• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 1: New Surprises

Author's Note:

Anymore Ideas for episodes are welcomed and Constructive Criticism.

Hi, my name is Sarah. I'm a fifteen year old girl with peach colored skin and my hair is semi-long, only going down to my shoulders. My hair is black. I always wore a cloak cause of… something I didn’t want to talk about. The cloak was purple with white stars on it and it covered me all the way down to my lower back. I look down at my right wrist and see I still have my watch.

My watch? Well.. my watch is special. A Yo-Kai Watch. It allows me to see Yo Kai.

Yo Kai are spiritual beings that can inspirit people and cause trouble. Luckily I have some Yokai friends of my own and other friends to help me, but let’s not go into that now.

I had just woken up from the inside of a pod and came out into a strange white room and right now, I have to find out where I am. I exited the door and entered what looked like it was a living room in hear, with a very short two-seater couch and a brown table, brown floors, a large TV, a kitchen, a fridge, and one of those glass sliders you see in homes, but this one was different, it had large bars covering outside. Also there were some more humans and ponies looking at me. Five boys and three girls and six mares.

One boy had orange hair.

One had black hair that goes way down to his neck and had light blue eyes, wearing a white hoodie sweater and had a red scarf around his neck, and was wearing a bamboo stick around his back and was wearing black sandals and wore black sweats.

The other was a little girl wearing a top pink flowery like top shirt and had short hazel hair, but with a short ponytail that goes all the way to her neck. She had blue eyes and has knee-length black leggings covered by a puffy white skirt that seems to resembles a cloud and wore red sandals. She seems to be nine years old judging by her height.

One was a pale skin man wearing a worn-out white fedora with curly brown hair and had olive eyes, along with a pencil thin-out goatee, just a beard but with no mustache, his attire was a white striped sweater that has a chain accessory pinned to it, with baggy, purple arousal pants, and black slippers. His sweater had a big red star symbol on it, making it look like it was a setting sun, along with a red tie that has various swords with skulls attached to it as they crossed like an X on top, middle, and low.

The other guy had an olive skin tone with a short and messy Justin light blonde hair-like style with hazel colored eyes, wearing a short collared white long overcoat, which seems to looks like a motorcycle biker gang member would wear. The back of his coat held a skull symbol on it. He also wore a white tank top that seems to cover his entire gut. He even had baggy white pants with an enormous dark chain attached to the left side of his huge baggy brown pants with a men’s cotton belt wrapped around it. Apparently this guy…was quite intimidating with his obese figure. His gut was really large, almost to as a sumo wrestler, and his face was quite chubby. He had to be like 320 pounds or something.

One girl had red long hair that reaches to her back and with a prominent ahoge. She had a pink flower pin on her hair and wears a short-sleeved purple sweater that has pocket on the lower part of the sweater. She had one of those stretcher things on the sweater, you know, once you pull them, they’ll make the hoodie close up. She even had a dark pink skirt and I could see pink sleeves on her, meaning that she had long sleeve pink shirt underneath that sweater of hers

One human boy with short spike blue hair with a small ahoge. He was wearing a simply dark black shirt with a red tie that has a strange symbol on it, wore dark blue jeans, fancy brown dress shoes with dark brown laces and had a small book in his arms. He had dark blue eyes and a pale skin tone and a slim figure.

Another girl wears a yellowish-orange long-sleeved loose maroon pullover sweater with a light pink ruffled strap almost covering her shoulders, two braid-like embroidery flowing down her sweater, a black tie with an blue lower half on it, and tight blue shorts that reaches only the uppermost part of her thighs. Underneath her sweater, she wears a deep raven back collared sleeveless shirt. She also seemed to be wearing two mismatched slippers because the one on her right was crimson color with a puppy face on it while the one on her left was yellow with a kitten face on it. And she had a violet IPad with her.

One pegasus was blue with a rainbow colored mane and tail with a rainbow lightning bolt on the side of her flank while the other pegasus was yellow with a long pink mane and tail with three butterflies on the side of her flank.

One unicorn was purple with a blue mane and tail with a purple and pink streak in it and multiple stars on the side of her flanks while the other unicorn was white with a curly, purple mane and tail with three blue diamonds on the side of her flank.

One of the Earth Ponies was orange wearing a cowgirl hat with three freckles on her face and a blond mane and tail tied at the ends with three apple pictures on the side of her flank and the other Earth Pony was all pink with a slightly pink mane and tail and three balloon on the side of her flank.

The ponies and the humans all gawked at me. “...Uh.. hi.” I greeted shyly.

“Another human?!” the purple unicorn exclaimed. “What’s next?”

“Uh… hi.” the orange haired boy said back.

“Sarah.” a voice called and then appeared my Yo-Kai friends; Usapyon, Saliornyan, Thornyan and Whisper

Usapyon: a bunny like Yo-Kai who wears a yellow space suit that has rabbit-like ears on the hood, and he carries a small orange ray gun modeled after a carrot. He also has a blue jet pack attached to his back.

Saliornyan: a pink cat that has the same white part of the head as most of the cats. Her nose is peach, as well as the small circular blush underneath her eyes, which are blue with three highlights inside the darker blue area. She has one eyelash on each eye. The tips of her paws are white. She had two tails with blue flames shaped like water droplets at the ends. She wears a sailor uniform with a red ribbon attached to her thin yellow collar with a big blue sphere in the center. A sailor cap with the same dark blue and white colours of the uniform and a yellow fire-like symbol in the middle rests on her head.

Thornyan: An ivy-green cat with dull pink nose. His inner-ear is dark yellow, while his muzzle, paw tips, and chest fur are white. He wears a white collar with a dark orange sphere, and around his stomach is a dull orange band. On his head are nine long spikes with white and emerald coloring nearing the tips. His tail flames are orange, yellow, and white and are also spiked.

And my Yo-Kai butler, Whisper: A cartoony marshmallow-like white ghost with a curved black mask-like mark connecting his eyes. He has purple lips with the upper one vaguely resembling a mustache, a small swirled ice cream-shaped wisp atop his head and a wispy tail that constantly billows.

“Who are your little pets?” the orange Earth Pony asked.

Usapyon immediately got offended. “I ain't no stinkin pet, I’m a Yo-Kai little missy, same as my friends!” he exclaimed, surprising everyone with his outbrust.

“Woah! Okay! Did not see that remark comin.”

“Hey chill out!” the blue pegasus remarked.

“Make me little missy!”

“Ooooh, you wanna go?”

I quickly grabbed Usapyon and backed away while sweat dropping and apologized sheepishly, “Sorry about him, Usapyon has a short fuse, just don’t push him over the edge.”

“Why not?” the pink Earth Pony asked.

“You do not want to know.”

“Anyway, who are you and your other friends?” And I introduce my yo kai friends.

“My name is Sarah. And these are my Yo-Kai friends; Usapyon, Sailornyan, Thornyan and Whisper. Who are all of you?”

"I'm Ren. Ren Loodan and yeah I get if my last name sounds kinda weird..."

"I'm Carrie and this is my big brother, Mason!"


"Names Jack Yamaki, nice to frigging meetcha.”

"My name is Kaede Ross."

"O-oh...J-Jamie Watson..."

“Nicole Bonnie.”

“I’m Twilight Sparkle.”

“I’m Applejack, nice to meet y'all.”

“I’m Rarity, darling.”

“I’m Pinkie Pie!”

“I-I’m Fluttershy.”

“I’m Rainbow Dash, the fastest pony in Equestria.”

“So what do you … Yo Kai friends do?” Rantaro

“Thornyan shoots thorns whenever he sneezes, Usapyon goes into Invader Mode when he gets really angry, Sailornyan came charm anything with her feminine charm and Whisper… he’s just my Yo-Kai butler, who doesn’t know anything about Yo-Kai.”

“What?” Whisper exclaimed with a red tick mark appearing on the side of his head. “I’ll have you know, I know tons about Yo-Kai!”

“Oh yeah, then what tribe to Sailornyan and Thornayn belong to without looking at your Yo-Kai pad?” I challenged.

“Uh… grrr… let me see… they belong to the, umm… umm.. Oh! I got it! They belong to the Brave tribe!” Whisper said.

I fell to the floor. Wrong Answer. “We belong to the Charming Tribe.” Sailornyan and Thornyan said in unison.

“GAH!” Whisper cried. “Uh, I knew that!”

“No you didn’t!” Thornyan replied.

The ponies and humans just sweat-dropped at the scene.

“I see what you mean.” Carrie said.

Fluttershy walked up to Sailornyan. “Awww… this one is so cute.” she cooed.

Sailornyan like the comment. “Thank you, Fluttershy.”

Suddenly, Sailornyan smelled something foul, “Hey, what’s that awful stench?”

“Huh?” There was a olive green cloud moving in and everyone started gagging and coughing and covered their noses. “What is that?” Jack cried, covering his nose with his black jacket.

“It’s putred!” Nicole cried.

“It’s got to be a Yo-Kai!” I exclaimed.

“A Yo-Kai is making this stench?!” Rantaro exclaimed.”No way!” I shined the watch around the room and found the Yo-Kai near a dirty sock. He has tan skin with dark pink cheek marks right under his yellow eyes. He has dark brown hair and the he (へ) character on his red bib is written in black. He also wears a dark green pair of baggy pants with darker stripes.


“WHAT?!” Rantaro exclaimed.

“Whisper, Who's that Yo-Kai?!” Whisper scrambled on his Yo-Kai Pad. “Aha! That’s Cuttincheez!”

Cuttincheez: Tribe - Eerie.

“Cuttincheez is like Cheeksqueak, but even fartier and unlike Cheeksqueak, Cuttincheez rules over all horrifying aroma’s not just farts. He’s the Yo-Kai who make you go ‘Someone took a dirty diaper and shoved it up my nose’ This guy is a real stinker.”

“Whose Cheeksqueak?” Ren asked.

“Later.” I replied.

Mason and Carrie both cough due to the horrid smell, “Get rid of it! Cough Cough!” Mason cried.

“Thornyan, Sailornyan, teach him a lesson!” I ordered. Unfortunately, my cat Yo-Kai friends were overwhelmed by the scentch. “What do you even expect us to do.. Eh, Bleh!” and they both fell to the ground. “Cats down. Cats down.” Whisper said. Usapyon activated his helmet, protecting him from the smell. “I’ll take care of this varmint!” He got out his blaster and started firing at Cuttincheez, but the Yo-Kai simply dodge the lasers. “That varmint is too fast for me!”

Cuttincheez was amplifying the sock’s foul odor. “Twilight, get rid of it!” Ren cried, struggling with the foul smell. The pets didn’t like it either as they covered their faces and noses. Ren and his friends had told me about their pets. Ren's was Kodiak or Kodi for short, a red Siberian husky. Rantaro had a raccoon named Gizmo. Jack had a guinea pig names Jo Jo. Mason had two squirrels; one black and one white. Nicole had a polar bear named Snow and Kaede had a cat named Rosie.

“Right.” she said.

“Wait, magic doesn't work on Yo-Kai. The only way to get rid of him is by forcing him or befriending him.” Whisper informed.

“Are you serious?!” Everyone cried.

“Now how are gonna get rid of him?” Kaede asked.

“I know! Robonyan!” I realized.

“Robo-Who?” Mason asked.

I took out Robonyan’s medal,

“Come on out my friend!” I tossed the medal into the air “Calling Robonyan! Yo-Kai Medal do your thing!” An automatic voice said,

“Summoning Tough”


Robonyan: A robot-Cat hybrid Yo-kai. He has yellow eyes with a silver ring around them, has a red circle and a maroon jetpack worn on his back, where Jibanyan has the blue flame at the end of his tails is now a red flame. Robonyan is dark blue and gray instead of red and white, he has parts that attach to others to make his arms and legs and connect to his hands and feet.

“Greetings Sarah, I am at your service.”

“WOAH! Awesome!” Jamie exclaimed.

“Robonyan, get rid of Cuttincheez!” I ordered.

“As you wish! Rocket Punch!” Both of his robotic paws detached and punched Cuttincheez right in the face, leaving behind two large bumps. Cuttincheez cried out in pain and flew out of the front door and the stench vanished immediately. Everybody gasped in relief and breathed in the once again fresh air.

“Sweet fresh air!” Ren exclaimed.

“Amen to that!” Jack added.

“Thanks goodness, he’s gone!” Rarity exclaimed.

“What’s his deal?” Jack asked annoyed. “Stinking up our place. I outta punch him for that!”

“Yo-Kai like him always cause trouble when they inspirit things and people.” Whisper explained. “Thankfully, there are many that aren’t as revolting as him.”

“Well… I guess that’s good.” Ren said sheepishly.

“Anyway…. Do you have any pets? Or are they the only ones?” Jack asked.

Usapyon didn’t like this again. “I ain’t no pet!”

“You look like a space rabbit pet. You are a pet.”

Tick marks appeared on his helmet. “That’s it!” He pressed the buttons on his helmet. “Oh no! HIT THE FLOOR!” Black smoke covered his helmet and a eerie voice said “Invader Mode”. I quickly grabbed Fluttershy, Sailornyan grabbed Jamie and Thornayn grabbed Carrie and Pinkie Pie as we hid behind the couch along with Whisper.

“What are you-” Twilight was cut off when Usapyon took out his blaster and started blasting everyone else as they screamed in terror and ran away from the angry rabbit. “JACK, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Mason cried.

“Don’t blame me!” he cried. Usapyon ran after the gang, firing at them. “What’s with this crazy rabbit!” Ranatro cried.

“You did something to him!” Ren cried. The nine of us were just watching as Usapyon chased the gang. “Is that his Invader Mode?” Jamie asked.

“Yep.” I sighed. “This is why you shouldn’t make him angry.”

“That’s gotta be rough.” Carrie said.

“Only on some occasions.” Whisper said.

Soon, Usapyon calmed down and stopped chasing everybody, who were pretty shaken and steamed with me. “Why didn’t you tell us he would do that?!” Applejack scolded.

“I said don’t make him mad; Jack got him mad and you paid the consequences.” I simply said.

“Great. Now we have two short fused friends.” Mason groaned.

I laughed nervously. “Hey..” Rainbow dragged. “Why are you wearing that cloak?”

“Yeah, why are you wearing that?” Ranatro asked. I clutched my cloak a little. “I just.. wear it. That’s all” Jack must have picked up the nervousness in my voice. “Why?” I flinched a little, “I…. can’t tell you.”

“Why not? Are you hiding something? What is it?” Rainbow interrogated. Luckily, Sailornyan came to my defense, “Leave her alone, she doesn’t want to talk about it.” Rainbow huffed and backed off… for now. “Anyway… w-would you like to t-tell us more a-about you?” Jamie asked.

“Well..” Before I could continue.


A loud explosion was heard. “What was that?!” Pinkie said. We all rushed outside and saw a large creature in Ponyville. It was twenty feet long and twenty feet high with large wings and sharp, red scales. It has razor, sharp claws and big, sharp teeth. “What that?” I asked.

“A Dragon?!” Ren cried. “And it’s attacking Ponyville!”

The ponies were screaming in fear as they ran away from the large creature and into their homes. “Come on!” Twilight snapped.

They all ran away, leaving me and my yo-kai behind. “Aren’t you going to help them?” Sailornyan asked.

“No, I can’t… I can’t risk them finding out.” I replied.

“Oh, come on Sarah, they might like your secret.” Whisper reassured.

“Or not… I just can’t take that chance.”


I turned my attention back at the battle. Twilight was blasting the dragon with her magic but the beams just reflected off of it’s thick scales. Ren took out his weapon “Break!” and blasted the dragon but the blast didn’t do anything. “What?”

The dragon tried to smack everyone with his tail, but they all dodged it. “This isn’t working!” Rainbow cried, just avoiding the dragon’s fire breathing.

“My magic isn’t very effective against it.” Twilight called. Applejack lassoed the dragon’s mouth, hoping to stop the fire breathing, but the dragon easily opened it mouth, breaking the rope like a twig. “Ponyfeathers!” she cried.

Then the dragon grabbed Ren and the humans in one hand and the ponies in the other hand. The girls screamed in fear.

“Let us go!” Jack said, only receiving a roar from the rampaging beast.

“Is it too late to regret this?” Ren said.

“Yeah.” Jamie sighed.

I looked on in horror, “Nyot good. Nyow what?” Sailornyan asked.

I clenched my fists and felt something on my wrist. “I guess it’s up to me.” I said, “Ready you guys?”

“You Knyow it!” Thornayn said.

“Darn tootin!” Usapyon added.

“We’re with you.” Whisper agreed

“Let’s go!” Sailornyan said.

The dragon was making it way through Ponyville, blasting the houses with it’s fiery breath. Kodi and the pets were chasing after them. “We have to stop it!” Rainbow said, struggling to get out of the dragons’ grip.

“How? We’re trapped!” Nicole replied.

“Hey!” The dragon stopped walking and stared at me. “Sarah, what are you doing?!” Ren cried.

“Get out of here, darling!” Rarity added.

“Let them go you beast!” I ordered. The dragon snarled at me.

“Alright then, you asked for it.” I pulled up the left sleeve, revealing an orange and black device with some red parts.It features a screen with buttons, and a slot on the right side.

I also took out a card with the picture of a Styracosaurus on it.

“Dino Slash, Styracosaurus Roar!” I exclaimed as I slashed the card.

“Styracosaurus!” Jamie exclaimed.


My dinosaur landed in front of the dragon, surprising it and everyone else in the area. “What in Equestria is that?” Rainbow asked.

“A Styracosaurus; a horned dinosaur that went extinct in our world!” Jamie explained.

“How does she have one?” Kaede questioned.

“Alright, Blitz, we have to rescue Twilight and the others.” I said. Blitz roared and my Yo-Kai friends hopped onto him. “Tallyho!” Whisper cried as Blitz charged the dragon and rammed it in the stomach, making it roar in pain and crashed to the ground. “Nyice hit!” Thornyan praised. Blitz then bit it’s left arm, causing it to let go of Ren and the humans and they ran away and Blitz did the same with the right arm, freeing Twilight and the ponies. They all gathered behind me as Blitz backed off and the dragon got up again.

The dragon fired it’s breath at Blitz, “Oh, no!” Carrie cried.

I took out a move card and slashed it, “Lightning Strike!”

Blitz roared and electricity charged up in his horns, he reared up and fired the electricity at the fire. The two attacks were in a small power struggle when Blitz’s attack pushed the fire back, shocking the dragon! “That’s the way!” Sailornyan cheered.

Ren and the other were speechless as the battle went on. “Holy cow!” Jack cried.

The dragon shook as the electricity ran through his body. When the attack was finished the dragon was angrier than ever. It roared and flew right at Blitz. “Now Blitz, Lightning Spear!” I slashed another move card and Blitz roared and my Yo-Kai friends cheered loudly as he charged up with electricity. Blitz charged and struck the dragon and leaped into the air, stabbing the dragon with electricity. The dragon roared in pain as Blitz landed on the ground as it crashed.

The dragon had enough and turned tail and flew away quickly. Blitz roared in victory and I pressed the button recalling Blitz to his card. Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper all came to my side. “That’s was gosh darn amazin’!” Usapyon cried in joy.

“What a ride!” Whisper added.


I turned around and saw Ren and everyone, including the civilians of Ponyville, staring at me. “Uh… hi?’

Back at the home ship, Ren and the others were asking me a lot of questions.

“How did you do that?”

“You have dinosaurs?”

“Why didn’t you tell us this?”

“Woah, woah, partners.” Usapyon defended. “Just calm down for a minute.”

“Yeah, Sarah won’t answer if you all blast her with questions.” Sailornyan added. Ren and the others calmed down and backed off a little. Twilight approached her, “Sarah… is there anything you want to tell us?”

I looked at her with a sad expression. I sighed, “I want to… but…”

“But what?” Ren asked.

“She’s afraid to recall her memories, am I right?” Nicole answered.

I nodded. “Afraid?” Jamie said. “Afraid of what? Kaede added. I just stayed silent and looked away, trying not to burst into tears, even though I felt tears at the back of my eyes. Whisper came in, “Her experience was very, very traumatic.”

Ren and the others now felt concerned. “Traumatic?” Jack questioned. Whisper nodded. “It was so horrific, that she’s blocked it from my memory, not wanting to recall any of it.” Sailornyan added.

Ren and everyone looked at me with great concern. “But how can we know what happened to you, if you won’t tell us?” Mason asked.

“I can help.” a voice came. Everybody looked around in surprise. “Who said that?” Rantaro questioned. I shined the light from my light revealing another Yo-Kai. This one was white with a long nose and frighteningly large teeth and four small legs.

“Um…. who are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“My name’s Whapir.”

Whapir: Tribe - Charming

“And what’s your deal?” Jack asked rudely.

“Jack, be nice.” Mason scolded.

Whisper looked her up on his Yo-Kai Pad, “Aha, Whapir is known for taking people’s memories and playing them as if it was a movie.”

“Really?!” Applejack said.

“Absolutely.” Whapir answered and she walked over to me, “I can show everyone your memories without you having to tell them anything.”

“Thanks Whapir.” I closed my eyes as Whapir took my memories and blew her nose and a screen popped up as she played them for everybody.

There were two men standing outside a large tube filled with water. Inside the tube was a little peach colored baby. The men were both in a lab and was wearing lab coats. One man had short black hair while the other one had spikey brown hair. They both had the same fair skin completion.

The console to the right of the tube began beeping. "Douglas, she's ready." Donny replied with excitement. Douglas smiled and drained the tube. Donny opened the tube as the baby began to squirm and whimper. Donny took her into his arms. "Oh, it's alright. You're okay."

The baby quieted down as Douglas came over and stared at her. "She's perfect." Donny said. The baby opened her eyes and saw the two men. She blinked twice at them. "Daddy." she cooed. The two mens' hearts melted at their little bundle. "What should we name her?" Douglas questioned.

"How about... Sarah?" Donny suggested.

"Perfect." The baby Sarah only cooed at the two men.

"Awwww.... she's adorable." Rarity cooed.

"So... she was actually created by two men." Ren said. "Woah."

The memory skipped to five years old. Five year old Sarah was playing were some toys her Daddys' brought her. "Oh Sarah~" Douglas called. Sarah stopped and looked at Douglas. "Yes?"

"You wanna play a game?" he asked. Sarah perked up at the word 'game'. "Yes Daddy. Where's other Daddy?"

"Uh..." Douglas stammered. "He's... out for a moment. This'll be a quick game, promise."

Sarah nodded and let Douglas lead her to a section of the lab where there was a room with obstacles like jumps, hurdles and walls. "Ooooh." Sarah gasped, having not seen this room. "What's this room Daddy?"

"This is the training room. This is where.. uh... you will... playing for the next few years."

"Yeah." Sarah went over to the starting line. "I'm ready, Daddy."

"Alright, sweetheart. Now go!" Sarah ran towards the first jump and leaped.... unfortunately, she didn't leap high enough so clear the jump, cause she was too small. She tried to pull herself up and over the jump, but being five years old, she really didn't have much muscles but she was having fun.

Douglas... on the other hand wasn't, but before he could say anything to Sarah.

"What are you doing?!" Douglas turned around and Sarah stopped and they both saw Donny walking over. "Douglas, why do have our daughter in the training room?!"

"Well.. uh...." Douglas stammered. Sarah scampered over and answered for Douglas, "Daddy and I were playing a game, Daddy." Donny narrowed his eyes at Douglas. "Well.. honey, you're too small to play on this, so how about we go back to your stuff animal dolls?"

"Okay." Sarah replied cutely. Sarah skipped back over to her dolls while Donny scolded Douglas. "How could you out our daughter in such danger like that?"

"I wanted to see if she could handle it."

"She's five years old?! What made you possibly think that she would be ready for this?!"

"Whatever, Donny."

"Do not do anything this reckless and dangerous again!"

"Fine Donny." Douglas walked away and Donny sighed. He turned and looked at Sarah with great love in his eyes, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen... something that would change everything for their little girl.

"Woah, what a creep!" Jack commented.

"Agreed. At least she had one g-good father feature." Jamie said.

"Yeah." Ren added.

Another time skip to ten years later, Douglas was in the lab surrounded by cages and cages filled with multiple animals; amphibians, mammals, marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. There were even dinosaur skeletons of every dinosaur from every time of the Mesozoic Era.

"Oh those poor animals." Fluttershy said.

"Why does he have all those creatures and dinosaur skeletons?" Kaede asked.

"I think we're about to find out, Look." Twilight said.

Douglas had a chemistry set and viles of the animals DNA in separate test tubes. He poured the final DNA blood drop into the test tube and it began to glow. "Hehehe, perfect." he hissed. "After fourteen years of collecting every single animal DNA that has every lived on Earth, in the world, I will finally create a creature that will be unstoppable." He took the substance and placed it in a cup of milk. "Oh Sarah~" he called.

"He's not gonna!!" Ren whispered.

"If he does..." Twilight added.

Sarah, now fifteen years old, skipped into the lab, waving hi to all the animals. Her hair was down near her shoulders and she looked fit as a fittle and kinda cute as well. "Yes, Daddy?"

"Here's your milk." Douglas said. Douglas and Donny always made her drink milk everyday to help with her growth.

"Thank you." Sarah cheered. She took the glass and drank the substance just as Donny walked in. "Hey Douglas." he said.

"Donny! Uh... how are you doing?" Douglas asked quickly.

"Great." He looked at the chemistry set and noticed something missing, "Where's the vile of the Animal DNA's?"


"Ugh.." Sarah groaned, holding her stomach. "Daddy, I don't feel good."

Donny came to her side. "What is it?"

"My tummy hurts."

Suddenly, Sarah began to glow just like the substance and she bellowed out a combination of animal roars. Donny and Douglas covered their eyes. When the glowing stopped and Sarah collapsed on the floor.

"Sarah?!" Donny cried as he rushed to her side. Soon, Sarah was resting in her bed. Donny came out of the room. "She's alive." he sighed.

"Thank goodness." Douglas sighed.

"Don't act so innocent. I know what you did!" Donny replied, raising his voice. At the same time, Sarah awoke and sat up in bed. "Daddys?" She could hear the argument outside.

“How could you do this?” Donny's voice came.

“I did what we planned to do.” Douglas's voice replied.

“I didn’t approve of this, and you know it.”

“So, now we have a weapon to use for mankind.”

“Weapon?! We are not using the human we created together as a weapon against human kind!”

“Well, I’m not letting years of genetic modifying be ruined. I’m taking the human and I’m going to make her into the weapon I designed her to be.” Footsteps were heard walking away from the scene. Donny opened the door to a scared Sarah. "Daddy? What's happening?"

"Sarah... my brother wants to make you into something you're not meant to be. I have to protect you." Donny gave the Yo-Kai watch and Dino Bracer and Dino Gadget and applied them to Sarah's right wrist, left wrist and pants. "Come on." Sarah got out of bed and followed him to a room where a portal was housed. “I can’t let him make you into something you’re not.” He activated the portal and whistled. Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper appeared. “This portal will take you to someplace safe.” He dug into his pants and pulled out a card with the picture of the Styracosaurus on it.

"Blitz's card?!" Kaede exclaimed.

"Here, this will help you as well. He put the card into pants pocket. He quickly grabbed a purple cloak with white stars on it. "Here put this one. This will hide your appearance from any strangers who might want to hurt you."

"Daddy... I'm scared." Sarah was in tears at this change of her life. "I don't want to leave you..." she sobbed. Donny sighed and hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, you'll make some new friends hopefully and you'll have my friends to watch over you."

"But what about you?"

"I'll find you one day... and we'll be together again." Sarah smiled, sniffled and wiped her tears. “I’ll be fine. You need to be free and make you own decisions. You know how they work?” Sarah nodded, “Good. Please be careful.”

“I will.”

He turned to the Yo-Kai, “And you four, please take care of her for me.”

“Darn tootin!” Usapyon replied.

“We will.” Sailornyan added.

“You can count on us.” Whisper said.

“Good. Now go on.” Sarah nodded, "I love you Daddy." she said.

"I love you too." Donny said and with that, Sarah leaped through the portal along with her Yo-kai friends.

Ren's POV

The memory faded out and Sarah opened my eyes, now filled with tears. She just got up and walked out of the room, leaving us behind. Me and everyone had just saw Sarah’s memories and let me just say they were definitely traumatic. Pinkies’ mane was all flat and gray while the rest of us were trying to comprehend what we all had just witnessed. "Oh My god." I spoke. "Talk about traumatic."

“So, Sarah was created in a lab by two men, which I'm guessing are brothers. One brother cared for her like his own daughter while the other one purposely gave her the Animal DNA of every animal just so he could make her into a weapon against human kind!" Jack summarized in complete anger. "That bastard!"

“How awful!” Mason added. "Sarah didn't ask for any of this and yet she was ripped out of her old life and thrusted in ours!"

“I know. That explains why she wears the cloak and got the dinosaur and Yo-Kai from.” Kaede added.

“The poor darling. She must have been traumatized.” Rarity said. "Leaving her father behind and getting abilities she didn't ask for."

“I can’t believe she’s not scared of humans after experiencing something like that.” Nicole spoke.

“Now she's a genetic hybrid of Animals and Dinosaurs with a small horn which also means she could use magic now!.” I said, completely shocked by that.

“... So what happens now?” Fluttershy inquired.

Well we can’t just leave her all depressed.” Applejack spoke. “We have to cheer her up.”

Pinkie immediately perked up, “Oh, I know, a party!”

“Sorry Pinkie, but I’m not so sure she’d want to party after having to relive her traumatic memories.” I pointed out.

“Ren has a point. I think, for now, we should console her about this, until she’s ready to talk again.” Twilight ordered and we all agreed to that. “Sailornyan, Usapyon, can you two go and check on her?”

“Of course.” Sailornyan replied and the two Yo-Kai went off.

POV Ends

I was sitting all alone in the white room, sniffling as tears stream down her face like a waterfall. Sailornyan and Usapyon enter the room, "Sarah?" Sailornyan called.

I sniffled and looked up at my two Yo-Kai friends. "You alright?" Usapyon asked.

I shook my head and Sailornyan cuddled me. "It's alright. Everything will be alright?"

"How?" I sobbed.

"Now they know your past, they can help you deal with your pain." Sailornyan reassured.

"Really?" I sniffled.

"Really." Sailornyan, Usapyon and I looked and saw Ren, Mason, Carrie, Jack, Rantaro, Kaede, Nicole, Twilight, Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie at the doorway. "We'll help you sugarcube. We're your friends." Applejack said.

"We'll make sure those meanie memories don't hurt you anymore." Pinkie promised, hopping up and down in place.

"We'll be here for you." Ren added.

I sniffled and wiped my tears and smiled. "T-Thank you."

"Now how about...." Mason gently pulled down my cloak hood, revealing my little peach colored horn. "You start my showing your face?"

I smiled at him. Everybody gave me and group hug. When we separated, Pinkie said, "Now come on, we have a 'Welcome to Ponyville and thank you for saving us from the dragon' Party!"

Everybody cheered, but suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Huh?" Twilight said. "Who could that be?"

Everybody went to the door and I followed. Twilight opened the door with her magic and there I saw two alicorns. One was taller than the other and was white as snow with a multi-colored mane and tail that seemed to flow in an invisible wind. She was wearing golden shoes, necklace with a purple gem in the center and a golden crown. On her flank was the picture of the sun. The smaller alicorn was blue with a shimmering, flowing mane and tail that sparkled. She was wearing silver shoes and she had a black necklace with a crescent moon in the center and a black crown. One her flank was a black patch with a crescent moon. Everybody, except for me and my Yo-Kai friends, bowed.

"Now everyone you don't have to do that." the white alicorn replied.

Twilight stood up. "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, what are you doing here?"

"My sister and I have received word about the dragon that attacked Ponyville and the new human who stopped him. Is the human here now?" Luna asked.

They all stepped aside, which made me visible to the two royals. "Ah, I'm guessing your the new human?" Celestia asked me.

"Uh... y-yes. My name is Sarah and these are my Yo-Kai friends; Sailornyan, Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper, my Yo-Kai butler."

Whisper immediately bowed to Celestia and Luna. "You majesties it's an honor just to be in your presence." Me and my Yo-Kai only sweat-dropped at the scene. Thornyan whacked Whisper to the side and he smacked face first into the wall. "Dang." Jack mumbled.

"Ignore him, please." Thornyan said.

Luna chuckled as well as her sister. "Thank you, now me and my sister would like to commend you and your creature for saving Ponyville and my faithful student and her friends." Celestia said. "Would you mind bringing him out?"

"Okay." I took out Blitz's card, but before I could slash it. "Sarah, shouldn't you do that outside?" Kaede said.

"No worries, look." I swiped the card backwards and it turned into a little chibi Blitz. It was green with many white nubs for horns. "Awwww." the girls cooed at the sight of the chibi dinosaur. I picked up Blitz, "Blitz, these are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna." I introduced. Blitz reached out with his legs and chirped at them. "He's adorable." Carrie cooed.

"Now on behalf of all of Equestria, I present you and your friends the Equestrian Pink Hearts of Courage." Luna levitated is six necklaces with a pink heart crystal in the center.

The necklace's came around our necks. "Thanks." I said. Two royal sisters nodded. Blitz leaped out of my arms and walked over to Celestia's mane and started pawing at it like a kitten. "Awww, he likes you mane." I cooed. Celestia chuckled and looked at my little dino. "You wanna play with my mane, cutie?" she asked.

Blitz chirped happily.

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, do you want to stay for Sarah's Welcome to Ponyville party?" Twilight offered.

"We'd be delighted to attend." Celestia said.

The girls and Ren and his friends were all glad to have the royal sisters attend their small party. In now time, Pinkie put together the party. With a table filled with refreshments and snacks, including cake, which Princess Celestia had a liking for. Confetti and decorations everywhere. Carrie and the girls were playing with Blitz and my Yo-Kai friends while I watched from afar, having some punch. Thornyan was by my side, not wanting to accidentally hurt the girls with his thorns. "So Sarah." Ren said as he came over to me. "You like the party?"

"Y-Yes. I've never been to a party before... or been to anything for that matter."

"Don't worry, we'll help you."

I smiled at Ren.

"Ren, Ren!" a cheery voice came. We both turned and saw Kodi scampering towards us "Hi buddy." Ren greeted.

"So she's the new human with interesting friends, right?" he asked.

"Yes buddy. I hope you don't mind that two of them are cats."

"I don't I like Rosy. And I can like them too."

"Just be careful around Thornyan."

"I will."

"Alright everyone, my sister and I have to return to Canterlot." Luna announced.

Everybody waved goodbye as the two Princess's teleported back to Canterlot. "I'm gonna go outside for some fresh air." I said.

"Alright, see you soon." Ren said.

I nodded and walked out the door, being greeted by the calm night and the moon shining above. Nobody was out at this time. So I decided to walk around Ponyville. I like the houses and the fountain in the center of the town. It was quiet as a mouse. Just then, I heard a snap behind me and whirled around. "Whose there?"

I looked around but was greeted by nothing. "Hmm... must have been the-" I didn't finish when there was a sudden flash and something hit me in the head and everything went black.

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