• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 54: Ponies of the Dark Water: Part 2

“Free again! No longer am I trapped in that pathetic shell of Luna.” Nightmare Moon said.

“Oooh, this has gone much better than I thought it would.” Pinkie hissed.

“Just when this couldn’t get any worse.” Applebloom said.

“I agree.” I said. “We have to get Sarah her scepter. That’s the only thing that can stop them.”

“You will do no such thing!” Nightmare Moon said as she took Sarah in her grasp. “Ugh!”

“Newbie!” Jack called. “Let her go you bastard!”

“Hahaa, why would I do that. With this one out of the way, there’s nothing that will stop me from ruling Equestria! The Night will last forever!” Suddenly, she was shocked by Ampharos and Sarah was released from her grasp. Mason grabbed her. “You little pest! I have to deal with you later, right now I have two unicorns to see.” Nightmare Moon flew over to Sarah’s Castle and Zecora came over.

“The only way to end this disaster
Is to get Sarah her powerful scepter.”

“But that’s in her castle with Nightmare Moon, Evil Twilight and Rarity.” Carrie said. “There’s no way we can get in there without getting clobbered.”

“Well we can’t just stand here while Equestria is at risk because of our friends. We have to try and get Sarah’s scepter from the castle.” I said with determination.

“But Twilight took Sarah’s magic and Element. How is she gonna counter?” Kaede asked.

“Sarah has more than just her magic.” I said, referring to her pokemon.





Mason sighed, “I guess we have no choice, do we?” Everyone shook their heads. “.. Fine.”

“Hell yeah. Let’s go get our loons back to normal!” Jack exclaimed. We all nodded and headed over to Sarah’s castle. We entered the front door. “So where did you put your scepter, newbie?” Jack asked.

“In my room. This way.” Sarah lead us down a hallway to her room. She opened it to find Shimmer Glow, Moonshine, Winter and Storm. “Mommy!” Shimmer cried as she dashed over to her mother. “Mommy, I’m scared. Auntie Twilight is acting mean.”

“Shh.. don’t worry, sweetie. Mama’s gonna get Auntie Twilight back to normal and the others too.” Sarah cooed. “But Mommy needs her scepter.”

“Winter has it, Mommy.” Shimmer said. Winter came up to them with the Scepter of Harmony in her mouth. “Good girl, Winter.” Sarah cooed and she took the scepter. “Alright, now let’s take it to them!” Jack exclaimed.

“Jack, wait!” Mason cried but the biker was already heading to the throne room. ‘Oh boy, he’s gonna get himself killed.”

We all rushed out of the bedroom and into the throne room where we saw Jack confronting Nightmare Moon, Evil Twilight and Evil Rarity. “You are not ruining our plans to take over Equestria!” Nightmare Moon exclaimed.

“Yes we are, you bastards! Newbie!” Sarah leaped in front of Jack, “Harmonic Blaze!” and blasted Twilight, Rarity and Nightmare Moon with her scepter and Nightmare Moon was Luna once more. Twilight and Rarity were back to normal and their eyes were their regular colors again. “Wh-What happened?” Twilight asked.

“All I remember was sleeping in my bed and after that was a blur.” Rarity said.

“No time for that loon, right now we need to fix Applejack and the others.” I said to them. Jack smashed the jar holding Sarah’s magic and it returned to her, restoring her eye’s to their normal color and her Element crown floating to the top of her head. “Now let’s go!” Mason snapped.

We all raced outside to see Fluttershy and her animal getting ready to charge Ponyville. “Do it Sarah!” I cried. Sarah nodded and her Element and horn glowed brightly as well as her scepter’s jewel.

She thrust the scepter into the ground and sent out a huge shockwave throughout Ponyville that blinded all of us.

POV Ends

When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Winter’s face. She warbled at me. “Ugh… hey girl.” I groggily said.

“Hey guys, she’s awake!” I heard someone cry. And before I knew it, Ren, the girls and all my friends were at my bedside. “Hey sugarcube, how are feeling?” Applejack asked. Her eyes were back to their normal green color rather than red. “My magic worked. Great.”

“Ugh.. just a little groggily.” I replied in a tired voice. “How’s Ponyville?”

“Everything is back to normal, thanks to your friends and you.” Luna said. “Zecora and I removed the magic from the hot springs so nothing like this happens again.”

“That's good.” I tried to sit up, but I gasped in pain. “Easy newbie.” Jack said.

“You’re still hurt from that big shockwave.” Ren said. “It was so strong, it even reached Rainbow Dash in the sky and sent you flying through one of your castle windows.”

Though one of the windows? Yikes. “Ugh.. that’s why I’m so sore.” I groaned.

“You sustained only minor bruising and will need to stay in bed for a day or two.” Luna said.

"I knew your scepter was powerful but not that powerful." Applejack said. "I'm sure everypony in Equestria heard that shockwave."

"Combined with her Element and her own magic, Sarah's scepter released enormous amounts of magic and energy." Twilight said.

"Well I'm just glad you girls are back to normal." Ren said with a smile.

"Indeed, your friendship was fortunately not disrupted by the evil water." Luna said.

"Fortunately? Why do you say that?" Rantaro asked.

"Because if you six had stayed your evil selves and worked together, I would have no doubt that you would be unstoppable." We all looked at each other and agreed with that statement fully. "Just glad newbie snapped you loons to your senses." Jack toothily grinned at me. I nodded and then, “Mommy!” Shimmer flew into the room, buzzing her little wings. “Is mommy okay?”

“I’ll be alright, sweetheart.” She and I nuzzled each other and the girls cooed. "I just need to rest for a few days. Ren, can you and the others look after her?"

"Oh course, darling." Rarity said. "We'll watch over this little sweetheart." Rarity rubbed Shimmer's head, making her giggle. "Now you should get your rest." I nodded and one-by-one my friends left my bedroom. "Are you sure you'll be okay, Mommy?" Shimmer asked.

"I'll be fine, my little one. Your Uncle Ren and the others will watch over you while I rest." I reassured.

"Okay mommy." Shimmer fluttered off the bed and after the others while I rested my eyes, thankful that this whole mess was over.

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