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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 53: Ponies of the Dark Water: Part 1

Ren’s POV

One day, me and the others were walking through the forest. It’s been a week since the whole Sombra incident and since Ampharos and Lucario Mega evolved. Sarah was very proud of the two Pokemon who were now with us walking by our sides. Suddenly, Lucario’s ears perked up. “Lucario, what’s up?” Sarah asked.

Lucario got ahead of us and we followed. He lead us to a lake that was being fed by a waterfall. “Woah.. cool.” Ren gasped.

“Huh? I just flew pass here last week and there was no spring here.” Rainbow declared. Fluttershy was talking to some small creatures. “Oh thank you Mr. Gossamer. Mr. Gossamer says these hot springs have just appeared in a couple days, apparently they caused quite a commotion when they appeared.”

“There are a number of underwater rivers running through here I suppose geothermal pressure cause one of them to erupt.” Twilight said. She stuck her hoof into the water. “Hmm.. it’s not quite as hot as I thought.”

Then Pinkie pushed her into the water. “Surprise!”


"Twilight!" Jamie cried. Twilight resurfaced to hear Pinkie and Jack laughing at her as well as Rainbow Dash.
“Pinkie Pie!” Twilight exclaimed. “Why would you do that?!”

“It was fun!”

“Well it’s not funny.”

"To you. To us, yes it was funny. Hahaha!" Rainbow laughed.

“Oh lighten up, you purple loon. Let’s take a break.” Jack said. Pinkie and the other girls went into the water. “Aha, this is lovely! Kaede, darling you simply must try this.” Rarity called.

“Alright.” Kaede was about to step in when Eevee blocked her. “Eevee?”

“Eevee! Eevee!” Eevee seemed to be in distress and was trying to push Kaede away from the water. “Hmph. Weird fox.” Jack grumbled and he was about to step in when Tepig blocked him. “Tepig! Tepig!” Tepig was shaking its head. “Tepig, what’s wrong?”

All of our Pokemon were preventing us from entering the water for some reason and they all looked very distressed. “Alright.. Something’s up with the pokemon. They won’t let us in.” Mason said.

“Maybe they sense something that we don’t.” Sarah suggested.

“That could be possible.” Jamie said. “But what could they be sensing?” We all couldn’t think of anything that would make the pokemon distressed like this.

The Next Morning

Knock Knock Knock

I went to answer the door and I found Spike, “Ren, guys have any of you seen Twilight?” he asked.

“No we haven’t seen her since yesterday? Why?” Ren asked.

“She’s not in the library.” Spike said.

“She’s not!” Jamie said.

“Yeah.” Spike said. Now that’s odd. “Maybe someone else has seen her.” Mason suggested.

“Let’s go and see.” We all walked into Ponyville and ran into Applebloom. “Applebloo, have you seen Twilight?” Spike asked. “She left before breakfast and-”


“AHAHAHA!” There was a loud boom and sonic rings were seen in the sky. “What the heck?!” I exclaimed.

That when we turned and saw Applejack but something was different. Her eyes were red instead of green and she was pushing ponies out of thway saying, “Out of my way! I’m on important business here.” Then she saw the cart of spilled apples. “What in the Gold Durned Ding Dang is this?!” she yelled.

“One of those rainbooms knocked over the cart. I’m okay through.” Applebloom said.

“I ain't worried about you!” Applejack exclaimed. Now that was rude. “I’m worried about my apples do you know how many sales I’ve lost!” Mason stepped in front of Applebloom. “Applejack, calm down. Don’t yell at your little sister.”

“She’s my apprentice, My worst apprentice ever!”

“I’m not your apprentice. I’m your family.” Applebloom said.

“There’s no room for family in business.” Applejack said as she walked off.

“Okay that was very wrong.” I said. “Aj always cares about her family but now she’s acting rude and uncaring.”

“What’s gotten into her?” Carrie asked.

“I don’t know, she’s been acting like that this morning.” Applebloom said. Then a loud boom was heard and everyone turned towards the Sarah's Castle.

“Attention everypony in Ponyville.” Twilight’s voice boomed across the town. “I, Twilight Sparkle have appointed myself as Empress of Ponyville. As the most intelligent pony in this town, or any other it is the only logical course of action. More announcements will follow about the new order but for now know I promise and harsh but fair rule!”

“Okay.. now I know something's wrong.” I said.

“Yeah, the purple loon has gone nuts!” Jack exclaimed. “Empress my butt!”

“That's definitely not normal. We have to check on the others.” Spike said.

“Applejack is gonna fire me for this.” Applebloom said.

“How dare she!” We turned and saw Rarity wearing a purple cloak and a silver mask over her eyes. “What the hell?!” Jack exclaimed.

“Rarity, what happened to you?” Mason asked.

“The arrogance of that pony, thinking she can rule Ponyville. When it should be me there’s no one finer than me.” Rarity growled. Spike approached her. “Um.. what’s with the mask?”

“I couldn’t get my eyeliner perfect. I can’t have ponies seeing this face with any kind of flaw on it!” Then she walked away. “Sure that’s not overreacting at all.”

“Overreacting is Twilight thinking that her library fixation and that five year old hairstyle is in anyway entitle her to rule these ponies. I will correct her thinking as soon as I find the right outfit to do so.” Rarity declared and she walked away.

“Something is weird here.” Rantaro said.

“You think?” Jack grumbled. Another rainboom came behind us. “Call it a hunch.”

“Let’s find the others.” Spike suggested.

“Right.” I said.

“I’ll get the crusaders.” Applebloom said. We all met up in the crusaders clubhouse. “So none of us could find Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yeah and Skittles is causing the rainbooms.” Jack said.

“But what’s wrong with them?” Carrie asked. “They were fine yesterday and when they went into the new hot springs.” I said.

“New?” Scootaloo said.

“Hot.” Sweetie added.

“Springs?” Applebloom added.

“... When you put it like that it does sound kinda obvious.” I said bashfully rubbing my head. “Something in that water must have changed them.”

“If there was something in that water that would explain why our Pokemon did not let us in. They must have sensed it first.” Kaede said.

“But how do we change them back?” Mason said. Spike took out a letter. “I don’t know but there’s on pony who will. Princess Celestia!”

POV Ends


Celestia read the note Spike sent her. “Something has turn Twilight Sparkle and her friends to their darker sides.”

“What kind of magic could do that sister?” Luna asked.

“Spike says that they have their theories but I must send someone to investigate and resolve this.. I must send… you Luna.”

“Me? Sister is that wise? My history is it’s own darkness.” Luna reminded.

“Yes, whatever has happened here you will have your personal experience. Tragic it maybe but I couldn’t think of anypony better for this than you.” Celestia reassured.

“I see your point.” Luna spread her wings and flew off. “I will get to Ponyville as fast as I can.”

“Good luck, sister.” Celestia said.

Ren's POV

Back at the clubhouse..

“I think Twi is the immediate threat!” Scootaloo said.

“Really Rarity seems pretty mad at me.” Sweetie said. Suddenly the tree started to shake. “Huh? What the-?” We all ran outside to see Applejack bucking the tree. “Get out, you brats!” she called.

“Yikes.” Spike said. “Let’s get out of here!” We all ran out of the treehouse with Applejack chasing us, “Gone from my treehouse and my farm! Y'all are going to pay your debt off. You’ll be indented until you’re in dentures!”

“She’s gone nuts!” I cried.

“I don’t remember signing a contract!” Scootaloo cried.

“It’s an implied oral agreement.” Applejack replied.

“Is it just me or is she making less and less sense?” Spike asked.

“Nope, it’s not just you, shrimp.” Jack added. Suddenly, blue smoke clouds began to roll in. “What’s with the clouds?” Mason asked.

“Don’t care, Applejack’s getting faster. Hoof it!” Applebloom cried.

“No matter how foggy it is, I know these acers like the back of my hoof. No one can hide from me?” Applejack gloated. Suddenly, Applejack saw a silhouette in the fog. “I’m not hiding!” a voice said and revealed to be..

“Princess Luna hides from no one!” Luna, oh thank goodness. Talk about good timing. Applejack gulped at the sight of her. “... You know maybe we can call it even.”

Applejack tried to run away but Luna grabbed her in her magic, “No I think we need to have a discussion.” She brought Applejack close to her, “I sense dark magic within you Applejack and it is clouding your vision.”

“What they hay are you talking about?” Applejack exclaimed. “I’m seeing things clearly! Like your her on my property. You stay much longer maybe I should charge you rent or an admission fee.”

Okay.. now she’s lost it!

“What’s wrong with my sister. This isn’t like her.” Applebloom said to Luna. “I cannot tell at least not yet. There is definitely something wrong. Powerful magic. But it’s unfocused. It’s the cause of your sisters’ personality. It’s warping her nature and disorenting her like a flawed mirror. Perhaps I can extract it.” But before Luna could, Applejack broke free from her magic!

“The hell!” Jack exclaimed.

“Impossible!” Jamie added.

“Whatever magic his is, it’s making her more powerful. The Applejack I know wouldn’t be able to shatter my magic.” Luna said, looking down on Applejack.

“I’m not the Applejack you know. I’m better.” Applejack hissed and she turned and ran away. “She’s getting away.” Carrie said.

“Let her go.” Luna said. “Anyway, I couldn’t hold her anyway. Now tell me how all this happened leave out no detail.”

“We were all walking through a forest near Ponyville where we came across these new hot springs. The girls took a dip but our Pokemon wouldn’t let us anywhere near the springs. The next morning they were like this.” Mason explained.

“Applejack started being greedy and crazy!” Applebloom said.

“Twilight said she was the Empress of Ponyville.” Sweetie added.

“And Rainbow Dash-” Scootaloo started


Another sonic rainboom was heard behind us. “... Well that.”

“Whatever magic was in those springs had corrupted your friends and I may not be able to change them back. I tried with Applejack and you all saw what happened. We need a different plan.” Luna said.

“What about Sarah’s magic and element?” Jamie suggested.

“My Element?” Sarah said.

“Of course!” I exclaimed. “Your and magic element should be able to counter whatever magic infected Twilight and the others and changed them back to their normal selves.”

“Hmm.. her magic and element are very powerful.” Luna said. “Perhaps it could work.”

“Not so fast!” Suddenly, Sarah’s crown was taken off of her head. “My crown!” We all turned and saw Twilight. “Twilight, give Sarah back her element.” I called.

“So she can be my competition in being Empress. Never! I’m keeping this Element… and-” She blasted Sarah and suddenly a string of magic was seen from her horn and into a jar! Sarah fell to the ground and her eyes were milky white. “Sarah!” Mason cried.

Sarah groaned.

“What the hell did the purple chick just do?!” Jack exclaimed.

“She stole Sarah’s magic!” Luna exclaimed. Twilight laughed, “Now there’s nothing to stop from ruling Ponyville!” With that Twilight teleported away. Mason and Jack helped Sarah to her feet. “Ugh.. my.. Magic.”

“Easy newbie.” Jack said.

“Oh great. Now what. Now Sarah can’t use her element of magic to change them back.” Applebloom said.

"Perhaps a zebra friends of ours could lend her assistance." Nicole said.

"Huh?.. Oh! Of course! Zecora!" I exclaimed. "She's a potion wiz. I'm sure she may have something to get Twilight and the girls back to normal."

Luna nodded, “Ren, you and everyone stay with Sarah and keep those whom have been affected from doing much harm.” she said. The rest of you will go into the Everfree Forest and find Zecora. Where my magic had failed, perhaps her knowledge in potions will help.”

“Right.” We all said.

“Cutie Mark Cursaders are on their way!” Applebloom said. With that he three were off to the Everfree forest. “Lycanroc! Lycanroc!” Lycanroc suddenly came beside them. “Huh? Lycanroc?”

“Lycanroc, Lycan.”

“Lycanroc wants to come with you for protection.” Lucario said.

“Well I don’t see why not. Let’s hurry ya’ll.” Applebloom said and the three fillies and wolf pokemon were off.

POV Ends

The CMC’s and Lycanroc moved through the forest until they were confront by a large group of animals and Fluttershy who was wearing roses on her body. “What have we here… intruders.”

At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was in her room alone and it was dark. “HAHAHAHAHAH!” She was wearing clown make up. “Wait till they get a load of me.” she said. “HAHAHAH!”


Twilight was going through some books in Sarah’s Castle. “No, No NO! It’s not enough!” She sat herself at a table. “All these books and all this knowledge and I can’t learn fast enough. I need more! Knowledge is precious and I need much of it if I’m going to lead wisely.” She walked out on the balcony, overlooking Ponyville. “I know I’m the smartest pony her already. I need to be the smartest pony ever. So I can rule these poor, uneducated, uniformed ponies to show them the many errors they’ve made… my ponies.”

“Wait my ponies won’t need to think, will they? I’ll do the thinking for them, making sure they make the right choices.” Twilight added. “And if they don’t need to think they can spare a little bit of their brain power, can they?” She went back into the library where on a black chalkboard had a picture of a mind helmet. “Why they’ll hardly even miss it. And then I’ll be the smartest ruler… smartest pony in Equestria!” Having finished her machine she went outside and found two stallions talking. She placed the helmet on one of them.


And she did to two more ponies. “I can feel my I.Q increasing but there is still more intellect out there to confiscate.” Twilight hissed as she walked off.


The CMC’s and Lycanroc were running away from all the forest animals. Lycanroc launched a Rock Throw at them without even looking behind himself and it struck the ground causing some of the animals to stumble and fall. “Come on this way to Zecora’s. Hurry up!” Scootaloo cried.

“I’m running as fast as I can Scootaloo.” Sweetie added.

“Do you really think Zecora can change everypony back from evil?” Applebloom asked.

“It’s our only hope.” Lycanroc said. The CMC’s and Lycanroc kept running through the forest.

Back in Ponyville

Ponies were in the streets and there were purple present boxes on the ground. “What are all these present doing here?” a pony asked. Suddenly,the box exploded with this stuff shooting out of them. Everypony screamed and ran for cover. Cheerlie called them over to a theater. “Everypony in here!” Everypony rushed in and panted in relief.

Suddenly the lights went out and Pinkie Pie came on stage. “Welcome back my friends, to a show that never ends. Come inside.” she hissed. “Showtime!”

She came out on stage wearing a purple clown costume and makeup. “Hey everypony welcome to my one pony show. Don't try to leave and even if you could. I locked the door and I put glue on your seats.” she said. “What a good looking captive audience we have tonight. I just hope you love it. I’m Pinkie Pie.” Then she started to do some stand up comedy that was, to the crowds’ eyes, horrible.

Meanwhile, Rarity was running through the streets. “Twilight Sparkle cannot be allowed to rule Ponyville why her fashion choices alone disqualify her as a leader and -Gasp! What? This cannot stand!” she in front of a shoulder pads store.”Shoulder pads?! Those atrocities will never come back into style. Not if I have anything to say about it. She blasted the store, sending the glass flying. “What’s next High Waist? Bell Bottoms? Are we savages?!

Ren’s POV

“Luna, she’s over here!” I called. Rarity looked at me with a face of fury. “Ren, are you responsible for this fashion crime?” she asked. Yikes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this mad, except with Mason. She was about to blast when Luna came in and protected me with her magic. “I’ve been around for a thousand years. Fashion is cyclical.”

“Another reason I need to be in charge!” Rarity said. The others came up. “Rarity, stop this!” Mason called. “This isn’t you!”

“I know who I am. A pony who fights any crime to fashion, which includes you!” Rarity fried a blast of magic at them but Lucario countered with an Aura Sphere attack.

“Argh!” Lucario rushed in and whacked her away with her tail. “Move people!” Mason exclaimed and we all rushed away from Rarity.

That’s when the crusaders and Lycanroc came to us. “We got Zecora!” Applebloom called.

“Thank goodness. At least something was not broken on our way.” Luna said.

“Zecora do you have any insight into how we can rectify this situation?” Luna asked.

“I must learn what occurred before we can understand why our friends morals become blurred.” Zecora rhymes. “Spike you say there was something evil in the springs that made our friends into these evil things?”

“Yes the girls took a dip in it, but the Pokemon would not let Ren and the others take a dip.” Spike said.

“Hmm.. the Pokemon must have sense the dark power
And prevented their friends from going in
So that’s why they did not become sour.” Zecora added.

The pokemon nodded. “But how can we change them back? Twilight stole Sarah’s magic and her element.” I reminded.

“What about her scepter?” Rantaro deadpanned.

“Her scepter does have an equal power to her Element and magic but where is it?” Carrie asked.

“It’s still in my castle.” Sarah said.

Suddenly, Twilight’s voice was heard again. “There shall be no fighting in my kingdom! Stop this disturbance! Stop this fighting!” I think we all shuddered at that announcement except for Rarity who ran off towards the castle. “I’ve suffered your arrogance long enough, Sparkle. You are not fit to rule, Rarity is!”

“God dammit, how are we gonna get her scepter back with those two inside her castle?” Jack asked annoyed. Suddenly, we all heard.. Drums. “Where are those drums coming from?” I asked.

Dragonair flew up over the city and saw Fluttershy with her army of animals. “Holy cow! Fluttershy has an animal army outside of Ponyville! I think she’s gonna start a war!”

“WHAT?!” We all exclaimed.

“Flutters… it can’t be.” I gasped.

“Believe it she chased us through the Everfree with those critters.” Appleebloom sad. “We’ve gotta change them back!” Suddenly, Pinkie appeared holding a water balloon in her hooves. “Pinkie Pie?!” Kaede exclaimed.

“Splash Splash, let’s make a bash!” Pinkie said and she started throwing the balloons. Lucario used it’s aura to scan the balloons “Watch it they have the same water that turned them evil!” Lucario exclaimed.

“Run!” We all ran away while dodging the evil water balloons. “Run! Flee! Scram!” Some of the water balloons hit some of the ponies and they turned evil as well. “Here's a little for you and for you!” Pinkie said.

Scootaloo ducked and avoid a water balloon. “Phew… OH NO!”

But the balloon hit Luna instead!

“Luna got hit!” I exclaimed.

“So she doesn't have an evil side… does she?” Mason asked

“Yes, says she does..” I gasped. Luna’s eyes suddenly turned red and her eye pupils were slits and she turned into…

“Nightmare Moon has returned!” Nightmare Moon bellowed. “AHAHAHAH!” We all stared in horror at the mare of darkness. Oh man, now Luna’s Nightmare Moon again. Now what can we do?

To Be continued...

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