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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 9: Talent Show Trouble

"WHOOO-HOOOOOO!" I screamed aloud as I rode my car in the racetrack room that I discovered the mall district had. It was as large as those racetracks that Nascars have. Anyway, as soon as discovered it. I immediately started racing my car on the track. Ren and Jack were in the car with me. Jack was enjoying it while Ren was screaming in fear. "Stop this!" her screamed.

"Stop being a whimp!" I yelled in excitement back.

"Yeah, what newbie said!" Jack added. "WHOO-HOOO!"

Honk Honk

I looked to the side and saw my dad in a completely black car similar to mine. "Try and catch me, slow pokes!" He cried out in excitement and sped off. "Oh.. it is on, dad!" I hit the gas and we sped off after him with Ren screaming in fear and Jack bellowing in excitement.

After that, we all exited the racetrack room. "That was wicked!" Jack exclaimed.

"Haha, you're not so bad a driver, honey." My dad said.

"Neither are you, dad." I said.

We all heard a groan and saw Ren stumbling out of the room, green in the face. "Uugghh... I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Oh shaddup." Jack replied.

My dad came over to Ren's side, "I'll take him to my room so he can rest."

"Alright dad." My dad led Ren out of the mall district and we followed. Using the central elevator me and Jack came to the living room while my dad had taken Ren to my room to rest.

"Well, look how decided to show up." Rantaro said.

Jack growled at him, "What do you want?"

"Oh nothing, just wanted to see where you two went off to."

"And why would you want to know that?"

"No reason since I don't really care for a fat biker, like yourself."

Jack growled at him, "What the fudge did you just say to me?!" Before things escalated any further, I stepped in, "Boys please be nice." I asked. "I don't want you to fight."

Jack growled a little with a small blush. "...Fine."

Rantaro say nothing, turned and walked away. "Hey, where are you going?" I asked him.

"Anywhere." he simply replied before he walked out the door.

"Grrr... stupid bastard." Jack insulted.

"Jack, be nice." Kaede said as she appeared.

"No, he's as annoying as the physic chick."

"You mean Nicole?" Kaede asked.

"Did someone mention me?" I leaped to the side to see Nicole standing near where I was just standing. "Where-"

"Did I come from? I came from the food district."

"Well you could have say something before scaring like that." Jack grunted. Nicole shrugged. That's when Mason, Carrie and Jamie entered the room, "Hey everyone." Carrie greeted.

"Hey guys." I greeted back. Winter, Moonshine and Storm came into the room and went straight for me with nuzzles and licks. "Hehehe, alright you three, enough. Hehehe."

"Boy, your dragons really do love you, Sarah." Kaede said.

My dragons stopped their 'assault' and I spoke, "Yeah they do... hey, maybe you guys should get a dragon of your own."

"Us?!" Mason exclaimed. "No way."

"Oh come on, it'll be good for you. You can't always rely on your strength to defend yourself."

"I don't want a dangerous reptile near Carrie."

"It won't be dangerous if you train it right. You have no problem with Storm being around her."

"Well... that's because she with you."

I gave Mason a deadpanned stare. "A-Actually, a d-dragon might be good for you,big brother." Carrie stated.

"You?! Really?!" Jack exclaimed.

"Y-Yeah." I said. "Having a dragon can be like having an extra guard with you... if you choose to train a dragon then I'm all with you." I said. Mason smiled at me, "Thank you."

That's when a certain pink earth pony burst into the home-ship. "Sarah, everyone, look, look, look, LOOK!"

"Woah, woah Pinkie." I said. "What's got you all jumpy?"

"Look!" She handed me a paper and the others crowded around.

It read...

Canterlot Talent Show: Tonight

Show everyone something that makes you special.

"A Talent Show? Sarah you should totally enter!" Kaede exclaimed.


"Yeah, you have all kinds of things that make you special." Carrie added. "You'll be perfect for the talent show."

"Ummm....." I trailed off.

"Oh come on, newbie. It's not gonna hurt you." Jack said placing a chubby arm around me. "Well... I guess I could give it a try."

Carrie and Kaede cheered with my agreement. "I'm gonna go and take a walk." Mason said.

"Okay Mason." I said and we watched as he exited the home-ship. "Now... what should you do for the talent show?" Pinkie asked rubbing her hooves together.

Mason's POV

I was walking through the forest taking note on the flora and fauna around me. Something that I always did when I had my notebook with me in nature. I started thinking about getting a dragon of my own, like Sarah. That way I'd have a pet and a new friend. Problem was I didn't know what kind of dragon I wanted. Sarah told me of the many types of dragons she knows. A Deadly Nadder... too spiky. A Night or Light Fury.... a little too fast for me.

Oh well, guess I'll have see what comes my way.


I quickly turned around hearing a roar coming from the area. But I didn't see anything moving. "It's probably just the w-wind." I stammered nervously. I decided to pick up the pace and head back to the home-ship when I heard the same roar again. This time it sounded closer. I tensed up and looked around. "Whose there?"

Suddenly the large bushes near me began to rustle and stepping out of the bushes was a dragon. It was about 61 feet in length with a 68 feet wingspan. It had a long snake-like neck and tail. And 'claws' on the tips of it's wings. It was magenta with yellow shading on it.

Sarah told me about this one. This was a Monstrous Nightmare, the most dangerous and aggressive dragon.

The Nightmare looked at me with a hard stare as I stood there. "Hi." I squeaked. The Nightmare tilted his head to the side, looking confused. I tried walking away slowly but the Nightmare growled at me, making me freeze. Remembering what Sarah told me about, I slowly reach out my hand and few feet from it's snout, closing my eyes. Please don't eat me. Please don't eat me.

.... I felt something touch my hand and I slowly opened my eyes to see the Nightmare nudging it's snout into my hand.

"Hehe." I laughed softly.

"Looks like you have a new friend." a voice said, scaring me and surprising my dragons. We turned and saw Rantaro up against a tree. "What are you doing here?" I asked, already annoyed with his presence. My dragons snarled at Rantaro. "No, no, no, it's alright. He's my friend." I reassured, calming the dragon.

"Someone had to keep an on you."

"I can take care of myself, you know?"

"Whatever you say." Rantaro shrugged. "Anyway, you should probably get back to the home-ship before-"

"Hey!" Jack called.

I turned to see him and Sarah, along with Jack, Kaede, Carrie, Nicole and Ren coming towards me. They all immediately took notice to my dragon. "Woah.. you got a Monstrous Nightmare, nice. " Sarah commented.

"Eh, not seeing any connection." Jack grunted. My Nightmare narrowed his eyes at him and gave him a little fire blast. "Ah! HOT! HOT! HOT!" He cried.

"Anyway..." Kaede cut in. "Where did you find it?"

"Right here." I replied. "She just came out of the bushes, looking at me. I held out my hand to her and she nudged it."

"It was that simple?" Ren asked incredulous.

"Yeah." Mason replied.

"Oooooh." Carrie scampered up to the female Monstrous Nightmare. "She's so colorful. Can I ride her, big brother?"

Mason froze a little. "Um.. er... only if I fly with you."

"Yeah!" Carrie cheered. We all chuckled at their sister and brother relationship. "So, how's preparation for the talent show coming along?" Kaede asked me.

"Great. I already have a plan for the talent show." I smirked.

"What is it?"

"You'll have to wait and find out."

"How about we go back to the home-ship so Masons' new dragon can get situated." Ren suggested. We all agreed and headed back towards the home-ship, except for Jack.

Jack's POV

I watched as the others went back to the home-ship with the bodyguard having a Monstrous Nightmare by his side. Lucky, why can't I have a dragon like that? Oh well, who cares. I don't need a dragon being a biker. We bikers are tough as nail. Suddenly, I heard a loud roar in the distance. "Something tells me that's not my stomach." I said.

I heard other voices as well. I followed them to a large clearing in the forest. I hid in some trees. I saw a weird looking dragon. This one was silver and had lots of sharps spines on it's wings.

It was caught in a net and it's tail had a metal... thing around it with three burly earth pony stallions staring at it.

One was brown with a black mane and tail. He had en eye patch over his eyes.

The second was green with a brown mane and tail and white hooves. The third one was black with a white mane and tail and white hooves. "Hehe, this dragon will make a fine addition to my collection." The brown stallion hissed. "I'll make a fortune. Razorwhip swords and much more."

I gasped in horror. That's disgusting! They were going to kill the poor dragon and make weapons out of it! I couldn't let that happen. I stepped out of he bushes and went towards them. "Hey!" The three stallions and dragon looked at me. "What do you want?" the black stallion asked.

"Let the dragon go!" I demanded. "Now!"

"No, this dragon belongs to us." The green stallion hissed.

"No, it doesn't!" I cracked my knuckles. "Now, you better leave or else I'm pummel you into giving it up. Your choice."

The three stallions got into fighting positions. Oh, so that's how they want it. Fine then. "Bring it on!" The three stallions charged me. I easily punched them all in their faces, giving them bleeding noses or black eyes. The three stallions quickly decided they had enough and ran away. Hehe. Cowards.

The dragon looked at me and roar softly. I carefully approached the dragon. "Easy there." I touched the nest, "I'm not gonna hurt you." I pulled the net off of the dragon and it stood up. It spread it wings and tried to fly but the metal thing was holding it's tail down, so it couldn't get into the sky. The dragon landed roughly and looked at it. It blasted a blew flame from it's mouth, making me step back a little, "Woah!" Unfortunately, the metal barely had a scratch on it.

The dragon snorted. "Hey... don't worry, I know a friend who can get that off of you." I said. The dragon looked at my curiously. "Come on." I led the way with the dragon following me on foot.

The gang and I were now in the home-ship. I helped Mason know everything he need to know about the Monstrous Nightmare. "You have be very careful. The Monstrous Nightmare can set itself on fire when it wants to. So watch out for that. They can be trained like Storm, Winter and Moonshine, but you have to put time and effort into it."


"Next, the Monstrous Nightmare eats fish and meat, so keep those handy. "


"Also, check her teeth. If she starts rubbing her mouth against the ground, then she might have a toothache or a bad tooth."


"Good. Now, my dad is making a saddle for you and Carrie for when you ride the Nightmare."

"Thanks Sarah, for helping me."

I smiled at Mason, "No problem."

"So what are you gonna name her?"

"Hmm... how about... Firestorm?"

His Monstrous Nightmare roared softly in agreement. "I think she likes it."

Just then, "Sarah! Come look at this!" Ren cried in shock. Mason and I looked at each other and went into the living room to see Jack with a new dragon by his side. "... Jack, what is that thing?!" Kaede asked.

"That's a Razorwhip dragon. They are part of the Sharp Class of dragons. They are fast, agile and have good air maneuverability. But..." I looked at the side and saw a metal clasp on its tail. "Why does it have a metal clasp on it's tail?"

"I found three stallions getting ready to kill this lizard, so I stepped in a saved it. No biggie." Jack replied with smirk.

"Kill the dragon?!" Kodi exclaimed.

"Yeah, they said something about make Razorwhip sword out of it."

"That's horrible?!" Ren exclaimed. "Sounds like hunter and poachers from our world."

"G-Good thing you found it in time." Jamie added.

"Yeah, yeah, newbie, can you get this thing off it's tail. It can't fly with it attached."

"Sure thing." I called Storm and my Deadly Nadder walked in. "Storm, blast the metal clasp on the Razorwhips' tail." My Nadder nodded and blasted the metal clasp, breaking it open and freeing the dragons' tail. The dragon roared happily. "There you go, your free now." Jack said. The Razorwhip nuzzled Jack and smiled. "Alright, alright, you're grateful, now get."

But the Razorwhip acted like it didn't listen and nudged Jack in the chest. "Hey! What's with this dragon!"

"I think he wants to stay with you Jack." Kaede suggested.


"Yeah, I mean look." I pointed out. The Razorwhip stopped nuzzling Jack and and smiled happily at him. "And a Razorwhip is prefect for you, Jack."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"Razorwhips, being part of the Sharp class, are vain and prideful.. like you."


"And they are fast in the sky and their tail can cut through anything."

"But I can't have this thing. It's wild!"

"You can train it. Just like Mason will train the Monstrous Nightmare. I'll help you."

Jack looked at the Razorwhip which still had a smile on it's face. "You have no plan on leaving do you?" he asked the dragon, which shook it's head in response. "Sigh... fine you can stay with me. But now eating Jo Jo!"

The Razowhip grunted and nudged Jack again while we all smiled at the cute display. After that, I helped Jack customize his more to fit his new Razorwhip dragon. Jo Jo squealed in fear of the large dragon and rushed over to Jack. "It's alright, Jo Jo, Silverspike won't hurt you."

He decided to name his Razorwhip, Silverspike, due to him being the color silver and have spikes on the ends of his wings. The little guinea pig was still unsure of he Razorwhip, so he still kept his distance.

Soon, night came and it was time for the talent show. It was at a theater in Canterlot, where I've heard they do something called the Hearth's Warming Eve play. I had Storm and Winter with my as they were part of my act. There were other unicorns there, many colors and different cutie marks as well. It was a little awkward, being the only human entering with dragons, but I shook it off.

Unknown by everyone a dinsoaur card was floating in the air. It landed on some bushes and glowed green turning into a dinosaur. The dinosaur was actually pretty small compared to all the others, only about the size of a human. It was an iguanodont, so it had thumb spike. While its lower half was tan like a lot of the other dinosaurs, its back was a lime-green mixed with yellow-green that made squares of like-green on its back from head to tail. This dinosaur was actually not too far from its originally discovery place. It was a Fukuisaurus.

The Fukuisaurus saw the large theater and decided to investigate.

It was my turn to go out on stage. I was dressed in a purple dress with black stars at the bottom and a purple and yellow shaded star in the corner of my head. There was a purple and yellow shaded covering too.

(Like this)

Storm and Winter came out on the stage with me as well. "Ready girls?" I asked. My dragons roared in response. But before we could start. Something burst through the doors of the theater. All the ponies screamed in fear. The dinosaur roared loudly, which echoed throughout the theater. "What is that thing?!" Spike cried.

"A Fukuisaurus!" I identified.

"Somehow, I don't think he was on the guest list." Kaede said. The dinosaur roared and started walking around the large theater. Bashing into the walls and smashing the decorations, lights and electronics with it's tail. "It's gonna destroy the theater at this rate!" Ren cried.

"Blaze, let's go!" I pulled out Blaze's card and slashed it.


Blaze roared and landed on the ground. The Fukuisaurus turned around and roared at it. Blaze charged the Fukuisaurus and rammed it, sending it crashing to the ground. "Blaze, get him outside, so he doesn't hurt anyone!" I ordered. My Acrocanthasaurus roared and and lunged at the Fukuisaurs which was starting to get up. Blaze pushed him out of the theater. The Fukuisaurus roared and lunged at Blaze, hitting him into the stomach and sending him skidding back a few feet.

Then the Fukuisaurs reared up on it's hind legs, with leaves swirling around it. I made a ball of leaf energy in it's mouth and launched it towards Blaze, "Blaze, watch out! It's Emerald Garden!"

Blaze leaped to the side, avoiding the attack, but it hit Twilight and Rainbow Dash! "Girls!" Ren cried.

Twilight and Rainbow both felt very weak and passed out on the ground. "Twilight! Rainbow!" Applejack cried.

Fukuisaurus roared and tried to make a get away! "Blaze, don't let him get away!" My Acrocanthasaurus roared and rushed next to the Fukuisaurus, blocking it's path. "Now, Blaze MAGMA BLASTER!"

Blazes' mouth fillied up with flames and he stomped his foot. He fired a large stream of fire at Fukuisaurus. It struck it dead center, sending it back a couple yards at least! The dinosaur roared in pain, glowed and changed back into a card.

Winter flew over and picked up the card with her mouth and brought it to me. "Thanks girl." I grabbed the card and turned to my fire-type dinosaur. "Good job, Blaze." I praised. Blaze roared loudly in victory and I recalled him to his card and chibi form. He leaped into my arms and I laughed. We all went over to the gang. "How's Twilight and Rainbow?"

"They're alright, but really tired." Ren said.

"What was the move?" Kaede asked.

"Emerald Garden. It's a move that sucks all the energy out of the opponent." I explained.

"Well that explains their weakness." Mason said.

Twilight and Rainbow were both sleep, to help regain their lost energy. "But what about the talent show?" Carrie asked.

We all walked back into the talent show with Ren and Jack carrying the exhausted girls. The entire theater was wrecked! There were multiple holes in the walls, loose wires were sparking, the stage was destroyed and the floor was littered with broken glass. "Well.. looks like the shows over." Mason said sadly.

"Bummer, and just when it was your turn, Sarah." Kaede added.

"Aww, it's nothing Kaede, I don't need to be in a show to show how special I am." I said with a smile. "You already know that."

Everyone smiled at me and we all hugged each other. Blaze tilted his head before pouncing high into the air and chomping down on someone's head... which happened to be Jacks'. "AHH! STUPID BASTARD! AHH! SARAH! GET YOUR PEST! OW!" he cried as he ran outside and in a circle while the rest of us laughed at him. "STOP LAUGHING!" he cried.

Yo Kai Kittylumbus

The next morning I woke up to see Sailornyan smiling face in mine. "Yes, Sailornyan?" I asked.

"Good morning, wake up!" she said happily.

I chuckled a little and got out of bed. Putting on my clothes, we exited the room and were met by Thornyan, Usapyon and Whisper. "Mornin'." Usapyon greeted.

"Morning." We all went to the living room where we found Ren and the others. "Hey guys." I greeted happily. But for some reason they didn't respond. "Hello?" Ren turned and spotted me. "Oh! Hey Sarah, sorry."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Something's wrong with the blue haired nerd." Jack replied.

"Jamie? What's wrong?"

"See for yourself, newbie." Jack and Ren moved aside and I saw Jamie rolling on the floor? "Jamie, what are you doing?" I asked.

"Just laying around and doing nothing." he replied in a lazy tone. Okay... that was very usual of Jamie, usually he's ready a book or nose deep in his notebook. "We asked him to do somethings but he was said no." Kaede added.

"He probably doesn't want to do anything that would waste his time, like me." Rantaro said.

"No way, there's gotta be a Yo-Kai around here." I exclaimed.

"Oh please, there is no Yo-Kai that can make Jamie lazy." Rantaro replied. I shined the watchs' light at Jamie and a Yo-Kai appeared by his side. "Gotcha!"


The Yo-Kai was a blue cat that had a explorers' hat and had a small spyglass in is hands. There was a small greenish yellow flame on the top of his head.

"Whisper, whose that Yo-Kai?" I asked.

"Oh, that little kitty is... I got it!" He cried as he scrambled on his Yo-Kai pad. "It's Kittylumbus!"

KIttylumbus: Tribe - Charming

"So what's his deal?" Jack asked.

"Like his hero Christopher Columbus, who sailed across the ocean to discover the New World, Kittylumbus is on a constant search for the place of relaxation and procrastination. When you are inspirited by Kittylumbus, you'll just roll on the floor, being lazy. If you ever heard someone say 'We could go out and do a bunch of stuff but would it be better if we just stayed in and did nothing?' Then the instigator is Kittylumbus." Whisper explained.

I approached the kitty. "Hey Kittylumbus, can you just leave Jamie alone please?"

"No." Kittylumbus said in a soft lazy voice. "I'm good right here but thanks for asking."


"Cause I'm all cozy. I just discovered this new land of relaxation and I want to explore it."

"Our home-ship is not a land of relaxation!" Ren exclaimed.

"Agree to disagree, Ren." Ren turned and saw Thornyan laying on the ground. "This place is perfect for lazying around."

"That's your excuse?" Mason asked.

"They are both cats so maybe it's genetic?" Kaede suggested.

"But we can't just leave Jamie inspirited by this annoying kitty!" Jack exclaimed. "We have training to do with him!" Whisper scrolled on his Yo-Kai Pad, "Alright, let's see. Maybe we can summon someone. Hold on!"

"What?" I asked.

"I just got an email from Hidabat."

"Hidabat? Whose that?" Nicole asked.

"He's another one of my Yo-Kai friends." I answered.

"He said that he wants us to summon him. Give it a try." Whisper said.

"Well.. alright." I took out Hidabat's metal. "Come on out my friend." I tossed the metal into the air. "Calling Hidabat. Yo-Kai Metal, do your thing!"

An automatic voice said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Shady tribe."

Then Hidabat appeared.

Hidabat: Tribe - Shady

Hidabat: a bat yokai with sky blue eyes. Its fur is dark except for a yellow gold collar. It has blue wings with golden-yellow "#" symbols on them. Its wings are actually supported on its arms, and move with them thanks to a band on its palms.

"Aww.. he's so cute." Carrie cooed.

"Hidabat, do you know how to get rid of Kittylumbus?" I asked.

"Sure do." Hidabat said in a high voice. He floated over to Kittylumbus, "Hey Kittylumbus."

Kittylumbus opened his eyes, "Huh?"

"I have something you might find interesting."

"Oh?" Now the kitty seemed interested.

"Follow me." Hidabat and Kittylumbus left the home-ship and Kittylumbus' inspiriting wore of of Jamie, "What the-? Why am I on the floor?"

"You got inspirited by a lazy kitty Yo-Kai." Ren explained.


"Hidabat says he has something he would like. Let's just hope, that keeps him away." Kaede added. Hidabat came back into the home-ship. "Hi Hidabat, so where did you take Kittylumbus?"

"I took him to the a mansion." Hidabat replied.

"A Mansion?!" Everyone, except me, exclaimed.

"Why would you take him there?" Mason asked.

"Cause in a mansion, you can be as lazy as you want to be." I replied.

"I set up the wi-fi and pizza delivery service so he can relax without lifting a finger. He'll be very happy there."

I smiled at my little bat friend. "Nice work, Hidabat."

"I'm happy to help." Hidabat said with a smile and small bow.

A Few Days Later

"WAHHHHHHHH!" Whisper cried.

"Whisper, what wrong?" Ren asked.

"Just take a look!" Whisper showed us all an article and it had a picture of Kittylumbus! "Kittyumbus is in the news?! He's famous?!" I exclaimed in shock.

"Yes apparently, he created a website that does all of your chores for you so you never have to leave the house." Whisper said.

"That was Kittylumbus?! I was that sight to keep me fully stocked up on chocolate bars." Thornyan said.

"Amazing, he's being successful and lazy at the same time." I said.

"That Kittylumbus, who knew being lazy would be such a money makers?" Whisper asked.

Knock Knock Knock

"Umm... whose at the door?" I asked. Ren shurgged and went to answer it. Floating there, was another Yo-Kai. A pale yellow Cat Yo-kai having tidal blue ears, eyes with stars as pupils and smoke gray hair. He wears a navy blue captain's hat, a blue and navy blue suit, and is seen riding on a ship with an imprinted red cloud on the sail. On it hat, there's an egg with a wispy tip, lime green spots and a ring surrounding it, and a star shaped badge.

"Greetings everyone, it's been a while." he said.

"What the-? Kittylumbus, what happened to you?" I exclaimed, shocked to see the new Yo-Kai. "I know I changed a lot since the last time you seen me."

"It's been three days?!" Mason cut in.

"After discovering the land I have searched for, I became the legendary Yo-Kai Columakat."

Columbakat: Tribe - Brave. Legendary

"WHAT?!" We all cried.

"You evolved?!" Ren exclaimed. "And now you're a legendary Yo-Kai!"

"Yes, I want to thank you for helping me in my search. Here's a little something." He gave he his metal. It had a golden ring around it and a picture of him in the center. "Thanks." Columbakat nodded, "Now I must be off. Farewell friends." he said and he floated out the door, closing it behind him. "Looks like the kitty has grown up." I said.

"You know it." Ren added.

Author's Note:

For more information on the Razorwhip.


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