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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 48: Dream a Little Dream from me

Ren's POV

I open my eyes and wake up to a bright clear sky.... Wait! How am I outside?! Last time I remember I was sleeping in my bedroom in the home ship. I sat up and saw Jack, Jamie, Rantaro, Nicole, Kaede, Mason and Carrie all waking up and being shocked. "Why the hell are we in a forest?!" Jack exclaimed.

"I thought I was back at the home ship." Jamie said.

"Big Brother, where are we?" Carrie asked.

"I don't know Carrie." Mason replied. This is so strange. One minute we were in our home-ship and the next we're in this forest. Some bushes rustled near us. "Huh? What's that" Jamie asked.

What came out of the bushes was, thankfully, Princesses Luna and Celestia. "Ren? Everyone?" Celestia said.

"Celeste, Luna, Oh thank goodness you're here." I said. "Do you have any idea where we are?"

"All I can guess is that we're in some sort of dream that I didn't create." Luna explained.

"A dream?" Jamie repeated.

"Yes but why all of us are in the same dream together is beyond me." Luna added.

Then, other bushes rustled and out came a weird green pokemon with one eyes and a red diamond in the center of it's body.

"What the-? What's that thing?" Jack asked. The little thing hopped over to us. "Tis Ren Loodan, Jack Yamaki, Jamie Watson, Nicole Bonnie, Rantaro Wilde, Kaede Ross, Carrie and Mason Hunter and the royal sister of Equestria." it said. Okay did not expect that. "What the hell?" Jack exclaimed.

"T-The little green thing talks?!" Jamie added.

"My name is Squishy and does that astonish you? You who is able to speak as well?" it said. Squisky? That's a weird name for a.... green thing I guess.

"Hey no need to get smart with the nerd." Jack said. The the are turned red and we turned to see a red glow near us. "I give what's that about?" I asked.

"It's been chasing Sarah Gem and me around." Squishy said.

"Huh? Chasing Sarah?" Mason inquired.

"What do you mean?" Nicole added.

"No time for questions, save me at once." Squishy lept onto my head. "Come on run!" We looked and saw a large red fame with eyes and a mouth in front of us. "Holy..." Jack said.

"Crap baskets." I finished. It launched a fire ball at us. "WAH!" and I ran for it. "Hey wait!" Jack cried and we all started running away from the fireball monster. "What does this creep want?" Kaede asked.

"Less talking, more running!" Jack exclaimed. It launched more fireballs at us which me and the other quickly dodged. "Faster, Faster!" Squishy said.

"You heard him!" I exclaimed and we kicked it into high gear until we came to a river. "God dammit... now what do we do?"

"To the other side!" Squishy called.

"You guys heard him." I leaped into the water along with the Princesses. "Come on, hurry." Celestia called. My friends were hesitant until. "Behind you!" They turned and saw the fireball creep and they immediately leaped into the water. "This way!" Celestia called as she swarm across the river with us following. "Don't leave us, royals! Slow it down!" I cried. We made it to the other side and I turned to see the fire creep not giving chase anymore. Thank God.

Squishy leaped off my head on a rock while we stopped and caught our breath. "That was close." Kaede panted.

"What was with that creep?" Mason asked.

"Well done, I praise you both royal sisters and humans." Squishy said.

"Do you know anything about that flaming bully?" Carrie asked.

"I said it's trying to catch me and Sarah Gem." Squishy replied.

"Yeah we got that already but why does it want you and newbie?" Jack asked.

"I have no idea but one thing is for certain something unsavory is about to occur." Unsavory that doesn't sound good. "I don't know what language you're speaking but it sure sin't mine." Rantaro said.

"What is this unsavory occurrence you're speaking of?" Luna asked.

"That is unknown, but all I know is that Sarah Gem and I are at the heart of the darkness." Squishy said.

"At the heart?" Jamie inquired. Squishy nodded, "What I want is to taken back home."

Home? Okay... what is this little fella talking about? First he says Sarah and him are being chased by something unknown, says something bad is going to happen soon and now he wants to be taken back home? "Home? What do you mean by home?"

"Listen, my power has not yet returned." Squishy said.

"Your power?" Celestia said.

"If it does, the order of Equestria and beyond will be thrown into disarray." Squishy said.

This does not make any sense! "Okay, what danger exactly are you and Sarah in?" I asked Squishy. Squishy sighed, "Alright... there's a hidden, evil organization in Equestria that wants Sarah and I for themselves." Squishy explained. "They want to us Sarah Gem and I for experiments and to take over Equestria."

We all gasped. "Take over Equestria?!" Jamie cried.

"Why do they want Sarah and you?" Mason said.

"We both possess amazing power inside of us. The organization wants to use that power against Equestria and for that they must first capture Sarah Gem and myself." Squishy added.

"I've got no idea what you're yapping about pal." Rantaro said.

We all looked at each other with a mixture of concern, fear and confusion. Suddenly, there was a scream that filled the air. "What was that?" Celestia asked.

"That was Sarah Gem!" Squishy exclaimed. We all gasped and Squishy immediately hopped onto my head and we rushed in the direction of the scream. While we were running something caught my eye in the bushes. "Huh?" I went over to it and revealed it was Sarah's dino Bracer, her dinosaur cards, her crown and her Scepter. "Sarah's items. She's gotta be close." Mason said. Suddenly the dino bracer and dino gadget glowed brightly and suddenly we all had dino bracer's and dino gadgets. The stones inside the dino bracer appeared and the Fire stone went to me.

Jack got the Water stone.

Jamie got the Grass Stone.

Mason got the Earth Stone and the Lightning Stone stayed in Sarah's dino bracer.

"Okay.. what just happened?" Mason asked.

"No time, newbie needs us." Jack exclaimed. "Let's go!" We all ran again and then we entered a clearing where we found Sarah, being load into some kind of truck by some strange ponies where red and white suits. Sarah looked to be in bad shape. She had scratches on her and her shirt was a bit torn. "Hey!" I called, getting their attention. Sarah weakly looked at us and smiled.

"What do you humans and ponies want?" the leader inquired. The leader was a stallion wearing a red and white suit with a fiery red mane and tail. "Let Sarah go!" I demanded. The stallion laughed, "As if, this hybrid will be vital to our research. Now you better leave if you know what's good for you."

"Not until we get our friend back." Mason said, getting out his bamboo stick. The stallion smirked. "Now!" two unicorns came up and used their magic to create a large smoke cloud. "Hey!" I cried. When the smoke cloud cleared, the ponies and the truck were gone. "Crap.. they got away with Sarah!" Jack snapped. "Now what?"

"We've gotta find her. You heard Squishy, they're gonna perform experiments of her." Mason said.





Huh? We all turned and saw Sarah's four pokemon rushing towards us. "Dratini, Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff!" I exclaimed. "Are you all okay?"

"Yes, Ren. But we have to find Mommy." Riolu said. "Those mean people have her."

"Right, but we don't know where the truck took her." Carrie pointed out. Suddenly, more bushes rustled and we got into fighting stances, but what came out wasn't an enemy. In fact it was a pokemon. A very tall and majestic looking pokemon. It looked like a quadruped, stag-like Pokémon with four pairs of antlers. Its coloration varies slightly depending on which mode it is in: Active Mode or Neutral Mode. Regardless of mode, its main body is always black with a blue stripe down its back and a short, bushy tail. Starting at its knees there is a blade-like trim around each leg, which forms a point under each hoof. There is an upside-down, V-shaped marking on its chest in the same color as the trim on its legs. Its head and neck are blue, and there are two large, tufts that extend onto its chest and curve upward. Its first pair of antlers extends onto its head and curves around the underside of its eyes. The eyes are black with X-shaped pupils. There is a short marking on top of its snout and an upward curving horn on each side of its head in place of ears.

"Who are you?" I asked in awe.

The large stag came towards us. "My name is Xerneas." it said.

"You can talk?!" Carrie exclaimed.

"Yes, young one. I understand your friend is in grave danger." Xerneas said.

"That's an understatement." Jack grumbled.

"I can lead you to her." Xerneas added.

"Really?!" Mason said. Xerneas nodded, "Follow me." Xerneas gracefully leaped across the forest floor with great ease and we followed her. "Hang in there Sarah. We're coming." We followed Xerneas for a few more miles until we came to an abandoned warehouse. "A warehouse?" I asked.

"This must be their hideout." Mason growled. Lights started to flash from the building and Sarah's screams were heard. "Sarah!" I cried in fear. "This way." Xerneas lead us to a secret entrance in the back of the warehouse. "Thank you, Xerneas." I thanked. Xerneas nodded, "The rest will be up to you now. I will be waiting for your return."

Xerneas then leaped away in the forest brush. "Come on." We all crawled their the air duck and quietly opened a hatch. We all entered a large room where we saw the ponies at different consoles and Sarah in a large tube with wires attached to her. An electric shock was sent through her and she screamed in pain. "Sarah!" I whispered in fear.

The shock stopped and Sarah collapsed in her tube. "Ahh her power and magic levels are extraordinary. There's no doubt she'll be our most priceless weapon. Hehehe."

A weapon? No... they won't. "We gotta stop them." Carrie said.

"Don't worry Carrie, we will." Mason reassured.

"We have to get newbie out of that tube." Jack said. "But how?" Suddenly our dino bracers glowed and blinked together as if telling us to use them. "You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked. Jack, Jamie and Mason nodded.

We all jumped down onto the floor, shocking the ponies. "How'd you get in here?" the leader exclaimed.

"That doesn't matter. Now let our Princess go!" I demanded again.

"Hahaha! Oh Puh-lease, why would we release our most powerful weapon to you?"

"She's not a weapon she's our friend. Now let her go!" Carrie yelled.

"No way, we've gone through too much to let her go and there's nothing you can do about it."

"Oh yeah?" I pulled out Blaze's card.




Mason: "DINO SLASH, SHAKE THEM UP, STEGOSAURUS and with that Blaze, Aqua, Blossom and Quake appeared before the ponies and gave a loud roar at them all. "Now we'll ask you bastards again, let go of newbie!" Jack exclaimed.

The stallion smirked and moved towards a switch. "No and if any of you make a move." he flipped it and Sarah was horribly shocked. "GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

"Sarah!" We all cried.

"Your Princess pays the price." The stallion flipped it again and Sarah collapsed again in her tube, looking very weak. That monster... hurting our friend. Sarah's pokemon came in front of us "Let go of our Mommy!" Riolu cried.

"Yeah she doesn't belong to you!" Rockruff added.

"Dratini!" Dratini cried. The lead stallion laughed. "Houndour, Houndoom!" Then a pack of seven Houndour and Houndoom appeared.

Houndour: A quadruped, canine Pokémon with short, black fur and a red underbelly and muzzle. Its ears and tail are both short and pointed. Two fangs protrude from its upper jaw, and its triangular nose is black. There are white bands on its ankles, and rib-like ridges on its back. It appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on its forehead with the eye orbits creating eyebrow patterning above its actual eyes. It also has circular, red paw pads on each of its three-toed paws.

Houndoom: A quadruped, canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white band with a small skull-shaped pendant on its throat. There are two white bands on each of its ankles, as well as three rib-like ridges on its back. It has a long, skinny tail with a triangular tip and three clawed toes on each paw. On top of its head is a pair of long, curved gray horns.

"You can try to take back your 'mother' but that won't be happening. This hybrid will be ours and she'll help us take over Equestria!" The stallion laughed while we looked at him with a mixture of fear and anger. "We won't let you hurt our mommy!" Riolu said and he charged right for one Houndour. "Riolu, don't!" I cried. Mareep, Rockruff and Dratini charged as well.

"Use Dark Pulse!" the ponies commanded and the pokemon launched Dark Pulse at the four pokemon, knocking them back. "Riolu, everyone, No!" I cried. The stallion laughed. "You weak pokemon don't stand a chance against us." he declared. Riolu, Rockruff, Mareep and Dratini got up and growled at the leader stallion. Suddenly, they all glowed light blue and their bodies began to change shape and size. "Are.. they...?" Jamie said.

"They're evolving!" I exclaimed.

They all changed appearance completely and now they were a proud, Lucario, Flaffy, Dragonair and Lycanroc (Dusk Form). They all cried out loudly.

Lucario: A bipedal, canine-like Pokémon, with fur that is predominantly blue and black. It possesses a short, round spike on the back of each forepaw, in addition to a third on its chest. It has red eyes, a long snout and ears. When its mouth is open, it has two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. It possesses cream-colored fur on its torso, and blue fur on its thighs that resembles shorts. It has a medium length tail of the same blue color as well. It stands on its toes rather than on its entire foot. It has developed four black appendages that hang down from its head,

Lycanroc (Dusk Form): It was an orange colored wolf with a large white mane and a long beautiful tail.

Dragonair: A long, serpentine Pokémon with sky blue scales and a white underside. It has a rounded snout, oval purple eyes, and a small, white horn on its forehead. On each side of its head is a small, stylized wing, which is white and curves into a swirl at the base. Three blue, crystal orbs adorn its body: one on its neck and two on its tail.

Flaffy: A pink, bipedal, sheep-like Pokémon. It has thick, conical ears with black stripes on the sides of its head and small, blue eyes. A white mane of wool covers its head and upper body. This mane forms sideways curls on the top of its head. It has stubby arms and one nail on each foot. It's long tail has black stripes and is tipped with a blue orb.

"Amazing!" Carrie said. The stallion leader growled while Lucario formed and Aura Sphere and launched it at Sarah's tube, breaking it and freeing her. "No!" Lucario rushed over and picked her and brought her over to us. I grabbed Sarah, bridal style as she groaned a little. "Give us back our weapon!" the stallion yelled.

"Not a chance, bastard!" Jack exclaimed and Aqua roared at him as well. Blaze and Blitz charged through the room, destroying everything in their way and forcing the ponies to scatter. The Houndour and Houndoom charged at us but Flaffly and Lycanroc came in front and launched a Electro Ball and Rock Throw at them, knocking them back. "Let's go!" Celestia said. We all agreed and we hopped on our dinosaurs and rushed out of the warehouse and deep into the forest, safe from the ponies.

Sarah groaned and she opened her eyes, "R-Ren, everyone." she said weakly.

"Easy Sarah." Mason said. Sarah grunted in a pain and the Princesses came into view. "Celestia? Luna?" The Princesses used their magic to heal Sarah's wounds and injuries. Sarah sat up and held her head. "Ugh... thanks."

Her pokemon came up to her and we returned the dinosaurs to their cards. "Huh?... Did you all evolve?" Sarah asked her pokemon. They all nodded. "They all evolved to save you." Carrie said.





Sarah smiled at her four pokemon friends. Sarah tried to sit up, but she gasped a little in pain. "You should stay down Sarah. You're still hurt from those experiments." Luna advised. Sarah grunted and nodded in agreement. Then bushes rustled near us and we all stood around Sarah. "Must be those ponies again." I growled, but what came out was two Oshawotts, a Snivy and a Tepig.

Oshawott: A bipedal sea otter-like Pokémon. It has a spherical white head with small, triangular dark-blue ears on the sides. Oshawott's eyes are dark and its dark orange nose is shaped like a horizontal oval. Several freckles cover its cheeks which may be premature whiskers, and two pointed teeth can be seen when it opens its mouth. The light blue fur on its body forms bubble shapes around its neck. Its arms are white and rounded, while its feet are dark blue with three toes each. It also possesses a rudder-like dark blue tail. It carries a pale yellow seashell called scalchop on its belly.

Snivy: A bipedal, reptilian Pokémon with a slender build. Most of its body is green with a cream underside. A yellow stripe runs down the length of its back and tail, and it has yellow markings around its large eyes. Two curved yellow structures that resemble leaves or small wings protrude from its shoulders and bend backwards. Its slender arms have three fingers, while its tiny feet have no digits whatsoever. It has a large, palmate leaf with three prongs on the end of its tail.

Tepig: A quadruped, pig-like Pokémon that is primarily orange. It has oval eyes, a pink nose, and a thick yellow stripe on its snout. The upper portion of its head is dark brown, and its long, pointed ears are positioned closely together. Tepig has short legs, and its front feet are dark brown. A dark brown band covers its lower back and rear. Its curly tail is tipped with a ruddy pink sphere.

"Two Oshawott, a Snivy and a Tepig?" I asked. The four pokemon walked over to us and one of the Oshawott seemed interested in Sarah while the Snivy was interested in Jamie and the second Oshawott was interested in me and the Tepig liked Jack for some reason. "Oshawott Osha."


"Tep, Tepig."

"Okay.. what's the deal with these three pokemon?" Mason asked.

"Looks like they want to be with you all." Celestia said with a smile.




"Well if that's what they want, then okay." I picked up my Oshawott and it climbed onto my shoulder. "Oshawott, Osha!"

"There you are!" We looked and saw the Houndor, Houndoom and the evil ponies. We all got up and surrounded Sarah. "You're not getting our friend, so just give it up." I said.

"Ha, you don't know who you're dealing with kid. We're Team Flare and we take what we want now hand them over!" the leader demanded. Carrie was holding Squishy tightly. "No way!"

The Houndour and Houndoom growled at us. "Get them!" and they charged at us. My Oshawott, Jamie's Snivy and Jack's Tepig charged right at them. My Oshawott used Aqua Jet and slammed into one Houndoom while Jack's Tepig used Flame Charge and rammed two others. Jamie's Snivy used Leaf Blade and slashed the Houndour.

"We're taking the hybrid and Z1 if it's the last thing we do!" the leader said.

"Good, cause it will be you bastards!" Jack yelled.


The Houndour leaped into the air and dove for Sapphire but Flaffy and Lucario counter with Thunder and Power-up Punch, sending the pack flying. "Alright you two!" I cheered. The Houndour crashed to the ground and the ponies gasped. The leader stallion growled and took out a pokeball. "Pyroar, let's go!"

And he summoned his Pyroar, a lion like pokemon with large paws and a full mane meaning it was male.


Pyroar growled at us. "Get the hybrid and Z1!" the leader commanded and Pyroar charged Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig with a Wild Charge attack, knocking them back. "Oh no!" Pyroar then leaped into the air and smacked us all away from Sarah. "Pyroar!"

"Stay away from her!" I yelled. Pyroar growled at me and was about to take Sapphire. "Mommy!" Dragonair cried as it charged at Pyroar, "Dragonair, no!" Lucario cried. Pyroar saw her and launched a Flamethrower at Dragonair. Dragonair leaped into the air and covered itself in large amount of energy in the form of a dragon and dove right at Pyroar, colliding with it and sending it flying back. "What was that attack?" Mason asked.

"That was Dragon Rush!" I exclaimed. "Dragonair learned Dragon Rush! Awesome!"

Pyroar wasn't done yet. Pyroar got up and charged at Dragonair, but Dragonair counter with a Dragon Pulse, stopping Pyroar's attack. "I won't let you hurt my Mommy!" Dragonair formed a large sphere of energy in it's mouth and launched it at Pyroar. "Pyroar?"


What an explosion. When the smoke cleared Pyroar was on the ground, knocked out. "Dragonair won!" I cheered.

"Alright!" Mason added. The leader stallion and the ponies were shocked by this. Dragonair slithered over to Sarah. "Mommy?" Sarah opened her eyes. "Dragonair?" Dragonair gently wrapped Sarah up in her tail and came over to us. "Here put her on my back." Celestia offered. Dragonair placed Sarah carefully on Celestia's back.

The stallion leader returned Pyroar. "This isn't over!" he declared and he and the other ponies and pokemon retreated.

"Hope that's the last time we see them." Rantaro said. Suddenly the area glowed red again and the fire ball creep appeared. "Yikes it's the big ball of fire!" I cried. It fired a fireball at us. "Move it!" We all ran away from the fireball creep and it fire two more fireballs at us. "Somebody help us out!"

Suddenly we were in a calm part of the forest and there was no fire ball creep. "Hey, it looks like it gave up."

"About friggin time." Jack groaned. "Now I can catch up on some breathing."

"Don't get too comfortable." Squishy said. "Let's go somewhere safe."

We all started running again through the forest, "It could come for us at anytime." Squishy added.

"You don't relax more do you?" I asked. We ran until we came to a burtn part of the forest, "Woah, check out that mess!" Mason exclaimed. Trees were burnt and the ground was covered with black soot as well as the trees. "You think that flaming loon did all of this?" Jack asked.

"I can't believe it would do this to just catch Sarah and I." Squishy leaped off of my head and went to the center of the destruction. Before our eyes, he sent out a shockwave that restored all the trees and grass as if nothing ever happen. "Amazing!" Jamie said.

"Woah, that's crazy!" I said. Squishy came over us. "Okay so what the hell are you anyway?" Jack asked.

"I am I." Squishy replied.

"Anymore specific?" Nicole asked.

"Forget all that." Squishy leaped onto my head again. "Let's get moving."

"More running?" Jamie whined.

"Don't be a whimp!" Jack exclaimed, scaring him so we all started running again. "Once we get through the forest, my home is very close." Soon we exited the forest and were now on a path. "We made it out." Luna said. I turned around and saw dark clouds forming above us. "I've got a bad feeling about those clouds." Mason said. Yeah, so am I. "Yes, it's coming without a doubt. Let's hurry."

"So why do you need to get home so badly?" Carrie asked.

"If I don't get back home, I can't transform." Squishy replied.

"Transform?" I asked.

"But as long as we get there in time, I promise you there's nothing to fear."

"Alright then, if that's the case, let's kick it into high gear everyone." I said. Everyone nodded and ran a bit faster, but when we got close to another forest we saw the same red glow. We stopped at the entrance. "The fire creep beat us here?!" Jack exclaimed. "How?"

"We have no choice but to fight." Squishy said.

"Fight that thing? Oh great. There's no weirdo like a burning weirdo." I said. It launched more fireballs at us and we jumped to dodged them. "Fine if it's a fight you want, you'll get one!" Mason exclaimed.

"Alright. Oshawott, Water Gun!" Oshawott sprayed water on the fire monster but it moved out of the way and reappeared.

"Tepig, Flame Charge!" Jack cried. Tepig charged forth but the monster opened it's center up and Tepig missed completely.

Flaffy tried a Thunderbolt, but it vanished and reappeared again. "Ugh, we're not doing a thing to it!" I grunted.

"Let... me try." We turned and saw Sarah shakily standing next to Celestia. "Sarah, no, you can't fight. Your still wiped from your ordeal." I said with concern.

"Ren's right, you can't take him on." Mason added. Sarah winced, "The bodyguard is right, newbie. No fighting for you." Jack said. Sarah grunted but she nodded and Jack put her back on her back. We all turned back to the fire creep, but before we could attack, it vanished and the whole area around us turned into a light blue area with stars all around. "HUH?!" We exclaimed. "What just happened?!"

"I think we're in the dream realm." Luna said. "But how put us in here?"

"That would be my doing." a majestic voice came and that's when Astral Twilight appeared. "Tree of Harmony? What are you doing here?" Ren asked.

"I am here because I put you all here." Astral Twilight revealed.

"You did?!" We all exclaimed.

"You put us in that weirdo dream?" Jack added.

"Why would you do that?" Mason asked.

"I was made aware of Team Flare's presence in Equestria and I knew they would be after Sarah and Squishy, so I placed you all in this dream to test if you would protect Sarah and Squishy what ever the cost."

"So this was all... a test?" I asked.

Astral Twilight nodded. "And you all passed with flying colors. I know Squishy and Sarah will be in good hands. I will wake you all up now, we will meet again." Then the whole area became a white flash.....

... I woke up and found myself in my bed in the home-ship and Kodi was sleeping next to my bedside. "...Woah..." I quietly walked out of my room where I was met with the others. Carrie had Squishy in her hands. "Was that... real?" I asked everyone.

"Sure felt like it." Nicole stated.

"Looks like we have more enemies who want Sarah and Squishy now." Mason said.

"Well we won't let them get their hands of newbie or the green thing after what we've been through." Jack said. We all nodded and all agreed we would protect Sarah and Squishy from Team Flare and any other threat that would come for them.

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