• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 58: Doctor Sarah and Nurses Donny and Douglas

Okay... let's see... Medicine, tissues, blankets, guitar... Yep. Looks like I have everything. Oh hi, you're probably wondering what I'm doing with these things. Well, Spike came over to the castle and Twilight and everyone else came down with a really, really bad flu virus that's been going around Ponyville. Spike, Donny, Douglas and I did not catch, thank god, but Donny, Douglas and their dragons were gonna bring everyone over to my castle so I can help treat them. I already made a big enough room for all of them. Also, I placed a spell on Shimmer to make sure she does not catch the flu.

Knock Knock Oh that must be them. I went over to the door and opened it revealing Donny, Douglas and my friends dragons, including my own. "We're entering." Donny said.

"Good, bring them over here." I said to them. I saw that Striker was carrying Jamie, Mason and Carrie in his tails. Storm had Kaede on her back. Moonshine had Ren and Twilight on his back. Winter had Nicole and Rantaro on her back and Spark and Fire had Jack and Rainbow in their mouths and Fluttershy and Rarity on their back. Firestorm had Pinkie and Applejack on his back.

I lead them all to the large room I set up. It was about the size of two classrooms. It had to be since I'm gonna be taking care of 14 friends in my castle. Once we were all in the room I used my magic to place all my friends into their separate beds. It went like this; Ren, Jack, Jamie, Mason, Carrie, Kaede, Rantaro, Nicole, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie and Rarity.

Man, they all looked awful. Their hair was messy and they all looked a bit pale. Runny noses, bags underneath their eyes and etc. I went over to Ren and felt his forehead. "Hmmm... fever." I said. I went over to my large fever kit... My fever kit? Oh right, you don't know, I made a large kit of medical supplies that I would need in case some of my friends got sick and in this case it came in handy. I took out fourteen ice packs and placed one each on my friends heads.

"Ugh... thanks newbie." Jack said with his sore throat.

"Shh... don't talk so much." I stated.

Spike and my friends pets came in with worried expressions. Jo Jo climbed onto the bed and went right up to Jack's face, nuzzling his neck. "Awww, buddy."

Gizmo went over to Rantaro and placed his hat on the bed stand. Snow went over to Nicole and licked her face. She gave small smile at her polar bear pet. Nate and Maddie went over to Mason and Carrie and chattered in a worried tone. Rosy went over to Kaede and meowed. And Kodiak went over to Ren's bedside. "Are they gonna be okay?" Kodiak asked.

"Don't worry, all they need is some rest and medicine and they'll be fine." I reassured them.

"Ugh... I hate being sick. I got this I need to- cough, cough- do." Rainbow groaned as she sat up but my Oshawott made her lay back down. "You can do them once you are better, Rainbow Dash." I stated. Rainbow sighed.

I turned to my dad and his brother. "Did you guys find anything else about this flu?" I asked.

"Nurse Redheart says that this flu will last for about five days." Douglas said.

"FIVE DAYS?!" My friends all exclaimed which they regretted by straining their sore throats. "Ow."

Douglas sighed, "Unfortunately, yes."

"What about my farm work?" Applejack asked.

"And my weather duties." Rainbow added.

"And my shop!" Rarity stated hoarsely.

"Easy girls." My dad said. "I'm sure nothing major will happen while you're here. Don't worry."

Jack groaned, "So what happens now?"

"We all take care of you." I said with a smile on my face. Suddenly... "Hey Sarah." a new voice came. I looked saw four familiar men in the doorway. They were all wearing blue pants and shirts with yellow and red name tags. One man had a red cap, the other had a cowboy hat, the third had long brown hair and the last one had short, black hair.

"Hey Dave, Smitty, Scott and Rich." I greeted. Yep, they were the Imagination Movers. They were old friends of my dads. Today, they decided to visit today. Ren had a gasping fish expression. Hehehe. "No... frigging.. way!" he gasped.

"Hehehe, yes way, Ren." My dad grinned.

Kaede, Ren and Carrie liked them cause of their songs. "Looks like these guys are all sick." Rich said.

"No dip Sherlock." Jack scoffed.

"Jack, be nice to them." I warned, earning a growl from him. I rolled my eyes. "Anyway.. time for your medicine." I said to all of them. I went over to my kit and took our fourteen bottles of cold and flu medicine; one for each of my friends. Using my magic, I levitated fourteen spoons. I poured a spoonful into each spoon and floated them over to my friends, "Here guys. This will help."

I floated the spoons over and most of my friends excepted the medicine except, "Rainbow, Jack, come on." I cooed. Jack and Rainbow kept their mouths shut tightly, refusing to take the medicine. "It will help you feel better." Two two stubborn friends just shook their heads. I sighed and looked at Jo Jo who had a sneaky expression on his face. "What is he up to?" Jo Jo nuzzled Jack's neck, making him laugh a little and he opened his mouth just enough for me to stick the medicine into his mouth. "Grr... traitor." Jack grumbled.

Now Jo Jo went over to Rainbow and did the same thing. "Grr... I hate the guinea pig sometimes." she said. I laughed at the two of them. "Can I leave now?" Rainbow asked.

"No Rainbow." I said again. Rainbow groaned and crossed her arms, pouting. "Rainbow Dash, you just have to have patience." Rich said.

"Yeah." The others said and they got out their instruments and started singing.

After the song, Rainbow felt a little better. "Fine, I'll be patient."

"Good." My dad said. "Now we'll let you all get your rest."

Everyone nodded and tried to go to sleep but as usual with a bad flu that's not always easy. "Ugh... I can't sleep." Kaede said.

"Me either." Ren added.

"Well we can help with that." Smitty said. "Right guys?"


This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers.
Now you're counting sheep.
Little brother, it's time to go to sleep,
big sister, it's time to go sleep.
Little baby, don't you know you're sweet ?
Everybody it's time to go to sleep.
This is the last song of the night.
Pretty soon daddy gonna turn off the light.
My sweety pie, shut your eyes and go to sleep
Tucked under the covers
Time for sweat dreams.

When the song ended, all my friends were asleep and we all tiptoed out of the room, except for the pets who wanted to stay with their owners. "Good, so what now?" My dad asked.

"I'll go do Applejack, Rainbow and Rarity's jobs while they're sick." I offered.

"Sarah... are you sure?" Douglas asked.

I nodded, "They're my friends and I have to keep them calm while they have the flu or they'll get worse." I explained.

"That is true." I nodded, "You guys keep an eye on them while I'm gone." The gang nodded. "Oh and keep an eye on their dragons as well."

And I flew out of the castle to towards Sweet Apple Acres where I found Applebloom and Granny Smith. "Hey Sarah, how's Applejack?" Applebloom asked.

"She's in my castle resting but she was worried about her work so I came to do it for her." I explained.

"Oh isn't that the sweetest thing." Granny Smith said. "Applekac is always so uptight with her work,isn't she Big Mac?"

"Eeyup." Big Mac said.

I smiled. "So what does Applejack do?"

"She harvest the west orchard. Probably about forty trees." Applebloom explained.

"Okay, I'll get right on it." I said. I went over to the west side of the orchard. I saw all of the trees. I took a deep breath and changed into a an Earth Pony. I looked the same. I my fur was peach and my mane and tail were black. I went to one tree and bucked it, making the trees fall into a basket. "Seems easy enough." I said to myself and I continued with the other trees and what seemed like... three hours later, I was finished. I changed back into my normal form and I used my magic to levitated all the baskets to the barn. "Woo-wee, nice work Sarah." Applebloom said.

"Eeyup." Big Mac added with a smile.

"You one good apple bucker, whippersnapper." Granny Smith said.

I smiled and placed the buckets down. "Is that all?"

"Eeyup." Big Mac said.

"Okay, I'll go see how the weather is for Rainbow." I said and I flew off with the Apples waving goodbye to me. I entered the sky and saw Pegasi moving clouds around. "Okay, moving the clouds." I said to myself. I moved one dark cloud over a dry area and hit it gently making it spray water on the ground. When it was done, the clouds was lighter than before. "Hmmm... it that all?" I asked myself but I shrugged and went on with the weather drill and another three hours passed an I was done.

"Time for Rarity." I flew over to her boutique and came in. The shop was clean but so far there were no customers in the shop at all. I shrugged went exited the store and closed the door. "Back to the castle to check on my patients." I flew back to the castle and entered. I went to the large room and I walked in to see my dad and Douglas changing my friends ice packs. "How are they?" I asked.

"Still the same." My dad said.

"How was working your friends jobs?" Douglas asked, surprising Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow. "You worked out jobs?" Applejack asked hoarsely. I nodded, "You're my friends and I couldn't let ya'll be stressed while you were sick."

Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow didn't know what to say. "Oh darling thank you." Rarity said.

"Yeah, thanks sugarcube." Applejack added.

Rainbow nodded too. "Thanks." I smiled at my friends. "No problem."

Suddenly... "Pika!"

Huh? I looked around and the Movers came in. "did anyone else hear-" Scott started



"Yeah, where is that coming from?" I asked. The sound was echoing through the castle. "Pika, Pika."

"Yeah, I heard that." Rich said and music started playing. "No, no more songs!" Jack whined.

"Sorry, Jack it's what they do." I smiled meekly.

"Ughh..." Anyway, another song played.


I hear a -


Coming from each door


I wonder what what what?
What's in store

I hear a

Bark bark

With every step I take

I hear a


So we're searching the place

It's not really that loud we don't know what's it's source
How do find this cr-cr-crazy noise

I heard that
Did ya hear
Did ya hear
I heard that
Did ya hear
Did ya hear
It's loud and clear
Cause it's ringing in my ears

I know it's not a lion cause a lion-


I know it's not a monster stopming on the floor

Boom Boom Boom

I know it's not a duck
Cause a duck goes


Or a pie in the face
Cause I pie goes


It's not a car horn
Cause a horn goes beep

Or the bah, bah, bah
Of a flock of sheep

A customer callin goes

Ring ring ring

Come on everybody let me hear you say

I heard that
Did ya hear
Did ya hear
I heard that
(Heard that)
Did ya hear
Did ya hear
It's loud and clear
Cause it's ringin in my ears
I heard that


"It sounds like Pikachu." Rich said.

"Yeah, it does, but where are they?" My dad asked.


"Hold on." I went over to an air vent and pulled off the bars and sure enough seven pikachu came out of the vent, but these pikachu were Cosplay Pikachu. Each was dressed in a clothing. Two of them had wrestling like clothing on. The third had a dress that made it look like Mary Bo Peep. The forth had a doctor uniform. The fifth were dressed like a Pop Star completed with a bow on one ear and a pink and white dress and the last one looked like a rock star.

"What... the... hell are they suppose to be?" Jack asked hoarsely.

"They're Cosplay Pikachu. Pikachu Libre, Pikachu Belle, Pikachu PhD, Pikachu Pop Star and Pikachu Rock Star."

"Pikachu Pika!" Pikachu Libre said proudly.

"They all look so cute." Kaede said, before coughing. Pikachu Belle hopped onto her bed, "Pika?" she said in a soft voice. The other Pikachu's noticed Ren and the others not looking well. Pikachu Pop Star went over to Carrie. Pikachu Libre went over to Jack and Mason. Pikachu Rock Star went over to Ren and Pikachu PhD went over to Jamie.

"Looks like they noticed your condition." My dad said.

Pikachu PhD carefully examined Jamie. "Pika Pikachu." it said.

"We already know they have a flu." I said. Pikachu PhD sweat dropped. Douglas laughed. "Guess you guess have some new friends."

"Pikachu." all the Cosplay Pikachu said. My friends gave a weak smile. Jo Jo positioned himself by Jack neck and chattered at Pikachu Libre. "What did Jo Jo say?" Rich asked.

"Jo Jo said, 'You're not pushing me out of the ring for number one pet, little mouse."

"Pikachu Pika?!" Pikachu Libre growled, with electricity coming from his cheeks. Jo Jo and Pikachu Libre got into each others faces. "Oh boy." I groaned.

"Tepig." Thankfully, Jack's Tepig came onto the bed, "Tepig Tepig Tep."

"Tepig says, 'No fighting, Jack's already sick he doesn't need to get shocked too." Pikachu Libre and Jo Jo sighed and turned away from each other. "Good job, Tepig."

Tepig smiled. "Tepig."

Snivy and Pikachu PhD looked at each other for a moment..... Snivy extended one of her vines and shook Pikachu PhD's hand, showing their friendship. Pikachu Pop Star got along well with Skitty and Pikachu Belle got along with Eevee just fine as well. Pikachu Rock Star just sat on Ren's side looking at everyone.

"Guess we have some pikachu partners." I said with a smile.

My friends nodded and the pokemon gave soft happy cries, trying not to give my friends headaches.

Days passed and the Pikachus helped take care of my friends while I worked their jobs for them so they would not fall behind. Finally, on the fifth day, my friends were all better... me on the other hand....

"Sorry Sweetie looks like you caught the flu from Ren and the others." Douglas said.

Yeah... this sucks... I caught the flu from Ren and the others. "Sorry Sarah." Ren apologized.

"It's not your fault." I said with a sore throat and I coughed.

My Pikachu Pop Star came to my side and nuzzled me. "Pikachu?"

"I'll be alright, Pikachu." I reassured.

"Don't worry, newbie, we'll take care of you." Jack said.

Everyone else except Rantaro and Nicole nodded with smiles on their faces. I nodded and sighed. In the end, I couldn't ask for a better group of friends.

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