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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 73: Sarah's Big Test: Part 3

First we entered a Equestria ruled by Chrysalis and now we're in one that's ruled by the Mare in the Moon aka Nightmare Moon, oh man this can't get any worse. Our dragons growled at Nightmare Moon, knowing with just one look she's bad news. "Tell me how to came across this magic to travel through time?" Nightmare Moon asked, getting off of her throne and confronting us.

"The Princess asked you a question." One guard with a raspy voice said. Wait... I know that voice... it can't be. The guard removed its helment to reveal... Rainbow Dash?! She shaved her head so her mane was flat. "And unless you wanna end up in the dungeon, you'll tell her what she wants to know."

"Big brother." Carrie whimpered, holding onto Mason. "Don't worry, Carrie. We'll be fine."

"Nopony in my kingdom should possess a magic powerful enough to change time." Nightmare Moon said.

"Your kingdom?" Ren asked.

"Who else?!" Nightmare Moon exclaimed.

"Umm.. Celestia of course." Ren replied. The guard winced at each other while Nightmare Moon laughed. "My sister has been imprisoned in the moon for years."

"WHAT?!" We all exclaimed.

"Why the hell would you banish her to the moon?" Jack asked.

"It's no less a faith than the one she sentenced me too." Nightmare Moon said.

"What are you talking about?" Kaede asked. Oh right... they don't know the story.

"Enough!" Nightmare Moon bellowed, spreading her wings. "Reveal to me the source of this time magic!" I couldn't let her get my mother's spell or else she'll make sure her reign lasts forever.

"No way, Nightmare Moon." I growled at her, spreading my wings.

"Another Alicorn huh? Well then I'll have to force you to give it to me!" She fired at us, but my Element made a shield around us, surprising the guards and the Mare in the Moon herself. "What?!"

"Run!" I cried. Me and the others made a beeline for the entrance. "Stop them!" Nightmare Moon cried. The guards chased after us, "They're gaining, Sarah!" Jamie whimpered. Firestorm and Silverspike blasted at the ground making some of the guards fall down. Striker wracked some away with his three tails and Ren took out his Hacking Gun, "Break." and he blasted one of the guards, sending it tumbling to the ground. I lit my horn and teleported us all out of the castle.

Third Person POV

Ren and the others had escaped and Nightmare Moon had seen everything. "Hmm... that gemstone around that girls' neck looked like an Element of Harmony. I shall not have powerful gem in the hands of them. They might try to use it against me. GUARDS!"

Her guards came forth. "Find them and bring me the one who processes the Element of Harmony." she ordered. The guards nodded and rushed out the door and into the forest. "Once that Element is destroyed and I get that time travel spell. My reign and the night will last forever! Hahahaha!" she laughed

POV Ends

Meanwhile, we all reappeared near the Cutie Map and we all fell to the ground, catching our breath. "That... was... close." Ren panted.

"What the hell was that about?" Jack asked.

"Who was she?" Mason asked.

"That was Nightmare Moon or in other terms the Evil version of Princess Luna." I replied.

"HUH?! Everyone went.

"Let me explain." I explained to them that over the course of 1,000 years Celestia and Luna brought peace and harmony to all the ponies by bringing forth the sun and moon. But over time, Luna became resentful. The ponies played in Celestia's sun but they shunned and slept through her night. Then one faithful day, Luna refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. Celestia tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in Luna's heart transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness. Nightmare Moon who had vowed to shrow the land in Eternal Night.

Reluctantly, Celesita used the Elements of Harmony against her and banished her to the moon.

"Woah... that's messed up." Rantaro gasped.

"But if that's how it;s suppose to be.. what happened here?" Kaede asked, referring to the night sky.

"Remember the Tree of Harmony stopped the Rainboom, so Twilight and the others never met." I reminded them.

"Which means Twilight was never sent to Ponyville, thereby never meeting the girls when Nightmare Moon returned." Ren finished. "So that's when Nightmare Moon took over Equestria."

"So what can we do about it?" Kaede asked.

"We have to restore this Equestria now." I stated.

"So this is the second part of you test? Great." Jack groaned.

"Okay so we have to find Twilight and the others again." Nicole said.

"Well we already found Skittles and the Fashion loon and I don' think they'd wanna help us." Jack pointed out.

"So we should start with Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy." Kaede said. Sarah's cutie mark glowed once more and it made the images of the Mane 6's cutie marks appear. Rainbow and Rarity's hovered of the Everfree Forest. Applejack and Pinkie's were over Ponyville and Twilight and Fluttershy's were over.... the Everfree Forest as well?

"Okay so four are in the forest while two are in Ponyville." Ren stated.

"Looks like we have our locations." Mason said.

"There they are!" Rainbow's voice said. We all gasped and saw the guard surrounding us. "What do you want?!" Jack growled.

"We want the girl with the Element of Harmony." Rainbow stated. They want me?! Oh great. "No way you're taking her!" Ren stated. Moonshine growled and the other dragons roared at the guards. "Then we'll just have to take her by force." one guard said. The guards charged us. Jack punched one. Mason poked and smacked two others with his bamboo stick. Storm launched her spines at three of them, forcing them to dodge and then she blasted them with her fire. Rainbow flew towards me but my Element made a shield around me, protecting me. "Hey!" Winter came in and bashed her away.

"Let's go!" Ren snapped and we all ran into the forest while the guards recovered from their injuries. We made it to the outskirts of Ponyville with relief. There were ponies going about their normal business. "So how are we gonna find Pinkie and Fluttershy?" Mason asked.

"Well Pinkie is usually at Sugarcube Corner and Flutters would be at her cortege." Ren said.

"So we just walk in, get their help and stop the night creep easy." Jack said with pride.

"Umm.. Ren... I think this will be alot harder." Kaede said. She pointed at something and we all looked at it. It was a wanted sign... for me?! "A wanted sign?! Ooooh great!" I whimpered.

"Oh man, Nightmare Moon is serious about capturing you, newbie." Jack winced.

I gulped nervously. "Now what? As soon as these ponies see Sarah, they'll turn her and us in." Nicole stated.

"We're gonna have to hide her, so ponies won't see her." Jamie said.

"But what can we hide her in?" Ren asked. We looked around and Ren spotted a trash can with some trash inside of it. "Oh no..." I whimpered. "You want me to hide in there?"

"What. It's big enough and it will hide your scent." Ren pointed out. I groaned as Ren brought it over to me. The trash didn't smell too bad. Ren opened the lid and I reluctantly climbed into it. Ren placed the lid on. "Alright let's go." Everyone looked at each other and shrugged.

Ren's POV

We walked through Ponyville, looking at all the ponies. Whenever they saw us, they didn't wave a hoof or say 'hi' to us. They looked down in the dumps. "How you doin newbie?" Jack asked.

"It's a little cramped in here." Sarah stated.

"Hang in there, Sarah." Mason said.

"Okay.." Sarah said.

We finally made it to Sugarcube Corner and I rolled Sarah's trash can inside and Jack closed the door. Inside the store was dark but you could still see. We saw Pinkie Pie coming towards the counter. But her mane was flat and she looked really sad. "Oh hello.. welcome to Sugarcube Corner." she said in a monotone voice.

"Pinkie Pie, we need your help." I said.

"Help with what?" Pinkie asked.

"Well..." I rubbed my head bashfully. "It's a long story." I explained everything to Pinkie Pie about what's happened and she was.... surprised. "So you have a Princess friend who is being hunted by Nightmare Moon so she can acquired a time travel spell that was made by your friends long lost mother and an Element of Harmony she got from the Tree of Harmony?"

"Yes, that's correct." Nicole said. Pinkie's mane puffed up and went to it's usual style. "That sounds incredible. I've always wanted a chance to beat that mean pony. She banished our Princess to the moon and no one has figured out how to get her back." Pinkie said.

"We'll worry about Celestia later, right now we need to get to Applejacks' and get her help." Mason said.

"Big brother. The guards are here!" Carrie cried.

"WHAT?!" We all crowded around the window and saw Nightmare Moons guards. "Has anypony seen a strange looking alicorn that walks on two legs and has a Element of Harmony on her head?" Rainbow called. The ponies looked at each other confused.

"Oh man... now what?" Mason said. "We can't just walk out there, they'll capture us for sure."

"Don't worry, I know a secret exit. Come on this way." Pinkie led us to the back of the shop where she revealed a trapdoor."Everypony in." I pushed Sarah's trash bin inside. "GAAAHHHH!" and then we slid down the slide as well as we came out right outside of Sweet Apple Acers. "Woah right where we needed to be... but where's Sarah?"

"Uuuggghhh..." We saw Sarah staggered towards us with her eyeballs swirling around and she was walking side to side. "Woah.. you okay Sarah?" I asked.

"I kinda rolled for a few feet...uggghhh.. everything spinning." She almost fell over if Jack hadn't caught her. "I gotcha newbie." Sarah groaned again.

"So how are we gonna get Applejack to help us?" Mason asked.

"Leave that to me. You guys go back to the outskirts." Pinkie said. Pinkie used the front of her mane as a drill and drilled under the ground. "Well you heard the crazy pink pony, let's go." Jack said, carrying Sarah over her shoulder. "Hey put me down!" Sarah exclaimed.

"No way, newbie."

Sarah sighed.

Anyway we made our way outside of Ponyville and to the outskirts. We saw Pinkie carrying Applejack on her back. "So these are the ones who came to free us?" Applejack asked.

"Yess a roony." Pinkie said.

Applejack got down from Pinkie's back. "So I hear you're gonna defeat Nightmare Moon, any idea on how?"

"Well we have to find the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. We already have you and Pinkie, now we need Fluttershy, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Rarity. We already found Rainbow and Rarity who are with Nightmare Moon. Any idea on where Flutters and Twilight would be?"

"Well.... those two got locked up in the dungeon." Applejack said bluntly.

"What? Oh great. Now we have to get back into that castle." Jack grumbled. "Where that crazy mare wants newbie for evil."

Applejack turned to Sarah, "Oh yeah, Pinkie did say Nightmare is after you. So how are we gonna get in?"

"Well... if that Castle is the same as the one in our Equestria.. then.... come on." Sarah said.

"Wait where?" I called.

"To the Cave of Harmony." Sarah said.

"Why?" Jack asked.

"Oh.. I think I know what she's thinking, let's go." Rantaro said. Most of us were confused but we followed Sarah to the Cave of Harmony where the Tree of Harmony stood, glowing and shimmering brightly. "The Tree of Harmony.. of course!.... Why are we here?"

I walked over to one of the crystals on the wall and my Element glowed brightly and the crystal turned into a portal! "Holy Crap Baskets, how'd you do that?" I exclaimed in shock.

"Element once part of the Tree, remember." Sarah smirked. She jumped through the crystal. "Newbie, wait!" Jack called as he and Mason rushed over and jumped into the crystal portal along with the rest of us and we were in the dungeon of the Castle of the Two Sisters. "Applejack, Pinkie Pie?" We turned to the first cell and saw Twilight and Fluttershy.

They both had their hairs in buns and their tails were dirty and they had a few scratches on their bodies. AJ and Pinkie went over to the cell. "Thank goodness, ya'll are alright." Sarah approached the cell and Twilight gasped at her Element. "Is that an Element of Harmony, but Nightmare Moon destroyed them when she banished Celestia."

"Well.. this Element is way different than the other six." I stated.

She unlocked the cell and Twilight and Fluttershy came out. "Now all we need is Skittles and the fashion loon." Jack said.

"What are you doing here?!" We gasped and turned to see Rainbow Dash and Rarity!

"Tell the Princess." Rainbow said to Rarity. Sarah grabbed the two in her magic and pulled them close to her. "What are you doing? Let us go!" Rainbow growled and her eyes glowing blue along with Rarity's. "What is wrong with them?" Twilight asked.

"Nightmare Moon's dark magic has infected them. Luckily I can heal this." Sarah took out her scepter and pointed it at Rainbow and Rarity. "Heal." The scepter glowed and ensnared the two in a light glowing rings and their eyes went back to their normal colors and they were lowered onto the floor. "Woah... what happened? Is Nightmare Moon gone? Where are the Element?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Rainbow, Nightmare Moon banished Celestia to the moon and is ruiling over Equestria." Twilight informed.

"What?!" Rainbow exclaimed in shock.

"Luckily, newbie can fix all of this." Jack said.

"How, Nightmare Moon has the Elements?" Twilight asked. Sarah concentrated and her Element sent six colored beams to the girls' chests and the Elements of Harmony appeared on the girls chests! "Woah... how'd you do that?" Pinkie asked.

"My Element is part of the Tree of Harmony and is a combination of the six Elements. Now let's go free Equestria!" Sarah cheered.

"Yeah!" We all cheered.

POV Ends

We all exited the dungeon and went into the throne room. "Alright Nightmare Moon, time to give up the crown!" Rainbow said. Nightmare was shocked to see Rainbow and Rarity not wearing their uniforms. "What are you two doing, you're under my control." Nightmare hissed.

"Not any more, moon butt." Jack said. Mason whipped out his bamboo stick and Ren took out his Hacking Gun. "You'll regret this! Guards!" her guards came and charged us. Ren blasted them with his Hacking Gun, Jack punched a few and Mason whakced some away with his bamboo stick. Twilight, the girls and I approached Nightmare Moon.

"Time to restore Equestria!" I exclaimed.

I activated my Element and the girls activated their Elements and blasted Nightmare Moon in a rainbow colored beam. "NOOOOOO!" she cried as the area was consumed in a bright light.

When the light diminsihed, Princess Luna was laying on the floor and the ponies were waking up, dazed and confused. "Alright Sarah, you and the girls did it!" Ren cheered as he and the others came up to us.

"Indeed you did." That's when the sun rose and Princess Celestia came forth with her wings spread. By her side was a unicorn with a pink mane and tail that had a dark blue body that was covered with stars and it had one of my mothers' rings on it's horn. The crystal was in the shape of a star in the center.

The ponies bowed to her. "Thank you all for defeating Nightmare Moon and restoring Equestria." Celestia said.

"Thanks to you and your friends this place is once again at peace." the Star Unicorn said approaching me and it lowered her head, making the ring fall into my hands. "Thank you."

That's when Astral Twilight appeared. "Congradulations Sarah, you have completed your test. And for that I give you... this." Astral Twilight handed me... the final ring to my mothers' crown. "The ring but she gave that to the Stone Unicorn." I pointed out.

"The Unicorn and I had a small talk and he agreed to give it to me. Now you can find your mother." I couldn't help but smile. "Thank you so much." The two rings floated onto my horn, completing the crown. They all flashed brightly and suddenly we were outside the home ship... in our Equestria.

"That was awesome!" Ren exclaimed.

"Hell yeah." Jack added. "That was fun!"

"Eh... I guess it wasn't a complete waste of my time." Rantaro gruffed.

"I enjoyed it." Nicole said bluntly.

“Now Sarah has all seven rings of her mother! Now they can lead us to her.” Ren said with joy.

"Yeah, yeah, don't make a big deal out of it." Rantaro grumbled. We all chuckled and we flew all the way back to Ponyville. I parked the car in front of the home-ship. We all decided to relax after a long day. “I’m hoping to get some good beef steaks to make myself feel relax.”

“You do that and make you more gluttonous, fatso.” Rantaro grinned, earning a scowl as he tried to go after him but me, Kaede, and Jamie stopped him.

“Hold on Jack! It’s not worth it!” I exclaimed. “Please, don’t fight!”

“Yeah! T-This isn’t gonna solve anything!” Kaede begged, calming Jack down.

“Fine…” Jack huffed before opening the door as he grumbled about ‘turning him into a stuffed toy’ or something like that. Always with the violence, jeez…

“Rantaro.” Mason glared at Rantaro with a stern look.

“What? Don’t act like you’re my dad. Besides, I’m older than you in four years, so you don’t tell me what to do.” Rantaro scoffed before heading inside.

The rest of us looked at each other and shook our heads before heading inside. Seriously though, those two just like riling up against each other. I am trying my best to prevent these two from killing one another.

Soon, as we entered the room…

“ENEMIES SPOTTED!” Huh? We all looked around from the inside of the living room before seeing a toy helicopter right in front of us. But this one was the weirdest one we’ve ever seen…it had robotic eyes and what looks like machine guns on its side. My dad and Douglas screamed like girls.

“What the hell is that?” Jack asked.

“AT RANGE…FIRE!” Before long, it’s little machine guns started firing down at us, I made a shield around us to protect us.

“What the heck?!” Mason exclaimed before examining the shots. “Wait a minute…these are fake.”

“Yeah…” I walked over and picked one of them from the ground. “Wait…are these nerf guns?” I let down my shield, “OH NO! THESE MAGGOTS AREN’T EVEN SCARED!” The toy helicopter exclaimed.

“What the hell is that thing?! Seriously?! It tried to kill us!” Jack exclaimed.

“Um, excuse me, but who are you?” Carrie asked, earning a chuckle from the toy helicopter as it rubs its…mustache? Wait, does it have a mustache?


“Sergeant? Maggots?” Jamie questioned. “Those sound like terms used for a military boot camp…”


“They’re hiding from the back of the couch.” Nicole said bluntly, causing the toy helicopter to gulp.

“Oh really?” Jack hummed before turning to me and Mason, which we nodded before walking over to the back of the couch.


“Now!” I yelled out before we jumped down from the side of the couch and wrangled ourselves somewhere down there.

“OW! Hey!” After ten seconds of trying to fight off whoever is down there, Mason, Jack, and I gotten back up with Jack holding some boy in his hands.

This one seemed to wear a MultiCam-MICH-Helmet-Cover-Tactical-Military-Camo-Army- with large goggles embedded on top of it. He wear an green cameo pajamas set. His shirt was long-sleeved with different patterns on it and was buttoned-up, and his skin seemed pale. He also had shoulder pads on his elbows and his knees. He seemed to be wearing slippers and his hair was sunflower blonde with freckles on his face, but it was chin length.

“Hey! Let me go maggot!” The boy demanded angrily.

“Oh yeah, says who little boy?” Jack scoffed, glaring at him, only for him to glare harshly at him.

“Who are you to talk to a little girl like me?!”

….Wait what?

“Wait…did he just say…?” Kaede asked, widening her eyes in shock.

“Duh, I’m a girl.”

“….WHAT?!” They all exclaimed with Jack dropping the girl onto the floor while she rubbed her butt in pain while we gaze at her in shock. "Can't you guys tell?" I asked them.

"NO!" they all exclaimed.

Just…what the hell is happening?

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