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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 59: Claw Patrol: Boys and the Pumpkin/Jack and Mason; Stranded

One day we were all at Sweet Apple Acers for Ponyville's Pumpkin Contest. Applejack called us over to see her and her family's pumpkin. It was a bit small and by small it mean it was the size of a pea. "That's your pumpkin? Hahahah!" Jack laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, she's not the biggest pumpkin in the patch but she should do well in the contest." Applejack said meekly.

"Applejack, darling, I'm sorry to say but that pumpkin wouldn't even win a beauty contest." Rarity said.

"Maybe I can help it grow, Applejack." I offered.

"How?" Applejack asked.

I took out some water. "My dad made some fast growing water. Just a little bit on the pumpkin and it shall grow to the height of your barn." I said proudly.

"That big?!" Ren exclaimed looking at the barn's size.

"Yep. What do ya say Applejack, wanna give it a try?"

"Ummm, I don't know, Sarah." Applejack said.

"It won't hurt the pumpkin at all." I reassured. Applejack sighed and looked at the tiny pumpkin. "Alright."

We all cheered and music started playing as the Movers sang the song as we grew the pumpkin.

Hahah! I always liked country music but dancing to it. HA! That's the best thing ever! Anyway, the pumpkin was as large as the Apple's barn. "Woo-wee! Now that's a pumpkin!" Applejack said.

"Hell yeah!" Jack exclaimed.

"Now it get the pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin!" I turned the pumpkin forward and I used my magic to cut off the stem and revealed the pumpkin guts. "Alright boys, get scooping." Applejack said.

"Why us?!" Ren exclaimed. Applejack growled at the boys with a fire in her eyes, literally. "Alright, alright!" Ren whimpered and he and the boys got to scooping out the pumpkin guts. Me and the girls went over to check on the other animals nearby.

Somehow, no sooner than five minutes later. "HEEEELLLLP!" We turned and saw the pumpkin closed and rolling away. "What the hay? Why's the pumpkin rolling away?" Applejack asked. I used my heat vision to see inside the pumpkin. "And Ren and the boys are trapped inside!" I cried.

"Oh no!" Twilight cried. The boys pokemon cried out in worry. Just then, We heard laughing and saw two familiar tanish stallions. "Flim and Flam, did you do this!" Applejack exclaimed in anger.

"You bet Applejack, without your pumpkin, you can't participate in the contest! Hahaha! Hope your boys don't get pumpkin sick." Those ignorant stallions. "Sarah, we gotta stop that thing before it destroys Ponyville." Rainbow said.

"And we have to rescue Ren and the others." Fluttershy added.

"And we will." I pressed my Dino Bracer. "Claw Patrol, to the home ship!" I called. "Come on girls." We all rushed to the home-ship and into my dad's old lab where he and Douglas were present. The dragons were there in their uniforms. "Claw Patrol, ready for action, Sarah." Moonshine said.

"Thanks for hurrying over. Flim and Flam trapped Ren and the boys in the giant pumpkin Applejack and her family are going to use in the Ponyville Pumpkin contest. We need to stop it before it destroys Ponyville and rescue the boys." I said. "Moonshine, I need you to clear the roads so no one gets hurt from the Pumpkin."

"Moonshine is on the case!"

"Storm, I need you to track the pumpkin from the air and warn everyone if it's heading towards something that can damage it and the boys."

"This Nadder's gotta fly!"

"The rest of you, stand by in case I need you." I said to the others.

"Right Sarah." the dragons replied.

"Alright, Claw Patrol is on a roll!" I cheered. The dragons roared and I hopped into my car along with the Mane 6, Kaede and Carrie and Pikachu. The dragons got into their vehicles and we all drove off in the direction of the pumpkin.

Ren's POV

This is crazy! One minute I was gutting a pumpkin with Jack, Jamie, Mason and Rantaro and the next minute we're all trapped inside thanks to the Flim Flam brothers. We were all getting tossed around the pumpkin. "Gah, Ow, Oof. Stop this crazy ride!" Jamie screeched.

"Stop.. OW... being.. ow.. a ... Gah... whimp... Ouch!" Jack said as he was tossed around as well. Suddenly we heard sirens nearby the pumpkin. "What's.... that?" Rantaro asked.

"It's the Claw Patrol!" Jamie cried happily.

"Hang in there boys, we'll get you out of there!" Sarah called.

Man, I've never been so relieved to hear them in my life. Oof! I hope they hurry. I think I'm getting sick.

POV Ends

We drove to the side of the pumpkin. "Moonshine, clear the road." I said.

"Right." Moonshine drove ahead and roared out his megaphone. "Giant Pumpkin coming through, everyone indoors!" he called. Ponies scrambled to get out of the way of the giant pumpkin.

"Sarah, the Pumpkin's heading for Town Hall!" Storm exclaimed.

"Oh no!" Sarah said. "We have to steer it away from Town Hall, but how?"

"I know. I can use my copter to make enough wind to push it away." Storm suggested.

"Great Idea! Go for it Storm!" Storm roared and drove her copter in front of the pumpkin as it reached Town Hall. Mayor Mare screamed in fear but Storm gave her copters propellers full power creating enough wind to push the pumpkin west and away from town hall. "Hooray!" Mayor Mare cried. We all drove after the Pumpkin which was rolling through the forest and then towards the ocean.

"Oh no, it's heading to the ocean!" Storm cried.

"The ocean?!" I exclaimed. "That's not good. We need another claw." I pressed the screen. "Striker."

"Yeah Sarah?" Striker asked.

"The pumpkin is heading towards the ocean, meet us there."

"Ready set, get wet!" Striker called. The pumpkin rolled onto a ramp-shaped rock and then crashed into the ocean. "Spark, Fire, you're with me." I drove the car off the same ramp and wings came out and the back tires turned into propellers. Spark and Fire's recycling truck turned into a tugboat and we drove after the pumpkin.

Ren's POV

Ugh... I think we stopped rolling. Thank goodness. I was waist deep in the pumpkin as was the rest of the boys. Jack and Mason were struggling to get out of the pumpkin guts but it was too thick so they couldn't really move around. "Ugh... this stuff is thick." Jack grunted.

"I can barely move." Mason added.

Just then we heard footsteps from outside. "What's that?" Suddenly, the top of the pumpkin opened and revealed, "Pikapi."

"Pikachu!" I cried in joy. The Sarah came into view. "You boys okay?"

"We're okay, but we're stuck." Jamie said.

"Hang on we'll get you. Storm lower your hooks." she called up. Soon five hooks were lowered down into the pumpkin with our Pikachus' hanging on to them. "Pikapi, Pikachu." My pikachu waved his tail in front of me. "Umm, what are they doing?" Mason asked.

"They want you to grab their tails and Storm will pull you out." Sarah called down to us. We all struggled and got at least one arm free. I grabbed my Pikachu, while Rantaro grabbed on Jack and Jack grabbed onto his Pikachu. Jamie grabbed his Pikachu and Mason grabbed onto his. "Alright we're ready!" I called back up.

"Go Storm!" We were soon lifted out of the pumpkin guts and out of the pumpkin. Storm flew her copter over to the mainland and set us down. Sarah drove her car over to us and the girls came out. Carrie, Flutters and Rainbow tackled Mason, me and Jack. "Big Brother! Ren! Fatty!"

"Oof!" I giggled at Fluttershy while Mason giggled with his sister.

"Gah, Skittles!" Jack exclaimed. Twilight and the others came over. "Thank Celestia you boys are alright." she said.

"Yeah, that was not a fun ride." Ren groaned.

"I'm so staying away from pumpkins after this." Jack added. The girls laughed at the boys. "So what about the pumpkin?" Pinkie asked, pointing to the floating pumpkin. I used my magic to lift the pumpkin out of the water and I turned it upside down and it spilled all of the pumpkin guts out.... and all over the boys.

"UGGGGGGHHH!" They all screamed.

"NO more pumpkin!" Jack exclaimed and the girls laughed some more at the boys reactions.

Jack and Mason; Stranded

Mason POV

"Okay Pikachu, Iron Tail." Pikachu Libre spun in the air with it's tail glowing white and slashed a log in half perfectly. "Good job."

"Pikachu." I have to admit. I like having a pokemon with me now. Pikachu similar to me in a way. A fighter.

"Hey bodyguard!" a voice called. I looked and saw Jack and his Tepig coming over. "Hi Jack, what are you doing here?"

"Ren said come over to newbie's castle." Jack said.

"O-Okay." I gathered Pikachu Libre in my arms and we headed over to Sarah's Castle. When we got there we found Sarah, Ren, Kaede, Carrie and Mason there... but something didn't look right. They all had upset expressions. "About time you two showed up." Ren growled. Okay... that was different. "Um s-sorry."

"Hmph. Anyway, let's get down to business." Sarah stated. The five of them walked off to the throne room. "Something doesn't seem right with the brats." Jack whispered over to me.

"Y-Yeah... I know." I agreed.

"Hey! Get in here!" Carrie snarled at us with an angry look on her face. Jack and I looked at each other and went into the throne room. When the door closed, the whole room was dark. The only thing we could see was each others eyeballs. "Hey! What the hell's going on?!" Jack exclaimed.


What? Gah! Ow! Ugh! Before I knew what hit me, I was on the ground, tied up to Jack. "Hey, what's the big idea, you brats!" Jack exclaimed in anger. Sarah, Ren, Carrie, Mason and Kaede nodded and pressed their necks, revealing that they were acutally, "Team Flare?!" I cried in fear.

"Yes.. glad to see you both again." Flare hissed.

Jack struggled to get out of the ropes but they were too tight. "Let us go, you bastard!" Jack growled.

"Now why would I do that when I could simply use you as bait to get the hybrid and Z1." Flare hissed. They were gonna use us as bait.... oh dear. "You'll never get you hands on newbie or that green thing." Jack declared.

"Oh, I beg to differ. Bag them!" What? Jack and I were then placed in a large burlap sack. "Gah! Hey! Let us go you friggin bastards!" Jack yelled. I struggled to get out the ropes but they were too tight.

"Hey!" a voice was heard. "Let Jack and Mason go!" I know that voice anywhere. "Sarah!" I called.

"Haha, you two friends are our, hybrid. But if you want them then surrender yourself and Z1 to me." Flare bargained.

"No deal, creep. Now let our friends go!" Ren demanded.

“Yeah give me back my big brother!” Carrie added.



"Not until you hand over what we want." a female said. Suddenly, the bag gave a sharp lunge and Jack and I were pressed against each other. "What the hell-?"

That's when we heard three new voices.

"Team Rocket?!" Sarah exclaimed. Team Rocket? Who are they? "Give us that bag back!"

"Haha, no way twerps. If these two boys are valuable then we want them for ourselves." a raspy voice said. I gulped nervously. This can't be good.



"Huh? Wah! How did you three get onto our balloon?" a women's voice came.



"WAH!" All I heard were screams and a large explosion before the bag gave another shake to the left and Jack and I fell ontop of each other. "Watch it!" Jack growled.

“Excuse me for falling” I growled at him. Then we felt the bag falling all of sudden and we kept smacking into things until we both hit the ground hard. "Ugh... ouch.. that hurt." I groaned.



I saw the two Pikachu Libre opening the bag.

"Tepig." Tepig came around and used Ember on the ropes, burning them and setting us free. "Thanks Tepig." Jack said. We both stood up and saw that we were in a forest and far from Ponyville. "This isn't good." I said.

"Jeez, ya think." Jack said sarcastically. "Now we're lost in the middle of friggin nowhere!"

"Jack, calm down." I said to him. "Right now we have to focus on getting back to Ponyville."

"Well you can do that, I'm going this way!" Jack suddenly walked off and dragged me along. "Jack.. ugh.. wait!"

"Not listening, bodyguard." Jack said. Ugh.. this guy is so stubborn sometimes. I hope he doesn't get us into anymore..." Apparently and as expected, Jack wasn't looking where he was going and we both fell down large cliff and on top of each other... again. "Uugh.. trouble." We both groaned as we got up and looked back at the tall cliff. "Pikapi!"


There was no way we could climb that cliff back up to our pokemon and there was no way they could climb down to us. "Great, you got us separated from our pokemon happy?" I growled.

"Don't blame me!" Jack snarled.

"Well who do you expect me to blame?!" I yelled. Jack's face turned red with anger. Suddenly....


We both froze as we heard a small cry and saw a small lion cub pokemon coming out of the brush with brusies all over it. "Oh God." Me and Jack rushed over to the lion cub pokemon. "Litleo."

"What the hell happened to him?" Jack asked.

"Hey!" we turned and saw a Team Flare Grunt behind us. "Give me that Litleo." he demanded.

"Fat chance, bastard!" Jack exclaimed.

The Grunt growled, "Houndoom, go!" and he summoned his Houndoom. Houndoom growled at us. Oh man, we didn't have our pokemon to fight him with. "Houndoom, destroy those two pests!" the grunt ordered. The Houndoom charged us and leaped into the air. Jack got his fists ready but before he could punch the Houndoom, Litleo suddenly sprang from my arms and bashed Houndoom in the stomach, sending it flying backwards. "Litleo!" I cried.

Litleo landed on the ground, but he winced at his injuries. "Grr... you'll pay for that you little pest!" the grunt growled. Litleo narrowed his eyes at him and Houndoom and unleashed a powerful Flamethrower attack, scorching the grunt and Houndoom. The two of them were shocked at the Litleo's power as well as us. The grunt and Houndoom ran for the hills after that attack. Litleo breathed heavily and then collapsed from exhaustion and his injuries. "Litleo!" I rushed over to his side and saw that it was still breathing. "Hang in there, boy." I said to it.




Huh? Jack and I turned and saw three more pokemon coming out of the brush. One was another Litleo and it sounded like a female due to it high voice cry. The second pokemon was a small, blue elephant-like Pokémon. It has large, floppy ears, which it uses as fans to cool itself. There are two red pads on each ear and another on the bridge of its short trunk. This small trunk is sensitive, yet strong. It can send a person flying with an affectionate, playful bump of its snout. Also, it had a single nail on each of its four feet, and a short tail.

The third pokemon is a small, light green, quadruped Pokémon resembling a turtle or tortoise. Its eyes, feet, and lower jaw are yellow. Its body is covered by a brown shell that is composed of earth. The shell has a thick black stripe and a black rim.

The two pokemon turned and saw me with Litleo in my arms. "Turtwig!" The Turtwig rushed over and put it's feet on my legs. "Turtwig, Tur."

Phanpy came over as well looking equally as worried. "Phanpy."

"I think they wanna see Litleo." Jack said to me.

"Yeah." I kneeled down an let the two pokemon see Litleo. "Turtwig." The leaf on Turtwig's head glowed green as well as Litleo and the scratches and bruises disappeared. "Woah... it's healing it's injuries." I gasped. When all of the injuries were gone, Litleo opened it's eyes. "Litleo?" Jack and I smiled at the lion cub. "You're all better." I said. Litleo cried happily and saw the other Litleo, Turtwig and Phanpy. The four pokemon smiled at each other.

"Looks like they're friends." I said with a smile.

"Yeah... now can we go back to finding Ponyville?" Jack asked.

"Right." We both turned and started walking away when, "Litleo." We stopped walking, turned and saw Litleo, Phanpy and Turtwig following us? "What are you three brats doing?" Jack asked.

Turtwig and Litleo went over to me and rubbed against my leg while the female Litleo and Phanpy did the same to Jack. "I think they wanna come with us." I said to Jack.

"They do?" The four pokmeon nodded and cried happily.

Suddenly... a net came out of nowhere and captured us inside and we were lifted into the air. "Hey! What the-?!" I called. We heard familiar laughter, "Team Flare, let us go!" Jack exclaimed angrily.

"No, you two will help me capture that hybrid and Z1 whether you like it or not." Flare Streak hissed. Jack and growled at them. Just then a Flamethrower came and hit the balloon, rocking it a little. "What was that?" Flare hissed.

"Litleo!" The two Litleo, Turtwig and Phanpy growled at Team Flare. "Litleo?!" Jack and I exclaimed.

"You little pests!" Flare snarled. The Male and Female Litleo leaping into the tree and leaped into the air and slashed the net with Slash and we started to fall towards the ground. "WOOOOAAAH!"

Just then we were grabbed by something in the air. We both looked and saw. "Firestorm!"


Yep, it was out two dragons. They set us down on the ground and Turtwing and Phanpy came over to us. "Jack, Mason!" We looked and saw Ren and everyone else flying down to us on the others dragons. "Thank Celestia you both are alright." Twilight said. Carrie and Rainbow tackled me and Jack. "Big brother!"


"Gah! Stop it Skittles!" Jack exclaimed angrily. Turtwig, Phanpy and the two Litleos came over to us. "Woah.. Litleo, Turtwig and a Phanpy." Sarah gasped.

"Yeah, we became friends with them." I said. The four pokemon looked at each other and nodded. They looked at the balloon and the Litleo's launched two Flamethrowers, Turtwig unleashed Solar Beam and Phanpy unleashed Hyper Beam. All of the attacks combined and slammed into the balloon, sending it flying away. "Alright!" Ren cheered.

"Now that's power!" Sarah added. The four pokemon leaped into our arms and we laughed with them. "You four sure are something." Jack said with a toothily grin.




"Looks like you two and have two new pokemon each." Kaede smiled.

"Yeah." Jack and I said in unison.

"Now let's get you two home." Sarah said. "I'm sure you both are starving." Now that she mentions it, I haven't eaten anything all day. My stomach growled as well as Jack's "Yeah, I'm starved." I groaned.

"Me too." Jack added. The others laughed together. "Come one you two." Silverspike said. We mounted our dragons as well as the others and we both flew off to Ponyville with our new pokemon by our side.

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