing a shadowy figure next to her as a dark aura surrounded Diamond Tiara.

“W-what?” Carrie wondered.

“Now excuse me…I must go.” Diamond Tiara stepped out of her chair and began leaving her office.

“H-hey wait! Where do you think you’re going?!” Scootaloo demanded.

“None of your beeswax!” Diamond Tiara scoffed. “Now get out there and bring me more Gabby Gums!”

With that, she opened the door and slammed it shut which nearly made them flinch while Featherweight simply side-stepped away from them.

“I don’t get it…” Apple Bloom turned to Carrie and asked “Why did you agree on her offer?”

“Because…I didn’t want to get you girls humiliated because of me.” Carrie explained sadly. “I’m sorry…it was so stupid of me to do that.”

“No…that was a nice thing you done for us.” Sweetie Belle smiled. “Well…other than the other things you kinda done for us.”

“Yeah, but now what? We’re being blackmailed!” Scootaloo exclaimed, reminding them of their current situation. “First we began unintentionally hurting ponies’ feelings across town, next Diamond Tiara posts a newspaper article about humans eating meat that quickly makes the town go so crazy at them and not in the good way, and now we’re being forced to continue hurting more ponies’ feelings by our work. What are we gonna do?!”

“Well even if we did told them, I doubt that they would ever forgive us for what we’ve done.” Sweetie Belle sighed sadly.

Suddenly, they heard the door immediately opened, revealing two older siblings that Carrie and Sweetie Belle recognized!


“Sweetie Belle!”

“Big brother!”




“What are you two doing here?” Carrie asked curiously.

“We’re here to rescue you all!” Rarity said before hugging Sweetie Belle tightly. “I was sure enough that the angry crowd might’ve gotten you all hurt or worse!”

“What’s important is that you’re all safe.” Mason smiled before hugging his sister tightly as well before looking over her with a soft smile. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah…I’m alright big brother.” Carrie nodded, much to Mason’s relief.

“Okay, now let’s get back to the others.” Mason said, taking Carrie’s hand.

“I agree. Let us go.” Rarity nodded.

“Wait what? But why?” Scootaloo asked, oblivious to know about this.

“You don’t know?” Mason asked incredulously. “Everypony in Ponyville are practically storming towards the home-ship as an angry mob! Until the crowd calms down, I don’t think we’re ever gonna show our faces in Ponyville ever again…”

“No…” Carrie muttered.

“That can’t be! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” Sweetie Belle cried out, confusing Mason and Rarity.

“What in Equestria are you talking about Sweetie Belle?” Rarity questioned her sister with a suspicious gaze.

Sweetie Belle widened her eyes and began sweating nervously. “U-uhh…n-no! No! Of course not my dear sweet sister! Now come on! Let’s get going!”

“Sweetie Belle….what exactly are you and your friends hiding?” Rarity raised a brow.

“N-nothing! I told you my dear sweet sister that everything’s alright between us, right girls?” Sweetie Belle chuckled nervously, glancing towards her friends. “RIGHT, girls?”

“O-oh yeah!” Apple Bloom nodded as she and the others began chuckling nervously, furthering their suspicions on both Mason and Rarity as the two looked at each other with blank looks.

“Carrie, tell me what exactly is that you’re hiding, now.” Mason said sternly.

“O-of course not big brother!” Carrie stepped back a bit before grabbing her bag and attempted to try and act innocent but not before she tripped over and the contents of her bag fell out of it, including a book that Rarity was all too familiar with.

“M-my…diary?” Rarity widened her eyes before glaring over at the girls, including Mason. “So this whole time…Gabby Gums were you girls all along?!”

“I-I’m sorry Rarity!” Sweetie Belle pleaded.

“How could you girls do this to us?!” Mason demanded. “Carrie, you should know better about posting things that ponies find offended and now the whole town hates us.”

“Mason…allow me.” Rarity assured with a calm look. She turned to the girls with a scolding look that could’ve traumatized anyone who dare makes contact with it. “How could you girls do this to us?! Sweetie Bell, Carrie, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, you girls know better about posting things that ponies find offended and now the whole town is trying to get rid of Mason and the others! Is that what you wanted?!”

“No…” Carrie and the girls shook their heads sadly.

“We didn’t mean for this to happen…we wanted to stop this but we were forced to keep going…” Carrie explained sadly.

“What? What do you mean?” Mason asked, softening his expression. “Carrie…did something happened that made you and your friends write more of those hurtful comments on the school newspaper?”

“Y-yeah…but we can’t tell you.” Carrie shook her head, much to the older siblings’ confusion.

“…Something did happened, did it?” Rarity guessed, which the girls nodded. “Well…while I do not appreciate for what you girls done, we shall talk about this later. Right now, we need to head back and make sure the others aren’t hurt by the crowd.”

“Agreed.” Mason nodded before walking over and bending down to his sister’s height. “Carrie…I know that you wouldn’t do this and I’m not mad at you, just disappointed on you.”

“I’m sorry.” Carrie apologized, sniffing miserably. Mason gave Carrie a little hug to cheer her up while Rarity and the rest of the girls smiled over them.

Rarity soon turned to her sister and her friends and said “And I’m sorry for scolding you like that earlier. Maybe I should’ve gone a tad bit easier on you.”

“It’s okay Rarity, we deserved that.” Sweetie Belle nodded.

“And you know what? Who cares if we get embarrassed?” Apple Bloom asked herself with a smirk. “Come on! Let’s go!”

“Huh? To where?” Scootaloo asked.

“Back to the home-ship, of course…” Apple Bloom answered, which Carrie and the others caught on. “But first, I think it’s mighty time for everypony to know who Gabby Gums is.”

Carrie, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo smiled over at their friend and nodded, while Mason and Rarity looked over at their sisters and friends ready and taking responsibility on their actions.

“You don’t suppose I went too far with them, right Mason darling?” Rarity questioned, which Mason shook his head.

“Well no, but seeing them here means that Carrie and the others are growing up.” Mason smiled.

“Yes…I suppose so…” Rarity nodded.

“Okay, but how are we gonna do that?” Scootaloo asked.

“I think I know where Apple Bloom is going with this…” Carrie formed a smile. “And I like it.”


“Oh goddammit!”

Oh man, this is so not good! Apparently that the angry mob been getting stronger with all the banging onto the door.

“Seriously, what are they using to keep ramming the door? A log?!” Kaede exclaimed. As we continue to hold back the door, the door immediately flew opened, causing all of us and the stuff that was blocking the door to blast off and into the ground where thousands of ponies walked into the room with angry and outrage expressions.

“Stop it everypony! Calm down!” Twilight begged.

“How could you join and take their side?!” One of the ponies from the crowd exclaimed angrily.

“Because we trust them!” Applejack retorted.

“They’ve done nothing wrong! So what if they eat something that you guys don’t bother to eat!” Rainbow added, only to be furthering the crowd’s anger.

“Oh no! We’re doomed!” Pinkie yelled.

“Serves them right!” Huh? We looked over to see Diamond Tiara walking over with a satisfied smirk on her face. “It shows you that these new species that appeared out of the blue, which are called humans, cannot be trusted.”

“What? Diamond Tiara?” Jamie asked in surprise. “W-what are you doing here?”
“I’m actually to cover the story to find out whether or not that humans are to be trusted.” Diamond Tiara answered bluntly.

“Wait…” Jack gritted his teeth in anger. “Are you telling us that…?”

“Oh no, that was Gabby Gums herself.” Diamond Tiara chuckled. “But I guess it’s no point anymore.”

“What…do you mean?” Nicole asked, raising a brow of suspicion over at her.

“It doesn’t matter because we can’t simply trust you lot anymore.” Diamond Tiara scoffed. “And those siding with these humans can’t seem to be trusted anymore it would seem.”

“D-Diamond Tiara, how could you say that?” Twilight gawked at that.

“And since when did she even care about species?” Spike whispered to Rantaro, who only shrugged as he kept his gaze at Diamond Tiara.

“W-why are you doing this?” Kaede demanded. “We haven’t been eating any meat at all in this world! We swear! We don’t anymore since getting here!”

“Shut up!” One of the ponies shouted as they slowly began walking towards us with angry looks, almost having the intent of killing us. Kodi stepped forward and growled and barked at them while Fluttershy held onto me in fear as I looked at them with a worried and scared look. Oh man, this is not how I want to die right here! I haven’t solved all the mysteries of this world and how do we even get back!…Is this the end?

"Stop it!" a voice called and Sarah and her dragons suddenly leaped between us and the crowd.


I never claimed to be perfect
My mistakes are all written in ink
None of us claimed to be perfect
And it's sad if that's what you all think

Our flaws helped to make us special
They bond us and keep us strong
Our flaws are what brought us together
So stop actin' like somethin's wrong


We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work

Yeah, we're not flawless
We're a work in progress
So tell me what flaws you got, too
'Cause I still like what's flawed about you


They say I'm a big shot
That my temper the size of a mouse
My confidence comes off as cocky
But it gives me the courage to fail


Sure, I can be so quick to act
I'm impulsive, it's true


And I can be too stubborn to think
There's such thing as being to stubborn to cause


We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work

Yeah, we're not flawless
We're a work in progress
So tell me what flaws you got, too
'Cause I still like what's flawed about you


Ponies think I'm all bubbles and laughter
That I don't seem sincere
To be the happy one a little too much
But I'm just so happy you're here


It took me a while to be confident
To really come out of my shell


But nopony has to be perfect
Just accept the difference and see the impact


We're not flawless
We're a work in progress
We've got dents and we've got quirks
But it's our flaws that make us work

Yeah, we're not flawless
We're a work in progress
So tell me what flaws you got, too ((Sarah): You got, too)
'Cause I still like what's flawed about you

The crowd looked to have remorse and apologetic looks after hearing Sarahs' song.

"Hey humans...we're so sorry."

"Sorry if I called you a monster."

"Could you ever forgive us all?"

"Would somepony like a muffin to accept our apologies?"

I looked over at the crowd with a surprised look while some of the others had bewildered looks and smiles on their faces. I let out a smile before nodding and replied "Yeah, it's okay everypony. After all, you know the saying folks 'Everypony deserves a second chance', am I right?"

The crowd murmured in agreement now sporting calm and happy looks instead of the angry looks they had a moment ago.

"Well that's a relief. Glad that's over." Rantaro sighed. "Heh, for a minute there, I thought for sure those guys might've tried to kill us or something."

"Don't say stuff like that!" Rarity exclaimed angrily. "We wouldn't dare resort to such violence!"

"Sure, say what you want beautiful." Rantaro shrugged nonchalantly, ignoring the squawking coming out of her. "That song was awesome, Sarah!" Pinkie cheered.

"Woo-wee. I knew you could sing but never that good." Applejack commented.

Sarah blushed a little. "Hehehe. You really mean it."

"Hell yeah!" Jack said. "You're song got right through to them."

Our dragons nuzzled Sarah. That's when Mason and the girls were seen making their way through the crowd carrying a bunch of newspapers in their hands and hooves. “There’s something you all need to read!” Apple Bloom pleaded.

“It’s made specifically by us!” Carrie added with a soft grin. “It’s…something that we want to say and tell you all that we’re sorry.”

“….Huh?” We all asked with blank looks.

“What they’re saying is that they’re-”

“Gabby Gums.” Nicole answered, cutting Mason off. “Gabby Gums wasn’t just one journalist. It consisted of these three girls, and your little sister, am I right Mason?”

“Y-yes…” Mason nodded.

“So wait…it was you four all along?!” Rainbow exclaimed in shock.

“The hell?!” Jack exclaimed, also shocked by this. Everypony in the crowd murmured among themselves in shock, confusion, and surprise.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Diamond Tiara hissed. “If you tell them anymore, then I’ll post all those embarrassing photos of you idiots to the whole public to read and see!”

“Oh? Do you mean this file?” Rantaro held a file in his hands with an amused smirk on his face, which Diamond Tiara widened her eyes in shock.

“What?! But how?!” Gizmo climbed onto Rantaro’s shoulder as the two fist-bumped each other with smirks on their faces.

“You should really keep a close eye on your stuff. But out of my gratitude, I’ll keep a close eye on this.” Rantaro snickered, much to Diamond Tiara’s anger as she tried to swipe it away from him.

“Give it back you idiot!” She jumped over and over to reach the file, but Rantaro refused to.

“Yeah…no.” Rantaro replied bluntly. Diamond Tiara growled angrily before kicking him in the leg, which didn’t faze him at all. “You know that I’m still alright, right?”

“Grrr!” Diamond Tiara’s left eye twitched in anger.

“Thanks Rantaro.” Carrie thanked with a smile. Rantaro bowed with a mocking smile and replied “Whatever you say, your majesty.”

“Don’t push it.” Mason said sternly.

“So what does those newspaper say anyway?” Kaede asked in confusion.

“Well…” Apple Bloom and the other girls looked at each other with worried and concern before looking back at all of us. “Before you all get angry and scold us all for what we’ve done, we just want you all to read this over and say what you all think.”

“Here, we have them right here.” Mason said, handing one for each pony and even us to have. Kodi, Fluttershy, and I looked over at the new newspaper that Mason handed us as I began reading aloud.

“To the Citizens of Ponyville, For some time now, you’ve been reading this column to get the latest dirt and the hottest buzz. But this will be my final piece. We want to apologize for the pain and embarrassment we’ve caused. You see, I’m actually three little fillies and one human girl, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Carrie Hunter. As the popularity of our column grew, we got swept up in the hype. We knew that what we were doing didn’t feel quite right, but we ignored the guilt because everypony seemed to want to read what we were writing. From now on, we promise to respect everypony else’s privacy, and we won’t engage in hurtful gossip anymore. All we can do is ask for your forgiveness, Ponyville.

Signing off for the very last time,

XOXO, Gabby Gums."

…Wow, this is so beautiful. Me, Fluttershy, and Kodiak looked at each other with awe and shock before smiling over at the three Crusaders and Carrie and everypony else seemed to be finish reading it as they stared at the little girls who wrote this.

“They meant it in every word.” Rarity smiled, hugging her sister a bit.

“And didn’t mean to write all those hurtful comments to you all.” Mason added, ruffling his sister’s hair which made her laugh. Apple Bloom looked over at her sister, who sported a stern look on her face.

“You’re…still mad at me?” Apple Bloom asked in concern.

“Well while I don’t appreciate writing lies about me nor your brother…” Applejack pulled her over for a hug, along with Big Macintosh, who smiled over at his little sister. “But I’ll forgive ya Apple Bloom.”

“Eeyup!” Big Mac nodded in agreement.

“Rainbow Dash! I am so sorry for writing all those mean comments about you and send it up all the way to Cloudsdale!” Scootaloo apologized, seeing Rainbow Dash’s angry look. Rainbow Dash looked at her for a while before smiling and hugging Scootaloo.

“Are you kidding? After reading that whole thing, there’s no way I could stay mad at you like that!” Rainbow laughed, much to Scootaloo’s joy. Everypony seemed to nodded in agreement while the rest of us felt heart-warmed by this scene.

“You know…that went better than any of us expected.” Jamie stated, blinking in surprise.

“You can say that again.” Kaede sighed in relief, which I nodded in agreement. You can say that again, Kay. But you know, I still can’t believe that it was Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Carrie that would do all that gossiping. But at least they finally learned their lessons….

“This isn’t fair!” And of course the moment had to be ruined. We all gazed at Diamond Tiara as she began panting heavily and her eyes…it looked nearly blank like they devoid any emotion at all. “This isn’t fair…what about the humans? There’s no way you all can forgive them, especially for eating our flesh and meat.”

I turned to Diamond Tiara with a serious look, but before I could say anything, someone else beat me to it.

“You’re wrong Diamond Tiara! Ren and the others don’t eat our kind!” We all gazed at Fluttershy, who surprisingly had a serious and scolded look on her face like she was angry or something.

“Sure that they eat, but they told me that there are many other animals that they protect and don’t try to eat them in order to protect and preserve their species! That’s what I do as an animal caretaker along with other ponies and creatures out there protecting and preserving animals to save from extinction! Think about the good times and how many times they saved us from Cerberus and the other bad things that occurred in Ponyville! They showed kindness, generosity, been honest with us, and showed their loyalty, and you’re all just gonna call them ‘monsters’ even though you all don’t show any concern or even care how they feel right now?!”

Oh my frigging god…I never thought I would hear it from her of all ponies. Fluttershy panted heavily before widening her eyes with a small tainted pink blush on her cheeks before flying over and hid behind me in a flash.

“W-well…if it’s alright with you all.” Fluttershy muttered.

“Whoa, never thought that she would even say all that.” Jack muttered.

“It would seem that she’s starting to overcome her nervousness.” Nicole stated, looking over her iPad. “Besides, what she spoken is quite encouraging I would say. But that’s not the only thing that you all should be angry at, you all should be suspecting Diamond Tiara.”

“What? Me?!” Diamond Tiara exclaimed.

“I figured that you had something to do this.” Nicole said with a stern look on her face. “Apparently I can tell considering the newspaper.”

“The…newspaper?” I asked in confusion.

Nicole nodded before picking up the article of Jack eating a burger along with the paper of Fluttershy and her tail extensions, much to her embarrassment.

"You see these two articles? They look different due to their wording." Nicole explained. "Gabby Gums consisted of these little girls and been unintentionally hurting you ponies' feelings, but the one about Jack wouldn't be something they wrote because Carrie is a human and she would know better than to reveal something so hurtful to cause all this."

"Exactly." Rantaro smirked. "I had a feeling that something was weird considering that Carrie is very trustworthy and would never dare try to ruin a secret, so she couldn't written it...right Diamond Tiara?"

"Y-you think I did this?" Diamond Tiara narrowed her eyes. "It could've been those idiots before! They could've easily taken a picture while you guys were distracted!"

"No, I saw them." Rantaro answered, much to Diamond Tiara's confusion. "I saw them go into the elevator while I was busy looking around the place to mind my own business and I just happened to see them go through the central elevator out of the mall district, so technically speaking, they do have an alibi."

"Ah!" Diamond Tiara gritted her teeth in anger.

"And other than that, you seemed to be the most obvious choice considering that you have this file, right?" Rantaro smirked. "And when I saw the girls having those relieved looks, I knew there was something that they didn't want to be revealed."

"And if I had to guess, I say that this file contains something forces them to either do all those rude comments and not wanting them to quit, correct Ms. Diamond Tiara?" Nicole asked, seeing the upset look on her face. "I could tell that from your outrage look that you're admitting this is all your fault, right? Also, you may have fooled everyone but I'm afraid that isn't possible for neither me or Rantaro due to the two different newspaper articles."

"You both could tell by all that?!" Kaede exclaimed in shock.

"Ooh! I knew that she was psychic!" Pinkie smiled brightly.

"I-I have heard that her psychology and observational skills were quite advanced, but I never i-imagined it was this advanced." Jamie muttered loudly, having a surprised look on his face. Diamond Tiara growled in anger until Sarah approached her, "Now that we have that settled, I believe you should leave now."

"You can't tell me what to do!" Diamond Tiara claimed.

"I said now." And then Sarah gave a loud lion roar in her face, shocking her. When she was finished, Diamond Tiara ran away at the speed of light. Sarah smirked and turned back and crowd and all of us were amazed. The crowd dispersed as Mason patted his sister's head with a satisfied smile. "Well I'm just glad this is all over now and hopefully the town and possibly all of Equestria will accept us again due to finding out about our diet."

"Yeah." I added. "Thanks to our little singer here." I rubbed Sarah's hair, making her giggle. The crowd took their leave out of our home, Thank goodness everything is back to normal for us.

Episode 20: The New Hybrid in Town

View Online

I was flying over Ponyville with Moonshine and Winter by my side. I looked down at Ponyville. All the while music was playing in the background as the townsponies came out of their homes. Me and my dragons landed on the ground.


Every single day there's something new you can plan for
Every single day there's something wonderful to do
But nothing makes me happy like a day that I can say
"Today I train a dragon, and it's just for you!"

Vendor Pony: How's it going today, Sarah?
Me: Great, thanks! Got any lassos today?
Vendor Pony: [chuckles] You betcha! New dragon training?
Me: Don't you know it!


Don't have much time to gather all the things I need
If I'm really gonna make this training fly
For today's another day that all of Ponyville will say


There goes the super human hybrid Sarah Gem!

(Mr. and Mrs. Cake)

She trained a Monstrous Nightmare which we thought could not be trained
When Sarah was finished it behave just like a dog

(Diamond Tiara)

She trained a Deadly Nadder, my dad made her, I won't lie
We demanded all the best I suppose she passed the test
Sure it was pretty good all thanks to Sarah Gem

Me: Thanks, I guess?
Food Vendor: What food do you need?
Me: I'm gonna need fish and fruits!
Food Vendor: Some meat too?
Me: Yes, if you please!
Peachy Pitt: And what from me?
Me: Your biggest herbs! This trainees' gonna be the best!
Peachy Pitt: Haha I don't doubt it!


Every single day there's something new we can plan for
Every single day there's something wonderful to try
But nothing makes us happy like a day that we can say
"Today there'll be a dragon trained by Sarah Gem!"

Rarity: I don't know how she does it.
Twilight Sparkle: Wow, look at her go!
Applejack: Oh, boy! This is gonna be good!
Fluttershy: Go, Sarah, go!


There's no other hybrid like her, no human that could be
As great! (As great!) As strong! (As strong!)
As our super human hybrid Sarah!

Ren and the others then came, "Gotta say Sarah, you and your dragon skills sure are something." Ren commented.

"Hell yeah! Not bad newbie." Jack added.

I blushed a little, "Hehe, thanks guys." I said. Moonshine and Winter nuzzled me and my dad came up to me. "I'm so proud of you, honey."

"I don't think there's anyone who can match your skills." Twilight said.

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that." a new, deep voice came. Two ponies jerked to the side, revealing another human hybrid!

This one was a male with short, brown hair and purple eyes with red shading. He was tan and a unicorn horn like Sarah.

"What the- Another one?!" Ren exclaimed.

"What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

The ponies began to mumble among themselves. My dad took a closer look at the hybrid and gasped. "I can't be."

"Oh yes, it is Donny... or should I say... Dad." the male hybrid said.

Everybody gasped in utter shock. "Dad? Big D, what is he talking about?" Ren asked.

My dad sighed and explained, "He's another hybrid me and Douglas created together."

Everybody was jaw-dropped. "After I rescued Sarah. Douglas was furious, so he created another hybrid, but male, and implanted the same abilities Sarah had into him. When he found out Sarah was missing, he went after her, but he must have ended up somewhere different than the home-ship."

"My dad is correct." the male stated in a gruff tone. "The name is Justin Emerald. You can all me either 'Justin' or 'Emerald' I'll accept either one."

Pinkie Pie immediately bounced up to him. "Hi, my name is Pinkie Pie, is nice to meet you Justin. We never knew Sarah had an brother, not even her-"

"Grrr. Shut it!" Justin suddenly yelled, silencing Pinkie Pie and surprising everyone else. Justin grunted and walked over to me. "Come on, sis. Let's go." he grabbed my hand and led me away from my friends and everyone else, followed by my dragons.

Third Person POV

Rarity scoffed, "How rude."

"Well my brother did make him a bit... aggressive." Donny stated.

"Aggressive? More like down right ignorant!" Kaede said.

"I agree." Jack added. "I'm gonna go follow them. To make sure he doesn't harm, newbie."

"Us too." Ren stated.

"Count us in too. We'll make sure that new fella doesn't harm Sarah." Applejack added. The Mane 6, Ren, Jack, Jamie, Kaede, Nicole, Rantaro, Mason and Carrie followed the pair to the forest where the home-ship was. They found Sarah and Justin a few feet from the home-ship. Justin was busy bashing rocks, kicking trees, and smashing bushes like a rouge.

"Justin, what are you going?" Sarah asked.

"Protecting you." Justin stated. "You don't know what dangers lie in these forest or with those friends of yours."

"Oh, Ren and the others would never hurt me." Sarah stated with a bright smile.

Justin growled, "Whatever, I still don't trust them."

"And why not?" Twilight asked as she and the others came towards us.

"We would never harm a single hair on Sarah, you brute." Rarity defended.

"Hmph. You say that now, but I still don't buy it." Justin said then he hissed at them like a changeling, grabbed Sarah's hand forcefully and dragged her into the home-ship. Moonshine and Winter followed and Justin slammed the door behind them. "Ugh! I cannot believe him!" Rarity stated.

"That fella had too many bad apples." Applejack said.

"He's acting like Jack but twice as bad." Fluttershy stated.

"Hey!" Jack exclaimed. "Wait.... yeah, she right."

"Oh great just what we need another one.” Kaede groaned.

"I can't see how you two can be brother and sister." Ren claimed.

"I know is doesn't seem like it but siblings are siblings now matter how each one acts. If Big D says they're brother and sister then they're brother and sister." Jamie said.

"Hmph. Well, I think he's a big meanie." Pinkie said.

"Guys, stop please. He's still Sarah's brother and any family member of Sarah's is a friend of ours. So we should try to befriend him, for Sarah's sake." Twilight stated.

Her friends sighed and agreed to try and befriend Sarah's brother.

POV Ends

I was still a little surprised that I had a brother or that he was so... hostile towards my friends, but either way he was still my brother. I showed him my room where my pokemon and dragons were. They were all surprised to see a male version of me in the room. "Dratini, Rockruff, Riolu, Mareep, Moonshine, Winter, Storm, this is my brother, Justin. Justin, these are more of my friends."

"So you have dragons and pokemon living with you?" Justin asked.

"Yes, my friends have dragons too." I grinned.

"Hmph. Whatever."

"Hey Justin." We both turned and saw Twilight and the girls in the doorway. I started to walk towards them but my brother blocked my path, "What do you want?" he hissed.

"We just wanted to see if you'd like to hang out with us." Twilight offered.

"Hmmm... fine." Justin grumbled.

Soon we were all out walking through Ponyville with Ren and the others. Justin was steady looking side to side at all the ponies and dragons in the area. "So Justin.. umm... how was it to have two fathers." Rarity asked nervously.

"Fine." he stated.

"And uh.. what do you like to so for fun?" Twilight asked.

"I don't do fun." Justin replied.

"Oh come on, there's gotta be something you like to do." Ren said. "Like hanging out with your friends."

"Sorry, I don't do anything fun." Justin repeated. "Or have any friends. I only have my sister."

"Oooh." I said. We went over to some pretty flowers on the ground. "Cute Flowers." I said. Justin came over and rolled his eyes. "Can I leave now? I'm don with this and all of this friendship nonsense." he grumbled.

"Well... if you want." Fluttershy said shyly.

"Good." Justin said. With that, he walked away from us and further into town, hissing at anypony who came close, scaring them.

Ren's POV

Well that was a total bust. Trying to befriend Sarah's brother was a failure. "Well that could have gone better." Rainbow said. "There is no kindness in that dude. Even Jack is more kind then him."

"I must agree. Even through he's Sarah's brother, he has absolutely no manners once or ever."

"I-I'm sure he'll come around. Hehe." I said nervously, rubbing the back of my head.

"Ren have you not seen how he treats everyone?" Rainbow pointed out. "He hisses at them, breaks everything in sight and acts like he doesn't care about anything."

Just then, the ground began to shake again and their was a small whisper underground. "What is that?" Twilight asked.

We all knew that whisper was from somewhere familiar. Where did we hear it from?..... Oh no! Not them again! Suddenly out from the ground came four dragons were thought were gone forever. "The Whispering Deaths and Screaming Death!" I cried. The four dragons roared loudly and stared at us or more specifically Sarah. They growled and the three Whispering Deaths lunged at her.

"Lookout!" Ren cried. We all separated and the four Boulder Class dragons chased after me as I ran away as fast as I could. "Sarah!" Ren called. I dashed through the forest, jumping over logs and swerving through the trees. Suddenly, one of the Whispering Deaths launched it's spines at me and one struck my leg. "GAH!" I fell to the ground and saw blood gushing from the puncture wound. The three Whispering Deaths hovered over me and the Screaming Death was behind me.

They all roared at me until a blast of magic hit the Whispering Deaths. "Leave my sister alone!"


My brother came flying in on Moonshine and they surrounded me; Moonshine in front and Justin in the back. Moonshine roared at the Whispering Deaths while my brother glared at the Screaming Death. "You want my sister, you'll have to get past me." he declared. The Screaming Death narrowed its eyes at Justin but before it could do anything. Storm came in and launched her spines at the Screaming Death, catching it's attention.

There we saw my friends riding their respective dragons with Ren on Winter and Kaede on Storm. Firestorm blasted the three Whispering Deaths, making them screech and fly away.

Spark and Fire blasted the Screaming Death in the face and Silverspike did the same. Ren and Winter landed beside me. "Sarah, you leg!" Ren exclaimed.

"Ugh... I'm fine." I stammered.

"No you're not." Ren said. "Let's get you back to the home-ship."

While the others and their dragons distracted the Screaming Death and Whispering Deaths. Winter lifted me into the air and flew me back to the home-ship with my brother following from the ground.

Third Person POV

Ren and Winter glided into the home-ship and set Sarah down on the couch. Ren placed her right left on the table as she hissed in pain from the spine. "Alright Sarah, I'm gonna remove the spine." he said.

Sarah nodded and Ren grabbed the spine and quickly yanked it out of her leg. "AGH!" Sarah cried. Ren quickly placed a gauze pad on the wound and wrapped it up in bandages. "There that should be good." he added. Sarah nodded and at that time, Jack and the others came in.

"How is she?" Mason asked.

"She'll be alright." Ren answered.

"Justin, what were you doing out in the forest?" Carrie asked.

"Leaving. I'm done with all of you." Justin stated in his deep voice.

"Oh. It's just why bother fighting the dragons then, you could have left them to Sarah." Ren stated with a smile.

"Well I couldn't just let them attack her." Justin replied.

"But I thought you were done with us and you didn't care." Rantaro said.

"I never said that. Sarah's the thing I care about most." Justin said.

"Well you certainly don't act like you care about her." Nicole pointed out.

"Well I'm sorry if I don't get excited about pretty flowers and friendship." Justin grumbled. "Even if I do care about Sarah it's obvious that she doesn't need me anymore."

"Don't need you?" Sarah echoed. "Why would you think that?"

"Because you have all these dragons and others by your side, not to mention your magic. You don't need your big brother watching over your shoulder." Justin explained.

"Oh Justin. Just because I don't need your support now, doesn't mean I won't ever need it." Sarah stated. "You're still my big brother and I will always need you." For the first time since he got here, Justin actually smiled and the two siblings hugged each other. They parted and Justin turned towards Ren and the others, "I'm sorry, I've been acting like a jerk since I got here." he apologized.

"It's okay, Justin. You were just acting like a big brother would." Ren said.

"Well I guess while I'm here, I could explore this country." Justin suggested.

"Great idea!" Jamie said.

"But... what about Sarah?"

"Relax, we'll keep an eye on your little sister." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, we'll watch over newbie when you're not around." Jack promised.

Justin smiled again, "Thank you." Soon, they were all at the Ponyville Train Station. Sarah was leaning on her dad for support. "You'll be careful out there?" Donny asked.

"Yes dad." Justin said. "Take care little sis."

Sarah smiled at him, "I will." The train whistle blew and Just hugged Donny and Sarah. When they parted, Justin got on the train and the gang watched as the train left the station. Justin waved back at the gang as they got further and further away. When he couldn't see them anymore, he sat down in his seat and sighed, wondering what would lay in store for him now.

Episode 21: Raptor Mania

View Online

I was flying over the clouds on Moonshine with Winter and Storm by my side. Winter and Moonshine were all diving in and out of the clouds warbling happily. "Hehe, I know. What a beautiful day." I said. "What do you say, we see what's going on in Ponyville?"

My dragons agreed and they dove right into the middle of Ponyville and landed in town square.

Huh?... Now this was odd. Where is everypony? The town was completely empty. No pony in sight nor human. "Okay... this is strange." I commented.

"Hello?" I called out. "Anypony there!"


No repsonse.Now I know somethings' wrong. "Where could they all be?" I asked myself. My dragons sniffed the ground and snarled, looking around the area. "Guys? What is it?"


Huh? I looked around for a moment. ..Funny I thought I heard-

"Psst. Sarah."

There it was again. I looked towards Sugarcube Corner and saw Pinkie Pie waved her hoof erratically at me, "Get inside now!" she whispered. Moonshine knocked me onto his back and the three dragons rushed into the store which was dark. "Pinkie, what are you doing alone in the dark?"

"I'm not alone in the dark." Pinkie aswered, turning on the lights to reveal Twilight, Jamie, Applejack, Mason, Carrie, Rainbow, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Fluttershy and Rarity. "Okay... what are you all doing in here? And why is the town a ghost town?" I questioned.

"We're hiding." Applejack whimpered.

"Hiding?" I echoed. "Hiding from what?"

"From them." Rainbow said, pointing out the window. I looked out the window and the others crowed around me. Outside were four dinosaurs. But these were no ordinary dinosaurs. These were possibly the smartest dinosaurs that ever lived in the Mesozoic. These were Velociraptors.

The first raptor was bluish-gray skin with a white stripe with metallic blue in the middle going horizontally from her eye orbit, with one side has blue around the eye, while the other side’s stripe stop so at the head, down to the tip of her tail.

The second raptor is a teal color, with no stripes on her back or tail.

The third raptor is green with black vertical stripes running down her back.

And the last raptor is brown with dark blue striping as well as having dark blue around her eyes. The most noticeable trait is the scar on the left side of her muzzle.

I was astonished, "Woah... Velociraptors. Cool!"

"Cool?!" Ren exclaimed.

"They're the most dangerous dinosaurs to have ever lived!" Jamie added.

"We can't have them running around Ponyville!" Twilight added. We all saw the raptors snapping at each other and stopping. They sniffed the ground and turned towards Sugarcube Corner. My friends ducked and hid in the shop while I continued to stare in awe at the creatures. Then I started moving towards the door. "Newbie, what are you doing!" Jack exclaimed.

"Relax, I'm just going to talk with them." I replied calmly.

"Talk?!" Spike exclaimed. He grabbed my pants leg. "You can't talk to them, they'll tear you apart."

"Relax, Spike. Remember, I'm part raptor so I can communicate with them. I'l be fine." I reassured. Spike let go of my pants leg and I walked outside. I approached the four raptors who hissed at me with the one with the blue stripe lowering her body. I made clicking sounds like the raptors.

(0:30 - 0:41)

The raptors stopped hissing and tilted their heads at me. I held out my hand to the lead raptor. She slowly walked towards me, making the clicking sounds I did to her and her pack. "That's it." I whispered. "I'm not gonna hurt you." Her snout was mere inches away from me when...

a beam of magic came between me and the raptor. The raptors roared and hissed as Equestria guards came onto the scene and surrounded the pack. "What are you doing?! Back up!" I cried.

"No way, human. These beats are dangerous and must be eliminated." one guard said.

Eliminated? No way. "You can't do that!" The raptors roared and dashed towards one of the unicorn guards. He fired his magic but it bounced off the raptors' scales and they all leaped over the guard and were out of sight in seconds. The guards growled, "Look at what you've done!" the lead guard, who was a gray, burly stallion with a scar over his left eye. "You let them get away!"

"I was close to earning their trust until you show up." I stated.

"Please. Those monsters cannot be tamed." the leader claimed.

"Sarah!" a voice came. I turned and saw Ren and the others coming towards me. "Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes, I'm alright, but this guy wants to kill the four Velociraptors." I growled.

"So, let them." Rantaro stated, much to my horror.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"Sarah, Velociraptors are extremely dangerous dinosaurs. They can't be running around here where they could kill anypony." Twilight said.

"I'm sorry Sarah, but I have to say the honest truth. These Velociraptors are nothing but a bunch of monsters." Applejack said.

"Monsters?! That's a bit hash don't you think?" I asked.

"No, I do not." Applejack stated. Music began playing and we both started singing.

Those Velociraptors will give you a fright,
Eating ponies both day and night.
They rest for a minute, maybe three,
Then they're eatin' every pony they can see and find.
They don't care about nada, not zilch, no, nothin'.
'Cept bringin' about out total destruction.

Now wait just a minute, there's another side to this,
And if I did not defend them, then I would be remiss.
Those four are harmless with someones' trust.
They care for their own just like we ponies do.

Oh, give me a break, you're bein' too kind.
These creatures have a one-track mind.
Our country is not their restaurant.
But do they ever think what others may want?
No! They don't! And that is just a fact.
These things, they simply don't know how to act.

That's where I have to disagree.
They're loyal to their family.
Keep them safe from threat and harm

You see one comin', you'd better run and hide!
They're big and ugly and mean as sin.
Will ya look at the state our home are in?

They won't cause
Once I gain the packs' trust.

They've turned my life to a total disaster!

(Rarity and Kaede)
Well, I for one don't have a doubt.
These vermin must be stamped right out.

(Rainbow Dash and Jack)
I second that, they've got to go.
These things, they've got to hit the road.

It comes down to just one simple fact
They've crossed the line.
It's time to fight them back!

(All, except Me)
Stop the pack! Stop the pack!
Make them go and not come back!
Stop the pack! Stop the pack!
Make them go and not come back!
Stop the pack! Stop the pack!
Make them go and not come back!

Yes, it comes down to just one simple fact.
They've crossed the line.
It's time that we attack!

"Good, now that we're all on the same page. Let's go get those raptors." the lead guard said. My friends nodded and went off with the guard in the direction the Velociraptors went in, leaving me feeling a little brokenhearted.

Now I was sitting in Ponyville Park with my dragons, feeling dejected. I know Velociraptors have a bad reputation, but I wanted to give them a chance and be my friends like I did with Discord and Pyrite. Speaking of which, "oh now what's my little friend doing out here all alone?" Discord asked, appearing in the air.

"Sarah, what are you doing here?" Pyrite asked, flying down to me.

"Oh... it's just there are some Velociraptors running around and everybody wants to kill them cause they think they'll kill everypony cause of their reputation. I want to give them a chance and befriend them like I did with you two." I explained.

"Well this may be your chance." Discord said, pointing behind me. I turned and saw the four raptors coming out of the bursh and towards me. My heart gave a small leap of joy. I got off of the bench and slowly approached the raptor pack. "Hey girls... remember me." I held out my hand and the lead raptor sniffed it, recognizing my scent. The lead raptor made clicking sounds and moved her nose towards me. Finally, her snout touched my hand and I began rubbing her snout.

I gained her trust.

The other three raptors came around me and started to nuzzle me. Moonshine, Winter and Storm approached the raptors and make warbling sounds and the raptors made the clicking sounds back at them. I smiled at them. The lead raptor turned to me and barked at me, "What? There's something bigger around here?"

The lead raptor nodded. "You and your sisters were tracking it?"

She nodded again but before I could ask her anything else, the royal guards came charging out of nowhere with their horns drawn. The raptors roared loudly and leaped over the bench, bashing a few guards out of their way. Ren and the others showed up and they leaped over the gang and dashed off again, out of sight.

"Dammit! We're never gonna catch them!" Jack exclaimed in anger.

"They are the least of your worries." I said.

"Oh really?" The lead guard mocked. "Because the raptors said there's a bigger, more deadlier raptor that's out here." I replied.

Everyone's eyes widened a little. "More deadly, Please newbie. Nothing is more dangerous than those brats." Jack said.

"Oh really then tell that to the hybrid dinosaur behind you." I replied, pointing behind Jack.

He slowly turned around and was face-to-face with a hybrid that was 10.7 feet high and 24 feet long. It sports toe claws that are similar to those of a Velociraptor, and its color is primarily black with a golden-yellow streak running from the base of the neck to its tail, which bears strong resemblance to lead raptors' metallic blue streak. This hybrid possesses hands with four fingers; an opposable thumb and three main digits.

The shape of its head bears a resemblance to that of a Tyrannosaurus rex, and it has a sprinkled red mark around the eye orbit. The skin around its mouth is flaky and peeling away in some areas, possibly a result of genetic instabilities inherited from the source materials used to create it. Its mouth is also sickly-looking, with ragged teeth.

The lead raptor told me it's name: Indoraptor.

The Indoraptor towered over Jack and roared at him. Jack immediately dashed away as did Twilight and everybody else and the Indoraptor chased after them. "Guys!" I cried. Me, Pyrite, Discord and my dragons chased after the hybrid dinosaur. The Indoraptor cornered everyone in a large alleyway. The unicorn guards blasted it with their magic but, just like with the Velociraptors, it's scales reflected the magic. The Indoraptor towered over everyone. "Umm, any ideas?" Ren whimpered.

"I got nothin." Applejack added.

Me, my dragons, Pyrite and Discord appeared at the mouth of the alley. "Guys!" I cried.

The Indoraptor moved closer to them, ready to attack when the Velociraptors came out of nowhere and pounced onto the Indoraptors back. The Indoraptor was at least twice the size of the four raptors. The Indoraptor tossed around, trying to throw the four raptors off, but the Velociraptors sharp claws helped them hold onto the Indoraptor. The four raptors bit into the hybrid dinosaurs skin and backed off. The Indoraptor turned to face them with it's claws drawn and teeth baring.

The Indoraptor charged at us and we all separated. The lead raptor pounced on the hybrid, going for the neck, but the hybrid grabbed her and threw her onto the ground. The lead raptor got up and pounced on it again, this time with the other raptors joining in. Ren, all my friends and the guards came out of the alleyway and came over to me.

We watched as the four raptors poked and prodded the Indoraptor. Finally, the lead raptor scratched the Indoraptor below the eye, leaving three gaping wounds. The Indoraptor roared in extreme pain and decided its had enough. It turned tail and ran away. The four raptors then turned to us and made the clicking sounds once again. I grinned at them, "Good girls."

"I don't get it." Jamie said. "Why did they... save us?"

The lead raptor barked at him, "She says their only target was the Indoraptor, not anything else. They couldn't let it roam around where it could kill anybody."

Everybody was shocked and feeling a bit guilty. "Looks like someone was too quick to judge again." Discord said, floating above everyone.

"What do you want, Discord?" Rainbow asked annoyed.

"Oh nothing, just saying that every time Sarah seems to find someone or something that either has a bad rap or past, she always manages to make them turn over a new leaf, while her friends automatically assume they're bad news without giving them a chance."

My friends let Discords' words sink and as much as they didn't want to admit it... he was right.

"Guess we haven't been the most supportive friends for Sarah, huh?" Ren admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

"Guess we should have given her the benefit of the doubt." Fluttershy said.

"Sorry Sarah." Rainbow apologized.

"It's okay, guys." I stated. "I'm just glad the raptors are okay."

"From now on, we'll give any new friend of yours whether good or bad a chance at friendship." Twilight said.

I grinned at them. "Soo... what are you gonna do with these four now?" Rainbow questioned.

"We can't possibly let them stay in your room. That's already full." Ren said.

"I think my dad may have a solution for that." I grinned.

"So what are you gonna name them?" Carrie asked.

"Hmm... I think Blue, Delta, Charlie and Echo." The raptors made clicking sounds, meaning they liked their new names. Blue came up to me and nuzzled my cheek. "Hehehe, awww." The other three raptors did the same while my friends and the guards watched with smiling faces.

Episode 22: Stand Up for yourself

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Ren's POV

It was beautiful day in Ponyville and Me, Fluttershy, and Kodiak headed towards Ponyville's marketplace where everyone was busy with their usual shopping spree as I carried a list filled with food Fluttershy needed to buy for her cute little bunny friend.

"Alright Ren, let's split up." Fluttershy suggested. "I'll go and get the Asparagus and Tomato while you get the beets, carrots, and broccoli, okay?"

"Got it Flutters!" I nodded with a grin before we split up to different markets and went to buy some ingredients. Luckily, I had my bits as well as Fluttershy while Kodiak and I headed over to a shop that was owned by a pink elderly pony.

"Oh hello dearies, what do you need?" She asked politely.

"Oh, I was wondering if you sol any beets, carrots, and lettuces here?" I asked politely.

"And we're kinda in a hurry." Kodi added, wagging his tail a bit. The old pony chuckled before petting him gently on the head before giving me such of the items I asked for. Alright, I got the beets, and the carrots, as well as the...umm...

"Excuse me, ma'am? I don't think you got me the lettuces." I said, not seeing it in my bag.

"Sorry dear, we ran out of lettuces early this morning." She apologized. I let out a sigh and replied "It's alright, I'll try and go look for some at another shop. Thanks."

I gave her two bits to pay for them while we headed out in search for some lettuce.

"Where do you think we can buy lettuce at, Ren?" Kodi asked curiously. I let out a shrug and replied "Don't know. Maybe Flutters knows."

"Okay, let's go over to that shop and asked her." Kodi pointed his paw over to where Fluttershy was, who was busy standing in line to buy an Asparagus until she was cut off by a pony wearing glasses. Well that was rude.

"Oh, umm...excuse me, um, I think you just stepped in front of me?" Fluttershy called, but the pony in front just ignored her as she paid for the Asparagus and began leaving. "Excuse me, I think you made a mistake? You see I was actually here first and-"

"Sorry, didn't notice you there." What the?! That's a lie! She totally noticed her and just plain got in front of Fluttershy like she was nothing! That was really rude, you know!

"I know..." Fluttershy sighed. We walked over to her as I asked "You alright Flutters? I saw the whole thing."

"Don't worry Ren, like she said, she didn't noticed me." Fluttershy assured while I felt unsure about that. I know that she did on purpose on you like that. I wished I could something about that. Oh wait, I have my Hacking Gun...but then again, I can't these guys, even if I want to help out Fluttershy.

Suddenly, we looked over to see an orange coated elderly pony walking up to the stand with a light chuckle.

"Oh, pardon me, sir-"

"Yes, what?" The old stallion asked curiously, pulling out one of those ear trumpets that old people back in my world uses to hear what others are saying.

"Umm, excuse me, you might've cut in front of my girlfriend here." I stated with a calm smile.

"A cut of celery? But this is the asparagus stand." He replied, not hearing what I said correctly.

"No, he said that I think you just cut in front of me." Fluttershy said through the ear trumpet, only to receive a laughter from him.

"Oho, no need, dearies, I'm already in front!" He chuckled before buying an asparagus from the stand and heading out. Well I can't blame since I think most ear trumpets aren't that much helpful for the elderly, no offence to them.

"I noticed." Fluttershy sighed while I put a comforting hand to her shoulder, which made her smile in relief.

"Don't worry. I'll buy the asparagus." I winked before heading over to the stand and tried to buy an asparagus until I was bumped into somepony.

"OW!" We both yelled as I rubbed my aching head before seeing who I bumped into. "Jamie?!"

"O-oh! H-hey there Ren." Jamie greeted, rubbing his head before getting back up with a nervous look on his face. "S-sorry for bumping into you. I didn't mean to..."

"No no, it's alright. Besides, it was just an accident." I assured with a nervous chuckle before smiling over him.

"Oh Jamie!" Fluttershy called as she and Kodiak walked next to me before asking "What brings you to the marketplace?"

"Twilight headed back home to Canterlot with Spike for the weekend and won't be back for a while, so I'm keeping an eye out for the Golden Oaks Library." Jamie explained. "Besides, I went on jogging with Mason and Jack for my basic training, and after we were done, we went to our own separate paths, but while I was walking, I bumped into some ponies who gave me nasty comments along the way."

"Like what kind of nasty comments?" I asked.

"Like saying 'Hey watch it!' and 'Watch where you're going nerd' and all that." Oh wow, did some of these ponies wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something because I've never seen any other ponies to act up like that. Well...the Flim Flam Brothers are just an exception, but still...

"Hey, don't worry, you'll be fine now. Why not we buy the asparagus? I'm trying to buy it for Fluttershy." I replied with a soft grin.

"O-oh...thank you." Jamie smiled softly as we walked over to the stand until we were cut-off by ponies wearing some outfits that might've seen from the 90s.

"...And I was like 'Oh, wow'." One of the ponies said to her friend.

"Umm...excuse me?" Fluttershy called, only to get a scoff from them.

"Uhh, do ya mind? We're trying to have a conversation here." The first pony scoffed. "And besides, you're like in my personal space."

We all looked at each other with concern looks as Jamie stepped in and politely asked "N-no ma'am, but we're here to buy some asparagus and we think that you cut us-"

"So what? Move it or lose it turd." The second pony scoffed, causing Jamie to wince before nervously smiling at her.

"No really ma'am, but we need it. So could you kindly move out of the way?" Jamie asked with a forceful smile.

"My friend is right." Fluttershy agreed, stepping up with a worried look on her face. "We really need to-"

"Seriously, do you need your asparagus's so badly? Get a life." The second pony scoffed, much to my irritation. Seriously, what is their problem? What did we do to them?

"But-" The ponies gave Jamie an irritated glare, causing him to back away in fear. Well that was plain rude. Well I mean he is getting stronger physically, but not emotionally. This could be bad. "N-never mind...."

"He's right. There's no rush." Fluttershy added, backing away as well.

Kodi and I looked at each other in worried before we glared at the two ponies.

"Hey! That wasn't nice! You two were cutting them off when they were trying to buy something!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah! You two aren't even buying anything at all! So what gives you the right to tell them that!" Kodi added.

"Look, we're having a conversation here, so like move it." In front of an asparagus stand? Really? Before me and Kodi could argue more with them, a familiar human-unicorn hybrid appear. "Excuse me, ponies. Would you mind moving out the way, please?" she asked.

"And who are you to tell us that, ya big larb?" The second pony asked irritably.

Sarah expression turned angry and she turned into her rage self. Her hair turned orange as well as her horn. Her body turned red as well. "I said move or else!" she yelled adding a growl for extra emphasis. This time to the ponies got the message and ran away. Sarah changed back into her normal self. "There you go, guys."

"Oh...thank you so much, Sarah." Fluttershy smiled softly as she and Jamie walked over to them.

"Y-yes, thank you for helping us." Jamie thanked.

"Whatever. Maybe next time defend yourselves, especially you nerd." Jack stated, coming over and glaring at the two.

"R-right...sorry. I was trying to, but-"

"Look, just try and learn to defend yourself! We've been training you for weeks and yet you still haven't learned a thing?" Jack asked irritably.

"Jack!" We turned to our left to see Mason, Rarity, and Pinkie walking over to us with the two girls having worried looks and Mason giving Jack a stern one. "You know that Jamie is trying his best, so don't be hard on him!"

"Tch!" Jack scoffed at Mason as he replied "Like I care! I'm just trying to toughen him up, that's all!"

"So what are you guys doing here?" Kodi asked curiously.

"Just came here for some shopping, nothing much Kodiak darling." Rarity assured before turning to Fluttershy and Jamie. "But we saw the whole thing. Fluttershy, Jamie, you two mustn't let them treat you that way."

"Oh, it's-it's really no big deal..." Fluttershy assured.

"Fluttershy, it is." I said with a concern and serious look. "You and Jamie are shy but caring people, but are getting taken advantage from the others. They're bullying you."

"It's alright Ren, I'm used to it." Jamie stated sadly.

"Well it's a frigging problem for us." Jack scoffed while Pinke nodded in agreement as she furrowed her eyebrows and added "Yeah! It's bigger than big. It's double big. You are a pony with a problem!"

"Right...thank you Pinkie Pie." Mason said with a deadpan look before turning to the two people in question. "But she has a point. You two are having some trouble backing yourselves up. It's going to be a problem if this keeps happening."

"What problem?" Jamie asked. "T-there's nothing going on! I swear!"

"He's right. There's nothing wrong with us." Fluttershy nodded.

"Fluttershy, Jamie, I know you too are shy. So am I. But you can't let them walk all over you both." Sarah said to them. "Promise me?"

"Oh, okay!" Fluttershy nodded, understanding what it means now. "I promise. Oh! Good!" We looked over to see that there was three more asparagus on the stand. But two ponies came over and bought the other two asparagus, much to Fluttershy and Jamie's disappointment.

"Oh least there's two more to buy." Jamie sighed, but unfortunately, our luck has overturned as a nerdy pony who almost looked like Steve wait, never mind. Sorry, but anyway, he took the last asparagus and paid for it.

"Oh come on!" Kodi growled.

"Oh, that's okay, I don't mind." Fluttershy assured with a sad look. Rarity came over with a sly gin and said "Watch and learn."

Wonder how she's gonna pull it off?

"Hold it right there, Mr. small and handsome." Rarity called, gaining the nerdy pony's attention.

"Uh, who me?" He asked.

"Oh, of course you. Nopony ever called you handsome before?" Rarity questioned in a flirting way.

"Uhh, that's be a big no." He shook his head.

"Oh, well, they should! How about flexing some of your muscles for me?" She picked up his left foreleg, causing him to blush and smiled weirdly as his green box starting spinning around like a windmill. He then began flexing his foreleg, barely showing any muscles. "Oh my heavens! Do you think a strong, handsome stallion such as yourself could give my friend the last asparagus?"

She used her horn to draw the guy's bit back to him while she took the asparagus from his bag.

"Nuhh...." He nodded, blushing madly before she walked off with a grin on her face.

"Well that was quite a good acting, Rarity." Mason commented with a light smile before frowning a bit. "But was it right to do all that?"

"Yeah, kinda a pathetic way to do that." Jack scoffed. "I rather beat the living crap out of him."

"Oh just stop it, you! Boys like you always uses their fist instead of words." Rarity rolled her eyes, upsetting the biker.

"What you say, loon?!" Jack exclaimed.

"P-please, stop fighting!" Jamie begged.

"Yes, fighting is wrong, you two." Fluttershy agreed.

"Shaddup!" Jack yelled, causing Jamie and Fluttershy to wince in fear.

Sarah appeared before Jack in her rage mode, "Hey, be calm already!" she growled, frightening the biker. "Alright, alright, cool it." he stated quickly with his arms in the air. Sarah turned back to her cheerful self, "Good."

"Don't worry you two, Rarity was just showing off an example on how to defend yourselves." I stated.

"I'm not so sure about this..." Fluttershy said, feeling unsure about doing all that.

"M-me feels wrong." Jamie muttered, only to get a scoff from Jack.

"I done plenty of wrong things when I was a kid and you don't see me complaining." Mason rolled his eyes at the biker before commenting "That's because you're different from him."

Mason turned to the two with a soft smile and said "Don't worry you two. You two just need to pay attention and we can help out with your situation."

"Why can't Sarah just give them her rage side?" Kodi suggested.

"NO!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Why not?" Sarah asked.

"Sarah, your rage side is very dangerous. I mean with the fire hair and loud voice. What do you think could happen if you give that to Jamie and Fluttershy?" Mason explained.

Sarah winced at imagining that. "You gotta a point."

"Um...I guess not." Fluttershy shrugged.

"Y-yeah...I'll give it a try." Jamie nodded with an unsure look on his face.

"Alright then! What else is on your list?" Rarity questioned, handing me the asparagus as I put it into the basket I was holding onto.

"Let's see..." I looked over at the list and said "Next we need is tomatoes."

"Oh wait, did you get everything from your side of the list Ren?" Fluttershy asked curiously, but I shook my head with a nervous smile and replied "No, I only got the beets and carrots. They were fresh out of lettuce."

"Oh, it's okay." Fluttershy sighed. Oh man, now I feel really bad for her. I mean, I'm okay with Fluttershy being shy and timid, it's what who she is. However, she's being pick on some of the ponies here like it's nothing. Well I'm gonna try and help her out of this situation.

"Well we'll come with you guys to help you out." Mason smiled a bit, which made feel glad to hear that.

"Thanks you guys." I smiled.

"You guys are the best!" Kodi grinned before we headed out towards the tomato stand.

"Oh, there's still plenty of tomatoes." Fluttershy smiled before walking over and using her wing to put the tomatoes into her bag before paying the clerk with a single bit. "Here you go."

As she was about to take her leave, the clerk cleared her throat and said "That'll be two bits. Not one."

"Wait what?" I asked in confusion.

"Oh, but last week, it was only one bit." Fluttershy pointed out.

"That was then, this is now." She stated sternly.

"Hey wait! That's not fair!" I exclaimed.

"Well too bad, now move it." She scoffed. Unbelievable...

"It's okay Ren. I don't wanna argue about it." Fluttershy stated, placing another bit on the table. Wait, what the? I saw that smug look on that clerk's face. Well that's clearly unfair to me!

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Pinkie came in with a stern look as she grabbed Fluttershy away and exclaimed "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Minding my own business, maybe you should try it." The clerk stated with an irritable tone. Jeez, is anypony we're meeting woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

"Two bits for tomatoes is outrageous!" You think that's bad? I once went to the grocery store with my dad once and found out that the tomatoes cost like eight dollars. That was quite stupid, am I right? I prefer paying it four dollars for it. "One big is the right price!"

To prove her point, Pinkie took one bit away from the table, much to the clerk's annoyance as she grab the bit back from her.

"I say it's two bits!" The clerk exclaimed.

"One bit!"

"Two bits!"

"One bit!"

"Two bits!"

"One bit!"

"Two bits!

"One bit!

"Two bits!"

"One bit!"

"Two bits!

"Two bits!" Wait what?

"One bit!"

"I insist it's two bits or nothing!" Pinkie grinned.

"One bit and that's my final offer!" The clerk exclaimed, giving Pinkie the one bit while she took the other.

"Have it your way, one bit it is." Pinkie smiled before grabbing the coin away from away as we went our distant ways. I looked back and saw the clerk widening her eyes in shock upon realizing what she did.

"Ha ha ha! Serves her right, right guys?" Kodi laughed.

"You can say that again." I nodded with a grin before turning to Pinkie and said "But holy cow, Pinkie. You just pulled off a Bugs Bunny there."

"I don't know whose this 'Bugs Bunny' guy is, but he sounds hilarious!" Oh trust me, he and Daffy Duck are hilarious in their own ways.

"Damn, pretty clever move." Jack exclaimed with a toothy grin.

"I see, you tricked her with word play. I understand." Jamie nodded, writing it down in his notebook.

"Exactly. You guys need to assert yourself more." Mason stated.

"Yeah! Asserting yourself can be fun!" Pinkie smiled.

"I guess you're right!" Fluttershy smiled.

"So Fluttershy, Jamie, you both feel like giving it a try?" Rarity asked with a smile.

"I-I'm not so sure..." Jamie rubbed his arm bashfully with a doubtful look before bumping into a pony, who was minding his own business. "Oh! So sorry ma'am!"

"Watch where you're going, idiot." She scoffed while Jack growled angrily and tried to punch her, but Mason and I held him back.

"No Jack! It's not worth it!" I exclaimed.

"Ren's right! Just calm down and take a deep breath!" Mason said sternly. Jack proceed to do so as he breathed in and breathed out of his nostrils.

"Alright, alright, I'm cool now..." Jack glanced away while Jamie looked down with a sad look.

"Don't worry Jamie, I'm sure you'll get better next time." Kodi assured.

"Maybe..." Jamie turned his head away, making us look at each other in concern. Oh boy, this can't get worse.

"Oh!" Huh? I looked over at Fluttershy, who was looking at a nearby stand with a surprised look. "I need that cherry!"

Cherry? I narrowed my eyes towards the stand and saw the little cherry that was on the stand by a big stallion with a beard. Oh right, since we're making a vegetable-like sundae for Angel, so it would make sense to buy a cherry. Like they always say, cherry on top.

Suddenly, Fluttershy flew over to that stand and said "Boy, am I glad you have one cherry left. You see, I'm making this special meal for my bunny Angel. He's a very picky eater, and the recipe calls for a cherry on top."

She placed a single bit on the table and said "Here you go."

"...So you say you need this cherry 'very badly'?" The stallion asked curiously, causing some of us to raise a brow at him. What's he planning?

"Oh yes, I'm desperate for it!" Fluttershy nodded.

"Then it'll be ten bits!" Wait what?! Okay, that's just a sick move you're pulling off! I walked over to him with a stern and serious look and said "Now wait just a minute! You can't just give out the price like that! That's so unfair!"

"Sorry kid, not my problem." He scoffed. What the heck?! Does this guy even knows what he's doing at all?!

"Don't worry Ren, I'll handle it." Fluttershy assured with a soft grin, but I felt hesitate about letting her doing that. However, I looked back and saw everyone giving her encouraging looks and gestured me to let her handle this. I let out a sigh and backed away a bit as Fluttershy cleared her throat and gave him a soft smile.

"Hey there Mr. Handsome, I know you wanna do the right things because you're handsome and strong, and big, handsome, strong guys are always nice to everypony, right?"

Well...I know that she isn't wrong there. I've seen gaming characters who are big, handsome, and strong are always nice and friendly.

"Ten bits for the cherry." Jeez, that guy just doesn't give two craps about this.

"Ten bits for one cherry's outrageous! I insist on paying you...eleven bits!" Fluttershy exclaimed while I widened my eyes in shock on what she said.

"Eleven bits?" I asked in confusion. "Umm, I think you got that wrong Fluttershy."

"Oh umm....I mean, nine bits!" Fluttershy corrected herself, but not realizing that's only gonna make things worse.

"Er, now wait a minute." The stallion said, confused by the prices Fluttershy's giving him.

"Okay, twelve bits, but that's my final offer!"

"Fluttershy, no offence but you're just making the prices more worse!" I exclaimed with a worried look.

"Yeah, you're just confusing me." See, even this guy agrees with me!

"Whatever, it's twelve bits, take it or leave it." Fluttershy pleaded.

"Okay, I'll take it!" Wait what? Fluttershy took out her bag filled with bits until I came by and stopped her.

"No wait Flutters! Don't pay this greedy guy your money!" I exclaimed as Rarity and the others came by to help out as well, pulling her away from the stand. "Renny's right! One cherry is not worth twelve bits!" Pinkie agreed.

"But...I was only doing what you did." Fluttershy stated.

"Yeah, and you only made things worse than before." Jack scoffed, only to get a hard nudge on the gut from Mason.

"Look Fluttershy, it was a valiant effort, but you should refuse to give him your business and just walk away." Mason said.

"Yeah, that guy is just making too many prices because he's too greedy." Kodi agreed before looking back and growling at the stallion.

"But...I can't let Angel starve!" Fluttershy exclaimed in worried. "He won't eati it unless I make it just right!"

"Fluttershy, it's just Angel being...well Angel. He loves you for who you are, so I'm sure he might like it." I assured with a soft grin before muttering "Despite being the prickly bunny he is."

"I don't care Ren, I need that cherry no matter what it costs!" Fluttershy zoomed towards the stand with a panicking look on her face. Somehow, the stallion who owned the cherry stand must've heard our conversation as he gave out another outrageous price.

"In that case, twenty bits!" Fluttershy stopped with widened eyes and a hurtful look on her face.

"Twenty?! Oh, but I don't have that much!" Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry Flutters, I got it." Sarah said. She walked up to the stand and started doing what Fluttershy did. "Tweleve bits for one cheery it outrageous."

The clerk then got up in her face. "Oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it?" the clerk threatened. Oh no, this can't end well. Sarah then whistled and out came Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. Oh boy! The clerk pony was shocked at the raptors sudden appearence. "Now, how about we drop that offer to two bits, alright?" Sarah asked with a smug look on her face. The clerk pony nodded rapidly and gave her the cherry for two bits. She walked away and the raptors followed her. The clerk sighed in relief.

"Here's your cherry." Sarah said, handing the cherry to Fluttershy. "Oh.. thank you, Sarah."

"That was pretty slick, newbie." Jack toothily grinned.

"And uncalled for!" Mason said with an upset expression on his face.

"When people play dirty, you play dirty back." Sarah stated.

"Nice." Jack claimed and we both high-fived each other. Mason sighed and shook his head.

"Yeah, you really helped us out there. I can't thank you enough." I chuckled before adding "Well, the raptors were unnecessary, but I'm sure the guy will be alright."

"And besides, I think he kinda deserved it." Kodi shrugged.

Jamie looked sad. "We can't defend ourselves and can't take the insults at all." Jamie sighed sadly. "Face it, we're useless..."

"I wouldn't say you and Fluttershy are useless, you guys are great friends and have great talents." I stated with a smile. "Just ignore them and hopefully you guys will be brave."

"T-thanks...I guess..." Jamie sighed, clutching on his notebook real tight.

"Well either way, I better head over and pick up Carrie from school. I'll see you later." Mason said before taking his leave.

"And I'm late on throwing another party for somepony! See ya!" Pinkie immediately dashed off, leaving a puffy cloud of herself behind before it faded away.

"And I better head back to the shop with Kaede. She's watching it over for me since I told her that I needed a nice stroll for a bit. Bye bye." Rarity then took her leave, leaving me, Fluttershy, Jamie, and Kodiak behind. Man, today's such a rough day for them. I understand that these guys want to stand up for themselves, but no matter, they're just gonna make themselves get bullied more. If only there was something we can do to help them out of their little crisis.

"Ooh, what's that?" Sarah asked.

"What is it?" I asked and she showed us a poster that showed a blur fur coated Minotaur flexing his muscles.

"Saw this flyer hang around town and it just so happens that it tells me about a guy who goes by the name of Iron Will holds some seminars to liven up people's attitudes to make them out of their weak selves." Sarah explained.

"Oh? Really?" Fluttershy asked in surprise. "Y-you really think he could help us?"

"Maybe." I said. Iron Will...that sounds like a pretty tough up name if I do say so myself. But is it even possible for a guy like him to turn ponies from being pushovers to strong and independent ponies? Besides, I'm definitely surprise that they're Minotaurs in this world. Then again, this is the land of Equestria where everything you never imagined exist.

"Do you think that offer was a good idea?" Kodi wondered aloud.

"Well maybe." I shrugged before turning to my friends and asked "What do you guys think?"

Fluttershy thought for a while before smiling softly and said "Well...maybe it could help. As Celestia is my witness, I'm never gonna be a pushover again!"

"Y-yeah." Jamie muttered, nodding in agreement. "'s for the best. Sure I've been training with Jack and Mason for a while, but I...I haven't gotten stronger from my emotions. Besides, nobody liked me for who I am..."

"Jamie..." I said, feeling bad for him.

"Maybe it's for the best. How about we head over to Iron Will and meet up with him? We'll see what kind of guy he is." Jamie suggested. "If what Rantaro said is true, we should go."

"Well..." Fluttershy thought for a while before turning to me and said "Ren, do you think you come with me? I'm too scared being alone."

"Well Jamie is gonna be going with you." I pointed out.

"But...I'm just scared without ya." Aww...well I can't refuse an offer like that.

"Well alright, I'll join in with ya guys." I grinned, which made her smile while Jamie twiddled his fingers a bit and said "W-well...I guess we need someone to help us out if things go awry."

"Right!" Fluttershy nodded before realizing something. "Oh dear! I almost forgot about Angel's special recipe! Oh, but we don't have any lettuce!"

"Don't worry Flutters, I can go and get some back at home. That way, you could make it for him." I suggested, which made her nodded in agreement.

"Thank you Ren." Fluttershy flew up and kissed me on the cheek, causing me to blush a bit. "Now come on, let's go and get the lettuce and after I'm done making Angel's special recipe, we can go to that seminar today."

"Okay, but how do we even find it by the way?" I asked curiously.

"Well I took a closer look at the flyer before Rantaro put it away." Jamie spoke up. "I-it said something about hedge maze center."

"Don't worry, I know where that is, so it shouldn't be a problem." Fluttershy chuckled. "Now come on, let's go."

"Right behind ya Flutters!" I exclaimed before we began walking back to the home-ship to grab that lettuce in order to fully make that sundae vegetable treat for that little devil rabbit.

"You know Ren...the others are always seem to trust you a lot, do they?" Jamie questioned.

"Because he's awesome!" Kodi grinned.

"Well I'm not that awesome, boy." I petted him on the head before turning back to Jamie and replied "Well I've been here way longer before you and the others, and I always had faith and kept encouraging them no matter what to not give up on missions to help make our friendship grow closer, that's what."

"I-I see..." Jamie glanced away, feeling a bit sadden to hear that. Hmm, I wonder if I could help him with that. Though, I wonder...if maybe going to this seminar will really help them out? I'm always there to defend Fluttershy and my friends no matter what.


Sooner or later after we got the lettuce, Sarah, me, Kodi, and Jamie were waiting outside of Fluttershy's cottage to see if she was done or not so that we could go to the seminar. It's already 3:00 by now.

"Are we even sure she's coming out Ren?" Kodi asked curiously.

"Don't worry, Fluttershy's the type to never break promises." I assured with a soft grin.

"Well it would make sense due to her overall kindness and that nice, timid, and shy personality of hers." Jamie muttered loudly, which made me smile about that. See, even he gets it.

Soon, we heard the door opening, revealing Fluttershy exiting out with a sad look on her face.

"Hey Flutters, what's wrong?" I asked, noticing her expression.

"It's nothing Ren, just that Angel didn't like the treat because it didn't taste good enough." Fluttershy replied. "He even kicked the bowl straight towards my face...again."

"Again?" Jamie asked incredulous.

"It happened earlier." I answered. "But don't worry Flutters, it's just that Angel is just being stubborn and prickly as always."

"True, but still..." I placed a comforting hang on her shoulder before giving her a kiss on the cheek and said "Don't worry, when we go to the seminar, I'm sure it'll help you and Jamie to defend yourselves."

"Yeah! You two will do great together!" Kodi agreed, licking Fluttershy on the face, which made her laugh.

"Okay, thanks for the encouragement." Fluttershy smiled.

"Y-yeah..." Jamie nodded, giving us a surprised look on his face. "Although, I've...quite surprised that you would kiss a pony." He widened his eyes as he soon realized on what he said. "Ah! Please forgive me Fluttershy! I didn't mean to say that!"

"It's okay Jamie. I know you didn't mean it." Fluttershy smiled, which made Jamie look away with embarrassment.

"R-right..." Jamie nodded. "So, uhh...should we go now?"

"Yeah, I guess so." I nodded.

"So where is the Hedge Maze Centre anyway?" Kodi questioned.

"Oh, I've read about it once, so I'll lead the way." Fluttershy offered before flapping her wings and flying off while I took out my capsule, hit the button, and threw it in the air, activating my hoverboard. I hopped onto it before turning to Kodiak and Jamie as I said "Well hop on you two!"

Sarah changed into a falcon and followed after Fluttershy and her raptors were following her.

"You got it Ren!" Kodi nodded before jumped onto the back of the board, along with Jamie, who apparently hesitated on doing this.

"O-okay...just don't go too fast, please?" Jamie begged.

"Alright Jamie. We'll go nice and easy for ya." I winked before we flew off and headed straight towards the Hedge Maze Center while we followed after Fluttershy. Hopefully that we aren't late for this thing because this is very important for these two to get stronger.


Well...this is quite the party we're in. We soon finally arrived to the Hedge Maze Center as we saw how many ponies were in this. Holy cow, this Iron Will guy must be really good at motivating people if he's attracted so many fans for a seminar. Sarah changed back into herself.

"Oh! Ah! Uh...excuse me!" Fluttershy stated softly as we tried to find a spot at the front of the crowd. I remained close to her side, along with Kodiak before I heard a soft squeak from Fluttershy the moment we tugged ourselves into a spot. She received angry looks from some ponies of the crowd until the raptors hissed at them, scaring them. We looked back at the stage, awaiting for this Iron Will guy to appear.

"So what do you guys think of this Iron Will?" Kodi questioned curiously. I thought for a while before shrugging and replied "Not sure. I guess we're about to find out."

"Well I hope that he can teach us to stop letting us be pushovers." Jamie muttered loudly, making me and Kodi to look at each other in worried. Jamie must really doesn't like being a pushover, does he?

Suddenly, loud music began playing and soon, the spotlight shined on the stage as smoke filled the area. Oh wow, this is just like when you're going to a concert, huh? Suddenly, a large Minotaur appeared on the stage, swinging and flinging his arms around as fireworks exploded on the stage.

"Whoa..." Kodi muttered in awe. The crowd was even was impressed by this as they began stomping their hooves, creating a lot of thumping sounds. The large Minotaur flexed his arms, displaying his muscles as he kissed each one tenderly.

"Uhh...?" Me and Jamie looked at each other in confusion and uncomfortable at what we were witnessing. I've seen a ton of characters on TV that liked to do that, but this...this is just weird when seeing someone kissing their muscles.

"Welcome, friends!" He announced as he walked on the stage. "My name is Iron Will, and today is the first day of your new life! I wanna hear you stomp if you're tired of being a pushover!" The crowd stomped their hooves, excluding me, Jamie, Kodi, and Fluttershy. "Stomp if you wanna pay nothing for this seminar!" Wait what? Actually, now that I think we have to pay for this seminar? I never thought about that.

And it would seem that the crowd were generally confused by that before letting out some loud laughter. Iron Will looked at the crowd seriously and snorted loudly, causing them to immediately become silent.

"That's no joke, friends. Iron Will is so confident that you will be one hundred percent satisfied with Iron Will's assertiveness techniques, that if you are not one hundred percent satisfied, You. Pay. Nothing." Iron Will stated, causing me and Kodiak to look at each other in confusion about that. Why do I have this feeling like something is off about this seminar, including him? "But I pity the fool who doubts Iron Will's methods."

He faced directly towards a pony beside us and asked "You don't doubt me, do you?"

"U-uh, no sir..." He shook his head, having a scared and nervous look on his face, along with the crowd. Fluttershy held my arm tightly while Kodi leaned against my left arm while Jamie ducked in fear. I get it why they're scared. It's because of this Minotaur. He's quite tough and strong, but also scary to look at.

"That, my friends, is your first lesson." Iron Will announced as he stood on top of two anthro goats, but they had the expression that they weren't bothered by this. "Don't be shy, look at them in the eye!"

"Don't be shy, look at them in the eye...." I heard Jamie muttered, who was getting out of his ducking position. It seems like he's starting to get interested in this seminar, well that's a start.

“Now, to demonstrate that Iron Will’s techniques will work for anypony, I’m gonna need two volunteers.” Iron Will looked around the crowd as everypony raised their hooves up, except me, Kodi, Fluttershy, and Jamie, which the two duck their heads and hid behind me in fear. I gave them a reassuring smile and said “Don’t worry you two, I’m sure that you two are gonna be fine. Besides, it’s not like he’s not gonna choose you two because you two are too timid to do that.”

“You two!” Huh? I looked over to see Iron Will looking directly at me.

“Uh…us?” Kodi asked, putting his paw on his chest.

“Not you mutt, I meant those two behind the weird monkey freak!” Excuse me? Well actually, I’m used to ponies who aren’t friendly to call me names like that. “Get up on stage!”

“U-us?” Jamie asked timidly.

“Yes, you and the yellow pony! Iron Will wants you onstage!” He demanded, frightening them.

“Uh…well…” Fluttershy glanced away nervously, unable…No, too fearful to go up on stage, along with Jamie since these two have stage fright.

“Wait!” I called. “I’ll go! I mean, it’s just that-”

“What? No way!” Iron Will refused while he crossed his arms. “You’re no use! Besides, when Iron Will decides on something, he wants it! So you two get up here NOW!”

"Hey, me too!" Sarah called.

"No!" Iron Will stated. Sarah growled and changed into her rage self which surprisingly didn't intimidate Iron Will, but impressed him. "Alright little human, you can come up along with those two."

“Well…we got no choice, huh?” Kodi asked, realizing that there’s no way to get them from going. I let out a sigh and realized that they were right. I’m just…too worried for them. I let out a smile and said “Alright you guys, you can go. Besides, I know that you two will do great. After all, this is what you wanted, right?”

“Right.” Jamie and Fluttershy nodded in agreement before they and Sarah walked up to the stage, only to have a the two goats blocked their way. Sarah side stepped but the goat side stepped to, blocking her. She side stepped again and the goat did the same thing. Sarah growled a little and gave a hard nudge to the goat, knocking him down on his back. She gave a 'hmph' and the crowd clapped for her.

Meanwhile with Jamie and Fluttershy....

“Umm…e-excuse me sir, c-could you please move?” Jamie asked politely, only to get a snort from him.

“Whoaa! He’s blocking your path! What are you gonna do it?” Iron Will asked.

“Um, politely walk around him?” Jamie guessed.

“No.” He shook his head before crossing his arms.

“Umm…Gingerly tip-toe around him?” Fluttershy suggested.

“No!” What? Those suggestions seem like good ideas to me.

“Go back home and try again tomorrow?” Fluttershy meekly smiled.

“Or give him what he wants?” Jamie shrugged, not directly looking at Iron Will.

“NO!” He yelled, causing the two to flinch while I was held back by Kodiak.

“Ren, don’t! It’s all part of the seminar, right?” Kodi reminded me, causing me to sigh and soon calm down. What was up with me just now? I’m normally calmed and friendly, I guess I was really worried for them, huh?

“When somepony tries to block, show them that you rock!” He lightly pushed them towards the goat, causing the goat to fall down on the floor.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to do that!” Jamie apologized.

“Don’t be sorry! Be assertive!” Iron Will said sternly. “’Never apologize, when you can criticize.’” He cleared his throat and then got into the goat’s face with a threatening look and said “Why don’t you watch where you’re going!”

He looked back at Fluttershy and Jamie and said “Now you try!”

“Uh…” Fluttershy and Jamie looked at each other in fear and worried before they turned back to the fallen goat man as Fluttershy said “Next time, get out of the way before…I bump into you, ‘cause…I totally won’t be sorry when I do!”

“Y-yeah! Or else y-you’ll…facing my problems?” Jamie suggested meekly. Iron Will let out a smirk before grabbing each of their hands/hooves and lifted them into the air and shouted “You see my friends! If my techniques can work for these shy little creatures, then they can work for anypony!”

I…guess that’s untrue. Maybe it could work, even on me. Soon, fireworks popped out of the stage and exploded as the crowd cheered. Fluttershy and Jamie looked at each other in awe before turning to me and smiled happily at me while me and Kodiak smiled back at them. You know what? What was I so worried about? This could actually work. Well I mean, they’re just going to be assertive, not that whole exploding in anger like a crazy lunatic.


“Ren, did you see us? We were so assertive!”

“Yeah, I sure did Flutters. You and Jamie were great out there.” I smiled happily at them as we were back in Fluttershy’s cottage after we spend our time at the seminar. It wasn’t that long, so we came back and began discussing our opinions about the seminar we went through.

“Yeah, it looks like going to that seminar was a great idea, huh?” Kodi joked, which made Jamie smiled a bit.

“Y-yeah…maybe it was. I don’t have to be a pushover anymore.” Jamie stated confidently.

“Yeah, me too!” Fluttershy agreed. “Today is going to be a new day Ren! Just you wait!”

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed before smiling over them and said “Well alright you guys, let’s meet over with the others and see if you put those lessons to use then in case we bumped into rude ponies, huh?”

“A-Alright.” Jamie nodded, returning to his timid self.

“Okay.” Fluttershy smiled before kissing me on the cheek, causing me to chuckle. “Just let me feed the animals first and we can get started.”

“Okay!” I nodded as she flew out of the living room and headed to the kitchen to feed her animal friends.

“You know, I am quite excited to see how are things are gonna turn out tomorrow.” Kodi commented before turning to Jamie. “You sure you can do this, Jamie?”

“I-I’ll try…No, I will.” Jamie nodded, making a determined yet nervous look on his face. “I-I’ve been training with you guys, Mason, and Jack for a while and yet I only grew a little bit strong. Maybe going to Iron Will’s seminar was a good idea. I just want to defend and assert myself to those who might bully me.”

“Well don’t worry. We’re all gonna believe in ya, Jamie.” I chuckled, patting him on the back. “I mean, I understand that you might be afraid and always feel lonely, but we’re all gonna be by your side, Jamie. We’ll always stick together as a family.”

Kodi hopped onto my lap and licked me on my cheek, causing me to laugh while Jamie looked at us with a soft smile.

“T-thanks…” Jamie nodded with a meek smile, which made smile as well. Soon, Fluttershy flew back into the room with a determined look and said “Okay, I feel good. I feel ready to ‘attack the day’, as Iron Will says.”

She let out a giggle before turning back to us.“Ready or not, here comes assertive Fluttershy now!”

“And assertive Jamie!” Kodi added, causing Jamie to feel embarrassed before he clutch onto the book in front of his mouth to hide his blushing. “Come on Jamie, you should at least deserved that nickname.”

“W-well….I guess it’s alright…” Jamie nodded, blushing a bit.

“Now come on you guys, let’s go meet up with the others and tell them about how much assertive you guys became.” I chuckled with a grin while the other two felt a bit proud about that as we began exiting out of the cottage and went up to meet up with the others, only to encounter another elderly pony watering some plants with a hose.

“Umm…excuse me, Mr. Greenhooves?” Fluttershy called. “But I-I think you might be over-watering my petunias…” He gave out a light chuckle while Fluttershy sighed “…Again…”

“Let the professional handle it.” He replied, which caused us to raise a brow at him.

“But if he was one, why is he over-watering those plants?” Kodi whispered to me, which I shrug.

“Good question.” Jamie sighed as Fluttershy stepped up as she held a determined and angry expression on her face, which caught me off-guard a bit. Whoa, I’ve never seen her act like that for a long while, which was from when we first met Mason and Carrie.

She immediately put her hoof onto the hose, causing to overflow inside of it and as soon as it began not to spray water out of the hose, the old pony looked through it until Fluttershy let go of it and released the water, causing it to burst onto him. He coughed and sputtered "Well...perhaps that is enough water..."

"Thank you." Fluttershy smiled before we took our leave and went to cross a bridge towards town. I retained a shocked expression, along with Jamie and Kodi upon what she did as she became excited and exclaimed "I can't believe I did it!"

"Yeah, but was that really n-necessary to do that?" Jamie questioned. "W-wouldn't it b-been better to just take the hose away from him?"

"It doesn't matter you guys! I did it! I didn't stutter or held back like I usually do!" Fluttershy squealed in excitement.

"Well still, he was an old guy so it should be fair to treat him nicely instead of doing all that." I rubbed my head bashfully before we finally arrived to the bridge until we saw two ponies blocking our way with two large wooden containers that had garbage inside of them. "Showpony business is tough." The first garbage pony commented.

"Go ahead, try one of your jokes out on me. I laugh at everything." The second garbage pony smiled. Jokes? These two are trying to be stand-up comedians or something?

"Okay, okay, okay. A donkey and a mule are stuck on a desert island..."

"Umm...excuse me?" Fluttershy called. "Would you mind moving your carts so I can pass?"

"Yeah, yeah, in a minute." The first garbage pony said, waving it off before continuing on with her joke.

"B-but ma'am...we really need to get going." Jamie stated, twiddling with the pencil that was kept as a bookmark for his notebook. "So...could you kindly please move out of the way?"

"Yeah, in a minute." She said with a little force before turning back to her friend about the joke. I noticed a frown that Jamie had in his face before he said "When someone tries to block, show them that you rock!"

Jamie kicked both of the carts, causing them immediately to spill all over the place, much to the two garbage ponies shock.

"Ugh! Easy does it, dude. We're moving, okay?" The first garbage pony sighed irritably before moving out of the way for them.

"Good!" Jamie smirked while me and Kodi gaped at that. Oh my god, I've never seen him act like that before. First Fluttershy, now Jamie?

"I feel like we should stop this, Ren." Kodi said, feeling worried for our friends.

"Me too, but I can't stop them." I stated. "We promised to support them to the end no matter what. I...I don't want to let them down."

"Me too..." Kodi sighed before we followed after the two as we headed back towards Ponyville to see if the others approve of them being 'assertive'. Well I'm starting to have mixed opinions about this.

As we walked around the center part of Ponyville, a green coated pony with brown mane and tail bumped into Jamie, which made him form an angry look on his face.

"H-hey wait a minute! Why did you push me like that?!" Jamie demanded.

" were in the way first, pal." The pony responded with a nonchalant expression.

"First? 'First is for winners! Second is for wieners!'" Jamie exclaimed, getting into the pony's face with an angry look on his face.

"U-uh...Okay pal! I'm sorry! I'm going!" With that, the green pony immediately ran away in fear while Jamie smiled proudly at that.

"I don't believe it, it actually worked. I-I never said that before to anyone or anypony before." Jamie chuckled while me and Kodi felt worried for this, but Fluttershy was clapping her hooves at Jamie and muttered "Yay!"

I'm starting to worried that those two are gonna do something that they might regret because I don't want them to...never mind...


Sooner or later, me and the gang arrived at Sugarcube Corner, where we stand in the middle of a long line, but eventually, the line started moving quickly. I was at the back of Fluttershy and Jamie was behind me, with Kodiak next to me as we waited to be called up next.

"Who's next, please, and what can I get for you today?" Pinkie called as we waited for our turn and once we get our desserts, we were gonna tell the gang about what Fluttershy and Jamie eventually accomplished. I heard a tap behind me as I looked back and saw that somepony slipped past me, Jamie, and Fluttershy, pushing the yellow pegasus back from that said pony.

Jeez, what's up with them? I know ponies and humans are quite similar with each other, but...I just can't help but feel like something is wrong here. I just can't figure out. After being around Ponyville for a year, you would think these ponies were really friendly, kind, and trustworthy. But right now, they're acting pretty strange. Well I think that they're acting pretty strange, but I'm sure you guys are probably thinking so too, right?

"What do you think you're doing?! Didn't you see us?!" Fluttershy exclaimed, forming an angry look on her face.

"Uh, I guess maybe." The pony shrugged, which made Jamie and Fluttershy feel anger rising up.

"Uh oh..." I muttered in fear. This isn't gonna go well, isn't it?

"Maybe? Maybe?!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"'Maybe is for babies!'" Jamie finished Fluttershy's sentence as the latter placed her hoof on the pony and spun her around, making her face their angry looks.

"Now go to the back of the line where you belong!" They both exclaimed.

The pony smiled nervously and began backing away, along with the others who were in front of us as they felt terrified upon seeing them like this. Fluttershy and Jamie flashed cocky smirks on their faces like they were enjoying this.

"Fluttershy, Jamie..." I muttered, now realizing that they're starting to become...jerks.

"Heyyy, look at you!" Pinkie exclaimed as we entered the shop and encountered the others. Rarity, Mason, Kaede, and Carrie were having tea while Jack was eating on a nearby table and ate some cake.

"Oh, your attitude is so feisty, it's fabulous." Rarity added, which the others nodded in agreement.

"I wouldn't say 'feisty'..." I muttered, rubbing my arm bashfully.

"Thanks." Fluttershy grinned cockily.

"Yeah. We learned it from Iron Will's seminar." Jamie chuckled, flashing a small cocky grin. T-there is seriously something wrong with them!

"Iron Will? Ha! That's something I would've come up with!" Jack laughed, slamming his fist on the table.

"So this Iron Will person helped you both learned to be assertive?" Kaede questioned. "Huh, I gotta say that's quite impressive. I'm proud that you two are starting to finally getting assertive, huh?"

"I agree. You two are working hard." Mason smiled. "I'm proud of you two."

"T-thank you." Jamie smiled. "Iron Will may have been scary, like Jack when he gets angry...."

"Hey!" Jack yelled, highly offensive of that.

"Don't lie!" Sarah exclaimed.

Jack growled.

"But he's a great guy that helped us out." Fluttershy smiled.

"Yeah, he helped out too much..." I muttered, which Kodi overheard and nodded in agreement.

"Looks like that monster's workshop really paid off!" Pinkie grinned.

"Yeah! You two must've felt quite nervous going over there, right?" Carrie asked.

"A little, yes." Jamie nodded in agreement.

"But Iron Will's not a monster. He's a Minotaur, and a true inspiration. His techniques really work." Fluttershy chuckled.

"Well, they've certainly made a difference in the way you carry yourself. You truly are a whole new Fluttershy and Jamie." Rarity replied before asking "Although, how did you two ever learn about him in the first place?"

"Rantaro came by after you guys left and told us about Iron Will." I answered, which made the others surprised by this. "Don't worry. He was offering that seminar as a friend, not an enemy."

"Well I still don't trust that bastard." Jack scoffed.

"Well either way, I'm...surprised that he would help out." Kaede chuckled. "I guess you guys own his debt, huh?"

"Yes, yes we do." Jamie nodded with a smile, looking at his book with a grin. "And new Jamie feels pretty stoked about new Jamie."

"New Fluttershy agrees." Fluttershy nodded in agreement, which made feel uneasy about this. Did...those two said that in the third person?

"Why did you two repeat yourselves in the third person?" Kaede questioned, which the two shrugged.

"Well, old Pinkie Pie feels really proud of new Fluttershy. Proud as pink punch!" Pinkie brought out a bowl of pink punch onto the counter with a snort. "Want some?"

She fell down on the floor and started laughing with her face, along with the others. However, Jamie and Fluttershy both had angry looks, like they weren't amused by it.

"W-whoa whoa whoa! Flutters! James! They're not-" Unfortunately, I was too late as Jamie threw the bowl of pink punch towards Pinkie, and getting her wet. The others were shocked about this, even Pinkie.

"You laugh at me, I wrath at you" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"And nobody messes with new Jamie!" Jamie added.

"Oh my Celestia!" Kodi jaw-dropped as Jamie and Fluttershy kicked the doors out of the way and began going their separate ways with Jamie heading back towards the library while Fluttershy let out a whistle, calling in a taxi carriage, much to her joy. But as Fluttershy was about to hop on, another pony came in and jumped into the carriage, not even caring or even worried on what he just done.

"Nopony pushes new Fluttershy around!" Fluttershy exclaimed before jumping into the carriage and started beating up the pony, kicking him out and forced the taxi carriage driver to go. She then gave out a threatening look and exclaimed "NEVER!"

We all widened our eyes in shock, unable to believe that any of this was happening.

"No...way..." I muttered. This isn't happening, right? No way...Fluttershy...Jamie...have you two...change?

"Old Pinkie Pie is not so sure new Fluttershy is such a good idea after all." Pinkie commented.

"Old Rarity agrees." Rarity nodded in agreement.

"We gotta do something and fast before they go too far!" Kaede exclaimed.

"She's right!" I nodded in agreement with a worried and concern look. "I was starting to have doubts when they started testing out the lessons Iron Will taught them, but after seeing all that, I-I'm not so sure they're who they are anymore!"

"You're right. Let's split up and talk to them." Mason suggested. "Sarah, Me, Carrie, Jack, and Kaede will go and help Jamie. You, Kodi, Pinkie, and Rarity go over to Fluttershy. After all..." Mason turned to me with a serious look and said "You're the only one who can help her from her situation."

"...Okay." I nodded.

"Don't worry, I'll track Fluttershy's scent." Kodi assured with a confident grin before sniffing from the ground and began trailing Fluttershy's scent. "Alright! Follow me!"

Me, Rarity, and Pinkie nodded before we began following after him while the others chased after Jamie. Oh man, please Fluttershy! Please be alright!

Third Person POV

Fluttershy was seen in her house, talking to herself in a mirror with an with an excited but aggressive look on her face. Even her animal friends were terrified on seeing her like this.

"You got this, new Fluttershy! This day is yours! And nopony's gonna take it away from you! Am I right?!" She asked her animal friends with a cocky smirk on his face, but her voice was quite terrified as it cause the animals to faint in fear. Fluttershy let out a satisfied 'Hmph!' before exiting out of her cottage.

As she was about to leave, she noticed that her mailbox was filled up with letters, only to have the wrong addresses on them.

"What?!" Fluttershy exclaimed, taking the mail out of her mailbox. "He's delivered the wrong mail, again!"

She looked around before spotting the mailpony with oversize glasses taking out some mail out of his bag and putting them inside another pony's mailbox, only for them to drop on the floor. As he was about to leave, Fluttershy stepped in his way with an angry look on her face.

"Who-?!" Fluttershy glared angrily at him as she exclaimed "And new Fluttershy does not want the wrong mail delivered to her cottage."

"Ooh, did I mix them up again? So sorry about that." The mailpony apologized before taking out her mail. However, she got to his face, causing him to lose his oversize glasses as he widened his eyes in shock.

"'You apologize, I penalize!'" Fluttershy yelled, causing him to immediately run away. Only to get himself stuck inside of the mailbox somehow. She picked up a nearby stamp and placed it on his flank before she walked around and took her mail straight out of the mailpony's mouth.

As she begins walking and a mail carriage immediately coming out of nowhere and helping the poor fella out of the mailbox, Fluttershy was confronted by a tourist, who was looking at a map before he noticed her.

"Excuse me, do you know how to get to the Ponyville tower?" He asked curiously. She smiled and answered "Sure, you just-"

While she was talking, she accidentally dropped her mail into the dirty puddle, getting it all wet .

"AH!" Fluttershy gasped as the tourist commented "Oh, that's a shame!"

Soon, Ren, Kodiak, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie soon arrives to the scene as they witnessed Fluttershy angrily glaring at the tourist.

"'You make me lose, I blow my fuse!'" Fluttershy exclaimed before grabbing his camera and throwing him around before launching him into a hay stack and his camera hit against a bell straight from the Ponyville Tower, which made him happy since he finally managed to find it.

"F-Flutters?" Fluttershy turned back, only to be confronted by her special somepony and friends. Ren was in shocked, unable to process by anything on what just happened.

"Fluttershy! What are you doing?! That's no way to behave!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Didn't you see what he did to new Fluttershy?" Fluttershy reminded her as she continued "And he thought new Fluttershy was a pushover!"

"No Fluttershy! He didn't think of that!" Ren exclaimed.

"Ren's right, sweetie. He didn't. We saw the whole thing." Rarity stated. "We think that you and Jamie taken your assertiveness training a little too far."

"Really too far!" Kodi added, nodding in agreement.

"What?!" Fluttershy hissed, which frightened them a bit. "You just want new Fluttershy to be a doormat like old Fluttershy! But old Fluttershy is gone!"

"What?" Ren asked, his expression turning a bit pale. "No...Fluttershy! This isn't you!"

"It is Ren and I'm starting to like the new Fluttershy instead of old Fluttershy!" Fluttershy chuckled devilishly.

"New Fluttershy? Old Fluttershy?!" Pinkie gaped.

"What happened to nice Fluttershy? We want that Fluttershy back." Rarity pleaded.

"No, you all want wimp Fluttershy." Fluttershy scoffed. "You want pushover Fluttershy. You want do-anything-to-her-and-she-won't-complain Fluttershy!"

"That's not true! That's not we think Flutters!" Ren retorted, feeling a bit angry. "Please! We think of you as the best friend we never had! I think of you as the best girlfriend ever! You taught me about love and this...this isn't you!"

"He's right!" Pinkie agreed, holding her head as she held a dizzy expression as she said "Besides, too many Fluttershys to keep track of! Make it stop!"

"Things getting too complicated for your simple little brain, Pinkie Pie?" Fluttershy chuckled in a taunting way.

"Now, stop right there!" Rarity said with a stern and serious look on her face. "Let's not let things descend into petty insults!"

"Why not? I thought 'petty' was what you're all about, Rarity." Fluttershy evilly grinned, flying into the air while Rarity gasped on what she said. Even Ren and Kodiak were shocked by what she said ? "With your 'petty' concerns about fashion."

Rarity looked at her with a shocked look before tearing up a bit.

"Hey, leave her alone! Fashion is her passion!" Pinkie exclaimed, glaring at Fluttershy.

"Oh, and what are you passionate about? Birthday cake? Party hats? I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell new Fluttershy how to live her life when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that nopony else gives a flying feather about!"

Ren and Kodi jaw-dropped in shocked, their expressions turning pale by everything they heard from Fluttershy. Even Pinkie Pie started crying, along with Rarity.

"Looks like nasty Fluttershy is here to stay!" Pinkie cried out.

"I cannot believe what that monster Iron Will has done to you!" Rarity exclaimed in tears before the two immediately ran away back to Ponyville, with tears in their faces.

"Iron Will's not a monster, HE'S A MINOTAUR!" Fluttershy yelled before flying down with Ren and Kodiak looking at her.

"No're...the monster..." Kodi muttered, which made Fluttershy upset upon hearing that.

"What you say?!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"Flutters! Stop it!" Ren yelled out, causing her to look at him with a bit of a shocked look. Ren put a hand on his forehead as his expression turned darkened. "I-I...I can't...believe it. I thought those lessons really helped you, but turned you into a different pony! I-I...I don't even know you anymore!"

Fluttershy looked at him, seeing Ren tearing up a bit. She fell to her knees and looked at her reflection, realizing that her friends were right.

"I'm....the monster..." Fluttershy muttered, starting to tear up as well as a tear dropped down on the puddle. Kodi noticed this and nudged Ren, who pointed over to see the crying Fluttershy.

"Flutters..." Ren crawled towards her before hugging her, along with Kodiak. Fluttershy began whimpering and crying loudly before saying "I-it's all my fault! I-I'm a monster Ren! I-I...I...AHHHHHH!"

"It's okay Flutters! Don't cry! I'm sorry for what I said." Ren cried, letting tears out. Kodi saw this and began tearing up as well.

"Stop it you guys. When you cry, I cry too." Kodi cried, nuzzling his two friends as the two comforted each other, with Fluttershy finally realizing how wrong she said all those things.


Jamie was seen walking over to the Golden Oaks Library with a confident and snarky look on his face while passing by some ponies, only to bump into somepony, much to his irritation.

"Hey!" Jamie called, only to get a scoff from the pony.

"Oh, sorry sir." The pony apologized, which wasn't enough for Jamie as he gave out an angry look at him.

"'Sorry for those who aren't truly worried!" Jamie exclaimed, pushing him into a barrel of water, getting himself wet before he got up and immediately ran away in fear.

Mason, Carrie, Kaede, and Jack arrived to the scene and saw Jamie making fun of the pony that fell into the water before he returned to his stroll.

"Jamie!" Kaede called, gaining his attention.

"Oh hey guys, I'm so glad to see you." Jamie smirked. "Can you believe that jerk just got in the way like that? Thank god that I managed to make him feel sorry for pushing me like that."

"We saw the whole thing." Mason said before he sternly crossed his arms and stated "However, that pony apologized and yet you pushed him into that barrel."

"Dude, that's messed up." Jack commented with a bewildered look.

"So what?" Jack asked with a cocky smirk, which surprised the gang. "He deserved it, didn't he?! I had the right to do that!"

"But Jamie, what you did was wrong!" Kaede exclaimed. "You went to the seminar in order to improve on being assertive, along with Fluttershy, but it's turning you two into the bullies yourself!"

"Oh please, like I need your speech!" Jamie scoffed. "Besides, since when you started helping out?"

"What?" Kaede asked in confusion.

"You rarely helps us because your only talent is to sew and yet you did nothing to help at all!" Jamie exclaimed, which made Kaede shocked by what was she hearing.

"N-no! That's not true! I help out, it's just that-"

"Just what?! It's because you have no useful skill?! No other talent?! Not even a loving family?!" Jamie yelled, which made Kaede cover her mouth in shock as she tried to hold back the tears.

"Jamie! That's enough!" Mason exclaimed. "You're going too far! This isn't you!"

"The old me is gone! He was nothing but a coward! All he ever did was back away and get yelled at! Well this new Jamie is ready to take on anything!" Jamie held a cocky smirk, which made the others feel shocked upon seeing this. "Alright Jamie, stop this right now." Sarah growled changing into her rage mode. "And what are you gonna do about, punk?"

The four gasped in horror. Sarah growled, "You don't have to be a jerk to defend yourself. I mean look at me, I'm shy just like you but I have confidence in myself cause I know what I can do and you can do the same if you just give it a chance. Standing up for yourself isn't the same as changing who you are. You can put your foot down without being aggressive about it. I know you can." Jamie looked at Sarah before darkening his expression before letting out a whimper and started crying. Sarah, changing back into her normal form, and Kaede hugged him, along with Carrie, Mason, and Jack, who gave him a pat on the back to cheer him up.

"I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn't...I didn't want this! I...I just wanted to be strong to help others...but instead...I only made things worse!" Jamie cried out.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it. No need to cry it out." Jack sighed, patting him on the back while Jamie continued to cry out in tears, unable to take back everything he said to them.

"It's okay Jamie. We know you didn't mean that." Carrie smiled, hugging Jamie.

"She's right." Mason smiled softly. "We know that you're a good person, Jamie. You just went too far, that's all."

Jamie let out a few whimpers and said ""

"Now come on, let's go home." Kaede said. "Maybe you need some rest and cool your mind off."

"...Okay..." Jamie nodded before getting up as the others took him back home while some of the ponies looked over there and wondered what was happening with that human boy. Unbeknownst to them, Rantaro was leaning against a wall, drinking a cup of Cappuccino in his hands with a solemn look on his face.

"...No need to hide it kid. I know how you feel about that..." Rantaro muttered before walking off.

POV Ends

The Next Day

Ren's POV

...Ugh, what the? Where am I?...Oh right. I'm back in my room. It was the day after Fluttershy and Jamie went too crazy with their assertive lessons. After I managed to make Fluttershy realize on what she has done so far, she cried so hard while me and Kodi comforted her. We decided to head back home to help comfort her more and I...allowed her to sleep with me. In fact, I heard the others brought back Jamie to his senses as he apparently cried so hard as well. They managed to bring him realize that everything he's been doing was wrong. So now, our two friends are now realizing that Iron Will's training was nothing more than a bad seminar to even take upon.

I was in my PJ's with Kodi sleeping on my stomach and Fluttershy sleeping next to me, causing me to blush madly. Man, this is quite embarrassing now that you're finally understanding love, huh? I think I've seen anime characters who fall in love with each other and unintentionally sleep with each other and make one of them feel embarrassed on doing this. Yep, I'm in that kind of situation now.

"Uhh...." Fluttershy slowly began waking up before noticing me sleeping next to her. "Oh! U-uh...good m-morning R-Ren."

"Heh heh...good morning Flutters." I chuckled, forming a little blush on my cheeks.

We both stared at each other, making things awkward between us. I cleared my throat while Fluttershy glanced away nervously at us, wondering what should we do now.

"Aaahh..." We turned around to see Kodiak letting out a yawn before getting up and shaking his body and opening his eyes, seeing Ren and Fluttershy together. "Hey guys, what's up?"

"Hey there, boy." I smiled happily while Fluttershy giggled to see Kodiak not noticing this. "Oh boy, what a rough day yesterday, eh?"

"Y-yeah..." Fluttershy nodded, still feeling ashamed for all her actions. I noticed her discomfort before kissing her on the cheek and said "Don't worry Flutters, you just went too far, and so did Jamie. Now come on, let's go get some breakfast. I'm sure that we can forget what happened yesterday."

"Yeah." Kodi and Fluttershy nodded in unison before we got up as I headed into my room's closet and took off my PJ's and put back on my original attire before we headed out of my room and came into the living room and into the kitchen/dining room, where we encountered the others.

"Oh, good morning Ren...Kodi...Fluttershy." Kaede greeted, brushing her hair to make it look good again. The others were sitting down on the table eating pancakes. Jack immediately was eating a ten pancake stack since he' know.

"O-oh...good morning." Fluttershy greeted as we sat down on the chairs while I noticed Jamie looked really tired with tear stains over his eyes. God dang, he must've really cried so hard last night.

"O-oh...hey you guys." Jamie greeted with a weak grin.

"Hey Jamie..." I smiled a bit, hoping to cheer him up. Soon, there was that awkwardness again and it feels like that we're only making things worse than before. With that, I decided to speak up in hopes of making things better.

Unfortunately, I was too late as two of my friends spoken up.

"I'm so sorry everyone!" Fluttershy and Jamie apologized in unison before turning to each other and asked "What?"

I let out a chuckle at that while the others laugh at that.

"Hey, it's okay you two." Mason assured with a soft grin. "We know that you two didn't mean to say those things. Trust us, we know how you feel."

"Big brother's right, you know." Carrie nodded in agreement.

"But still...I still feel so horrible for all the hurtful things I've said." Fluttershy stated. "I just can't go outside with my running mouth anymore..."

"Same here." Jamie nodded before burying his face with his hands. "I'm not so sure if I can even stop all this..."

"Don't worry you guys, I'm sure that you two will." Kaede encouraged.

"And if it doesn't work out, then maybe you should go away." We all turned to Jack with deadpanned looks, who noticed it. "What? I'm just joking around."


"Huh? Who could that be?" I thought aloud.

I headed over to the door and opened it, revealing two familiar friends of ours.

“Hello Ren, darling.” Rarity greeted while the others looked over and became surprised to see both Rarity and Pinkie, but no one was more shocked than Fluttershy and Jamie, who duck their heads down in fear. “We were wondering if anyone seen Fluttershy and Jamie?”

“Yeah! We just want to talk her.” Pinkie added.

“Well…” I rubbed my cheek in embarrassment, already knowing that Jamie and Fluttershy wouldn’t want anyone they’ve hurt to come over and see their faces.

“They’re hiding underneath the tables like little babies.” Jack said, causing us to give him deadpanned looks. “What? Isn’t that what they wanted?” Blue smacked him in his head with her tail. "OW! Hey!" Mason let out a frustrated sigh before turning back to Rarity and Pinkie as he said “Anyway, they’re not in the mood.”

“But…we need to talk to her.” Rarity begged. Fluttershy and Jamie poke their heads out of the table and Fluttershy said, “P-please! Just go away! Go away before nasty Fluttershy strikes again!”

Oh god, they’re using those crazy third person nicknames again.

“Oh, sweetie, we all said things that we regret.” Rarity apologized.

“Wait, we did?” Rarity asked with a raised brow, which made Rarity shushed her to be quiet.

“No, everyone’s right.” Jamie spoke up, his tone turning into fear. “We’re the only ones to blame.”

“But don’t worry, we’re never coming out of the home-ship again.” Fluttershy added, much to my shock. So they’re gonna stay up here in the home-ship and never show their face in Ponyville ever again? “Everypony will be a lot safer with us and our mean mouths locked away.”

“But you can’t!” Kodi exclaimed. “It’s not you guys’ fault!”

“He’s right. Blame Iron Will, he’s the one that made you guys go this far!” I nodded with a serious look on my face.

“And sweeties, Pinkie and everypony doesn’t blame, nor I do. You just received some bad advice from that Iron Will character.”

“Yeah! He’s the one that made you act super-duper nasty!” Pinkie exclaimed, which made the two duck their heads in pain while some of us gave her glares. “What I mean is, there are other ways to assert yourself besides yelling at everypony!”

“Yeah! What Pinkie said!” Kaede smiled towards them as she said “You both can stand up for yourself without being unpleasant about it.”

Fluttershy and Jamie both came out underneath the table and looked at each other in worried before Jamie said “I-I’m not sure we can. We’ve too far gone.”

“Whenever I try to assert myself, I become a monster.” Fluttershy added, lowering her head in shame until I came over and patted her on the back, making Fluttershy smile happily at that. The others came and comforted Jamie, who made a soft grin at them.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help ya!” Carrie smiled.

“Like we said yesterday, you two just need help.” Mason winked.

“And besides, you two aren’t monsters.” Rarity waved it off.

“No, but he is.” Huh? We looked over to see Pinkie looking out the window as we came over and saw a familiar Minotaur walking straight towards our home.

“Oh god no…” I muttered.

“What the hell is that?!” Jack exclaimed.

“That’s I-Iron Will!” Jamie exclaimed in shock. “B-but what’s he doing here?”

“Something tells me that he isn’t here for a friendly visit.” Mason narrowed his eyes at Iron Will while I held against my Hacking Gun in fear until we heard loud knocking. Everyone looked at each other in worried before me and Kodiak walked up and opened the door, encountering Iron Will at the door.

“Oh hey Iron Will.” I greeted with a nervous grin. “Funny to see you again.”

“Of course I do! ‘Whenever Iron Will goes, his legacy lives on!’” Well that’s quite boastful if I do say so myself.

“And who on Equestria is this?” Rarity questioned with a raised brow as some of the others came to join in with us.

“Iron Will’s my name, training ponies is my game!” He announced, flexing his muscles while we heard background music playing, which I noticed his little goat men were using a radio to play some song. Well this guy makes me feel like that he’s some celebrity or something.

“What a darling little catchphrase.” Rarity chuckled nervously.

“Your friends, Fluttershy and Jamie Watson loved Iron Will’s catchphrases!” Iron Will laughed. “Word on the street is that they don’t take no guff from nopony! So, Iron Will is here to collect Iron Will’s fee.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Mason questioned, his eyes widening a bit.

“You heard me! Iron Will is here to collect Iron Will’s fee from Fluttershy and Jamie Watson!” Iron Will clarified.

“Now hold on! I thought you were joking about that during the seminar!” Kodi said, glaring at the Minotaur. Iron Will bend down to his height and poked his nose before saying “’When Iron Will wants something, he gets it!’”

“Grr!” Kodi growled angrily while I glared angrily at him. Unbelievable! First he turned Fluttershy and Jamie into different pony/person, now he just wants to collect their bits from this guy?!

“Well you can’t.” Kaede said, feeling a bit scared and intimidated by his appearance. “Fluttershy and Jamie are in no shape to deal with you!”

“Yeah! They wouldn’t spend their money on a big bully like you!” Carrie exclaimed, which Mason held her back in hopes not wanting to start a fight.

“What’s that?” Iron Will asked in a threatening tone.

Rarity let out a small gasp before chuckling nervously and said “I’m sure a big, brave, powerful, and rich monster–I mean, minotaur like you doesn’t need that money right away. You can afford to come back later.”

“Are you kidding? Fluttershy and Jamie are overdue as it is. Iron Will collects now! I know they’re here in this little big spaceship! Now bring them out NOW!” He stomped his foot on the ground, causing a minor earthquake in our home as some stuff fell down on the ground and we held against the shake before looking at him with nervous, scared, and angry looks. I let out a gulp, realizing that he’s as stubborn as Jack, since these two won’t change their minds that easily.

“Now hold up, how can you be so sure they’re here?” Kaede questioned.

“Easy, I had some ponies telling me that they saw a bunch of humans talking with a blue haired teen and there was a lot of emotional stuff happening.” Kaede, Mason, Carrie, and Jack, who was with Fluttershy and Jamie to make sure Iron Will didn’t see them, sweat-dropped upon realizing that they made a scene from what I heard today. “And they told me they were heading back to where they’re living and it’s right here in this spaceship home place or whatever! Now where are they?!”

“Uhh…” I looked over to them, seeing those two were really frightened. I couldn’t let them deal with this guy! Not in a million years! “No way! We’re telling you where they off! And even if they were here, they wouldn’t pay you at all!”
“Yeah right, Iron Will will get his pay right now!” Iron Will demanded.

“No way!” I exclaimed, which made him snort angrily.

“Ren! Be careful!” Kaede warned.

“Ren, stay away from him!” Mason said, worried about what might happened to me.

“I can’t you guys! I’m not gonna let this guy hurt my friends just to collect some fee!” I stated, glaring at the minotaur, who glared back at me.

“Yeah! Why would they pay you money after you turned them into monsters!” Kodi growled while Iron Will barked up some laughter on what he said.

“Are you kidding?! Iron Will’s seminars’ helped them improve!” Iron Will boasted. “Iron Will made them into non-pushovers!”

“No, you turned them into jerks and bullies!” I retorted. “Jamie and Fluttershy just wanted to defend themselves and the rest of us, but thanks to your lessons, it made them turned…different. I like the old Fluttershy and Jamie because they’re always helpful, and kind. Fluttershy is the best friend a guy like me could ever ask because of her timid, shy, and kind personality that makes anyone can’t stay mad at…well, besides Rainbow Dash and Jack.” I could see Jack giving me a death glare on that remark before I continued “And Jamie…sure, he’s timid and a coward, but at least he tries his best to be brave and courageous. He never trusted us at first and was too scared to form bonds, but after a while, he started to accept us as his family. Hell, as his family. So if I were you, just leave and never come back. Please Iron Will.”

Everyone looked at me in awe and shock on everything I just said, and Iron Will felt shocked by this before glaring angrily at me.

“Iron Will don’t care about that little speech! Iron Will came here for one thing only: To collect Iron Will’s fee! So tell me where they are or else!”

“Or else what?” I asked, feeling a bit intimidated by him now. Oh crap, please don’t tell me that-

“Or else Iron Will will teach ya lesson about respect!” Iron Will threatened, raising his fist into the air while the others were shocked by this. Sarah growled and stepped in front of Ren. "Oh you want to take m on little girl?"

Sarah smirked and she unleashed her Roar of the Elders at Iron Will, sending him and his goats and few feet away from the home-ship. Iron Will got up and saw Sarah staring at him with an angry look. Iron WIll's face turned red with anger. "Sarah! No!" Kodi cried.

“Alright! You asked for it!” Iron Will prepared to throw a punch at her until both Fluttershy and Jamie stepped in front of her, forcing Iron Will to stop and his fist nearly made contact to their faces. Holy crap! I feel like what they did was a reference to something, am I right? I think it was somewhere in Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc, right? Anybody watched it before?

Iron soon formed a cocky grin and said “Well well well, looks like I don’t have to find you two anymore.”
He pulled out his hand and gestured to have his money, only to have both Fluttershy and Jamie looked at him with soft but angry glares.

“No.” Fluttershy answered.

Iron Will widened his eyes and sneered at the two before asking “What did you say?”

“No.” Jamie replied. “We aren’t gonna pay for someone that nearly tried to hurt my friend.”s

“Oooh, I’d hate to be you right now, because Iron Will is gonna to rain down a world of hurt unless Iron Will gets his money pronto!” He snorted down on their faces, causing them to cough a bit from the smoke coming out of him, but it didn’t make them back down.

“We said no and that’s final.” Fluttershy said with a soft and stern look on her face.

“As we recall, during your workshop you promised one hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed, or you pay nothing.”

“Well, we’re not satisfied.” Jamie crossed his arms, holding onto his notebook tightly.

“What do you mean you’re not satisfied?!” Iron Will exclaimed angrily. “EVERYPONY HAS ALWAYS BEEN SATISFIED!”

“Well, I guess we’re the first then.” Jamie stated. “But since we’re not satisfied, we refuse to pay. It’s simple as that."

The goats bleated in shock while Iron Will felt worried and extremely surprised upon hearing all this.

"Ohh, are you...sure you're not just a little bit satisfied? B-because maybe...we could cut a deal. I-I mean we're both reasonable creatures, aren't we?" Iron Will chuckled nervously.

"I'm sorry, but no means no." Fluttershy replied with a serious look on her face.

"She's right. You may be a great motivating person, but your reasons on doing the seminars are quite...uncanny. If I were you, I would leave please or else you'll be answering to my friends." Jamie stated, pointing over to us. Jack came over as he cracked his fists, Kaede, Rarity, Pinkie, and Carrie giving him glares, Mason taking out his bamboo pole, and me taking out my Hacking, along with Kodiak and the four raptors growling at him.

Iron Will looked at us for a while before forming a smirk and said "No means no, huh? Nopony's ever said that to me before."

"Uhh...what?" Kodi questioned.

"Huh...I gotta remember that one. That's a good catchphrase for my next workshop." Iron Will grinned.

"Just get the hell out of here before I'll show you real pain!" Jack exclaimed, cracking his knuckles. "And trust me, it ain't gonna be pleasant."

"Oh yeah? And who's gonna make Iron Will go, chubby?" Iron Will threatened, causing me to aim my gun at him and shout 'Link!'

A heart shaped beam was shot out of the hacking gun, hitting both Iron Will and his goat goons as they felt under the Hacking Gun's Link effect.

"Okay, how about this? Just leave and never ever come back and harm my friends ever again? Simple enough, eh?" I asked with a smile.

"Okay." Iron Will and his goons said in unison before exiting out of our home and began taking their leave for good.

"Phew, that was a close one." Kaede sighed before smiling over at me and said "Thanks for getting him out of there, Ren."

"Nah, you should be thanking Jamie and Flutters for that." I said, pointing to the two.

"W-who? Us?" Jamie questioned.

"Renny's right! You were amazing, Fluttershy! You totally stood up to that monster!" Pinkie smiled happily before she hugged her tightly, along with the rest of us.

"In fact, you didn't change at all! You were the same old Fluttershy and Jamie that we've always loved!" Rarity added.

"The one we missed." Pinkie added.

"Don't worry, old Fluttershy's back for good." Fluttershy assured with a soft grin.

"And so is old Jamie." Jamie chuckled, trying his best to hide his blush. He then form a frown on his face and said "I'm sorry I took the whole assertiveness thing too far."

"Me too. I feel so awful on everything I've said to you guys." Fluttershy glanced away sadly from us before I came over and hugged her, much to her surprise.

"It's alright you guys, we already forgiven you since yesterday. We know that you guys are good friends and didn't mean it." I assured with a grin. Fluttershy hugged me back while the others gave me a group hug as well.

"Thank you Ren." Fluttershy smiled before we ended our hug as she looked at me with a soft grin and asked "Friends?"

"Friends." We answered before we all started barking up laughter, happy to hear that everything's finally settled down.

"Meh, I rather taken that Iron Will guy in a fight." Jack scoffed. "Though I guess it would've been a fifty-fifty chance that I might've won."

"Possibly." Mason chuckled.

"Well I hope we all learned a valuable lesson, eh?" Kodi chuckled.

"Indeed." Fluttershy nodded before clearing her throat and began explaining about the lesson we learned today.

Dear Princess Celestia,
Sometimes it can be hard for a shy pony like me to stand up for myself, and when I first tried it, I didn't like the pony I became. But I've learned that standing up for yourself isn't the same as changing who you are. Now I know how to put my hoof down without being unpleasant or mean."

"And it's a good thing. I'll show it to Twilight when she comes back to Ponyville." Jamie wrote that lesson down in his notebook with a soft grin on his face. "Still though...thank you all for forgiving me...and Ren..." He turned to me with a soft smile and said "Thank you for thinking me as family..."

"No problem." I nodded with a grin.

"Well, it's still morning, what do you guys wanna do now?" Kaede asked.

"How about we watch some TV?" Carrie suggested.

"Well..let me go feed Angel at home and I can get started. He might be worried about me since I didn't come home last night." I nodded in understanding on what she meant by that as I said "Alright Flutters. Maybe we can watch some anime together after you're done with that."

"Okay, thank you Ren." Fluttershy chuckled before taking her leave while the others sighed in relief before Mason whacked Sarah on the head.

"Ow! What was that for?!" she exclaimed, rubbing her head.

"THAT'S for nearly getting yourself killed." Mason said sternly before hugging her tightly and said "That's for standing up for Fluttershy and Jamie and helping them stand up to Iron Will."

"Oh, thanks." Sarah chuckled before feeling her shoulder being touched as she looked back to see Jack giving me a smile."You know newbie, you got some guts to stand up to a guy like that. It made me feel shocked by that too." Jack joked with a toothy grin. "You're okay in my book, newbie!"

"Hehe, thank you." Sarah blushed. Our girl is getting stronger everyday. Great.

Episode 23: Ren's Dragon

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Ren's POV

I was watching Sarah, Jamie, Mason, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro and Jack play with their dragon partners. Sarah was playing fetch with Moonshine, Winter and Storm. "Alright, guys. Go get it!" she threw a large ball far into the distance and the three dragons chased after it. Jamie was flying on his dragon, but low to the ground and not at high speed. "Hehe, weee." he said softly. His Triple Stryke sighed and rolled his eyes.

Jack and his dragon were having a contest to see which one of them is stronger. They were lifting large logs together. Jack and lifting with his arms while his dragon used his tail. Both of them seemed to be even until jack's legs gave out and the log fell ontop of him. HIs dragon laughed, "Hey, that's not funny!" Jack exclaimed.

Mason and Carrie were also flying on their dragon. "Ooooh, amazing." Carrie cooed.

Mason chuckled, "Nice and easy, Firestorm." His Nightmare nodded and continued to glide across the sky.

Nicole and Rantaro... well... they were... umm. I don't really know what they were doing with their dragon. Nicole was glued to his IPad while Rantaro was just leaning against a tree. Their Zippleback looked at each other and nodded. Spark grabbed Nicole and Fire grabbed Rantaro. "Hey, what the-?" they both exclaimed and their dragon placed them on their necks and took off into the air. "WAH! Stop!" Rantaro cried. Gizmo popped out and chattered in agreement. But the Zippleback didn't listen to his. Nicole was holding on tight as the Zippleback zig-zagged through the air, with it's reluctant owners, screaming.

I chuckled a little. "Ren, is something wrong?" Kodi asked me.

"Huh? Oh, well... it's just that everyone else has a dragon of their own and I don't." I replied.

"Well then, go get a dragon then." Kodi stated.

"It's not that simple." Ren stated. I knew that all my friends had something in common with their dragons that gave them that special connection. So my dragon needs to have something in common with me to have that special connection. "The dragon I picked has to be... right for me."

"Don't worry, Ren. You'll find a dragon partner." Kodi said with a grin. I smiled and rubbed his head, "Thanks pal."

Then suddenly we all heard a roar in the distance. "What was that?" Mason asked.

I stood up and headed in the direction of the roar. "Ren, wait up!" Sarah called as she and the others followed on their dragons. I made it into a clearing where I saw two large stallions cornering a dragon. It had a spiky head, small forelimbs, a finned tail and looked to be about 20 feet long with a 35 feet long wingspan. It was a medium-sized, bipedal dinosaur-like dragon with small arms and two claws at the end of each limb. It has a short thick neck and a small head. Its upper jaw resembles a beak of a parrot, while the lower jaw is more round and full of small teeth. It has three spikes on its head, which are asymmetrically placed. It's medium-sized wings, with a claw on each of them. It has only a few sharp spikes on its back. This one has a darker blue color with red patterns on its back, wings, and tail. Its spikes are also dark blue instead of white.

The two stallions were unicorns and they both approached the dragon. "This one will fetch a high price in the markets." one stallion said.

"Yeah." his partner agreed.

I was horrified by what they said. They were going to kill the dragon and then sell it! Not on my watch! "Hey!" I called.

The two stallions turned to face me. "Hey, beat it. This is our dragon." the lead stallion said.

"No, he's not and you're not gonna hurt him anymore." I stated, walking towards them. The two stallions smirked. "Oh, yeah and what are you gonna do about it?" they challenged. Luckily, my friends had the answer to that. "Plasma Blasts!" Sarah called and Moonshine and Winter blasted the two stallions away from the dragon. Silverspike launched his spines in between the dragon and ponies, making sure they didn't get near it again. Firestorm, Storm and Striker surrounded the two stallions and roared at them. The pair screamed and ran away.

I turned towards the dragon which was making small noises. "What kind of drgaon is that one?" Jack asked.

"A Titan Wing Dramillion!" Sarah gasped.

"Titan Wing?" Jamie asked.

"Yes, the Titan Wing Dramillion, can camouflage itself like it's distant cousin the Changewing. It's larger than the other Dramillions, but it should be in it's pack, not alone out here." Sarah explained.

I approached the Dramillion, but it roared at me. Moonshine leaped in front of Ren and growled at him. The Dramillion hissed at Moonshine and tried to run, but it fell on the ground. "Oh my." Kaede said. I noticed the Dramillion had multiple scratches and scars on it's body. "Oh man... they really did a number on you, huh?" I said, reaching my hand out the Dramillion, but it still roared at me.

"What is wrong with it?" Mason asked.

"I don't think it trusts anyone." Kaede said.

"Why not?" Carrie asked.

"I think the Dramillion thinks we're all gonna hurt it, cause it was hurt in the past." Sarah said. "But we can't leave him out here, injured. We have to take him back to the home-ship."

"Um, in case you haven't noticed, newbie, that thing is not gonna let any of us get anywhere near it." Jack pointed out.

"Winter." Sarah called. The Light Fury warbled and slowly approached the Titan Wing. It growled at her but Winter warbled at it and tilted her head to the side. The Dramillion was a bit surprised and stopped growling at her. Winter moved closer to the Dramillion and gave a small roar to it. The Dramillion purred and Winter rubbed against the side of his face, calming him down.

"Woah... she's good." Jack commented. Sarah grinned, "That's my girl." Winter moved underneath the Dramillion and she along with Moonshine lifted the Dramillion onto their backs and carried him all the way back to the home-ship.

At the home-ship, Sarah bandaged the Titan Wing Dramillions' injuries. The gang continued to look at just how large the dragon was. "His beautiful." Fluttershy said.

"Y-Yeah.." Jamie added. The Dramillion looked at Sarah. "It's alright. No one is gonna hurt you."

Ren tried to approach it but the Dramillion spread it wings and roared at him. "I don't think he believes you, newbie." Jack said.

"Can't say I blame him." I said. "He doesn't trust anyone besides Sarah, for now."

Sarah rubbed the Dramillions' face and it purred. "We just have to give him time." Sarah said. "Now let's give him some rest."

We all left the room and let the Dramillion get some rest.


I was fast asleep in my room with Kodi on my bed. The door was cracked open a little when I heard some footsteps pass by. "Huh? Wha-?" I groggily woke up and saw a large shadow in the hallway. Suddenly, I wasn't tried anymore, "What the-?" I climbed out of bed and looked out the door, seeing the Dramillion limping out the door. I followed him outside to see him laying down outside the door, looking up at the stars. "Hey buddy." I called softly. The Dramillion whipped around and hissed at me. "Hey, hey, it's alright bud. No need to get all aggressive." I reassured. The Dramillion stopped hissed but it was still tense.

"Look.. I know you have trust issues, but you have to believe us... me when I say we're... I'm not gonna hurt you." I stated to the Dramillion. The Dramillion looked at me and tiled his head. I walked slowly to him and held out my hand, turning my head away and closing my eyes.

A moment of silence passed before I felt something touch the palm of my hand. I looked and saw the Dramillion with his snout in my palm. I smiled at him greatly. I rubbed the side of his face and he made small clicking sounds. "That it, boy." I said. The Dramillion then turned away from me and started walking. "Hey, where are you going?" I said. I followed the Titan Wing Dramillion all the way to Ponyille park and into the clearing where we first found him.

"This place again?" I said to myself. He continued walking and I followed him. We both came to another clearing where there were about five mounts of dirt. He walked over to one of them and layed down, resting his head on it. I was confused. Why did he come back here to these dirt mounts. I looked at one of them and saw a small spike striking out of the mount. I looked closely and noticed the spike matched the Titan Wing Dramillions' tail spike.

I looked back at him and he had a really sad expression on his face almost like he was ..... grieving. ... Grieving?! Then that meant these dirt mounts were.... his pack. Oh my god. He was grieving the loss of his pack. His family. I went over and sat down next to him, placing my hand on his neck. "I'm sorry for your lost." I said. The Dramillion sighed and gently rubbed the dirt mount. He and him stayed that way until the next morning.

POV Ends

"Sarah! Sarah!"

Ugh.. I woke up groggily to Kodi leaping on my bed with a worried expression on his face. "What is it, Kodi?"

"Ren's missing!" he cried.

All sleep vanished from my body. "What?! Missing?!" I cried.

"Whose missing?" Mason asked.

"What the hell is going on?" Jack asked, still half-asleep.

"What's going on?" Kaede asked.

"Ren's gone! He's not in his bed!" Kodi explained.

"Gone? Where did he go?" Kaede asked.

"Guys, look! Footprints!" I pointed to the hallway ground where there were dragon footprints and human slipper prints in the floor. "The slipped prints must be Ren's but who do the dragon footprints belong to?" Mason asked.

Kodi sniffed the ground. "The Dramillion. I know this scent." I quickly put on my clothes, as well as the others, gathered Twilight and the girls and we followed Kodi to Ponyville Park where we found Ren and the Dramillion. The Dramillion was laying it's head against a dirt mount and Ren was actually sleeping on the dragons' side. "Holy crap..." Jack gasped. "Looks like the dragon trusts the brat now."

We all walked up to the duo and the Dramillion and Ren both woke up.

Ren yawned, "Oh, monring guys." he said casually. Kodi tackled his owner and licked his face. "You had me worried sick! Don't do that again." he smacked him with his paws which was kinda cute if you saw it. "Alright, alright. I'm sorry for disappearing in the middle of the night, buddy."

Mason and Carrie noticed the other dirt mounts, "What are these dirt mounts?" Carrie asked.

The Dramillion suddenly looked sad, looking at one of the dirt mounts. Ren rubbed his face, "These dirt mounts... were his pack."

We all gasped and looked horrified. "His pack... then that meant they...." I said and Ren nodded, confirming my suspicion.

"Oh my." Fluttershy whimpered. "You poor thing." she started shedding some tears as she hugged the Dramillion's face. The girls were equally heart-broken. Applejack held her hat to her chest while Rarity and Pinkie did their best to hold back their tears. Twilight was down right horrified. "H-How?"

The Dramillion looked at her and gave a soft roar. "Those ponies who encountered before... they... killed my family. I was the only one left." I translated.

I had no words. It was horrible. This dragon lost his pack to hunters and now was all alone in the world. "Don't worry, we won't let what happened to your pack happen to you." I said to it.

"Yeah, we'll keep you safe no matter what." Ren added.

"Hell yeah." Jack added.

"You can count us in too." Applejack stated. The Darmillion looked at all of us and smiled. "So... who gets to keep him?" Kodi asked.

We all looked at Ren, "Me?"

"Yeah, you the one he trusts now. And besides, you said you wanted a dragon of your own." I stated.

Ren looked at the Titan Wing Dramillion, "Do you... want to b my dragon?" he asked.

The Dramillion nuzzled his chest, "I think that's a yes." I said.

We all were happy for Ren. He finally got a dragon of his own and this one would be here to stay. Just like ours.

Episode 24: Sarah in the Middle

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Ren's POV

"Hmmmm." I sang as I walked through Ponyville on my way to Sugarcube Corner. My new Dramillion dragon which I decided to name Camo since he can camouflage with his surroundings was awesome. He was really fast like Midnight and very caring and supportive like me. He and I quickly formed a bond. He always watched me while I painted or played video games. ... And when I stayed up too late playing those video games he would grab me the back of my shirt with his mouth and carry me back to my room. Annoying. Anyway, I arrived at the store and was met by Pinkie Pie, "Hey Ren." she greeted. "Your usual?"

"Yes Pinkie."

"Okie dokie lokie, I'll be back." and she zipped away.

"Hey Ren." a voice called.

I turned and saw Sarah, Applejack, Rainbow, Jack, Jamie, Ren, Kaede, Mason and Carrie all sitting at a table. "Hey guys." I said as I came over. "What are you doing here?"

"Just to get some sweets." Jamie stated.

"Cause someone wants to eat every two hours." Mason whispered.

"Hey! I heard that!" Jack exclaimed. "So what? Eating a lot is good for you."

"No, no it's not Jack." I deadpanned.

"Shaddup, newbie." Jack grumbled. I rolled my eyes and Pinkie came over, "Here's your order Sarah, a piece of chocolate cake."

She set the plate down at the table, "Thanks Pinkie."

I grabbed the fork and began eating. "You know Pinkie makes some pretty good sweets." Rainbow said.

"I have to admit, she's right." Ren added.

"Yeah, that girl can bake, but not as good as me." Applejack said.

"What do you mean?" Everyone jumped when Pinkie suddenly appeared beside Applejack. "I can cook sweets way better than you can, Applejack."

"Oh yeah, Pinkie, well then I propose a challenge." Applejack said.

"Here we go." Ren, Mason, Jack and Rainbow said in unison.

"What?" Applejack asked.

"Everytime you two have a contest about something it goes horrible wrong." Rainbow said. "And Sarah usually takes the burnt of that." Mason said.

"Pfft. Yeah right. Anyway, what's the challenge Applejack?" Pinkie questioned.

"We have a bake off and a judge decides who is the best sweets baker in Ponyville." Applejack said. "And the winner is declared Ponyville's best sweet maker."

"And the loser?" Pinkie asked.

"The loser... has to do the winners' chores for a week." Applejack proposed, sticking her hoof out to Pinkie. "... Deal." the two touched hooves, sealing the challenge. "Now... who should be our judge?" Applejack asked.

The girls looked at the table in front of them and smirked. Oh no... this can't be good... for their judge.

POV Ends

I was busy eating a piece of chocolate cake. My favorite. I love chocolate since Pinkie introduced me to it some time ago. Now it's my favorite sweet to eat, but my dad said not to eat too much or else I'd get a really bad stomach ache. "Hey Sarah." Pinkie called as she, Applejack, Rainbow, Jack, Jamie, Ren and Kaede came to my table. "Hey guys, what's up?"

"We need you to be the judge for our contest." Applejack said.

"What kind of contest?" I asked.

"A Bake off. You get to choose whose the best baker in Ponyville, by taste testing our sweets." Pinkie said.

Tasting sweets? Well... if it's not alot of sweets, I think I can handle that. I noticed Ren and the others rapidly giving me 'No don't do it' gestures, but they are my friends and I always help my friends when they need me. "Alright, I'll be your judge." Pinkie and Applejack cheered while Ren and the others facepalmed.. or facehooved for the ponies. "We'll meet in Ponyville Park at noon." Applejack said.

"I'll be there." Pinkie stated. The two went their separate ways while Ren and the others stayed behind. "Sarah, what are you doing? You know that you're gonna get the short end of the stick with this contest." Ren said.

"Yeah, that always happens when you get involved with these contests." Jamie added with concern.

"It's okay guys. I want to help my friends. Is that so wrong?" I asked.

"Well... no." Ren sighed. "We just don't like seeing you get hurt because of your kindness."

"Yeah, newbie. I know you like being kind but there is a thing as being naive." Jack stated.

"I'm not naive." I replied. "I'm just being who I am."

"I know but being too kind can get you into alot of trouble, Sarah. Just be careful." Mason said. He and the others walked out of the store, leaving me to think.

I was soon walking through Ponyville, "It never hurts to help somepony once in a while." then I thought about what my friends said and stopped for a mintue, "Maybe... I am being naive." I quickly shook my head. "Come on Sarah, you represent the Element of Kindness, get these negative thoughts out of your head."

Soon, noon came and it was time for me to head to the park for the contest. I arrived and saw Ren and all my friends there. I also noticed two really, really, really, tall piles of sweets placed on a table. I swear the were the height of Twilight's treehouse. My stomach growled a little like it was telling me not to go through with this. "Don't worry yourself, Sarah. It'll be alright... gulp... I hope."

I walked over to the table and sat down in the chair. "Howdy Sarah, we made all the best sweets we have for you to taste you'll enjoy them way more than Pinkie Pie's sweets." Applejack smirked.

"We Cakes are masters at baking delicious sweets." Pinkie smirked back. I looked at the two gigantic piles of sweets and felt some sweat run down my face. Hope my stomach can take this. I gulped again. "Is somethin' wrong sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Oh! No, no, no, always happy to help my friends... hehehe." I said nervously. Twilight came forth. "Alright Sarah, you'll have to eat all of these sweets and decide whose the best baker in Ponyville, are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." I claimed.

"Alright then.. go!" And so I began eating both mountains of sweets and treats. I ate and ate and ate and ate. And three hours later, all the sweets were gone.... and I felt horrible. I felt my mouth caked with frosting and my stomach was gurgling in discomfort, making me wince in pain. I could barely move. "Alright Sarah, whose the best baker in Ponyville?" Twilight asked me but I only let out a groan in response. "Sarah?" I felt her shaking me and I looked at her, trying to hide the pain. "Are you okay?"

"I'm... fine... ugh... nothing to... ugh.. worry about... uggh!" I replied as my stomach gurgled. I breathed heavily for a moment and I heard Ren and the others coming. "Oh I knew this was going to happen." Mason said.

"Hey Sarah, you feeling alright?" Ren asked.

I groaned, "My.. ugh.. I don't.. feel so well."

"Oh dear she looks awfully green in the face." Fluttershy said.

"Oh my, let's get the poor darling to bed." Rarity suggested.

"Good idea. Jack." Ren said.

"Right. Come here newbie." Jack pulled out the chair and lifted me into his arms bridal style. I groaned again. "Come one, gang." Twilight said. I felt Jack and the others starting to walk as I closed my eyes. I just.. needed.. to.. rest.

Ren's POV

Poor Sarah. I knew this would happen. Now she really green in the face and was laying in bed, moaning a little while her dad placed a cool washcloth on her head and rubbed her stomach. She opened her eyes a little. "Dad?... Guys?"

"Shhh..." Big D said. "Easy honey, take it easy. You got a really bad tummy ache and need to relax." she faintly nodded and her dad placed a metal bucket near her bedside. "Use this if you feel like throwing up."

"Okay." she said faintly. She closed her eyes and we left the room so she could sleep. I sighed, "Poor Sarah, this is the third time this happened."

"That newbie needs to learn how to say 'no' once in her life." Jack stated.

"You know Sarah's too kind to say no, Jack." Kaede said.

"Whatever." Jack scoffed.

That's when Applejack and Pinkie Pie came in, "Hey ya'll how's Sarah?" Applejack asked.

"She'll be alright." Big D said. "Still just have a bad stomach ache for the next few days."

Pinkie looked a little sad, "Good. Cause I wanted to apologize to her."

"Apologize?" I asked.

"Yeah, we've been so focused on our silly contests that we haven't been very considerate of Sarah's feelings or her.. health." Applejack stated. "We took advantage of her kindness and it always got her hurt."

"We wanted to say we're sorry." Pinkie stated.

"Apology accepted." A hoarse voice said. We turned and saw Sarah leaning against the wall. "Sarah, you should be back in bed!" Big D stated as he came over and supported her daughter. "I'm.. alright. Anyway.. I accept your apology girls and I may have been a little naive too. I should have said no to the contest since I always got the short end but my kindness got the better of me. From now on, I'll try to say no more often with you guys."

"Good to hear it, newbie." Jack said. "Now back to bed!"

"Hey, I'm her father!" Big D claimed.

Jack growled at him and my dad growled back. "Boys!" Twilight called, catching their attention. Twilight sighed and used her magic to lift Sarah, "Back to bed with you Sarah." Sarah nodded and Twilight placed her back into her bed and covered her up. "Now get some rest, sweetie." Big D said.

"O-Okay dad." Sarah answered and she fell asleep. We all left the room to let our friend get the rest she deserved.

Episode 25: Sarah's Kingdom Part 1

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In the Tarturus, the place where Equestria's most dangerous creatures and foes have been placed Chrysalis was sitting in her cage. To the right of her was another creature. A Centaur. He had a small white bread and he had the body of a horse. Chrysalis was muttering to herself, "That annoying human hybrid. When I get out of here, I'll make sure she pays for this."

"Well Chrysalis, based on the fact that we're trapped in Tarturus, guarded by Cerberus, that's not going to happen."

"Be quiet, Tirek." she snarled.

"Now, now, Chrysalis, that's not how you were meant to be." a voice said. And from out of the shadows came Douglas. "What do you want, Douglas. You abandoned me the last time!" Chrysalis snarled.

"I'm just here to help get revenge on the ponies and humans and get my daughter back. And I think this centaur can help me." Douglas said, referring to Tirek.

"And why would I help you human?" Tirek snarled.

"If you help me get what I want, I'll get you what you want." Douglas promised. Tirek was taken aback but then he began to laughed evilly.

I found myself in a strange void. The floor was made of stars and the area was blue and sparkling. "Where am I?"


"Greetings Sarah." I quickly turned and saw what looked to be a sparkling and shimmering... Twilight?


The Astral Twilight shook its head. "Wait... are you the Tree of Harmony?"

Astral Twilight nodded it's head. I was amazed, "Woah... when could you do that?"

"Like all living things I change as I grow. As I have grown so have my abilities." This tree kept getting more and more amazing. First, it gives me an Element and now it can change its form to talk to me! "But wait... why are you here?"

"I am here to tell you a great test you must pass to reach your destiny"

"A Great Test?"

"Yes, this test will require everything you've learned."

"But what's the test?"

"You will find out when you awaken. Trust in yourself and your power and we will speak again soon." The void began to waver and Astral Twilight disappeared as well as everything becoming white....

... I woke up in my bed in a shock. Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff, Winter, Moonshine and Storm all awoke when they heard my gasp. "Mama, are you alright?" Riolu asked.

".... Yeah... yeah, I'm fine."

Riolu, Rockruff and Mareep have grown up a little and were now ready for me to start with their training. Winter warbled in worry at me. "I'm okay girl." I reassured. I got out of bed and put my clothes on thinking about what the Tree of Harmony warned me about. "What great danger?" I shook off that feeling for now and went to the dining room where I found Ren, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason and Kaede eating breakfast at the table. "Hey Sarah." Ren greeted.

I looked surprised for a second, but I shook it off, "Hey.. guys."

Mason must have noticed my distress cause he asked, "Are you alright? You look like you saw a ghost."

"I'm alright... honest." I said rather quickly, but Mason didn't buy it and the others grew a bit suspicious. "Sarah... is there something you're not telling us?" Ren asked.

"Uh.. no nothing at all." I said nervously.

Before Mason or the others could ask me anything else, there was a knock at the door. "Ugh... whose this?" Jack asked irritably as we walked over to the door. Twilight and her friends were outside with concerned expressions, "Hey girls, what's wrong?" Ren asked.

"The Princesses want to see all of us in Canterlot immediately." Twilight asked. We all looked at each other with concerned expressions. Soon we all boarded the train to Canterlot. In Canterlot, we all rushed to the palace throne room where we Celestia and Luna along with Princess Cadence. "Princess, we can as fast as we could." Twilight stated.

"Thank you, Twilight. Thank you all." Celestia said.

"What's going on, Princess?" Mason asked.

"I'm afraid Tirek and Chrysalis have escaped from Tartarus." Luna replied. Everyone gasped in horror. "Whose Tirek?" I asked.

Celestia closed her eyes for a moment and then explained, "Tirek and his brother Scorpan came from a far away land intent on stealing Equestrian magic, but Scorpan began to appreciate the ways of Equestria, even befriending a young unicorn wizard. Scorpain tried to convince his brother not to go through with their plans, but when Tirek refused Scorpan altered us to his intentions."

Luna added, "Scorpan returned to his land and Tirek was sentences to Tartarus for his crimes. But he and Chrysalis have seemed to find a way to escape."

"But how is that possible?" Applejack asked.

"Douglas, probably." I growled. "He always had a knack for breaking out of prisons."

"But why is starting to steal magic?" Kaede asked.

"His time in Tartarus left him very weak. And from what we know about Douglas he may have found a way to help him gain enough strength to use his dark powers." Celestia explained.

"But with every passing moment, he grows stronger still." Luna said.

"And I know just the person who can stop him." Cadence said, looking at me.

"What? Me?!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, you kicked Chrysalis' butt no problem you can totally take on Tirek." Rainbow said.

"No Rainbow Dash, it's too risky sending Sarah into battle. I'm afraid I must call another to stop Tirek... Discord."


"Why him?" Carrie asked.

"Discord can sense a magical imbalance. The nest time Tirek steals magic, he will be able to track him down." Luna explained. "For now, We want you all to warn Ponyville of the threat and keep an eye out for him."

"Yes, Princess." We all answered and we all returned to Ponyville. As we walked through Ponyville I began thinking to myself. "So Tirek is the great threat to Equestria then... but why did the Tree of Harmony warn only me?"

"Hey Sarah!" Mason called, snapping me back to my senses.

"What? Huh? Yes?"

"You okay sugarube? You zoned out for a minute there." Applejack said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." I answered quickly. "I was... uh... just thinking about... uh the... Castle of the Two Sisters that's all."

"Why?" Jamie asked.

"Oh, uh... no reason." I smiled nervously, but my friends didn't buy. "Okay Sarah, you've been acting weird since this morning. What's going on?" Mason asked.

I stammered a little but looking at my friends' faces, I knew I have to tell the truth. I sighed, "Alright... last night... The Tree of Harmony spoke with me again."

"It did?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Yes... it warned me of a great test I have to pass to reach my destiny, which I now know is Tirek. It said this will require everything I've learned and to trust myself and my 'power'."

All my friends were in a mixture of shock and surprise. "Woah nelly." Applejack gasped.

"Wonder what it meant?" Fluttershy added. "And what this 'power' of yours is."

"I don't know." I stated sadly.

"Well maybe we should go to the Tree of Harmony for some answers." Twilight suggested.

"Go to a tree to get answers?" Jack scoffed. "Tch. Yeah right."

"Well, the Tree is what started all of this for her in the first place, so it would make sense to go and try." Nicole stated. Rantaro sighed, "Fine... if you say do."

The rest of my friends nodded and we all went to through the Everfree Forest and to the Castle of the Two Sisters. They went to the staircase which led to the cave where the Tree of Harmony layed. "I can't believe we're doing this. It seems like a lost cause." Rainow groaned.

"Rainbow, the Tree may be our best hope as to figuring out Sarah's Element of Harmony." Ren said.

"Speakin’ of Element's of Harmony, we should have brought them with us." Applejack said.

"Why?" Jamie asked.

"Just that I see a certain 'friend' of ours in the air."

"Oh your talking about me, I presume." Discord said as he floated down holding an umbrella, wearing a pink and white scarf with a handbag in his hands. Everyone except for me, Fluttershy and Jamie groaned at the sight of him again.

"How'd you guess?" Applejack asked.

"My ears were burning." he said as he splashed water on his ears. "What are you even doing here, Discord?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh just wanted to drop by and say hi to my friend before I go off on my extremely dangerous mission. I suppose you all know that I was called in to capture a certain escapee." he said. Now he was dressed in a military uniform with a small bubble blower in his mouth. "Big deal." Jack scoffed.

"You right, Jack it is a big deal." Discord said. He blew the bubble blower in his face making grow bigger and pop in his face, getting him all wet. Jack growled and tried to move in on Discord, but Ren and Rantaro held him back. "He's not worth it, Jack!" Ren exclaimed. Jack took a deep breath and calmed down, "Fine..."

"Seems that I possess a magic that give me quite an important role in Equestria." Discord said. "Like my friend, Sarah here." Discord picked me up and held me, "I still can’t figure why Celestia hasn't made you part Alicorn yet." He snapped his fingers and made a fake pair of wings appear on my back. Rainbow came over and took them off, "In your dream, Sarah doesn't need to become an alicorn to have a role in Equestra."

"Rainbow's right. Sarah will find her own role in our world." Rarity added.

"Besides, don't you have a creepy magic stealing villain to track down?" Applejack asked.

"Yes, yes, yes of course." Discord added and he teleported us into the Cave of Harmony. "I just couldn't help but over here, Sarah little chat with the Tree of Harmony."

That surprised me, "How'd you know about that?"

"I have ears, Sarah. Anyway, the Tree did give you this cute little element of your own and your trying to figure out the reason and discover what this' hidden power' of yours the Tree mentioned to you."

Ren and the others rolled their eyes. Just then the Tree of Harmony began to glow as well as my Element. My Element shot out a beam of multi-colored magic at the center of the tree. Everyone gasped in awe. A small beam of magic trailed down the tree, lighting up a picture of the sun and a crescent moon and crawled down one of the roots and a flower bloomed from the trail.

I looked at my friends and carefully walked towards the flower. I touched it and the flower opened up, revealing an orb floating in the center with the same colors as my element. I held out my hands and the orb floated into my hands. It let out a beam of magic into my element and I felt a surge of power through my body. When the orb was gone, I felt the surge leave my body and I fell on the ground. "Sarah!" Ren and my friends came to my side.

"Are you alright, darling?" Rarity asked. I felt a small headache coming on. "Agh... Yeah... I think so."

"What the hell was that about?" Jack exclaimed.

"No idea, but I think the orb... gave her something." Twilight said.

"Like... more magic?" Rantaro questioned.

"Yes.. but something more."

"Something more?" Ren asked. "What does that mean?"

"That's the question."

Then we heard clapping and saw Discord sitting in a recliner chair with popcorn in his hands. "Bravo, Bravo." he laughed. Jack growled at him, "Shouldn't you be leaving?!"

"Yes, but I have to grab something from Sarah's father, right quick." He snapped his fingers and made my dad appear. "AH! What the-?"

"Discord, put my dad down!" I ordered.

"I will, just as soon as I grab-" He made a small orb-like device appear in his hands. "Hey, my magic containing orb!" my dad exclaimed.

"Ah yes, I hope you don't mind me using this to track down Tirek, would you?" Discord inquired. My dad opened his mouth, but Discord cut him off, "Good, now good luck with your power, Sarah, Ta Ta." and with that he disappeared and my dad fell to the ground. "OW!"

He grunted as he got up, "Why are you friends with him again?" he asked me.

I only smiled and laughed nervously. My dad sighed.

Tirek was in an alleyway approaching a unicorn stallion. He was brown with a gray mane and tail. Tirek grinned excitedly. When he got close enough the pony turned around revealing Discord, "Tirek, I presume?" he asked.

Tirek looked surprised for a minute, "Discord... you're free?"

Discord turned himself into a parrot, "As a bird."

"I commend you on your escape." Tirek said as he bowed. Discord turned back into himself, "I'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual." He snapped his fingers and made a pair of chains appear on Tirek's arms. Tirek pulled on them, but couldn't break so he blasted a small beam at Discord, who split his head in two, dodging the blast.

"Now it's back to Tartarus without Tirek." he said.

Tirek grinned evilly at him, "Oh.. I don't think so."

Discord was confused by what he said when a cage suddenly came around him. He gasped and tried to teleport out but he found that he couldn't. "Like my magic proof cage?" Douglas said as he appeared behind Tirek along with Chrysalis.

"Douglas and Chrysalis?"

"Right, Discord. We knew Celestia would send you to capture Tirek, so we set a trap for you." Douglas explained. "And now, that you're out of the way, Tirek came continue what he set out to do." Chrysalis added.

Discord narrowed his eyes at the three villains as they all laughed evilly.

After that, me and my friends went back to the Golden Oak Library, where Twilight and Jamie were looking through every book to try and figure out anything about the orb that came from the Tree of Harmony and into my element. "Agh!" Twilight groaned. "None of these books hold the answer!"

"Well Twilight, books don't always hold the answers." My dad replied.

She and Jamie sighed. "Sarah, are you feeling okay?" Fluttershy asked.

I grinned at her, "I'm fine, Fluttershy."

"Well that was a mighty surge you got there." Applejack added.

"I'm alright you guys, honest." I reassured. Dratini, Riolu, Mareep and Rockurff were all play fighting around the library under the watchful eyes of Winter, Moonshine and Storm.

"Your pokemon are have grown up fast." Ren said to me.

"Yeah, now I have to start training them." I said.

Then Spike burped out a letter from Princess Celestia. He read it and gasped, "Spike, what's wrong?"

"We're need in Canterlot at once!" Spike cried.

"Let's go!" Rainbow snapped. We all hurried to Canterlot and burst into the throne room where the three Princesses were. "We got here as fast as I could." Twilight said. "Is it Tirek."

"I'm afraid to say this but Discord has been captured by Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas." Celestia said.

We all gasped in shocked. "Without Discord to stop him Tirek has been able to steal more and more pony magic. We have word that he has gone after Pegasi. Without Pegasi to control the weather, there will be no rain in Equestria. We have word that he has gone after Earth Ponies as well. Without their strength they will not be able to tend the land."

"Ponies will no longer be in control of their worlds. That power will belong solely to Tirek." Lun added.

"There is no doubt Tirek is after Alicorn Magic. With Discord out of the picture we will not be able to stop him.” Celestia added. “Once it is in his possession he power will have no bounds and all hope will be lost." Luna stated.

This was a disaster!

"But there is one solution." Celestia spoke. "It is by making this sacrifice that Equestria and the lands beyond it may be saved.... we must rid ourselves of our Magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from us."

We all gasped in shock and horror.

To be continued...

Episode 26: Sarah's Kingdom Part 2

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Previosly on My Little Pony

"Tirek has escaped from Taratrus and is stealing pony magic."

"And I know just the Princess who can stop him."

"Discord has been captureed by Tirek."

"There is no doubt that Tirek is after alicorn magic."

"We must rid ourselves of out magic before Tirek has the chance to steal it from us."

All of us were in total shock and horror. “What the hell?!” Jack added.

"G-Give up your magic?!" Jamie stammered.

“You can’t do that!” Mason added

"That's crazy?!" Ren added.

"We know, but this is the only way. When Tirek comes for us we cannot have what he is looking for." Luna said. "Our magic cannot vanished into thin air. Someone must keep it safe."

Cadence stepped forward, "That someone is you, Sarah."

"ME?! Why me?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"We do not believe that Tirek is aware of all your Element's abilities. The Element may prevent Tirek from using his dark powers to absorb your magic. With your Elements’ protection, Tirek will not be able to get a hold of the magic." Celestia explained.

"Do you understand what we're asking of you?" Cadence asked.

"Yes... but I've only had unicorn magic for all of my life. To take on Alicorn Magic-" Cadence grabbed my hand with her hoof, "Sarah, you represent all of the Elements of Harmony. Just like Twilight and her friends, including the Element of Magic. If there’s anyone who can do this; it’s you.” Luna and Celestia nodded.

“... Alright… I’ll do it.” I said.

“Then we must begin at once.” Celestia said. My friends backed away while the three Princesses formed a triangle around me. They focused their magic at the tip of their horns while I stared at them. They opened their eyes which had turned white and their magic exited them and formed a large ball of magic right above me. “Holy crap!” Jack exclaimed. I gulped as the magic connected with my horn and all the magic entered my body.

The three princesses layed on the ground and were helped to their feet by Twilight and the girls. Meanwhile, I felt stronger than before and I looked at the princess’s who no longer had their cutie marks. Celestia sighed, “It is done.”

“Sarah, you now possess our magic. Hopefully we will regain them soon.” Luna said. “Now you must take on our responsibility of raising the sun and moon.”

“..Right.” I said in a shaky voice.

The next morning

I was outside staring at the moon, that I raised yesterday. Now it was time to raise the sun. Ren and the others were there to give me support. “You can do it, Sarah.” Kaede reassured.

“R-Remember what you know.” Jamie added.

“I can do this.” I said to myself. I closed my eyes and concentrated. I felt the magic at the tip of my horn and the moon lowered in the sky and at the same time the sun rose high in the sky, making it day time. I looked and saw the sun shining in the sky. “I did it!” I called proudly.

“Great work!” Ren exclaimed.

“Awesome, newbie.” Jack added.

“Now let’s help you fully control it.” Jamie added. I nodded and went back into the home-ship.

Third Person POV

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Shining Armor was standing guard with two other guards. Suddenly, he heard some footsteps and saw Tirek coming towards him. He blasted a beam of his magic at him but he caught it in his hands and ate it, liking the taste.

He grabbed Shining by the face and drained him of his magic, causing him to fall to the ground. “Captain!” One guard cried. Tirek did the same thing to the other two guards and they collapsed.

In the throne room, the Princesses were laying on the throne when they heard footsteps. They all stood tall as Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas entered the throne room. Tirek marched up to the three Princess and levitated them up to him. He opened his mouth to drain their magic, but nothing entered his mouth. “What have you done?” he hissed.

Celestia smirked at him.

He tried Luna and Cadence and got the same result. “Where is your magic?!”

POV Ends

In the home-ship. I was practicing firing her magic. I shot perfectly with all the targets. “Perfect Honey.” My dad commented.

“Thanks dad.” I replied.

“Now, you lightning and fire magic.”

I nodded and concentrated. Lightning and fire shot out of my horn which burst through the ceiling of the home-ship! “Oops.” I winced.

“No, no, no, it’s alright.” My dad quickly reassured. “At least we know, you have great control over the magic.”

“Yeah.” Ren added. “You’re handling this new magic as if it was your own.”

“Ren’s right. You’re a natural when it comes to magic.” Jamie added, making me blush. “Hehe.”

Third Person POV

Tirek sat in the throne while the three princess stared at him with unhappy faces. “Getting rid of your magic so that I cannot take it from you? That was your plan? How does it feel, knowing that soon, every Pegasus, unicorn and Earth pony will bow to my will, and that there is nothing you can do to stop it?”

“You will not prevail.” Celestia stated.

Douglas laughed. “Oh yeah, we the two of us by his side. There’s no one who can stop us.”

“Don’t be so confident.” Luna said.

“Who did you give your magic too anyway?” Chrysalis asked.

“We’re not telling you.” Cadence snarled.

“Don’t have to. I already know who.” Douglas said.

“Who?” Tirek asked.

“...My ex-daughter.” he answered. “Sarah.”

Chrysalis growled. “That little pests who beat us the last time.”

“Well then.” Tirek hissed. “Guess we should pay this Sarah a visit.”

“You will not get her magic, Tirek.” Discord claimed.

“Oh and why not?”

“Because that pesky element she has protects her.” Douglas grunted.

“Element? Hmm… now she really sounds interesting.” Tirek hissed. He levitated the three princess and placed them in the cage. “Shall we?” he asked his comrades.


All three of them chuckled evilly while the Princess and Discord looked worried.

Meanwhile, Ren, Twilight and their friends, including Sarah’s dad were walking on the outskirts of Ponyville. “So how’s Sarah doin’ with her magic?” Applejack asked.

“She doing perfectly.” Ren answered. “She has complete control over her magic. Like it was her own magic.”

“That’s wonderful.” Fluttershy asked.

“And with that element protecting her. Tirek can’t touch her.” Jack smirked.

“Oh really?” a voice said and suddenly a cage came over all of them.

That’s when Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas appeared.

“Tirek!” Twilight cried.

“Douglas.” Donny hissed.

“Surprise… I’m back~” Douglas said.

“What do you want?” Ren asked.

“Oh nothing except-” Tirek said. He levitated Discord, Twilight and her friends and drained them all of their magic. The six girls and Discord collapsed on the ground with tinted eyes and no cutie marks or magic. “Girls!” Ren cried. He and his friends helped the girls to their feet. Tirek grew even larger. Now he was the size of two story house!

“Holy crap!” Jack cried.

“Now.. where’s this Sarah character I’ve heard so much about?” Tirek hissed.

“Yes… I think it’s time I spend some time with my wonderful daughter.” Douglas added.

“You go anywhere near her it’ll be the last thing you ever do!” Davenport snarled.

“She’s mine, Donny!” Douglas said.

“And her magic will be mine.” Tirek added. “As will as revenge.” Chrysalis added.

“That’s right.” Douglas said.

“Oh, and one more thing Douglas.” Chrysalis said and he lit her horn and Douglas was in the cage as well. “Hey! What the big idea?!”

“You are no longer useful to me. You’ve given me all the information I need to defeat that pesky human and take her magic.” Tirek said.

“We had a deal!” Douglas hissed.

“The deal is off now.” Chrysalis said. Douglas had never felt so betrayed in his life!

“You’ll have to get pass her dragons, pokemon and Yo-Kai friends if you want her.” Mason said.

Tirek laughed, “Those pests will be no problem. Once I have her magic in my possession, I’ll rule Equestria!” He laughed as well as Chrysalis. Now the only hope of Ren, the gang and Equestria was Sarah and her creature friends.

Meanwhile, I was walking on the barren outskirts of Ponyville with Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Dratini, Riolu, Rockruff, Mareep, Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. I sighed sadly as I looked at the peacefulness of the place. “What’s wrong Sarah?” Whisper asked.

“It’s just… why me?” I answered.

“What do you mean?” Sailornyan asked.

“Why did the Tree of Harmony give me an Element of Harmony? Why did the Princesses give their magic to me? I’m still not sure if I’m ready for this.” I explained.

“That’s ridiculous, you beat Douglas and Chrysalis before.” Sailornyan stated.

“But I never faced Tirek…” I sighed and walked a few feet away from my yo-kai friends, dragons and pokemon and I started singing.

Why, why even trust me at all.
Their magic now is my call.
But I’m not sure that it should
Now what, what should I do?
And who, who do I turn to?
Now everything feels so upside down.
Deep down maybe I knew
It was way too good to be true
Protect my home from an enemy
Some hero I turn out to be

I hear a call behind me and saw a large male lion with a red mane and he had a deep voice. “Woah.. who are you?”

“I am Mufasa, young Sarah. I have been watching you for some time now and I sense great doubt in your heart.”

I sighed, “It’s just everything seems to revolve around me in someway. Now Tirek is loose, stealing magic and I’m the only one with magic left to protect. I’m worried that I can’t handle this.”

“Don’t be afraid Sarah, trust your instincts. Your magic and your friends will be there for you when you need them and so will I until Equestria’s end.” With that Mufasa disappeared from the clouds.

“.. Trust my instincts. My friends and magic will be there when I need it.” I said.

Maybe my journey is far from done
They need a hero, and I'm the one
So now it's time for them all to see
The human I was born to be

It is time to take the lead on my own
It is time for something bigger than
I've ever known
No need to wonder
the choice is done
Now I believe I truly am the one
So is it time?
Is it time?
It is time

Whisper and my yo-kai friends and dragons came up to me and smiled. “Looks like someone has their confidence back.” Thornyan teased. I grinned at the throny cat when suddenly..


I gasped in horror at the sound of that voice. “Tirek!”

My yo kai friends and pokemon screamed in fear while my dragons growled. “Sailornyan, you and the other yo-kai get my pokemon to safety. Quickly.” I ordered.

“Right.” Sailornyan and Thornayn grabbed my three pokemon and they all rushed to safety.

Just in time to, cause that’s when Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas showed up behind me, only a few feet away! “Well, well, well, your the famous human I’ve heard a lot about.” Tirek hissed. I got into a fighting position while my dragons roared at Tirek and two comrades. “You have something that I want, human.”

“You’re not getting my magic!” I yelled.

Tirek roared in anger and blasted a large beam of magic at me. My and my dragons leaped into the air and I landed on Winter’s back. The dragons dove towards Tirek and fried their attacks while I fired the combined magic of the princesses and my own. The beam struck Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas hard. Tirek was still standing while Chrysalis and Douglas were knocked to the ground. They got up and leaped onto Tirek’s back.

The dragons circled and dove towards Tirek again. Tirek fired his magic at them and Chrysalis added her own power to the beam. I teleported us out of the trajectory and right in front of Tirek where I blasted him full force with my magic. He screamed in pain.

I levitated all of us up to his face and threw us in the direction of a mountain. “WOAH!” Luckily, Winter and the others responded quickly and stopped inches from the mountain and shot higher into the air. Tirek roared and flew towards us, but I leaped above them all and blasted them with the combined magic of my element and my own. Tirek crashed onto the ground.

And I dove right towards him in the form of a large phoenix. Tirek made rock spires come up but I blasted them with my fire attacks. Then I concentrated all my magic and element magic into one large beam and blasted Tirek hard with it.


What an explosion!

When all the dust cleared, Tirek staggered to his feet with barely any scratches on him! I landed on the floor and changed back into myself with my dragons by my side. “It seems we’ve reached a disagreement. How about a trade?” He snapped his finger and in multiple bubble appeared my friends, my dad, Douglas, Discord and the Princesses. “Their release for all the Alicorn Magic in Equestria.”

I gasped in horror and my friends cried out to me telling me not to give him my magic. “So what’s it going to be, human?” he asked. I could only stare in horror, not knowing what to do.

Not good. Really, really not good. Tirek and his comrades have all my loved ones captured and wants my magic in exchange for them. I knew I couldn’t give it to him but with the risk of losing my loved ones. Suddenly I remembered something and looked down at my element with shined a little. “Don’t do it, Sarah!” Rainbow cried.

"You can't let him get your magic!" Ren added.

"If you do, all of Equestria is doomed!" Jamie added.

“We’re not worth it!” Fluttershy added.

“You can’t let them win, newbie!” Jack added.

“ENOUGH!” Tirek snapped, becoming impatient. “I want an answer an I want it now!”

I looked at my friends and saw a colored stripe flash over the Mane 6’s bubbles and I felt a rainbow reflection in my eyes. I blinked and I looked at my element of harmony. I clenched my fists… I knew what I had to do. I looked up at Tirek with a bold face.

“.... I will give you my magic… in exchange for my family.”

Everyone gasped in horror while the villains smirked. “As you wish.” Tirek snapped his fingers and the bubbles floated to the ground and popped, releasing everyone except Douglas. “All of my family.” I said again.

“After the way he has betrayed you, you still call him family?” Tirek asked. Douglas looked ashamed. “Release him!” I exclaimed.

“Alright.” Tirek snapped his fingers and Douglas’ bubble floated down and popped. “Thank you, Sarah.” He said. Tirek turned to me, “Now, it’s you turn.” and he activated his dark powers, but my element shined brightly and made a shield around me, preventing my magic from being stolen. “What?!” he hissed.

“I told you that element won’t let you take her magic!” Douglas exclaimed.

“Well then… we’ll just destroy her then!” Chrysalis hissed. Tirek smirked.

Tirek poured all the magic he had into one powerful beam and Chrysalis added her own power. Together the two of them launched a gigantic beam of magic at me, which broke through my shield! I covered my eyes, preparing for impact.


“Sarah, no!” Ren and the others cried. Tirek and the villains laughed maliciously. “Sarah, you can’t be gone… you can’t be.” Sarah’s father said. Pinkie and the girls shedded some tears in sadness for the loss of their friend…. When there was a small peck of light coming from the dust.

Everyone gasped and the villains stopped laughing and looked. Out of the smoke came the ghostly and sparkling image of what looked to be a hybrid of Winter and Moonshine.

I felt myself changing. I felt my arms and legs grow shorter and a pair of wings sprout out of my back. I felt a tail coming out from my lower back and my face changed as well.

Third Person POV

When the dust and light cleared Ren and the others gasped. Sarah has changed into a dragon's hybrid. She was shimmering in the colors of the elements of harmony. Now she was 24 feet long with a 44 feet long wingspan. She was white with black spines running down her back and her wings were white with a black stripe in the center. She had black tipped claws and ear appendages.

(Grown up version of the one of the left)

“What-” Ren started.

“The-” Sarah’s father added.

“Heck?” Jack added.

POV Ends

I opened my eyes with a blazing fury and I gave a large roar at Tirek and Chrysalis. “Bring it on, human.” Chrysalis hissed. She lunged at me, but it dove at her like a bullet and rammed her into the ground, knocking her unconscious. Tirek was shocked but he wasn’t beaten. He fired a large beam of magic at me, but I produced a spherical shield around me, deflecting the blast into the air and I spread out the shield, sending Tirek flying. “Get him Sarah!” Rainbow cheered.

“Kick his butt, newbie!” Jack added.

Tirek got up and roared at me. I landed on the ground and he launched another beam of magic at me and it struck the ground in front of me, causing a large explosion.

“Haha, shake that one off, human.” Tirek sneered. I glowed brightly through the smoke and launched into the sky, “No! No!” Tirek cried. I growled and gave a sonic roared like Moonshine at the villains, spreading the magic of the Elements of Harmony all across Equestria. The Elements’ magic restored all the stolen magic in Equestria, giving ponies back their cutie marks and restoring their strengths including Twilight, the girls, Discord and the Princesses.

“Sarah?” My dad cried. The skies lightened up with the sun’s rays and I descended down with the three unconscious villains in my grasp. I dropped the villains and landed on the ground. All my friends cheered for my victory.

I placed the three villains on the ground, “Here you go, Princesses.”

“Thank you, Sarah.” Celestia said. She and the other Princesses used their magic to place the villains in their own cages and Luna and Cadence took them all back to Tartarus. Meanwhile, my friends admired my new form. “This form is wicked!” Rainbow exclaimed.

“Heck yeah!” Ren added. “You’re like a hybrid of Moonshine and Winter with the Elements of Harmony colors.”

“Amazing, honey!” My dad exclaimed.

I smiled and changed back into my human form and I looked at Douglas and I walked over to him. “Dad…” I called gently.

Douglas looked at me with shame in his eyes, but I hugged him, surprising him and everyone else. “I’m glad you’re back.”

Douglas said nothing but he returned the hug. “Soo… he’s gonna stay with you two?” Ren asked.

“No!” My dad said.

“Yes.” I rejected.


“Because everyone deserves a second chance, including him.” My dad sighed, “Alright… he can stay with us.”

I smiled at my dad and me and Douglas separated. Just then, my Element glowed brightly and sent out a small shockwave. The girl's chests began to glow and sent out a bea of magic at me in the same color as their elements. Ren and the others stood back while the girls cried out in shock and confusion.

Suddenly, there was a big flash and then… nothing.

Ren’s POV

When the light went away, we all looked, “Wh-What happened?” Fluttershy asked. The girls suddenly cried out, seeing no sign of Sarah except for a large burn mark in the shape of her element. “Where’d she go?” I asked.

POV Ends

I woke up and found myself in the same void where the Tree of Harmony spoke to me about the threat of Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas. “Hello…?”

That’s when the Tree of Harmony once again in the form of Astral Twilight appeared. “Congratulations, Sarah, I knew you could do it.”

“I-I don’t understand. What did I do?”

“You single handedly defeated a very powerful foe, by using the magic of your friendship that you had formed with Twilight and your friends. Something that even a great unicorn like Starswirl the Bearded was not able to do because he did not understand friendship like you do. The lessons you’ve learned here in Ponyville have taught you well. You have proven that your ready Sarah.” Astral Twilight walked off. “Ready? Ready for what?” Sarah asked as she followed it.

Then images of all things she’s done in Ponyville; all the battles with dinosaurs, dragons and many more.

As they were walking, Astral Twilight began singing.

You've come such a long, long way

And I've watched you from that very first day

To see how you might grow

To see what you might do

To see what you've been through

And all the ways you've made me proud of you

It's time now for a new change to come

You've grown up and your new life has begun

To go where you will go

To see what you will see

To find what you will be

For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny

A small light appeared on my chest and it started to swirl around me. I was lifted into the air and consumed by the light.

Ren’s POV

In Ponyville, we all saw a bright light in the shape of Sarah’s element crystal. It floated down in front of us and we could see a silhouette in inside. “Sarah… is that you?” I asked. Sarah slowly stood up and revealed her newly acquired alicorn wings and her horn was about two inches longer and her Element changed from a necklace to a crown. We all gasped in shock and amazement. “What in the actual heck?” Me and Mason exclaimed in shock.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” Applejack said as Sarah examined her new wings.

“Ha! Sarah’s got wings! Awesome, a new flying buddy!” Rainbow exclaimed and she hugged Sarah. Rarity came up to her, “Why you’ve become part alicorn. I didn’t even know that was possible.”

“ALICORN PARTY~” Pinkie sang as she was seen swinging back and forth on a string, throwing confetti all over the place. “... Where’d she get that from?!” Jack exclaimed. Winter, Moonshine and Storm all came up to Sarah and nuzzled her, warbling. “Hehe, I’m alright you three, I promise.” She reassured. Jamie and Fluttershy came up to her, “Woah, you look just like a Princess.” Fluttershy said.


That’s when Princess Celestia descended before us and said, “That’s because she is a Princess.”

“HUH?!” We all asked.

“Hold on a second.” Pinkie said. She took a full glass of water from behind her, drank it and did a spit take, getting some of it on Jack. “Hey! Watch it!”

Sarah was in shock, “... A Princess? Me?” The Princess placed a hoof on her shoulder. “Since you’ve come to Ponyville, you’ve displayed the charity, compassion, devoted, integrity, optimism and of course the leadership of a true princess.”

“.. But what do I do now? Is there a book about being a Princess I should read?” she asked.

Princess Celestia chuckled, “There will be time for all of that later.” Sarah smiled at all of us. Just then, her cheeks started glowing and I felt something on my cheek. “What? What is it?” I asked. Rarity handed me a mirror and on my cheeks were marks. They had the Night Fury symbol in the middle with smaller versions of Twilight and the Mane 6's cutie marks circling it. "Woah, what is it?" I asked.

“A cutie mark.” Twilight said.

Jack came up to my face, “Damn…what’s up with those cutie-patootie marks on your faces?”

“You mean Cutie-Marks.” Carrie corrected. “But…where did they come from?”

“More importantly, why exactly does she even have that?” Rantaro questioned.

“Why?” Fluttershy asked in confusion.

“Can’t humans even get cutie-marks?” Pinkie Pie asked innocently.

“No, they can’t.” I shook my head.

“It would seem that something caused Sarah to have those…peculiar Cutie-Marks.” Princess Luna remarked, inspecting my new cutie-marks. “I think I can explain." a majestic voice said.

And that's when Astral Twilight appeared before everyone. "Woah... so you're the-" Ren said.

"Yes I am the Tree of Harmony and it was I who gave Sarah her wings and cutie marks."

"But.. why?" Celestia asked.

"Her cutie mark represents the Element of Harmony I gave her. The Element of Faith." Astral Twilight said.

"Element of Faith?" The Mane 6 echoed.

"Yes, ever since she came here, Sarah's always had faith in herself and her friends and that allowed her to reform and befriend creatures many thought were beyond friendship."

"Like Discord and the changelings." Fluttershy said.

"Indeed. Which is why I've now made Sarah the newest Princess of Equestria." Astral Twilight stated.

Everyone was speechless. "Holy crap." Jack gasped. Astral Twilight came to me, "I'm very proud of you Sarah and all the deeds you have done as well. The Element of Faith is your now, but remember, there is always a piece of me inside it. Now I must leave now, take care everyone." With that Astral Twilight disappeared in a bright flash.

"Well.. looks like there's a new Princess in town." Kodi smirked.

"Yeah." Ren said, nudging my arm. Sarah smiled nervously. Then.. “Mama!” Sarah’s four pokemon tackled to her the ground. Sarah laughed loudly as the three of them nuzzled her. “Mama, your okay.” Rockruff said.

“We were so worried.” Riolu said, hugging her neck.

“Oooh, you have new wings.” Mareep said.

That’s when her Yo-Kai friends appeared. “Sarah, thank goodness you and your friends are alright.” Whisper said.

“Hey, what’s with the new wings?” Thornyan asked.

“And why is that guy here?” Saliornyan hissed, pointing at Douglas.

“Well… I’m a Princess now and he’s staying with us.” Sarah replied.

“….WHAT?!” Her yo-kai and pokemon exclaimed. Sarah smiled nervously at them. “Hehehe.” Just then, Moonshine’s ear appendages perked up. “Moonshine?” I said and that’s when we all felt a rumbling. “What’s going on?” Mason asked.

Moonshine roared and took to the sky. “It’s comin’ from the other side of Ponyville.” Applejack said. We all followed the Night Fury to the other side of Ponyville where they was a small waterfall. What we saw made us all astonished and shocked. There was a castle!

The tree-castle beared some resemblance to the Golden Oak Library, at least the above ground portion of which is destroyed earlier in the episode by Lord Tirek, but is many times larger and appears to have a multi-level castle in its branches, which includes a great balcony, two spires, and a tower. The structure has at least one banner flying on the side marked with Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark, and the top bears a large crystal star. Two sets of five strings of beads hang off the side of the structure much like the white beads that hang off the Tree of Harmony. At the foot is a great golden stair for the two-leaved golden door into the tree's body. Two open lancet windows flank the door.

“Sweet Celestia!” Rarity cried. “Are you all seeing what I’m seeing?!”

“Yeah… a castle.” Rantaro said bluntly.

“But whose is it?” I asked.

“I believe it is yours Princess Sarah.” Celestia said. Cadence and Luna appeared at her side with smiles on their faces. “My castle?!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Yes.” a voice said and that’s when Astral Twilight appeared. “Tree of Harmony?” Sarah asked.

“Tree of Harmony?!” We all exclaimed.

“So that’s what warned you?” Jack asked.

“Well.. it showed up in my dream and warned me.” Sarah corrected.

“How is it able to do that?” Twilight asked.

“Like all living this I change as I grow. As I have grown so have my abilities.” Astral Twilight explained.

“So, this was your doing?” she asked, referring to the castle.

“Yes, it’s my gift to you.” it said.

“Woah… thanks.” The Tree of Harmony nodded. “Take good care everyone.” With that, the sparkling version of Twilight disappeared.

“So how about we check out the castle?” I suggested.

“YEAH!” We all rushed into the castle and were amazed. The lobby's two stairs lead into the castle rooms where lancet two-toned green glass windows and crystalline lathed columns with scrolled tops line the hall decked by a brown rug with scrollwork. At its end is a golden-framed green glass fanlighted door to the throne room where Sarah had a crystalline throne about a star-shaped dais on a golden dish on a violet rug with scrollwork. Even with its door are a set of green glass spire lights.

“This is… epic!” Rainbow cried, flying around the castle! “There’s even rooms for her dragons!”

Her dragons perked up at the sound of ‘rooms’ They walked over and saw that one room was filled with all kinds of Nadder treats and food, hoops for flying and targets as well and even a large bed. “Looks like this will be Storm’s room.”

Moonshine and Winter’s room had a section for racing; a large aerial obstacles course completed with hoops, planks and makeshift trees for them to practice flying. “Amazing!” Sarah exclaimed.

Jamie and Twilight were instantly in love with her library. It was at least as large as the Canterlot Library. “I’m in heaven!” Twilight cried.

“Me too!” Jamie added. We all sweat-dropped at the two of them. “Really?” Jack grunted.

“Jack, be nice to them.” Sarah lightly scolded. The castle even had its own kitchen!

“This castle is awesome!” I said.

“Yeah.” Sarah agreed.

“Hey Sarah, it even has a workshop for my and my inventions. EEEE!” My dad exclaimed with happiness and rushed off to the workshop. I sweat dropped at him. Oh dad.

“Looks like I’ll be moving in here.” I said sadly.

“Aww.. don’t be sad Sarah, we’ll miss you at the home-ship, but you’ll have your dad, pokemon, dragons and Yo-Kai here with you.” Kaede reassured. I perked up a little. “Right.”

“Now, I believe someone is in order for a coronation tomorrow.” Celestia teased, looking at Sarah. She smiled, “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

The next day, I was in my coronation dress. It was a three layer white dress with pink edges completed with a red band around my waist, golden shoes and a small rose in the corner of my head.

Kaede came into the room dressed in a pink and white striped dress with a her hair done up in a bun. “So… how’s our new Princess?” she teased. I blushed in embarrassment. “Kaede.” I whined.

“Oh come on, don’t be shy. It’s your day. Everyone is waiting for you. Now come on.” she replied with an excited voice. She left quickly and I sighed playfully and walked out of the room.

Third Person POV

Princess Celestia was standing at the altar. “We are gathered here today to celebrate a most momentous occasion. Sarah has done many extraordinary things since she’s lived in Ponyville with my faithful student and her friends. She even helped reform some of our old enemies. But today, Sarah did something incredible. By using the magic of friendship she defeated Tirek, Chrysalis and Douglas with the power of her Element of Harmony the Tree of Harmony bestowed upon her, proving without a doubt that she is ready to be crowned Equestria’s newest Princess. Fillies and gentlecolts, may I present for the very first time, Princess Sarah.”

Sarah walked out into the room with her new wings spread out and some guards and singers behind her. She walked up to the Princesses and Spike came up to her with her crown. Celestia placed the crown on her head and she looked at her friends. All of them were giving her either, smile, grins or thumbs-up. She turned to the crowd with her new crown shining bright. Then she walked out onto the balcony with Celestia and Luna by her side. She saw a large crowd of ponies below. She waved to them with a smile on her face. “Say something, Princess.” Celestia said.

Sarah cleared her throat. “A little while ago, I woke up in Equestria, scared and alone, but I met some friends who helped me grow. Now on a day like today I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be standing here if it’s wasn't for the friendships I made with all of you. Each one of you taught me something about friendship and for that I will always be grateful. Today, I consider myself the luckiest human in Equestria. Thank you friends, Thank you everyone.” The crowd cheered below.

Sarah and her friends entered the room once more.

POV Ends

My father came up to me along with all my friends, yo-kai, pokemon, the dragons, Pyrite, the reformed changelings, Autumn Blaze and Discord. “I’m so proud of you honey.” he said as he shedded tears of pride. “Aww, dad.”

“Wayda go, Princess.” Applejack said.

“Best Coronation Day ever!” Pinkie added.

“We love you, Sarah.” Fluttershy said.

I laughed and we all came together in a group hug. “I love you guys too.”

Next, I found myself riding through the crowd on a chair, pulled by two guard ponies Singing a song.

That afternoon after my coronation, we were all back at the home-ship where we found Astral Twilight. “The Tree of Harmony, what are you doing here... again?” I asked.

“Maybe it’s here to congratulate you on completing you test.” Jack smirked.

“I am here about the test yes, but not that you’ve completed it.” Astral Twilight said.

“Not completed?” Ren asked.

“Facing Tirek was not your big test.” Astral Twilight stated, much to our shock.

“Tirek wasn’t her test!” Mason cried. “B-But what could be bigger than Tirek?”

“Darkness.. Great Darkness spreading all across of the outskirts of Equestria.” Astral Twilight stated.

“When?” Twilight asked.

“That is unknown. It is a flicker now, but it will grow and when it does, you must be prepared.” Astral Twilight said to me. I was utterly shocked by this new information, “I-I thought this was it.”

“Don’t worry Sarah.” Ren said. “We’ll get through this. Together.”

I grinned at him, “Right. Cause I have something equally as powerful. You guys.” All my friends, yo-kai, pokemon and the dragons smiled and we all got into a large group hug. Whatever would come in the near future. I know we’ll face it together.

End of Season 1. Prepare for Season 2

Episode 27: TUFF Puppy Crossover

View Online

It's been a week since I became the newest princess of Equestria. So far, I haven't had any serious royal duties to attend to so all I did was hang out with my friends. But today, would be different. "Hey Sarah." a voice said. I turned and saw Kodi, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason and Kaede in the living room. "What's with the suitcases?" Ren asked.

"Oh, I'm going to visit my other friends." I replied.

"Other friends?" Kaede asked.

"Yeah, you guys wanna come?" I offered. "But I've gotta warn you this new world could be... a bit dangerous."

"I'm in!" Jack stated.

"Me too!" Ren stated.

"Alright then... DAD, GET THE PORTAL READY!" I called.

"PORTAL?!" Everyone exclaimed. Soon we found ourselves in my dad's lab where a swirling, glowing portal layed. "It's all ready honey." My dad said. "Be careful while your gone."

"Don't worry, old man, We got her back." Jack smirked.

"Come on guys!" I cried and we all leaped into the portal and appeared inside a large room where there were anthropomorphic cats, dogs and other animals typing on computers and filing folders. "Where the hell are we?" Jack asked.

"Everyone welcome to T.U.F.F HQ!" I announced.

"Sarah? Is that you?" a voice came we turned and saw cat with wide, lime green eyes and tan fur. She is also 5 foot 6", excluding hair and ears. She had black hair and was wearing who wore white high boots and gloves. Also she wore a black suit and belt. "Hey Kitty, I'm back to visit." I said as we hugged each other. "It's so good to see you again." she said and then she noticed my friends. "Who are they?" Kitty asked.

"These are my human friends." I introduced.

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird...and this is my dog, Kodiak or Kodi for short."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"

"Rantaro Wilde."

"Nicole Bonnie."

"Well it's nice to meet you all." Kitty said. Then we all suddenly heard a yell and a white dog wearing only a black shirt landed on Jack. "Dudley!" Kitty cried. "You landed on Sarah's friend."

Dudley puppy, Kitty's sidekick, perked up at the sound of my name. "Sarah's back!" he dashed over and hugged me, "I'm so glad you're back!"

"Hehe, good to see you to Dudley." I said. Jack groaned and he got up again. "Hey, what the hell was that?"

"That Jack was my partner Dudley Puppy." Kitty answered.

"Hello." Dudley said.

"What is going on in here?" another voice asked. Coming into the room was a flea standing on a rolling platform with a camera pointing at him and his image coming up on a large screen. By his side was another creature, Keswick. He was tan with tanish hair and a large nose. He wore a orange plad shirt under white jacket.

"Hey Chief, Hey Keswick. Sarah came back." Kitty said.

"Ah, good to see you again, Sarah. And who are your friends?" Chief asked.

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird...and this is my dog, Kodiak or Kodi for short."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"

"Rantaro Wilde."

"Nicole Bonnie."

"I'm Keswick." Keswick introduced. "So what are d-d-doing here?"

"I'm just here for a months' visit and I brought my friends too." I replied.

"A month?!" Ren exclaimed. "You're staying here for a month?"

"Yeah. You guys wanna join?" I asked.

"Well we're already here." Kaede stated. "I guess we could all use a vacation."

The others looked at each other and nodded. "Guess we're having a vacation." Ren said.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound. "What's that?" Kaede asked.

"That's our c-c-criminal alert. I'm getting intel that the Stink Bug is on the loose." Keswick said.

"Whose the stink bug?" Jack asked.

"A diabolical bug villain who stinks, duh. It's right in his name." Keswick said. "Because of his rancid smell we drove him out of t-t-town."

"Actually we just asked him to take a shower, but he made a big stink about it and left vowing revenge." Chief stated.

"Well he's back and robbing the Limburger c-c-cheese factory." Keswick added.

"That horrible smelling cheese! Gross!" Ren exclaimed.

"What do say Sarah, wanna come for old time sake?" Kitty asked me. "Can my friends come too?"

"Of course." she said.

"Sweet!" Kaede said.

"Lets go!" Kitty exclaimed. We were all sucked into separate tubes and were placed in the TUFF mobile. Dudley was driving with Kitty in the passenger seat and me and my friends in the back seat. We drove into the city and saw a small red car with Limburger cheese in the back. "Dudley, there!" I called.

"Right!" Dudley said as the car drove past us. Dudley turned the car around and were caught up with the Stinkbug. He was small bug wearing a purple jacket and his sidekick was a pig wearing an apron. "Freeze Stinkbug, you're under arrest for grand thief Limburger." Kitty said.

"And littering!" Dudley added.

"Eighteen wheeler!" Ren cried. Dudley and Stinkbug screamed and swerved to avoid a collision but the Limburger cheese smell was caught by Dudley's nose. "Agh, that cheese stinks and with my super sensitive nose, it's even worse."

"Super sensitive nose, huh?" the Stinkbug said as the car pulled beside us. "Well get a load of this!" he launched his stink at Dudley. I used my magic to create a shield around me and my friends. The stink turned into a hand that flicked his hand off his nose and entered it. "GAH!" the red car drove off. "That's worse than Limburger cheese! It's like bad clams and rotten eggs in August, In Atlantic City!" he sneezed and launched himself out of the car, leaving us driverless! "Oh Dammit!" Jack cried.

"Idiot!" Kitty screamed.

Kitty and my friends screamed as the car swerved off the road and crashed down a cliffside. Luckily, my shield prevented me and my friends from getting hurt. "Hey guys do you smell something?" Dudley asked, floating down with his parachute. "It's burning cat!" Kitty exclaimed.



Kitty was on a crutch with bandages on her head and leg. Dudley groaned while an ice pack was on his nose. "Nobody told me the Stnkbug smelled that bad!"

"Well what did you expect? It's not like we're fighting the potpourri bug. Boy, I ruin the day he sashays back into town." Chief claimed. The alarm went off again, "I'm getting intel that the Stinkbug is stealing all the sweaty gym socks from a high school locker room. I'm not sure if that's a crime or public service, but head over there anyway."

"But what about Dudley's super sensitive nose?" Kitty asked.

"No problem, just take this close pin." Cheif said. Dudley took the close pin and put it on. "Thanks Chief, I can't smell a thing."

"Good now hurry and catch the Stinkbug! And I'm gonna need that back by laundry day." Chief claimed.

At the high school

Kitty and Dudley busted down the door. "Freeze Stinkbug, put your hands up!" The Stinkbug raised his arms and the stench from him came over to us, actually melting their laser guns. My friends covered their noses in disgust. "Oh man, he reeks!" Mason cried.

"Okay, okay, put 'em back down." Kitty said.

It didn't effect me since I activated my newborn pug power in my nose. Baby pugs can't smell a thing. Good for me! The Stink bug unleashed another stink hand at Dudley allowing him and his assistant to escape. Dudley growled and the hand poked him in the eyes, blinding him and aloowing it to yank the close pin off and enter his nose again. He gagged, "So grass. It's like a hobo with an abscessed tooth driving a garbage truck at low tide, in Atlantic City!" he exclaimed.

"Say what?" Kaede asked.

"Where did that saying come from?" Ren asked incredulous." The stink had turned into a foot and kicked us out the window and in the middle of a panthers game? Huh? Who knew? Anyway, Kitty and Dudley caught the ball and we were all tackled by the panthers football team... well me and Dudley were launched out and Dudley caught the ball in his mouth and we landed on the field goal, earning the panthers six points and the game. "Kitty, we won the game. We're going to the championship!" Dudley cried.

"In Atlantic city." one football player said.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Dudley cried.


"Congrats on the big win, Agents Puppy and Sarah. You both a shoe in for homecoming king and queen." Chief said. Now Kitty was in a bed, supported upward so she could see. The alarm went off again. "I'm getting intel that the Stinkbug had just captured a bus loas of skunks on their back from a garlic festival in Atlantic City."

"Oh come on! That' can't be real!" Dudley said.

"Oh come on!" Jack added. "Does he ever stop!"

"Chief, Dudley's nose can't take another dose of the Stinkbug's stink!" Kitty said.

"Don't worry, just take this car freshener." The Chief stuck the freshener on Dudley's nose. "Go panthers!" he cheered.

We arrived at the scene with the TUFF mobiles laser ready. "Freeze, Stinkbug!" Dudley said.

"And please keep your hands down." Kitty added.

The Stinkbug unleasheed another stink hand and Dudley growled at it. The hand poked him in the eyes again and peeled off the air freshener. It entered his nose and he cried out, scaring the skunks who sparayed Kitty. "AGH!"

"AAAHH!" The shunks sprayed again.

"AGH!" Kitty cried, now she had the skunk smell.

"Oh goodness!" Kaede said.

"Agh! It's like expired mayonnaise in old diaper in Weehawken, which is just a short bus ride from ATLANTIC CITY!" Dudley cried out.

"Oh come on, how bad can Atlantic City be?" Ren deadpanned. The Stinkbug drove his car into a sign, "Sorry, I stink at drivin." he said.


Kitty was placed into a large tub of tomato juice. "Oh I hope this tomato juice takes away the skunk smell." she said.

"Agent Puppy, you weren't sprayed by skunks why are you bathing in tomato juice?" Chief asked.

"This is cheery soda, Chief." Dudley said as he drank some through a straw. "It goes great with this tub full of curly fires. Hey! Stop eating them Jack!"

Indeed, Jack was eating his curly fires, "What? I'm been frigging starving since breakfast."

Me and the others sighed. Typical Jack. "Is he always like this?" Chief asked me.

"When he's not threatening people, then yes." I answered.

The alarm went off and the Sinkbug appeared on screen. "Hey TUFF it's me, the Stinkbug, here to unveiled my revolting plan. Combing the stink of Limburger cheese, sweaty high school socks and skunk spray with my own hideous stench, I have created the ultimate stink bomb. Behold the Airunfreshener." It basically looked like an air fresher that you plug into a wall but for.. you know, the opposite purpose. "Once i plug this in a heinous stench will envelop the city, making it uninhabitable for a thousand years. I'll drive everyone away, just like you drove me away. And now to stink up the joint." Using a forklift, he plugged in the Air Unfreshener and a large stink cloud was seen over the city. A wolf news reporter said, "Citizens are advised to run for their lives." and he ran off screen and it image cut off.

"I'm not going anywhere, cause Petropolis is my home, also I just some dipping sauce for my curly fries." Dudley said. "Hey! That;s my dipping sauce, Jack!"

"We've gotta stop that stench, but it'll destoy anyone who smell it." Kitty said.

"Wait, I have an idea. If I can give Ren and the others my newborn pug power, we won't be able to sell the air unfreshener and we can defeat the Stinkbug!" I exclaimed.

"Can you even transfer your powers like that?" Ren asked.

"Only onw way to find out." I said. I activated my newborn pug power and lit my horn. I blasted Ren and the others quickly. "So did it work?" Kitty asked.

Ren and the others took a deep breath through their nose, "We can't smell a thing!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yes, it worked. Now come on, to the TUFF mobile!" I exclaimed. Me and my friends rushed to the TUFF mobile and I drove it to the warehouse where the stench was coming from. "Hold it, Stinkbug!" Ren cried.

The Stinkbug turned to us and unleashed a stink cloud, but thanks to my newborn pug powers, it could not penetrate our noses. "Its not gonna work, Stinkbug!" Jack said.

"Our noses are closed!" Ren added. The Stinkbug pressed the button and a large purple stench monster came out. I grabbed the monster and slammed it on the ground, dispelling it. Jamie and Mason got behind the Air unfreshener and unplugged it, making the stench go away for good. "GAH!" The Stinkbug cried. I used my magic to capture him and his assistant as well.

"Nice job, guys, now let's get these two back to TUFF." I said.


"Nice job, Sarah and everyone, thanks to you Petropolis is safe again." Chief praised.

"Well we are kinda an awesome team." Jack gloated, receiving a hit on the head from Kitty. "HEY!"

"Stinkbug we have a special smell cell waiting for you at the prison." The Stinkbug was placed in a small container. Other TUFF agents came and took him away. "Just like old times, huh Sarah?" Kitty asked.

"Yep sure is Kitty."

"Hey, how about you eight temporarily become a member of TUFF, you know, until you all go back?" Dudley suggested.

"U?!" My friends exclaimed.

"Yeah, we could always u-u-use some more hands to help us." Keswick added.

"So.. what do you say, guys? Wanna join TUFF with me till we go back?" I asked.

"Hell yeah!" Jack said.

"You bet!" Ren added.

"S-Sonds like fun." Jamie stated.

"Count me in!" Mason said.

"Me too!" Carrie added.

"As long as it doesn't waste my time." Rantaro stated.

"I just it could be.. fun." Nicole said, adjusting her glasses.

"Alright!" Dudley stated.

"Excellent. Staring tomorrow, you eight will be the newest, temporary member of TUFF." Chief added. My friends all smiled at me and I grinned back. This vacation is gonna get really exciting.

Epsiode 28: TUFF Humans: Puff Puppy/ To be or Not to Bee

View Online

Sarah Gem was a hybrid girl
(hybrid girl)
She'd play, she'd sing and then she'd tease her dad
(tease her dad)

Now with her friends by her side
They went to work for T.U.F.F.
And they're all doing secret agent stuff

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

Nine friends who sticks his smarts right where he knows the crooks will be.

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

(electric guitar plays)

Ren's POV

So me and the others followed Sarah to the dimension of Petropolis where we met Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick and Chief. After helping them defeat a criminal, my friends I became the newest members of TUFF, until we go back to Equestria.

Now, me and my friends were entering Keswicks' lad where we heard a large explosion. "Agent Puppy, what are ou doing in my l-l-lab?" Keswick asked.

"I'm using my science knowledge." Dudley started.

"You don't have any." Keswick claimed.

"To create something that will change the world forever." He opened a microwave which was hooked up with large, black wires. "A snack pocket that won't burn you're mouth when you bite into it."

"Won't burn your mouth. You man mad, it can't be done!" Chief exclaimed.

"Forget about the snack pocket. Dudley shouldn't be playing with dangerous equipment." Kitty stated. "We're talking about a guy who eats crayons on a daily basis."

"You eat crayons?!" Jamie asked. "Why?"

"They make going to the bathroom colorful. Besides, nothing happened except that scary hole in the air." Dudley said. We saw a large vortex in the air. "Holy!" Jack exclaimed.

"Crap baskets!" Ren finished.

"Oh no! This is terrible! You got c-c-crayon on my lab coat!" Keswick said. There was some green crayon on the lab caot. "That's the terrible part?" I deadpanned.

"Keswick, Dudley created some kind of Internal dimensional vortex." Kitty said.

"It's okay as long as we don't d-d-do anything stupid like touch it." Keswick stated.

"I touch it!" Dudley said. Why am I not surprsied. "I put my snack pocket inside because I am doing science." he used a pair of tings to pull it our. It looked very puffy and real. "It looks so puffy and delicious."

"Like a chocolate covered pufferfish." Chief said.

"What?" Kaede asked.

"That's a super weird analogy, Chief." Keswick commented. Dudley bit the snack pocket but his teeth did not penetrate it and broke off. He throw it on the ground, blasted it, hit it with a metal pipe, and tried a jack hammer but nothing broke it. "Hey, why can't I bite it?"

"Looks like that dimension make thing both p-puffy and indestructible." Keswick said.

"Like a pufferfish in a suit of armor!" Chief exclaimed.

"Okay." Keswick deadpanned. Dudley was stomping on the snack pocket, "There's gotta be something that can open this. I know I'll use the opening robot I created before I made the scary hole."

"What's an opening robot?" Rantaro asked.

"It's a robot that allows you to opened things, like bags of chips or a bank account." Dudley replied. Huh? What the-? "Come on out, opening robot." Dudley called. The robot slammed into the door. "He can't even open the door. Which is sad because it a-a-automatic." Keswick claimed. The door burst opened and the opening robot was blasting everything. We all screamed and rushed away from the robot. "Why did you give it lasers!" I yelled at Dudley.

"I love things with lasers!" Dudley exclaimed back. We were so busy running for our lives that we didn't catch the opening robot blasting a cell holding Snaptrap and Birdbrain and them jumping into the vortex coming out, looking 3D. We rushed passed them and hid behind a private office door. "Oh no, Snaptrap and Birdbrain got into the vortex. Don't let them escape!" Kitty said. She pressed a button and a metal door came and blocked the villains escape route. But the opening robot blasted them, the beams bounced off them and blasted the wall, making a large opening. "Are you kidding me!" Jack exclaimed.

"Thanks again Opening Robot, let's bounce." Snaptrap said. He and Birdbrain ran but then fell on the ground and started bouncing on the ground. "Cool, I didn't know we could do this." Snaptrap said and they bounced out the building.

"We have to stop them, but how?" Kitty asked. Dudley and Sarah rushed towards the vortex and jumped in coming out, indestructible. "Great idea, Dudley and Sarah, you both jumped into the vortex so you could become indestructible and defeat the bad guys!"

"Actually I thought I lost a quarter in there." Dudley pointed out. Kitty and the rest of us leaped into the vortex and came out looking 3D. "Awesome!" I exclaimed. "I look puffy!"

"Eh.. could be better." Rantaro grumbled.

"I've gotta try this." Dudley pulled a random rope and a piano fell down, but it broke into millions of pieces. "Hooray!"

"Oh for you maybe, I spent eight gran on that piano chandelier." Chief said.

"You spent that much on a chandelier?" Jack asked.

"Anyway..." Chief said as he rolled over, "You agents need to find the bad guys, Now that they're indestructible, there's no telling what they're gonna do."

"We're here to tell you what we're gonna do." Snaptrap said. We turned to the large monitor and saw him and Birdbrain on it. "We're gonna steal the invisible jet from the Petropolis Military base. It's right over there." The monitor turned to show the invisible jet, but being invisible we couldn't see it.

"At least I think it is. I'm gonna go and feel around for it." Snaptrap ran off.

"It's the perfect plan, you hear me." Birdbrain said. "Once I'm at the wheel of the invisible jet, it will look like I'm flying. haha!"

"Yeah and I'm gonna use the jets missiles to ruin my moms' day. She playing bridge with her friends, I don't know which bridge their on, so I'm gonna destroy them all." He crashed into the jet's front. "I found it with my face. Good job, face." With that the monitor cut off. "Wow, they're idiots." Rantaro said.

"I told you guys." Sarah stated.

"Guys we've got a big problem." Kitty said.

"And a big snack pocket." Dudley said. The snack pocket was expanding. "Look it's gotta bigger. "


The snack pocket exploded! Oh boy. "What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed. "I was going to eat that?!"

"No, what did it blow up!" Dudley whined.

"Because according to this anything that comes out of that dimension is unstable and will slowly expand until it exp-p-plodes, including you." Keswick stated.

"WHAT?!" We all exclaimed.

"That would have been good to know before we jump in, brat." Jack exclaimed.

"Wait, it gets worse." Keswick added. Oh great. How? "Based on your sizes, if you the b-bad guys explodes you'll level the city."

"Are you kidding me?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh god dammit!" Jack yelled.

"I don't like any of the things you just said." Dudley covered his ears. "I am not listening to you anymore. Oh, I can here the ocean."

"The ocean, that's where puffer fish live." Chief said. Really? We're gonna eventually blow up and you think about Pufferfish? Now that's just plain stupid and rude.

"Keswick, there's gotta be something we can do." Kaede said.

"There is. You have fifteen minutes to get the v-villains and get back inside the vortex."

"Now I can't here either of you. Also my ears are getting hot." Dudley stated. Jack hit him on the head, "Idiot!"

"How are we gonna find Snaptrap and Birdbrain, they're in an invisible jet?" Chief asked.

"The jet is invisible, but they're not." Kitty said. Outside, the window, we saw Snaptrap and Birdbrain, flying the jet. "Come on, if we go to the roof we can intercept them. Come on Dudley." Kitty said.

"What?" Dudley asked.

"Come on." Kitty snatched him and rushed off. "Hey, wait for us." I called and we rushed after them too. We got to the roof and saw the jet. "Let's bounce!" Dudley said. We started bouncing on our butts, "I said that because I knew we could do it!" and we bounced right up to the jet and landed on it. Kitty and Dudley landed on the front window. Jack, Jamie, mason and Carrie landed on the right wing. Sarah, Me, Nicole, Rantaro and Kaede landed on the left wing. "As soon as I find the invisible door. We're coming in there to stop you!" Dudley yelled.

"Not if I find the invisible windshield wipes first." Snaptrap said. He started pressing random buttons. "Did I do it?"

"No, but my blue bottom just got uncomfortably hot, I think that was the seat warmer. Set on high." Birdbrain said. Snaptrap pressed more buttons and suddenly the jet started a nose dive. "AAAHHHH!"

"You disengaged the auto-pilot!" Birdbrain cried.

"Oh man, we're gonna die." Jamie whimpered.

"We're indestructible, nerd." Jack deadpanned. The jet crashed in a clearing outside of Petropolis and we got even puffer. "Oh no, we've gotten puffer, we're running out of time."

We all turned to the two villains. "Snaptrap and Birdrain, we're taking you to the scary hole!" Dudley stated.

"Is that what the kid are calling prison these days? I was just getting with the puffer fish references." Snaptrap said. "Take us if you can, TUFF agents."

Jack cracked his knuckles, "I was hoping you'd say that." Mason got out his bamboo stick. The two charged the villains but they bounced off each other. Jack bounced off a tree and bashed into the villains. "Awesome!!" he exclaimed. He bounced into us, knocking us down. "Ow!" I approached the villains. "Listen you two we have five minutes. to get back inside the vortex, or we'll all explode."

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, we're gonna explode?" Snaptrap said. He covered his ears, "I don't like anything you're saying right now. Oh, I can hear the sewer."

I grabbed Mason while Sarah grabbed Jack, "Come on, we don't have time to lose, let's roll! I said that because I knew I would push you." I pushed them down a cliff and they rolled down it, followed by us as well. We rolled all the way to TUFF and hopped inside. "Good thing we're indestructible or that rock quarry we rolled through would have shattered my pelvis." Snaptrap said.

"Fifteen seconds before you explode!" Keswick exclaimed.

Sarah and I threw the bad guys into the vortex, "Keswick, how soon can we come back?" Dudley asked.

"Let's see, carry the one multiply by the s-speed of light. Uhhh, never." Keswick answered.

"What?!" We all exclaimed. Keswick kicked us into the vortex and we came out and landed in a bounce house. "Hey we're thinner." Kaede said. Birdbrain and Snaptrap bounced over to us. "Welcome to the bounce house, bozos." Snaptrap said. "Word of warning, I threw up in bounce houses."

"Because they make you nauseated?" Birdbrain asked.

"No just to ruin it for everyone else." Then Snaptrap vomited on the floor. Gross! "Do that somewhere else!" Kaede stated. My thoughts exactly, Kaede. Dudley started whining, "This is horrible, Kitty. We can never go home."

"What? So we're stuck here with you losers, forever? That's worse than stepping in your own upchuck and I know cause I just did it." Snaptrap stated.

"How do you think I feel. I'm stuck here with you two morons and no tv." Dudley said.

"Look, we're gonna be here forever, so let's just back the best of it." Kitty said.

Ten Minutes later

Everyone except for Sarah was bouncing in the bounce house, repeating. "We hate you." over and over again.

Ten more minutes later

Everyone was asleep. Me and Sarah looked at each other and shrugged.

Ten more minutes later

We were all looking at the clouds. "Hey I see a rabbit." Dudley said.

"And I see a bear that getting ready to eat that rabbit." Snaptrap said.

"I just want to see a TV. I can't take it anymore, how long has it been?"

"Six hours." I stated.

"Ho long is that compared to forever?"

"Not long." Kitty said. Then everyone except for Me, Sarah and Jack cried. "Wimps." Jack grumbled. Suddenly, the whole place started shaking. "What's that?" Kitty asked.

"It's the bear cloud! It's gonna eat us all!" Another vortex opened and pulled us in. "WAAAHH!" and we were back in HQ not longer 3D. "We're back!" I cried proudly.

"Good job, Keswick." Chief said. He was wearing some trunks and sipping some lemonade. "Although I could have used another hour."

"Well it was simple, Chief. All I did was r-reverse engineer the vortex." Keswick explained.

"I missed you so much." Dudley said and he hugged the TV. "Thanks Keswick, it's goo to be home." Kitty said.

"Amen to that, Kitty." I said. Dudley locked Birdbrain and Snaptrap back into the cell. "Come on Birdbrain, let's check out the shapes on the ceiling." Snaptrap said. "What does that water drop look like to you?"


"I still see a bear."

"I'd say we celebrate your return with some snack pockets. They're s-scientifically made to not burn your mouth."

"You mad man, it can't be done!" Chief exclaimed.

"Yeah, how'd you that without creating a scary hole?" Dudley asked.

"I heated them up in the microwave and had a p-pufferfish blow on them until they were c-cool." Keswick explained, holding up an actual pufferfish. Me and the others winced, "Where did you even get that thing from?" Kaede asked.

"Oh so that's a pufferfish? Then what was I thinking of?" Chief asked. Rantaro face palmed.

The End

To Be or not to Bee

The next morning, Keswick called us all in for an emergency meeting. "Thank you everyone, I've called this emergency meeting of TUFF because-"

"You're all planning my three-quarter birthday party. I knew it. You guys are the best." Dudley said.

"Three quarter birthday?" I repeated.

"You just had a birthday." Chief said.

"That was my five-eighths birthday party will you get with the program?" Dudley said.

"People we have a serious problem." Keswick said coming down the stairs. He pressed a remote control and a monitor came down. "There's a m-mutant swarm of killer bees on the loose." The monitor showed bees wearing outfits like bikers.

"Wait, mutant killer bees?" Kitty asked. "How is that possible?"

"A group of scientists who I have absolutely no affiliation with gathered in the Amazon." Keswick pressed the button showing the scientists and himself with swirly hair and bread, "W-Without me because.. they don't know me." he pressed the button again, "Those scientist sprayed a bunch of bees with a c-chemical formula turning into killer bees."

"Why would they do a dumb thing like that for?" Jamie asked.

"Because they drank jungle water and their brains got all fogged up." Nicole said. "Right Keswick?"

"No, it's not because we drank jungle water and our b-brains got all all f-f-f-fogged up."

"You do know you just said 'our' which places you at the scene of the crime, right?" I deadpanned.

Keswick winced, "I mean how would I know?! Anyway the bees have since migrated to Petropolis and considered the can s-s-shoot lasers from their stingers and pose a threat to everyone."

"Okay, I heard of killer bees in our world, but this is ridiculous." I exclaimed.

"This is terrible. We have to find out what those bees are up to." Kitty said.

"If we're going to defeat them we have to think like..." Chief started.

"Like a bee?" Carrie asked.

"I was going to say a giant undersea squid, but I see where you're going with this. Sometimes I wonder how I was ever put in charge." Chief rolled away.

"How about we ask the wannabee for help, he's on the bulletin board." Dudley suggested. There was a small yellow bee wearing a purple and black striped shirt and had a purple hat on. Kitty pulled him off the bulletin board. "Finally, I've been stuck there for weeks. Now my butt is totally asleep." Wannabee said in a high voice.

"Wannabee, we need your help." Dudley said. "TUFF needs you to distract me while they plan my three-quarter birthday party. I asked for a rocket filled with candy."

"Have you been listening to anything we've been saying?" Jack deadpanned.

"Some of it." Dudley stated. "I've been working on my surprised faces." We all stared at him with deadpanned looks.

"Anway, the killer bees are being lead by someone c-called the Rumblebee." The monitor showed another bee wearing a military like outfit.

"The Rumblebee?!" Wannabe exclaimed. "That's my brother. The one who went the Amazon without me. Ugh he must have been sprayed by those scientists and turned into a killer bee. This is so unfair! Rumblebee doesn't need to be a killer bee. He's already super bad. He's a MONSTER! We need, we need to STOP HIM!" Wow! Someone had some issues. And they say Jack has a short temper. "Count me out. I have to practice blowing out candles." Dudley said. He blew and Wannabee flew back and got his stinger once again stuck in the bulletin board. "Oh come on!" he exclaimed.

"Okay we need to find-" Chief started.

"The Killerbees' bee hive?" Kitty asked.

"Oh I was going to say a good sushi place for lunch. Boy, I do not belong at the top." Chief rolled away again.

"What else is new." Rantaro deadpanned.

"Rantaro, be nice." Kaede scolded.

"I've located the Killerbees' beehive, unfortunately, it's surrounded by a force field that makes it uninp-p-penetrable." Keswick said.

"Not if you're a bee." Wannabee said. "Send me in as a spy. I'll bring my brother down and prove once and for all that I'm badder than he is. yeaaah."

"Speaking of batter, can I get a rocket themed brithday cake. It's gonna go with the awesome present you're going to get me." Dudley said. Me and my friends face palmed. "Wannabeee, you can't do this alone." Kitty said.

"Tell me about it he can't even get himself off a b-b-bulletin board." Keswick agreed. We need so send some TUFF agents in there with you."

"I see where you're going with this, I go with the Wannabee, you'll have time to bake the cake and buy the rocket. Okay, I'm in." Dudley added.

"First of all, there is no party." Kitty stated.

"Oh really then what's all this?" Dudley said, referring to the party decorations.

"That was you!" I exclaimed.

"And besides you can't go cause you're not a bee." Kitty added.

"Not yet anyway." Keswick pressed another button and large laser with the body in the colors of yellow and black appeared from a hatch in the ceiling. "Presenting my Beedazzler. It can shrink anyone down and t-t-turn them into a bee."

"Why would you even invent that?" Rantaro asked.

"Well I didn't do it on a day while hallucinating on j-j-jungle water, if that's what your thinking." Keswick defended.

"Yes you did, I can see it in your eyes." Nicole stated.

"Leave me alone, women!" Keswick exclaimed.

"Welcome to our world." Jack deadpanned. "Anyway, who else is going with Dudley?"

"I'll go!" I volunteered.

"Me too!" Sarah added.

"Alright then." Keswick said. "Get ready to be some bees Agents Sarah, Ren and Puppy." Keswick pressed the button and the laser blasted us and we shrank down and turned into bees. We still had our heads the same, but our bodies resembled normal bees. "Awesome!" I exclaimed. I zipped around the room. "I'm a bee!"

"Now come, let's take the sting out of those killer bees!" Sarah exclaimed. We flew off.... and hit the window. "OW!"

"Sorry, should have open the window first." Keswick said and he opened the window and we flew off towards the hive.

We flew to the park and saw the killer bees returning to the hive. The force field was down. We all smirked and grabbed three killer bees, beat them up and took their jackets as disguise. We flew into the hive and the force field was up again. We landed and saw lots of killer bees, laughing and flying around the hive. "Now don't do anything to arouse suspicion. Play it cool." Wannabee said.

"Right." I said. Ren nodded.

"Relax." Dudley said. He sniffed the air, "Do I smell honey?" He flew up to the wall and started liking the walls. "Now way! The walls are made of honey! This is awesome!" he continued licking the honey, drawing attention of some killer bees. "I mean bzzzz." Dudley flew away.

"Attention killer bees, the Rumblebees will be addressing the hive in one minute." a voice over the intercom said.

"This is our chance to find my stupid brother, come on." Wannabee said. We followed him and sat among the crowd of killer bees. Rumblebee showed up on a monitor. "Attention killer bees, I am your all-powerful, super bad leader, the Rumblebee."

"What an ego maniac." Wannabee said.

"Hmph, you should see my dad." Sarah stated.

"It's time to unveil my evil plan. Hold on to your stingers. We are going to enslave the world. Behold my new invention, the Stingray." it was a laser in the colors and yellow and black hooked up to a machine. "Powered by the hive's energy core, it will fire enhanced stingers it will turn everyone in Petropolis, wait for it... zombies. With everyone under our control, we'll take over Petropolis and then the world!"

The killer bees cheered in joy and flew off leaving the three of us behind. "That... is... incredible! It's genius!" Wannabee said, earning a raised eyebrow from Sarah and I. "Why did I think I could ever beat someone super bad?"

"Don't worry, I have a plan. We'll let the Rumblebee think you've captured us to get inside the control room. While he's distracted, thinking you've somehow become awesome, you free us and we destroy the Stingray."

"Wow, that could totally work. You are one super smart TUFF agent." Wannabee commented.

"I know and when we're done, I'm getting a rocket filled with candy for my three-quarter birthday."

Control Room

Wannabee brought us into the control room where we saw his brother at the controls. "Hello Rumble!" Wannabee called.

"Well if it isn't my pathetic little brother, Wanna, what are you doing here?"

"Oh just I was just in the middle of doing my own super bad things when I caught these TUFF agents who were planning to destroy the hive."

"Wow, I'm impressed."

"He bought it." Wannabee whispered. We winked at him. "Bring me the TUFF agents." he said.

Wannabee brought us over to Rumblebee and he cuffed to to three sticks in the wall. "Now time to fire my Stingray!" Rumblebee said. He was about to press the button when Wannabee came and hit him with his stinger. "Gah! Wanna, what are you doing?"

Wannabee uncuffed us. "Defeating you that's what?" Rumblebee growled and fired his laser stinger at us. "Lookout!" We dodged the lasers and Wannabee flew right up his brother, colliding stingers repeatedly. Until, Rumblebee knocked Wannabe onto the floor. "Sorry brother, you should have made your own bees nest."

"Good one." Dudley said. "Now it's my turn to be borderline clever." Dudley pulled out a small bulletin board and flew in front of Rumblebee, causing him to get his stinger stuck. "Sorry Rumblebee, but I was getting board by you. Ha!"

Sarah and sighed sadly. "You haven't defeated my yet. Killer bee army, Attack!" Rumblebee cried.

That's when the Killer bees came in and started shooting their lasers stingers at us. Sarah, Dudley and I gathered around Rumblebee and Sarah used her horn to make a shield around us, deflecting the lasers. Good thing that stayed with her when we got skunk, am I right? Anyway, the lasers were deflected and hit the controls making them short circuit and start to smoke. "Lookout, the hive's gonna blow!" Dudley cried. He grabbed Wannabee and we all flew out of the hive which exploded.


"Tough luck brother!" Rumblebee said. He and the Killer Bee army were in bottles that were laser resistant. Wannabee flew over, "Great job, defeating your brother, Wannbee. You wanna join us?"

"No way." Wannabee said. Now that Rumblebee is locked up, I am the meanest toughest bee around."

Sarah and I flew over to Keswick, "Alright Keswick, change us back." I said.

"You're gonna find this hilarious. I haven't actually made a machine that can do that yet, but give me a week and some jungle water and I'll get back to you three."

"What?!" I exclaimed. Sarah sighed. "This is why I kept the horn." she used her magic to change herself and I back into humans. She was about to change Dudley back when, Wait. I wanna stay a bee a little bit longer." Dudley said. Kitty came over with a chocolate birthday cake with pink frosting and a rocket on the top, Since you guys saved us from the Killer bees, we decided to celebrate Dudley's three-quarter birthday."

"Awesome!" Dudley exclaimed. Dudley flew up to the rocket and went in, eating it. "The cake tastes great." Just then, "Got stuck on a bulletin board, my butts's asleep!"

We all did a freeze frame together. "Hooray for TUFF!"

The End

Episode 29: TUFF Humans: Monkey Business/ Humans Unplugged

View Online

Sarah Gem was a hybrid girl
(hybrid girl)
She'd play, she'd sing and then she'd tease her dad
(tease her dad)

Now with her friends by her side
They went to work for T.U.F.F.
And they're all doing secret agent stuff

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

Nine friends who sticks his smarts right where he knows the crooks will be.

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

(electric guitar plays)

Monkey Business

Tonight we were at the a concert for a performing band called the Hunky Monkeys. The name is really weird but to be expected, they're a group of three singing monkeys and apparently they were quite popular here in Petropolis. Kitty was screaming, hurting our ears, "Never do that again." Rantaro said. "I can't believe we're seeing the Hunky Monkeys in concert. How'd you get us great seats, Chief?"

"I blew the entire Tuff budget. Business is useful instead we won't have heat or running water. And instead of high tech weapons, we'll have to use pointy sticks." Chief said.

Dudley, on the other hand, had very different feelings, "I Hate The Hunky Monkeys. They think they're so cool. Just because they have opposable thumbs and they can sing and they're really good dancers and they have their own submarines which they can drive because they have opposable thumbs. I wish I were them!"

Jack sighed, "Oh relax, they may not be that bad."

"Well if you don't Like the band, why didn't you s-s-stay back at Tuff?" Keswick asked.

"It's cold at TUFF. The Chief didn't pay the heating bill." Dudley replied.

"Hey you want heat or Hunky Monkey T-shirts!?" Chief asked.

The announcer came on, "Put your hands together for the tire-swinging sillian sounds of the Hunky Monkeys! Huge banana comes and peels and hunky monkeys come out. Bingo, Bango, Robespierre."

Bingo said, "Aw, this one's for you girls." and he points to the audience. "Yay!" Chief said.

"And the weird old dude he likes us." Robespierre added. The Chief gasps, "That's me, I'm Famous!

(Hunky Monkeys)
Dude, You're A Girl
But That Don't Mean A Thing Cause You're A Dude Girl.
Dude Dude Girl Girl

Suddenly, Dudley starts howling."Dudley, Stop Howling!" Kitty said.

"I can't help it! It's like they're stabbing my ears with musical knives." Dudley exclaimed.

"Pipe Down. I didn't sell the TUFF Space Shuttle in yard sale so you can ruin this concert. I love you, Robespirre!" Chief said. I awkwardly stared at my friends and they just shrugged.

Third Person POV

Birdbrain and his henchmen were in the his helicopter, "Before we carry out today's diabolical plan, I'd like to introduce you all to our newest henchman, Ewe." Ewe was a sheep.

"Me?" Zippy asked.

"No!" Birdbrain said.

"Who?" Owl said

"Ewe." Birdbrain said.

"Where?" Bat asked.

"There right next to the duck!" Birdbrain said. His heachman ducked, "Don't duck ohh!!! On with the plan. While Locating My FaceBeak Status To "Still Unbelievably Single", accidentally discovered a parallel universe where all blue bottomed boobies are perfect." He showed hologram of the universe. "There it it, the blue bottomed boobieverse AKA The boobyverse and once I'm there, I have none of my courage for shortcomings. I'd be able to fly, properly refold a map and sleep through the night without laying an egg. I'd be a superbooby."

"Then how are you gonna get to the Boobyverse, boos?" Zippy asked.

"The harmonized sounds of a band called the Hunky Monkeys create a sonic portal to other dimension." Birdbrain said.

"Really?" Zippy asked incredulous.

"Once I capture them and amplify their sound, I'll be able to cross over to the Boobyverse!"

"Can we come with you?" Zippy asked.

"Well as non-boobies you'll be instantly vaporized so the answer is Yes!" and he hugged his henchman, "please come along."

In the concert, the Hunky Monkey's were still singing

I call you dude cause I don't know too many bigger words girl
Big words they hurt my head

Kitty, Keswick and the Chief were screaming in joy as well as Kaede and Carrie. "Are yo two seriously cheering for them?" Jack asked.

"Girls, always love boy bands." I replied.

"That is a fact." Ren stated.

"AAHH!" Dudley cried. "I can still hear the music. If only I had opposable thumbs, I'd stick them in my ears!"

Jack, Rantaro and Jamie had the same feeling cause they were covering their ears as well. "This is ridiculous!" Jack exclaimed.

"You've never been to a concert, have you?" Ren asked.


Dudley grabbed Kitty and Keswicks' shirts and literally stuck them in his ears and sighed in relief.

Well cause you seem like a girl

Suddenly the ceiling burst opened and Birdbrain and his henchman came in on ziplines and grabbed the Hunky Monkeys' "Oh no! Birdbran's trying to steal the Hunky Monkeys'." Kitty cried.

"I've got T-shirts in my ea-ears." Dudley cried. Kitty pointed him towards the Hunky Monkeys.

"Help." Bingo said.

"Help." Bango added.

"Help." added Robespierre.

"Girl." They all said. Ren and Kitty blasted the ropes and they all fell to the ground. "TUFF is at the concert. Retreat!" Birdbrain called.

"Who?" Owl said.

"You!" Birdbrain exclaimed.

"Just the sheep?" Zippy asked.

"No, follow me." He ran and the audience started following him. "Not you! You're the audience." He and his henchman ran away. Kitty and the rest of us walked up to the singing group. "We're TUFF agents and you're gorgeous. I mean, are you alright?" Kitty asked.

"And don't sing the answer." Jack added.

"We're alright thanks to you girl." the trio sang.

"GAH! What did I just say?!" Dudley exclaimed.

"For some reason, Birdbrain is after you guys. We need to take you back to TUFF where you'll be safe." Cheif said. "and cold."

"So we're gonna bring three pop stars to the agency where our girls are going gaga over them. What could possible go wrong?" I said sarcastically.

"Come on." Keswick said. He ran away and the audience follow him. Okay, how dumb is this audience? "Not you! You're the audience. Honestly."


"Welcome to TUFF, Hunky Monkeys, I'll install some swings so you'll fell right at home." Chief offered.

"I though thought went broke when you bought the tickets." Kitty pointed out.

"I didn't buy the tires, I took them off the TUFF mobile." Chief said. We looked at the TUFF mobile which fell apart. Really? Just how desperate was he?

"Guys, can you think of any reason why Birdbrain is after you?" Kaede asked.

"Ha probably because we're really good singers and dancers." Bingo said.

"And we have our own submarines." Bango said.

"Which we can drive because we have opposable thumbs." Robespirre said.

They all sang, "Hey."

"Make it stop!" Dudley, Jack, Rantaro and Jamie cried in unison.

"Don't worry guys, we have a h-h-high tech security system. No one can get in. You won't be able to get out unless I let you." Keswick said with a giggle. Jack leaned over to him and whispered, "Tile it down, nerd."

"Ah! The Hunky Monkeys are gone!" Kitty cried. We turned and saw the three monkeys missing. "Yes." Dudley cried. "Uh, I mean what a terrible tragedy for the music business and mankind in general. Who wants cereal?"

"Me!" Jack said.

"Hey, they left a note." Keswick picked up and it read, "Girl and Weird Old Dude, we've been kidnapped by Birdbrain."

"What happened to our high tech security system?" Kitty asked.

"Blew it, tickets." Chief stated.

That's when Birdbrain appeared on the monitor. "hahaha, I'm back!"

"Are you going to tell us why you stole the Hunky Monkeys?" Carrie asked.

"No, I called to report an accident. I crashed my Whirly Bird at the corner of 5th and vanue."

"He was texting while driving." Bango said.

"If you haneous harmonious didn't open a portal to an alternate dimension where I have hair. I would have nothing to do with you!" Birdbrain stated.

"Baaa?" Ewe asked.

"Who?" Owl added.

"Don't start with me!" Birdbrain cried.

"Wait, what was that about an alternate dimension?" Keswick asked.

"Oh yes, I'm moving to the Boobyverse and the sound of these monkeys are going to get me there. Birdbrain out!" The monitor cut off.

"We have to stop him. If someone leaves one dimension and enters another it d-destorys the universe they leave behind." Keswick said.

"WHAT?!" We all cried.

"Please tell that doesn't apply to us!" Ren said with worry.

"Don't be r-r-ridiculous. Sarah's father is way to s-s-smart for that."

"How do you know her dad?" Kaede asked.

"We used to go to college together." Keswick answered.

"You were in college with him?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Guys, focus!" Jamie said. "How do you know it will destroy another universe?"

"Well the story beings long ago in an alternate universe called Keswakia, which no l-l-longer exists." Keswick said. "But you can;t pin that one me!"

"Actually we can." Nicole said.

"Be quiet, women!" Keswick exclaimed.

"Agents, grab your pointy sticks and get moving." Chief said.

Third Person POV

"We'll never sing for you evil bird, girl." The Hunky Monkeys said in unison.
"I'm a boy bird, and you just did. Now you'll sing even louder!" Birdbrain said and he pressed some buttons on a keyboard and the collars shocked the Hunky Monkeys."Ow Ow Ow Girl!"

"The portal should be open. Where Is It?"

"The GPS said it opened in the middle of Mr Wongs' Chinese Buffet across town." Zippy said.

"Everyone grab a monkey and some tokens." Birdbrain took out a bus schedule. "According to the bus schedule if we take the No 2 Bus at 3rd street, we'll be there in 20 minutes. That is if there;s no construction and we catch all the lights. Hurry we only have till five."

"Is that when the portal closes, boss?" Zippy asked.

"No that's when Mr Wongs' closes. I want to grab an order of shrimp rolls before I blow this dimension."

We were all in the TUFF Mobile when the Chief called us. "Agents, we just received intel that the portal has opened up at Mr. Wongs' get over there and stop Birdbrain, or as fast as you can go on one tire."

"No problem Chief, Sarah replaced them with her magic, Hit it Dudley!" Kitty exclaimed Dudley slammed on the gas and we zipped over to Mr. Wongs' Chinese stores. We all burst through the door. "Freeze Birdbrain. If you got through that portal, it'll destroy our world!" Kitty said.

"As long as I get my shrimp rolls, I don't care. What's the holdup Wong?" Birdbrain said.

"You keep yur shirt on, Birdbath!!" Mr Wong, a goose, said.

"I'm going through the portal and there's nothing you can do to stop me." He pressed the keyboard, shocking the singing group." OW!"
Suddenly, Dudley started howling and it started to shrink the portal. "Oh no, you're doing something to stop me. That howling interesting with the bands' harmonious sonic wave!" Birdbrain cried.

"That's it, Dudley keep howling!" Ren stated.

"Like I can help it!" Dudley cried and he howled again, shrinking the portal some more. "I have to go it's now or never for me!" Birdbrain said.

"Who?" Owl asked.

"I'll miss you least of all, Owl." Birdbrain leaped for the portal, giggling."





Birdbrain laughs, but the portal closes, causing him to slam into the gong. "Alright, you did it, Dudley!" Keade said. We put Birbdrain and his henchman in the TUFF van so they could be taken to prison. "Are you guys busy Friday night, I mean, are you okay?"

"Oh brother." Jack groaned.

"We're all good that to TUFF and we know how to thank you guys for saving us." The Hunky Monkeys sang and so we were back at the concert.

(Hunkey Monkeys)
Dude you're my girl but that don't mean a thing that you're a dude girl
Dude dude girl girl
I call you dude cause I don;t know to many bigger words girl
Big words, they hurt my head

"This is our thanks! Front row seats to another concert!" Dudley exclaimed.

"Hey, how come you three aren't covering you ears like the last time?" I asked, Jack, Jamie and Rantaro.

"Eh? They aren't so bad after a while." Jack said.

"I have to admit, I agree, even though this is another waste off my time." Rantaro said. That's when another portal opened. "It's Chieftopia! I've gotta go there. I'll finally be tall!"

"Chief no, you'll destroy the world!" Keswick cried.

"I know, but I'll get to ride the big kid rides." Chief leaped for the portal.

"Dudley, start howling!" Kitty cried.

"Like I can help it!" Dudley cried and howled, closing to the portal. "Darn it, I was so close!"

Dudley was slamming his head on the stage. "Make it stop!" Then he starts to remember something, "Oh, you know these guys aren't back. Oh that's right it's the Hunky Donkeys I hate. I love you Robespirre!" Dudley grabbed the boys and they got on stage, singing and dancing along.

(Hunky Monkey, Dudley and the Boys)
Major attitude
Because no matter what you look like
I got a frank that you're a dude (dude, dude)

"Well you do have that mustache." Dudley said. We all did a freeze frame with the Hunky Monkeys'.

The End.

Humans Unplugged

Jack's POV

Late at night, I was with Dudley who was busy playing a game when the cat brat got in the way, "Look out, Kitty! Seriously, look out! You're blocking the monitor!" The brat blew Dudley a raspberry and the monitor showed a game called Chicken Zombies. Okay really, chicken zombies that sounds so lame and childish. "Game on, chicken zombies! You are dead white and dark meat!" he stated waving the controller, punching the chicken zombies."You can't eat my brain, chicken zombies!"

This is so stupid why I am here late a night you ask? Because newbie wanted me and the gang to stay in case something happens. I would have said no but the newbie pulled her puppy-dog eyes on me. That's the one thing about the newbie I hate, she uses to cuteness to her advantage. Bleh. She's worse than Ren's pegasus girlfriend.

Anyway, the nerd came in wearing a headgear controlling his eyes for some odd reason. "Nerd, what the hell are you wearing?" I asked.

"What d-d-does it look like, Jack. It's a head set that makes my e-e-eyes blink." Keswick answered. Then his werido machine only made one eye blink. "Whoops! I accidentally set this thing to "Creepy Wink", and it's m-mah-making me look a little crazy." he reset it to normal blink. "There. That's not creepy at all."

"Yes, yes it." I replied.

"Anyway, Agent Puppy, you're brain you ne more a l-l-light snack than a meal." Keswick answered.

"Just like Jack's brain." Kitty said.

"Hey watch it, brat!" I exclaimed.

"Jack, calm down." Oh great. I turned around and saw the newbie and the others. That's when a mailwomen, which was a dog came in holding a package, "Package for the Chief." The Chief came up, "Yay! It's the electric salad spinner I ordered!"

"Aren't you getting a little carried away with the online shopping, Chief? You don't even eat salad." Kaede asked.

"No, but I do love to spin it!" Chief replied and he turned on the salad spinner, "WHEEEEEEE!" He got bits of salad on me and the cat brat while Dudley had gotten the high score on his game, "YES! I did it!" he dashes over to Kitty and I who were picking salad bits off of ourselves. "I am now the official champion of Chicken Zombies 2. THE PECKONIIING! When I log in my score, I'll be famous! You know, among a small group of people who don't have jobs and live in their mom's basement!"

Dudley prepares to log in his high score, but static appears on the screen; is shocked: Bird Brain appears on the screen briefly after, "It is I, Bird Brain, broadcasting to you live from space to unveil my most evil plan yet!"

"Who?" Owl asked.

"Me!" Birdbrain exclaimed

"Where?" Bat asked.

"In space! And you all wonder why I hired my new henchman - Duck!" Birdbrain said. Owl, Bat and Zippy duck, "Don't duck! That's his name!" Birdbrain said.

"Hurry up, Bird Brain! I still have to log in my high score!" Dudley stated.

Bird Brain: "Oh, yes. Sorry. Um, where was I?" Birdbrain said.

"In space, boss. You just said so." Zippy replied.

"You want me to cut the cabin pressure again?! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?! Anyway, I'm going to disable all technology on Earth, including electric salad spinners!" Birdbrain exclaimed

"NOOO! You madman!" Chief cried, upset.

Bird Brain: Yes! And once that's done with, I will control all cell phone plans in the world, and here's the really evil part - I'll be charging you all a slightly higher rate with NO family plan discounts!." He laughed evilly. "In a matter of seconds, your technology will be rendered useless, like my henchmen." We saw Owl, Bat, and Zippy outside the ship. "How did you even get out there? I child-proofed the whole ship!" Birdbrain cried and he activated the technology disabling device; power stars to go out. As well as the T.U.F.F Headquarters; power is slowly going out: Dudley, Kitty, Chief, and Keswick scream in terror.

"AAH! I need to log in my hig score! (stops) D'URRH! My mind froze! How do I spell my name?! WHAT IS MY NAAAME?!" The power went out, leaving us completely in the dark. "NOOOOOOOOOO!!"

"Calm down, brat!" i exclaimed. Newbie used her magic to create some light for us while the others used scented candles. "Ah, that's better. We're all doomed, but at least the room smells like spiced pumpkin."

"GAAAH! My eyes are stuck open! Oh, I guess I p-puh-picked a bad time to peel an onion!" Keswick said.

"Why are you peeling an onion?" Nicole asked.

"How am I suppose to k-k-know, women!" Keswick exclaimed.

I noticed Dudley's eyes watering, "Dudley, you better not be crying about your high score?"

"No, I just picked a bad time to peel an onion, too. Oh, right! My high score! No one knows I kicked all that chicken zombie butt! I'M NOTHING NOW!" He fell over and curled up into a fetal position. I face palmed. "Crybaby."

"We've got bigger problems. Without technology, the world is plummeting into chaos! Look outside! Cars aren't working, the bridge is stuck, and that plane is suspended in mid-air! What's gonna happen to those poor people when they run out of peanuts?!" Kitty asked.

Suddenly, a rock hits Keswick in the head!
Keswick: "Ow! A rock!"

I caught the rock, "It's a message from Bird Brain! "Dear T.U.F.F, my power is out and I'm being pulled towards the sun! Help me!"

"Why would we help Bird Brain?" Chief asked. Then another rock hit Keswick on the head, "Ow! Another rock!" Kaede caught this one, "Because the only way to restore Earth's power is to fix my device and reverse the pulse! Sincerely"... a thir rock his Keswick, "Ow! Stitches!"

"Bird Brain"!

Dudley: We have to get the power back, Kitty, or I'll never log in my high score! Did I mention I'm nothing now?

Keswick pulled out a chalkboard, "If my calculations are correct, the sun's rays will vaporize Bird Brain in about 45 minutes."

"Well, even if we do recover the device, how do we turn it on without power?"

"I may have something that can help us; a safely made-power source, and by that, I mean dangerous and completely illegal."

"Illegal?!" We all exclaimed.

"Where'd you get something like that?"

"Well, I certainly didn't trade samples of your DNA to an alien race for it, if THAT'S what you're thinking!" Keswick said, defensibly and laughed nervously.

"The power source is in my lab. Come on!"

"Man, things have gone downhill here fast." Dudley said.

"You said it! Things have gone so bad, everyone's paying for office supplies with shark teeth, which is making it very hard for Agent Hammerhead to eat his peanut brittle." Shark tries to eat peanut brittle, but fails. Okay, that's the second weirdest thing I've seen, next to newbie. We all spotted the power source which was an orb with a pink glow in the middle, "There it is!" Keswick said.

Dudley grabbed the power source: traps activate in an Indiana Jones fashion; Dudley successfully dodges the traps, "I got it! It was next to this paper that says "Planet Keswick"! What's that?"

"Well, that's not what the Earth will be called once the aliens take over, if that's what you're thinking!." Keswick said defensivley.

"What?" I deadpanned. Okay, now he's the third weirdest thing.

"You all better get to that ship! Things are getting prehistoric fast down there!" Chief said. In the city streets, there are bonfires lit, everyone's acting like cave people, and a dinosaur is on the loose. Ridiculous, ain't it?

"Come on, Dudley! The power source won't last for long! We've only got 10 minutes!" Kitty said. Dudley grabbed the power source, "Great! That's just enough time to finish heating my burrito!"

"Idiot!" Newbie cried as she grabbed Dudley, he manages to grab his burrito on the way out. We all take the T.U.F.F Shuttle into space to get Bird Brain's ship. "There's the ship!" Kaede called. "Activating, shuttle claw!" Kitty said. The claw gabbed hold of Bird Brain's ship, "Now, let's get this ship back to T.U.F.F! Suddenly, the T.U.F.F Shuttle get's caught in the sun's gravity.

"Kitty, Earth's the other way!"

"I know! We're caught in the sun's gravity!" Kitty said. Newbie, unbuckled herself. "I got this." she used her magic to make herself a space helmet and she teleported out. "Sarah!" Ren cried. Newbie changed into a Monstrous Nightmare dragon and she grabbed the TUFF Shuttle in her claws. She flapped her wings hard and she actually pulled us out of the suns' gravity. "She did it! We're out of the suns' gravity." Kaede said. Sarah took Bird Brain's ship outside T.U.F.F.

"We're alive!" Birdbrain said.

"And you're going to jail!" Kitty said.

"Who?" Owl asked.

"Us! She means us!" Birdbrain stated.

"Duck." Dudley said.

"His name's Skip!" Birdbrain hits head on doorway, "EGH! Oh, you meant the other "duck"." then he falls down stairs from his ship, disoriented, "I hate my life!"

In TUFF, the technology was restored. "Good work, agents! Now, hit that switch!" Chief said.

Dudley hits switch to restore power on Earth "Now, I can finally log in my high score!" Dudley said.

Suddenly, frigging chicken zombies appear out of nowhere. Carrie and Kaede screamed in fear and the nerd screamed too, hugging Ren. "Ah, zombie!" Ren cried.

"We're here to eat your - ba-bawk-bawk! - brains!" a chicken zombie moaned.

"Ah, they're real! How did this happen?!" Dudley asked.

"You made a deal with a race of chicken zombies, didn't you?" Nicole guessed.

"What? No, it's not because I made a deal with a race of chicken zombies, if that's what you're thinking." The chicken zombies surround Keswick, "I mean, RUUUUN!!" We all ran from the chicken zombies. "GAHHH! WOWWWW!" and we did an ending gag with the chicken zombies, Dudley, and Keswick.

After that incident, which newbie, thankfully ended by using her magic to send the rotten chicken zombies away, it was time for us to go back to Equestria. Can't believe it's been a month already. Time flies. "Hope oyu come back soon, everyone." Kitty said.

"You know we will." Sarah said. "Ready guys?"

"Yep. Let's go home." Ren said.

"Ready, newbie." I said. Keswick activated the portal and we all jumped in and my vision became all white.

POV Ends

Episode 30: Dragon Quest

View Online

I walked over a hill and saw a giant trench in front of us, with Jack and Mason working on it. It's been a week since we returned to Equestria. Twilight invited me and my dragons to see the Great Dragon Migration where hundreds of dragons migrate across Equestria. Moonshine was excited about this. “Hey you guys!” I greeted. I leaped into the trench and my dragons landed inside as well.

“About frigging time!” Jack sighed heavily the moment he pushed his shovel down the dirt.

“Wowie-Zowie! Look at those muscles!” Pinkie exclaimed, gazing at their bodies. Apparently, both Jack and Mason had to take off their shirts off and showing some bare skin, which made Applejack covered Pinkie’s eyes, even covering her own eyes. Rainbow tackled me yelling, “Too young! Don’t look!

Gah! Okay! I know I’m not interested in dating but this is ridiculous! I’m sixteen so what if I see a boys bare skin. I mean, please. “Can I get up now, Rainbow

“Woo-wee! You two didn’t tell us you were going to show off that much skin!” Applejack exclaimed.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean too.” Mason apologized with a little bow. “It was getting hot down here and so we decided to take our shirts off to keep ourselves cool.”

“Right.” I deadpanned.

Soon, he and Jack put down the shovels before putting back on their shirts back on while Jack had a smug look on his face and said “Ha! How do ya like it? We’ve worked on it all afternoon and managed to finish it in time before the others showed up!”

“Okay, no need to boast about that.” Mason rolled his eyes with a smirk on his face.

“I gotta say…” Applejack whistled, uncovering Pinkie’s eyes before she said “This trench looks mighty big. Great work you two.”

“Thanks!” Mason and Jack said in unison.

“Wow, this looks so cool!” Carrie said, gazing down at the huge trench they made before forming a confused look. “But…why do we need it? Aren’t the dragons gonna be friendly creatures like Spike.”

“Yeah, aren’t they?” Pinkie asked.

“I’m sorry but that’s not it.” We all turned around to see Jamie, Twilight, Ren, Fluttershy, Kodiak, Rainbow Dash, and even Nicole and Rantaro walked into the scene, but the strangest thing is that they were all wearing suits that makes them looks like military men. “Dragons are known for being very aggressive dragons and we can’t have the possibility of us getting roasted.” Twilight stated.

“Y-yeah…it’s true. Spike and our dragons are exceptions they a-are…let’s just say…aggressive.” Jamie added.

“I’m right here you know?” Spike tapped his foot, forming an upset look on his face. Firestorm snarled.

“Well either way, I guess we’ll be safe in this trench during the migration, right?” I chuckled nervously, “Besides, you guys should enjoy it.”

“Sar’s right.” Ren agreed. “We didn’t come all this way for nothing, right?”

“Exactly!” I nodded.

“Though I am well surprise for both Fluttershy and Rantaro to be here.” Mason pointed out.

“W-well…I didn’t have a choice…” Fluttershy muttered, hiding behind Ren. “I-I didn’t want to come here…”

“And I was feeling bored what with no one of those ponies wanting info. I guess they can pay the prices.” Of course someone like you would figured that out, Rantaro…

“Makes sense with the two of you having no upbeat about it.” Jack scoffed lightly, causing Rantaro to smirk and Fluttershy to hide behind Ren more.

“Really? How ironic for a fatso like you.” Rantaro snickered, causing Jack to feel enraged and tried to go over and punch him in the face, but his Razorwhip snatched him up in his prehensile tail and shook his head as if saying, “Dont do it.” held him back.

Jack scoffed, Tch!…Whatever.”

“So anyway…” I turned over to Fluttershy and asked “Why exactly don’t you wanna come Fluttershy? I thought you love animals?”

“I do…but not dragons.” Fluttershy shivered as Ren held her hoof to calm her down. “They’re so big, mean, scary, and…and…big!”

I coughed, pointing to our dragons which were the exact opposite…. Except for the big part. “Oh.. right.”

“So what made you come here and enjoy the Dragon Migration if you’re so scared of it?”

“That’s what I’m wondering!” Rainbow exclaimed. “I tried many times to make her come, even reminding her the time for dragging me over to that stupid Butterfly Migration!”

Rainbow pulled out a picture of her and Fluttershy as they were on a plain fields area where many butterflies were seen flying into the skies on the background. Fluttershy was seen smiling happily while Rainbow Dash on the other hand had a solemn and bored look on her face.

“Well there’s a difference between dragons and butterflies Rainbow.” Mason pointed sternly.

“Whatever! Anyway, I owned her a favor, now she has own me a favor by watching the Dragon Migration!” Rainbow exclaimed, not noticing the anger look on Fluttershy upon hearing her friend called the Butterfly Migration ‘stupid’.

“Rainbow Dash, calm down.” Ren said with a soft smile. “I understand why you’re upset, but you have to understand that Fluttershy is the type to be easily scared. I mean, you do remember what happened last time when a large dragon came to Ponyville?”

Rainbow widened her eyes upon hearing that being mentioned before looking away with a light blush on her face.

“W-well…I….shut up Ren.” Rainbow muttered. Huh? A large dragon here in Ponyville? I’m guessing it took place while the rest of us weren’t around.

"And besides, Fluttershy is always comfortable and finds Ren irresistible to hate." Kodi added, causing the two to flushed in embarrassment.

"H-hey come on...!" Ren exclaimed.

"I-I'm not that attracted to Ren." Fluttershy twiddled her hooves before covering her mouth upon realizing what she said before turning to Ren and said "I-I'm so sorry Ren! No offense!"

"Nah, it's alright." Ren raised his hands with a nervous grin, not bothered by what Fluttershy said.

"Hey!" Jack yelled out of impatience. "Don't you think we should watch that frigging Dragon Migration thing or whatever?!"

"Thanks for the reminder Jack." Twilight smiled. "I am quite excited to actually enjoy it. I think we might be the first ponies and humans to ever witness the Dragon Migration!"

"Really?" Ren asked in surprise. "But I thought ponies would come here and enjoy it like we are."

"I-I'm afraid that's impossible." Jamie shook his head, glancing down nervously. "Y-you see...I heard from Twilight t-that many ponies don't research about dragons."

"They don't? But why?" I asked, feeling interested upon learning that.

"W-well..." Jamie twiddled his fingers until Twilight spoke up and said "Don't take it as an offense, but what he's saying that many ponies are quite too afraid to approach them and scared confronting them due to their violent and aggressive behavior."

"But what about Spike?" Carrie asked.

"Spike is a good friend and a great assistant." Twilight smiled.

"Y-yeah..." Jamie softly smiled. "He's quite d-dedicated with his job..."

"Ahh...thanks you guys." Spike smiled.

"So...nopony has ever researched about them?" Mason questioned, crossing his arms. "Because they were afraid of being near them?"

"Yes." Twilight nodded. "I know it might sound like a bad excuse, but it's the truth."

"Y-yes." Fluttershy nodded. "I-I mean...I'm scared of dragons too you know."

"But you hang out with Spike and our dragons." Rantaro pointed out, pointing his finger on the right side of his head like he was pretending to hold a gun in his hand. "Who happen to be dragons."

"W-well...they aren’t that big, scary, or mean...." Fluttershy admitted, blushing a bit.

"Yeah, they’re all nice and loyal." Ren added with a grin.

"Guys, come on, you're embarrassing me..." Spike chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Winter nuzzled Spike.

"Man, you ponies are pussies." Jack scoffed. "You all are just scared of the littlest bit of anything, almost like your shadows." Firestorm growled and smacked Jack with his tail, sending him imprinted in the trench wall. “Oh dang!” Ren cried.

“Nice.” I said, fist pumping Firestorm. Jack got off of the wall and shook himself back to his senses. “Hey! That wasn’t funny!”

“Funny to me.” I smirked. Jack growled and huffed.

"Hey, how about we stop all the yip-yap and get over to watch the Dragon Migration?" Applejack reminded us.

"Yeah! Me, Carrie, Applejack and Kaede didn't make all these snacks by ourselves you know!" Pinkie added. Everyone nodded as they decided to save their argument later before climbing down onto the trench and gazed at the picnic we made for the occasion.

"Whoa!" Kodi gasped in amazement before drooling all over the floor. "Just look at all of this food!"

"Huh...impressive." Mason smirked a bit.

"No way! Y-you worked all of this?!" Jamie asked Kaede in shock, which caused Kaede to blush a bit on that.

"W-well...I wanted to help out and not feel left out from the activities. I can cook, clean, and make outfits and dresses you know." She rubbed my arm bashfully, glancing away from their awe expressions.

"Huh...I guess you're not so useless after all." Jack laughed.

"Well, what you expect? She's the type to love to clean like some women I know." Rantaro chuckled, causing me to raise a brow at him.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Kaede asked suspiciously.

"Wait..." Mason looked around the trench with an open eye. "Where's Rarity? Is she not here yet?"

"N-no...she said she was gonna 'prettified' herself for this event." Jamie replied. "Though...I-I have a feeling that she won't bother to even wear the outfits Kaede made..."

"Oh, so Kaede made those cameo outfits?" Applejack asked.

"Wow, I didn't know you can make that kind of outfits!" Pinkie added while Kaede smiled happily at being complimented before waving it off and said "No no, it's nothing. It's just out of my generosity for you guys. I don't mind."

"Wait, why the hell are you wearing those?" Jack questioned with a dumbfounded look. "What? You all going to a frigging military or something?"

"No, it's just something for precautions." Twilight stated. "After all, safety first."

"Yeah yeah whatever. Ain't gonna wear that junk." Jack scoffed before laying on the side of his hip before scratching his butt a little. "Wake me up when it begins."

"Oh Jack...." Mason sighed before turning to Kaede and asked "Is it possible that you made many more outfits for the rest of us?"

"Yep, sure did." she nodded with a smile. "I gave it to Jamie and Twilight to hold onto them."

"Y-yes...she's right." Jamie nodded. "I-I'll go get them out of the bags..."

"No, let me go get them Jamie. I don't want you to overwork yourself like you did last night." Twilight said with a concerned look.

"No...please..." Jamie said with a soft smile before walking over to the bags he and the others brought over as he began unpacking some things to get the other uniforms. Rosy, Kaede’s cat meowed at her, "Here, why not you go play with your big brother Kodi over there?"

Rosy beamed at that idea before running and over and jumped on his face, which caught Kodi off-guard before laughing upon realizing who it was.

"Aww Rosy!" Kaede couldn't help but smile upon seeing that scene while the rest of the gang were sitting around either eating snacks that we've prepared or watching outside to see if the dragons finally arrived.

"I don't see any dragons." Twilight said, not noticing one in the sky with her binoculars.

"Me neither." Applejack nodded.

"Me neither neither." Pinkie added, causing Mason to give her a deadpanned look and asked "Is that even a sentence?"

"Maybe so, maybe not?" PInkie shrugged, causing him to face-palm himself.

"S-strange..." Jamie took out his notebook and looked over it with a confused look. "We should've seen some by now."

"Shoot!" Rainbow cursed herself, feeling extremely angry and worried at the same time. "You don't think we missed them, do you?"

Twilight shook her head and said "No, I don't think so. We're just a little early, and I'm glad we are."

"This way, we can watch every moment of the migration without bringing any unwanted attention to ourselves!" Jamie added.

"Whatever, it better not take long!" Jack scoffed while his pet guinea pig was laying on his head with a relaxed look on his face. No sooner when she arrived...

"Yoo-hoo!" We all turned around to see a red carpet roll straight towards the stairs into the trench. She came in wearing some weird outfit that she might've made which I soon realized why she wanted to wear it.

"Well, what do you think?" Rarity asked as she posed smoothly in her outfit. "Aren't I the toast of the trench or what?"

"Toast of the trench?" Ren asked in confusion.

"What does that mean?" Kodi asked in confusion, only to receive a shrug from him.

"You'll be toast alright, when the dragons see you parading around in that getup!" Applejack glared at her.

"Yeah, are you trying to get yourself killed ya loon?!" Jack growled. "Besides, it makes you look more ugly than before."

Rarity scoffed at him and muttered "Says so what with that dirty overcoat you're wearing..."

"R-Rarity..." Jamie spoke up, feeling a bit worried on what she was wearing. "Y-you look very nice, Rarity, but maybe could you look nice down here in the trench with well as taking the outfit off for our sake?"

"Indeed, it might lead to the possibility to lure the dragons here Rarity." Mason agreed.

"Ooh, but come on! I worked so hard on it all night!" Rarity complained. "What's the best of wearing a good dress if you aren't gonna wear one?"

"Who the hell even says that?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Don't bother to talk her out of it, trust me I tried..." Kaede sighed irritably while the others soon realized how true that was. Rarity was some stubborn pony, am I right? “Leave the mare alone.” I claimed.

"Thank you Sarah, at least somepony accept my new wardrobe.” Rarity thanked as she arrived down into the trench and was eager to enjoy the scene until she accidentally stepped on her drapes and fell down until Mason caught her.

"I gotcha!" Mason said, settling her down a bit as she looks up with awe and a blush.

"O-Oh Mason! T-thank you so much darling!" Rarity smiled as her cheeks showed some pink on it and it wasn't from the make-up.

"I was just looking out for you, that's all." Mason softly smiled at her before covering his mouth with his scarf, “Guys! Look!” We all looked over at Carrie as she pointed upwards through the sky as we bore witnessed to see so many dragons flying through the skies and there were like millions of them!

“Holy cow! Look at them!” Ren exclaimed in excitement.

“OOH!…AHH!…” We all went as we felt amazed upon seeing it. My dragons were in awe at them. “Cool.” Moonshine said.

“There’s gotta be like thousands of them…” Kodi muttered in awe.

“No…millions…” Jamie added.

“Amazing!” Twilight exclaimed in excitement. Soon, we saw a yellow dragon dived and did a quick loop de’ loop before rising back up to join to his friends and family. “Whoa!” Kodi exclaimed in joy.

“Pfft!” Rainbow scoffed before blowing a raspberry and said “Pretty lame move. Is that all they got?”

As if on cue, one dragon bumped into another, that one blowing fire in rage, making us all duck in time while Rainbow didn’t, her face covered in smoke.

“You were saying Skittles?” Jack laughed. “Looks like that dragon isn’t as lame as you thought, eh?”

Rainbow Dash wasn’t even bothered by Jack’s comment as she shook her head to blow off the smoke and made a meek smiled.

“I…stand corrected. I retracted the word lame and substitute fierce!”

“And formidable!” Rarity agreed.

“And outstanding.” Mason added.

“And awesome!” Carrie exclaimed.

“And super-duper-scary!” Pinkie squeaked.

“Woo!” Ren exclaimed in amazement. He started drinking a bottle of spring water. “But man, you sure how to be prepared Kay.”

“Oh come on, I was just helping out, that’s all.” Kaede waved it off with a light blush.

“Yeah! Kay is the best!” Carrie giggled while I flushed in embarrassment.

“G-guys…stop it. It was something out of my help. After all, if Rarity was planning on making the snacks, she would have done the same way as I did. Just an act of generosity.” I chuckled while Rarity smiled at me and commented “Quite true Kaede darling.”

“Well who cares? She’s got some snacks, I say stop embarrassing her.” Jack chuckled, picking his ear a bit before gazing over at the dragon on the skies. “But damn, who knew dragons actually frigging exist here?”

“But Spike is a dragon, remember and you two have your own dragons?” Carrie reminded him.

“Okay, so what?!” Jack exclaimed.

“Well it’s understandable really…” Rantaro shrugged. “Dragons only exist in myths, so there you have it.”

“But you have to understand…” Spike walked over with a pink apron on and handed us the vittles that I packed as well. “Us dragons are definitely a force to be reckoned with! It’s a shame that they don’t exist in your world.”

“And probably a good thing…” Rantaro muttered, causing me to frown a bit. I just hope that Spike didn’t hear that because that might’ve been an offensive word there.

“True, but still Spike…” Rainbow laughed with a smirk on her face. “That’s gotta be one of the scariest aprons I’ve ever!”

That caused the other girls, Ren, Jack, Kodiak, and Rantaro except Carrie, Mason, Jamie and I, to start laughing while we raised a brow over by the confused and enraged Spike.

“What’s wrong with wearing an apron?!” Spike demanded, feeling upset about it. “You won’t be laughing when you spill blueberries all over your scales!…” He widened his eyes before realizing something before saying “Feathers…that’s one tough stain!”

“How the hell can feathers be a tough stain?!” Jack fell down on his back and kept laughing.

“I’m with ya fatty! One tough stain against one lame dragon!” Rainbow chuckled.

“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Mason stated sternly.

“Yeah!” Ren soon started to calm down before wiping a tear from his eye. “But I gotta say Spike, you can be quite a cool guy despite being a small dragon.”

“Uhh…thanks” Spike raised a brow in confusion as Rarity came over with a smile and said “Indeed! Spike’s style is unique! He doesn’t have to look like other dragons!”

“Or act like them.” Twilight stated, causing Spike to feel bad for himself.

“My little Spike-wikey is perfect the way he is.” Rarity said, ruffling his spines while Spike started to get boiling mad as he slowly asked “I don’t…act like other dragons?”

“Oh no even close!” Pinkie answered with a bright grin. “But don’t worry, Spike. Moonshine and the others don’t act like other dragons but they don’t let that bring them down. So don’t let it do the same to you.” I said, lifting Spike’s chin up. He smiled at me. “Thanks Sarah, you always know what to say.”

“She’s not the Princess of Friendship for nothing.” Ren added.

“Umm…girls? Don’t you think that you’re going too far?” I asked in worried.

“Besides, you've got something those dreadfully fierce dragons can only dream of." Rarity giggled, neither she or the others noticing Spike's face turning red.

"What's that?" Spike asked.

"The cutest widdle chubby cheeks, ooh!" Rarity giggled, messing around with his cheeks before he felt embarrassed before pushing her hooves away and exclaimed "Cute?! Dragons aren't supposed to be cute!"

“Winter’s cute.” I stated.

“Uh.. she’s an exception!” Spike exclaimed.

"It's not much of a big deal." Rantaro shrugged. "I mean, you are a baby after all."

"Yeah...a walking talking baby dragon." Ren added.

"Oh sweetie, you are turning the most delightful shade of red, it is most becoming!" Rarity gushed, causing Spike to growl loudly before yelling "ERRRRGGGGH!"

With that, he stormed off, humiliated while we watched with worried and confused looks until Mason gave them a stern look and exclaimed "What was that for?!"

"What? We were just complimenting Spike." Twilight shrugged.

"That's not what he thought." Rantaro pointed out. "What he heard from you girls, except for Sarah, were insults."

"What?!" All the mares in the room exclaimed in shock.

"B-but we didn't mean that!" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"Hey, calm down Flutters." Ren assured with a soft smile. "You all just didn't know."

"Though I am quite worried about Spike..." Mason said, gazing at where Spike was at. "I have a bad feeling that he's starting to question about his own existence."

"W-what do you mean Mason darling?" Rarity asked in concern.

"I mean is that he might be questioning whether he's a dragon...or not." We all looked at each other in worried, letting Mason's words sink in. I-I'm so worried about Mason, but...I just hope Spike didn't take it personal.

"Well I'm sure he'll be fine." Jack shrugged it off as he continued "Besides, he would've accept who he is if you girls would stop treating him like a baby instead of a man."

"Uh, what?" Applejack questioned as she and the other girls glared at the biker.

"I'm just saying that he can take care of himself, but you girls just keep pestering him every day and can't just let him mind his own business." Jack stated, causing the girls and the rest of us to look at each other in worried.

"D-do you really think so?" Rarity asked.

"I have to agree with him there." Rantaro shrugged, taking out his lollipop and giving it to Gizmo, who just happened to be sitting around by where we packed our foods in as he enjoyed sucking it. "If you mares hadn't compared him to those dragons up there, then maybe he wouldn't feel upset. I hope you're happy..."

With that, Rantaro walked out of the trench while the rest of us looked at each other, feeling guilty for what we've done. Ooh, I just hope that Spike doesn't take this personal...

It was the day after the Dragon Migration, we all headed back home and spend the rest of the day with our normal lives, but it was getting late and we all went to sleep and now we all were eating some breakfast that me and Mason cooked up. It was just me, Kaede, Ren, Carrie, Kodiak, Rosy, and Mason around in the dining table. Jack and Rantaro weren't up yet and Jamie wasn't around due to staying up all night over by Twilight's library and we were still feeling bad for Spike getting talked-down unintentionally like that.

"Big brother..." Carrie looked at her brother with a concern look and asked "Do you think that Spike is...gonna be alright?"

Not wanting to crush her hopes, Mason gave her a soft smile and said "Rest assured Carrie, I'm sure Spike is gonna calm his temper down and try to forget what the girls said to him yesterday."

"Yeah, I'm sure he will." Kodi stated with a smile.

"I sure hope so." Ren sighed before forming a smile. "But overall, I am curious to know what kind of dragon he is. I mean, we never did find out about him."

"But don't you remember what Twilight told us back then?" I reminded him as I said "She said that she first met Spike after trying to hatch him from an egg that she tried to go over towards the entrance exam when she was a kid, remember?"

"I know but do you ever wonder where he came from?" do bring up a good question, but none of us even have the answer for that.

"Well...I don't know about that..."

"Thinking about it, Spike is just an orphan, just like me." Kodi pouted, lowering his head down until Rosy came over and nuzzled his cheek, making him form a smile on his muzzle.

"Along with me and Carrie back then. I can understand the self-doubts Spike is having after yesterday's skirmish." Mason crossed his arms with a solemn look on his face.

"Yeah, me too..." Carrie nodded.

Yesterday after Spike left the trench in anger and humiliation, we haven't seen him for the whole day. I wonder if Twilight and Jamie knows.

"Ugh, you guys still talking about that crap?" We all turned to see his underwear, and it looked like they haven't been washed for weeks as I immediately covered my ears in embarrassment and a massive blush on my face while Ren and Kodi jaw-dropped on that while Mason covered his sister's eyes the moment he saw him entered. "What? Never seen a guy without his pants?"

"We have!" I exclaimed. "Put some pants on Jack! You're gonna make us hurl!"

"Y-yeah...same here." Ren nodded, his face nearly turning green.

"Oh what? You guys are just wimps." Jack scoffed as I lowered my hands down and saw Jack scratching them, causing me to look away in disgust. You know, I'm starting to agree with Rarity about his manners. I know that he's a biker, but still! That's just gross!

“Put some clothes on!” a voice cried and Silverpspike bashed him into the elevator and pressed the button, closing it. “HAHAHAH! Nice!” I exclaimed, falling to the floor laughing.

"Phew, I would've thought that he was gonna eat in his dirty underwear all day..." Kaede said.

"And I am gonna have nightmares of witnessing that." Ren sighed, his eyes still widened in shock before shaking his head with a nervous grin. "Well...with that out of the way, why not we go check up on Spike to check up to see if he's feeling any better?"

"That we can agree." Mason nodded with a smile before uncovering his sister's eyes, who only blinked in confusion.

"Umm...what just happened?" Carrie asked curiously, causing some of us to look at each other in worried and fear.

"Don't bother asking kid, that's something you're not ever gonna find out." Rantaro answered, much to our relief.

Sooner or later, we arrived to the place and before Ren could open the door, it slammed opened by none other by Spike carrying a bag with a stick over by his shoulder.

"Spike?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"What's up with that bag?" Carrie asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"Spikey-wikey! Don't go!" Rarity soon charging out of the door with a frightened look on her face. "This is a terrible idea!"

"Sorry Rarity, but I have to..." Wait what?!

"Spike, what's going on?" Mason questioned suspiciously.

"I'm just going off..." Spike replied, walking past us with a sad yet determined look on his face.

"Off? Are you running away?!" Mason asked in surprise, shocking us all as well.

"No, I'm not running away!" Spike exclaimed before sighing. "I just need...time alone."

"Oh god." Rantaro rolled his eyes. "I had a feeling something like this might happen."

"Jeez, you think?" Rainbow asked, flying out of the library with an upset look on her face.

"Wait Spike!" Ren exclaimed, feeling shocked by what Spike was planning. "Why are you leaving?! I know the girls wouldn't mean that stuff but-"

"No Ren! This is the only way and it's not like I'm running away for good. I just need some aspiration..." Spike assured.

"Aspiration?" Carrie asked.

"In other words, to achieve something." Mason stated.

"So I take it you're going to that dragon migration, huh?" Rantaro guessed, which he nodded until he noticed Jamie and Twilight coming out with concern and worried looks on his faces.

"I-I'm afraid so." Jamie answered, glancing away nervously.

"He's doing there in order to find aspiration and find out his true calling." Twilight explained. "Late last night, we woke up and decided to look through my books for anything about dragons but..."

"You couldn't find anything?" Rantaro asked.

"Yeah...just like Twilight said that not that many ponies ever researched dragons due to how scary they are." Jamie explained sadly.

"Which is why I have to go on this quest of self-discovery!" Spike said in a dramatic pose.

"But Spike, you don't have to do this." Kaede said with concern.

"Yeah! You're our best friend!" Carrie exclaimed. "You can't!"

"I have to! I need to find out what it means to be a dragon and that's only gonna work if I spend time among them!" Spike stated in a serious look.

"Spike, that's crazy!" Ren exclaimed.

"Yeah! What if something happened to you?!" Kodi added, feeling like it's a bad idea.

"I have to agree." Mason agreed. "You have to understand that this is quite a bad idea."

"Hell yeah!" Jack exclaimed. "Are you frigging serious?!

"I've made up my mind you guys!" Spike shouted before sighing sadly and said "I'm sorry but I have to do...goodbye for now..."

"Spike..." I muttered in sadness as we watched him go off towards the distance while we felt disappointed.

"Damn..." Jack muttered in shock. "That Spike dragon really is a tough guy, huh?"

"Yeah, I've never seen Spike this angry and dedicated before." Kaede nodded in agreement. "But...what are we gonna do?"

"Well we can't just let him go off by himself." Ren said, forming a serious look. "We have to follow him!"

"That's a good idea!" Twilight beamed at that idea.

" might be a good idea." Jamie nodded meekly. "While we're out on it, we should also let S-Spike do this."

"Wait what?" Mason asked in shock.

"W-well maybe he should do it. You's his decision and we can't stop h-him." Jamie twiddled his fingers with a nervous look.

"Are you frigging serious?!" Jack exclaimed in anger, causing Jamie to shivered in fear while still standing.

"No wait! Jamie might be onto something!" Twilight insisted, much to our confusion. "For all his life, Spike never knew so much about his own kind nor about his family. I raised him myself the day he hatched during my entrance exam and dreamed so much of studying him and I promised him that one day that I'll reunite him with his family, and if this will be the only way to learn so much about himself then I won't stop him."

"So we won't stop him?! Is that you're saying?!" I demanded.

"Well technically no." Twilight shook her head, much to our confusion. "Because we'll follow right after him. That's why Rarity is planning on making an outfit on chasing after them."

"Let me guess: You're gonna dress ourselves as dragons eh?" Rantaro guessed.

"W-well...that is the plan." Jamie nodded with a soft smile. "After all, how else are we gonna blend in when we try and go after Spike while avoiding the other d-dragons?"

"Well I sure hope that'll work..." I sighed before looking over at where Spike was last seen. I feel so bad for him...I can sorta understand what it feels like having self-doubts of herself ever since my mother passed away...I wished I could stay by his side as a dragon. That way I can try and help him, and so can the others.....

"AH! head...."

"Kaede, what's wrong?" Mason asked as Kaede fell down to her knees and fall down, holding onto her head before letting darkness consume, but not before hearing some of the others screaming.

Kaede's POV


I slowly began to open my eyes to see the horrified looks of Rainbow Dash, Sarah, Kodiak, Rarity, Jamie and Twilight looking at us with shock while Rantaro looked at them like he was unfazed by this.

"What are you guys talking about? I'm-" I stopped myself at mid-sentence upon noticing something wrong with my arm. It was...filled with scales. I-I don't understand, why? "Umm...mirror someone please?"

"Allow me...Kaede darling." Rarity pulled out a mirror from out of nowhere and showed it to me as I looked out an ear-curling scream. I-I...was a...dragon! No serious, I was! Apparently, my whole body was covered in the same scales as Spike, except for the spiky spines of his, but all I got was smooth spines that seemed to form my hairstyle and I didn't wear my sweater. I looked similar to Spike, except my scales were velvet color and my underbelly was creamy white and my smooth spikes were tainted pink.

"W-what...happened to me?!" I asked in shock.

"W-we don't know! Honest!" Jamie exclaimed. "W-we just saw this bright light emerging from you and the other four transformed into that!"

"Huh? The others?" I questioned before turning to where I last saw Ren, Mason, Carrie, and Jack, and to my shock, they were turned into dragons as well. "G-Guys!"

"Uhh...what just happened?" Ren muttered, rubbing his aching head. "My head is spinning..."

"It's like someone knocked the living daylights out of me..." Jack growled before he and the others opened their eyes and noticed the others looking at them with shock before gazing at me, slowly turning surprised and shocked by that.

"W-what the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

"K-Kaede!" Mason widened his eyes in shock. "W-why are you....are you..."

"I know! I've been transformed! Even I was shocked!" I stated before pointing at them and exclaimed "And so are you guys!"

"Wait what?!?" One looked at themselves caused them to widened their eyes in shock. "N-no way!" Ren exclaimed in shock. "How did this happened?!"

"This is...impossible..." Mason felt shocked upon seeing himself as a slim black dragon as his normal height and his underbelly were light tan, but his spikes were spiny and red.

" frigging way." Ren said in awe as he looked at himself, seeing his scales were blue like his eye color while his underbelly was orange like his spikes, and a hairstyle from his spikes, along with his ahoge on his head made from a little spike, for the scales they were pointy and his body was the same size as his normal self and was quite skinny too. "This is so freaky!"

"Yeah!" Carrie agreed, gazing at her new form. She was quite small, at the same height as Spike's. Her scales and underbelly were magenta pink while her spikes were light pink with little red shaped hearts on each of her cheeks. "This is so amazing!"

"What the fudge?" Jack looked himself, and of course his new form keeps his fat self, but overall, he was still the same height as Mason. His scales were light yellow and spikes were colored grayish white, along with his bulging underbelly. The spikes on his head formed the same ruffled dirty hairstyle of his and the rest of us were all naked, but it seemed that we didn't mind at the moment.

I still can't believe that we've been transformed into dragons, and we even got wings on our back. Well except Carrie...

I guess that she's too young to have wings, right?

Soon, Jack glared at Jamie, Rantaro, and the rest of the ponies as he yelled "What the hell did ya do to us?!"

"We don't know! We just saw this happened right in front of us!" Twilight exclaimed.

“And don’t even look at me because y'all didn't’t ask me to do it.” Sarah defended, crossing her arms.

"But wow, you guys don't really look that different in those forms." Rantaro commented.

"We don't?" Ren asked in confusion.

"W-well..." Jamie spoke up, clutching his notebook hard and felt nervous at gaining attention before speaking up and said "While those forms are quite different, y-you guys still look like the same as your regular selves. The spikes on your heads resembles your hairstyles."

We all looked at each other, seeing how right Jamie was.

"...You make a valid point." Mason sighed.

"No way! You guys get to transformed into dragons?!" Rainbow gasped. "How awesome is this?!"

"Not for me! Change us back!" Jack demanded.

"Well I'm certain I can try." Twilight stepped forward before her horn started glowing before shooting a magic beam at us, forcing us to stay still as we embraced it...until five seconds later, we still remained in these dragon forms. "What?! It didn't work! But how?!"

"Are you saying you can reverse the effects on them?!" Kodi gaped.

"I'm afraid so!" Twilight shook her head. "I just don't understand why it didn't work!"

"I-I know! I've study about a spell that can transform ponies into dragons from the ancient archives!" Jamie exclaimed in shock as he traversed through his notebook in slight panic. "I even copied down the notes for it! I-I just don't know what's happening anymore!"

"So you can't change us back?" Carrie asked.

"Fudge!" Jack cursed himself before turning to Rarity and asked "Hey loon! Why can't ya change us back?! Aren't ya a frigging unicorn or whatever?"

"I am." Rarity narrowed her eyes at Jack still calling her that nickname before she continued "But I'm not much of a talented spell chanter than Twilight here. So I'm afraid not."

"Now that you mention it, the only spells I've seen you do were lifting objects into the air for when making and designing the dresses with me, along with that gem-finding spell of yours." I pointed out, remembering much about her magic.

"Yes...quite true Kaede darling." Kaede nodded.

"Well you're pretty much frigging useless." Jack scoffed, ignoring the little protest Rarity shouted.

"I don't know, I think it looks kinda cute on me." Carrie giggled, gazing at her new body. "Say, I wonder if we can fly."

Carrie decided to do it by running around and jumped, before falling on her stomach. She looks behind her and realized that she doesn't got any wings.

"Oooh..." Carrie groaned while Mason helped her up with a soft smile.

"Are you alright Carrie?" Mason asked in worried.

"Y-yeah...I think so. Thanks big brother." Carrie softly smiled at her older brother while Ren took out his Hacking Gun and looked at it for a while.

"Oh man, it feels kinda weird holding the Hacking Gun while being a dragon. I gotta say that it's pretty cool." Ren grinned in amazement.

"Are you sure Ren?" Kodi asked, stepping forward to gaze at his new form, along with Rosy inspecting me curiously. "You're not that much bothered by it."

"Nah! This is quite awesome being a dragon! A little shocking, but still awesome!" Ren toothily grinned. "Though I wouldn't mind transforming into like Moonshine.” Moonshine sniffed Ren and licked is face, “AGH!”

“Can we please focus on the task on hand or hoof?" Jamie timidly asked. "W-while we may not soon figure out w-what's going on with your bodies, w-we should probably go back focusing on the main topic."

"Huh? Do you mean Spike?" I asked curiously.

"Duh, that's what we were talking about a while ago." Rantaro replied.

"Rantaro!" Twilight exclaimed, giving him a scolded look.

"What? I'm just stating the truth." He led out a shrug, not bothered by what he said. "But overall, I say go after him and maybe and hopefully he'll come back, which he will not."

"And what makes you say that he won't?" Rainbow asked, crossing her hooves with a hard glare towards the broker.

"I'm just saying that he seemed pretty dedicated and like Twilight said, this is for his own good." Rantaro replied before he began to walk off much to our surprise.

"Wait! Aren't you gonna help us?!" Ren called, but simply got a wave from him as he just continued to walk away like it was nothing. Unbelievable...he was totally unfazed by that. Hmm...come to think of it, he was rarely unfazed by almost anything that comes around Equestria. It's like he's hiding away his emotions so easily.

"Well there he goes..." Rarity glared before letting out a 'HMPH' sound before asking "So what are we gonna do with all of you now?"

"I wonder that too Rarity." Mason sighed, crossing his arms while he twirled his bamboo pole a while. "While we do not know what was the cause of our transformation, we must hurry to Spike."

"Yeah, maybe these new bods might give us some recon, eh?" Ren nudged Jack, who gave him a deadpanned glance and asked "What?"

"You know, maybe with these new bodies, we can like blend in with the crowd and watch over him. Heck, I don't think he'll even recognize us, am I right?" Ren smiled while we felt unsure about this.

"Well...I guess I can give it a try." Carrie replied, much to our shock. "I mean, I look kinda cute in this form, and so does you all."

"C-cute?" Jack exclaimed in shock before snarling "I ain't frigging cute!"

"Well you are in that chubby dragon form of yours fatty." Rainbow laughed, ignoring the angry glare he was giving her.

"Well...Ren does make a good point on using these 'forms' to blend in with the rest of the dragons." Mason sighed. "Well...I just don't know."

"Well, why not?" I spoke up with a soft smile and said "Maybe we could possibly use these forms to protect Spike from some trouble. It's like he won't know what hit him. So I'm with Ren on this one."

"Well you're the only one left Mason darling." Rarity said with a smirk while Mason gaze upon our determined looks, causing him to shake his head in annoyance while pinching the bridge of his...uhh...nostrils, maybe?

"I guess so, so why not?" Mason sighed.

"Alright Mason!" Ren chuckled.

"Way to join the team big brother!" Carrie smiled brightly.

“I’ll come too.” Sarah added, earning looks from us.


“Sarah, are you sure?” I asked, worried. “These dragons are aggressive."

“Pfft. You’re talking to the girl who had a dragon form combining, Light Fury, Deadly Nadder and Monstrous Nightmare abilities. If anything, I’ll be aggressive if they get aggressive with me.” Sarah stated bravely.

“Well, the newbie does have guts.” Jack said.

“And we’ll be there as well.” Winter added.

“You bet, dragons or not, you guys are still our riders and our friends.” Striker added.

“Thanks you guys.” Ren said.

"W-well...we should head over to the northwest. That's where the dragons went for their Dragon Migration once a generation." Jamie said, taking out a piece of paper with direction in it before handing it to Ren. "H-here, you might need it. I already copied it down in my notebook so it should be useful for you guys to get there."

"Thanks James!" Ren thanked with a smile on his face while the rest of us nodded.

"Good, now we'll go get the costumes while you guys go on ahead." Twilight insisted.

"And remember, don't pull any punches yet in case Spike's gets hurt." Rainbow added, flying off towards Carousel Boutique.

"And Mason..." Rarity gave Mason a worried look and asked "If anything, and I mean anything happened to my dear Spikey-wikey..." She crossed her brows angrily and said "Make sure that they shall feel my wrath!"

With that, she dropped that look on her face and replaced it with a smile before walking off, along with Twilight and Jamie while Kodi stayed behind. The rest of us blinked in shock and surprise by what Rarity said.

"...What the hell was that for?" Jack asked bluntly.

"She was just saying that out of worried for Spike, that's all." Mason replied. "Spike should be fine and I'm sure we won't assist him unless its necessary." Mason glances down with a worried look and continued "But I can understand Rarity's anger, if something were to happened to Carrie, I would never forgive myself."

"Don't worry big brother, I'll be fine!" Carrie smiled. "Besides, I know that you would never fail to protect me, like you did for Elena and Rarity!"

Mason glanced away with a blush through his scarf and muttered "P-Please're embarrassing me..."

"But I'm your little sister, so of course I'll keep annoying you. That's my job." Carrie smiled, causing Ren to laugh at that.

"She's got you there dude." Ren chuckled, alongside with me, Kodi, and Jack while Mason gave us a deadpanned glare.

"Jeez...thanks a lot for the support you guys." Well sorry! It's just so true yet funny!

"Well anyway..." Kodi cleared his throat before looking at us with a worried look. "I wished I could come with you guys..."

"Don't worry Kodiak, you'll be fine." Ren assured, petting him on the head. "After all, maybe you should man the fort for us while we're gone."

"R-really?" Kodi asked incredulous while I scratched Rosy underneath the chin, who wasn't afraid of me upon seeing who I really was.

"Well why not?" I suggested with a smile before picking up Rosy and walking over to Kodiak. "I mean, you could spend some more time with Rosy, you know."

"Meow!" Rosy purred before leaping on top of Kodi's head and nuzzled him, causing Kodiak to laugh a bit.

"Okay, I see your point. Well I hope you guys will do alright. Still, I'm gonna miss you. Especially you Ren." Kodi whimpered a bit before nuzzling his friend while Ren smiled at him before bending over to his height and said "Relax boy, I'll be fine. Just watched over the home-ship along with the other pets and we'll come back till Spike finishes up his dragon quest. I promise."

"Pinkie promise?" He asked suspiciously, causing Ren to sigh before doing the whole 'Pinkie Pie Promise' thing.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." Ren stated, doing the gestures for the little Pinkie Pie Promise, causing the two of them to laugh out loud.

"Okay, I'll watch over the home-ship for ya guys Ren!" Kodi grinned while Rosy nodded in agreement.

"Oh, and just watch over Jo Jo for me, will ya? He should be sleeping in my couch up in my room." Jack said, rubbing his nose a bit.

"Along with Nate and Maddy. I left them in my room to enjoy their sleep since they deserved some more rest." Mason added.

"You left your squirrels up in your room?" I asked curiously. Wow, I rarely seen those two squirrels of his ever coming out of his scarf.

"They were sleeping peacefully, so I didn't want to wake them up, that's all." Mason replied.

"Well okay you guys! I'm on the case!" Kodi saluted with his paw before he began to running off, heading back to the home-ship with Rosy by his side. "Good luck on your journey and tell Spike I said hi when you have the chance!"

"Okay! See ya guys!" Ren waved goodbye to them before turning back to us and asked " all ready?"

"Yeah sure, but one thing..." Jack turned to him with a glare and asked "How the hell are we gonna get there? That spiny little dragon probably went too far ahead of us."

"Well not with that attitude you don't!" Ren stated with a smirk on his face. "We just need to find a way how we can get there quickly as possible!"

"We have wings, remember?" Mason reminded us, which made us look at our own wings and realized that he was right.

"Well...shouldn't be too hard to fly right?" I asked with a light chuckle. I mean, it shouldn't that hard, right? I've seen Ren fly around with his hoverboard all the time, along with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and the other Pegasi who lives here in Ponyville flying around in the blue skies. So it shouldn't too difficult right?

"I had to open my mouth...." The moment we tried to fly, we had some uncontrollable through the skies, though at the same time we were getting the hang of it. But since Carrie doesn't have any wings, Mason offered to carry her on his back and he's been doing some difficulty handling on flying and carrying his sister. Man, these forms are just questionable and I still don't understand why are we like this in the first place.

“Does anyone know how to fly?!” Jack exclaimed, feeling nausea. “And…does anybody got a barf bag?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda not getting used to these wings on my back!” Ren exclaimed, trying his best to maneuver his fly. “Man, it looked so easy for those dragons, including the ones from the movies!”

“Well we’ll get used it when we practice flying!” I called back before feeling nausea on my stomach. “Ooh…I’m starting to agree on Jack about that barf bag thing.”

“WOO-HOOO!” Sarah flew right past us in her dragon form, doing flips in the air and spinning. “Lucky, newbie.” Jack grumbled Silverspike flew beside his rider. “Relax, she’s just enjoying herself.”

Storm came beside me, “Yeah, you guys will get the jist of it in no time.”

Sarah came over to us, "Yeah, come on, we'll show you." She flew ahead and we followed with music playing in the background and Sarah starting singing.

Take a deep breath and I'll show you how
We'll soar as high as your wings will allow
Now swing 'em back and lead with your head
Swoop and dive-


-And try not to speak!

Our wings are the same but not much more
But even so, we still see and soar!

Height and sight
To fly and to see
We learn from each other
So come and follow me

I can see bugs from high in the sky

I can stop and nose dive mid-air while I fly

Look down there see the nice phoenix nest?

Third tree from the cliff?

Hey, yeah! I'm impressed

Our wings are the same but not much more

(All of us)
But even so we still see and soar

Height and Sight
To fly and to see
We learn from each other
So come and follow me

Height and Sight
To fly and to see
We learn from each other
So come and follow me

So come and follow me

“Look! I see it!” Carrie pointed over to the sky, seeing a giant volcano-like region just up ahead. Ren looked over at the map and said “Yep, that’s the place! Alright everyone, prepare for a landing!”

“And how do you propose we could land?” Mason questioned, causing Ren to widened his eyes upon realizing that it’s gonna be very difficult to land.

“Oh…no….” He muttered before we started diving down and fell onto a lava crater while our dragons and Sarah landed on the rocks.

“AHHHH!” I screamed in shock. “It burns! It burns!”

“Whaaaa! My face!” Ren screamed before the rest of us looked at each other and saw that we weren’t…burning at all. “Wait…my face is fine.”

“And it’s not even hot at all.” Carrie added, touching the lava with her finger.

“I guess being a dragon makes you immune to lava heat and gas what with all of these scales in our bodies.” Mason pointed out.

“Ugh…whatever.” Jack wiped lava off his face before saying “Glad that we aren’t burning alive.”

“Yeah…I guess the many advantages a dragon ever has.” Ren chuckled before we exited out of the pool. We all looked at ourselves and saw no burn marks on our bodies, even when Ren brought out his Hacking Gun out of nowhere, it was still fine. “Huh…it’s still okay…Neat!”

“So…where are we anyway?” Carrie asked curiously as we all looked around, seeing so many volcanoes and lava craters around here.

“Like Ren said, we’re somewhere around this volcanic area.” Mason replied. “Just like the map and Jamie stated that this place is where the dragons go to during their migration.”

“Yeah, it even says it right here.” Ren took out the map, but instead of a full-fledged map that showed us directions, it was a torched up piece of paper before it got turned into ashes. “Ooh…this can’t be good.”

“Jeez, you think? Now we’re frigging lost in the middle of nowhere!” Jack exclaimed.

“Calm down Jack.” I assured. “Remember, Twilight, Jamie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash are coming here with a map of theirs so once we bumped into them, then we’ll find a way back home.”

Jack let out a scoff before saying “Fine…but I just hope we don’t fly around like total idiots again.”

“We’ll get the hang of it, trust me.” Ren said with a soft smile.

“Frigging whatever…” Jack snorted, letting some fire out of it which made us startled by it.

“Whoa…” I muttered in surprise and awe. “I didn’t know we could that!”

“We do that.” Firestorm deadpanned.

"And we are dragons.” Mason reminded us.

“Ooh! I wonder if I can spew out fire too!” Carrie said, filled with enthusiasm before taking a deep breath and only coughed up some green flames. “Ooh…I guess with only a little power.”

“Don’t worry Carrie, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.” Mason ruffled her spikes, causing Carrie to smile softly at her brother while me and Ren smiled at them and Jack crossing his arms, but hidden a smirk on his face. It’s nice seeing these two get along so well…I sorta envy them because they have such a nice bond while my older sisters are just always asking me to do things because they see me differently than them. It makes me wonder…why?

“Alright, teenage dragons! Now that’s more my speed! And size!” Huh? Was that…Spike? I looked around before noticing a familiar purple baby dragon walking towards a group of dragons that seemed to like like they were young adults than teenagers. Oh man, they look kinda scary.

“Umm guys?” I called, gaining the other’s attention. “I think I found Spike.”

“Cool, where?” Ren asked with a smile. I pointed over behind me as the others looked over and saw Spike talking with some of the teenage dragons. We all hid behind some rocks as we heard Spike introducing himself to the other dragons, interrupting their conversation.

“Um, excuse me? Uh, hi. I’m Spike.” Spike smiled softly, while some of the dragons gave him blank looks until one of them asked “You sure your name is Spike and not Shrimp?!”

That caused all the dragons to laugh while Spike narrowed his eyes in anger before exclaiming “No, it’s Spike! I’m not, I mean, I’m sure about that-”

“You look more like Peewee to me.” One of the smaller teenage dragons said, causing another laughter while the rest of us glared angrily at the dragons.

“They sure aren’t nice.” I scowled.

“Yeah, Spike was just being nice, that’s all.” Carrie added, feeling worried for him.

“They will regret for making fun of him.” Mason grabbed the tip of his bamboo pole, glaring at the dragon gang. Soon, a big red dragon stepped up with a cocky look on his face.

“Hey guys, come on, seriously. Leave him alone or he might fly away.” Oh, well that’s nice to see one dragon getting along and defending Spike. Unfortunately, he picked up Spike with a smirk on his face and said “That is, uh, if he had any wings!”

And I spoke too soon…

“Wow, those dragons aren’t exactly the helpful and nice types here, eh?” Ren muttered, sweat-dropping a little.

“Nope, but I gotta say, they’re my kinda guys.” Jack grinned, causing us to give him deadpanned looks.

“Are you serious?” We all asked before looking back at Spike and the other dragons.

"You fly in on your mommy's back during the migration?" We looked back to see Spike twiddling his fingers nervously at the dragons and replied "Not exactly..."

"No, no , can't you see baby Spike just hatched? I bet he still sucks his claw at night!" One of the older dragons stated with a smirk.

"No! I haven't sucked my claw in months!" Spike replied angrily, causing the dragons to laugh.

"Well, if you weren't just hatched, how come we haven't seen you around before?" The red dragon asked suspiciously.

"Oh, well, you see, I live in Ponyville and-"

"Hahahaha!" He laughed before saying "Ponyville? That explains it! I knew there was something vaguely pony-ish about you! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were part pony!"

"Who, me?" Spike asked in shock before shaking his head and said "No no! I'm not part pony! I'm all dragon, see? Raar!"

We all sweat-dropped by Spike's attempt to make a roar while the red dragon gave out a small smirk before laughing "Or maybe you're a pony in a dragon costume!"

That caused the others to laugh alongside with him.

"A pony in a dragon costume...!" One of the dragons stated, nudging one peculiar one. I took a good look at it and felt confused upon seeing it. Huh, weird...that one looks like too weird to be a dragon.

"Aheh...yeah...hilarious." Huh? That was quite weird...I felt as though that voice sounded very familiar.

"Nnh...!" Spike growled angrily. "I am a real dragon!"

"Oh, yeah? Prove it." The red dragon snarled, causing Spike to feel tense from him.


"By acting like one! Who's up for a little belching contest?" With that, the dragons let out a cheer before each one of them starting burping out fire out of their bodies until one of them burped out a large portion of fire through Spike and the other dragons, though it didn't affect them since their scales protected them from the heat. The large brown dragon sat down in exhaustion from spouting out that much fire while the rest of us looked upon seeing that belching competition.

"Uhh..." We all looked at each other with blank and confused looks as I asked "So...what do you guys think of them so far?"

"Well I know one thing..." Ren rubbed his cheek bashfully before he continued "These dragons don't act as nice as Spike nor our dragons."

"I have to agree. These dragons are quite acting quite disgusting with their manners. More than Jack."

"Ha! Say what ya frigging want! These guys are the type I wanna hang!" Jack grinned. "I mean, what with all the burping out fire and junk, I bet they do many dangerous stuff!"

"Are you serious?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Hell yeah! So what?" Jack laughed while we gave him blank looks.

"But...what if they did something dangerous that you can't do?" Carrie asked curiously.

"...W-well...I don't know." Typical....

"You think you can beat that, Peewee?" The red dragon asked curiously. Spike gave out a nervous look before replacing it with determination as he tried to burp like them, but instead, he burped out a scroll.

"Huh?" The teenage dragons asked before picking up the letter and reading it over.

The red dragon stopped himself before letting out a smirk and chuckle. "Ha! Get this, guys! Spike's pen pals with a namby-pamby-pony princess!"

That caused the other dragons to laugh while the big red dragon crumbled the scroll up into a ball before throwing it into a nearby lava crater, burning the letter up while the rest of us glared at him, except for Jack as he let out some chuckles.

"Ha ha! These guys know how to tell a joke! Namby-pamby!" Jack toothily grinned.

"Seriously?" Ren asked in shock. "I mean, you haven't even met her."

"So?" Ren face-palmed himself, unable to comprehend on Jack's saying.

"Well we know for sure that these dragons don't seem to respect Princess Celestia." Mason crossed his arms with a stern look on his face.

"Yeah! How could they?" Carrie asked.

"Don't know, but we have to do something or else they'll do something to hurt Spike." I said, which Ren nodded and said "Good idea! Let's go!"

We soon got out of our hiding places and walked over to see the dragons still laughing until I cleared my throat, gaining their attention, along with Spike.

"Hi." I waved my...uhh...claw at them. "Umm...we're new around here and we thought we could ask you guys on what's happening?"

"What's happening?" The red dragon laughed. "Nothing except making fun of this wimp for being friends with some namby-pamby ponies!"

"And what's wrong with that?" Mason questioned, earning confused looks on them. "We are sorry, but we're just curious to know why."

"Yeah, I thought ponies were nice and friendly guys." Carrie added.

"Pfft! Yeah right!" A small chubby purple dragon scoffed with a smirk on his face. "They're just so lame what with their 'friendly ways' or how 'sensitive and cowardly' they are."

"I know right? So stupid." Jack grinned, causing us to glance at him with annoyance. "Those guys gotta be so scared of almost everything, am I right?"

"...Yeah." Ren nodded with a nervous chuckle until the big red dragon walked over and eyed at us for a moment. " there something wrong?"

" come we've never seen you guys before?" He questioned, causing us to feel tense about it.

"W-well..." Ren glanced away, sweat-dropping a little until I spoke up and said "We're somewhere far off from the region of Equestria. So that's why we're different. We're just traveling around the places on our own right at the moment until we saw this place and we were just curious upon seeing these dragons here!"

"Really? You don't say?" He asked before chuckling. "Ha! Traveling across Equestria, what a weird bunch of dragons. You four are quite curious looking, and seemed pretty cool looking than this Spike pony dragon."

Spike slumped his head with a sad look on his face until Sarah stepped up and said "Well, maybe you could give him a chance. Just because he's small doesn't mean that he's not capable of handle anything."

"Yeah! What he said!" Carrie agreed, causing Spike to softly smiled at that.

"Wow...thanks I guess." Spike rubbed his head bashfully.

“Hmm, I haven’t seen anything like you before.” he said.

“Yeah, so? Will you give him a chance then?” Sarah asked.

"Bah! I don't know, he's too small and wimpy to be a real dragon." The red dragon scoffed before turning his eye towards me as he slowly began to smirk. Huh? What is he doing? "But you on other hand is quite beautiful."

"Uhh...what?" I asked in confusion.

"You know what I mean? You've gotta be the prettiest dragon I've ever seen before." Oh no...please don't tell me where this was going. "You know, why not ditch your loser friends and hang out with me? Names Garble by the way." Sarah narrowed her eyes and she smacked him with her Nadder tail. “Not. Interested.” The dragons all went “OOOOOOH.” at that.

Garble let out a grumble before mumbling, "Y-yeah...whatever babe."

“I rather not be called 'babe' thank you very much.” Sarah said with some sass. Never thought she had that.

"But anyway, we're just new." Mason stated with a serious look on his face. "We're just over on a little break for the Dragon Migration. We traveled a lot, but rest assured that we live...somewhere far away."

"Yeah! So far off that you don't know anything where we live!" Carrie added with a soft grin while she held her brother's claws while the others either chuckled or rolled their eyes.

"Yeah...sure..." A medium sized orange sized dragon rolled his eyes.

"Besides that, looks like we got some newbies here. Guess Spike here isn't the only weak dragon around here." Garble laughed.

"Hey...that was quite uncalled for." Ren rubbed his spikes bashfully with a nervous look. Storm roared, spreading her wings and her spikes came up on her tail. “Woah!” Garble exclaimed. Our other dragons got into fighting positions while Sarah and Firestorm lit themselves on fire and gave a loud and proud roar, spitting fire into the air and they stared hard at the dragons. “Woah… okay.”

"Shut it. Let me handle it..." Jack pushed me and Ren aside before crossing his arms with a serious look on his face. "Hey, why not you piss yourself off?"

"Excuse me?!" Garble exclaimed in anger. "Who do you think you are to just talk to me like that?!"

"I'm talking to some fire-breathing lizard, that's all." Jack scoffed with a smirk on his face. "Besides, you don't know for sure if this 'shrimp'..." He pointed over to Spike, who felt surprised on seeing him defend a dragon that he barely noticed. "Can be useless? I say that he's more useful than you."

"Really?" Garble smirked before saying "Well...let's see if you and shrimp here are tough in a tail wrestling contest."

"Wait what?" Jack asked, a little startled upon hearing that.

"Come on, let's see if you two are strong to handle it. Unless you're chicken..." Jack growled at Garble's comment before smirking and said "I gotta say, I like your attitude. Alright, we'll do it."

"Yeah!" Spike agreed before turning to him and said "I don't know who you are, but I gotta say, thanks you guys for defending me."

"It is our pleasure." Mason nodded with a smile before glaring towards Garble and his gang.

"Ha, you'll see how difficult it is. Come on you guys, let's take these guys over for some tail wrestling." Garble's gang let out a roar of approval before grabbing Spike and Jack, which was a mistake since do to his weight, causing them to feel over weighted by the sudden fattening of Jack.

"If you guys are tough enough, then you can handle carrying me." Jack scoffed before they began slowly descending towards inside of the volcano.

"Come on, you guys want to be proven that you're real dragons. Enter if you dare." Garble smirked with a sly smirk on his face before entering the place, leaving the rest of us alone outside.

"Are they serious?" I asked in shock.

"Yeah, I mean 'tail wrestling'? Do we have to wrestle by using our tails?" Ren asked with a bewildered look on his face. "I don't even know how to use it."

"And so does Jack." Mason sighed, crossing his arms in frustration. "I should've known that his stubborn pride might've lead him to something stupid like that."

"You can say that again, Mason." Huh?

"Exactly my point." Mason nodded before realizing that none of us said a thing. "Wait, how said that?"

"Right here!" What the? Oh! It's that dragon from earlier, the one peculiar dragon I mentioned. Hmm...wonder what's up with him/her? "I knew that you guys would arrive."

"Umm...who are you?" Ren asked curiously.

"And how do you know that we would arrive?" Carrie asked curiously.

"It's us!" The whole dragon uncovered itself, revealing to be our friends, Jamie, Twilight, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. "We told ya we'll arrive!" Rainbow grinned.

"Well it's about time." Mason said, crossing his arms. "We were wondering what was taking so long. Even in these forms, it feels...uncomfortable being in this strange body."

"Ooh Mason, that new form of yours makes me feel antsy about that as well." Rarity said. "But overall, I just hope we find the cure for each of your transformations."

"W-well...h-hopefully..." Jamie muttered, feeling concern on that possibility. "But anyway...we've came here in order to watch over Spike and make sure nothing h-happens to him. You guys just need to make sure he doesn't get hurt."

"Don't worry, we promise." Ren winked before taking out his Hacking Gun and handing it to Jamie. "Oh, and could you please make sure nothing happens with the Hacking Gun, James? Don't wanna the other dragons see me with it and get suspicious."

"Oh!..O-Okay!" Jamie nodded before receiving the gun before he began to feel some heat coming out of it. "Ow! Ow! W-why is it so hot?"

"'s a long story." Ren rubbed his spikes bashfully with a sheepish grin.

"Anyway, we should get moving." Mason said, glancing towards where Jack, Spike, and the others went off. "Or else we might draw suspicion from those dragons."

"I highly doubt those ruffians can suspect other dragons, especially for criticizing Spike for living in Ponyville." Rarity scoffed.

"And for destroying that letter!" Twilight pouted. "That could've been very important from Princess Celestia!"

"Don't worry Twilight, I'm sure you'll get another one." I assured.

"Yeah! I mean, the princes is always one step ahead of you, right?" Carrie added, causing Twilight to smile softly at that.

"Thanks you guys..." Twilight replied.

"Though I can't believe they would c-criticize the princess like that." Jamie stated with a worried look. "I-I have never seen anyone say mean comments to her before."

"Yeah. I'm just worried on what they think about ponies." Ren said in concern. "Come on you guys, let's go."

"Okay." I nodded before seeing Twilight and the others placing the cover of their dragon costume back on, causing me to sweat-dropped a little. "By the way...what's up with the costume? It looks kinda weird just seeing it up close."

"Yeah, blame Rarity for making such a weird costume." Rainbow said through the costume.

"Excuse me?!" Rarity exclaimed in anger while the rest of us laughed. I had a feeling that the costume had a little dash of...Rarity in it, wouldn't you agree?...Okay, enough about jokes! Let's get this over with and see where this goes.

"Can we go now?" I asked.

"R-right, let's go." Rarity replied before saying "Oh, and Mason?"

"Yes Rarity?" Mason asked with a raised brow.

"Please don't let Spikey-wikey get hurt by those brutes." Rarity begged, which Mason nodded until Carrie grabbed her brother's claws with a bright grin on her face.

"Come on everyone! Let's go big brother!" Carrie said, grabbing her brother's claws and said "Let's go see how Jack and Spike are gonna handle the others? Besides, you wanna impress Rarity, don't ya?!"

"W-what?!" Mason and Rarity exclaimed, and I could've sworn that they were blushing in embarrassment.

"Come on! Let's go!" Carrie quickly pulled him and has him entered the volcano while the rest of us let out giggles before heading inside of the volcano, eager to see how this will play.

"So do you think that Jack will protect Spike?" I asked in worried.

"Don't worry, I have faith in Jack so that I know he'll do great!" Ren assured as we kept looking around the place till we arrived and saw an unexpected seen.

"Ha! Take that!" We all soon bore witness Jack beating another dragon by using his tail as he barked up another laughter.

"What the?" Ren asked in confusion.

"Oh man! You're so awesome Jack! You really are a tough dragon!" Garble exclaimed in joy.

"Thanks and you guys aren't so bad after all!" Jack toothily grinned before wrapping his left arm around Garble as the two laughed so loud.

"...Are you guys seeing this?" Mason questioned, which the rest of us nodded. I don't believe it. So Jack's here just to fight these guys while being buddy-buddy's with them? Well I guess it makes sense since he's a tough biker gang and they're always so aggressive.

"Yeah...I never expected Jack to make good friends from these guys." Ren muttered in shock.

"Tell me about it." I agreed before noticing Spike stepping up as Garble said "You know, you're tough for being fat. You are quite the dragon...uhh, what was your name?"

"Call me Jumbo. Jumbo the Dragon." Jumbo? What a weird name, but then again...we can't let Spike know its us. Just because it's us transformed into dragons doesn't mean we should reveal our names so open easily.

"Jumbo? Weird name for a dragon." Garble muttered before waving it off. "Nah, it's probably nothing. So Spike, let's see if you're a real tough dragon."

"Oh trust me, I'm ready!" Spike said, his tone filled with determination.

"Break a leg, kiddo. Trust me, you gotta stand tough against one of these guys." Jack grinned.

"Oh...thanks Jumbo!" Spike smiled softly. "At least I got somepony by my side and cheering me on."

"This is terrible!" Rarity whispered to us. "We can't afford Spikey-wikey to go through this! He'll end up hurt!"

"W-well true..." Jamie whispered back. "So we need someone t-to go over and tail-wrestle h-him or something..."

"Allow me." Mason said, stepping up and walked past his sister as she called "Go easy on him!"

"Yeah! You can do it!" Ren cheered, while the rest of us smiled over to see Mason taking up the plate.

Mason smiled back at us with a nod before looking back at the dragons with a serious look on his face and said "Please, allow me to go and challenge Spike to a tail wrestle!"

"Who's this weirdo?" Garble asked his pals about Mason.

"Don't know, but he looks pretty serious." The slim orange dragon replied with a shrug.

"Whatever." Garble rolled his eyes before turning back to Mason and asked "So how bout it? Who are you?"

"I am..." Mason closed his eyes and thought for a while before replying "Please just call me Burn."

"Burn? What a weak name." Mason twitched a bit while Spike snickered, along with Jack.

"Ha! Burn? That sounds something I would've come up with."

"Shut up Jack." Mason said through gritted teeth, ignoring the laughter coming out of the biker/dragon. "Now then, shall we tail wrestle?"

He turned to Spike, who stopped snickering and felt nervous just by seeing him.

"Y-yeah...let's go." Spike nodded as he and Mason got into their positions as their tails grabbed ahold of each other as Garble shouted "Ready? GO!"

Spike tried his best to throw back Mason, but even in that dragon form, Mason is still tough to beat. But he was doing this for Spike, also Rarity was watching and you all know how overprotective she is with Spike around. So Mason did a true friend would've done...purposefully lose the match. He lowered his strength down and with that, Spike knocked his tail out to the side, causing the dragons to let out roars of approval.

"Whoa...I didn't know that I had it in me to do that!" Spike said in amazement before exclaiming "Awesome!"

"You're welcome..." Mason smiled until Spike gave him a good look at his body before noticing the red scarf wrapped around his neck, causing him to gasp.

"What the?! that-" Uh oh! I think he found us out already! Although, how come he didn't noticed the scarf around his neck till now?

"Nice going, little Spike! Maybe you are a dragon after all!" Garble complimented, patting Spike on the back with a toothy grin.

"U-Uh...yeah! Maybe I am!" Spike grinned nervously while the rest of us sighed in relief.

"Thank you Mason..." Rarity muttered, smiling over at the black dragon.

"Okay, so who's next? I'm ready to kick your butts into next month!" Jack said, feeling pumped up about beating someone else.

"Uhh...yeah..." Spike rubbed his head bashfully before saying "Listen, can I have a moment alone please?"

"Whatever! Just don't take so long!" Garble said as he went over to hang out with the rest of his pals. Soon, Spike turned back and looked at us with a shocked look and yelled " that you?"

"...Took you quite a while to figure me out. I would've thought that you would realize that it was me already what with my scarf and bamboo pole." Mason said, feeling a bit bewildered by that fact. Spike blushed a bit and replied "H-hey come on! I was getting pounced at by those guys! What do you expect?"

"Good point there Spike." Ren chuckled nervously, causing Spike to turn to Ren himself before gasping "R-R-Ren?! Is that you as well?!"

"Yeah, sorry!" Ren rubbed his head bashfully with a sheepish grin while I sighed and softly smiled at Spike and said "And it's me, Kaede."

"Along with me!" Carrie added, waving towards him.

"Yeah, same here." Jack burped, causing Spike to look over us with an extremely shocked look on his face.

"I-I-I-I...! WHAT IN EQUESTRIA HAPPENED TO-" Mason immediately grabbed him and shushed him.

"Shh! Be quiet! We can't let the others hear you Spike!" Mason whispered, which Spike nodded slowly before he let him go. Spike shook his head before looking at us with a shocked look and asked "No way! Are you guys...dragons?! Well.. I’ve seen Sarah as a dragon before."

"Yeah, we don't know how it happened." Ren shrugged.

"What do you mean 'how it happened'?" I rubbed my cheek in embarrassment before replying "Well, the moment you left for the Dragon lands, we all fell unconscious and got transformed into dragons."

"No way...!" Spike exclaimed. "So wait...does that mean you guys followed me over to the Dragon Lands?!"

"Indeed." Mason sighed. "Twilight and Jamie were extremely worried about you."

"Well I don't need them." Spike scoffed, crossing his arms. "I told you before, I need to search out the answers for myself and that's final."

"We understand." I replied with a worried look. "But...we're just worried for you Spike. Besides, while we're still confused about these new appearances we have, I thought that we can go over to the Dragon Lands and helped you out in case any of the dragons..." Like Garble and his gang for example. "...harmed you or worse."

"Yeah dude." Ren nodded in agreement. "We aren't saying that we're taking you back, but we're gonna help you!"

"" Spike asked in shock. "But are you sure about that? You guys this for me?"

"Of course! We're friends!" Carrie giggled before pouting while she looked behind her. "Though I wished I had wings in this body."

"Oh trust me, sometimes I wished to fly as well." Spike shrugged. "But still though, it's hard to believe that you guys got transformed into dragons in the first place."

"Yeah well, we still haven't frigging figured out why we're like this in the first place!" Jack exclaimed. "Besides, we weren't really frigging planning on letting you know it was us, but I guess thanks to Mason we got no choice."

"Please forgive me." Mason sighed, twiddling with his scarf. "I guess maybe I should've left my scarf back home."

"Well even so, I kinda grew suspicious and curious upon seeing you guys just come out of nowhere like that. Including hearing those voices because I thought they sounded familiar to me." Spike chuckled with a smile on his face. "But still though, I guess it's nice for you guys to just come here and help me out."

"Hey, that's what friends do." Ren winked.

"Ha ha, good point." Spike smiled before looking around and suspiciously asked "Wait...If you guys are here in those weird bodies, then is Twilight here?"

"Uhh..." I quickly glanced towards the fake dragon disguise of theirs and I saw Twilight making a mouth statement that says 'Don't tell him!' towards me.

"Nope! Not at all!" I shook my head with a smile on my face. "She's back home along with Jamie and they're respecting your privacy being here in the Dragon Lands so that you can learn how to be a true dragon."

Spike started to tear-up from all this before wiping a tear from his right eye and said "Wow, that's so nice of you guys to help me."

"Trust us, at first I was shocked by this whole transforming into a dragon thing, but now...I'm enjoying myself." Jack grinned. "But one question..." He turned around and showed us his bare bottom, causing me and Carrie to cover our eyes while the boys flinched. Well he's not wearing any pants and it wasn't that bad, but still! Doesn't he know any privacy at all?! "Does this form make my butt any bigger?"

Sarah appeared above him. “STOP IT!” she exclaimed, annoyed and Striker bashed him into the ground. “Hey! You wanna go!” Striker showed his three stingers and roared, quieting Jack up. Smart choice. He would not stand a chance against the Strike Class dragon that has three deadly stingers. "Whatever! I'm actually enjoying my stay here and I bet that this might get much more fun being here what with all these strong dragons around!"

"Of course you would enjoy your time here." Mason rolled his eyes before turning to Spike and said "But overall, I guess we should enjoy our time here while we help you fit in here so that you can clear the self-doubts in your mind to find the true answer of who you are."

"Wow, that was a bit poetic there Mason." I said with surprise while Mason crossed his arms in a huff, blushing a bit.

"Well still, thanks you guys and while I am still surprised upon seeing you guys totally different, I'm...kinda glad I have some friends of mine to help me out." Spike grinned. "Say, let's go over and see what the other dragons are doing."

"Hell yeah!" Jack yelled. "I'm already pumped up on seeing whatever crazy activity they have here!"

"Me too! I bet they're super fun!" Carrie laughed with a smile.

"As long as they aren't dangerous..." Mason muttered until he was nudged by Ren and said "Come on, it'll be fun. We even might learn what dragons do during their Dragon Migration."

Mason thought for a while before sighing "Well...I suppose you make a good point. Alright, let's go!"

"Yay!" Carrie cheered while the rest of us decided to see what else did this place have in stored for us.

"Well alright!" I said, feeling pumped up about it. "Maybe their activities isn't that hard than tail-wrestling, right?"

"Yo Spike! Jumbo!" We all turned around to see Garble approaching us with cocky smirks on their faces. "Are you ready to have some more fun or what?"

"Hell yeah I am!" Jack patted his gut and flexed a bit.

"Yeah! I'm ready when you are!" Spike nodded, also flexing his muscles.

"Ooh, getting a little cocky. I like it." Garble grinned before turning to us until he noticed me, causing him to smile weirdly and said "Why hello there beautiful. Back for more?"

“No.” Sarah deadpanned. Moonshine growled at him.

"Oh, don't be like that. You'll soon learned to love me..." He giggled crazily before asking " never told me the rest of your names."

We all looked at each other until Ren stepped up and said "Well my name is Delta Rune, but just call me Rune."

"And I'm Torch!" Carrie introduced herself, giving her another alias for herself.

“Name’s Sarah.” Sarah said.

“Sarah, that’s a lame name.” Garble said. Sarah set herself on fire. “N-Not for you!” I stopped the fire up. “Good.”

"O-oh! A-And...I'm...Blaze." I smiled softly, giving them a fake name to them. Well just because now that Spike knows who we are doesn't mean we shouldn't give them our real names. I just can't imagine what might happened if they found out that we're not actually dragons and found out that we're humans the whole time. Seeing these guys makes me feel scared of these guys...

"Ooh, Blaze!" Garble giggled. "A beautiful name for a beautiful dragoness."

"R-right..." I muttered, backing away from a little while the others glared at the red dragon.

"So anyway..." Ren stepped up with a curious look on his face and asked "We're just here to see how tough we are."

"Really? You think you're tough because of your slim body?" Garble laughed, causing Ren to glare at him before exclaiming "Oh don't worry, I can do this!"

"Well...Jumbo already beaten most of my gang, so why not challenge him?" He pointed over to a small dragon squeezed in between two older dragons.

"Okay! Bring it on!" Ren grinned, turning around and showing off his tail until he looked back and jaw-dropped upon seeing the small dragon's tail, which turned out to be extremely large and filled with spikes. "....Mother?"

Unfortunately, Ren's pleas didn't work as he was grabbed around the tail as Garble shouted "Ready? GO!"

And with that, Ren was launched into the air, but before he slammed into a cliff, Sarah grabbed him. “Got-cha.”

“Thanks Sar.” Ren sighed in relief.

“No problem.” Sarah set him down, “Woah, how’d you fly so fast?” Garble asked.

“Practice.” Sarah replied.

“Well I’m impressed.” Garble said. Sarah nodded. “Good thing, newbie caught him.” Jack said.

“Yeah,It can't get any worse, right?"

"Why does the world hate me so much?"

Unfortunately, I spoken too soon because after we met up with Garble and his gang and asked him to show us what other activities they're here in the Dragon Lands, we were taken towards a mountain filled with treasures and jewels. We all gaze at the giant stack of treasures with shocked looks, unable to speak on what we're witnessing.

"So you guys, you wanna prove that you're real dragons?" Garble asked with a smirk on his face. "Then go over and complete this test that we like to call..." Garble took a deep breath and shouted "King of the hoard!"

" sure is massive..." Ren muttered in shock.

"Real massive..." I nodded while staring at the mountain filled with jewels. Whoa, just look at those gems! This is amazing just looking at them!

"Yeah, you can say that again." Spike gulped until we noticed the other dragons racing towards the hoard and tried to take Garble down, but he made sure that none of tried to take his spot.

"Ooh...this looks intense." Carrie said until Mason comforted her with a smile and said "It's alright Carrie, we won't do it."

"Well you wimps can sit and mope while I go and win this damn match!" Jack laughed before racing over and climbing over the mountain of jewels.

"Hey!" Spike yelled before chasing after him. "No one is gonna win but me! If I'm gonna be a real dragon, then I have to do this!"

"Wait for me!" I called.

"Yeah! We can't just leave ya behind!" Ren added before wincing in pain from the last impact.

"Ren, maybe you should sit this one out. I'll go after him. You guys stay here." I said. “Wait, Kaede. I’ll go.” Sarah called. I stopped, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, remember, mixed dragon abilities.” Sarah said and before I knew it she flew right for the mountain, bashing any dragons that got in her way and she caught up with Jack and Spike, who surprisingly didn't get overrun by these guys until they reached the top where Garble was fighting off another one of his gang before pushing him aside while Jack got up and sucker punched the dragon Garble was fighting off in the face, knocking him onto the jewel-filled mountain.

"Ha! Thanks!" Garble grinned until Spike came underneath him and accidentally pushed him off of the mountain as well. Spike widened his eyes and looked around, realizing that he, Jack, and Sarah were the only ones left up here. "Wow...I guess it's just us three left." Sarah said.

"Woo-hoo!" Spike cheered. "King of the hoard!"

"Yeah!" Jack grinned before cracking his knuckles with a smirk on his face. "But there can only be one winner."

"Wait what?" Me and Spike asked in confusion. Before you know it, he stopped his feet so hard that the impact caused the jewels we were standing on to collapse while we fell down. Sarah’s eye glowed and she caught us in her magical spell. She set us on the ground. “Newbie, get!” Jack said.

“No, make me, Jack.” Sarah challenged. Sarah, what are you doing?! “Oh, you wanna play, huh newbie?” Jack stated.

“Yep.” Jack charged her but Sarah launched her Deadly Nadder spines at him. “OHH!” he leaped off the mount and fell on the ground. “Heheh, falls for that everytime.” she smirked. Garble and the other dragons roared, like they were cheering for Sarah.

"Looks like this is another fail for you, little Spike. Can't wait to watch you fail at lava cannonball, too." Garble slyly grinned while Spike and I looked at each other, gulping in fear.

"Wait, lava cannonball?" Ren asked in confusion.

"Course some 'dragons' don't know it." Garble scoffed in a taunting way towards my friends. "Maybe that challenge could help toughen you out since neither you three tried to go through King of the Hoard."

"We had our reasons." Mason stated firmly, which Garble scoffed.

"Reasons, schmeasons. Now come on, let's go over to lava cannonball!" Garble grinned, causing us to feel tensed and a little afraid of what's gonna happen while Jack grinned and laughed loudly.

"Ah ha ha! That's gotta be a handful! Let's do it!"

Oh my god...I'm starting to feel worried for him. I understand Jack is trying to help Spike learn...but right now he's becoming way too addictive with these guys.

Huh...doesn't seem too hard. This whole 'lava cannonball' thing was just diving into a pool of lava. Well we all learned from when we crashed land into this place, we discovered that our scales protect us from it.

"Whoever makes the biggest lava splash is the ultimate dragon!" Garble announced before stepping back a little before charging and jumped over the cliff as he shouted "GERONIMO!"

He landed straight into the lava crater, creating a huge splash while Spike and Carrie backed away a little from the lava splashing onto them.

"Nuh!" Spike winced.

Sarah turned to Moonshine and Winter, “Moonshine, Winter, I don’t want you two to be here. If you both lose a tail fin, you can’t fly. So go back down, alright?”

“Okay, Sarah.” Moonshine said. Moonshine and Winter glided down to the crater, leaving Spark, Fire, Firestorm, Striker, Camo and Sarah as well as the rest of us. "You too, Camo." Ren said. "You can't let that fin of yours get destroyed either."

"Okay, buddy." And Camo glided down to Moonshine and Winter.

"Big brother! I-I'm scared...!" Carrie exclaimed in worried and fear until Mason held her close and said "It's alright Carrie. Will it be alright if we jumped together?"

"O-Okay!" Carrie nodded with a soft smile while the disguised dragon backed away from this in fear.

"You guys aren't gonna come with us?" Ren asked in confusion.

"Sorry Ren, but this suit isn't technically lava proof." Rainbow stated.

"She's right. We're sorry but looks like you guys and Spike are on your own for now." Twilight said as she and the rest of her friends walked away from them.

"Well...alright." Ren shrugged while I gave him a reassuring smile and said "Don't worry Ren, it looks quite easy. Like your diving into a pool."

"Yeah, you make a good point there." Ren smiled before noticing Jack stepping up as he scoffed "Pfft! Let a real dragon show ya how its done! You better be paying attention Spike if ya want to be a real dragon!"

Spike rubbed his arm bashfully, feeling scared of doing this. I can understand how he's feeling, I'm starting to grow scared too...

With that, Jack jumped out of the crater and made a huge splash into the lava pool, which caught onto us but we were fine due to the scales protecting us.

"He just never learns." Mason sighed before holding onto Carrie's claws and said "Are you ready sister?"

"Y-yes big brother." Carrie nodded as the two walked over to the cliff. They both took deep breaths before jumping straight towards the lava crater, nearly making a huge splash, but it wasn't enough.

Spike gulped and started sweating nervously as Ren walked over before saying "My turn! Cannonball!"

He jumped into the cliff, putting his hands over his knees before landing into the lava pool, creating a minor splash. He popped his head out of the lava pool and noticed the minor splash he made.

"Well...I was expecting a bigger splash." Oh Ren...Oh well, guess it's my turn. Before you know it, I noticed Spike started shivering in fear as I gave him a sympathetic look before noticing the other dragons jumping into the lava crater, with the last one creating such a huge splash that was quite an impressive feat, nearly similar to Jack's splash. "My turn." Sarah said.

She stepped to the edge, but before she jumped, her ear appendages perked up and she whirled her head around. "Sarah, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Kaede, look!" Spike pointed below and we saw our other dragons growling and snarling for some reason. "What's up with them?" Garble asked.

Sarah felt the ground and she gasped in horror. "Jack, everyone, get out of that crater!" she cried.

"Why should we?" Garble challenged.

"Screaming Death and Whispering Deaths!" she cried and just then the four dragons burst from the ground giving loud roars. "Oh Dammit! These things again!" Jack exclaimed.

"You know these dragons, Jumbo?" Garble asked.

"You could say that." Ren stated.

POV Ends

Great. The Screaming Death and the Whispering Deaths showed up at the dragon migration. Moonshine and the others dragons roared at them. They hissed and looked directly at me and narrowed eyes. Uh-oh The Screaming Death lunged right for me. I pushed Kaede and Spike out of the way and the Screaming Death, bashed me into the air! "Sarah!" Ren cried. I shook off the shock and saw the Whispering Deaths flying right for me. "Oh boy!" I whimpered and I flew away as fast as I could with the four Boulder Class dragons hot on my tail.

I dove into the forest and swerved through the trees, but the dragons just smashed right through them. "Not good." The Screaming Death and unleashed it's scream. "GAAAAHHHH!" The scream was so ear-splitting that it knocked me out of the sky and I skidded across the ground, slamming against a large boulder. "Ugh... that... really hurt."

The three Whispering Deaths slithered over to me with their teeth baring and their spikes out. I gulped nervously. Just then, "Sarah!"

Huh? The Whispering Deaths and I looked up and saw Ren and the others flying towards us with Spike and Carrie riding Firestorm and Rarity, Rainbow, Twilight and Jamie riding Silverpsike and Winter. "Guys!" I cried.

The Screaming Death growled and launched multiple fireballs at them. "Watch out!" I called. Ren and the others dodged and Moonshine and Winter fired their plasma blasts at the ground, forcing the Whispering Deaths back. Ren, Mason and Jack landed in front of me. "You alright, newbie?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I think so." I stood up, but I felt a sharp pain in my right wing. "Ow, scratch that." I groaned.

Ren came over and looked at my wing which had a bruise on it. "Looks like a sprain!" he said.

The Whispering Deaths roared again and prepared to attack when Firestorm blasted them, "Leave my family alone!" Spike cried. The Whispering Deaths screeched and slithered away. Moonshine and the others dragons were dealing with the Screaming Death. Storm was firing her spines at it, Moonshine and Winter were firing their plasma blasts, Silverspike and blasting it with his blue flame, Striker was smacking it with his stingers and Spark and Fire were ramming it. The Screaming Death roared and finally flew away with the Whispering Deaths following right behind them. Firestorm landed on the ground, "Are you guys okay?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, we're good, but newbie here has a sprained wing." Jack replied.

I changed back into my human form and the gang winced, "What?" I looked at myself and saw I had a few scratches and brusies on my body. "Oh."

"Come on Sarah, let's get you home." Twilight said.

"Okay. But wait, what happened to Garble and the other dragons?" I asked.

"Well after you were chased away by the bobble head dragons..." Kaede started.

Kaede's POV

"Sarah!" I cried. Oh man, she's being chased by the Whispering Deaths and Screaming Death.

"Oh well, sucks to be her." Garble said as he started walking away.

"Wait, where are you going?" Jack asked.


"What about Sarah?"

"Those dragons are her problem, not ours." Okay, that's just rude. "Well, I'm going after her." I stated.

"Me too." Spike said.

"Pfft. Why would a shrimp like you go after a real dragon like Sarah?" Garble questioned.

"Because she more than my friend, she's my family and I'm not gonna let anything hurt her." Spike exclaimed boldly.

"Hell yeah! Come on gang." Jack said. Me and the others flew off in the same direction while Spike and Carrie mounted Firestorm. "Wait for us" Rarity cried, revealing her, Rainbow, Twilight and Jamie.

"Ponies?" Garble asked.

"H-Hi." Jamie squeaked. Until Winter picked him and Twilight up. Silverspike took Rarity and Rainbow. "Let's go!" Rainbow exclaimed and we all flew off after Sarah.

"and that's when we found you."

"Woah, thanks for coming after me, guys." Sarah said.

"Why wouldn't we you saved our butts more times than I can count." Jack said.

"You can count?" Firestorm teased.

"Shaddup." Jack stated. We all shared a small laugh, "Now come on, let's get you home." Twilight said.


We got back to the Golden Oak Library where we saw Spike writing his letter to Princess Celestia,

Dear Princess Celestia,
Seeing the great Dragon Migration made me wonder what it meant to be a dragon. But now I realize that who I am is not the same as what I am. I may have been born a dragon, but Equestria and my pony friends have taught me how to be kind, loyal, and true! I'm proud to call Ponyville my home, and to have my pony, animal, and human friends as my family!
- Yours truly,

"Wow, that was so beautiful Spike." I chuckled with a soft smile. "I think Princess Celestia might enjoy it."

"Thanks." Spike nodded before turning to Jamie, noticing him writing something down in his journal. "And I bet you've already written it down in your notebook, huh?"

"Y-yes..." Jamie nodded with a small smile before noticing something on me with a confused look. "Kaede? Guys? What's with the flashing?"

"Wait what?" I asked in confusion until I looked at my body and saw that he was right, I was flashing until five seconds later, a bright flash came out of our bodies and soon it died down as we felt nausea from what we just experienced. Oh man...that really felt so sickening just doing all that.

"Whoa! Guys, look at yourselves!" Huh? We overheard by what Rainbow Dash shouted as I looked down at my hands, and it turns out...they were back to the way they were! They were human hands! I looked around at my body and saw that I was back in my clothing, and the others looked at themselves and found out that we were back to normal as well.

"Hey, we're humans again!" Ren exclaimed in joy. "I don't know how, but we're back!"

"Thank goodness for that." Mason sighed in relief.

"Huh..." Jack looked at his back with a smirk on his face. "I'm gonna miss my strength. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted."

"Yeah, I'm gonna miss being a dragon." Carrie sighed sadly. "It was so awesome doing all those dragon challenges."

"H-H-HOW?!" Jamie yelled in shock. "How is that possible?!"

"Amazing!" Twilight exclaimed in excitement. "How on Equestria did you guys do that in the first place?!"

"I-I don't know..." I shook my head before looking at my hands and clenched them. It's so weird...I don't know how we were turned back to normal...but I hate to say it, but I'm gonna miss being a dragon. Oh well...I don't know how we were turned into dragons in the first place, but that thinking more about it just gonna confused me. That's just another part for our little list of mysteries here in Equestria.

Episode 31: Molt Down

View Online

Ren’s POV

We were all at Sarah’s castle for some breakfast. Today we having pancakes made by Pinkie Pie and Sarah. “These are delicious, Pinkie Pie.” Applejack said.

“Yeah these are really good.” Mason added.

“Hell yeah.” Jack added, stuffing about two, whole pancakes into his mouth.

“Honestly Jack, can we at least eat with some manners.” Rarity whined.

“Oh Shaddup, you purple loon.” Jack replied. Rarity growled at him.

“Thanks guys, Sarah helped me bake them. Although she was acting weird.”

“Acting weird?” I echoed.

“Yeah, she kept covering her cheek with her hand and never took it off. I asked her why and she said it was nothing.” Pinkie explained. Hmm… odd. “Well that does sound strange.” Nicole said.

“Yeah.” Kaede said. And speaking of Sarah, she walked into the room…. Wearing a mask on her face? The mask covered almost all of her face except her eyes, nose and mouth. “Hey guys.” she greeted happily. She sat down to eat her pancakes while the rest of us just looked at each other confused. “Umm.. Sarah?” I called.

She looked at me, “Yes?”

“Umm… you wanna explain the mask, newbie?” Jack asked.

“Umm… not thanks.” Sarah replied nervously.

Jack and Mason narrowed their eyes at Sarah. Just then, Gizmo came up and yanked the mask off of Sarah’s face. “Hey!” she cried. We all gasped. Sarah’s face was covered in these red, diamond shaped… umm…. I wanna say pimples but I don’t think they were pimples. Sarah gasped and immediately dashed out of the dining room.

“... Well that was strange.” Pinkie stated. We all gave her deadpanned looks.

We all went to Sarah’s room and saw her in her bed, completely covered up. “Sarah?” I called.

“Go away.” Sarah said sadly.

“We just wanna talk, sugarcube.” Applejack said.

“Leave me alone, I’m hideous.” Sarah said.

Carrie walked over to her bed and gently shook Sarah, “Sarah, come on out, please.”

Sarah sighed and reluctantly pushed the covers back, revealing her red… stone covered face. “Sarah, what happened?” I asked.

“Yesterday, I saw a red mark appear on my cheek. I thought it would go away but when I woke up this morning, they were all over my face and my body.” she stated, pointing to her face. “I didn’t want to tell or even show you guys, cause I didn’t want to see how you’d react.”

“Do you know what’s going on?” Kaede asked.

“No and that’s the scary part, not even my dad knows what’s going on.” Sarah replied.

“Well, maybe the Princess knows what’s going on with you.” I suggested.

Sarah sighed, “Maybe.”

“Spike, take a letter.” Twilight said. Spike took out some paper and a pen.

Dear Princess Celestia,

My friend Sarah has developed strange red markings on her face and body. She doesn't know what they are or what’s going on with her body. If you have any idea about what’s going on with Sarah, write back.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

“Done.” Spike said and he sent the letter via fire. Sarah prepared to cover herself back up again, “Sarah, wait. Maybe some fresh air will help.” Jamie suggested.

“What?! I can’t go outside looking like this. It’s too embarrassing!” Sarah said.

“Oh darling, everypony gets a blemish now and again.” Rarity reassured.

“Yeah, I don’t think those are just blemishes, Rarity.” Mason said. Sarah groaned. “Oh come on, newbie. Stop being a wimp and let’s go.” Jack grunted.

Sarah sighed. “..... Fine.” She climbed out of be, grabbed her cloak and put it on. Suddenly, Celestia and Luna appeared in the room. “Princesses.” Twilight said. Everyone bowed to the Princesses. “Good morning everypony, we came as soon as we got your letter, Twilight. Sarah, can you step forth.”

Sarah gulped nervously and came forth. “Can you remove your cloak hood?” Luna asked. Sarah put her hood down and the Princesses examined the markings. “Hmmm… interesting. I’ve never seen this before.” Celestia said.

“Me either.” Luna added.

Sarah groaned and put her hood back up. “Don’t worry, Sarah. Me and my sister will look into this and see if there’s anything that matches your symptoms.”

“Thank you Prin-” Sarah began to gag and she unleashed a large fire burp, unlucky the Princesses dodged it. “Holy crap!” Ren cried.

“Sorry.” Sarah said but we couldn’t hear her.

“What?” I asked.

“I said I’m sorry.”

“Repeat that Sarah.”

“I said I’m sorry!” Ow, that hurt my eardrums! Sarah covered her mouth.

“What the hell just happened?” Jack exclaimed.

“I have no idea. That never happened to me before.” Sarah replied before unleashing another large stream of fire. Sarah groaned again. “We better find out what’s going on with her, fast!” Jamie said.

“I know what’s going on with her.” a new voice said and we turned to see another dragon. She was taller than Spike and she was blue with dark blue scales. “Ember, what are you doing here?” Spike asked.

“I was just coming to visit but I saw your friend here going through the Molt.” Ember said.

“Molt? What’s that?” Jamie asked. Ember came up to Sarah. “The Molt; super painful, stone scales fire burps, uncontrollable volume shifts, it’s all part of growing up dragon, congrats.” Ember smacked Sarah on her back. “OW!”

“Oh, sorry.” Ember apologized.

"So Sarah's growing up? In dragon terms?" Kaede asked.

"Yes, the Molt is completely normal. Every dragon goes through it. I haven't even told you about the smell." Ember said.

"Smell?" Sarah asked, she sniffed herself and gagged.

Ember chuckled, "Yeah."

Sarah groaned again and hid underneath her covers. "Sarah, come on, it's not that bad." I reassured.

"Yeah, right. No one's gonna want to be around me with the Molt." Sarah groaned.

"That's not true newbie." Jack stated.

"Then why are you all five feet away from my bed?" Sarah deadpanned. I looked and saw that Jack and the others were far from her bed. "We're... uh... " Kaede stammered.

"Keeping away from your smell." Rantaro deadpanned, making Sarah sink back into her covers in embarrassment. "Rantaro!" Mason scolded.

"What it's the truth, she stinks." Rantaro said.

Sarah groaned, "It's official, no one wants to be around me."

"I wouldn't be so sure." Ember said.

"Why not?" Ren asked.

"That Molt smell is a magnet for big predators, Tazleworms, Hydras, Rocs." Ember explained.

"Rocs?" Jamie asked.

"R-o-c-s. Rocs, humongous birds of prey that can snack on a molting dragon like candy." Ember added.

"Great." Sarah groaned. "So the only creatures who want to be around me want to eat me."

Twilight and the girls looked at each other in worry, "It won't be that bad, Sarah." Twilight said.

"Yes it will. Not even you guys want to be around me. I'll just stay here until the Molt goes away." Sarah said in a monotone voice.

"Sarah-" I started.

"No Ren, it's... sigh... it's for the best." Sarah just turned her back towards me. Oh Sarah.

"I think it's best if you leave her alone for a while." Ember advised. "She needs some time to herself."

We all looked at Sarah with sympathy.. well except for Nicole and Rantaro, they just had blank looks. Either way we left the room, giving Sarah some time alone. We were all walking through Ponyville, thinking about Sarah.

"Poor darling." Rarity said. "Having to go through those ghastly symptoms."

"Yeah, it's almost like puberty." Kaede said.

"What's puberty?" Kodi asked, innocently.

"Something you'll learn when you're older." Mason stated. Kodi just blinked.

"Will Sarah be okay, big brother?" Carrie asked.

"I'm sure she will be, Carrie." Mason reassured.

"Still, I wish there was something we could do to cheer her up." Spike agreed.

"Oh, I know! A Party!" Pinkie cheered.

"Uh.. I don't think she wants a party right now, Pinkie." Twilight stated.

"Yeah, for now, we should just give her some space." Applejack said.

Just then, I felt something tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw a figure, wearing a baggy brown coat, covering most of it's body and it was wearing a large hat and sun glasses. "Um... can I help you?" I asked curiously.

"Who are you?" Mason questioned. The figure didn't reply but instead took off the hat and sunglasses, revealing, "Sarah!?"

"H-Hi." she replied shyly.

"Darling, what are you doing here?" Rarity asked. "You were just in bed when we left."

"I had some time to think and decided it should at least try to be outgoing... a little." Sarah explained in a rather loud voice. Voice shift. "Oh.. sorry."

"So what's with the large coat, hat and sunglasses?" Rantaro asked.

"It's too keep anyone from seeing my symptoms." she said again. Her stomach gurgled and she let out a large fire burp that bruned the ground in front of her. ".... well most of my symptoms."

Suddenly we all heard ponies screaming and running into their homes. "What the hell's going on now?" Jack asked.

"Large bird!"

"Don't let it catch you!"

"Large bird?" I asked, looking into the sky. In the sky was a very large eagle like bird.

"Well is that thing?!" Kaede cried.

"It's a Roc. RUN!" Ember cried. The Roc squawked and dove right towards us, aiming for Sarah with it's feet opened up. "Sarah, watch it!" Me and Jack pushed her out of the way, allowing the Roc to snatch us instead. "WOAH! GAH!"

"Ren! Jack!" Sarah cried.

POV Ends

Not good. Not good. Not good. A Roc just came and snatched Ren and Jack in it's talons! "Oh man, what now?" Rainbow asked.

I tried to blast the Roc with my magic, but my horn wasn't glowing for some reason. "Something's wrong with my magic."

"What's wrong?" Mason asked.

"I think the Molt is not allowing me to use my magic at all." I exclaimed worried.

"Then how are we gonna save them?" Jamie asked.

"Uh Duh." Rainbow said, referring to her wings.

"But Rainbow, you don't have anything to blast the Roc with and I doubt very seriously pony hooves will do the trick." Kaede said.

"I know!" I exclaimed. I whistled and Moonshine, Winter and Storm instantly came with Silverspike and the other dragons.

"Alright gang, Ren and Jack are captured by a Roc and we have to save them." I addressed.

The dragons nodded and Kaede, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie and Mason mounted their respective dragons. "Let's go!" and the dragons flew into the sky along with Rainbow Dash after the Roc. We saw one foot closed. "That's the one with Ren and Jack inside, blast it!" Rainbow cried. Silverspike blasted the talon with it's blue flame. The Roc cried in pain and opened it's talon forcing Ren and Jack to hang on to the talons. "Oh Dammit!"

"Crap baskets!"

"Hang on boys!" Kaede cried. "We're coming!"

Silverspike and Moonshine flew ahead of everyone and flew right beside their riders. "Moonshine. Silverpsike." The dragons warbled and grabbed their riders by the back of their shirts and flew off. "Awesome!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Watch out! It's coming back!" I cried seeing the Roc diving for us once more.

We all scattered and the Roc chased after me and Winter. Oh no! Not now! GAH! Gotta scratch! Itchy! Itchy! Itchy! I suddenly started scratching my self furiously caused of the stone scales. Stupid.. scales... Gah! The Roc rammed Winter, sending me off of her back and I started to fall to the ground. I spread my wings, but when I tried to flap them, they turned floppy. Anyway, the Roc came right at me with an open talon. "Yah!" Suddenly, Winter swopped in and grabbed me in her claws. "Winter!"

The Light Fury launched a plasma blast and she flew into it, cloaking herself and I. We reappeared in the forest and we saw the Roc fly away. "Phew, that was close." I said, scratching myself again.

"Sarah, Winter!" We saw Ren and the others coming towards us. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah... we're good... ugh..." I replied, still scratching myself.

"Let's get you back to your castle sugarcube." Applejack suggested.

"Okay." I agreed.

Soon, we were all back at my castle and I was still scratching. "Honey, I know you want to try and be outgoing, but with your Molt going on, you have to stay inside." My dad reluctantly told me. I sighed, "Alright."

"Oh buck up, sugarcube, this Molt will go away before you know it." Applejack reassured.

"I hope you're right." I sighed.

The Next Day

Ren's POV

A day had passed since Sarah began her Molt process. We all hoped that it would go away soon, so she wouldn't be cooped up in her castle for a while. Sarah walked into the home-ship. "Hey guys."

"Hey Sarah." I greeted back.... wait a minute! "Sarah, you don't have the stone scales anymore!"

The others looked and saw that I was right. Sarahs' face was free of the stone scales. "You're right. No more fire burps?" Kaede asked.

"Nope. No more." Sarah squealed happily. "The Molt ended sooner than I expected."

"Glad to here it, newbie." Jack said.

"Eh, I wanted you to keep that." Rantaro said.

"Rantaro!" Kaede scolded.


Anyway, I was glad to hear it too. No more fire burps, smell or endless scratching for my friend. Guess it all ended well for us.


"Mason! GET YOUR NIGHTMARE!" Sarah's father called, followed by Firestorm's roar and a girlish scream. "Oh boy, Big D. made him mad again." I groaned.

"I'll get 'em." Sarah sighed. "Firestorm, no roasting my dad." She walked towards the source of the sound while the rest of us, shook our heads. Oh Big D.

Episode 32: My new friend's a Vampony?!

View Online

One night, outside of Ponyville, three ponies in dark cloaks appeared on the horizon. "Is this the place?" one asked in a feminine voice.

"No, Rose. This is the right place. This will be our new feeding ground." the second cloaked pony stated.

"Guys, are you sure we should do this?" the third cloaked pony asked in a soft voice.

"Yes, Scarlet. If you want to be one of us, you're going through with this." the leader of the cloaked ponies said. "Soon, this whole town will be all ours, hehehe." The three cloaked ponies then vanished into thin air.

I was just waking up in large bed with Riolu, Rockruff, Mareep, Dratini and my three dragon friends by my side. "Morning, you guys." I greeted. My dragon warbled and nuzzled me and my pokemon, except for Dratini, replied with, "Good morning, Mama."


"Sarah! Sarah, we need you!" a voice called in desperation.

"Ren?" I hopped out of bed, put on my clothes and then teleported to the throne room, where I found Ren, Jamie, Jack, Kaede, Rantaro, Nicole, Kaede, Mason and Carrie, all looking a bit shaken. "What happened?" I asked.

"It's Twilight and Fluttershy, they're hurt." Carrie cried.


"Follow us." Ren and the other dashed out the door followed by me, the dragons and my pokemon. We all rushed to the home-ship where we found Twilight and Fluttershy on the couch. They both looked paler than usual. "Ow, ow, ow, ow!" Twilight groaned.

"Easy Twi." Applejack said. She looked up and saw us. "Sarah, you gotta help them please."

"Okay, first what happened?" I asked incredulous.

"We were all walking back to the home ship last night... "Ren explained


Ren's POV

"I can't wait to turn in for the night." I yawned.

"Me too." Jack agreed.


Fluttershy froze in her tracks. "What was that?"

Ren and the others looked around and saw nothing there. "It's probably nothing, Flutters." I reassured.

We all continued walking to the home-ship when we heard the rustle again and this time it was followed by two screams. "Girls?!" I cried.

We turned around and saw two cloaked ponies biting Twilight and Fluttershy on their right front legs. "Hey! Get off of Flutters!" I snarled. The two ponies hissed and let go of the girls then they vanished into the dark. "Are you girls okay?" Jamie asked. They both had small puncture, tooth wounds on their legs. "W-we're alright." Twilight stammered.

"Come on, let's get moving before they come back." I suggested.

Everyone nodded and we all quickly walked to the home-ship

POV Ends

Flashback Ends

"Then the next morning, they were both like this." Ren finished.

I walked over to them and lit my horn. I placed it near the wounds but the wounds sparked and shocked me. "OW!"


"I'm alright, but the wounds seem to have some kind of magic shield around them. My magic can't penetrate it to heal them."

"Oh great." Rainbow said. "Now what?"

"Um... maybe I can help." a soft voice came. Everyone turned and saw another clocked pony in the room. Jack and Ren stood in front of everyone to protect them. "What are you doing here, you vampire." Jack snarled.

"I.. I'm sorry." the cloaked pony bowed her head, surprising us. "Sorry, for what?" Kaede asked.

"For what my friends did to your two friends." the clocked pony said. She let down her hood, revealing that she was a unicorn with a blood red, mane and her fur was rosa pink.

"I-I can heal your friends, If you would let me." The pony acted a lot like Fluttershy. "My name is Scarlet."

"Not a chance, after what you and your friends did-" Jack snarled.

"I didn't want to be a apart of the attack." Scarlet cut off. "I'm not like my friends. I don't want to drink blood from ponies, but my other friends said if I do then I'll be a real vampony."

"Real Vampony?" Jamie asked. "What's tha-?"

"Ask questions later, right now we have two sick friends that need healing." Applejack pointed out.

Scarlet walked over to the two ponies and lit her horn. A red aura appeared and she touched the puncture wounds with her horn and they disappeared and Fluttershy and Twilight returned to their normal color. "Ugh..." Twilight said as Scarlet backed away.

Scarlet rubbed her other leg, nervously. "I'm sorry about my friends."

We could see that she was really sorry about the incident. I walked over to her and she squealed in fear, "No, no, it's alright." I cooed. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Y-You're not?"

"No. Actually, I want to be friends."


"Really?" The others asked.

"Yes, really." I replied. Scarlet looked at me, surprised and she smiled. She raised her hoof and placed it in my hand, "Thank you." she said.

"Sooo... the vampony who bit our friends is now our friend? .... Seriously?" Rainbow deadpanned.

"Yeah, I agree with Skittles. Bad move." Jack said.

"Oh come on you two, she's nice and sweet." Pinkie chirped. Rainbow and Jack still weren't convince. Before anyone could add anything, screams were heard from outside. "What the-?" I exclaimed.

"That came from Ponyville!" Applejack said.

"Oh no." Scarlet said in despair. "My friends!" Scarlet rushed out side and we all followed right behind her. We all entered Ponyville to see two more vamponies attacking ponies. One was two inches higher than Scarlet. He was as black as night with a neon red mane and tail with no cutie mark and bat like wings. The other was shorter and was neon blue and she also had a red mane and tail. They were both biting ponies and sucking their blood, making them pale like Twilight and Fluttershy were before. "Rose, Jose, stop it!" Scarlet cried.

"Why? You should be joining in on the fun, Scarlet." the female vampony named Rose said and she hissed at us.

"Alright, time to end these creeps." Rainbow said, ready to fight.

"Wait!" Scarlet cried. "I can handle them."

"But Scarlet." I stammered, but Scarlet just trotted over to her friends. Rose and Jose hissed at her but Scarlet stared intensely at the two and they suddenly shook in fear. "Now you two are not going to harm anypony else in this nice town and you are not gonna force me to hurt ponies just so I can become something I want, understand?" Scarlet growled. Rose and Jose nodded rapidly and Scarlet stopped her intense stare.

"Woah... that brats' got guts." Jack gasped. We all agreed with that statement.

We brought the three vamponies to my Sarah's Castle where Rose and Jose were sitting on the ground with their heads down and their ears back in shame. "So where did you three come from?" I asked.

"We come from outside of this country. We were sent to blend in with society and secretly infect others." Rose explained.

"Infect others!" Jamie cried.

Scarlet nodded, "I'm the newest fleshling and I didn't want to bite other ponies just so I could be a vampire pony. So I.... drink the blood of animals instead.&