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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 56: Between Dawn and Dusk

Jamie's POV

Twilight and I was reading a book about Equestrian History in the home-ship with Snivy sleeping next to me. Rarity and Kaede were discussing clothing. Jack, Rainbow, Applejack and Mason were having another contest to test their strength. Nicole and Rantaro sitting on the couch with bored looks and Ren was busy playing a video game while Kodi watched him with Fluttershy petting him. Pinkie counced onto the scene. "Ooohh, what are you playing Renny?" she asked.

"I'm Playing Persona 5." Ren replied.

“Wow, you sure have been playing for a while.” Kodiak commented in surprise.

“Yeah.” Carrie nodded, scratching him and Rosy by the necks. “Do you play this game back then?”

“Well yeah. I’ve played all of the Persona games, either main or spin-offs.” he nodded with a smile. “But my most favorite ones are Persona 3, 4, and 5.”

Knock Knock Knock

Huh? Who could that be? Ren went over to open the door and revealed a familiar large robotic dog. "AXL? What are you doing here?" AXL got behind Ren and nudged him out the door. He turned to us and nodded towards the door as well. "I think he wants us to come with him." I said.

"But why?" Twilight asked.

"Don't know. Only one way to find out, come on." Ren said. We all followed AXL to Sarah's Castle. We entered and AXL led us to the throne room where we saw, "Celestia? Luna? What are you doing here?" Ren exclaimed in shock. I was surprised to. We rarely saw the Princess outside of their castle. "My sister and I have decided to take a little sister vacation for a few days." Celestia said.

"A Vacation?" Carrie asked.

"Yes, young Carrie. Even Princess need some time to relax." Luna added.

"But if you two are on vacation then who will run Equestria?" Mason asked.

Celestia pointed to Sarah. "Me? You want me to run Equestria?!" she exclaimed in shock. Celestia and Luna nodded. "B-But I can't run a kingdom!"

"Relax, newbie you'll have us there by your side to help you." Jack said.

"Actually Jack...." Celestia trailed. Oh no, here comes the catch. "We actually want Sarah to run Equestria on her own."

There is it. "WHAT?!" We all exclaimed.

"By herself?! Are you serious?!" Ren exclaimed in worry. Luna nodded, "This will help her prepare for when she becomes Alpha of the Hidden World one day."

"B-But I-I." Sarah stammered. Celestia put a hoof on her shoulder. "Do not worry, Sarah. We know you will run Equestria well while we're gone."

"Ummm.. h-how long will you two be gone for?" I asked.

"Only three days..." Luna said.

"Oh that's not bad." Ren said. "Sarah can handle three days of ruling, right?" Everyone turned to Sarah who looked very nervous. "Y-Yeah, I-I can handle it, hehehe." Sarah laughed nervously.

"Great, now come we must tell you what'll be occurring over the next few days." Luna said. The three Princess walked out of the throne room. I was still worried about Sarah. She still looked really nervous and unsure about ruling Equestria by herself. "Will Sarah be okay, big brother?" Carrie asked Mason.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Mason said.

"Yeah, Newbie's been a leader multiple times. This will be a cakewalk for her." Jack gloated.

"But who will watch Shimmer, her dragons and her pokemon while she's gone?" Twilight pointed out. Ooooh, I forgot about that. "We'll take care of them." Ren said.

"We will?" Jack asked.

"Yes, Jack. We looked after the pokemon, dragons and Shimmer before. We can do it again." Ren added.

"Guess we have no choice." Mason sighed. That's when Shimmer skipped into the room and saw all of us. "Hi everyone, where's Mommy?" she asked innocently. Awww... she's co cute. "Shimmer, Sarah's gonna rule Equestria for a few days and we're gonna take care of you while she does." Ren explained to the young filly.

"Okay." Shimmer said. She suddenly leaped into Ren's arms and nuzzled his face. "I get to spend sometime with my Aunties and Uncles. Yeah!" she cooed.

We all smiled at the young filly's excitement. I wonder how Sarah's doing right now?

POV Ends

Celestia and Luna took me to Canterlot Palace where they explained everything to me, Today, I will be attending meeting about some of the royal decrees. Tuesday, I will be discussing some problems with the Canterlot dignitaries and Wednesday, I will be filling out some documents dealing with Equestria's economy. Oh and there as one other thing.... they wanted me to raise the sun and moon while they were gone too.

Then, the two Princesses were ready for their vacation completed with Hawaiian like shirts and gear. "Are you sure, I can do this?" I asked for the umpteenth time. Celestia chuckled. "You'll be fine while we're away, Sarah." Celestia said. I nodded and watched as the two Princesses walked away from the castle. "Okay... gulp... here's goes nothing."

I entered the castle, ready to take on the Princesses duties...I hope.

Ren' POV

It's been a two days since Sarah started ruling Equestria in the Princesses Place. AXL and Shimmer were making themselves at home. Now Shimmer was running around the home-ship full of energy and cheering happily. "Uncle Ren, Uncle Ren." she called.

"Yes, Shimmer?'

"Can I play dress up with Uncle Jack?" Jack's eyes widened at the sound of 'dress up'. "Oh no, sorry kid. Not today." Jack rebutted.

"Please Uncle Jack, I'll be harmless." Shimmer said.

"Tell that to my pride." Jack replied. That's when we heard the door open. "Oh, Sarah's back." I said.

"Yeah, mommy." Shimmer cheered. We all went into the living room and saw Sarah... really frazzled. "Woah... you alright there, newbie?" Jack asked.

Sarah's hair was very messy with quills in it. She had bags underneath her eyes and she was barely standing cause she looked so tired. "Y-Yeah... I'm.... fine."

"Are you sure?" Rainbow asked.

"Cause you look mightly tired." Applejack added.

"I'm... yawn... fine... just pulled an... yawn.. all nighter." Sarah yawned.

"And by all nighter you mean..." Rainbow started.

"Doing Princess Luna's royal duties too." Sarah finished, shocking us.

"What? You did Luna's duties as well?!" I exclaimed. Sarah nodded.

"But that mean you didn't sleep a wink last night." Applejack added. Sarah shook her head.

"Now.. I.. yawn... have to get back... to the palace." Sarah turned to leave, but Rainbow blocked her way.

"Woah Sarah, maybe you could use some help." she offered.

"Yeah, we'd be happy to help you." Fluttershy added.

"N-No.. I'm good... really... yawn." Sarah yawned.

"Sorry newbie, but you're in no condition to continue like that." Jack pointed out. Sarah blinked at Jack and reluctantly sighed. "..... Alright. You can help." Sarah said, much to our relief.

We all smiled at her. "Rainbow, take Sarah and the others home while we go to Canterlot." I said.

"Right. Come on Sarah, you need your rest." Rainbow and she led Sarah back to her castle. "Suddenly... "What the hay!"

"Rainbow?" We all came out of the home ship to see.. "Celestia?! Luna!? Jake?!"

"What are ya'll doing here?" Applejack asked.

"We came back because Sarah passed her test." Jake stated.

"TEST?!" We all exclaimed, except for Sarah.

"Test?" Sarah groggily added. Jake, Celestia and Luna nodded. "Yes, I wanted to see if Sarah would be a great leader of the dragons one day, so I talked with Celestia and Luna and we came up with this. I wanted to see if Sarah would let her pride cloud her resource of asking for help from her friends when she really needed. By asking your friends for help, you've shown another leadership quality that you will need one day when you take my place." Jake explained.

"So you two didn't really go on vacation?" Kaede asked.

"Oh we did, but Jake was keeping an eye on Sarah while we were gone, so when he told us Sarah's progress we came over." Luna explained. Sarah yawned loudly. "Now I believe it's time to give her some much needed rest." Luna said and she used her magic to make Sarah fall asleep. She fell onto Rainbow's back. "Woah!"

Jack came over and picked her up. "I got her."

"Shimmer, AXL, everyone else, come on. It's time to go!" I called and Shimmer, AXL, Sarah's dragons and pokemon came out of the home-ship. "Now let's get our Princess home." Celestia said. We all nodded and we all walked back to Sarah's Castle. I wonder.... what other secret test will those three give Sarah to test her leadership?

I guess we'll have to wait for the next time.

Dragon of a Different Talent

Kaede's POV

We all rushed into the throne room of Sarah's castle to see the Cutie Map glowing and Sarah's cutie mark was hovering over a piece of land. "So where's the map telling you to go now?" Ren asked.

"It looks like the same place where we went for the Dragon Migration."Sarah replied.

"That place again with those bastards?!" Jack exclaimed. "Why the hell would a friendship problem be there?"

"I don't know but as the Princess of Friendship, It's my duty to spread friendship throughout Equestria even to dragons, so I'm going."

"Well you're not facing those bastards again without us." Jack said.

"Yeah." Mason added.

"AH!" What the?! What's going on? "Ooh...my head...."

"Kaede, what's wrong?" Mason asked as I fell down to my knees and fall down, holding onto my head before letting darkness consume, but not before hearing some of the others screaming. I don't get it...what's going on?


Ooh....what just happened? Last thing I remember was falling unconscious and hitting the ground like I got knocked out by some force or something. "Huh? What happened?"

"You guys changed into your dragon forms again." Sarah said bluntly.

"WHAT?!" We all exclaimed and Ren, Mason, Carrie, Jack and I saw hat we were in our dragon forms once more. "This crap again!" Jack exclaimed.

"Hey at least you'll blend in." Sarah smirked. "Let's go!" Sarah glowed and changed into her dragons form and hovered in the air. "Well maybe flying this time won't be so hard." I said.

Unfortunately, The moment we tried to fly... again, we had some uncontrollable through the skies, though at the same time we were getting the hang of it. But since Carrie doesn't have any wings, Mason offered to carry her on his back and he's been doing some difficulty handling on flying and carrying his sister. Man, these forms are just questionable and I still don't understand why are we like this in the first place.

“Does anyone know how to fly?!” Jack exclaimed, feeling nausea. “And…does anybody got a barf bag?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda not getting used to these wings on my back!” Ren exclaimed, trying his best to maneuver his fly. “Man, it looked so easy for those dragons, including the ones from the movies!”

“Well we’ll get used it when we practice flying!” I called back before feeling nausea on my stomach. “Ooh…I’m starting to agree on Jack about that barf bag thing.”

"YEEEEEAAAAAHHH!" Sarah zipped past us again with Dragonair flying beside her. "Grrr... she's lucky she's my newbie." Jack grumbled.

"Oh Jack, leave her alone." Ren stated.

"Yeah, she's enjoying herself." I added. Jack rolled her eyes.

“Look! I see it!” Carrie pointed over to the sky, seeing a giant volcano-like region just up ahead. Ren looked over at the map and said “Yep, that’s the place! Alright everyone, prepare for a landing!”

“And how do you propose we could land?” Mason questioned, causing Ren to widened his eyes upon realizing that it’s gonna be very difficult to land. "Relax, just do what I do." Sarah said. She dove for the ground and we followed. She soared over the lava and gracefully skidded to a stop on the other side and we did the same thing. "Ugh.. that was easier than the last time." Jack said.

We looked around and saw lots of dragons in the area. "So where should we start looking for this friendship problem?" I asked.

"You again?!" a familiar voice came. We turned and saw Garble and his dragons coming towards us. "Yeah, we're back, got a problem with that?" Jack challenged.

"Yeah, what are you doing back here again?" Garble asked.

"We don't want to fight we came here to solve a friendship problem." Sarah stated.

"Well you can leave because we dragons don't do friends." Garble growled.

"You can't make us leave." Jack stated.

"Oh yeah, Jumbo?" Garble stated. Sarah rolled her eyes and came between the two. "Step aside Sarah. I'll teach this guy a lesson." Garble said. Him take on Jack? That's a death wish. Sarah rose the spikes on her tail and set herself on fire. "You wanna fight him, you'll have to get past me first." Sarah said with a growl. Garble looked scared of her. "Umm.. never mind. Carry on." and he and the dragons flew off. Sarah lowered her spikes and stopped her flare up. "Nice Sarah." Ren said.

"Thanks." Sarah said.

"So how are we gonna find a friendship problem here?" Kaede asked. Dragonair suddenly perked up. "Naair?'

"Dragonair, what is it?" Dragonair slithered over to a large boulder and behind it was a pink dragons with a white underbelly and yellow spikes. She had an acoustic guitar in her hands and she was playing it with expert skills and she was... singing. Now that's something none of the dragons did the last time we were here.

"Woah... she's amazing." Carrie said. The dragon must have heard her because she suddenly stopped playing, turned, saw us, gasped and hid her guitar behind her back. "Oh.. um... I wasn't playing guitar!" she exclaimed quickly.

"Easy there, dragon. We won't hurt you." Sarah said. The dragon calmed down and showed her guitar. "You have impressive guitar skills." Ren commented. The dragon blushed. "T-Thank you but please don't tell anyone. Especially Garble."

"Why not?" Mason asked.

"Dragons are meant to be rough, rude and rebellious. Not playing guitars and singing. If any of those dragons found out, they might destroy my guitar and bully me." the dragon explained.

"Don't worry we won't let Grable mess with you." Jack said. "Why are you so scared of him anyway?"

"Because Garble.... he's my brother." the dragons replied.

"YOUR BROTHER?!" We all exclaimed.

The dragon nodded. "I'm Blossom but Garble wants my name to be Flame in public." Blossom said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Cause he says it a whimpy name for me." Blossom admitted sadly. Now that's not right. Her brother makes her change her name in public. How rude. "You can't let him do that to you." Carrie said.

Blossom sighed. "I have to, he's my brother so he's the boss." Blossom began to walk away from us and we all felt bad for her. "Poor kid." Jack said.

"She's hiding who she is cause she think no one will except her." I added.

"We have to get her to show her true talents to those bullies." Carrie stated.

"But how, you heard what she said. Garble will destroy that guitar of her and she'll be mocked by the other dragons." Ren reminded.

"Well then, we'll have to protect her from that." Sarah said.

"Damm right, newbie!" Jack exclaimed.

Sarah raced after Blossom. "Blossom wait!" Blossom stopped and turned around, "Yes?"

"Blossom, you have to show your brother and the other dragons your true self." Sarah said. Blossom flinched at that. "No, no, no. I can't. They'll destroy my guitar."

"Why won't let these bullies destroy your guitar." Mason said. Blossom still lookde unsure and Sarah and I looked at each other and nodded. Music started playing and I gently grabbed Blossom's hand.

We all landed, "You can show them who you are. All you have to do is speak." Sarah said. Blossom smiled at us. "And what makes you think that?" Blossom gasped and turned to see Garble behind her. "What's this?" he grabbed her guitar. "Give that back, Garble!"

"Hahaha, why would I do that? You don't need this thing. It's not like you play it." Garble said. Garble got ready to burn her guitar when Sarah zipped in and snatched it. "Hey! Give me that back!"

"No, because Blossom doesn’t play the guitar."

“Actually... I do.” Blossom replied.

"You do?!" Garble exclaimed and he and the other dragons laughed, making Blossom's face flush with embarrassment. "Hey don't laugh at her!" I called.

"Why not?" Garble laughed.

"Because just because she does something different from you dragons doesn't mean you should bully her for it, especially her brother." Sarah said.

"Hahaha, please she knows the rules I have for her." Garble said Rules for her. That does it. He's dehumanizing her sister. "Not anymore!" Blossom suddenly shouted. "I'm done following your rules, Garble. I'm an excellent guitar player and I'm gonna show it to you all in one hour." She grabbed her guitar from Sarah. "Count on it."

Garble and the other dragons growled but they left. "Alright Blossom!" Ren cheered. Blossom breathed a little fast. "Did I just.. do that?"

"Hell yeah!" Jack exclaimed. "You stood up to your brother. Now that takes guts."

"Now you can show every dragon who you really are instead of hiding in fear." I cheered. Blossom smiled. "Yeah... I want you guys to perform with me."

"Us?" Carrie asked.

"Yes, you all helped me and now I want you guys to perform with you." Blossom said. "So what so you say?"

"Let's do it!" Ren called.

"Hell yeah!" Jack added.

"I guess so." Mason sighed.

"Yeah!" Carrie added.

"Let's do this!" Kaede said. Blossom smiled.

One Hour Later

The dragons were present in the crater where we did the lava diving. Garble and the others were at the front. Suddenly, the area turned dark and a light shined and Blossom and the performance began.

(Like this)

After the performance, all of the dragons were speechless. We all laughed together. "That was awesome!" Ren exclaimed.

"Hell yeah." Jack added, rubbing his gut a little."

Sarah smiled too. That's when Garble came up to Blossom and..... smiled at her. "Gotta say sis, you've got some skills with that guitar of yours and your dancing."

Blossom's eyes shimmered. "Really?" Garble nodded, "Sorry, for making you something you're not. I should have just let you be yourself." Blossom smiled and hugged her brother. "Thank you." she whispered. Garble smiled and patted her sisters back. "No problem sis." Sarah's cutie mark started shimmering again and we all knew what that meant. Another job well done.

"Looks like we've solved another friendship problem." Ren said.

"Yeah." I added. "Come on let's go home." We all took to the air and we all flew back to Ponyville with Sarah waving back at Blossom as we did.

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