• Published 31st Jan 2019
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Sarah's Adventure's in Equestria - PikachuSkitty

A Spin off of MaxTV123's Ren's Adventures in Equestria story with a a few changes.

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Episode 38: Sarah's Adventures In Equestria the Movie: Part 1

In the magical land of Equestria, there are four powerful Princesses. One for the day. One for the night. One for family and then there’s me, Princess Sarah, the Princess of Friendship. It is my royal duty to make sure everyone in Equestria feels like they belong. It’s a lot’s of live up to. I mean, Princess? Luckily I have amazing friends who are there for me no matter what. I know with my friends by my side, I can be the Princess everyone wants me to be. But some things you just can’t prepare for.

Now on with the main movie plot!

I was in the halls of the Canterlot Palace, being calm. “Ooommm… Oooommm… My goodness! I can’t handle this!” I stated in a panicked tone. “Alright, alright.. Get it together. Just go in there and ask. This is your Friendship Festival. Everyone’s happiness rest in your hands.” … Yeah that pep talk to myself did not do anything to help me. “Ooooh.” I groaned. The door opened and out came Spike, Twilight’s dragon assistant. “Alright, Sarah, I have all your charts and graph.”

“Oh thank goodness, you’re here Spike. I’m just so nervous about this meeting.” I said.

“What are you talking about?” Spike asked.

“I’m about to ask the most royal ponies in Equestria a huge favor. What if they reject me?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine. Just remember the most important thing.”

“... Smile?” I suggested, giving him and large a somewhat creepy smile. “Uh..no.” he said. “You’re a Princess too.”

“...Right!” I said. I took a deep breath and pushed opened the doors to the throne room, seeing the three Princesses. Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence. “Good morning, Princesses. Thank you all for seeing me. I have an idea that I think will make our Friendship Festival the most wonderful celebration Equestria has ever seen!”

“Yes, Sarah! We are very excited!” Celestia said.

“Ponies have been arriving from all over all morning.” Cadene added.

“I'd like to think it's to see us, but Songbird Serenade might be the bigger attraction.” Luna stated.

“Yes, she is the... "mane" event!” I giggled a little. “And to make it extra special, I could use your help. Spike?”

Spike rolled out a large white board and as I talked Spike drew out everything. “Songbird Serenade's performance is not scheduled to start until after you begin the sunset. And based on my precise calculation, to get the very best lighting for the stage, Princess Celestia, I was hoping you could make sure the sun stays about 28.1º to the south, and, Princess Luna, if you could raise the moon 62º to the north at the same time, it would reflect the sunlight on the other side and really frame the entire stage perfectly!”

“I…” Luna stuttered.

“But wait! There's more! Cadance, if you could use your crystal magic to create an aurora above the stage, the sun and the moon will shine through it and create a truly amazing light show!”

“Presenting Songbird Serenade!” Spike cheered holding a little stick with Songbird Serenade’s sticker on it. “Ta-da…”

“So you're saying you want us to move the sun and the moon for the party?” Luna asked.

“Well, I'd do it myself, except I don't have your magic.” I laughed nervously. Princess Celestia came up to me, “Sarah, each of us uses our powers to serve Equestria in our own way. You are the Princess of Friendship. You already have all the magic you need.”

So... that'd be a no?” I questioned.

Third Person POV

Meanwhile the Mane 5 and Ren, Jack, Jamie, Nicole, Rantaro, Kaede, Mason and Carrie were getting everything ready for the Friendship Festival. Rainbow Dash had finished clearing the clouds. “Skies clear and ready for the festival.” She zipped down and saw Rarity and Kaede placing diamonds on the ribbons. Pinkie and Carrie were blowing up balloons for the party. Ren, Twilight and Jamie were making sure everything was in tip top shape. Nicole and Rantaro were laying against the stage out of the way. Applejack and Mason came over with Applejack hauling a large barrel of apple cider. “Anypony up for some free samples of my family's apple cider?” she asked aloud.

Rainbow and Jack grinned and zipped over, “Thank you.” and zipped back. “Love’d it.”

Applejack and Mason admired Rarity and Kaedes’ work. “Wow, Rarity. It's a fine job you're doin' there. 'Course it might not get done 'til after the concert.”

“Yeah, Songbird Serenade will love it.” Mason added.

“Mason and Applejack anypony can do "fine". Sarah asked us, so clearly, she's going for fabulous, and fabulous takes time.” Rarity said.

“Fabulous takes forever!” Rainbow whined, “But "awesome"...” Rainbow flew past the stage, putting the diamonds on the ribbons in a sloppy manner. She returned to Rarity and Kaedes’ side. “...can get done in four seconds flat! Faster if I do my sonic rainboom!”

“Aah! No, no, oh no! Don't you dare, Rainbow Dash! It looks wretched enough already.” Rarity exclaimed.

“Oh come on, you fashion loon, it's fine!” Jack grunted, folding his arms.

“If you were raised in a barn! Ahem, no offense, Applejack.” Rarity said.

“None taken. Especially since I wasn't raised in a barn. My family just happens to have a barn. Where I was born. And... spent most of my formative years…”

“Raised in a barn!” Jack, Nicole and Rantaro said quickly in unison.

POV Ends

Then, I came over with Spike holding a list with my hands, “Okay, just two hundred and eighteen things left to do and we're ready.”

“Hey Sarah.” All my friends greeted.

“So how’d it go with the Princess? Did they like your idea?” Applejack asked.

“I bet they loved it!” Pinkie called out in the background. I sighed, “Not exactly. They think I can make today perfect without their magic.”

“And they are absolutely right.” Kaede said.

“Yeah, this festival was you brilliant idea and we all know your up the task.” Ren encouraged. I still wasn’t convinced. “Are you sure?” I asked. All my friends nodded. That’s when all of our dragons came onto the scene. They all roared happily, having heard our conversation from above.

That’s when Pinkie grabbed my face and literally smashed it against hers. “Sarah, look at me! This will be the biggest celebration Equestria has ever seen! As the Princess of Friendship, you cannot fail! This day will define who you are! The pressure is intense! It's almost too much for any single pony to handle!” She then screamed and ponies nearby gasped.

“Too far, Pinkie. Too far.” Ren said.

“Yep.” Jamie agreed. I blinked twice and Pinkie hopped off of me. “But you have us. So stop worrying.” she said. Music started playing as I smiled nervously and Applejack and Mason helped me up.

(Applejack and Mason)
It's time to show 'em what you've got

(Rarity and Kaede)
It's time to go and get things done

(Fluttershy and Jamie)
But you don't have to do it on your own

(Pinkie Pie and Ren)
'Cause you've got friends right here to make it fun

We got this, you got this
We got this together

Rainbow grabbed me and took me into the sky.

(Rainbow Dash)
Sometimes the pressure gets you down
And the clouds are dark and grey
Just kick them off and let the sun shine through

And scary as it seems, more help is on the way
'Cause friends have friends that wanna help out, too

(Rainbow Dash and Wonderbolts)
We got this, you got this
We got this together

It's the Festival of Friendship
And we can get it done
A festival that they won't forget

A party to be proud of
A day of games and fun
Just you wait and see
A magic day in perfect harmony

(Fluttershy and Jamie)
You got this

[whistles melody]

(Fluttershy, Jamie and bird whistle)
We got this together

With friends and family, you are never alone
If you need help, we've got your back
You can be honest, let your problems be known

(Applejack and Apple family)
'Cause you got us to pick up the slack
We got this

(Big McIntosh)

(Apple family)
We got this together

(Rarity and Kaede)
Pay attention to the details
Every gem even-spaced
Make the colors perfect

Takin' one or two to taste

He took one of the gems and at them

Inside and out, beautiful throughout
Generosity is what we're all about

(mouthful) You got this

(Rarity and Kaede)
You got this

(Rarity, Kaede and Spike)
We got this together

I flew into the sky, overlooking the area.

Today needs to be perfect, it all comes down to me
I don't know if I'm ready
For all the things they need me to be
I am the Princess of Friendship
But that is more than just a crown
It's a promise to bring creatures together
And never let anybody down!

(Pinkie Pie and Ren)
We've got an awful lot to bake
Each pony needs a piece of cake
Oh, wait! There's something better we can do

We're gonna need some more supplies
To make a really big surprise
She'll be so shocked
She's sure to love it, too!

You got this!
We got this together!

It's the Festival of Friendship
Together we are one
A day we will never forget

And now everything is ready
So when the day is done

(Rainbow Dash and Jack)
The weather

(Applejack and Rantaro)
The banquet

(Rarity and Nicole)
The style

(Fluttershy and Carrie)
And music

All will be in perfect harmony!

Suddenly, I heard a large ‘POP’ sound behind me. I turned around and look up… only to be consumed by giant cake pieces.

“Oh dear!” Rarity exclaimed. I popped my head out, “Pinkie! Ren!” and a lit candle landed on my head. Pinkie and Ren popped out of her cannon, “Oops sorry, guess my large party cannon needs a little more fine tuning.” Pinkie admitted. “Sorry.” Ren apologized. I only groaned. I walked out of the cake and cleaned myself just as ponies were whispering.

“Songbird Serenade, is it really her?”

“It is, It is.”

Through the crowd came two bodyguard ponies and in the middle was a beige pegasus pony with a tan and black mane and tail. The mane covered her eyes and she was wearing a black jacket. “Hi, I’m looking for the pony in charge.” she asked. Cameras flashed and she did a few poses. “I need to get ready for my soundcheck.”

“Woah.” Ren gasped. It was the first time, Ren and the gang had met a pop star in Equestria.

“Songbird Serenade!” I called. “Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m the human in charge.”

“Ah good-” Before she could continue, there was a the sound of thunder. We all looked up and saw dark clouds coming over and filling the air. “Storm clouds?” Carrie asked.

“Rainbow Dash?” I asked.

“Uh, I don't’ think those are storm clouds.” Rainbow said.

“Yeah. I have a bad feeling about those clouds.” Mason said.

“Me too.” Rantaro said.

Then a weird looking airship came out of the cloud.

“Ooh! I bet those are the clowns I ordered!” Pinkie cheered, but when the ship got closer she added, “...Or definitely not the clowns I ordered. The airship was stationed right in front of us and broke of the thin pillars. A walk path came out and out came a small hedgehog carrying a loudspeaker and a mic. The hedgehog cleared his throat and said, Ponies of Equethtria, we come on behalf of the fearsome, the powerful, the almighty...Storm King!

I narrowed my eyes a little as the rest of my friends started in concern and suspicion. The hedgehog continued, “And now, to deliver the evil, evil methage, put your hooves together for Commander Tempeeeetht!”

We heard footsteps and out came a unicorn mare wearing gray armor. She had a scar over her left eyes and… she had a broken horn!

Most of the ponies gasped, ”What the hell?” Jack asked.

“Is that a unicorn?” Twilight asked.

“I think so, but what happened to her horn.” Spike asked.

“It looks like it was cut off or something.” Ren stated.

That’s when Celestia, Luna and Cadence came down, “Tempest, is it? How may we help you?”

“Oh I’m so glad. How about we start with your complete and total surrender.” Tempest said. Okay. She’s bad news and the rest of the gang knew it too. I decided to step forward with caution. Um.. “hi there. Princess of Friendship. Not exactly sure what's going on, but I know we can talk things out.”

I swear I heard Jack and Rainbow facepalmed. “Oh goodie.” Tempest said. “All four Princesses.” she began to walk down the walkway. “Here’s the deal ladies, I need your magic. Give it up nicely please, or else we make it difficult for everyone.”

“And why should we cower before you?” Luna asked. “There’s one of you and hundreds of us.”

Tempest chuckled, “I was hoping you’d choose ‘Difficult’.” That’s when more airships came in and large Storm creatures came out and landed in the area. Ponies screamed and ran for their lives. “Holy crap!” Jack exclaimed. Carrie hugged her brother in fear.

“Crap baskets!” Ren added.

Tempest leaped into the air and threw an obsidian orb at Celestia. “Celestia!” Ren cried. Cadence stepped in front of her aunts and used a shield to protect them, but the orb broke through and hit her, “YAAHHH!” she cried. I gasped in horror as she was turning into a statue. “Oh my goodness!” Rarity cried.

“Holy crap!” Jack added.

“Not good!” Kaede added.

“Cadence!” Celestia cried.

“Agh! I can’t stop it!” Cadence cried.

Tempest started running through the panic crowd. Celestia turned to Luna, “Luna, quick go South beyond the Badlands.” she started. Tempest threw another obsidian orb. “Go to the dragons’ world and seek help from the Queen of the hippo-” she didn’t finish when the orb hit her turning her into a statue. “Celestia! No!” Ren cried. Luna gasped and made flew into the air, but Tempest threw another orb at her. It struck her and she turned into and statute mid-air and Twilight used her magic to catch her. “Ugh. Luna!” she cried.

Tempest launched two more orbs at Twilight and the girls saw it. “Twilight!” The Mane 6 all jumped into front of the first orb and got hit while Twilight got struck with the second orb. “Twilight! Girls! No!” I cried in horror. Now Twilight and the Mane 6 were statues as well. Tempest chuckled and she launched another orb right at me. I gasped. “Sarah!” Mason quickly grabbed me and pulled me out of the way, letting the orb hit someone else. “Easy as pie.” Tempest smirked.

“Oh I love pie.” the hedgehog said. “Oh you totally got the last Princess.” But when the green smoke clear it was revealed that the statue was a pegasus pony. “That’s not the Princess.” Tempest growled. She turned to the hedgehog. “Grubber, get her now!”

“Guys, we gotta get the Princess!” he cried.

“Over here, you guys!” Ren said. He, Carrie, Nicole, Rantaro, Jack, Jamie and Kaede along with Kodi and Rosy were near the bridge. Me and Mason dashed through the Storm creatures and made it onto the bridge along with the others, but our path was blocked by two other Storm Creatures. We stopped and I fired my magic, but one of them bounced it off with a shield hitting the ground and breaking the bridge beneath us. “AAAAHHHH!” We all screamed and we fell into the water.

We all breached the surface and the current carried us over a waterfall. “Crap baskets!” Ren exclaimed.

“AHHH!” I cried as we all fell down the waterfall.

Third Person POV

Grubber and two Storm Creatures looked over the edge. “Which one of you guyth ith goin' down there?” The Storm Creatures growled, “ I would, but I just had a hearty meal, and I will think and I will thide-cramp. I'm very big-boned. I think quick.”

POV Ends

We all were now hiding under a fallen tree, miles from Canterlot which was now surrounded by the dark clouds and had more airships coming in. I was standing by the water while my friends were under the fallen tree. “Everyone alright?” Ren asked.

“Yeah… I think so.” Carrie said a little daze from the fall.

“We just got our butts kicked by the worst party crashers ever!” Kaede said.

“We got to go back there and fight that unicorn bastard!” Jack said.

“Jack, you saw those goons and that unicorn. You seriously want to go back?!” Mason exclaimed. “That’s suicide!”

Jack growled, "Then what do you suggest we do then?!"

“We can’t hide here forever.” Kaede said. “And let’s be honest, we can’t go back. Look at what they did to the Princesses, Twilight and her friends.”

“Kaede's right. Tempest said she wants the four Princesses magic. She’s already captured three of them. Sarah’s the last Princess. We have to keep her away from Tempest.” Mason added.

“So what do we do now?” Jamie said.

Meanwhile, I was thinking about what Princess Celestia said. “The dragon world… the Queen.”

“Uh, what queen and what world?” Kaede asked.

“Celestia told Luna to go to the dragon world and find the Queen of the Hippo- something. Luna can’t, so I have to.” I said.

“How? You don’t have the faintest clue as to where they are, newbie.” Jack said.

“There somewhere south, past the Badlands.” I added.

“That’s outside of Equestria.” Jamie said with a little fear in her voice.

“I understand you’re scared and nobody else has to go, but I have to find this world and the Queen. It might be our only hope.” I said. I began walking when Jack came in front of me, “Well you're not going out there alone where that unicorn bastard can grab you, newbie. Wherever you go, we go. We’re in this together.” He said with a toothy grin. “We’re not letting you do this quest alone.”

Ren came up, “We got your back.”

“Indeed.” Kaede added.

“Count me in!” Mason added.

“I’m ready to save Equestria!” Carrie said.

“Yeah.” Jamie added.

“I guess, we’ll help too.” Nicole added, speaking for Rantaro and herself.

“Yeah, we’re all behind you Sarah.” Rantaro said.

“Now let’s get moving.” Ren said and with that we walked through the forest for the Badlands on our quest to save Equestria.

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