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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 68: Rainbow Dragon Roadtrip Part 2

Jack's POV

So was with Newbie, Skittles, the purple bookworm and the nerd outside of the city on a large cliffside. "So what's the plan?" Skittles asked Twilight.

"If magic caused this, maybe magic can solve it." the purple bookworm lit her horn and cast a spell over the town.... but it didn't work and the town was still gray. The bookworm sighed, "Oh, I was afraid of that. I've never seen any magic like this before."

"Me either." Jamie stated.

Then Skittles stepped up, "Heh. Let me try. I mean, "Rainbow"'s part of my name, right?" Skittles flew high into the air and came down quick above the town and shot back up making a Sonic Rainboom that glowed across the town, but it did not return the color either. Skittles landed near us. "Ugh. Yeah, that's all I got."

Twilight sighed, "Thanks for trying. I guess I need to do more research." We all heard wooshing and we saw the two foals from before flying. It was the two foals from before. " Look out!" the colt said. "No you look out." the filly said. They both then crashed into each other and they began to fall out of the sky. Twilight gasped and Newbie spread her wings and flew towards them. She caught the two and placed them on the ground. "Are you two okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, we're okay." the colt said. The colt and filly then looked mad at each other. "Why did you zig in front of me like that?" the colt asked.

"I didn't zig! You zigged! I zagged!" The filly replied.

"That's no excuse for—!" Skittles got in between them, "Guys, guys, hold on! It was just an accident."

The two foals looked ashamed, "An accident that happened in front of you." the colt added.

"Ugh, I'm so embarrassed. All of our lives, we've been wanting to meet you, and—" the filly said.

"Wait. So you're the fan club?" I asked. The two foals looked surprised, "You've heard of us?" the colt asked.

"Barley's the president." the colt said.

"Pickle's the assistant president." the filly added.

"Well, what do you know? The mayor was telling the truth about something!"

"Anyway, you're my brother's favorite Wonderbolt!" Pickle claimed

"And my sister's favorite Princess, too!" Barrel claimed.

Newbie blushed at that. "He knows all your best moves!" Pickle stated.

"So does she!" Pickle added.

"We practice all of 'em, every day!" Barrel said. Then she rubbed the back of her head, embarassed, "But we really can't do them."

"Go ahead. Ask them." Barrel said to Pickle.

"Okay... um.. do you think maybe... you could give us a lesson? Just a tiny one? Show us some of your moves?" Pickle asked.

"Of course." Newbie said with a smile.

"Heh. Well, you promise to listen and work hard and practice?" Skittles asked them.

"Yes." the twins stated.

"Heh, tell you what. If I like what I see, the three of us will put on a show at the Rainbow Festival." Skittles added.

The twins gasped. "There's still a Rainbow Festival?" Pickle asked.

"And we're gonna perform in it?" Barrel added.

"You bet." I said to them with a toothily grin.

"I think the whole town should know there's a couple of future Wonderbolts living here. C'mon! We got work to do!" Rainbow stated then flew off.

"Did you hear what she said?" Pickle asked Barrel.

"She called us future Wonderbolts." Barrel said and then the twins flew off pass the windmill.

"Woah... look!" the nerd said. We looked and saw that one of the fins was blue! "It turned blue? How? I thought all the color was drained from the Rainbow Generator."

"Me too... we have to look more into this, Jamie." Twilight said. "Come on." Twilight and the nerd went back to town while I stayed with Skittles and newbie. I found them on another hill with the twins stretching. "All right, rookies. Show me what you got." Rainbow said.

The twins flew into the sky and flew side by side. "Okay... Break!" The twins tried to do multiple flips together but they lost their balance in the air. "Whoa!"

The twins managed to catch themselves before they hit the ground. "Fancy flying is something you have to work up to. Even I didn't become "Rainbow Dash" in one day."

"Yeah and I didn't learn how to fly fast either, took me about three years." Sarah admitted.

"Everypony's got to learn the basics before they can show off." Rainbow added.

"And you know everything about showing off." I smirked.

"Be quiet, fatty!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Make me, Skittles." I challenged.

"Are you two like... dating? Cause you argue like couple." Barrel asked, making Skittles and I blush. "No, absolutely not!" she exclaimed. Newbie giggled at us, "Anyway...you'll get there. But first, let's start with a single flip." Newbie said and she took of again and the twins followed. "Woah..." I saw that the patch of grass the twins were on and turned green.

A couple hours passed until we went back to the town and saw all the others. The twins flew over head and the ponies gasped in awe. "Hey, they're pretty good." Torque said.

"They've been practicing their tails off for the big show." Newbie claimed.

"What big show?" Torque asked.

"The Rainbow Festival." Rainbow replied. The Fashion loon then appeared with a cart full of accessories. " You're all here! Wonderful! You can help us set up our cart. Kerfuffle's official Rainbow Festival accessories." By her side was a pony who had a prosthetic back right leg. I'm guessing that was Kerfuffle.

The girl admired all the accessories. "These are amazing." Newbie said.

"So beautiful." Fluttershy added.

"Oh, but don't worry. I know where the colors are supposed to be. An orange scarf for Applejack, red leggings fer Fluttershy. The pink flower lei is for, well, you-know-who." Kerfuffle said handing out the clothing.

"And look at my purple kerchief. Isn't it divine?" Rarity asked.

"The blue goggles are fer Rainbow Dash. And somethin' very special for Princess Sarah. Wing bling! In every shade of the rainbow, don'tcha know?" Kerfuffle handed Newbie wing covers that were in fainted colors of the rainbow. "Kerfuffle, thank you. This is amazing."

"Kerfuffle, this is amazing! Everypony, you've done great work." Twilight said and Jamie sighed, "I just wish I could've done my part. I hate to admit it, but we're stuck. We don't know how to make the town's color come back."

"But it is coming back." Newbie said. "Right Jack?"

"Yeah, the windmill fan and the grass got some colors back and everything else look." I said. The stand ad clothes regained some of their colors. "What's happening?" Fluttershy asked.

"Something magical." Kaede said.

"But how... it wasn't the generator. So something else must have drained the town's color. We have to figure this out." Twilight and Jamie rushed off to the library again. "Has anypony seen Nicole and Rantaro?" Pinkie suddenly asked.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't." Rainbow said.

"They're probably doing their own thing." I grumbled.

"I'll go look for them. Don't want them to miss out on all the fun." Newbie spread her wings and flew off to find the broker and chick.

POV Ends

I flew over the town to see if I could spot Nicole and Rantaro which was pretty easy since they have a two headed dragon by their side. I found them near a lake. "Nicole, Rantaro." I called as I landed.

"Oh hello." Nicole said.

"What are you two doing out here?" I asked.

"Nothing." Rantaro said. "Just found this." Rantaro unfolded his hand and revealed... one of my mother's rings. This one had a blue water drop crystal in the center. "Wh-Where did you find this?"

"I think we came across the Water Unicorn while we were out here and he asked us to give it to you." Nicole stated.

The ring magically floated onto my horn. Now I had three of my mother's rings. "Thanks. Now come, everything's almost ready for the festival."

"No thank you. I don't so well with big crowds." Nicole said.

"And that's gonna waste my time." Rantaro grumbled, but their dragons wouldn't hear it. It grabbed the two and carried them back. "Hey put us down!" Rantaro exclaimed. I laughed as the dragons carried it two reluctant owners back to the festival.

When we went back to the festival, I saw ponies regaining their color. "Looks like the color is coming back." I said. I saw Twilight, Jamie, the Mayor and Petunia on the stand on the stairs. I approached the four of them "Hey Twilight, Hey Jamie, did you find out what caused the color to drain?" I asked.

"Yes." Twiight showed the Mayor three pictures. "These photos from the library explain everything. Once I realized they were out of order, it proved that the town's colors got dim before you turned on the Generator."

"Boy howdy, am I glad to hear that! But then, what did cause it?" Sunny asked.

" It's called "Hopeless Magic". Everypony was already giving up each other, losing hope. Then, when the Generator blew up, it must have been the last straw. It took all the hope out of the town for good, along with the color. But now there's a different kind of magic. Of everypony coming together again. Just the way you wanted it, Mayor."

" Whadaya know? There is still a Rainbow Festival." Torque said.

"Hell yeah!" Jack exclaimed, rubbing his gut.

"And we'd better get it started. This town's been waiting long enough." Twilight said. Torque presented everyone the repaired Rainbow Generator, "The Generator's workin' again, Mr. Mayor, just the way your grandpa built her."

" Heh. I just hope my speech lives up to the occasion." Sunny said. I cleared my throat and announced, "Attention, please! Welcome to the brand new Hope Hollow Annual Rainbow Festival! And here's the pony who made it all possible – Mayor Sunny Skies!"

Sunny stepped up to the podium and stated, " I am as proud as a two-tailed peacock to see you all here today to once again celebrate our little town at the end of the rainbow. And I can't give enough thanks to Rainbow Dash, Princess Sarah...Fluttershy... Pinkie... Rarity and everyone else...my grandpa started this festival to celebrate us, the ponies of Hope Hollow. It's you who brought friendship back to our town, and all the bright colors that come with it. We just have to always remember to reach a hoof out to our neighbors, to respect and listen and talk to each other. You never know what just sayin' "hello" to somepony can do. So, without further ado..." He turned on the generator and it made gorgeous colors in the sky. The crowd gasped happily.

"Amazing." Kaede gasped. Petunia approached Sunny. "That was a beautiful speech, Sunny."

"What? Oh, no, uh, that wasn't my speech." Sunny stated.

"Uh, but, uh, then what have you been writin' all day?" Petunia asked.

" Well, uh, another speech. I mean, it's for later, but... Oh, flapjacks. I guess now is as good a time as any." he sighed and got down on one knee.... wait... is he gonna..."Petunia, you've never given up on me or the town. You always had hope when we had none, and I can't imagine a day without you. You're the pony who brings color into my life. Petunia Petals, will you marry me?"

"Of course, ya silly goose!" Petunia replied. The girls all cheered happily for the new couple.

Snowflake, Moonshine, Rainbow, the twins and I performed in the skies and me and Rainbow did a double Sonic Rainboom in the sky, the crowd went wild and the dragons roared in joy.

"Heh. Now this is something I'm proud to be a guest of honor for!" Rainbow said. Then many roars were heard and we saw multiple dragons coming towards the town. "Hey the dragons are returning." I said. Fluttershy spotted some butterflies too. " And it looks like there's a butterfly garden after all."

Pinkie laughed, "Now that's a party!" and what could make it better... breaking into a song.


We're living in color/with dragons


Step out of the shadows and into the light
Where it's bright and you might see all the colors you are


Or any dragon you wanna have
A color to be
And wear them bright like a shining star

(Rarity and Kaede)

Why just be black and white?
No need to hide all those colors inside

(Fluttershy and Jamie)

'Cause when they shine up bright
It just feels right


To be living in color/with dragons
We'll be living in color/with dragons
To be living in color/with dragons
We'll be living in color/with dragons

(Applejack and Mason)

Make up any colors that you can devise
Mix 'em up, watch the joy as it multiplies


Make a rainbow and you will see
How together we are like


One when we harmonize

(Rarity and Kaede)

Why just be black and white?
No need to hide all those colors or dragons

(Fluttershy and Ren)

'Cause when they shine so bright
It just feels right


To be living in color/with dragons
We'll be living in color/with dragons
To be living in color/with dragons
We'll be living in color/with dragons


Hello, my friend is a yellow Tracker


Tidal's what you get when you're feeling violet

(Moody Root)

Red is the part where your heart starts to glow


In the mood, indigo, Boulder Class

(Rainbow and Jack)

Blue is the sky spinnin' high as Sharp Class

(Applejack and Mason)

Orange can amaze, bringin' days Stoker sunny

(Mrs. Hoofington)

Green is serene, do not Fear, feel new

(Pinkie and Carrie)

Feel all the living colors


There's a rainbow in you

Now we're living in color/with dragons
Yeah, we're living in color/with dragons
Now we're living in color/with dragons
Yeah, we're living in color/with dragons

We all gathered in the car and I started the engine and I put the car in drive. Before we left I gave Sunny and Petunia a hug before I got back into the driver's seat. Our dragons flew beside us and the car began to hover and flew off back to Ponyville.

We're all living in color/with dragons (living in color/with dragons)
We're all living in color/with dragons
We're all living in color/with dragons (living in color/with dragons)
We're all living in color/with dragons

We're all living in... color/with dragons!

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