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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 69: Halloween Special

Ren's POV

Tonight was Nightmare Night, the night where youth run around Ponyville asking for treats. But tonight would be different because..

"You're not going!" I exclaimed to Sarah. We were all at her castle in our costumes. Twilight was dressed as a Knight, Fluttershy was a batpony, Applejack was a lion, Rainbow was an astronaut, Rarity was a mermaid and Pinkie was disco roller skater. I was dressed like a vampire, Kaede was a cat, Carrie and Mason were dogs, Jamie was dressed like a scientist and Nicole, Rantaro and Jack.... um... they didnt dress up as anything.

We were at Sarah's castle now and we were trying to convince her to go trick or treating with us. "Please come with us, Sarah." Carrie said.

Sarah sighed, "Sorry guys, but Shimmer's sick so I have to stay with her. She can't go out for Nightmare Night as she's really sad about it."

"A-choo!" a tiny sneeze was heard.

"Can we go see her?" Twilight asked. Sarah nodded and she lead us to Shimmer's room where we found her in her bed which was littered with tissues and there was a bucket near the side of her bed. Shimmer herself was a bit red in the face, she had bags under her eyes and she was awfully sweaty (probably a fever).

"Mommy?" she groaned. Sarah went over to Shimmer and came to her bedside, "Hey sweetie, how are you feeling?"

"Awful and icky." Shimmer groaned. "And sad cause I can't -cough, cough- go out."

Sarah cooed and placed a cool washcloth on her head. "Oh, I'm sorry sweetie." Sarah said. "But you have to stay in bed to get better, okay?"

"Y-Yes Mommy." Shimmer said and she then fell asleep. "I'll take care of Shimmer while you guys enjoy the night, I'll be fine." Sarah said to us. We nodded reluctantly and left Sarah's Castle. "Poor Shimmer." Rainbow said. "To be tonight of all nights."

"Yeah, poor sugarcube will miss out on all the fun." Applejack added.

"Wish there was something we could do to help." I said.

"Prehaps there is a way
For the young filly to enjoy this night from day."

I know that rhyming voice anywhere. We all turned and saw Zecora coming towards us.

"I couldn't help but over hear
About the young filly that had fallen ill
There is a cure that is quite near
And make the filly better at will."

"Zecora that's fantastic!" Rarity exclaimed. "So where is it?"

Zecora pointed to the Everfree Forest which looked scarier because it was nighttime. "Oh great." Rainbow gruffed.

"Pfft.. we can handle that. So what's the cure, zebra?" Jack asked.

"To make the cure
You need two ingredients that is for sure
The plant that is much like poison oak
But it's results are like a joke
And a drop of magic from the loved one
Shall cure the filly, this is no pun."

"Poison Joke, Uggghh!" I groaned.

"What's wrong with that?" Rantaro asked bluntly.

"The last time, Ren had an encounter with Poison Joke, it turned him feminine." Pinkie said.

"AAAAHHH!" I screamed in complete embarrassment. I wanted to keep that secret for as long as possible, but Pinkie blew it. Jack burst out laughing, "You got... turned into a girl! What a whimp. Hahahaha!"

I growled in embarrassment, "Let's go already." We all walked through the Everfree Forest and came across and large patch of Posion Joke plants. "Yeah, we found the plants." Carrie said. She went to pick one when I blocked her way, "Carrie, don't. If you touch them, they'll play a joke on you." I said.

"So how the hell are we suppose to pick them?" Jack asked.

Twilight lit her horn and she picked on of the Poison Joke flowers. "There we go." she said. "Now we need a drop of Sarah's Magic."



"What was that?!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"That was Sarah's scream!" Applejack added. Oh man, what happened now? We all rushed out of the forest and into Ponyville where we saw ponies running away from something and soon we saw it.

The dinosaur was a hadrosaur like Blossom, but lacked the large crest on its head. It was pink on its legs and the top of its body, while the rest of its body was tan. It's bill was a blackish color that looked like it was burnt. It also had a small spine on its back that had tan and pink stripes running down it.

"Woah.. A Maiasaura!" Jamie identified.

"Hey look what it's got on it's back!" Rainbow called. We all looked at the dinosaurs' spine and saw. "Shimmer!" I cried.

"Maiasaura, give me back my daughter!" We heard and saw Sarah flying over to us, but the Maiasaura roared and smacked Sarah with her tail, sending her crashing into a house. "Sarah!" We all rushed over and helped Sarah to her feet. "Where did this thing come from?" Applejack asked.

"It's card must have been activated by the grass around here." Sarah replied.

"But how did it get the kid?" Rantaro asked.

"It snuck in while I was away from the castle and took Shimmer while she was sleeping." Sarah explained. Jack cracked his knuckles, "Well let's get the kid back then."

"Jack, wait, the Maiasaura will not give up Shimmer easily. It's name means Good Mother for a reason." Jamie informed.

"Then we'll have to force her to give the kid up then." Rantaro said.

Maiasaura roared and started walking on all fours through Ponyville. The ponies all ran and screamed in fear as the giant hadrosaur walked through town. "Come on, let's summon our dinos." Jack growled irritably.

"Wait boys... listen..." Sarah said.

"Listen?" I asked. Sarah nodded and we all listen closely and heard a tiny roar nearby. "What's that?" Fluttershy asked. The Maiasaura went behind Town Hall and we followed. There we saw a little baby Maiasaura and the Maiasaura placing Shimmer next to it. The baby cuddled up against Shimmer. "Awww..." the girls cooed.

"Well what do ya know, it want to care for her too." Applejack said.

Then the Maiasaura got up and reared up with leaves swirling around it and it launched them at Shimmer and made her glow green. Shimmer's eyes opened and she stood up. "Mommy?"

Sarah's eyes lit up with joy. "Shimmer." Shimmer giggled and leaped into Shimmer's arms. "How are you feeling?"

"Better mommy." Shimmer said. "Can go trick or treating with everyone now?"

Sarah giggled at her small grin, "Alright, we can all go."

"Yeah!" Shimmer hugged my neck and Sarah giggled. "But Sarah, you and Shimmer don't have costumes." Rainbow reminded.

"Don't worry darling, I've got hat covered." Rarity levitated and placed two costumes on Sarah and Shimmer. Sarah looked like Princesses Celestia and Shimmer looked like Princess Luna completed with their necklaces and their shoes as well. "Aww... that's adorable." Twilight cooed. Shimmer was bouncing up and down with excitement. Suddenly, Jamie's dino bracer started glowing green.

"Please... send us back. Back to where we came from." a voice said. We all looked at Maiasaura and her baby. "We want to go back home please?"

I smiled at them, "We can do that. Send them back into the card, Jamie." Jamie smiled. "Alright then they'll be together forever." Jamie pressed the button and the pair was turned back into their card.

We all smiled at the card, knowing that the two would be together forever. "Now let's go trick or treating!" Pinkie squealed.

"Yeah." Shimmer cheered as well. Halloween like music started playing. "Another song?" Mason sighed.

"Yeah, singing!" Pinkie cheered.

"Looks like we have no choice." I sighed with a smile.

Once a year comes fall there's a party on my block

Everybody wears a costume and we totally rock (We totally rock!)

Astronaut, cowboy, ballerina, or bee

Caveman or gorilla or somebody from TV

So come on everybody throw those costumes on

Grab your bag and head on out before the candies all gone (Doorbell rings)

Trick or Treat, trick or treat!

Give me something sweet to eat

Everybody's out and I'm so excited

Trick or Treat, trick or treat!

Ghosts and goblins in the street

Halloween is here and your all invited

Trick or treat!

We might try to scare folks and they just might scare us too

The ghosts will all scream (Gil Boo!)

And as we walk up the steps where the jack-o-lantern glows

Just before I knock on the door (Fluttershy: I feel nervous) (Jamie: Man, I don't know)

It's true things might get spooky when the door swings open wide

But it's all good fun

No need to run

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Trick or Treat, trick or treat!

Give me something sweet to eat

Everybody's out and I'm so excited

Trick or Treat, trick or treat!

Ghosts and goblins in the street

Halloween is here and your all invited

Trick or Treat!

We all laughed together after the song ended. "Now that's a Halloween song!" I exclaimed with joy.

"Hehe. Best Halloween ever!" Shimmer exclaimed. We all chuckled together at the bright little filly.

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Third Person POV

Twilight, the Mane 6, Ren and the other humans were racing through a hall way in the Castle of the Two Sisters to the throne room. Princess Luna was there and there was a big hole in the wall behind her showing the sun. A smoky, black creature appeared. “Greetings Tantabus, I am ready, do your worst.” The Tantabus used it power and Luna grunted in pain.

Sarah and the others burst into the throne room. “Luna’s turning into Nightmare Moon, again!” Twilight cried. Luna was consumed by dark energy and she changed into her alter ego: Nightmare Moon.

Carrie whimpered at the sight of her while Mason growled.

“Holy!” Jack exclaimed. Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie have never actually seen Nightmare Moon before and now they have.

“Well we have the cure for that!” Rainbow said. “Sarah!” Sarah nodded and her Element shimmered and glowed brightly. Nightmare Moon growled and turned to see the Tantabus doing something. The smoke creature opened a window and escaped into the Dreamscape. “No, it’s gone!”

Sarah then blasted Nightmare Moon with the power of her Element and she was changed back into Princess Luna. Everyone cheered happily now that they had their Princess back…

Luna gasped as she woke up. “My dream ended happily? … That cannot happen!” she cried.

POV Ends

One day I was walking to Rarity’s boutique with Snowflake and AXL. Today, my and I decided to clean all of ours pets at Rarity’s. I had a brush for Snowflake and a washcloth for AXL. We entered the room, “Good Morn-AH! Zombie!” Everyone looked a mess! They all had bags underneath their eyes, their hair and manes were messy and they looked wiped.

“Thanks for the compliment.” Ren grumbled and let out a large yawn.

“What happened to you all? You look horrible.” Snowflake stated.

“We didn’t sleep well last night.” Jamie groaned.

“Why not?” I asked.

“We all nightmares.” Kaede stated. “They all had a blue smoke monster in it.”

“A blue smoke monster?” I repeated.

“Yeah, it came into all of our dreams and turned them into nightmares.” Fluttershy said with a shiver.

“Odd… I saw that thing too but it didn’t turn my dream into a nightmare.” I stated. Everyone gawked at me. “What?”

“That blue smoke hand thingy was in your dream too?! And it didn’t turn it into a nightmare? What is going on?” Ren asked.

“I don’t know but I do know who will. Princess Luna.” I smirked. “Spike?”

“Yes ma’am.” Spike said and he whipped out a scroll and quill.

“Dear Princess Luna, last night my friend and I encounter and dark blue smokey monster in our dreams. We’re hoping you may know something about this and can help us. Please respond to this,


Princess Sarah Gem”

“Got it!” Spike rolled up the scroll and sent it. One second later Luna burst in, “Which of you saw the creature of blue smoke in your nightmare?” She asked.

“Damn that was fast.” Jack stated, shocked.

“We all did.” Ren answered.

“So you’ve encounter the smoke monster too?” Twilight asked.

“The Tantabus is a creature of my nightmares. It escaped from my slumbers yesterday.” Luna started.

“But how did it get into ours?” Fluttershy asked.

“The Tantabus is like a parasite. My dreams must no longer be enough for it. Now it seeks others to infect and corrupt. It must have learned of you all from seeing you in my dream.”

“Wait, Wait, Wait, so what your saying is you dreamt about all of them and not me?” Spike said and whimpered like a puppy.

“Eh, so smokey gave us bad dreams. No buggy.” Rainbow said nonchalantly.

"Yeah, what's the worse that smoky thing can do?" Jack added. Luna shook her head.

“I knew the Tantabus was growing stronger but I didn’t realize that power would be enough to enable it to escape my dream. If it’s power grows, it could very well find a way into the real world. It could turn all of Equestria into a living nightmare.” Luna explained.

Oh… my… god. Turn Equestria into a nightmare! That can’t be good at all. “Okay okay I take it back that does sound bad. Really bad.” Rainbow said.

“Ain’t that the truth.” Jack added.

“But wait, the Tantabus got into Sarah’s dream too, so how come it didn’t turn her dream into a nightmare?” Ren asked. Luna looked shocked and turned to me. “The Tantabus didn’t turn your dream into a nightmare?”

“It did try but I don’t think it worked for some reason.” I claimed.

"Sounds like something prevented the Tantabus' dark powers." Kaede said.

“But what could have prevented its powers from working?” Luna questioned. My element glowed faintly and Twilight realized, “It was her Element of Faith!”

“Her Element? How?” Rantaro asked.

“Yes, we all know that the Element protects Sarah from dark magic and power. Those powers must still work even when Sarah's asleep so when the Tantabus entered her dream, her Element prevented it from using it's dark magic and from corrupting her dream.” Twilight explained.

“My Elements protects me in my sleep?!” I exclaimed. "Cool."

“Lucky.” Mason grumbled.

“If this is true then I will need your assistance Sarah to help me track the Tantabus.” Luna stated to me. I nodded at her. “Right.”

That Night

“I prepared everything perfectly.” I said to Luna. We entered my bedroom which had many extra beds for my friends. Pinkie hopped onto one of the beds. “Oooh, it’ll be like a Princess sleepover.” she said.

“Speaking of Princess, shouldn’t Princess Celestia help you Luna?” Ren asked.

“There is nothing my sister can do. She has no power in the realm of sleep.” Luna replied. “Only I can moved from dream to dream. I’m afraid nopony can help me tonight, except for Sarah.”

“Even us?” Mason asked.

“Especially you.” Luna added. “You have all suffered so much because of me. You all may only slumber while Sarah and I hunt for the Tantabus, if I am right, Sarah’s Element shall have a powerful effect on the Tantabus, making it weaker that way I can confined it once more.”

Then Luna felt something pulling her mane and she saw that it was Spike, “I know you said that noony can help you tonight, but I’m no pony.” He went over to one of the beds. “I’m gonna stay up and keep an eye on you guys.”

“Aww, thanks Spike.” Twilight said. All my friends then fell asleep. Luna took my hand in her hoof and we both hovered in the air and Luna’s horn gained white lines and those white lines attached themselves to each of my friends heads. Luna detected the Tantabus in Rarity and Kaede’s dream first.

Luna and I entered to find that the Tantabus had make pretty dresses into monsters. I wield my magic and turned them all back into normal dresses. “Where’d it go?!” I exclaimed.

“It has leaped into another dream.” Luna said. “We must follow it.”

“Right.” I said. Me and Luna left Rarity’s dream and entered Fluttershy and Ren’s dream and found them to be attacking my and monster bunny rabbit…. Really? Anyway, Luna swooped in and grabbed them and placed them on top of a tree. “Oh thanks for the save, Luna.” Ren said. My Element glowed and it blasted the monster changing it back into Angel bunny.

“Angel.” Fluttershy squealed. We spotted the Tantabus entering Rainbow and Jack’s dream and followed it. The Tantabus changed their dream into a area with flowers singing and playing flutes…. How is this a nightmare? Rainbow and Jack screamed.

“Oh stop screaming.” I rolled my eyes and I blasted the whole area turning it back into a battlefield. Jack and Rainbow sighed, “Thanks newbie.” Jack said.

Sarah nodded. The Tantabus entered Pinkie’s and Carrie’s dream next and it turned cakes into monsters. “Ewww.” Pinkie said. Luna and I blasted the cakes, dissolving them and saw the Tantabus leaving this dream. Finally, the Tantabus entered Twilight and Jamie’s dream. They were both reading library books together when the Tantabus entered and turned the books into monsters. They flew towards them and pestered them like flies. “No, Ahhh!” Jamie cried.

Luna and I landed and I growled at the Tantabus and the Tantabus headed right for me. I charged the Tantabus and the Tantabus ... Entered my Element of Harmony. I felt my heart hurting really bad and I fell to the ground, grunting. “Sarah!” Luna cried.

I grunted as my Element sparked and detached itself from my head along with my other items in my possession. I cried aloud as the Tantabus’s dark magic infected me and everything went black….

Jamie’s POV

This is bad. The Tantabus has infected Sarah and now she was consumed by its dark magic. Now she was changed into a version of Nightmare Moon!

“Oh no!” Twilight cried. Nightmare Sarah laughed as it escaped from this dream and vanished. “NO!” Luna cried.

I woke up in a shock as well as the others. “What happened? Are you guys okay?” Spike asked us.

Fluttershy shuddered, “That was awful. I never want to have that nightmare again!”

“Same here.” Jack said with shiver.

“But Luna and Sarah caught it, right?” Applejack asked.

“No… something worse happened..” I gasped.

“What happened?” Pinkie asked.

“The Tantabus infected Sarah and changed her into Nightmare Moon.” Twilight said sadly.

“WHAT?!” Everyone exclaimed. Luna descended down. “I’m afraid this is true my friends.”

“No…” Kaede gasped.

“How could that thing get Sarah?” Jack asked.

“It infected her Element of Faith forcing it to come off of her head and without it’s magical protection, it took control of her.” Luna explained.

“Oh no!” Fluttershy said. “What happens now.”

“The Tantabus must be draining Sarah’s magic. If it completely drains her, it will enter the waking world.” Luna answered.

“Umm… kinda like that?” Ren whimpered pointing outside. We all looked outside and saw Nightmare Sarah in the sky. “The Night shall last forever, hahahaha!” she laughed.

“Oh man, how are we gonna save her?” Spike asked.

“We have to remove the Tantabus from Sarah. That way it will lose it’s power.” Twilight said.

“But how are we even going to get close to that thing?” Ren asked. Sarah’s Element and Scepter of Harmony glowed brightly and they floated over Nightmare Sarah in the sky. "What the hell are they doing?" Jack asked.

Nightmare Sarah saw the two artifacts near her. "What is this?" The two artifacts blasted Nightmare Sarah and she screamed in pain. The Tantabus flew out of Sarah's body and while the Element continued to purify Sarah, the scepter casted a spell that trapped the Tantabus in a magic proof box. Finally, Sarah was fully purified and she floated down to the ground where we approached her. "Sarah? Wake up." Ren said.

"Come on newbie, wake up." Jack added. Sarah groaned and she opened her eyes, "Ugh... wh-what happened?"

"The Tantabus infected you in Twilight and Jamie's dream, gaining enough power to come into this world and it changed you into a version of Nightmare Moon." Ren explained. Sarah widened her eyes in shock. "But don't worry, your scepter and Element captured the Tantabus so it can not use it's dark powers."

"i'm sorry for making you suffer because of me, Sarah." Luna said, sheddin some tears. The Tantabus suddenly gre bigger inside the cage. "Guys, that Tantabus is getting bigger!" Spike cried.

"It's feeding off her guilt." Ren stated.

"But why would it be doing that?" Rantaro asked.

"Because... because..."

"You created the Tanabus to give yourself the same nightmare every night to punished yourselves for what you did as Nightmare Moon so you would never forgive yourself for how much Equestria suffered because of you." Nicole guessed and Luna reluctantly nodded. We were all shocked and horrified. "Luna, why can't you forgive yourself?" Ren asked.

"Because I'm still the same pony I was before!" Luna exclaimed.

"No you're not." Twilight said.

"Yeah, you fought Chrysalis when she hurt your sister." Mason stated.

"And Nightmare Moon would have want the Tantabus to turn Equestria into a nightmare, you're doing everything you can to stop it. Don't you see, that proves you're not the same pony you were then. We all trust you Luna. Do you trust us enough to believe we're right?" Twilight stated.

Luna shed a tear and smiled. "... I do." The Tantabus suddenly shrank down to a small size and entered Luna's necklace, making it no more. "Thank you... thank you all." Luna said. We all smiled at her and gave her one big hug.


"Well done..." a light shined behind us and out came a dark blue unicorn with white stars covering her whole body and a pink mane and tail. "The Star Unicorn." Twilight gasped.

"I witnessed your battle with the Tantabus and I'm glad you help your Princess forgive herself for her past actions. Sapphire was capable of doing us the same." The unicorn gave us the the forth ring of Sarah's mothers' ring. "Thank you." Luna said. The Star Unicorn nodded and she vanished into the stars.

Luna spread her wings. "Thank you everyone, now I must return to Canterlot to look after everypony's dreams. I wish you all a goodnight and sweet dreams." We all waved goodbye as Luna flew back to Canterlot in the beauty of the night.

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