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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 76: Legion of Doom

In Tartarus, sitting in their cages was Queen Chrysalis, Tirek, Starlight Glimmer and Claw and the changeling army. They were beaten by Sarah Gem single handedly. "That hybrid human is going to pay dearly for this." Chyrsalis growled.

"And how are we gonna get our revenge, my Queen?" Claw asked.

Suddenly a cluster of shadows came out of nowhere and teleported the villains deep in a forest. "Hey, how'd we get here?" Claw growled.

"I brought you here." a figure said. The shadows came together and appeared Void. "Who are you suppose to be?" Tirek asked.

"You may call me Void and I hear you want revenge on a certain human hybrid." Void stated.

"You bet we do." Starlight said. Void chuckled, "Good cause I can give you the revenge you want.."

The villains looked at each other and smirked, liking what Void was giving to them.

Meanwhile, I was in my castle with Shimmer Glow and my mom. "How are you doing mom?" I asked.

My mom was sitting in my throne near the Cutie Map. "Hehe, I'm alright dear. Stop worrying so much."

"Sorry, I just want to make sure you're fully healed." I said with concern. My mom got out of my throne and nuzzled against me, "I know honey, but I assure you I'm fully healed."

I sighed, "Okay Mom."

Shimmer Glow came bouncing over, "Mommy, Grandmom what are you talking about?" she asked with her innocent face.

"Your mother was just worried about your Grandmother, but I'm just fine." My mom replied.

"Oh and what do we have here?" a familiar voice said. And Discord appeared on the Cutie Map. "Oh, hi Discord, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Oh just checking on my dear friend and her little family, that's all." Discord said, stroking his beard. "And I see everything is in order here. Oh I almost forgot, Celestia wanted me to give you this." Discord handed me a note and it read...

Sarah Gem,

We need you. My sister and I have been captured by the villains of Equestria. You must gather your friends and rescue us.

Princess Celestia

I gasped in shock. "Oh no, how'd the villains escape again from Taratrus? Wait... Void."

"Oh my." My mom gasped.

"I've gotta gather the girls and my friends." I spread my wings and immediately flew to the home ship to gather Ren and my friends but when I entered I found the living/dining area ransacked. The dining room table was flipped over as well as the couch and there were scorch marks on the ground. There were dents in the walls. All of these pointed to a sign of a struggle. "Oh no." I rushed out the door adn went to each of the girls housing praying they were okay, but I found their houses ransacked as well. "No, no, no, no, no." I whispered in great worry.

I went back to the castle. "Did you find them?" My mom asked.

"No, all of their places were ransacked. I think they were captured too." I said.

"And you are correct!" and Void appeared in a his shadows. I growled at him while Shimmer hid behind my mom who readied her magic. "Where are my friends, Void? What have you and the villains done with them?" I demanded.

"Oh they're fine... for now. They're safety tied up in the Dragon Lands volcano." Void made a cloud of smoke appear in his hands it showed an image of my friends tied up in a cage that was hanging over the lava crater. "Guys!" I cried. Void made the clouds vanished. "Think you can save them, Sarah Gem?" Void smirked.

I growled at Void. "I will save them Void."

Vid chuckled, "Hard to do that without your items." Void showed my Element of Faith, Scepter of Harmony, Dino Bracer and Gadget in his grasp. I gasped in horror. "And I think I'll take this too." He raised his hand and I felt my magic disappearing from my body. "Honey!" My mom cried.

"Mommy!" Shimmer cried.

When the last of my magic was gone, I collapsed on the ground. I heard Voids' laughter, "Let's see how successful you are when you're all alone." I could barely see it but Void snapped his fingers and my mom and Shimmer disappeared. "N-No." I whispered. Void laughed, "You're hopeless now, Princess as is all of Equestria! The Legion of Doom shall finally succeed, thanks to me. Now I bid you farewell." With that, Void disappeared in his shadows while I staggered to my feet, holding on to the Cutie Map to stabilize myself.

"W-What am I gonna do?" I whispered.

Then a purple glow came beside me and appeared Astral Twilight. "Tree of Harmony!"

"Do not lose hope, my student." Astral Twilight said. "You've fought without your magic before."

"Y-Yes but I'm against every villain I ever faced. I don't have my friends, magic or my items. How can I defend Equestria now?" I asked.

Astral Twilight came to my side along with Discord, "You can still defend Equestria, my student. Just don't lose sight of the most powerful magic of all.. the Magic of Friendship." Astral Twilight said.

Suddenly, the Cutie Map glowed and several symbols appeared outside of Equestria. One symbol was a kirin, the second was a hippogriff and the thrid was dragon and the last was a changeling.

"A Dragon, Kirin, Hippogriff and a changeling? Hmm... didn't you make friends with one of those species?" Discord asked.

I thought for a moment and gasped. "Blossom, Autumn Blaze, Skystar, Novo and Pyrite!" Just as I said their names, they appeared in my throne room. "Woah.. how'd we get here? Sarah Gem?" Novo asked.

"Blossom, Autumn Blaze, Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, Pyrite." I hugged the four creatures.

"Sarah, what are we doing here?" Skystar asked. "Not that I'm complaining cause this place looks so beautiful."

"It's the villains of Equestria. They've captured my friends and family and are holding them in the Dragon Lands." Everyone gasped.

"Void took my Element, Scepter, Dino Bracer, Gadget and my magic so I need you're help more than ever to save my friends and all of Equestria." I explained.

"Well you can count us in." Pyrite stated with confidence.

"Indeed, after what you did for us. We'll be gladly to assist you." Novo said with a bow.

I smile gratefully at the gang. "Thank you everyone. This shall be the last battle with the villains of Equestria ever!"

Here you are alone, without your magic
Your friends have all been caught
And it's up to you
You have a cause to serve It's time to serve
Or did you see yourself in a way that wasn't true?

This is not your father's fairytale
And no, it's not your mother's time to fall
So when your story comes to light
Make sure the story that they write

Goes once upon a time a girl tried harder
Once upon a time she tried again
Once upon a braver choice
She took a risk
She used her voice
And that will be my once upon a time
This time

Why see all this pain?
You feel unworthy
Like there isn't solid ground for you to stand
To turn to despair is not a firm foundation
You cannot build a castle on a mountain made of sand

This is not your mother's time to shine
And no, it's not your father's hair on fire
Turns out it's you who's not awake
So if there's change you wanna make

Take once upon a time she fought a dragon
Once upon a time that beast was me
Once upon a misspent youth
She faced herself
She spoke the truth
That's how I see my once upon a time
This time

I reflected on all the battles I have fought in, the lives I changed and the destiny I had to fulfiul in the future and the role in Equestria I now had to live up to.

Life is not a storybook but life unfolds in chapters
Turn the page and start to make amends
There's no pre-written guarantee of "Happily ever after"
Step into your greatness its for your destiny
So for your destiny

They'll say once upon a time a girl flew higher
Once upon a time she found her past
Once upon a tie that binds
She changed their lives
To change their minds
That's got to be my once upon a time

This once upon a time
I'll finally see my once upon a time
This time

Novo and Skystar smiled proudly at me while Pyrite, Autumn Blaze and Discord smiled confidently. "Alright everyone... to the Dragon Lands!" I whistled and Winter flew into the room. Autumn Blaze and I mounted her while Novo, Pyrite and Skystar took to the air while Discord instantly teleported himself there.

We soon arrived above the crater and saw my captured friends and family in the cage including the Princesses and Shining Armor and Cadence. "Ready everyone?" I asked everyone. They all nodded and we all leaped into the crater and landed on the rocks. "Sarah!" Ren cried with joy.

"General Gem!" Skye added.

"Oh looks it Novo, Skystar, Autumn Blaze, Discord and Pyrite!" Pinkie cheered.

"I see you've come, Princess." Chrysalis hissed. "But today you shall fall because you're defenseless without your friends by your side or your magic and items."

"As Princess, I'm not going to let you take this kingdom without a fight!" I growled.

"Oh is that so. I'm sure you wouldn't want to fight... your boyfriend." Chrysalis hissed. I gasped in horror as Aura slowly appeared out of the shadows. "Newbie careful, she brainwashed him!" Jack called to me. Aura looked very dazed with his green eyes. Chrysalis laughed, "I knew you wouldn't fight the one you love and nothing can break my spell."

"My love broke your spell the last time, Chrysalis." Cadence growled.

"Be quiet!" Chrysalis growled. She blasted the cage, making it rock and my friends grunted in fear. "Love... True love... True Love's... kiss... I know what I have to do.

"No you're wrong Chrysalis. I will break your spell over my boyfriend!" I hissed back.

Chrysalis laughed. "I'd like to see you try." I smirked and music started playing in the background.

(Similar to this)

Don't freak out, it's okay
'Cause  true love can save the day
And  I think we feel the same
But I don't know
When we met, it was sweet
He  was oh so into me
Seems  like things are meant to be
But I don't know

Does  he love me? Or does he love me not?
Do I love him? And is it strong enough?

One kiss, one kiss
It all comes down to this
One  kiss, one kiss
Oh, oh, oh, oh
One kiss, one kiss
This moment could be it
I, I, I wanna know
So here I go (go)

Keep it cool, keep it calm
Think he's loved me all along
But maybe I got it wrong
So I don't know (hey)
He's so good, got my back
But maybe I'm just too bad
Could we be a perfect match?
Now, I don't know[

Does he love me? Or does he love me not?
Do I love him? And is it strong enough?

One kiss, one kiss
It all comes down to this
One kiss, one kiss
Oh, oh, oh, oh
One kiss, one kiss
This moment could be it
I, I, I wanna know
So here I go (go)
Yeah, here I go

I feel my heartbeat beating saying "It's gonna work"
But if I'm dream-dream-dreaming, this is gonna hurt
Either I will or I won't
What if I do and he don't?
Is he my Romeo?
Oh, there's only one, one way to really know

One kiss, one kiss
It all comes down to this
One kiss, one kiss
Oh, oh, oh, oh
One kiss, one kiss
This moment could be it
I, I, I wanna know
So here I go (go)

Here I go
Here I go
Here I go

I leaned into Aura Moon and kissed him on the lips. Instantly he glowed bright pink and the brainwashing... wore off and his eyes returned to normal. "What? Where am I? Sarah?" Aura said, confused.

"Aura." I hugged my boyfriend, gratefully and he hugged me back.

Chrysalis and the villains were shocked and Chrysalis growled. "No matter, you won't save your friends." Pyrite stepped forth then, "Enough Mom, give me back my friends!" she demanded.

"Why should I listen to the daughter who betrayed her own mother?!" Chrysalis growled.

"I did what I had to do!" Pyrite growled. "But you did not have to do this."

Chrysalis scoffed, "Oh yeah...?" More music started playing in ht background and my changeling friend and her mother started singing.

Listen, little girl
You’re talking to a Queen
And I don't wanna hear your nonsense
Kindness ain't my brand

Oh, I guess that's why you ran

Try being just a single mama!

You stink at being a mom

Poor Pyrite, are you sad?

Not as sad as you without your powers
I did come here to fight
Now give me back my pals

I steal love, were you expecting flowers?

I only came here 'cause I'm here for my buddies

I've given you everything, by giving you nothing

I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh)

No, you only did what's best for you

Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do, yeah

You were never there
Guess you don't have a phone
You never called to say "I miss you"

Ha ha ha, are you kidding? Is this a joke?
You need to let it go
You're weaker with those friendship issues

Oh! Thank you!

Show me some respect
It ain't easy to neglect
My attention would've made you softer

Ooh-hoo! Should I be proud?
Don't turn this thing around

I guess you are your mothers' daughter, ha, ha, ha

Don't think I need you, I just came here for my pals

I'm given you everything, by giving you nothing

I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
I made it on my own, no thanks to you

Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do

How 'bout I go with you and we'll spend some time?

How 'bout you stay here 'cause you're out of your mind!

Let's make new memories, you can show me the town

No, you can keep your memories now

Get over it

I am over it!

I'm over you being over it!

Let's dance


I did what I had to do (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
No, you only did what's best for you
Well, you could learn a thing or two (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
When push comes to shove, you do-
When push comes to shove, you do-
When push comes to shove
You do what you gotta do

Void growled in annoyance. "Enough off this nonsense!" he growled. He blasted the rope holding up the cage allowing it to fall into the lava. "NOOO!" Without thinking I leaped off of the rocks and dove towards the cage and high speed. I grabbed the cage and flapped my wings as hard as I could pulling the cage up and I brought it to the side where Novo and Skystar approached it. "Everyone alright?" Novo asked.

"Yes. We're fine." Celestia said.

I turned my hand into a jaguar paw and revealed the claws, slashing the bars and breaking the cage. With my friends safe I came to the front of everyone. "Time to put all of you in your place." I growled.

"Changelings, kill the Princess!" Claw ordered. The changelings hissed and charged me. I turned into a lion and slashed and clawed the bugs in my path. "Everyone attack!" Celestia called and my friends entered the battle. Twilight, Rarity and the Princesses blasted the changelings while Shining shielded Carrie from the attacks. The boys punched all the changelings that came their way while Ren blasted them with her Hacking Gun. I broke through the changeling army and approached the main villains.

"Let's see if you have what it takes to take us all on, Princess." Claw growled. Starlight readied her magic while Tirek readied his dark powers but I had a trick for them. I unleashed the Roar of Harmony, catching them all be surprise and sent them flying into a wall.

Void suddenly tackled me but I shoved him off. "This will be the last time you interfere with me!" he yelled in anger.

I didn't say anything and we charged each other. He punched me with his dark magic, sending me flying and crashing to the ground but I got up once more and charged him as a male lion. I tackled him and bit him in the shoulder. "I'll never surrender my kingdom!" I declared. He shoved me off. "Oh you will when I do this." he charged up his dark magic in his hands.

"Sarah!" I turned and saw Ren with a jar that contained my magic. He smashed it and my magic returned to me. I flared up my hand with my magic and me and Void charged each other yelling like warriors. We leaped into the air and... slashed each other in the face, creating a large explosion that sent everyone flying!

Ren's POV

The changelings were knocked unconscious from the attack while the rest of us were able to get up. We saw Chyrsalis, Starlight Glimmer, Tirek and Claw... turned to stone statues!

"Holy crap baskets... did Sarah turn them to stone?!" I exclaimed. As soon as I said that, "SARAH!" I cried. We raced over and saw her looking to be unconscious in a crater. "Newbie!" Jack slid down the crater followed by the rest of us. Her mother cradled her daughter. "Sarah.. honey.. wake up, please." she pleaded.

"Mommy?" Shimmer called.

We examined her and gasped in horror at her only injuries.... a scar over her right eyes.... and... her missing horn!

"S-She lost her horn... just like Tempest." Twilight gasped in horror.

"Dammit." Jack gasped. The scar over her right eye had three lines going diagonally, evidence of claw marks. Suddenly... Sarah twitched! "Ughhh.." Sarah opened her eyes and saw her mother and her daughter. "Mom... Shimmer... everyone?"

"Sarah, my daughter, you're alright." My mom said with tears in her eyes as she hugged Sarah, relived she was alive.

"D-Did I win?" Sarah asked.

"You sure did newbie." Jack said.

Sarah giggled. Suddenly we heard some groaning and turned to a pile of rock and dust to see Void coming out of it. We all gasped in horror as he growled at us. Snowflake came in front of us and roared at him. "This... isn't... over... I shall be back." and he vanished from our sight.

"We must get Sarah medical attention. My sister and I shall clean up here." Celestia said.

"Right, Discord." My mom said. Discord saluted. "Say no more." and he teleported us to Ponyville Hospital where Sarah was immediately taken in.

Hours later, we were allowed to see her. She had a patch over her scarred eye and some bandages on her body. "how are you doing newbie?" Jack asked.

"I'll be alright... but..." Sarah looked heartbroken.

"But.. what?" Fluttershy asked.

"The doctor said that... now that I've lost my horn.... I'll never do magic again."

We all gasped in horror! Sarah.. never use her magic again. That can't be true. "Tell me this is a friggin joke, newbie!" Jack exclaimed. Sarah shook her head. "The doctor says there is no spell to restore my horn."

"Oh no.. I'm so sorry honey." Sarah's mother said as she hugged her heartbroken daughter. The rest of us were in a mixture of grief, sadness and a bit of anger. Sarah fought for all of us... all of Equestria and her horn was a sacrifice. I wish there was something anything we could do to bring her horn back.

Suddenly a purple glow appeared and Astral Twilight appeared in front of us. "Tree of Harmony, what are you doing here?" Twilight asked.

"I am here to restore what Sarah has lost." Astral Twilight stated.

"But.. there's no spell to restore her horn." Rainbow said.

"I didn't say I would be using a spell." Astral Twilight said. She approached Sarah and connected it's horn to her broken one. Sarah's broken horn glowed and amazingly it regrew to what it was before only this time it looked like it was made from crystal, sparkling and shimmering. "Woah... unbelievable." I gasped. The Tree also healed Sarah's injuries so she was fully healed. She climbed out of bed and stretched. Kaede took out her mirror and gave it to Sarah who gasped in joy at the sight of her horn now regrown. "Thank you." she said.

"Your welcome, but there is something you must know." Astral Twilight said looking serious.

"What is it?" Jack asked.

"The dark magic from Voids' attack is still inside Sarah. If the dark magic stays inside of her for too long she may no longer know whether to use her powers to bring hope or despair."

We all gasped. "Just like Void." Jamie said.

"Is there a way for her to get better?" Kaede asked.

"Yes, to get better, Sarah must seek out the Tree of Life. It is at the Tree of Life that Sarah will find the cure she needs." Astral Twilight said.

"Then that's what I need to do. I have to go to the Tree of Life." Sarah said.

"And we're going with you." Rainbow said.

"No not all of you. Equestria may still need protection while I'm gone. So I'll let Ren and the others come with me while you girls stay in Equestria and protect it." Sarah explained.

"We understand." Twilight said. "We won't let you down."

Sarah nodded. "As soon as you're better you shall prepare for your journey, darling."

"You can come too Mom, if you want." Sarah offered, surprising her mother.


"Of course, you are my mom after all."

"What about me mommy, I wanna come too." Shimmer said bouncing up and down. Sarah looked hesitant, "Umm... I'm not sure Shimmer, you're still a filly."

"But Mommy taught me different spells to protect me, hehehe."

"That is true... but.."

"Don't worry, newbie. I'll keep an eye out for the tiny brat." Jack said.

"You will?" Mason asked.

"Yes got a problem with that bodyguard?" Jack asked, raising his fists.

"Boys calm down." Sarah said. Mason and Jack looked at each other before turning away, huffing, "Fine."

We all looked at Sarah. "Looks like we have another adventure ahead of us."

Sarah nodded. "We sure do and we'll get through this... together." Music started playing in the background as we walked out of the hospital to see Autumn Blaze, Rain Shine, the kirins, the hippogriffs, changelings and Discord smiling at us.

It's time to bring together
Time for a brand new start
We gonna put it in mo-o-otion
Break down what keeps us apart

No more, no division we down
New team, got the vision, unite
So we stand, now we living marching

In the light, one two, one two like
I see you (You see me)
Imperfect (Perfectly)
Face to face we can see clearly our similarities

Like day and night, hope, despair
We come together for a good time

We're gonna break this down
We're gonna rock the town
Everyone all around
Let's be whoever like this
Stronger together like this

Believing in second chances

And we're all starting today

(Autumn Blaze)
Marching on in a new land

Our worlds a better, a better pace

Welcome, the addition new love

Unity, new beginning for us

(Aura Moon)
Harmony that's the mission marching

In the light, one two, one two like

(Jamie and Carrie)
I see you (You see me)
Imperfect (Perfectly)
Face to face we can see clearly our similarities

Like day and night, hope despair
We come together for a good time

We're gonna break this down
We're gonna rock the town
Everyone all around
Just be whoever like this
Stronger together like this
We reunited like this

Bringing it, bringing it, b-b-b-bringing it down
Bringing it, bringing it, b-b-b-bringing it down
Bringing it, bringing it, b-b-b-bringing it down
Bringing it, bringing it, b-b-b-bringing it down (Down!)


(Sarah and Kaede)
We're gonna break this down (Break this down)
We're gonna rock the town (Oh, we're gonna rock this town)
Everyone all around (Oh, around)
Just be whoever like this (Come on!)
Stronger together like this (Uh)
We be united like this

We're gonna break this down (Come on! We're gonna break this down)
We're gonna rock the town (Come on, everybody on the isle gonna like this)
Everyone all around (Oh, around)
Just be whoever like this
Stronger together like this (Stronger together like this)
We reunited like this (Hey!)

Bringing it, bringing it, b-b-bringing it down

Prepare for Season 4 where the quest for the Tree of Life begins!

Author's Note:

Season 3 finale! Be prepared.:pinkiehappy:

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