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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 15: Death Song Drama

Ren's POV

Me and all my friends were walking through Ponyville in the early morning. Sarah was still asleep when we left the home-ship. It was two days after the Mane 6 were accidentally turned into fillies. Sarah's dad still thought about that incident. "They were all pretty cute as fillies." he said.

"Cute!" Rainbow exclaimed. "I don't do cute!"

"Oh relax, Skittles." Jack scoffed.

Rainbow narrowed his eyes at him, "Easy for you to say, fatty!"

A tick mark then appeared on Jack's head. "What did you say?" he hissed.

"Both of you, stop it please." Fluttershy said, getting between the two. "No need to fight." Rainbow and Jack huffed and Jack growled, blushing a little. "Fine... only because you too soft for me to argue with."

"Thanks you." Fluttershy replied.

Suddenly, I noticed the ponies looking up at the sky.

"What's that?"

"There's more than one!"

"And they're coming this way!"

We all looked up and saw three very long and big dragons diving right for Ponyville! "What are those things?!" Spike exclaimed.

"They look like dragons." I replied. One of the dragons spit out this orange amber substance that struck Twilight and the girls, trapping them in it. The girls struggled get free, but it was invain. "This stuff is thick!" Rainbow said. Twilight tried to use her magic but she saw some of the amber was on her horn.

The other two dragons spit more amber, hitting the ponies and trapping them. Carrie hugged Mason in fear, "What are they doing, big brother?"

"I don't know, Carrie, but those things are dangerous." Mason replied.

"Lookout!" Kaede cried as the three dragons spit out amber at us, trapping us as well. "Ren, everyone!" Twilight cried. Jack tried to move but her couldn't. "What is this stuff?" he asked.

"I don't know." Jamie replied. The three dragons landed in Ponyville and roared loudly, before grabbed the trapped ponies and us and then flying away with us in their grasp. "Where are they taking us?" Kaede asked.

"We're about to find out." Nicole stated.

"Where's the newbie when you need her?" Jack growled. I wished Sarah was here with us too cause we could really use her right now.

POV Ends

It was early afternoon and I was flying over the forest on Winter with Moonshine and Storm by my side. Winter and Moonshine gave loud, proud roars as they dove in and out of the forest with me laughing every step of the way. "Haha! That's the way!" My dragons smiled when I heard a familiar voice, "Now what do we have here?" and there in front of me and Winter appeared Discord. "Hi Discord, what brings you here?"

"Oh just checking up on my favorite friend." Discord said.

I playfully rolled my eyes at Discord. Just then...

"Sarah!" a cry was heard. Me and Discord turned to see Pyrtie rocketing towards us. She paused in front of us with a freaked out expression. "Sarah, come quick, it's horrible!" she cried and zipped away.

I didn't reply. Instead I nodded at Winter and the dragons zipped after my changeling friend followed by Discord. We arrived in Ponyville to find it eerily quiet and having orange amber on the ground and buildings as well as some damaged buildings and footprints. "Oh dear." I gasped. My dragons looked just as shocked.

"Ren! Twilight! Anyone!" I called out but I was met with silence.

"Hmm, now this is peculiar." Discord said holding a piece of the substance. "Have you ever seen anything like this?"

Me and Pyrite came over and looked at it. "Hold on.." I took out my Book of Dragons. "I've heard of a dragon that makes this stuff."

"A dragon?!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"Yes." I flipped through the pages and located the dragon. The page showed a colorful, holographic image of a dragon that was 75 feet long. has a long, slender body. Its wings resemble that of a Thunderdrum. It has a tail that is very reminiscent of a Monstrous Nightmare. Its body resembles that of a Timberjack, as it is very thin. It had striking and bright colors of blue, yellow, and orange on both its wings and its tail. It has spikes that run along its back.

"Woah, what is that?" Pyrite asked.

"This is the Death Song. A Mystery Class dragon. These dragons lure in other dragons with their siren songs trapping them in it's amber. Even thought they are very beautiful, they are extremely dangerous." I explained. I looked at Ponyville, "And judging by this, I'd say multiple Death Songs were here." Discord and Pyrite looked at each other in worry as well as my dragons. "So what do we do?" Pyrite asked. "Is there any known weakness of the Death Song?"

"Unfortunately no, but the amber is weak to Monstrous Nightmare fire." I added.

"Ms. Sarah! Ms. Sarah!" a voice called.

We all turned and saw a royal guard coming towards us in a panic. The guard was a unicorn based on the horn showing through her helmet. She stopped in front of me and caught her breath. "Uh.. hi. Who are you?" I asked a little bewildered.

"My name is Crystal Gem and I have terrible news. The Princesses of Canterlot have gone missing!"

We all gasped in horror. "Oh no!" Pyrite exclaimed.

"All that was left was some amber." she said.

"The Death Songs." Discord said. "They must have captured the princess too!"

"Death Songs?" Crystal asked.

"They are very dangerous dragons that captured everypony in Ponyville and Ren, Twilight and all their friends." Pyrite summarized.

The guard winced, "Oh my. We have to find them quickly."

"But we don't know where the dragons took them too." Pyrite pointed out and we all heard a siren song in the distance. "What was that?" Pyrite asked.

"That was the Death Songs lure." I turned and saw Winter, Moonshine and Storm walking towards the sound in a daze. "Winter, Moonshine, Storm! No!" My cry pulled the three dragons out of the trance. "If we follow the sound we find everyone." I said.

"But that dragon can mind melt your dragons, how are you gonna counter that?" the guard asked. I pulled out three pairs of earpulls and put them into my dragons ears. "I can put these ear plugs into my dragons ears so the song doesn't affect them. Now come on, we've got a town to save!"

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered. And so we headed off following the Death Song's siren call. We followed the sound through the Everfree Forest seeing small amounts of amber along the ground. "It definitely took them this way." I said. We walked a few feet when the bushes near us started rustling. Moonshine and the other dragons growled and got into fighting positions as Crystal readied her horn, but what came out of the brush made me feel relived. "Firestorm! Silverpsike, Striker, Spark, Fire!"

It was my friends dragons. They warbled happily and nuzzled me in relief. "Oh thank goodness, you four weren't captured." I said and I looked at the four dragons. "Can you take us to Ren and the others?"

The four dragons nodded and ran up ahead with us following close behind. We all entered a large gorge that had trapped dragons and ponies all around. All trapped in the amber. The dragons were Nadders, Gronckles, Monstrous Nightmares and Zipplebacks alike. "Oh my god." Pyrite gasped. "The Death Song did this?"

"Yes." I said. "We have to find everyone. Fast!"

Firestorm called to us and we followed the four of them to one large rock which had, "Dad, Ren, Carrie, Mason, Kaede, Nicole, Rantaro, Jack, Jamie, Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity! Your majesties!" I cried out.

All my friends were trapped in separate amber prisons. Dad, Twilight and the girls were stuck on the ground while Celestia, Luna, Ren and the others were stuck on the rock wall. When they heard and saw me, their faces lit up. "Sarah! Thank god you're here!" Ren said.

Jack struggled to move in the amber, "We're stuck!"

"Get us out of this stuff!" Rainbow cried.

"And hurry!" Carrie whimpered.

"Yeah, before that whatever thing come back!" Applejack said.

"Right. Firestorm, Ready?" Mason's Monstrous Nightmare roared loudly, but before he could blast the amber. ROAR!

And there landing on the rocks above us was the Death Song or should I say Death Songs.

(Like this)

"There's three of them!" Pyrite screamed.

The Death Songs roared at us for messing with it's prey and they started spitting amber at us. I used my shield spell to protect me, Discord, Pyrite and Crystal along with my dragons, but the amber struck my friends' dragons. "Firestorm! Striker! Silverpsike! Spark! Fire!" Jack, Jamie, Mason, Nicole and Rantaro cried out.

I let down the shield. "Run!" I cried and we all booked it out of the gorge before the Death Songs could fire at us again.

We stopped a few yards from the gorge, catching out breath. "That.. was.. close." Pyrite panted.

"Yeah too close for my liking, thank you very much." Discord stated.

"Now what? Now Firestorm and the others are trapped and he was the only one who could free everyone." Crystal stated.

"Too bad, you can't mimic Firestorm's fire, Sarah." Pyrite said. That's when it hit me. "Pyrite, you're a genus! I have fire magic, so if I can produce fire with my magic then maybe I can produce the Monstrous Nightmare's fire to free everyone!" I exclaimed.

"Hate to be the wet blanket Sarah, but a single girl like yourselves will not be able to free Twilight, her friends, the Princesses and all those other ponies and dragons by yourself. You will need some help." Discord pointed out.

"Hmm..." I took out the Book of Dragons again and flipped through the pages. "What'cha got?" Crystal asked.

"There's a dragon in here that can mimic the fire of any other dragonnnn... Aha! Found it!" The book showed everyone another colorful, holographic image of a dragon. This one is a medium-sized, bipedal dinosaur-like dragon with small arms and two claws at the end of each limb. It has a short thick neck and a small head. Its upper jaw resembles a beak of a parrot, while the lower jaw is more round and full of small teeth. It has three spikes on its head, which are asymmetrically placed. The dragon has medium-sized wings, with a claw on each of them. It has only a few sharp spikes on its back, and it has a long tail that ends with a large fin.

"Woah, what's that dragon?" Pyrite asked.

"It's called the Dramillion. It's Mystery Class dragon like the Death Song. They can mimic the fire power of any other dragon and have a 40 shot limit way more than the Death Song which had an 8 shot limit. If we can befriend a pack of these dragon then-"

"We can have them mimic the Monstrous Nightmare fire to free you friends and the dragons!" Discord finished.

"Exactly!" I closed my book. "Let's go!" We rushed through the forest to look for the Dramillion pack. I scanned the ground for any sign of Dramilion footprints. I found some after a few yards. "I got some footrprints!" We followed them to a large clearing where we found a Dramillion. This one was dark blue with red spots and was larger than a normal Dramillion. "Woah... a Titan Wing Dramillion!" I gasped.

"Awesome!" Pyrtie added.

I carefully approached the dragon which looked to be feeding one some plants. It sensed me and turned, roaring at me. Winter immediately leaped forth along with Moonshine and Storm, roaring back at the Titan Wing. Suddenly more Dramillions showed up about eleven of them. Six of them were red and blue while the other five were yellow and purple.

My dragons growled at them. "Easy guys, easy." I soothed. My dragons calmed down but keep their guard up. I carefully approached the Titan Wing. "I'm not the enemy... I just need your help to rescue my pack from some dragons.... please... I need you and your packs help to save them." I reached out my hand and closed my eyes, turning my head away.

A moment passed until I felt his nose in my hand. I smiled greatly. "So you'll help?" I asked. The Titan Wing nodded.

"Alright!" I cheered. Pyrite, Discord and Crystal came up to us.

"Alright now all we need is a plan." I smiled with a hint of mischief.

Ren's POV

Me and the gang were still waiting for Sarah, Pyrite, Discord and the royal guard to come back. "Where is newbie, she better not have left!" Jack stated.

"My daughter would never leave us!" Big D stated.

"Y-Yeah, s-she's probably just making a plan to save us, hehehe." Jamie said nervously.

We heard the Death Songs roars again and we saw them land in front of us, growling one stared at us for a moment but then the three each grabbed a Gronckle and flew away. Jamie and Carrie screamed like banshees! "Where is Sarah!" Jamie and Carrie cried. Oh boy, they’re in panic mode now.

"Calm down nerd, it'll take them hours to eat those three Gronckles." he reassured, but was proven wrong when the three came back! "Or minutes! AHHH!" Jamie and Carrie said in unison. The Death Songs were now directly over us! "Umm.. hi sirs." I greeted nervously. The Death Songs roared at us.

"Hello~" a voice said. We all turned and saw Sarah walking towards us without anyone by her side. "Sarah, what are you doing?!" Twilight exclaimed. Sarah approached the three Death Songs. They all growled at her while we looked on in worry. The Death Songs looked at each other with a mischievous look in their eyes. "Oh no, don't even think about-" Sarah said but was cut off when one spit amber at my and I dodged with a groaned and she suddenly broke out into song.

It doesn't matter what tricks you play
Still gotta help you find your way
Come on down, let the hunting spree end
Maybe you and I can still be friends?

"What is she doing?" Mason asked. "Singing is not going to save us!"

"Think again, young Mason." Discord said and we saw him, Pyrite, the guard and some more dragons stalking towards us. "Discord, who are these things?" Kaede asked.

"Dramillions and they here to help break all of you out."

"How?" Carrie asked. Discord nodded at the Dramillions and they blasted the fire with Monstrous Nightmare fire, breaking it and setting us free. "It worked!" I said.

"Shhh!" Pyrite hissed. "Let's get the others and all these dragons." Pyrite whispered. We all nodded and we quietly walked off to free the other dragons while Sarah distracted the Death Songs with her... well... song.

Yes, I'm wondering why
Can't we just see
Eye to eye?

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

Being hunter okay for sure
What you're doing here is something more
Hunting my pony and human friends
Won't make you friends so easily!

Yes, I'm wondering why
Can't we just see
Eye to eye?

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

I know you rule
Act like you do
I might admit you're kinda cool!

Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You're always up to trouble
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
You make that trouble double
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
I wish we could go our separate ways
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!
Death So-oo-oo-ongs!

When the song was finished we managed to free everything in the amber. The wild dragons flew away and the civilians ran out of the gorge and right for Ponyville. The Death Songs turned and saw their prey missing but we were still there. They hissed at us and prepared to fire their amber at us. "Oh no!" I cried. The Death Songs spit out their amber but instead of hitting us, Sarah leaped into front of us, getting herself trapped in the amber. "Sarah, No!"

Sarah grunted, "Guys, get out of here now!"

"What! No way! we're not leaving you!" Rainbow said.

"You have to!" Sarah urged. The Death Songs roared again. "Sorry Sarah, but we're not leaving you here."

Sarah looked torn as she looked between her friends and the Death Songs. "Sorry guys, but I have to do this."

"Do what?" Mason asked.

Sarah lit her horn and engulfed us in her magic and in a small poof, we were back at the home-ship. "She teleported us back!" Twilight cried.

"Oh great." Jack grunted. "We have to go back there, Silverspike!"

"Jack, wait!" I stated. "Those Death Songs are very strong, we can't just fly in or we'll get trapped again." Winter, Moonshine and Storm warbled in worry about their rider. "Don't worry you three, we'll get her back." Fluttershy reassured.

"Ren's right. To save Sarah, we need a plan." Twilight said.

"But what can we do? Those things eat other dragons. I severely doubt they are afraid of anything." Rainbow Dash said.

"Actually, there is one thing Death Songs are afraid of." Jamie said, looking through the Book of Dragons.

"Really?" I asked incedelously. "What?"

Jamie picked up the book and showed us, "Of these."

We all winced looking at the page. "Well... if it saves Sarah, what have we got to lose?" Kaede said.

"Our lives." Rantaro deadpanned.

"No one asked you!" Jack exclaimed in anger.

POV Ends

After sending my friends back to the home-ship, the three Death Songs looked at me. "Hehe... hi." I said nervously. One of the Death Songs grabbed me in it's mouth and the three of them lifted into the air. "WOAH! YAHH!" I screamed.

I looked down and saw we were at least hundreds of feet in the air. I gulped nervously. "Not good." I whimpered. Suddenly, three dragons appeared in front of the Death Songs. These three were red with black and yellow stripes. They looked a lot like snakes with wings. I knew these dragons: Slitherwings.

The Death Songs were frightened and the one holding me in it's mouth dropped me and I fell like a rock. "AAAAHHHH!" Just then, I stopped falling and heard, "Got'cha!" I looked up and saw that I was in Silverpsikes' talons. "Jack!" Jack looked down and smiled.

That's when Ren and the others came up. Ren was riding Winter, My dad was riding Moonshine, Kaede was riding Storm while the others were on their respective dragons. "Don't worry Sarah we got you." Ren reassured. We looked and saw the Slitherwings driving the Death Songs away. I gave a sigh of relief. "Now come on, let's get you back home."

Ren and the others took me home where I saw my dad, Pyrite, Discord, Celestia, Luna and Crystal outside. Firestorm set me on the ground and blasted the cocoon, freeing me. "Sarah, are you alright?" Pyrite asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay." I said.

The other landed and Winter, Moonshine and Storm tackled me. "Hehe, I'm glad so see you three too." I stated. I got up and Luna asked, "What happened to the Death Songs?"

"We took care of them." Ren stated. "I don't think they'll be back."

"Great news. Thanks for saving us again Sarah. You too Pyrite, Discord and Crystal." Celestia said.

"Yeah, you saved out butts and all of Ponyville." Rainbow added.

I blushed a little. "Hehe, awww." Pinkie Pie started throwing confetti all over, "Yeah! PARTY TIME!"

We all rolled our eyes at the party pony, but we went with it. I think everyone deserved it after what they been through.

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