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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 43: Filly Sitting

Jack's POV

"Uncle Jack, Uncle Jack."

Ugh..... who the? Grr... whose waking me up during my nap. I opened my eyes and was met with the bubbly filly Sarah adopted. "Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack."

"Ugh.. what do you want, kid?" I asked groggily.

Shimmer giggled and leaped onto my gut. "Come play with me." Play? Ugh.. why now? I just want to sleep. I covered myself up with the blanket with a tired grunt, "Please, Uncle Jack?" I lowered the covers and saw her giving me the 'puppy dog' eyes and I sighed and grumbled, "Fine... I'll play with you."

"Yeah!" She cheered and leaped off my stomach and out of my room. Ugh.... seriously, why is she always waking me up. I mean seriously, she did this for the forth time this week! Sigh... anyway, I got up anyway and put on my clothes. I came out of my room and found the little filly sitting at the dining room table with the others. “Oh hey Jack! Rantaro!” I looked over to see Ren waving at us with a smile. “Good morning.”

“Hey.” I said firmly before heading over to the small dining room where he and that little girl, Carrie, were busy eating some eggs and pancakes some OJ. Even their pets were busy eating some on their own food in their small bowls

“Ah, good morning.” We turned to see Mason and Kaede walking in, each carrying two plates filled with food on their hands. “I see you are awake. Good morning Jack.”

“Sup.” I smiled. Shimmer Glow was eating her breakfast when newbie came in with Uglydog and Lucky Bat. "Momma!" she exclaimed. She fluttered her little wings as Sarah came over and hugged her. "Aww... you're fully of energy, aren't you?" she cooed.

Shimmer nodded, "Uncle Jack and I are gonna play together." she grinned.

"Oh are you now?" Newbie looked at me with a smirk. I growled while blushing a little. Uglydog came up on her shoulder. "So you're the cute filly Sarah told us about?"

"Yes, I'm Shimmer Glow."

Lucky Bat then came up, "Aww, you're adorable." Shimmer giggled and grabbed Uglydog. "Woah! Hey!" and she hugged him. "So soft." Uglydog blushed a little while Sarah laughed, "Are you done with your breakfast?"

Shimmer put Uglydog on the table and showed Sarah we clean plate. "Good, now go and wash up."

Shimmer nodded and merrily skipped down the hallway. Good thing, newbie showed her where the bathroom was when she showed the home-ship to her. "So Jack, you're gonna play with Shimmer?" Mason asked with a smirk. I growled at him, "The brat woke me up again for the forth time this week! Why can't she just leave me alone?!"

"Jack, she loves being with her new family. She's never had any love before us. You should be proud that she wants to play with you. Beside, you are her Uncle." Sarah explained to me. I sighed and soften up my expression, "Alright newbie. I'll play with her for you."

"Good cause I need you to baby sit her." Okay, that I did not expect. "What? Babysit?!" I exclaimed.

"Yes, I got called away to Canterlot for the morning and I want you to babysit Shimmer while I'm away."

"What? Take care for that brat, by myself?!" I exclaimed in shock. "No way!"

"Come on Jack, you'll have us there to help you and the dragons and AXL too." Ren reassured. "We'll help you care for them." Still... didn't want to. Not after the last time when newbie was sick in bed. .... But I am her friend and as annoying as those brats are, if she wants me to care for them then I guess I have to. After all, I'd never leave a friend hanging. "Alright newbie, I'll take care of her."

Sarah smiled, "Thanks Jack." Shimmer then came out of the bathroom and over to us. "Shimmer."

"Yes Momma?

"Mommy has to go to Canterlot for her Princess duties. So Jack and the others will be in charge of you while I'm gone, alright?"

"Yes Momma."

"Be on your best behavior."

"Yes Momma." she leaped into Sarah arms and hugged her while Sarah hugged her back. Even though I don't like mushy stuff, this was pretty sweet. Sarah placed Shimmer down. "I'll be back by tonight. Bye guys." and with that she teleported to Canterlot. Shimmer giggled and pawed at my leg. "Can we play now, Uncle Jack?"

I sighed, "Yes."

"Yeah!" She grabbed my hand with her tiny hooves and dragged me to over to the living room. She had me sit on the couch. "Okay... so what do you want to do." My answer was received when she came up to me with a makeup kit. If there's one thing I hate. It's girly stuff and that includes make up. "Hehehe, play dress up." Shimmer smiled innocently.

I grimaced while I heard Skittles laughing in the background. "Be quiet, Skittles." I growled.

"You guys can join in to." Shimmer cheekily grinned. Ren and the other boys expressions fell at that offer. "Oh.. um.. Actually..." Ren stammered.

"Please?" Shimmer asked them with her cute little eyes. Ren, the nerd, Mason and Rantaro all sighed reluctantly and nodded their heads. Shimmer cheered. I swear she uses her cuteness as a weapon. Anyway, Shimmer suddenly broke into a song as she... well... as she put it.. dolled us up.

Damn... that girl could sing for a young filly. Anyway, now we had makeup on our faces while Shimmer giggled and Twilight and the girls either had their jaws dropped or were laughing. "They are so adorable. HAHAHA!" Rainbow teased. When she tried to blow dry my hair, I screamed as well as Ren and tired to run away from her, but she caught us. Darn it. Uglydog and Lucky Bat didn't escape this either.

Next she put a mask on our faces and cucumbers on our eyes and then she put lip gloss on us. UGH! Why?! After that she made us wear wings. Grr... Skittles was laughing the whole time. Then she made us put on fancy outfits for boys and when we were done we looked like we were going to a fancy party. Ugh. Twilight and the girls giggled.

"Sigh... why are we doing this again?" Ren asked.

"You're her new uncles and you have to spend time with her." the purple loon stated.

We all groaned. Shimmer couldn't stop clapping her hooves. "Yeah, this is fun!" Speak for yourself.

Knock Knock Knock

Whose at the door now? Twilight opened the door with her magic, revealing... newbie?! Oh no. "Hey guys, how was baby-" When she saw us, she immediately busted out laughing. "Oh man.... that's hilarious! Hahahah!" she laughed. I tried to stop from blushed with embarrassment but failed as well as the other boys. "Sarah, what are you doing back so soon?" Twilight asked.

"The meeting didn't take as long as I thought." Sarah replied.

"What was the meeting about?" Applejack asked.

"The Princess just wanted to know more about my scepter and element. That's all." Sarah replied nonchalantly. Sarah then approached Shimmer. "Did you have fun, Shimmer?"

"Yes, Momma. I made the boys pretty." Shimmer cooed.

Sarah giggled, "Yes, yes you did. Now you can make them normal, okay honey?"

"Yes Momma." With that Shimmer removed all her.... dress up things and we were back to our normal selves. Thank God. Shimmer giggled and leaped into my arms. "Wah?" With that, she hugged my chest. "Thank you, Uncles." she said.

I softened my expression while looking at the bubbly filly. "No problem." I said. Shimmer giggled and fluttered into her mother's arms. "Come on, honey, let's get you home."

"Okay Momma." With that newbie carried Shimmer out the home-ship. "Bye guys." Newbie said.

We all waved her goodbye as she walked out the door. Sigh... this was the weirdest day I ever had.

POV Ends

The Next Day

I was walking with Shimmer by my side to the home-ship one bright and sunny Saturday morning. "So what are we gonna do today, Momma?" Shimmer asked me. She was holding Uglydog in her arms while I had Lucky Bat on my shoulder. "We're gonna visit your Uncles and Aunts today to have some more fun." I cooed.

"Yeah!" Shimmer cheered, fluttering her little wings happily. "Aww... she's so adorable." Lucky Bat cooed.



Huh? The last thing I saw before blacking out was a rainbow blur and I heard Shimmer and Lucky Bat screaming.

"Ugh..." I muttered, slowly waking up as I saw many blurs in front of me before revealing to be familiar people and ponies. "Wha?... What happened? Where am I?"

"Mommy!" Shimmer cried as she zipped over to my right side. "Are you okay mommy?"

"I'll be alright, Shimmer." I reassured. One look at myself and saw that I was on a hospital bed, wearing a night gown and having my left arm in a cast while my right leg was also in the air while in the air. I even felt some bandages around my face. "I guess."

"Don't worry Sarah." Uglydog said as he leaped onto my bed. "You'll be fine in a few days."

"So... what happened?" I asked.

"Rainbow crashed into you while doing some aerial tricks." Pinkie replied. "She did that same with Jack."

"Grr... don't remind me you pink loon!" Jack exclaimed. Anyway, I tried to sit up, but I felt a sharp pain. "Ow!"

"Now, now, sugarcube. Don't move too much." Applejack said.

"Okay." I felt my hair and felt something missing. "Wait! Where's my crown?!"

"Don't worry, I got it." Mason said, holding my element. I gave a sigh of relief. Glad that wasn't broken in the crash. Mason nodded with a smile as we heard the door opened, revealing the doctor.

"Ooh Doctor Horse!" Twilight called. "Thank goodness you're here."

"Doctor Horse?" Carrie asked curiously before snickering a bit.

"I don't know if I should laugh or feel concerned for that name." Kaede whispered to Jamie and Ren, which they both nodded in agreement.

"I never been late on seeing my patients." Doctor Horse stated before muttering "Except for my lunch breaks, that is..."

"Oh Doctor! Is Sarah gonna be okay?" Fluttershy asked in concern.

"Don't worry, the Princess will be just fine in a few days." Doctor Hooves said. "Ugh..." Huh? Now who said that? I looked over to my right to see Skittles on the hospital bed, only to have her right wing covered in a bandage. Wait, how the heck did I not noticed this. "What the?"

"Oh! Rainbow Dash! You're awake!" Fluttershy said in joy. "Thank goodness!"

"Yeah! Good thing you survived Dash! We all were worried about you." Ren added with a worried and concerned look. Uh hello? What about me?! I gotten hurt from the impact as well thanks to Skittles here!

"It's quite a miracle that you didn't die from the impact." Mason said with a small smile.

"Indeed!" Rarity agreed. "I can't imagine what might happen if you weren't so lucky to cushion the impact."

"Insulted!" I exclaimed.

"W-what the?! Sarah?! What the hay are you doing here?!" Skittles demanded, wincing a bit from her injured wing.

"Don't you remember who you crashed into?" I smirked. Rainbow thought for a moment and gasped. "Oh my gosh. Sarah, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed.

"I'll be fine, Rainbow." I reassured.

"Huh..." Skittles muttered before crossing her hooves and asked "How long do I need to lie here? I've got things I need to do!"

"Like what?" Kodi questioned with a raised brow.

"You know! The normal things everyday! Practicing aerial tricks, head over and manage at the weather office, and such!" She replied.

"Well I'm sorry to say, but all depends on both of your recovery, but I'd say a few days minimum." Doc stated sternly, much to her shock. She grabbed both Fluttershy and Ren as she exclaimed "You guys have gotta get me out of here! I'm gonna climb the walls!"

Skittles fell flat on her head, feeling anguish that she has to stay here.

"Calm down, you'll be fine Dash. Don't worry, it's just a few days after all." Ren assured with a soft grin.

"Ren is right. You just need to relax." Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Skittles sighed before blowing a bit of her hair.


"Ooh, wait!" Pinkie shouted. "She said that if she remained here long enough, she'll climb the walls! Just like a spider!" She turned to the Doc and asked "Did the crash somehow give both Dashy and Sarah super-duper spider powers?"

"Nnnno..." Doc replied, pushing her away slightly. "Nor did it give these two amazing healing powers. They need to stay in bed for a few days."

"And really Pinkie? Spider powers?" Mason questioned, dryly.

"I have to agree, that's illogical possible." Jamie pointed out.

I rolled my eyes and giggled. "Ummm... guys. What's going on with her element there?" Lucky Bat asked and that's when everyone even the doctor noticed my element shimmering. "Okay, what wrong with it now?" Jack grumbled. The element floated out of Mason's hands and over to me. From there, it let out a wave of magic on me and Rainbow Dash. For me, it made my leg and bandages glow brightly. They vaporized revealing my leg fully healed and now scratches on my face anymore. For Rainbow, I healed her broken wing and healed the scratch on her head.

Everyone gasped in shock as my element stopped glowing and placed itself on my head. "D-Did Sarah's element just-?" Jamie stammered.

"Heal her and Rainbow's injuries? Yes, yes it did." Ren finished.

"Impossible!" Doctor Hooves exclaimed.

"Well with newbie's element, anything is possible." Jack stated. Me and Rainbow climbed out of bed. I didn't feel any pain putting weight on my right leg and Rainbow felt no pain in her wing. "Awesome! I'll fully healed!" she cheered.

Doctor Hooves was speechless. "... Well looks like... you both are free to go." he stammered.

Rainbow immoderately flew out of the hospital followed by the rest of us. "Wooo!" 'she cheered. "Thanks Sarah."

"Don't thank me, thank my element." I replied.

"I didn't know it had healing powers." Jamie stated.

"Guess that's another ability we can added to the list." Mason added.

Everyone else agreed while I looked at my element. "Just what other secrets do you have?"

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