• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 41: Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria the Movie: Part 4

Meanwhile, me and the gang landed the crate at the bottom of Mount Aris and used our dragons to fly up to the top. “Here is it. Mount Aris.” Ren said.

Our dragons walked into Mount Aris and saw houses that looked like bird cages. The area was dead silent. The houses were destroyed or broken and there wasn’t any sign of hippogriffs anywhere. “This place looks like a ghost town.” Jack said.

“Yeah, wonder what happened here.” Ren questioned.

Then we all heard some humming. “Is that singing?” Mason asked. I traced the sound to a small cave. “It’s coming from here.” I said. The gang and dragons followed me and I led them through the cave. There was a lake in the center and a large flower. A pebble dropped. Princess Skystar gasped and she leaped into the sea, but what we saw was a figure. “Hey wait! I cried and I leaped into the lake. “Sarah!” Ren cried.

He and the others came into the lake with me. “Where’d she go?” Ren asked.

Suddenly, the water started spinning around. The flower was sucked down and it was revealed to be a whirlpool. “Uh-oh.” I said.

“Crap baskets!” Ren said.

“I hate epic adventures.” Kaede grumbled. Our dragons roared in panic and leaped into the water and grabbed us as the whirlpool sucked us down and we crashed on some rocks. “Oof! Ow! Gah! Ugh! Agh! Ow! Pain! Ouch! Oof!”

We all groaned and we got up. “Great, now where the hell are we?” Jack asked irritated. Our dragons seemed to sense something being they were looking around the area. “What’s wrong with them?” Kaede asked.

Our dragons placed us on their backs and they flew into another cave and we came out. We saw large pillars of rocks with glowing fauna and flora. “Woah…” I gasped. Our dragons continued to fly and we entered a extremely large cavern and saw millions and millions of dragons. “Oh my god.” I whispered.

“Looks like we found the Dragon World.” Ren said.

“More like a Hidden World.” I added.

Our dragons landed near a large section that had a large crystal coming out of the ceiling. They walked off and we moved a little closer, looking over a large cliff.

“It’s beautiful.” Kaede added.

“How are we gonna find the Queen of the Hippogriffs in this place?” Mason asked.

“It’s a whole new world.” Jamie added. We noticed there was a dragon on top of the crystal and all the dragons were bowing to him. “Whose that dragon?” Jamie asked.

“It seems like he’s the Alpha dragon.” I answered.

“Seems like it. So what so we do now?” Kaede asked.


We all froze when we heard a growl. “Jack… please tell me that was your stomach?” Jamie squeaked.

“Sorry nerd.” Jack said. We slowly turned around and saw a purple and blue Rumblehorn dragon. “Oh boy.” I whimpered. Rumblehorn roared gaining the attention of all the other dragons. “Jump!” I cried. We all jumped off the cliff and rolled down the cliff, landing on the ground. “Run!” Ren cried.

We were about to run when multiple Nightmare, Zipplebacks, Gronckles and other dragons landed in front and behind us. They were all growling, hissing and roaring at us. We all stood back to back. “I don’t think they’re happy to see us.” Jamie whimpered.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Jack deadpanned.

“What was the first clue?” Nicole asked. They all began to move towards us, “W-What do we do?” Ren whimpered.

Suddenly, our dragons leaped in front of us, in a protective circle, roaring at the other wild dragons. I took a deep breath and bravely walked up to one of the growling Monstrous NIghtmares. “Sarah. No! Come back!” Ren hissed. I didn’t listen and walked towards the Nightmare. It roared at me. “Shhh… it’s alright… I’m not the enemy.” I reassured. I could feel the Alpha’s eyes, staring at me, but I didn’t falter. The Nightmare growled but I inched closer to him. I looked him dead in his eyes as a tense moment of silence passed. Finally, the Nightmare moved towards me and put it’s snout in my hand, earning his trust. “Unbelievable.” Jamie cried.

Jack chuckled and placed a hand on his hip. “That’s our girl.”

Our dragons were still growling at the wild dragons, warning them to back away from their beloved riders. Suddenly, a loud roar broke through the air and the wild dragons parted, creating a path for the Alpha dragon. The Alpha Dragon looked like a Night Fury but it also had a second set of wings, resembling a Monstrous Nightmare. It’s tail was covered in the spines of a Deadly Nadder. It had a pair of horns similar to the Monstrous Nightmare, but were medium.

Our dragons hissed at him, but he roared at them loudly, making them step back and allowing him to walk towards Ren and the others. We all stared at him before… he spoke, “What are you humans doing here?”

“You talk?!” Carrie exclaimed.

“Yes, I can talk and I’ll ask again. What are you humans doing here?” his voice had some venom in it.

“We don’t mean you or your dragons any harm.” Ren said. “We’re looking for the Queen of the Hippogriffs.”

The dragon's’ expression turned angrier and he spread out his wings. “Why would you want to see her?” he hissed.

“Please, the Storm King invaded our land. We need their help that’s all.” Kaede said.

The Alpha snarled, “Well, we won’t let you go near her.” The dragons roared along with their Alpha. I knew then they were going to attack my friends! “NO!” I leaped in front of them and changed into my dragon form, shocking and surprising every dragon, even the Alpha. “I won’t let you hurt my friends. Even if you are the Alpha!” I snarled with a growl for emphasis.

The Alpha said nothing, but instead he glowed and to our complete shock, turned into a human who had wings and a horn!

“He’s another hybrid?! What the hell?!” Jack exclaimed.

“How’s that possible.” Ren added.

“I did not see that coming.” Mason said.

“I thought Sarah was the only one.” Jamie said.

“Yeah.” Ren agreed. I changed back into a human myself and looked at the adult man. He had tannish brown hair. His skin was light and his eyes were blue. He wore a black jacket, like Jack but he wore matching shorts. He wore tall black boots as well. He looked closely at me and he moved a small part of my hair. “Hey, hands off our Princess!” Jack exclaimed. The Alpha didn’t pay him no mind but instead said, “Is… it really you?”

I felt a little awkward, “Should.. I know you?”

“No… but a father never forgets.” I felt my whole world stop for a moment and my heart skipped a beat. Okay! Now I’m shocked!

“FATHER?!” My friends exclaimed in utter shock with dropped jaws.

“Father.” I gasped.

The Alpha nodded. “Yes Sarah… I am you biological father, Jake.” I didn’t have any words. The Alpha Dragon, the human/ alicorn hybrid… was my father?! “Come with me.” he said to me and then looked at my friends, “All of you.” My father led us to his home that was made out of crystals. It looked kinda like a two story house. Inside, everything was made from crystals. The couches, tables, you name it. The crystals were quite comfortable. My friends and I all sat on the clinch while my dad sat on a chair across from us. I was still shocked but the recent news. “Sarah… are you okay?” Carrie asked.

“I’m… fine.” I said slowly. I turned to my biological father. “So.. where have you been all this time?”

My biological father sighed, “When your mother gave birth to you, we were both very proud of you, blissfully happy and energetic. We sensed great and powerful magic within you. You inherited my animal abilities and your mother magical abilities as well, but when you were only weeks old, poachers and hunters came and tried to take you away. We knew they wanted to use your abilities for evil.

You mother and I knew we had to keep you safe so we gave you to two dear friends of mine. Davenport and Douglas. They vowed they would protect you from all danger. Me and your mother parted our ways, afraid that if they people would find us together, they force one of us to tell you where you were taken to. I found my way to the Hidden World where I met all these dragons and they made me their Alpha.”

"So Douglas didn't forcefully give Sarah her animal abilities. She's always had them but she never activated them." Ren said.

"Until I started to train her." Davenport added.

“Well you could have at least told you daughter that you were here, let alone alive!” Mason hissed.

“Yeah, old geezer.” Jack added, crossing his arms. “What kind of father doesn’t at least tell their child they are alive!”

“I know, but if anyone were to discover the Hidden World, all the dragons here would be in grave danger.” My biological father stated. My friends were still upset but I shook off my shock and went back to the main reason we came here. “Do you know where the Queen of the Hippogriffs are?” I asked.

“Yes, come with me.” He led us out of his house and through the cavern until we came to a large lake. “Not another whirlpool again.” Jamie whined.

“Do not worry.” Jake stated. “Just wade in.”

Jake entered the water and we followed along with our dragons. Jake used his magic to give us air bubble like helmets. “Follow me.” Jake dove into the water and we followed. “This way.” Jake swam ahead and we all followed. Our dragons used their wings to propel themselves through the water. Soon we reached another city. All the buildings were simply like Greek buildings, with stone columns for fences and walling, open roofs. It was surprisingly brighter down here too with all the glowing corals and underwater angler lights. There were mermares and mer-ponies everywhere.

“Woah…” We all gasped.

We entered the palace and swam into the throne room.

We saw a large sea pony. She was white with purple fins and tail fins and she had light blue fins on the ends of arms. “Queen Novo, we have some visitors.” Jake called.

“Jake, if it’s another sea dragon, I don’t want-” When she saw us, she gasped. “Jake, what have you done! You know surface dwellers are no allowed here. Guards!” Four seapony guards came in with glowing laces. My friends gasped and whimpered a little, while our dragons growled and hissed.

“Novo, it’s alright. It’s just my biological daughter and her friends.” Jake said.

“We need to find the Hippogriffs do you know what happened to them?” I asked.

“Why of course I know, I’m the Queen. I know everything.” Novo said.

“Oh, it’s such a good story.” Princess Skystar said as she suddenly appeared.

“Don’t you dare tell them!” Novo said.

But the seapony told them anyway. “Once upon a time, like, a while ago, the Hippogriffs did live on Mount Aris.”

Novo was not pleased, “Did I not say don't tell them? But hey, I'm just the queen. Don't mind me.”
“Fine! I can't tell you!” Skystar grunted, “But if I could tell you, I'd say that that horned beast did show up to steal their magic!”

“Seriously?” Novo groaned.

“But, to keep it out of his clutches, their brave and majestic leader, Queen Novo, hid them deep underwater where he could never go! We are... Well, we were the Hippogriffs! Ta-da! “Skystar laughed and came over to us and whispered, “But I totally did not tell you that!”

“She’s almost like that pink brat.” Jack whispered.

“Well, I guess the pearl is out the oyster now. I am Queen Novo.”

“Hold on now. Lemme get this straight. When the Storm King came, you just abandoned your entire city and fled?” Ren asked.

“We didn't flee! We swam! Y'know, in order to flee.” Same thing! “But... how?” Ren asked.

“Oh! Can we show them? Huh? These are the first guests we've had in, like, foreveeerrr! Can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we, can we?” Skystar asked.

“Well I should make sure it still works.” Novo said. They swam pas a jellyfish that released a small glowing pearl. Skystar grinned. “Careful now.” Novo said. Novo spread the pearls magic towards us and it turned out legs into tails with fins on the end. “Woah!” Ren exclaimed.

“Awesome!” Mason said.

“These fins are divine!” Kaede squealed.

“Hey bodyguard, I’ll race you to that coral!” Jack challenged Mason. “You’re on!”

“Come on Jamie, try it!” Kaede said.

“Hehe, yeah.” Jamie said shyly.

“Oh, my gosh! Best... idea! You can stay with us! Forever!.” Skystar laughed. “There are so many things we can do! We can make friendship bracelets out of shells and... picture frames outta shells and... decorative wastebaskets out of shells... Oh, I have so many projects that involve shells, haha! Now I have someone new to share them with! I mean, aside from my friends, Shelly and Sheldon. Right? Shelly?”

My friends just stared at her awkwardly. “That sounds lovely, Skystar, but you must realize, we can't stay.” Kaede said.

“We have to get back to our friends.” Mason added.

Skystar suddenly turned sad, “Oh, no. Of course. Of course. Heh. Of course you have your own friends back home. It's fine. It's fine. Heh. Shelly and Sheldon get jealous anyways. Heh. It's probably for the best.”She sighed. “Yeah, I'll just, um...I'll get Mom to, uh, turn you back so you can go home.” she swam away, leaving me feeling bad. “I know we have to go, but you guys saw how disappointed Princess Skystar was. Couldn't we stay for just a little longer?”

“Sarah we just don’t have time. That creep could be in Equestria by now.” Mason said.

“But we may be able to get an ally. Please guys.” I begged.

My friends looked at each other. “Well… I guess we could stay for a little longer.” Ren said hesitantly.

“I guess we could.” Jamie added.

“Yeah!” I cheered.

Jack sighed, “Another song is gonna come on isn’t it?”

“Have you met Sarah?” Nicole asked. Jack growled at her. Meanwhile I went over to Skystar and music began to play and the song began.

Hey, now, don't be sad
I know we cannot stay
But we've got a couple minutes
And a little time to play


I know you have important things

So it's okay, just go


But we can still pick one small, little thing

To do with you, y'know!

One small thing doesn't seem like a lot

One small thing, work with the time you've got

Soon, one small thing becomes two

After two, perhaps another few

Then one small thing is not so small

One small thing can be the biggest thing of all


All right now, since you're here

Let's see what we can do

Swim with the flow until you go

Together, me and you


I've got necklaces for every fish

So what else do ya got?


Well, we could play the bubblefish

You'll like this one a lot!

(Me and Skystar)

One small thing, it's a good place to start

One small thing, and we don't seem so far apart

Soon, one small thing leads to more

It's so much more than there was before

Just one small thing, and you will see

The start of something big for you and me


One small thing


Just one small thing


Or a tall thing


Just one tall thing


Or a sing thing


Just one sing-y thing


Or a bling thing


Just one bling-y thing


A conga thing


Yeah, a conga thing


Or a longah thing


Just one longah thing


A blue thing, true thing, you thing (ooh-ooh)


A whee thing, sea thing, me thing (ooh-ooh-ooh)

(Me and Skystar)

So many things and everything until our time is done

There's one small thing for each and everyone!


One small thing, so much we can create

You and me, we started something great

It's so amazing, look around

At all the happy sights and sounds

One small thing is big, it's true

You did this all for us

I just wish there was one small thing

An extra special kind of thing

(Skystar and the Seaponies)

That we could do for you

One small thing!

Queen Novo laughed and Skystar smiled. “Oooh.” My friends came around me and they laughed as well. “Yeah!”

“Well I guess there is one small thing we can do.” Novo said.

“Ahhh.” I gasped.

“Alright little humans, we’ll help you in your fight against the Storm King.” Novo declared.

“Really?!” Ren cried in joy.

“Yes. This little hybrid has got on my good side. So I should return the favor.” Novo said.

My friends all cheered happily as our dragons roared in victory. “I’ll return them to the surface, Novo.” Jake offered.

“Alright Jake. I’ll be waiting.” Novo said. Jake led us back the way we came and we resurface at the lake and we walked onto the stairs. We all mounted our dragons while Jake spread his wings and we flew out of the Hidden world at landed at the bottom of Mount Aris.

“Davenport and Douglas raised you very well.” Jake commented.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you for all these years, but I hope we can still be friends?” Jake asked.

“Of course.” Jake smiled and we actually hugged each other. We parted each other and suddenly a cage came over me. “Sarah!” Ren cried. I was suddenly lifted and I saw Tempests’ airship! “Guys!” I cried.

“SARAH!” My friends cried before the opening closed, leaving me in the dark.

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