• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 65: Power Ponies and Dragon Humans

A week had passed since I was freed of the charges on robbery and the Flim Flam brother went to jail. Now Ren, Carrie, Mason, Jack, Jamie, Rantaro, Nicole and I were at having breakfast together at the home-ship. Twilight was there as well. "So is there anything you guys can remember about your past?" she asked towards everyone except for me. "Well all I remember is some damn meteors coming down from the sky." Jack said.

"All I seem to recall is having a machine strapped to my head for some reason." Nicole said, adjusting her glasses.

"All I remember is an angry mob or something like that at my house." Ren said.

"Hmmm.." Twilight said. "Very strange." That's when Spike came into the room, "Hey guys, can you all come over to Fluttershys' I wanna show you something."

"What is it, Spike?" I asked.

"It's a surprise." he said. We all looked at each other and shrugged, "What's in it for me?" Rantaro said. Spike gave him a deadpanned look, "I'll give you twenty bits."


Jack growled quietly and mumbled, "Dirty money-grabber."

Soon, we were all at Fluttershy's cottege cause Spike wanted to show us something. "So Spike what did you want to show us?" Ren asked.

"It better not be waste of my time." Rantaro scoffed.

"I wanted to show everypony the new Power Ponies comic book!" Spike said, holding up a very peculiar comic novel. "Power Ponies? What the hell is that?" Jack asked.

"Like superheroes?" I asked.

"Yeah, really awesome superheroes." The baby dragon replied. "They protect the city of Maretropolis from an evil mare called the Mane-iac."

"Sounds awesome!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I want to go fight crime." Mason said.

"You mean go back in there and foil the Mane-iac's plan in the newest addition right here?" asked Rainbow Dash. "And with Ren and the other there, we'll beat her in no time."

"No thank you. It's a waste of my time." Rantaro said.

"I'll give you fifty bits." I deadpanned.


"Dirty money grabber." Jack grumbled.

"Anyway, I may be fun to be super heroes." I said.

"Yep! For old time sake." Spike said.

His friends were a little uncertain about this. "I don't know, Spike. It sounds kind of dangerous." Twilight remarked

"Dangerous? How?" Ren asked.

"Well Ren, this is from the Canterlot house of magic comics." Pinkie said "and they really are enchanted!"

"Awesome!" Ren exclaimed. "Let's do it!"

"Eh, I don't see why not." Jack said.

"Alright, we'll join." Mason said.

"C-Could be fun." Jamie said.

"Count me in!" Kaede stated. The baby dragon pulled out a magnifying glass out of nowhere. The reason why he used it was because the words were too small for even his eyes. When he was done reading it, a wormhole appeared from the book and began sucking everyone in the book, one by one.

We were the last of course, and landed with a thud on something made of cement. "Ow. That hurts." He said. When he got up he saw that he was in a beautiful looking city under the moonlight, sort of like the world of Batman and Spider-Man of some kind. "Woah, this is Maretropolis." Ren gasped. We looked, and saw that our closest pony friends have turned into superheroes and Spike looked like Robin the boy wonder.

"Wow, look at you guys! You look like superheroes!"

"We are Superheroes. I am the Masked Matterhorn." Twilight said.

"The graceful Radiance." Rarity claimed

"I'm Saddle Rager, well, I think I am." Fluttershy added with a blush.

"Fili-second!" Pinkie cheered.

"Zap!" Rainbow said with a proud stance.

"And Mistress Marevelous." Applejack added with a smile.

"Ahem! Don't forget about me. I am Humdrum!" Spike said. "And look at you guys. Nice wings."

"WINGS?!" My friends exclaimed.

We turned and saw that Ren an the others had the wings and tails of our respective dragons. Ren had Midnight's wings and tail. Jack and Silverspikes'. Mason and Carrie had Firestorms'. Nicole and Rantaro had Spark and Fires'. Kaede had Storms' Jamie had Strikers'. And I had.... Huh? I didn't have anything. I didn't even have my horn or wings or element or scepter! I still had the first ring of my mother's crown on my ring finger, but that was it. "What happened to your horn and other thingys, newbie?" Jack asked.

"I don't know." I replied.

"Maybe when we entered the comic, your items vanished." Mason said. "Try your transforming."

"Alright." I concentrated to try and change into an animal, but I didn't feel myself change at all. "Huh?... I lost my powers." I felt a little... odd. I've always had my powers and my magic ever since I as born. To be without them felt.... weird. "Aww... Sarah." Kaede cooed.

"I-I'm alright."

"You sure newbie?" Jack asked.

"Yeah." I put on a fake smile. "This is so wonderful!" Fluttershy said. "This should be fun."

Then an explosion was heard out of nowhere, and saw an earth mare with a body shape like Princess Luna would have, except she was dark blue on color, and wore a purple bodysuit, and her mane and tail looked green and were used like tendrils. In her grasp was a black orb with blue electricity around it. "What the hell is that?!" Jack exclaimed.

"The Mane-iac." Spike growled.

"She kind of looks like a combination of Joker, Doc Ock, and Medusa." Ren commented.

"Who?" I asked incerdulous.

"Not now!" Mason snapped.

"Well well well." Said the mare. "The Power Ponies have come to play with me! Haha! Oh! And and I see you brought some friends too! This is going to be fun! Mwahahahahaha!" She kept on cackling and cackling. From the looks and sounds of this, she sounded completely crazy, criminally crazy.

"Time for the Mane event. Henchponies, get them!" Her hench ponies charged my friends. Rainbow shocked one henchpony. Ren and the others blasted the henchponies with their dragons fire attacks. "I love these powers!" Ren said.

"Hell yeah!" Jack cried as he whipped a few henchponies with his tail. Jamie smacked them with his three tails while Mason Pinkie zipped around the minions, causing them to smack into each other, Mason and Carrie themselves on fire and rammed a few henchponies. Nicole and Rantaro used Spark and Fire's fire. Nicole released gas while Rantaro ignited it. "... Hmm... nice." Nicole said.

"I guess." Rantaro added.

Kaede launched her spines at the henchponies making them separate in different directions. "Awesome!"

Ren blasted them with a plasma blast. "Wicked!"

All I did was watch out of the way along with Spike. We heard the Mane-iac laughing, "You Power Ponies and your new friends won't succeed against me." She took out a large spray bottle. Spike gasped, "The Hair-Spray Ray of Doom!"

"The Hair Spray Ray of Doom? Seriously?" Jack deadpanned.

"It freezes you in your tracks and renders your powers useless!" Spike cried.

"We'll see about that!" Rainbow said. She and Jack flew towards the Mane-iac , but she sprayed them and they were frozen and fell on the ground. "Rainbow! Jack!" Ren cried.

"Our turn!" Mason exclaimed. My friends nodded and they all rushed towards the Mane-iac, but she sprayed them as well, freezing them in their tracks! "Guys!" I cried. The Mane-iac heard me and turned towards me. "And who are you supposed to be?" she asked.

"I'm with the Power Ponies and their new.. um.. member." I stated.

The Mane-iac laughed, "How can you be a part of them without any powers and with my numbers, you're about as useless as Humdrum."

"Hey!" Spike said, insulted.

"No matter, you can't stop me." The Mane-iac then whipped me with one of her tentacles, sending me crashing into a wall. "Ugh!"

"Sarah!" Spike said, running towards me while the henchponies and the Mane-iac took out friends to her secret lair. Spike helped me to my feet. "Sarah, are you alright?"

I groaned, rubbing my head, "Yeah. I'm okay."

"Come on, we've gotta save our friends from the Mane-iac." Spike said. I looked at Spike with a sad look, "Sarah?"

"You can go without me, Spike." I replied in a sad tone.

"Without you?!" Spike exclaimed. "Why?"

"You heard the Mane-iac, I'm useless without my powers and magic." I said and I broke into song.

In Equestria, everyone has a flaw
To Unicorns and their magic to pegasi and their wings
No way to show that special flaw
Without my powers I'm just the useless one

I can't fight, I can't fight, I can't fight
And I wonder if I'll ever be stronger again
I can't fight, I can't fight, I can't fight
And save my friends no more

No memories of merry days
I can't remember all the spells I used to do
No dinosaurs to protect our home
There's nothing I can think of
To help me cheer my heart
How can I fight
Without my special light
With my powers no more

I can't fight, I can't fight, I can't fight
And I wonder if I'll ever be stronger again
I can't fight, I can't fight, I can't fight
And save my friends no more

I sighed sadly and Spike came up to me, "Sarah, that's not true. You're not useless."

"Yes I am." I repeated. "I-I need some time alone." I walked away from a dishearted Spike and I came to clear street and stared at the clouds. I sighed sadly. "I can't do anything without my powers and magic. I'm just average without them."Suddenly the clouds began to waver and they created a bright beam of light in front of me. "What's going on?" I asked myself. I got the asnwer when a familiar bright lion appeared in front of me. "Hello Sarah.. something's troubling you." Mufasa said.

"M-Mufasa?! W-What are you doing here?" I asked totally shocked.

"I sensed something was bothering you." Mufasa stated. I sighed sadly.

"You're right Mufasa, my friends and I entered this comic book world and I lost my powers and my magic. Now my friends are captured by the Mane-iac and... I don't think I can save them without my powers and magic." I explained. "I think I've been to depended on them."

"To lose something you've love is difficult, but I would not say you're completely dependent on your abilities. I have seen what you can do without your magic and powers." Mufasa said. "And as the old saying goes, the more you lose, the more you gain."

"Oh... I think I understand..." I said. Mufasa nodded and he fainted into thin air. "Now I have to find the hideout and save my friends, but where would it be." I asked myself. "Hmmm... if I was a hair themed villains where would I have my hideout....?" I suddenly came to me and I ran until I came to a building with a flashing sign on there that showed a beautiful mare getting her mane sprayed with some shampoo or a perfume. "A shampoo factory."

I went around the building and saw air vent was opened. "Spike." I crawled in and popped another opening and quietly came to the ground. I stayed low to the ground, crawling on long walkpath. I saw my friends and Spike trapped in a cage with a pony near them with the Hair-Spray Ray of Doom next to them. I saw Ren and Twilight starting to move their hoof and fingers, but a timer went off near the pony and he sprayed them again, restarting the effects. There was also a large hair dryer machine.

The Mane-iac put the electro orb into the a small compartment in the hair dyer like machine. "Congratulations, Power Ponies and friends! You shall live just long enough to see me fire... the instrument of your destruction! Once the Electro-Orb has powered it up completely, this cannon will amplify the power of my mane one million times, expelling an energy blast that will cause everypony in Maretropolis's mane to grow wild! You will be my weapon's first victims, and there is nopony who can save you from this fate!" The Mane-iac laughed evilly.

"Oh dear." Carrie said. "What do we do?"

"There's nothing we can do." Mason said.

" Ahem. I don't mean to interrupt, but aren't you forgetting about somepony?" Fluttershy questioned.

"That little human of yours?" The Mane-iac laughed, "She's utterly useless!"

The pony sprayed them again, restarting the effects again. " Puh-lease. You all probably keep her around because you feel sowwy for him. Wah. Wah." she said in a condescending tone. I felt even more said until I heard what Mufasa said, "I've seen what you've done without your power and magic.. the more you lose, the more you gain." and then I heard, "Maybe in your world, but in our world Sarah always comes through when we need her. Always." Ren said.

"Yeah she can do it!" Rarity said.

"That's right." Applejack added.

"Hell yeah, our newbie never backs down from a fight." Jack said.

"She always comes through for us in the end." Mason said. "Even with the odds against her!"

I smiled and wiped a tear from my eye. "Spike was right. I'm not useless. When my friends really need me, I do come through. And they need me now."

"But how am I gonna save them?" I saw the pony near the Hair Spray ray of Doom. "I have to take out that Hair Spray then my friends can move long enough to set themselves free."

"But I can't just leap down there, or I'll be caught for sure." I said to myself. Then I heard a small whinny and saw a cloud coming towards me. "A cloud... wait... clouds don't whinny." The clouds morphed and changed into a unicorn that had a cloud-like mane and tail and a golden ring on it's horn.

"You're the... Wind Unicorn!" I gasped silently.

"Indeed I am and it appears you need some help saving your family." the Wind Unicorn said.

"I sure do." I said with relief. The Wind Unicorn nodded and we both leaped down onto the floor. "Sarah!" Ren cried with joy. My friends smiled seeing me. "Hahaha! You're too late, human. My ray is gonna blast them and there's nothing you can do about it!" the Mane-iac gloated.

"We shall see." The Wind Unicorn said. She used her magic to make a small tornado underneath me and it floated me up to the Mane-iac. "What?" she exclaimed. I smirked at her but she growled. "Like I said you're too late!" she pressed the button and the ray launched the beam towards my friends. "No!" I leaped off of the ray and right into front of the beam. "Sarah, NO!" Twilight cried.

I grunted in pain as my hands were being burned from the heat of the ray.... just then, the ring on my horn glowed and shimmered brightly. The energy from the ray was suddenly absorbed into my hands making them glow, "What?" Mane-iac growled. My ring glowed and made my hands glow red and I blasted Mane-iac, sending her flying off of the machine.

The timer rang and the pony was about to spray my friends again when, "...Hello." The Wind Unicorn bucked him off of the platform, making the spray bottle fall and hit some of the other henchponies, freezing them. "Alright!" Ren cried and the rays' effects wore off. Rarity used her powers to cut the bars of the cage free.

Ren and the others soared over the floor and blasted the henchponies with their fire attacks. I blasted the Mane-iac machine, destroying it easily "My machine! Curse you Power Ponies and you little humans too!

The Mane-iac ran away followed by her henchponies. "That was awesome!" Spike exclaimed. Then a white portal opened up and we were back in Fluttershys' cottage. "That was incredible!" Ren exclaimed.

"Hell yeah!" Jack exclaimed. "Newbie beat the stuffing out that creep."

I blushed a little. "Aww... now."

"You really did. You saved us again, even without your magic and powers." Jamie said. "Speaking of which..." he handed me a mirror and I saw my horn back on my head. "Yeah, my horn is back!" I also changed into a little kitty. "And I can change again." I changed back. "And I learned something else too. I don't need my superpowers to be a super friend."

"Indeed, young one." That's when the Wind Unicorn appeared and gave me the second ring of my mothers ring. This ring had a small butterfly on it. "The ring? I-I don't understand." I said.

"Just like your mother, she was willing to anything to save her friends with or without the use of her powers and magic, showing her resourcefulness in time of crisis and you've shown you are capable of doing the same."

"Thank you." I said to her and the ring magically floated onto my horn. My friends all smiled and they all hugged me. "I must go now, you all shall see me again one day." The Wind Unicorn stated and then galloped away on the cloud. My friends all said bye to it as I looks at the ring on my horn. Now I have the second ring of my mothers' crown.

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