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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Epsiode 28: TUFF Humans: Puff Puppy/ To be or Not to Bee

Sarah Gem was a hybrid girl
(hybrid girl)
She'd play, she'd sing and then she'd tease her dad
(tease her dad)

Now with her friends by her side
They went to work for T.U.F.F.
And they're all doing secret agent stuff

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

Nine friends who sticks his smarts right where he knows the crooks will be.

They are T.U.F.F. Humans
T.U.F.F. Humans
They are T.U.F.F. Humans

(electric guitar plays)

Ren's POV

So me and the others followed Sarah to the dimension of Petropolis where we met Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Keswick and Chief. After helping them defeat a criminal, my friends I became the newest members of TUFF, until we go back to Equestria.

Now, me and my friends were entering Keswicks' lad where we heard a large explosion. "Agent Puppy, what are ou doing in my l-l-lab?" Keswick asked.

"I'm using my science knowledge." Dudley started.

"You don't have any." Keswick claimed.

"To create something that will change the world forever." He opened a microwave which was hooked up with large, black wires. "A snack pocket that won't burn you're mouth when you bite into it."

"Won't burn your mouth. You man mad, it can't be done!" Chief exclaimed.

"Forget about the snack pocket. Dudley shouldn't be playing with dangerous equipment." Kitty stated. "We're talking about a guy who eats crayons on a daily basis."

"You eat crayons?!" Jamie asked. "Why?"

"They make going to the bathroom colorful. Besides, nothing happened except that scary hole in the air." Dudley said. We saw a large vortex in the air. "Holy!" Jack exclaimed.

"Crap baskets!" Ren finished.

"Oh no! This is terrible! You got c-c-crayon on my lab coat!" Keswick said. There was some green crayon on the lab caot. "That's the terrible part?" I deadpanned.

"Keswick, Dudley created some kind of Internal dimensional vortex." Kitty said.

"It's okay as long as we don't d-d-do anything stupid like touch it." Keswick stated.

"I touch it!" Dudley said. Why am I not surprsied. "I put my snack pocket inside because I am doing science." he used a pair of tings to pull it our. It looked very puffy and real. "It looks so puffy and delicious."

"Like a chocolate covered pufferfish." Chief said.

"What?" Kaede asked.

"That's a super weird analogy, Chief." Keswick commented. Dudley bit the snack pocket but his teeth did not penetrate it and broke off. He throw it on the ground, blasted it, hit it with a metal pipe, and tried a jack hammer but nothing broke it. "Hey, why can't I bite it?"

"Looks like that dimension make thing both p-puffy and indestructible." Keswick said.

"Like a pufferfish in a suit of armor!" Chief exclaimed.

"Okay." Keswick deadpanned. Dudley was stomping on the snack pocket, "There's gotta be something that can open this. I know I'll use the opening robot I created before I made the scary hole."

"What's an opening robot?" Rantaro asked.

"It's a robot that allows you to opened things, like bags of chips or a bank account." Dudley replied. Huh? What the-? "Come on out, opening robot." Dudley called. The robot slammed into the door. "He can't even open the door. Which is sad because it a-a-automatic." Keswick claimed. The door burst opened and the opening robot was blasting everything. We all screamed and rushed away from the robot. "Why did you give it lasers!" I yelled at Dudley.

"I love things with lasers!" Dudley exclaimed back. We were so busy running for our lives that we didn't catch the opening robot blasting a cell holding Snaptrap and Birdbrain and them jumping into the vortex coming out, looking 3D. We rushed passed them and hid behind a private office door. "Oh no, Snaptrap and Birdbrain got into the vortex. Don't let them escape!" Kitty said. She pressed a button and a metal door came and blocked the villains escape route. But the opening robot blasted them, the beams bounced off them and blasted the wall, making a large opening. "Are you kidding me!" Jack exclaimed.

"Thanks again Opening Robot, let's bounce." Snaptrap said. He and Birdbrain ran but then fell on the ground and started bouncing on the ground. "Cool, I didn't know we could do this." Snaptrap said and they bounced out the building.

"We have to stop them, but how?" Kitty asked. Dudley and Sarah rushed towards the vortex and jumped in coming out, indestructible. "Great idea, Dudley and Sarah, you both jumped into the vortex so you could become indestructible and defeat the bad guys!"

"Actually I thought I lost a quarter in there." Dudley pointed out. Kitty and the rest of us leaped into the vortex and came out looking 3D. "Awesome!" I exclaimed. "I look puffy!"

"Eh.. could be better." Rantaro grumbled.

"I've gotta try this." Dudley pulled a random rope and a piano fell down, but it broke into millions of pieces. "Hooray!"

"Oh for you maybe, I spent eight gran on that piano chandelier." Chief said.

"You spent that much on a chandelier?" Jack asked.

"Anyway..." Chief said as he rolled over, "You agents need to find the bad guys, Now that they're indestructible, there's no telling what they're gonna do."

"We're here to tell you what we're gonna do." Snaptrap said. We turned to the large monitor and saw him and Birdbrain on it. "We're gonna steal the invisible jet from the Petropolis Military base. It's right over there." The monitor turned to show the invisible jet, but being invisible we couldn't see it.

"At least I think it is. I'm gonna go and feel around for it." Snaptrap ran off.

"It's the perfect plan, you hear me." Birdbrain said. "Once I'm at the wheel of the invisible jet, it will look like I'm flying. haha!"

"Yeah and I'm gonna use the jets missiles to ruin my moms' day. She playing bridge with her friends, I don't know which bridge their on, so I'm gonna destroy them all." He crashed into the jet's front. "I found it with my face. Good job, face." With that the monitor cut off. "Wow, they're idiots." Rantaro said.

"I told you guys." Sarah stated.

"Guys we've got a big problem." Kitty said.

"And a big snack pocket." Dudley said. The snack pocket was expanding. "Look it's gotta bigger. "


The snack pocket exploded! Oh boy. "What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed. "I was going to eat that?!"

"No, what did it blow up!" Dudley whined.

"Because according to this anything that comes out of that dimension is unstable and will slowly expand until it exp-p-plodes, including you." Keswick stated.

"WHAT?!" We all exclaimed.

"That would have been good to know before we jump in, brat." Jack exclaimed.

"Wait, it gets worse." Keswick added. Oh great. How? "Based on your sizes, if you the b-bad guys explodes you'll level the city."

"Are you kidding me?!" I exclaimed.

"Oh god dammit!" Jack yelled.

"I don't like any of the things you just said." Dudley covered his ears. "I am not listening to you anymore. Oh, I can here the ocean."

"The ocean, that's where puffer fish live." Chief said. Really? We're gonna eventually blow up and you think about Pufferfish? Now that's just plain stupid and rude.

"Keswick, there's gotta be something we can do." Kaede said.

"There is. You have fifteen minutes to get the v-villains and get back inside the vortex."

"Now I can't here either of you. Also my ears are getting hot." Dudley stated. Jack hit him on the head, "Idiot!"

"How are we gonna find Snaptrap and Birdbrain, they're in an invisible jet?" Chief asked.

"The jet is invisible, but they're not." Kitty said. Outside, the window, we saw Snaptrap and Birdbrain, flying the jet. "Come on, if we go to the roof we can intercept them. Come on Dudley." Kitty said.

"What?" Dudley asked.

"Come on." Kitty snatched him and rushed off. "Hey, wait for us." I called and we rushed after them too. We got to the roof and saw the jet. "Let's bounce!" Dudley said. We started bouncing on our butts, "I said that because I knew we could do it!" and we bounced right up to the jet and landed on it. Kitty and Dudley landed on the front window. Jack, Jamie, mason and Carrie landed on the right wing. Sarah, Me, Nicole, Rantaro and Kaede landed on the left wing. "As soon as I find the invisible door. We're coming in there to stop you!" Dudley yelled.

"Not if I find the invisible windshield wipes first." Snaptrap said. He started pressing random buttons. "Did I do it?"

"No, but my blue bottom just got uncomfortably hot, I think that was the seat warmer. Set on high." Birdbrain said. Snaptrap pressed more buttons and suddenly the jet started a nose dive. "AAAHHHH!"

"You disengaged the auto-pilot!" Birdbrain cried.

"Oh man, we're gonna die." Jamie whimpered.

"We're indestructible, nerd." Jack deadpanned. The jet crashed in a clearing outside of Petropolis and we got even puffer. "Oh no, we've gotten puffer, we're running out of time."

We all turned to the two villains. "Snaptrap and Birdrain, we're taking you to the scary hole!" Dudley stated.

"Is that what the kid are calling prison these days? I was just getting with the puffer fish references." Snaptrap said. "Take us if you can, TUFF agents."

Jack cracked his knuckles, "I was hoping you'd say that." Mason got out his bamboo stick. The two charged the villains but they bounced off each other. Jack bounced off a tree and bashed into the villains. "Awesome!!" he exclaimed. He bounced into us, knocking us down. "Ow!" I approached the villains. "Listen you two we have five minutes. to get back inside the vortex, or we'll all explode."

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, we're gonna explode?" Snaptrap said. He covered his ears, "I don't like anything you're saying right now. Oh, I can hear the sewer."

I grabbed Mason while Sarah grabbed Jack, "Come on, we don't have time to lose, let's roll! I said that because I knew I would push you." I pushed them down a cliff and they rolled down it, followed by us as well. We rolled all the way to TUFF and hopped inside. "Good thing we're indestructible or that rock quarry we rolled through would have shattered my pelvis." Snaptrap said.

"Fifteen seconds before you explode!" Keswick exclaimed.

Sarah and I threw the bad guys into the vortex, "Keswick, how soon can we come back?" Dudley asked.

"Let's see, carry the one multiply by the s-speed of light. Uhhh, never." Keswick answered.

"What?!" We all exclaimed. Keswick kicked us into the vortex and we came out and landed in a bounce house. "Hey we're thinner." Kaede said. Birdbrain and Snaptrap bounced over to us. "Welcome to the bounce house, bozos." Snaptrap said. "Word of warning, I threw up in bounce houses."

"Because they make you nauseated?" Birdbrain asked.

"No just to ruin it for everyone else." Then Snaptrap vomited on the floor. Gross! "Do that somewhere else!" Kaede stated. My thoughts exactly, Kaede. Dudley started whining, "This is horrible, Kitty. We can never go home."

"What? So we're stuck here with you losers, forever? That's worse than stepping in your own upchuck and I know cause I just did it." Snaptrap stated.

"How do you think I feel. I'm stuck here with you two morons and no tv." Dudley said.

"Look, we're gonna be here forever, so let's just back the best of it." Kitty said.

Ten Minutes later

Everyone except for Sarah was bouncing in the bounce house, repeating. "We hate you." over and over again.

Ten more minutes later

Everyone was asleep. Me and Sarah looked at each other and shrugged.

Ten more minutes later

We were all looking at the clouds. "Hey I see a rabbit." Dudley said.

"And I see a bear that getting ready to eat that rabbit." Snaptrap said.

"I just want to see a TV. I can't take it anymore, how long has it been?"

"Six hours." I stated.

"Ho long is that compared to forever?"

"Not long." Kitty said. Then everyone except for Me, Sarah and Jack cried. "Wimps." Jack grumbled. Suddenly, the whole place started shaking. "What's that?" Kitty asked.

"It's the bear cloud! It's gonna eat us all!" Another vortex opened and pulled us in. "WAAAHH!" and we were back in HQ not longer 3D. "We're back!" I cried proudly.

"Good job, Keswick." Chief said. He was wearing some trunks and sipping some lemonade. "Although I could have used another hour."

"Well it was simple, Chief. All I did was r-reverse engineer the vortex." Keswick explained.

"I missed you so much." Dudley said and he hugged the TV. "Thanks Keswick, it's goo to be home." Kitty said.

"Amen to that, Kitty." I said. Dudley locked Birdbrain and Snaptrap back into the cell. "Come on Birdbrain, let's check out the shapes on the ceiling." Snaptrap said. "What does that water drop look like to you?"


"I still see a bear."

"I'd say we celebrate your return with some snack pockets. They're s-scientifically made to not burn your mouth."

"You mad man, it can't be done!" Chief exclaimed.

"Yeah, how'd you that without creating a scary hole?" Dudley asked.

"I heated them up in the microwave and had a p-pufferfish blow on them until they were c-cool." Keswick explained, holding up an actual pufferfish. Me and the others winced, "Where did you even get that thing from?" Kaede asked.

"Oh so that's a pufferfish? Then what was I thinking of?" Chief asked. Rantaro face palmed.

The End

To Be or not to Bee

The next morning, Keswick called us all in for an emergency meeting. "Thank you everyone, I've called this emergency meeting of TUFF because-"

"You're all planning my three-quarter birthday party. I knew it. You guys are the best." Dudley said.

"Three quarter birthday?" I repeated.

"You just had a birthday." Chief said.

"That was my five-eighths birthday party will you get with the program?" Dudley said.

"People we have a serious problem." Keswick said coming down the stairs. He pressed a remote control and a monitor came down. "There's a m-mutant swarm of killer bees on the loose." The monitor showed bees wearing outfits like bikers.

"Wait, mutant killer bees?" Kitty asked. "How is that possible?"

"A group of scientists who I have absolutely no affiliation with gathered in the Amazon." Keswick pressed the button showing the scientists and himself with swirly hair and bread, "W-Without me because.. they don't know me." he pressed the button again, "Those scientist sprayed a bunch of bees with a c-chemical formula turning into killer bees."

"Why would they do a dumb thing like that for?" Jamie asked.

"Because they drank jungle water and their brains got all fogged up." Nicole said. "Right Keswick?"

"No, it's not because we drank jungle water and our b-brains got all all f-f-f-fogged up."

"You do know you just said 'our' which places you at the scene of the crime, right?" I deadpanned.

Keswick winced, "I mean how would I know?! Anyway the bees have since migrated to Petropolis and considered the can s-s-shoot lasers from their stingers and pose a threat to everyone."

"Okay, I heard of killer bees in our world, but this is ridiculous." I exclaimed.

"This is terrible. We have to find out what those bees are up to." Kitty said.

"If we're going to defeat them we have to think like..." Chief started.

"Like a bee?" Carrie asked.

"I was going to say a giant undersea squid, but I see where you're going with this. Sometimes I wonder how I was ever put in charge." Chief rolled away.

"How about we ask the wannabee for help, he's on the bulletin board." Dudley suggested. There was a small yellow bee wearing a purple and black striped shirt and had a purple hat on. Kitty pulled him off the bulletin board. "Finally, I've been stuck there for weeks. Now my butt is totally asleep." Wannabee said in a high voice.

"Wannabee, we need your help." Dudley said. "TUFF needs you to distract me while they plan my three-quarter birthday party. I asked for a rocket filled with candy."

"Have you been listening to anything we've been saying?" Jack deadpanned.

"Some of it." Dudley stated. "I've been working on my surprised faces." We all stared at him with deadpanned looks.

"Anway, the killer bees are being lead by someone c-called the Rumblebee." The monitor showed another bee wearing a military like outfit.

"The Rumblebee?!" Wannabe exclaimed. "That's my brother. The one who went the Amazon without me. Ugh he must have been sprayed by those scientists and turned into a killer bee. This is so unfair! Rumblebee doesn't need to be a killer bee. He's already super bad. He's a MONSTER! We need, we need to STOP HIM!" Wow! Someone had some issues. And they say Jack has a short temper. "Count me out. I have to practice blowing out candles." Dudley said. He blew and Wannabee flew back and got his stinger once again stuck in the bulletin board. "Oh come on!" he exclaimed.

"Okay we need to find-" Chief started.

"The Killerbees' bee hive?" Kitty asked.

"Oh I was going to say a good sushi place for lunch. Boy, I do not belong at the top." Chief rolled away again.

"What else is new." Rantaro deadpanned.

"Rantaro, be nice." Kaede scolded.

"I've located the Killerbees' beehive, unfortunately, it's surrounded by a force field that makes it uninp-p-penetrable." Keswick said.

"Not if you're a bee." Wannabee said. "Send me in as a spy. I'll bring my brother down and prove once and for all that I'm badder than he is. yeaaah."

"Speaking of batter, can I get a rocket themed brithday cake. It's gonna go with the awesome present you're going to get me." Dudley said. Me and my friends face palmed. "Wannabeee, you can't do this alone." Kitty said.

"Tell me about it he can't even get himself off a b-b-bulletin board." Keswick agreed. We need so send some TUFF agents in there with you."

"I see where you're going with this, I go with the Wannabee, you'll have time to bake the cake and buy the rocket. Okay, I'm in." Dudley added.

"First of all, there is no party." Kitty stated.

"Oh really then what's all this?" Dudley said, referring to the party decorations.

"That was you!" I exclaimed.

"And besides you can't go cause you're not a bee." Kitty added.

"Not yet anyway." Keswick pressed another button and large laser with the body in the colors of yellow and black appeared from a hatch in the ceiling. "Presenting my Beedazzler. It can shrink anyone down and t-t-turn them into a bee."

"Why would you even invent that?" Rantaro asked.

"Well I didn't do it on a day while hallucinating on j-j-jungle water, if that's what your thinking." Keswick defended.

"Yes you did, I can see it in your eyes." Nicole stated.

"Leave me alone, women!" Keswick exclaimed.

"Welcome to our world." Jack deadpanned. "Anyway, who else is going with Dudley?"

"I'll go!" I volunteered.

"Me too!" Sarah added.

"Alright then." Keswick said. "Get ready to be some bees Agents Sarah, Ren and Puppy." Keswick pressed the button and the laser blasted us and we shrank down and turned into bees. We still had our heads the same, but our bodies resembled normal bees. "Awesome!" I exclaimed. I zipped around the room. "I'm a bee!"

"Now come, let's take the sting out of those killer bees!" Sarah exclaimed. We flew off.... and hit the window. "OW!"

"Sorry, should have open the window first." Keswick said and he opened the window and we flew off towards the hive.

We flew to the park and saw the killer bees returning to the hive. The force field was down. We all smirked and grabbed three killer bees, beat them up and took their jackets as disguise. We flew into the hive and the force field was up again. We landed and saw lots of killer bees, laughing and flying around the hive. "Now don't do anything to arouse suspicion. Play it cool." Wannabee said.

"Right." I said. Ren nodded.

"Relax." Dudley said. He sniffed the air, "Do I smell honey?" He flew up to the wall and started liking the walls. "Now way! The walls are made of honey! This is awesome!" he continued licking the honey, drawing attention of some killer bees. "I mean bzzzz." Dudley flew away.

"Attention killer bees, the Rumblebees will be addressing the hive in one minute." a voice over the intercom said.

"This is our chance to find my stupid brother, come on." Wannabee said. We followed him and sat among the crowd of killer bees. Rumblebee showed up on a monitor. "Attention killer bees, I am your all-powerful, super bad leader, the Rumblebee."

"What an ego maniac." Wannabee said.

"Hmph, you should see my dad." Sarah stated.

"It's time to unveil my evil plan. Hold on to your stingers. We are going to enslave the world. Behold my new invention, the Stingray." it was a laser in the colors and yellow and black hooked up to a machine. "Powered by the hive's energy core, it will fire enhanced stingers it will turn everyone in Petropolis, wait for it... zombies. With everyone under our control, we'll take over Petropolis and then the world!"

The killer bees cheered in joy and flew off leaving the three of us behind. "That... is... incredible! It's genius!" Wannabee said, earning a raised eyebrow from Sarah and I. "Why did I think I could ever beat someone super bad?"

"Don't worry, I have a plan. We'll let the Rumblebee think you've captured us to get inside the control room. While he's distracted, thinking you've somehow become awesome, you free us and we destroy the Stingray."

"Wow, that could totally work. You are one super smart TUFF agent." Wannabee commented.

"I know and when we're done, I'm getting a rocket filled with candy for my three-quarter birthday."

Control Room

Wannabee brought us into the control room where we saw his brother at the controls. "Hello Rumble!" Wannabee called.

"Well if it isn't my pathetic little brother, Wanna, what are you doing here?"

"Oh just I was just in the middle of doing my own super bad things when I caught these TUFF agents who were planning to destroy the hive."

"Wow, I'm impressed."

"He bought it." Wannabee whispered. We winked at him. "Bring me the TUFF agents." he said.

Wannabee brought us over to Rumblebee and he cuffed to to three sticks in the wall. "Now time to fire my Stingray!" Rumblebee said. He was about to press the button when Wannabee came and hit him with his stinger. "Gah! Wanna, what are you doing?"

Wannabee uncuffed us. "Defeating you that's what?" Rumblebee growled and fired his laser stinger at us. "Lookout!" We dodged the lasers and Wannabee flew right up his brother, colliding stingers repeatedly. Until, Rumblebee knocked Wannabe onto the floor. "Sorry brother, you should have made your own bees nest."

"Good one." Dudley said. "Now it's my turn to be borderline clever." Dudley pulled out a small bulletin board and flew in front of Rumblebee, causing him to get his stinger stuck. "Sorry Rumblebee, but I was getting board by you. Ha!"

Sarah and sighed sadly. "You haven't defeated my yet. Killer bee army, Attack!" Rumblebee cried.

That's when the Killer bees came in and started shooting their lasers stingers at us. Sarah, Dudley and I gathered around Rumblebee and Sarah used her horn to make a shield around us, deflecting the lasers. Good thing that stayed with her when we got skunk, am I right? Anyway, the lasers were deflected and hit the controls making them short circuit and start to smoke. "Lookout, the hive's gonna blow!" Dudley cried. He grabbed Wannabee and we all flew out of the hive which exploded.


"Tough luck brother!" Rumblebee said. He and the Killer Bee army were in bottles that were laser resistant. Wannabee flew over, "Great job, defeating your brother, Wannbee. You wanna join us?"

"No way." Wannabee said. Now that Rumblebee is locked up, I am the meanest toughest bee around."

Sarah and I flew over to Keswick, "Alright Keswick, change us back." I said.

"You're gonna find this hilarious. I haven't actually made a machine that can do that yet, but give me a week and some jungle water and I'll get back to you three."

"What?!" I exclaimed. Sarah sighed. "This is why I kept the horn." she used her magic to change herself and I back into humans. She was about to change Dudley back when, Wait. I wanna stay a bee a little bit longer." Dudley said. Kitty came over with a chocolate birthday cake with pink frosting and a rocket on the top, Since you guys saved us from the Killer bees, we decided to celebrate Dudley's three-quarter birthday."

"Awesome!" Dudley exclaimed. Dudley flew up to the rocket and went in, eating it. "The cake tastes great." Just then, "Got stuck on a bulletin board, my butts's asleep!"

We all did a freeze frame together. "Hooray for TUFF!"

The End

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