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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 18: Claw Patrol: Dragons Save the Boys; One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Claw Patrol: Dragons Save the Boys

I was in Ponyville Park with all my friends and my friends. Today we wanted to test my new powerful roars that Ren said was called the Roar of the Elders, from the Lion Guard. When I use it the great lions of the past roar with me, which I had to admit was pretty cool.

"Alright Sarah, roar at those trees in the west." My dad said. No one was in the park today for he testing so no one would get hurt.

"Here it goes." I unleashed the Roar of the Elders and the strong winds blew all the leaves off of the trees.

(Like this. Skip to 0:15)

"Woah..." Ren gasped.

"Incredible!" Kaede exclaimed.

"According to the wind meter, that wind was at 200 miles per hour!" My dad exclaimed.

"200!" Ren exclaimed. "That's awesome!"

"Not bad, newbie." Jack said with a toothily grinned.

"Eh, can I go now. I have more important things to do than test you new power." Rantaro grumbled. Jack immediately growled, "And what's that conning ponies out of their money, you little bastard!"

"Boys!" I called. "Please don't fight?"

Jack growled, but complied, "Fine..."

"So Big. D, what are you gonna do now?" Ren asked.

"Well I was thinking about dancing by myself." My dad stated.

"DANCING?!" Everyone, but me, exclaimed.

"Yeah." My dad replied nonchalantly.

“BWAHAHAHAHA!” Rantaro and Jack laughed while the rest of us snickered, except Nicole but I saw the small amused smile on her face. "Hey! I can dance!" My dad pouted.

"Sorry dad, but you try and you fail." I claimed.

"No I don't!"

"Oh please if you think you can dance then why not go against newbie?" Jack challenged.

"I accept." My dad said. "What song?"

Hmmm.. I took out my iphone XR out of my pocket. Oh, sorry, I didn't tell you. I got this a few weeks ago since Ren and the others heard that I never had an iphone in my life, so they took me into the Apple Store in the mall and got me the latest iphone. The iphone XR and I had to say, it's awesome. Anyway... I found a song and placed it on the park bench.

Ren's POV

Sarahs' iphone played a song and she and her dad started dancing to it.

All through the song, Sarah matched the dance moves to a peak! While her dad, failed miserably at trying to dance. "Holy crap..." Jack said then he let out a laugh and place a hand on his hip with a cocky grin, "Looks like our newbie can dance."

"Facts." Kaede added. "Her dad on the other hand... not so much."

Rainbow was trying not to bust out laughing at how silly Sarahs' dad was dancing while Sarah looked like an expert dancer, even through we never actually seem her dancing till now. The song ended and we all clapped for Sarah, making her blush in embarrassment. "You're dancing is so epic, Sarah!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"I never knew you could dance so well." Twilight said.

"Absolutely fabulous dancing, darling." Rarity added. Jack came over and ruffled Sarah's hair. "Didn't know you had a dancing bone in ya, newbie."

"Hehe, thank you." I said with a small smile.

I gave her back her phone, "Looks like I win, dad." she stated. Big D pouted and we all laughed, except for Nicole and Rantaro cause.. you know. Just then...


What the-? We all turned and looked to the sky and saw Pinkie... falling right towards us. "CATCH MEEEE!!!" she called.

We all screamed and moved out of the way but Jack caught Pinkie and that sent them into the bushes nearby. Pinkie leaped up with joy, "WOO-HOO!" she cried. Jack got up a little dazed, "What's the big idea, you pink loon!" he exclaimed in anger.

"I was just testing out my new super cannon." Pinkie replied.

"Super Cannon?!" We all exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, come on!" Pinkie cheered before she grabbed me and zipped away, "Hey, wait!" I cried.

"Well then, let's follow her." Ren said.

Soon we were all outside of Ponyville where Pinkie's giant cannon layed. It was just like her normal party cannon but this one was at least 40 feet high! "Holy crap!" Ren exclaimed. "You built this?"

"Yes, yes I did." Pinkie replied "Do you like it?"

"This is awesome, Pinkie!" Rainbow exclaimed.

"Hoo-weee. You sure know how to build Pinkie Pie." Applejack added.

"I've gotta say this is quite impressive, Pinkie." Twilight added.

"Yeah, so who wants to try it out?" Pinkie questioned.

"I vote Ren and the boys!" Rainbow suggested.

"WHAT?!" the boys exclaimed.

"No way, Skittles! You are not getting me in that thing!" Jack stated, crossing his arms.

"I-It sounds dangerous." Jamie added.

"Sounds like a waste of time to me." Rantaro said with a blank look on his face.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun." Pinkie grinned. ".... and I'll give you thirty bits, Rantaro."

"Deal!" Rantaro said.

"Well... we could at least give it a try." Ren said. "I mean what could go wrong?"

The boys reluctantly agreed and all climbed into the cannon. The cannon's bore lifted up and Pinkie went into the back and lit the fuse. "Ooh, this is so exciting!" she squealed.

"I guess so. I just hope nothing goes wrong." Twilight said.

"Relax, Twilight, what could go wrong?" Rainbow asked.

Then they heard a loud ROAR and behind them came a large Rumblehorn dragon!

Rumblehorn: A large Tracker Class dragon that looks like a mix of truffle pig, a rhinoceros, a battle axe, and a scarab beetle.has relatively large wings, a wide torso, and a tail with a club-like hammer on the tip. Its most notable feature is the heavily armed front half of its body with firm armor plates on the neck and a large lower jaw, a battle axe-shaped muzzle, which is always digging in the dirt, looking for scents, and two, very sharp, elongated horns resembling those of ceratopsian dinosaurs, but lacking a beak.

The Rumblehorn roared at the girls and charged right at them and the cannon. "Watch out!" Applejack cried.

That's when several more roars were heard and the girls look to the sky and saw the dragons coming their way. Moonshine and Winter blasted the ground with their plasma blasts, redirecting the Rumblehorn, away from the girls, but it bashed the cannon, turning it to the west instead of the east!

"Hey what happened?" Jack called.

The Rumblehorn then blasted a fireball at the cannon, igniting the fuse and then...


The five boys were launched out of the cannon. "WWWWAAAAAHHHH!" The Rumblehorn snorted and charged back into the brush.

The girls gasped, "Oh no! They weren't suppose to be shot that way!" Pinkie cried.

"Where are they going?" Rainbow asked.

"Let me see." I used my magic to see where the boys were heading. The screen came to an area that had lots of volcanos, lava pits and gemsstones laying around the floor. "The Dragon Lands! Oh my!" Rarity said.

"Big Brother." Carrie said. "Where are they?"

"Hmmm...." Moving around the area, I spotted the boys on the ledge of a volcano. Luckily they all managed to stay together. "Oh my goodness! Their right on the ledge of a volcano!" Fluttershy cried. I could see dark smoke coming from the mouth of the volcano. "And it looks like it's gonna erupt soon!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Oh no!" The girls cried.

"We got this. Claw Patrol, to the home ship!" I called.

"Sarah needs us!" The girls all mounted the dragons and we all rushed to the home-ship. The girls dismounted and we entered the home-ship and entered my dad's lab. From there the dragons were placed in their uniforms. "Woah... nice." Rainbow said. I got to the front. "Alright dragons, we all know what happened to Ren and the other boys and we have to save them. Firestorm, I need you and your ladder to reach the boys."

"I'm fired up!" Firestorm said.

"Striker, I need you to be ready with your booey in case the ledge breaks and the boys fall."

I'm ready to dive in." Striker said.

"Storm, I need you to use your harness to lift the boys to safety."

"Let's take to the sky." Storm exclaimed.

"But Sarah what about those teenage dragons in the area? They might try to hurt the boys." Spike pointed out.

"Right Spike. Moonshine, Winter, I need you and the girls to keep the teenage dragons away from the scene."

"These claws uphold the laws." Moonshine said.

"Alright!" Winter added.

"Alright! Claw Patrol is on a roll!" I exclaimed. All the dragons roared and climbed into their respective vehicles. Twilight and the Mane 5 rode with me and Winter. Carrie rode with Firestorm. Nicole rode with Striker and Kaede rode with Storm. "Let's go!" I called.

We all drove our vehicles out of the home-ship via a large hatch that led into the forest and we drove the vehicles west, in the direction of the Dragon Lands.

Ren's POV

Okay... so we got shot out of a cannon and are now stranded on a ledge in the Dragon Lands. Great.

"Ah! This is all that pink loons' fault!" Jack exclaimed.

"Oh calm down." Rantaro stated.

"Calm down! CALM DOWN?! We're stranded on a volcano in an area full of dragons!" Jack said.

"J-Jack please calm down." Jamie said. We saw a few rocks falling down from the ledge. "O-Or else you're gonna make the ledge fall down."

Jack took a deep breath and softened his expression. "Alright... fine."

I looked over the edge and winced at the height. Then we all heard a loud rumble and looked up, seeing smoke coming out of the mouth. "Not good." I said.

We then heard some sirens and engines coming near us. "What's that?" Mason asked. Looking down below with saw Sarah, the girls, Firestorm, Storm, Winter, Moonshine, Striker and the girls down below. "It's the girls and our dragons." Mason cried happily.

Third Person POV

"Hang on boys, we'll get you down." Kaede called.

"Storm, see if you can get your harness close to them." Sarah said.

"Let's take to the sky!" Storm exclaimed and she started her copter and flew up to the five boys. Storm got her copter close to the ledge. "Roar, harness!" A hatch on the bottom of the copter and a harness came out, but before Storm could get it to the boys, a fireball came out of nowhere and almost hit Storm's copter. "What the hell?!" Jack exclaimed.

We heard laughing and saw some teenage dragons a few yards away, laughing. They kept shooting fireballs at Storm and the boys. Some of the fireballs hit the ledge, making it smaller. "Dammit! They're gonna crush this ledge!" Jack said.

"Moonshine, Winter, you know what to do." Sarah said. The Furies nodded and flew into the sky, blasting the teenagers with their plasma blasts. The dragons immediately flew away. "No problem." Moonshine stated.

"Great work. Alright Storm try it again." Sarah said.

"Right." Storm moved the harness close to the boys. "One of you get in!" Storm called. The rumbling got louder and more black smoke filled the air. "Hurry!"

Ren quickly strapped himself in and Storm flew him down to the others. She did the same with Jamie, Mason and Rantaro. Now all that was left was Jack. "Hurry up!" he yelled.

Storm moved the harness towards him but the volcano suddenly blew it top, spewing lava down the side and up into the sky. Storm dodged the lava balls but the lava made the ledge move with Jack on it!

"Look out!" Applejack cried. Everyone jumped into the vehicles and drove out of the way of the lava. "YAAAAHH!" Jack cried.

"Jack!" Ren cried.

"Come on Striker!" Sarah called. She and Striker raced after the lava trail. "Jack, hang on!"

"What the fudge do you think I'm doing!" he exclaimed.

"Striker, spray the lava with your water sprayer." Sarah ordered.

"Right. Roar, water sprayer." His dragon pack opened and a orange water gun came out and it spray a large beam of water at the lava turning it to ingenous rock. "Roar, water sprayer away."

The water sprayer went back inside the dragon pack. Jack sighed and leaped off the rock and walked across the ingenous rock and came up to Sarah, "Thanks newbie." he praised.

"Your welcome." That's when everyone else came up. "Nice work Sarah." Moonshine said.

"Thanks Moonshine, now let's get you boys home." Sarah said and we all hopped into the vehicles and drove back home.

One Journey ends, Another Begins

Ren's POV

I was with Jack, Jamie, Mason, my Siberian husky Kodi and Sarah walking through Ponyville on a bright, sunny day. Sarah was happily skipping in front of us. "I love a sunny day." she cheered.



Huh? We turned and saw two pokemon walking out of an alleyway each holding an apple in their mouth. The first pokemon was a small blue quadrupedal Pokémon with black fur covering its head and neck, concealing everything but its mouth from view. The fur around its neck also has six purple spots encircling it, which resemble bruises. The hair on the top of its head takes the shape of a single small horn. It also has a short tail that appears to be bitten off.

The second pokemon a serpentine Pokémon with a blue body and a white underside. It has white, three-pronged fins on the sides of its head and a white bump on its forehead. Above its large, round, white snout are oval, purple eyes.

"What the-? What are they suppose to be?" Mason asked.

"A Deino and a Dratini." Sarah cooed. The two pokemon stared at us for a moment until...

"Get back here ya varmits!" a familiar country accent came through the sky. Then we saw Applejack rushing towards the two pokemon. The Dratini hopped on the Deinos' back and the Deino charged Applejack, bashing her in her stomach, sending her flying back and the two pokemon ran away. "Applejack!" I cried. Me and the boys went over to help her up.

"You okay?" Mason asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Pesky varmits." she grumbled.

"What happened?" Jamie asked.

"Them two varmits keep stealing apples from my familys' orchard. Everytime I get close to 'em. The large one bashes me!" Applejack exclaimed.

"Well Deino do love to bash things with their heads." Sarah pointed out. Applejack growled.

"Don't worry, AJ, we'll get those apples back for you." Mason said.

"Even if we have to beat them two into next week." Jack said, cracking his knuckles.

"Thank ya kindly." Applejack said.

"Come on guys." I said. We ran in the direction the Dratini and Deino ran in. We eventually came to the middle of a forest and what looked like an abandoned mansion. Moss covered the outside and vines were crawling up the sides of the house as well. "Those two thieves live here?" Jack asked.

"Looks like it. Let's go in." I said. We all slowly looked in and saw the Deino and Dratini and on the couch was a new pokemon.

It was a canine Pokémon with a talent for rescuing people lost at sea or in the mountains. On its face, it has cream-colored fur that forms voluminous, white-tipped plumes and a three-pointed crest. The plumes are so long that they run the length of its body and bunch close to it. It has tufty, pointed ears with dark blue insides, and black nose surrounded by short black whiskers, and small eyes that are nearly hidden behind its facial fur. Its body is covered with shaggy fur that is dark blue along the back and grayish blue toward the legs. Its face and paws are light brown, and each paw has three toes with white claws.

The Deino and Dratini growled at the sight of us. "A Scoutland." Sarah gasped in awe.

"Yeah... and it looks pretty old too." Jamie stated.

We saw opened cans and apple cores on the floor. "I wonder if these two were stealing apples to give to Scoutland?" I questioned.

"I think they are." Sarah agreed. Deino was still acting hostile but the little Dratini slithered over to us and came to Sarah's feet. "Tini?" it cooed.

"Awww..." I cooed.

Sarah picked up the little dragon type and it nuzzled her face. "You're a cute little thing aren't you?"

"Tini Dra." I placed it back on the ground where Deino called it over. Dratini slithered over to Deino and they both rubbed each other. "I think we should leave them alone, boys." Sarah suggested.

"Yeah." Jack said.

Me and the gang left the elderly Scoutland and the two dragon type pokemon alone for the day in their house.

The next morning, we were in Ponyville Park for Jamie's training. He wanted to be strong like me, Jack and Mason so Jack and Mason decided to train him. Soon, we finally arrived back to the pond area as we finally finished it up.

"Yeah...whoo!" Jack cheered, trying my best to catch my breath before noticing my shirt was all sweaty. "Dammit, and I just got this wash."

"Well don't worry, I'll wash them again...eventually." Mason sighed as me, Jamie, and the little husky dog, Kodiak, came through the pond area, trying their best to catch their breath.

"Oh man...I never ran that much." I stated, letting out some coughs.

"I know. I...never...ran...this...much before..." Jamie whined.

"I think I'm dying..." Kodi grunted. "Man, why did I ever agreed to this?"

"I wonder that too." I agreed, wiping a sweat off his forehead.

"Well, I congratulate you guys on the workout. Same time tomorrow, got it?" Mason reminded us with a serious yet soft smile.

"Y-yes...still though, thank you." Jamie smiled softly, wearing only a plain white shirt that was underneath that black button shirt he always seen wearing. "I guess I really needed it, huh? I still can't t-thank you all for helping m-me out."

"Anytime. It's something called a vow of brotherhood." I made a tooth-eating grinned, causing Jamie to smile softly while Ren and Kodi smiled happily at that.



Huh? We turned and saw the same Deino and Dratini from yesterday, running towards us in a panic. "Deino? Dratini, what's wrong?" I asked.

The two of them seemed really upset and distressed about something, because they were pulling on Jack and Sarah's pants. "Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good." Sarah said.

"Come on, let's follow them." Jack said.

"UGH! More running!" Jamie whined.

"Stop being a wimp!" Jack yelled, scaring Jamie and making him fall on his behind. Anyway, we followed the two dragon-type pokemon to the abandoned house, now filled with light from the sun. We entered and gasped, "Scoutland!" I cried. The canine pokemon was collasped on the ground!

"What happened to it?" Mason asked. Sarah put her ear to his chest. "It's having trouble breathing!"

"This is what you two were worried about, huh?" Jack questioned.



"Don't worry, we'll get Scoutland help." I said.

"But who can heal him, besides Fluttershy?" Mason asked.

"Dr. Fauna! She's a vet, since Scoutland is basically a dog, then she should figure out what's wrong." Sarah suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." Jack said. He came over and lifted Scoutland into his arms. "Deino?"


"Don't worry, you two. Scoutland will be better in no time." Sarah reassured.

A few feet away, Rantaro was leaning against a tree, sipping cappuccino. A dead tree next to him lost one of it's three leaves. "Hmm.... nature taking it's course." he said.

Sarah's POV

We all took Scoutland to Dr. Fauna, Ponyville's veterinarian. She was a female, earth pony and has a light yellow coat, two-tone blue mane and tail, brown eyes, and a cutie mark of a dog's head, cat's head, and white bird. She immediately hooked up Scoutland to an IV and a heart monitor. We were outside the room with me holding Dratini and Jack holding Deino. They were both nudging the window, wanting to be with Scoutland.

The red light went out the door opened. Dr. Fauna walked out and Dratini and Deino leaped out of our arms. "Dratini, Deino!" Jack called.

"Hi Dr. Fauna, is Scoutland gonna be alright?" Ren asked.

Inside the room, Deino and Dratini leaped onto the bed and cryed softly to Scoutland. Scoutland held out his leg to them and they nuzzled it. "Scoutland, isn't sick and he doesn't have any injuries. It's just Scoutland-" The door closed behind the two pokemon as Dr. Fauna explained to us Scoutland's condition.

"I wonder, do you think they know?" Ren asked.

"I believe Deino and Dratini can sense the truth." Dr. Fauna said sadly. Rantaro was just behind the corner, listening in on the conversation. "Hmmm..."

A couple hours later, we returned to Dr. Fauna with some fruits for Dratini, Deino and Scoutland. The door opened, "Dratini, Deino, Scoutland, we brought you some food." I called, but to our shock, the three pokemon were gone! "Oh no!" Ren cried.

"We'd they go?" Mason questioned.

"I think I know." I claimed. We went on our way to the abandoned house where the pokemon were living. However, Rantaro suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Rantaro? What are you doing here?" Ren asked.

"Just wanted to make sure you wouldn't give up on the tiny pokemon." he said.

"Give up on them?" I quoted.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jack snarled.

"Just that Deino and Dratini are the kind that never give up, so I want to make sure you wouldn't give up on them." Rantaro said. "Anyway, I'm off, see ya." and with that he walked away.

... Okay that was weird. It was as if Rantaro actually... cared about the pokemon. Which was odd for him. Normally he didn't care about anything other than his 'business'. "What was that about?" Carrie asked.

"No idea." Mason added.

Third Person POV

In the abandoned house, Dratini and Deino approached Scoutland and nuzzled him. Scoutland nuzzles them back, "Scoutland." Dratini and Deino nodded and jumped to the floor where there were two coconuts on the floor. Deino and Dratini concentrated and they both leaped into the air with their mouths covered in fire and they bit down on the coconut.... and they immediately fell down and the coconut was not broken.

They both looked at Scoutland who was sleeping and cuddled against his fur and they fell asleep as well.

In their dream, they were both walking through a white void and saw Scoutland at the end of it. They smiled and ran towards their elderly friend, but he suddenly disappeared.

They two of them woke up only to discover their friend was gone!



The two of them began searching the area for any sign of Scoutland. They search all through Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres and the outskirts of Ponyville. Nothing. They went back to abandoned house and saw a dust cloud in front of it. "Deino!"


They rushed towards it happily but the dust cloud vanished. "Deino?"


Inside the house, they could see one of the couch legs broke and the couch fell on the floor. The dead tree near the house lost it's last leaf and it floated onto the couch. They both looked up to the sky which became dark as storm clouds rolled in and it started raining. Dratini and Deino both let out sad cried into the air.

Sarah and the other humans came onto the scene, "Deino. Dratini." Sarah said.

They all listened to the two dragon-type crying. "Big brother, where's Scoutland?" Carrie asked, innocently.

Mason sighed and closed his eyes. "He went... to a better place, Carrie."

The two dragon-types simply walked into the abandoned house and leaped onto the couch. "Deino. Dratini." Jack and Sarah said. All of them felt pity for Deino and Dratini, for losing someone they cared deeply about.

As days and days passed, we were all thinking about Dratini and Deino coping with Scoutlands' departure. Me and Jack went back there everyday to see if anything in their behavior changed, but sadly nothing did. "Poor little brats." Jack cooed. I felt sympathy for them when was forced into a new life and abandoning my old one, not knowing if my dad was alive after my departure.

In time, two full weeks passed and we were all at the home-ship with Twilight and the girls. Ren told the girls what had happened and they were devastated. "Poor fellas." Applejack said. "No wonder they were stealin' from my orchard."

"And to lose their friend like that, oh dear." Fluttershy added.

"Yeah. They both fell into a depression and we're still seeing if they'll be alright." I said.

That's when we all heard scratching at the door. "Whose that?" Ren asked.

He went to open the door and to our surprise, "Deino? Dratini?"

The two dragon types walked inside. Dratini went over to me and Deino went over to Jack, "What are you doing here?"

"Deino. Deino."

"They said they saw a large cloud shaped like Scoutland in the sky after the rainstorm and it looked like it was winking at them and they got over their grief. " I translated.

"Dratini, tini, Dra."

"So they decided to come and join us." I added.

"Really?" Jack asked.

Deino cried happily and leaped into Jacks' arms, knocking him on the ground and licking his face. "Gah! Hahaha, stop it!" he said. I picked up Dratini and he nuzzled my cheek. "Alright you two, you can stay with us." I said. "Glad you're part of our family now."

Dratini cried happily and nudged my cheek while Deino was still licking Jack's face, "Stop it brat! Hahah, Enough! Haha!"

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