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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 81: Shadow Play

One day, I was sorting my books in my large royal library with the help of Jamie and Twilight. "What about this book about ancient magical creatures?" Jamie asked me.

"Place it under 'Animals'." I said.

"How about his book on ancient and deadly magical plants?" Twilight asked.

"Put it under 'Flora'." I added. I was sorting the History Section when I found a book with a blue cover with a swirl and two stars on it. It looked pretty old too.

"Huh? Never saw this book before?" I said to myself. Jamie and Twilight came over. "What is it?" I opened the book and I saw some entries that looked like it was a diary or journal. "Wonder who's book this is?" I said. Twilight looked at the cover and gasped. "Sarah, do you know what you just found?!" she asked with a great big smile on her face.

"Uh... no?" Wonder what had her so excited.

"You found Starswirl the Bearded's journal!" Twilight exclaimed. "Maybe now we can figure out what happened to them. Come on we gotta gather the others." and before I knew it she flew out of the library. Me and Jamie looked at each other. "Well... that was odd." Jamie said. "B-But if she says it's worth it than we should go." I agreed and we followed Twilight out of the library to gather the gang.

(Play until 1:21)

After I was finished reading it, the Princesses looked at me. We had gathered everyone including my mother as well. "I've always wondered what happened to Star Swirl. This is quite a discovery, Sarah." Celestia said with a smile. Twilight stepped forth, "So it's genuine? You can verify that this journal really belonged to Star Swirl the Bearded?!."

Luna levitated the book up to her, "Indeed. From the looks of it, the last thing he wrote before facing the Pony of Shadows."

"Hold it, Lulu. The Pony of Shadows was real?!" Ren exclaimed in shock.

"It appears so." Celestia stated.

"We never met the other Pillars, and we were too young to understand the danger they faced." Luna added.

"Hold on a second now. All those legendary ponies were real, too? And they went off with Star Swirl to face the Pony of Shadows, and then none of them were ever heard from again?" Applejack asked.

"Um... Applejack. My mom went with them as well and she's right here." I deadpanned.

"Oh! Sorry Ms. Gem." Applejack said, lowering her hat.

"It's alright, Applejack. But I don't know what became of my old friends." My mom stated.

"They must have defeated the villain, since Equestria is still full of light and hope." Rarity stated.

"But how? And where did they go?" Kaede asked.

"My Olde Ponish is a bit rusty, but I wonder if the answers can be found somewhere within the pages of this book." Celestia stated.

" Well, I just happen to be an expert in Olde Ponish. I mean, I've practically memorized every ancient text about Star Swirl there is!" Twilight said with glee.

"Of course you would." Jack deadpanned.

"Egghead." Rainbow grumbled.

"Seriously, all of them." Spike added to confirm. Luna explained, "We have fond memories of our old teacher. If you could discover what happened to him, we would be most grateful." she levitated the book over to me. " Solving a thousands-year-old mystery could take forever! Think of the research! The re-reading! The re-re-reading!" Twilight said with a smile. Jack and Rainbow groaned in dismay.

"You might find you need help, Sarah." Celestia added.

"Luckily, she's got a whole bushel o' helpers right here." Applejack said.

"Fine.. I'll read ugh." Jack grunted.

"Let's get this back to my library. I'm sure we'll figure out what happened in no time." Twilight said. Everyone agreed.

Three Days Later...

Twilight was looking through Starswirls journal for any clues as the disappearance but couldn't find anything. She was staying glued to the book that I didn't get a chance to read it myself. While my mom was busy trying to recall the final events before she was sealed in ice. Ren and the others were looking through some more books.

"Figured out anything?" I asked Twilight.

"Nothing. I mean, Star Swirl was a genius, obviously. But forget Olde Ponish. There's parts where his hornwriting is like another language!" she groaned.

Applejack came over to her, "Twilight, we've been studyin' and referencin' and cross-referencin' for three days straight now."

Rainbow stretched, "Ugh. I haven't spent this much time reading since the last Daring Do book came out."

Rarity was nearby wearing some reading glasses. "Perhaps it is time to take a break. This mystery is over a thousand years old, after all. Another day or two won't make a difference."

"Two days?! I don't want to waste two seconds!" she went over to a chalkboard where there were notes, allowing me to get a chance to read it. "I'm close to an answer. I can feel it."

I looked at some of the words and said them aloud, ""Hearg sylfum se Ponhenge". What's that?"

"The Temple of Ponhendge. You can read that?!" Twilight exclaimed.

"The writing is kinda sloppy but still readable." I said. "Toward dol grimlic of Fola Firgenbeorg"?

"At the base of Foal Mountain." Twilight said.

"User endemest scield". Twilight gasped, "Our last stand."

"Looks like we found our first real clue." Twilight levitated a book over to us and it revealed a small clearing with rock formation on it. Soon we made our way to Ponhenge. "Woah..." Ren gasped. There were some vines on the rocks and dirt.

"I'm not sure we'd find out what happened here over a thousand years ago." Fluttershy said. I was holding the book and I placed it on a rock. "Well who knows maybe the answer will just magically appear." Suddenly the book began to glow. "Uh, Sarah." Spike said.

I gasped and looked at the book as it opened up on it's own and appeared a holographic image of Starswirl. Everyone was jaw dropped while Twilight was amazed. "Star Swirl!? I... I've wanted to meet you my whole life! I can't believe you're here!"

I waved my hand through image. "I don't think he is here. I don't think any of them are." I pointed to the other rocks and the hologrpahic images of Mage Meadowbrook, Rockhoof, Somnambula, Mistmane, Mom and Flash Magnus appeared as well.

(Skip to 1:20)

Starswirl blasted the center and the Pony of Shadows appeared. It was about as tall as Blitz with a long curved horn. "You summon me at your peril, Star Swirl! Once I defeat all of you, this realm will embrace the darkness as I did so long ago!" he launched out black ropes, ensaring the Pillars. "Drawing me here will only make me stronger. You will never defeat me!" My mom broke free and charged the Pony of Shadows but the Pony of Shadows blasted her and sent her flying.

"Sapphire!" Starswirl exclaimed in fear as he watched Sapphire flying out of sight. The POS laughed. "You miserable ponies will never defeat me."

"We did not come here to defeat you." Starswirl said as he used his magic to break free. His book glowed and sent out a magical line to the mask, shovel, blindfold, flower and shield. "What are you doing?" The Pony of Shadows asked.

"We came to contain you." Starswirl said. They and the POS were lifted into the air and vanished into thing air, leaving their items behind. "What.." Ren said.

"The..." Mason added.

"Hell..?" Jack finished.

"Well do ask for a magical explanation." Pinkie said.

"Uh... what just happened?" Rainbow asked.

"It looked like Star Swirl cast a spell that banished the Pony of Shadows." Kaede said.

"Of course! Powerful magic like that would leave an impression on this place. Bringing the book back here let us see what happened." Twilight said.

"Which was what?" Applejack asked.

"Star Swirl and the rest of the Pillars sacrificed themselves to save Equestria." Twilight said.

Back at my castle. Mom and I were walking down the hallway. "It's amazing to think one of the greatest mysteries of Equestria was solved with a musty old book in your library, honey." My mom said.

"But I wouldn't say the mystery's solved. Star Swirl's spell was one of the most powerful feats of magic in all of history. It'll take years of study before we fully understand it." I said when we opened the door to my throne room, Twilight popped up, "I think I understand Star Swirl's spell!" she said.

Mom and I looked at each other and we entered the room to see Ren and all the others. "I know I've finished one of Star Swirl's spells before, but this one was on a whole different level! Was it an explosion of magical feedback? An evocation? A kind of incantation? It's Star Swirl, so the possibilities are endless! And once Starlight set me on the right track with his crazy hornwriting. I mean, he was a genius, so I guess we can forgive a little messiness – I went through the journal again, and it's amazing!"

"Twilight, darling. We understand you're excited, but that's all we understand." Rarity said.

"What exactly is so amazing, purple bookworm?" Jack asked.

"Only how Star Swirl and the other Pillars sent the Pony of Shadows to limbo!"

"WHAT?! LIMBO?!" Rex exclaimed.

"They did what now?" Applejack added. Twilight made a small diorama of Ponhenge. "They used their magic to open a portal between worlds – to limbo – and pulled the Pony of Shadows inside." the diorama exploded. "Darling you diorama!" Rarity exclaimed.

"I made more." She pointed to a pile of them and I sweat dropped.

" Star Swirl thought the only way to trap the Pony of Shadows in limbo was for the Pillars to take him there." Twilight explained.

"So they got stuck too." Applejack added. Fluttershy shivered, "The Pony of Shadows must have been really awful for them to do that."

"I suppose being trapped for all time with a super-duper bad guy in limbo might be okay if you were doing the limbo, but that's still pushing it." Pinkie added.

"The thing is I think I can get them out." Twilight said, much to our shock.

"Twilight, are you serious? You can save the most legendary ponies of all time?" Ren exclaimed.

"I-I don't know. Opening portals between worlds didn't work out well for me. Are you sure it's safe?" My mom asked.

"First of all, you opened portals through time." Twilight said. "Which is different than time." My mom still looked hesitant. "But how do you know they'll be okay even when you bring them back?" Rantaro asked.

"That's the thing about limbo. It-" Twilight started but Nicole beat her to it. "isn't one place or another. It's in between, so time stands still. If we can pull them out, it'll be like they never left, right?"

"Uh.. right." Twilight said.

"So what can we do to help?" Spike asked.

"If I'm right, we need to find items that are connected to the Pillars in some way." Twilight said.

"You mean like stuff that belonged to them?" Rainbow asked. "Like what Sapphire and Sarah found?"

Twilight nodded. "Sapphire, can you go and get the items you found on the way to the Tree of Life?" My mom nodded and went to get the items and she came back with the respective items. "So now that we have the items what do we do with them?" Ren asked.

"Easy, we go to Ponhenge and get the Pillars back." Twilight said. Everyone nodded and soon we were back at Ponehenge with the Pillars items placed on each of the rocks.

"I can't believe I'm gonna meet Star Swirl the Bearded! You know, outside of my dreams." Twilight said with glee. My mom, on the other hand us still concerned.

"I can't believe you're actually going through with it."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm all for pushing the envelope, obviously, but this is pretty out there for you, Twilight."

"What's "out there" about saving the most legendary ponies of all time from a thousands-year-old prison?"

"Well... nothing when you say it like that. Unless "the most legendary ponies of all time" knew what they were doing, and we shouldn't mess with it."

"I'm sure Star Swirl and the Pillars did the best they could back then, but magic has come a long way. Mostly because of the work they did. Sapphire, Star Swirl the Bearded is the greatest wizard who ever lived. The chance to have him back in Equestria is worth the risk." My mom sighed, "Well then I can't stop you."

"Alright.. here we go." Twilight said. We all backed off as Twilight used her magic to perform the spell and in an instant, the Pillars of Equestria reappeared. I used my magic to catch them all and placed them on the ground. "What... What has happened?" Starswirl asked.

"It worked! We brought you back!" Twilight said.

"To where?" Starswirl added.

"You and the others have been trapped in limbo for over a thousand years, but I figured out how to get you ho—"

"What?! No, no, no, no! You must undo what you've done!" Starswirl said in a scared voice.

Twilight was confused, "What? Why? I mean, I don't think I can."

"You cannot bring us back!" Starswirl said.

"But I did. I brought all the Pillars back." Twilight said.

"You cannot bring only the Pillars back!" Starswirl added. Lightning flashed in a large cluster of shadows. The Pony of Shadows appearance! "Oh no!"

The POS laughed, "Your pitiful attempt to imprison me has failed, Star Swirl!" Starswirl looked at Twilight, "You must return us to limbo. It's the only way to stop him."

"I only figured out how to bring you back." Twilight said. Jamie looked through the journal." Working on it! No table of contents!

"Allow me to assist." POS said before lashing out vines of dark magic and destroying the rock formation! "There! Without the power of Ponhenge, your banishing spell is useless!" Starswirl exclaimed to Twilight, "You have studied my writings. Surely you have some other plan."

"No. I just wanted to save you. I didn't think—" Twilight stammered before I stepped up. "I'll handle this." I flew up to the POS, who laughed, "What can a tiny thing like you do against me?" The activated my Element of Harmony. "Element of Faith, Power awaken!" I blasted the rainbow beam at the POS who cried in pain. Starswirl and the Pillars were shocked.

The POS growled and launched his vines at me, but I wielded my scepter and sliced them. "I sensed the same power that Sapphire had." The POS said before gripped Mom in his magic. "MOM!"

"Sapphire!" Starswirl exclaimed in fear.

"MOM?!" The Pillars exclaimed in shock.

The POS growled. "Hmmm... you don't seem as strong as before."

"Let my mom go now!" I blasted the POS with my magic, forcing him to let go of MOM and I caught her. "Are you okay?"

"I'm alright honey." Mom added.

"Argh! This one is almost as... strong as you, Star Swirl. But even in my weakened state, she cannot stop the might of shadows!" The POS blasted his shadows at us but I counter with my Element which pushed back his shadows and struck him. "GAH!"

"Know this, fiend! We will not rest until we find a way to return you to limbo!" Starswirl declared.

"Never! Your days of glory are through, Star Swirl. Now my dark power will reign, and you six will bow to me!" Then the POS vanished into his shadow form. "Um... where'd he go?" Rainbow asked.

"That is a riddle we must unravel. And quickly." Somnambula added.

"How long have we been gone?" Meadowbrook asked.

"Over a thousand years." Fluttershy added.

"Then my spell worked – before it was meddled with – and the realm has been at peace for a millennia!" Starswirl said.

"Weeeeell... we did have to save everypony from Nightmare Moon and Discord and Chrysalis and King Sombra and Lord Tirek, and there was that one time when Starlight traveled through time and almost destroyed life as we know it! But that's all in the past." Pinkie pointed out.

"If you are truly this accomplished, we will stop the Pony of Shadows twice as fast together." Flash Magnus said.

"We shall see. It is an easy thing to say you have saved the world. It is quite another to do it." Starswirl stated.

"Oh, we've saved the world, Beardo. And we can do it again especially with Sarah and her powers." Rainbow said.

"Hell yeah, Newbie can beat anything." Jack stated.

"Be that as it may, the problem of locating the Pony of Shadows remains, and this land is vast." Starswirl claimed.

"It sounds like you need a map. Luckily, we have just the thing." Rarity said and they took the Pillars to my castle and to the Cutie Map. "Something about this magic seems familiar..." Starswirl used his magic to make the Tree of Harmony appear. "This map, and indeed this
very castle, are grown from the seed we planted over a thousand years ago." Starswirl added.

"Then it did work!" Rockhoof exclaimed.

"What worked?" Ren asked.

"Each of us infused a crystal seed with our magic in hopes that it would grow into a force for good." Somnambula said.

"We wanted to leave something to protect the realm in our absence, but we never dreamed our gift would become so powerful." Mistmane added.

"Y'all mean the Elements came from you?" Applejack asked.

"You know, the sparkly crystal things that grow from the Tree of Harmony and represent each of us? Laughter, honesty, generosity, loyalty, kindness, and magic! And Sapphire's new Element: Faith." Pinkie explained.

"They are reflections of our own elements of hope, strength, beauty, bravery, healing, and sorcery." Somnambula said.

"We had no idea our small seed would bloom into the living spirit of the land. I am glad our mantles have passed to such capable ponies." Meadowbrook said with a smile.

"More importantly, we no longer need Ponhenge to send our foe back to limbo. We can use the stored magic in this Tree of Harmony." Starswirl added.

"But doesn't a banishing spell take a lot of power? We'd have to sacrifice the Elements for that." Twilight stated.

"Mm-hmm." Starswirl nodded.

"They'd be gone... forever?" Fluttershy added.

"Star Swirl, I don't think the Tree can survive without the Elements. If it dies, Equestria will suffer."

"f the Pony of Shadows has his way, your land will not exist. So unless you have a better idea..." Starswirl added.

"I do. We only use my Element!" I declared. Everyone gasped in shock. "Sapphire, no! You can't sacrifice your Element of Faith." Twilight said.

"Where did that one even come from? We only planted six seeds." Rockhoof added.

"The Tree gave it to me." I stated. Starswirl scoffed, "The Tree of Harmony did no such thing. That thing is just a half baked gem." I gasped at that insult and Applejack stepped forth, "Beggin your pardon Mr. the Breaded but Sarah's Element is anything but a half baked gem."

"It's as real as the other Elements of Harmony." Mason added, crossing his arms.

"Seriously, she used to replant the Tree after King Sombra destroyed it." Rainbow pointed. Starswirl and the other pillars gasped. "The Tree was destroyed?" Mistmane asked. And then the spirit of the Tree appeared. "It is true. I was destroyed but thanks to Sarah and her friends I was restored." it said.

"Are you?" Starswirl gasped in awe.

"Yes Starswirl. I am the Tree of Harmony. It is wonderful to see the ones who planted me again. And I suggest you take my students' Element and power seriously. She had overcome many foes and obstacles to become the Princess she is today and she can help in the battle against the Pony of Shadows." The Tree said no more before vanishing.

There was a moment of silence.

"Well, I never thought the Tree had that much faith in you." Meadowbrook said.

"If the Tree has that much faith in you, then I do too." Flash Magnus added.

"So do I." Mistmane added. Somnambula and Rockhoof nodded as well. Starswirl didn't say anything and just walked away. Guess he doesn't believe in my power yet. Sigh. I noticed Twilight walking away as well into another room and I followed. "Twilight, are you alright?"

"I just unleashed ultimate evil and doomed Equestria because I was obsessed with meeting my idol! Why wouldn't I be okay?!" she slammed her head on the table.

"You didn't know that was going to happen." I stated.

"But I should have listened to your mother and left things alone. Now the your Element of Harmony will be lost to fix my mistake!" Twilight said in dismay.

"Maybe banishing isn't the way to defeat the Pony of Shadows." I said to Twilight.

"Then what can we do?" Twilight asked.

"Use the power that I've been using all along; The Magic of Friendship." I said with a smile. Twilight looked at me for a moment and smiled. We went back to the Cutie Map and saw the others. We saw my cutie map image hovering over the Hollow Shades. That must be where the POS is. "It seems there are fewer dark corners in the realm these days." Starswirl said, looking at the map.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Rainbow asked.

"True. The Pony of Shadows will have a hard time regaining power. When he rears his head, we'll be ready!" Flash stated.

"Isn't there some way to banish him without losing all of you?" Fluttershy asked.

"Oh, I wish there were. But to save our home, we are willin' to leave it." Meadowbrook said.

"You don't have to." I said, stepping forth. "I can use my power to reform the POS."

"The Pony of Shadows was not interested in reconciliation. Once a villain, always a villain." Starswirl said, glaring at me. "That is so untrue! I reformed many creature using the Magic of Frienship which what I'm going to use on the POS." I stated boldly.

"Stygian wanted more power than he had, and that desire led him down a path from which there is no return!" Starswirl said.

"Whose Stygian?" Ren asked.

"Stygian was the name the Pony of Shadows gave up when he turned to darkness." Meadowbrook said.

"And I'm just trying to figure out why." I stated. "I know I can reform the POS/Stygian is my duty as the Princess of Friendship and the Element of Faith."

Starswirl used his magic to take my Element off of my neck! "You and your Element are nothing more than a bunch of fakes!" he exclaimed in anger. Everyone gasped. "Stygian wants to destroy all that is good in this world. There's no way to befriend a pony like that." Starswirl exclaimed to me with a serious face.

"Yes there is!" I exclaimed back with a firey temper. "I befriended creatures who were believed to have wanted to destroy all that was good but now they do the opposite thanks to me and my friends. And if you can't see that then I'll just face the POS ALONE!" Everyone gasped at my declare.

"Honey, you can't!" My mom cried.

"Sarah, don't do this." Ren added. But I didn't listen and just ran out of the door and the castle to the Hollow Shades.

Ren's POV

Oh... my... god.

Sarah just went off by herself to face the POS after the heated argument about Starswirl about trying to reform the POS. "Hmph, good riddance." Starswirl stated.

"Starswirl, how can you say that?!" Sapphire exclaimed.

"That girl is nothing more than a creature blinded by the darkness." Starswirl said.

"Hey. Newbie had nothing to do with darkness, old timer. At least she has a heart for reforming creatures." Jack growled at Starswirl.

"Yeah, Sarah managed to reform Discord using the Magic of Friendship." Pinkie said and in a puff of smoke, Discord appeared. "Did somepony say my name?"

"Discord?!" The Pillars exclaimed in shock.

"Oh, the Pillars of Equestria. So nice to see you all here again. And why might I ask why my friend was just seen flying off in a huff?"

"Your... friend?" Starswirl asked suspiciously.

"Oh yeah. Sarah Gem is the only friend I ever had. She's the reason I'm using my powers for good... most of the time." Discord explained. "And I'm guessing she went off to face this POS figure alone?"

"Yes, she thinks she can reform the POS while Starswirl thinks that a villain is always a villain." Kaede said, looking at Starswirl with a upset glare.

"Well I'm proof that a villain can change along with Pyrite the changeling." Discord said. "Ever heard of the Magic of Friendship? Well my friend had excelled in that kind of magic ever since I met her and I can tell you, bready, that she is not going back down from this challenge."

"But now she's going to the Hallow Shades to face the POS, alone!" Twilight said with fear. "And without her Element, she's not protected from it's dark magic. Who knows what it'll do to her!"

"We gotta help her." Rainbow said, determined.

"Yeah, Newbie's not facing that bastard alone!" Jack added.

"Well then what are we standing around here for, let's go!" Applejack said and we ran out but I noticed Starswirl frozen on the spot. I went over to him, "Starswirl... are you alright?" I asked gently.

Starswirl came back to his senses. "Oh yes, yes... I'm fine. Let us catch up with the others." he walked off but I could feel and hear regret and remorse in his voice. Maybe... Sarah and Discord's words were getting him. But now was not the time to think about that. Sarah needs us.

POV Ends

I was flying through the air until I reached the Hallow Shades. It was desolate and dark area. I know I can reform the POS. It's my duty to do so. I walked through the Hallow Shades before the ground began to crack beneath my feet. "Huh?" The ground broke and I fell down into a large room. "Ugghh..." I shook my myself to brush off the pain from the fall and the hole that I fell through, covered up!

"That... can't be good." I slightly whimpered. A sinister laugh sounded through the room and the POS appeared along with another villains that made my heart drop a little. "Void."

"Long time no see, Sarah." Void chuckled

"Welcome to the Well of Shade! When the Pillars turned their backs on me, I discovered this place. The darkness spoke to me of a power beyond any I could imagine, and I listened. The shadow and I became one. Soon, all of the realm will be the same. Then all ponies will feel the despair I did when they cast me out!" The POS declared.

"I'll never let that happen!" I exclaimed.

Void laughed, "And what can you do. You're without your friends and your precious Element of Harmony. You're defenseless."

"No I'm not." I lit my horn, ready to fight.

"Alright then, we shall see who succeeds." The POS growled before he and I charged each other.

Ren's POV

We made it to the Hallow Shades and saw a very desolate land that was giving me creepy vibes. "Woah... now wonder this place is abandoned." I commented.

"How are we gonna find Sarah in this place?" Kaede asked.

"Guess we better start looking." Mason said. We all walked through the Hallow Shades, looking for any sign of our friend. While we were, Twilight couldn't help but ask, "So how did the Pony of Shadows come to be?"

"The tale of Stygian was a sad one." Rockhoof started and then each one of the pillars explained,

"Are you sure, he wanted to steal your power?" I asked. "Maybe he had another reason."

"He wanted to steal our power cause of envy. That is that." Starswirl stated.

"Perhaps you jumped to conclusions too quickly." Nicole stated. "Letting your pride cloud your judgement, unlike Sarah."

"Huh?" Starswirl asked but before Nicole could continue, we heard a large BOOM and a scream!

"That's Sarah!" Kaede exclaimed. Snowflake roared at the ground and started digging. "She must be under here." Spike said.

"But we can't just dig. It would take too long and it might be too late." Sapphire said.

"I got this." Mason said and he took out Quake's card. "DINO SLASH, STEGOSAURUS, ROAR!" Quake landed and roared. "Quake, smash the ground with your tail!" Mason called and Quake roared before turning around and slamming it's tail on the ground, revealing a hole that led to a room. "Good boy, Quake." Mason said. We all leaped down into the room to see Sarah fighting against the POS and "VOID?!"

"Long time no see." he hissed.

"Leave Sarah alone!" Rainbow said in anger.

"Hahaha, please. Once I take her Element, she'll be mine forever!" Void declared.

"Fat chance!" Jack exclaimed. Sarah blasted the POS who roared in pain. Void suddenly grabbed her in his shadows. "Hey let me go!" she called.

"How about a little trip into the darkness!" Void then tossed Sarah into the shadow! "Sarah!" I cried.

"NO!" Sapphire cried.

POV Ends

All I could see around me was darkness. "Hello? Anyone here?" I called. I only saw a grayish pony with a blue mane and he was wearing brown clothing. "Are you Stygian?" I asked.

" I was, once. Until my friends betrayed me." Stygian stated.

"What happened?" I asked curiously.

"I wanted their respect. I brought them together. I planned strategy, and I read all I could about the beasts we faced. But I didn't have magic or strength, so nopony ever noticed me. I went to Ponhenge to make my own copies of the artifacts. With them, I thought I could be a Pillar, too, and stand by their side in battle. I never wanted to steal their power. But instead of sharing and letting me help, my friends threw me out. Sapphire Gem was the only one who was willing to listen to me but the others refused to let her." he voice deepened to a growl. "So I became stronger than any of them! The darkness welcomed me when no pony would, and I will do what I must to protect it!

"This is all a misunderstanding! If the Pillars knew how you felt, I'm sure they wouldn't have turned their backs on you. The shadow isn't who you really are. Let me help you be Stygian again." I proposed.

"Even if my friends did still care, what makes you think you have the power to help me?" Stygian asked.

"Because it's what I do. I'm just like my mom and I want to help you." I promised. "I won't abandon you. I never abandoned anyone because they're all my friends." Stygian thought for a moment and I held out my hand, "Please let me show you another way." Stygian looked at my hand and shakily rose a hoof and took my hand.

In an instant, my Element glowed brightly and it consumed us in a large white light and when the light diminished we were in the room and the POS was gone. "What happened?" I asked.

"Your Element just banished the POS. It opened a portal from within it and sucked it in and you two appeared." Ren explained to me.

"Woah..." I gasped. Void growled at us, "You may have won this time, but you won't win the next round." and he vanished into the shadows. I teleported everyone out of the room. Starswirl looked at Stygian, "Long ago, you needed our help, Stygian. But instead of listening, we turned our backs on you. Pride clouded my judgment. I owe you an apology. Thank you for helping us see the errors of our ways, Twilight. It seems I never accounted for the Magic of Friendship."

jack gave me a hard nudge, "That's our Princess." I laughed a little. Soon, we returned to Canterlot and the sisters were happy to see their old teacher once more. "I simply cannot believe how tall you've gotten!" he said to Celestia.

"Well, it has been over a thousand years. Will you stay here and teach magic once again? My sister and I have such fond memories of your lessons." Celestia said.
"As long as you don't ask for those essays we owed you before you disappeared." Luna added.

Starswirl giggled, "I'm not certain Canterlot is where I belong. The realm has grown, and I believe I'll have a look around before I settle in any one place."

"And I long to see what has become of my home." Meadowbrook said.

"I believe we all do." Mistmane added.

"Then I hope you will return to Canterlot on occasion and share the wisdom of your great experience with the next generation of ponies." Celestia added.

"We would be honored. But if it is wisdom you seek, look no further than your own Princess. She showed me that the power of friendship is a magical force indeed. And that in turning away from others, you hurt yourself as well." Starswirl said looking at me with a proud smile.

My mom came over and nuzzled, "I'm so proud of you honey." she said.

I smiled back at her, "Thanks Mom." We shared a hug together and we stayed that way for a moment.

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