• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 78: The Bone Dry Desert

Now my friends and I were walking through the Bone Dry Desert... well by walking we meant we were on our dragons flying over the desert so we could cross it quickly. My friends, mainly Jack and Mason, voiced their opinions of having to walk through the Bone Dry Desert once more and they did not want to go through that again. So we had to fly over. My mom was being carried by my dad while Shimmer was on my shoulder looking over the area. "Oooh, this is so pretty mommy." she said.

"Hmph. Trust me kid it not pretty when we had to walk though here the last time." Jack grumbled.

I giggled a little as we flew across the desert. Suddenly, my scar started to hurt agian. "Ah! Ow!"

"Sarah, what is it?" Ren asked.

"Her scar is hurting her again." My mom said. My mom dug into her saddlebag and pulled out some Tuliza. "Here honey, eat this." With one eye, I could see the Tuliza plant and was about to take it when. "Sandstorm!" My dad cried. We looked ahead and saw a clouds twister of sand coming towards us. "Crap baskets!" Ren cried.

"Hide!" My dad cried. Everyone immediately flew towards the ground and Winter was about to do the same thing when a stream of the sandstorm came out and grabbed Winter pulling her and us towards the sandstorm. "Winter, Sarah, Shimmer!" Ren cried. I grabbed Shimmer, "Ren, catch her!" and threw Shimmer towards Ren before Winter and I were sucked into the twister.

Winter was tossed around very easily as she tried to steady herself to fly out. I held onto her tightly as everything blacked out.

I groggily opened my eyes and was assaulted by the sunlight, "Ugh..." I grunted and softly rubbed my scarred eye. I slowly got up and noticed Winter groggily getting up and shaking the dust off of her. "Winter... are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm good, just dizzy from that storm." Winter said.

Winter and I looked around and didn't see any sign of the others. "... Any Idea where that storm took us?" Winter asked.

"I don't know, girl." My scar began to hurt again. "Ugh..."

"Oh dear, we better find you some Tuliza." Winter suggested.

"Right.. ugh.. come on, let's go." I said and she and I began to walk through the desert to find some Tuliza plants. After about five hours, Winter and I were about to collapse. "Ugh... too... hot.." I groaned.

"I'm gonna burst into flames." Winter added. "See any water?"

I looked ahead and didn't see an oasis. "Nothing yet." I said and my stomach started to growl too. "And I'm starving." Winter's stomach growled as well. "Me too. I think my stomach is eating itself here."

Suddenly, I saw a brown blur walking towards us. I shook my head and cleared my vision. I saw that the figure was another lioness but this one had a paw print on the side of her cheek. "Ah I see we have some more lost wanderers." she said.

"More lost wanderers?"

"Come with me and I shall guide you to safety." the lioness said and Winter and I groggily followed her. Soon, we all came to an oasis which was a very helpful sight for me and Winter. I smiled happily but grunted from the pain in my eye. We entered the oasis and we saw lots of lions in the oasis, drinking from the water, play fighting and relaxing. Then..

"Sarah!" "Winter!" "Newbie!"

Winter and I looked and saw all our friends and their dragons coming towards us. "You're both alright, yeah." Carrie said, before hugging me.

"Ugh... thanks." I grunted. My mom cam up to me with some Tuliza. "Here honey." I ate the plant and my eye felt better. "W-Who are these lions?"

"This is Nala and the Desert Pride." Ren stated. "They found us in the desert and brought us here. Then when we told them you two got separated from us in a sandstorm, Nala went out to search for you two."

"Thanks for finding my daughter." My mom said.

"You're welcome." Nala said in a soft voice. "The pleasure is mine. Though I suggest you all should continue your trek at night. It is must cooler during that time. Until then you all shall stay with me and my pride."

"Thank you, Nala." My mom said. My stomach started to growl as well as Winter's making the two of us blush in embarrassment. "Hehe." laughed nervously.

"Come on newbie, let's get you some grub." Jack said putting his arm around me.

"Okay." I said. After we ate it was almost dusk and the night was soon to be upon us. I told Nala about the other lion pride we met and to my surprise, Zuri was her cousin! "Thank you for protecting my cousin and her pride from Scar." Nala thanked.

"It was nothing." I said modestly. I looked at the dusk sky. "Looks like we better get going then."

Nala nodded, "Be safe on your journey everyone. Me and my pride wish you all safe travels." We all mounted our dragons, "Thanks you Nala and we will." I said to her. "Let's go everyone." Our dragons spread their wings and flew into the sky, leaving Nala and her pride behind.

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