• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 45: Alfred Hedgehog Crossover

I was with my friends in my dad's lab, getting ready to go visit some more friends of mine. "You guys ready?" I asked.

"You bet!" Ren exclaimed.

"Hell yeah!" Jack added. With that, we all jumped through the portal and appeared in a house living room. Sitting on the couch was a humanoid hedgehog, skunk and wallaby. "Hi Alfred, Milo and Camille." I greeted.

"Hi Sarah, who are your friends?" Alfred asked.

"Milo, Alfred, Camille, meet Ren, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Carrie, Mason and Kaede."

All my friends said hi to the gang. "So what are you guys doing?" I asked. Suddenly, a small hedgehog with bows in her hair, wearing a a bathing suit. "Mommy, Mommy, it's raining fish!"

"Raining fish?!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was raining fish over to Cynthia place." the hedgehog said.

"Are you sure, Lilly?" Alfred asked. Lilly nodded. "Okay.. that's not natural." Ren claimed.

"You're right. This is serious mysterious." Alfred said. "Let's head over to Cynthia's." We all nodded and head over to Cynthia's place. Cynthia was humanoid bird and she was wearing a pink bathing suit. "Woah!" Jack exclaimed. "What the hell!" There were gray fish with stripes and yellow fins on the ground. "What happened Ms. Payne? You're garden's a total mess." Alfred asked.

"I was attacking by flyin fish. What I want to know is what are you goin to do about it." Cynthia said.

"Talk about a drama queen." Kaede whispered.

"Who are theses humans?" Cynthia asked.

"These are my friends." I replied.

"Settle down dear." Ms. Payne, a bird wearing all pink suit said. "Look what's happens to my perfectly serene spa day we were invading by flying monsters."

I picked up a fish and placed it a bucket. "Well based on the stripes and the yellow colors, I'd say these are yellow perch fish." Jack picked one up. "Yum... dinner!"

"Jack, you are not eating that defenseless fish!" Kaede scolded.

"Oh come on!"

"Put it in the bucket, Jack." I said to him. Jack growled and placed the fish in the bucket. Alfred took a picture of the fish. "These fish are our first clue."

"So what are we gonna do with all these fish?" Ms. Payne asked.

"Put them back in the lake cause that must be where they came from." Alfred said.

"Cynthia, darling, can you and your friends take the fish to the lake?"

Cynthia sighed, 'Sure mom. Gabby, Tina, Lewis." Cynthia's friends picked up the fish and took them down to the lake in the buckets. "Hurry up these fish can't walk to the lake." Sigh... I see Cynthia has not changed at all since I've left.

"Was there a lot of water or a little?" Alfred asked.

"It drenched us! One minute it was calm and sunny and the next minute the sun was blocked out and then woosh, it was raining water and fish."

"But it as sunny at Alfred's house." Camille said.

"Not here. Dark clouds covered up the sun." Ms Payne claimed.

"Woah... we really missed something." Carrie said.

"The fact that clouds covered up the sun here is clue number two. Let's go down to the lake and see if there are any clues there." We all agreed and went down to the lake where we found Milo. "Oh hey Milo, do you have anything?" Alfred asked.

"No all I have is a video of Oakly dancing on a log." Milo claimed. "Look." He turned on his video camera and saw a beaver spinning on a log. "Hmmm..." Alfred said.

"What are you guys looking at?" Oakly asked, coming out of the lake.

"It's you doing that funny dance on the log." Milo said.

"I wasn't dancing, I was staying to stay on the log, that big wind was spinning it around." Oakly said.

"A big wind?" Kaede asked.

"But it wasn't windy." Jamie added.

"Oh yes it was, the water was all choppy." Oakly stated.

"Let me see that again, Milo." Alfred said. Milo showed us the video again. "Woah.. I see what you mean about the wind." Jack said.

"I'd say that's clue number three." I said.

"Right. Time for a clue review. Back to Headquarters." Alfred said. We all then went to Headquarters it was small cave wit a door on it underneath and old tree. "Alright, clue number one. The fish. We know they are Yellow Perch and must have come from the lake. The question is how did they get from the lake all the way to Ms Payne's spa day?" Alfred said.

"Like I said, there's a giant squid monster in the lake." Milo said.

"No there is not." Camille claimed.

"Okay.. let's see clue number two."

"Which is the blocked out sun. According to Ms Payne some kind of big cloud blocked the sun and made it dark."

"Right." Alfred said. "So the next question is what kind of cloud was it?"

Ren and the others looked through some books on clouds. "Who knows, there was no cloud where we were." Camille said.

"Which leads us to clue number three, my video of Oakly spinning on the log. Not dancing as it turns out." Milo said. Alfred went towards the screen. "Se how the water is turning around in a circle and look at all that mist around Oakly." Alfred said.

"Yeah what is that?" Mason asked.

"I found nothing that describes the cloud everyone saw." Ren said.

"It the monster squid! It's really real!" Milo exclaimed. We all gave him deadpanned stares. "Milo, it's a lake. I thin it's about the cloud." Camille said.

Alfred went over to his computer. "Yeah, I think I know what kind of cloud that was." He searched his computer. "Aha, just as I suspected. Come on back to Cynthia's house." We all looked at each other confused but we followed Alfred and the others back to Cynthia's. "Finally, did you figure it out, Alfred?" Cynthia asked. She was getting fed grapes by her friends Gabby. "Yes we did." Alfred said.

"Who did this to my fabulous spa day?" Ms. Payne asked.

"No one Ms. Payne there was a cold air mass moving over the lake. The cold air moving over the lake created a funnel cloud." Alfred explained.

"A fun-what?" Cynthia asked.

"A funnel cloud. It touched down in the lake and became a water spout which turned up the water and made a mist. It also blocked out the sun, spraying water out of the top."

"But the fish! It was raining fish." Ms. Payne said.

"Water spout can turn at speed of 200 kilometers an hour and anything within one yard of that can be lifted into the air, including fish." I added.

"So the water spout picked up a bunch of water and fish and dropped them on my fundraiser?" Cynthia asked.

"Actually, it was mine dear." Ms. Payne claimed.

"Like mother like daughter." Camille groaned.

"Yep." I added. "Anyway, you can go back to your spa day, Ms. Payne."

"Oh thank you everyone." Ms Payne said.

"No problem." I said.

"So, newbie you and these guys solve mysteries regularly?" Jack asked.

"Yep. It's really exciting and this may help you with your books, Jamie. And I know Kaede loves a good mystery."

"That is true." Jamie and Kaede said in unison. "Looks like we're gonna be here for a while." Ren chuckled.

"Alright!" Carrie exclaimed. Mason and Jack rolled their eyes playfully at Carrie. "Eh, as long as it doesn't waste my time." Rantaro said.

"I guess I can do to solve a few mysteries." Nicole added. Looks like we're all onboard. This is gonna be fun.

The Mysterious Red Spots

Last night I used my magic to make a large, large tent for me and my friends. It was like a mansion in a tent complete led with a kitchen, bathroom and multiple bedrooms. They loved it. Two mornings passed and we went to Alfred's house to see him, Lilly and Camille covered in res sots and itching! Oh dear! "Gah! Stay away!" Jack said.

"Boy, just looking at you three makes me itchy. Dr. Anna said we would be okay if you keep your distance and we wash our hands when we leave." Milo said.

"Yeah whatever it is, we don't want it!" Ren exclaimed.

"Guys, I think Camille, Lilly and I were exposed to something and I need you to figure out what it was.." Alfred said.

"What us?!" Mason exclaimed.

"Yeah, we can't go outside." Camille claimed. Milo seemed excited about this. "You want us to lead the investigation?"

Camille and Lilly nodded, "Wow, this is great. I'm head detective, sweet! I won't let you down."

"Now I thinking something happen when we went rock climbing yesterday.


Alfred and Camille were climbing a cliff with the Mr. Thomas, the Principal of Gnarly Woods school. We were there as well. "Big brother, why didn't you go climbing with them?" Carrie asked.

"Nah, rock climbing is not my thing." Mason replied.

"Yeah, not mine either." Jack added.

"Because your so fat." Rantaro smirked. Jack growled. Anyway, Milo wanted a picture at the top and we raced to the top of the hill but when we got there we all saw a slithery thing at the top. "Woah! What the-?!" Ren exclaimed.

It was blue and red. "What's wrong?" Alfred asked.

"I've never seen anything like it. Don't come up. You're not going to believe this." Milo took pictures of the thing.

End of Flashback

"Hm... Milo do you have your camera?" Alfred asked.

"Yeah." Milo took out his camera and gave it to Alfred. Alfred hooked it up to the computer and went to the photo of the 'snake thing'. "There. Zoom in." Alfred zoomed in on the photo. The thing was red and white. "It doesn't look like a snake, it's too skinny." Camille said.

"Hmm... you're right. I'm not sure what that is. And that makes this our first clue." Alfred went to the next photo and saw something in the tree branches. It looked like a cluster of webs. "Look."

"Eww... what's that thing?" Kaede said.

"It looks like a nest of some sort." Ren claimed.

"A nest? What animal makes a nest like that?" Jamie inquired.

"I don't know but it may have something to do with the red spots and be our second clue. One of you have to get a close look at it." Alfred said.

"What?!" Ren exclaimed. "I'm out!"

"Nope! Nada! Nope!" Mason, Carrie and Jack added.

"I'll do it." I volunteered.

"No way newbie, you might catch it too." Jack stated.

"I can make a shield around me so I don't catch the red spots. Don't worry Jack, I'll be fine." I reassured.

"But how are you doing to get close to it?" Milo asked. I spread my wings and gave a quick flap. "Oh right.. wings." Milo stated.

"Be right back." I teleported away to the cliff and activated my shield. I flew up to the cluster and discovered small holes in it. "Hmm... so this is a nest." I used my magic to pull a small piece off and placed it in a small container. "Looks like we have clue number two." I teleported back to Alfred's house and presented the container to them. "Got it."

"Nice work Sarah." Alfred praised. "Time for a clue review to Headquarters!"

At the headquarters the piece I pulled was examined under a micrscope. "Hmm... It looks like some kind of coccon." Alfred said.

"What a cocoon?" Lilly asked.

"It's like a smal house for insects, but how is that linked to red spots?" Kaede asked. "Or how Lilly got them and we didn't."

"Yeah... we were with Milo and Lilly and only Lilly got the red spots." Ren added.

"Lill did you touch anything on the trip?" Alfred asked.

"Nope, just your backpack." Lilly answered. I went over to the backpack. "Hey... wait!"

"What?" Camille asked.

"Give me some sticky paper." Milo, looking confused gave me a piece of sticky paprer and I placed it on the backpak then pulled it up. "What is it, Sarah?" Jamie asked.

"Look." I showed it to them. "Tiny hairs? How is that linked to red spots?" Rantaro asked.

"Don't know, but these hairs are our third clue." I said.

"So now we have a snake, a cocoon and a hair." Milo said.

"How does that equal itches and red spots?" Kaede asked.

"It may have something to do with that 'snake' you guys saw." I said. I went to the computer and looked at the picture. "Is he sick... it's losing it's tail." Lilly said.

"You're right Lilly. This wasn't a snake." Going through the picture I went to the one of Lilly and the backpack.. there was something on the backpack. "And the culprit was in front of us all along."

"A caterpillar?" Everyone exclaimed.

"That little thing cause the red spots and itches? No way!" Jack exclaimed.

"Acutally Jack, it did because this one is call the Processional caterpillar."

"Processional caterpillar?" Ren asked.

"Yes, it's springtime so they are out. Their tiny hairs give you a bad reaction like the red spots and the itches." I explained. "When Alfred and Camille were climbing Alfred must have disturbed them and their hairs fell on you and Camille since you were the first ones at the top and Lilly got them from touching their hairs on the nap sack."

"... Woah." Jamie gasped.

"How knew something so small could do something do big?" Kaede said.

I raised my hand. "Not you!" Everyone exclaimed and we all shared a laugh together with another mystery solved.

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