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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 7: Sarah's Sick Day

Ren’s POV

It's been two weeks since Pyrite was accepted into Ponyville by me and my friends. Once we convinced the other ponies that she was reformed, they accepted her too, much to her joy. Mayor Mare gave her a house near Twilight's so she could stay here. Pyrite was really happy that she had more and more friends here. Pinkie threw her a 'Welcome to Ponyville' Party which is loved. She was very excited to have tried cake and other sweets since she never had them before. Me and the others were happy to see her accepted by Ponyville. Now, me and my friends were having breakfast together. Mason was cooking the pancakes, eggs and toast with Oj. I had two pancakes while the others had a bit more. Jack had ten pancakes, which I didn't find surprising. "Great breakfast, Mason." I praised.

"Thanks Ren." Mason said.

"Hey... where's Sarah?" Carrie asked, noticing Sarah was missing from the table.

"I don't know, I didn't see her when I woke up." Kodi replied. That's when Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff and Winter came into the room, looking worried. Riolu was pulling on my sleeve while Rockruff and Mareep were pawing at Mason's pants. Winter was pacing around in a circle. "Woah, woah, you guys, what's wrong?" Kaede asked.

"Something wrong with Mama..." Rockruff said. Now that got me worried a little. "Can you take us to her?" I asked.

Riolu nodded and the three pokemon and dragon led us to Sarah's room where we found her dad, Moonshine and Storm at her bedside. We saw Sarah and gasped. She looked horrible. Her horn was red and swollen and her nose was red as well. She had bad bags under her eyes and she had an ice pack on her head and a thermometer in her mouth.

Sarah's dad turned and saw us, "Oh, hey everyone."

"Woah... what's going on with, newbie?" Jack asked with worry.

"She has a bad cold." he answered. Sarah sneezed and magic sprayed from her horn hitting the dresser turning it into a kitten. “Meow.”

“...Well that’s a new one.” I stated.

“What the hell was that?!” Jack exclaimed.

“That, unfortunately, comes with her cold. She starts spraying magic.” Sarah’s father said. Sarah sniffled. “Is there anything we can do for her?” Kaede asked.

“There’s nothing you guys can do. My cold just has to run it’s course.” Sarah replied in a stuffy voice.

She sneezed again and hit the kitten which turned into a puppy. We all looked at each other with worry. “Besides you do not want to get hit with her spray magic. The last time she got me, I ended up in a pet store window.”

Jack and Jamie chuckled. Kaede hit Jack on the shoulder, “Not funny!”

“Sorry, it’s funny.” Rantaro said.

Sarah coughed, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Sarah’s father replied.

“Ren... can you and the others... sniffle... take care of my dragons and pokemon for me?”

“Of course, Sarah.” Nicole said.

“Dad, can you give them the list?”

“List?” We all exclaimed.

Sarah’s father gave us a list and I unrolled it. It went out the room and all the way to the dining room. It had to be about thirty feet long!

At 8:00: Feed the dragons and pokemon.

At 8:30: Brush the dragons and pokemons teeth.

At 9:00: Take the dragons out on their morning flight.

At 10:00: Wash the dragons and pokemon.

At 11:00: Play with the dragons and pokemon.

At Noon: Feed them lunch

At 1:00: Put the pokemon down for their naps.

At 2:00: Put the dragons and pokemon down for their naps.

At 3:00: Go out for another flight with the pokemon.

At 4:00: Feed the dragons and pokemon dinner.

At 5:00: Give the dragons and pokemon their evening baths

At 6:00: Put them to bed.

“Seriously, all this for six creatures?!” Jack exclaimed annoyed with the list already. I rolled up the list again.

“Sarah takes extra care of her friends.” Sarah’s dad said.

“Please you guys... sniffle.” Sarah asked. We all sighed but agreed to do it for our friend. “Thanks guys.”

We all nodded and were shooed out of the room by Sarah’s father and went to the living followed by Winter, Moonshine, Storm, Riolu, Rockruff and Mareep.

“Alright time to care for her creatures, yeah.” Jack fake cheered.

“Oh come on, Jack. You saw how they are we Sarah. They shouldn’t be that hard to care for. How hard can it be?” Carrie said.

“Yeah, How are can it be?” Mason added. "What's first?"

"Um.." I unrolled the list revealing the first three things. "First is.. feeding them breakfast."

"Okay that should be easy enough." Jack said. He went to the cubby that had "Dragons and Pokemon" on it. He opened it and was thrown down by a load of fish and large bags of pokemon food. "WOAH! AHH!"

Jack poked his head out. "Why does she have raw fish in the cubby?!" he yelled.

Storm, Winter and Moonshine came over and started eating the fish. "... That's why." I deadpanned. Jack growled and he came out of the pile.

Mason went over and lifted one of the bags of pokemon food. "Woah, this is heavy." he groaned. Carrie got the pokemons' bowl and put them on the floor. Mason put the bag on the floor and opened it. Luckily, it's one of those zip bags. He poured a good amount into the bowls while Kaede, Nicole and Rantaro began putting the fish back into the cubby. "I can't believe this stuff is still cold and fresh." Kaede said.

"She must have put a spell on them." Nicole guessed. After the bowls were full, Mason plopped the bag onto the floor. "Man... she does this everyday? How did we not notice?"

We all shrugged. After the dragons and pokemon were done eating, it was time to brush their teeth. Moonshine and Snowflake kept running away whenever we tried to come near them with the toothbrushes. "Hey! Wait! Come back!" We all cried, but the two dragons kept running. We finally got the two under control... by pouncing on them and brushing their teeth while they tried to buck us off. Me, Jack and Jamie were sore after that. Storm was less difficult. We only had to watch out that we didn't accidentally brush her teeth too hard, cause if we did she would fire a spike at us on purpose.

Riolu and the pokemon were very easy, surprisingly. They caused us very little trouble which was a relief. After that, we plopped on the couch, "Agh... I hope we don't have to do that again." Jack groaned, rubbing his sore arm.

"Okay... Next, take the dragons out on their morning flight." I added.

"Great." Jack grumbled.

"I'll be fine, Jack." I reassured. "We've seen Sarah fly with them. How hard can it be?"



Moonshine did a nose dive along with the other dragons, dive bombing right above Ponyville! They came up suddenly and tore through the town and back into the air. I was on Moonshine while Mason was on Storm and Kaede was on Winter.

"WHAT"S WRONG WITH THEM?!" Mason screamed.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I yelled back.

When we first mounted the dragons, they took to the air, nice and calm, but they must have been planning something with each other cause they suddenly burst into their top speeds and began twirling, doing loops and dive bombing! It was crazy!

"HOW DOES SARAH DO THIS?!" Kaede yelled in fear. The only ones who seemed to be having a good time was the dragons as they were roaring happily as they flew quickly through the air. We were in the air for an hour before we returned to the home-ship. We entered the living room, dazed and a bit woozy. Jack and Rantaro laughed at us, cause out hair was completely frazzled and messy like we woke up from a bad nightmare. Mason and Jamie looked at us in concern. "W-What's...next?"

"Bathing the dragon and pokemon." Jamie replied, making us all groan.

Soon, the dragons were in their separate bathing tubs while the pokemon were in one for themselves. The dragons, thankfully, didn't make bathing difficult. The pokemon enjoyed it, laughing and splashing in the water. When we were done washing them, the dragons hopped out and shook themselves dry like a dog would, getting us all wet. I spit out some water, "Next!" I called.

Jamie looked at the list, "Playing with the dragons and pokemon."

We played fetch with the dragons while Kaede began training the pokemon for Sarah. We discovered that Rockruff knew Iron Tail, Bite, Tackle and Rock Throw. Riolu knew, Force Palm, Vacuum Wave, Copycat and Aura Sphere, which was a big surprise since I knew that in order to learn Aura Sphere Riolu had to evolve in Lucario, but I remembered on episode of Pokemon where a Riolu did know Aura Sphere. And Mareep knew Thundershock, Tackle, Cotton Guard and Thunder Wave.

Rockruff and Riolu did great in their training, perfectly landing their attacks and dodging flawlessly.

The dragons, meanwhile, were a bit annoying... mainly because they thought that my Megaphone Hacking Gun, Jamie's book and Jack's jacket were toys and ran off with them, forcing us to chase after them before they ruined them. But the dragons were fast on land, leaving us in the dust. After about a two hour chase, we finally got our stuff back and staggered into the home ship where we saw Kaede feeding the pokemon their lunch. "Hey guys, what took you so long?" she asked.

"The brats ran off with our stuff and made us chase after them." Jack growled, holding his jacket which was covered in Storm's saliva.

"Oh, I'm sure they were only playing." Kaede reassured. She went to get the dragons their lunch while Me, Jack and Jamie collapsed on the couch again. "Th is harder than I thought." Jamie said.

"Yeah, Sarah makes it look so easy." I agreed.

That's when we heard some laughing nearby and saw, "Ugh.. it's this bastard again." Jack groaned. Rantaro was leaning against a wall, looking at saw with an amused look on his face. "Looks like babysitting is harder than you boys thought, huh?"

Jack growled, "That's none of your business, bastard!"

"I'm just saying that Sarah's dragons and pokemon seem to be harder to care for than you originally thought."

"Yeah, yeah, shaddup." Jack hissed. Rantaro shurgged. "Anyway.. I'm going to check on our sick friend, see ya." Rantaro walked off leaving the rest of us tired on the couch. "Alright, now time to put the pokemon and dragons down for their naps." Kaede said.

Me and the others sighed in relief. One hour of relaxation, "Come on, little ones." Keade cooed. Riolu, Mareep, Rockruff, Winter, Moonshine and Storm followed her to Sarah's room where we heard, "Oh my god!"

We all shot up and rushed to her room, "What's going- Oh God!" Sarah's room looked like a complete jungle, there were animals all over the place; kittens, puppies, ponies, you name it. Mason and Carrie came in, hearing Kaede's cry and Carrie cooed at the small animals. "Awww... there's so cute."

Sarah coughed and her dad placed another ice pack on her forehead. "Hey guys." she greeted hoarsely. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah.. yeah.. but what happened in here?" I asked.

Sarah sniffled, "Just my magic spray no.. big... achoo! Deal."

Sarah's father presented her a spoonful of cold medicine, "Here sweetie, drink your medicine." Sarah nodded and took the medicine, coughing a little. "My dragons and pokemon aren't being a problem.. sniffle.. are they?"

"Acutally Sarah-" Jack started but I covered his mouth, "They are being absolute dolls. They are no problem at all."

Sarah smiled at us, "Thanks again for caring for them."

"N-No problem."

"Alright sweetie, get some rest." Sarah's father said. She nodded and was out like a light in a second. "We'll be in the living room." I said as I sorta dragged Jack out of the room with Jamie, Mason and Carrie following. When we were in the living room, I uncovered Jack's mouth, "What the hell?!" he exclaimed. "I was going to tell her we're not caring for those creatures anymore!"

"You couldn't. Sarah's counting on us to care for her creatures." Mason said. "We're her friends. Do really want to disappoint her?" Carrie asked. Jack huffed and crossed his arms, "... No."

"Good then, we'll continue caring for her creatures until she's better." Jamie said with a smile. Jack huffed again but her agreed to help. An hour passed and we all had lunch in the food court. Jack had a burger while me and Jamie had a salad. Now it was time to wake the dragons and pokemon and take them all out for another flight. Yeeeeeaaah.

And once again, the dragons took us on a wile ride again. The pokemon seemed to enjoy the high speeds while the rest of us were screaming out lungs out. After an hour, we returned to the home-ship where we fed the dragons and pokemon their dinner. Only two more things to do before the list was finished. When the dragons and pokemon were finished, we gave them their evening baths which thankfully was less chaotic than the last time. Finally it was six'oclock and the dragons and pokemon were put to bed for the night.

We did it. We took care of Sarah's dragons and pokemon for the day. "I'm going to bed." Jack huffed as he went to his room.

"Me too." Jamie yawned. I felt the same way. Taking care of her dragons and pokemon was very tiring. I'm just glad that the day was over. I went to my room with Kodi and I climbed into my pajamas and climbed into bed where I fell into a deep sleep.

WOAH! I feel SOOOO much better. That cold was a pain in the butt! I hated being stuck in bed all day, but luckily Ren and the others took care of my dragons and pokemon for me. When I was better all the things that were affect by my magic spray turned back to normal. My horn swelling went down and the redness went down as well. I no longer felt stuffy and weak. My dad was happy that I was better and so were my dragons and pokemon.

Now I was heading to the living room to get some breakfast. I entered, "Hey guys, Good Mor- WAH!"

I saw my friends and boy did they look horrible! They all had bags under their eyes and were sniffling, sneezing and coughing. Their pets were by their sides with worries expression on their faces. "Oh dear. Guys!" I went over and felt all their heads. They were all running a fever, "Oh man, they're all sick."


Soon, Ren, Jamie, Jack, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie were all in my room, layed up in their own, separate beds with an ice pack on their heads. I placed the last ice pack on Ren's head. He sniffled, "Thanks Sarah."

I grinned, "No problem."

My dad came in with a few bottles of cold medicine, knowing one bottle wouldn't be enough for my eight friends. My friends pets came into my room and came to their owners sides. "Are you okay, Ren?" Kodi asked.

"Oh, buddy. I'l be fine... achoo... just a small cold." Ren replied.

"Don't worry, me and my dad will take care of them." I promised.

"Awww.. do I have to?" my dad whined. I sighed at him. Knowing my dad, he wanted to go back into his workshop and work on his inventions. "Yes, dad. You need to get out of your workshop every now and again. You don't always have to play with you toys."

"They are not toys, they are scientific inventions." my dad replied.

"Their toys, dad."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes at my dad and went over to the medicine bottle. Using my magic, I levitated eight spoons and one bottle of the medicine. I poured a spoonful into each spoon and floated them over to my friends, "Here guys. This will help."

My friends took the medicine and I took their temperatures. "Looks like they are averaging 101 degrees. Not bad."

"Good, so now, I'll be down in my workshop." My dad tried to leave but I used my magic to halt him. "Darn I hate that magic part." he grumbled.

"Dad, we're taking care of my friends and that's that, understand!" I said, almost going into my Rage mode.

"Yes honey." My dad whined.


"Is there anything we can do?" Kodi asked.

"Hmmm... Kodi, can you go and get the girls?"

"Yes Sarah." Kodi ran out the room and went to get the girls. Soon he returned with the Mane 6 in tow. He brought them into the room. "Woah nelly, y'all are really sick." Applejack said.

"It's.. sniffle... no problem." Jamie sniffled. I levitated him and tissue to wipe his nose.

"Oh man, anything we can do?" Rainbow asked.

"I need you girls to keep an eye on them and help me and my dad care for them, please." I asked.

"Of course sugarcube." Applejack agreed.

"You bet." Rainbow said.

"You can count on us." Twilight added.

"Great so I'll be in my lab." My dad said going towards the door. I blocked him, now in my Rage mode. "You are not leaving!" I yelled. He screamed and hid behind Applejack. "Alright, alright!" he cried.

I changed back to my normal self. "Good." I turned back to Ren and the others, Now you guys, try to get some sleep."

Jack sniffled, "Yeah right... sniffle... I'm never sleep with this cold!"

"For once... achoo! I agree with the biker." Rantaro said.

"Oooh, you poor things." Fluttershy cooed, earning a blush from Jack and Rantaro.

"Now how are we gonna help 'em sleep?" Applejack asked.

"I know. Dad, can you go get our guitars?" I asked.

"Guitars?!" The girls exclaimed.

My dad exited the room and soon returned with our ascoutic guitars. "You two can play guitars?" Ren asked hoarse.

"Yeah." I replied.

"So what, your gonna sing them a lullaby?" Rainbow asked.

"Yep." I placed my guitar strap around my shoulder and my dad did the same thing,

"A lullaby, those are for babies!" Jack yelled, making himself cough.

"I don't care." I said with a mile. "Ready dad?"

"Ready honey." Me and my dad started playing and I started singing my lullaby to my friends

This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers.
Now you're counting sheep.
Little brother, it's time to go to sleep,
big sister, it's time to go sleep.
Little baby, don't you know you're sweet ?
Everybody it's time to go to sleep.
This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers
Time for sweat dreams.

In no time, Ren and the others were asleep. "Woah... nice song, Sarah." Twilight praised.

"Thanks. Come on." I whispered. Me and the gang tiptoes out of the room letting Ren and his friends get some much needed rest.

For the next two days, the girls, my dad and I cared for Ren and the gang. Twilight and Fluttershy helped check their temperature. Rainbow and Applejack help distribute the medicine. Pinkie kept everyone happy... while trying not be so very loud and give the others bigger headaches than they already had. While me and my dad took care of their pets. On the third day, Ren and the others were feeling a lot better. "Thanks for taking care of us, Sarah." Ren thanked.

"Of course, I'd do anything for you guys." I replied with a smile. Their pets were happy their owners were feeling better. "And that was a nice lullaby you sang." Kaede said. I blushed, "Thanks my dad used to play it for me when I was younger."

"Awww.. that's sweet." Carrie cooed.

"Hey, where's your old man, anyway?" Jack asked.

"Dad, where are you?" I called.

My dad came out, "Yes honey?"

"Dad why are you peeking out from the doorway?"

"I'm going to the pool in my man-kini."

"Man-kini?!" We all exclaimed.

"What's that?" Ren asked. He showed us he was wearing a women's bikini! "This." Me and the girls screamed while the boys gagging and ran out of the room. "What?... is it that bad?"

"YES!" We all exclaimed.

My dad scoffed, "Everyone's a critic!"

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