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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 24: Sarah in the Middle

Ren's POV

"Hmmmm." I sang as I walked through Ponyville on my way to Sugarcube Corner. My new Dramillion dragon which I decided to name Camo since he can camouflage with his surroundings was awesome. He was really fast like Midnight and very caring and supportive like me. He and I quickly formed a bond. He always watched me while I painted or played video games. ... And when I stayed up too late playing those video games he would grab me the back of my shirt with his mouth and carry me back to my room. Annoying. Anyway, I arrived at the store and was met by Pinkie Pie, "Hey Ren." she greeted. "Your usual?"

"Yes Pinkie."

"Okie dokie lokie, I'll be back." and she zipped away.

"Hey Ren." a voice called.

I turned and saw Sarah, Applejack, Rainbow, Jack, Jamie, Ren, Kaede, Mason and Carrie all sitting at a table. "Hey guys." I said as I came over. "What are you doing here?"

"Just to get some sweets." Jamie stated.

"Cause someone wants to eat every two hours." Mason whispered.

"Hey! I heard that!" Jack exclaimed. "So what? Eating a lot is good for you."

"No, no it's not Jack." I deadpanned.

"Shaddup, newbie." Jack grumbled. I rolled my eyes and Pinkie came over, "Here's your order Sarah, a piece of chocolate cake."

She set the plate down at the table, "Thanks Pinkie."

I grabbed the fork and began eating. "You know Pinkie makes some pretty good sweets." Rainbow said.

"I have to admit, she's right." Ren added.

"Yeah, that girl can bake, but not as good as me." Applejack said.

"What do you mean?" Everyone jumped when Pinkie suddenly appeared beside Applejack. "I can cook sweets way better than you can, Applejack."

"Oh yeah, Pinkie, well then I propose a challenge." Applejack said.

"Here we go." Ren, Mason, Jack and Rainbow said in unison.

"What?" Applejack asked.

"Everytime you two have a contest about something it goes horrible wrong." Rainbow said. "And Sarah usually takes the burnt of that." Mason said.

"Pfft. Yeah right. Anyway, what's the challenge Applejack?" Pinkie questioned.

"We have a bake off and a judge decides who is the best sweets baker in Ponyville." Applejack said. "And the winner is declared Ponyville's best sweet maker."

"And the loser?" Pinkie asked.

"The loser... has to do the winners' chores for a week." Applejack proposed, sticking her hoof out to Pinkie. "... Deal." the two touched hooves, sealing the challenge. "Now... who should be our judge?" Applejack asked.

The girls looked at the table in front of them and smirked. Oh no... this can't be good... for their judge.

POV Ends

I was busy eating a piece of chocolate cake. My favorite. I love chocolate since Pinkie introduced me to it some time ago. Now it's my favorite sweet to eat, but my dad said not to eat too much or else I'd get a really bad stomach ache. "Hey Sarah." Pinkie called as she, Applejack, Rainbow, Jack, Jamie, Ren and Kaede came to my table. "Hey guys, what's up?"

"We need you to be the judge for our contest." Applejack said.

"What kind of contest?" I asked.

"A Bake off. You get to choose whose the best baker in Ponyville, by taste testing our sweets." Pinkie said.

Tasting sweets? Well... if it's not alot of sweets, I think I can handle that. I noticed Ren and the others rapidly giving me 'No don't do it' gestures, but they are my friends and I always help my friends when they need me. "Alright, I'll be your judge." Pinkie and Applejack cheered while Ren and the others facepalmed.. or facehooved for the ponies. "We'll meet in Ponyville Park at noon." Applejack said.

"I'll be there." Pinkie stated. The two went their separate ways while Ren and the others stayed behind. "Sarah, what are you doing? You know that you're gonna get the short end of the stick with this contest." Ren said.

"Yeah, that always happens when you get involved with these contests." Jamie added with concern.

"It's okay guys. I want to help my friends. Is that so wrong?" I asked.

"Well... no." Ren sighed. "We just don't like seeing you get hurt because of your kindness."

"Yeah, newbie. I know you like being kind but there is a thing as being naive." Jack stated.

"I'm not naive." I replied. "I'm just being who I am."

"I know but being too kind can get you into alot of trouble, Sarah. Just be careful." Mason said. He and the others walked out of the store, leaving me to think.

I was soon walking through Ponyville, "It never hurts to help somepony once in a while." then I thought about what my friends said and stopped for a mintue, "Maybe... I am being naive." I quickly shook my head. "Come on Sarah, you represent the Element of Kindness, get these negative thoughts out of your head."

Soon, noon came and it was time for me to head to the park for the contest. I arrived and saw Ren and all my friends there. I also noticed two really, really, really, tall piles of sweets placed on a table. I swear the were the height of Twilight's treehouse. My stomach growled a little like it was telling me not to go through with this. "Don't worry yourself, Sarah. It'll be alright... gulp... I hope."

I walked over to the table and sat down in the chair. "Howdy Sarah, we made all the best sweets we have for you to taste you'll enjoy them way more than Pinkie Pie's sweets." Applejack smirked.

"We Cakes are masters at baking delicious sweets." Pinkie smirked back. I looked at the two gigantic piles of sweets and felt some sweat run down my face. Hope my stomach can take this. I gulped again. "Is somethin' wrong sugarcube?" Applejack asked.

"Oh! No, no, no, always happy to help my friends... hehehe." I said nervously. Twilight came forth. "Alright Sarah, you'll have to eat all of these sweets and decide whose the best baker in Ponyville, are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be." I claimed.

"Alright then.. go!" And so I began eating both mountains of sweets and treats. I ate and ate and ate and ate. And three hours later, all the sweets were gone.... and I felt horrible. I felt my mouth caked with frosting and my stomach was gurgling in discomfort, making me wince in pain. I could barely move. "Alright Sarah, whose the best baker in Ponyville?" Twilight asked me but I only let out a groan in response. "Sarah?" I felt her shaking me and I looked at her, trying to hide the pain. "Are you okay?"

"I'm... fine... ugh... nothing to... ugh.. worry about... uggh!" I replied as my stomach gurgled. I breathed heavily for a moment and I heard Ren and the others coming. "Oh I knew this was going to happen." Mason said.

"Hey Sarah, you feeling alright?" Ren asked.

I groaned, "My.. ugh.. I don't.. feel so well."

"Oh dear she looks awfully green in the face." Fluttershy said.

"Oh my, let's get the poor darling to bed." Rarity suggested.

"Good idea. Jack." Ren said.

"Right. Come here newbie." Jack pulled out the chair and lifted me into his arms bridal style. I groaned again. "Come one, gang." Twilight said. I felt Jack and the others starting to walk as I closed my eyes. I just.. needed.. to.. rest.

Ren's POV

Poor Sarah. I knew this would happen. Now she really green in the face and was laying in bed, moaning a little while her dad placed a cool washcloth on her head and rubbed her stomach. She opened her eyes a little. "Dad?... Guys?"

"Shhh..." Big D said. "Easy honey, take it easy. You got a really bad tummy ache and need to relax." she faintly nodded and her dad placed a metal bucket near her bedside. "Use this if you feel like throwing up."

"Okay." she said faintly. She closed her eyes and we left the room so she could sleep. I sighed, "Poor Sarah, this is the third time this happened."

"That newbie needs to learn how to say 'no' once in her life." Jack stated.

"You know Sarah's too kind to say no, Jack." Kaede said.

"Whatever." Jack scoffed.

That's when Applejack and Pinkie Pie came in, "Hey ya'll how's Sarah?" Applejack asked.

"She'll be alright." Big D said. "Still just have a bad stomach ache for the next few days."

Pinkie looked a little sad, "Good. Cause I wanted to apologize to her."

"Apologize?" I asked.

"Yeah, we've been so focused on our silly contests that we haven't been very considerate of Sarah's feelings or her.. health." Applejack stated. "We took advantage of her kindness and it always got her hurt."

"We wanted to say we're sorry." Pinkie stated.

"Apology accepted." A hoarse voice said. We turned and saw Sarah leaning against the wall. "Sarah, you should be back in bed!" Big D stated as he came over and supported her daughter. "I'm.. alright. Anyway.. I accept your apology girls and I may have been a little naive too. I should have said no to the contest since I always got the short end but my kindness got the better of me. From now on, I'll try to say no more often with you guys."

"Good to hear it, newbie." Jack said. "Now back to bed!"

"Hey, I'm her father!" Big D claimed.

Jack growled at him and my dad growled back. "Boys!" Twilight called, catching their attention. Twilight sighed and used her magic to lift Sarah, "Back to bed with you Sarah." Sarah nodded and Twilight placed her back into her bed and covered her up. "Now get some rest, sweetie." Big D said.

"O-Okay dad." Sarah answered and she fell asleep. We all left the room to let our friend get the rest she deserved.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the shortness.

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